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Senior Scribe

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Posted - 27 May 2010 :  22:19:32  Show Profile  Visit Sian's Homepage  Click to see Sian's MSN Messenger address Send Sian a Private Message  Reply with Quote
got a young just started party running around in Damara with me as DM

lets see ...

Bombur - Male Dwarven NG Fighter 2
Shila Dyernina - Female Human (Rashemani) NG Wizard 2
Danka Kanitar - Female Human (Rashemani) NG Barbarian 2 (bodyguard with a crush for the wizard)
Delbra Iceblossom - Female Arctic Dwarven NE Druid of Auril 1 (DM Pet, proberly sooner or later changing to Akadi)

what happened to the queen? she's much more hysterical than usual
She's a women, it happens once a month
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Posted - 01 Aug 2014 :  10:52:03  Show Profile Send xmaxx a Private Message  Reply with Quote
My PCs' group didn't change a lot over the years.

Raistlin - N lv 6 hm Druid (Silvanus) brand new member of the Emerald Enclave

Meegosh Demrok - LN lv 6 dm Warrior who prefers bravery over words

Gengis Obgood - N lv 4/4 hem Warrior/Mage that comes from a gypsy family

Magnitus - N lv 5 em Warrior from Synnoria

Stanius Unrikhair - LG lv 6 em Starsinger from Synnoria

Yama Kaztakura - LN lv 5 hm Kensai from Kozakura, armed with a pata

Lester Feuille-puissante - NE lv 4 em Mage, coward extraordinaire

Kalfing "Swix" Thunder - NB lv 5 hgm Burglar from Luiren, with a seaman experience

Sarenza - NB lv 5 hf Gondswoman from Tilverton

Magically sent in Faerun, they visited Shadowdale and Cormyr, and chose The Compagny of the Mist as an official band name.
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Senior Scribe

551 Posts

Posted - 03 Aug 2014 :  02:49:48  Show Profile Send Cards77 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Grinkle (Hobgoblin Rogue 6, Scout Archetype) - a gentle hobgoblin that has been "civilized". Detailed here

Farl Hawklight (Human Fighter 6, Unbreakable archetype with a twist, TWF with spiked shield) - a former mercenary with a drinking problem and a violent streak, but a good guy deep down.

Willow {family name withheld} (Male Gold Elf, Wizard 6, Loremaster build) - a young Elven scholar from Waterdeep. Classically trained at Silverymoon's College of Magic. Also an accomplished battle mage. Currently a candidate to join the Knights in Silver and studying several sites in the High Forest believed to be a part of the fallen kingdom of Arvyanndar.

Kendra Ravenmane (Human Female, Ranger 6, Mounted Archer build) - a sweet natured follower of Meilikki with a sassy streak. Knows how to handle a sword...and Farl's wandering hands. A phenom with a longbow, and beautiful.

Athera Moonglow (Half-elf Female, Druid 6, Mooncaller Archetype) - a orphaned, naive, young druid from the Moonwood. Has no idea what she wants but knowns she doesn't want to stay in the Moonwood. She was given to a local druid at birth by her elven mother as she Retreated to Evermeet. Her human father had already left to parts unknown. She was raised in a secluded druid grove by a grumpy old man (druid), animals were her constant and only friends. She desires to seek new adventures and some day know her heritage and past.
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Learned Scribe

212 Posts

Posted - 03 Sep 2014 :  02:48:50  Show Profile  Visit Roseweave's Homepage  Send Roseweave an AOL message  Send Roseweave an ICQ Message Send Roseweave a Private Message  Reply with Quote
4th Edition. Our attendance can be kinda shaky.

Arak, a Goliath Fighter. Running joke about him leaning on things and finding random doorways. Young suggestable optimistic type, almost in the vein of anime protags such as Goku, Luffy etc. Holds the Heart of the Mountain, a primordial artifact, and occasionally answers to that title. Bit of a thing going on with another Goliath called Asby, they won joint second in the World Goliath Championships.

Myst, a Shifter Ranger(Avenger Multiclass). Kinda grumpy, gambling problem, has a sister she hates(who is basically Azula because i thought it would be funny to go off and design her character with the GM). Makes a point of being neutral. Worships the Ravenqueen. Once crushed the seed of a potential universe and was left with a glowing rose tattoo with far realmsy powers that she hasn't given into yet. Known as the Deathbringer.

Osrikh, a Kenku Thief. Has a robotic claw made by my character's Dad. Kind of the wisecracking type. Has a traumatic history of being kicked around in Menzoberranzan. Has a number of aliases, such as the Red Raven, Boris Guyovitch, etc. Constantly in the shadow of his brother Oswald who is now an awesome space pirate.

Vorgan, a Tiefling Warlock(Infernal Pact). Mysterious, shows up to throw stuff at the enemy and then disappears again. I guess the Tuxedo Mask of the group. Apparently a descendant of Asmodeus. We actually know very little about him. Seems to be on good terms with the recurring Succubi characters.

Mikel, a Human Noble Swordmage. From a down on their luck branch of the Ruldegost family. Not the most charismatic of fellows, almost a little self defeatist but comes alive in battle. Ended up having a thing with the daughter of Countess Viridia, my character's evil fairy godmother(who is also my half-sister because fairies).

And finally my character, who's kinda difficult to classify. On paper she's an Eladrin Bard/Resourecful Magician called Eleonora Prismriver. She had a human parent, a mad scientist type called Alexander, and an Eladrin parent, a Morticia Addams-ish witch called Alstromeria. Because Alexander was "special", and Alstromeria's unusual bloodline, Ellie was effectively born a full fairy - in particular a Leannán Sídhe. Her mother spent a lot of time around spellplague which exaggerated these traits and made Ellie unstable, meaning she ended up taken away by Alexander and experimented on until she ended up with a weird seal. Her Dad also made a bunch of constructs and stuff we keep around our tower and is a bit of a Philanderer(Ellie has two half sisters by him). Unfortunately, even with the Seal, Ellie has a habit of putting people to sleep/draining them when she kisses them. She had control of it but had to give up half of the seal to save her spellplagued half-succubus sister(yeah, Alexander had an experimental phase).

There are Bards that play the flute, there are bards that focus on poetry, Ellie is pretty much a Showgirl. I tend to describe her as a glamrock fairy princess. though she's not a real princess, she's a courtesan, that actually suits her better since real princesses are more restricted. She used to be a more straight up bard playing with her other half-sister(she has 3, this one's unrelated to the other 2) who's unfortunately become estranged to her due to the noble family that adopted her getting tetchy.

yeeeah Ellie's pretty hard to describe. We decided her family motto is "It's Complicated." I've written a bunch of fics delving into her backstory and NPCs.

Previously we also had a Githzerai monk of Selûne called Adele who was kind of crazy. She fought with Myst a lot, mostly over the one time Adele started a bar fight. Her former master has a Darth Vader thing going on and Adele keeps getting tempted by the dark side. Left on some sort of spiritual quest. May be back for the wedding.

Some of the NPCs are prety awesome too, though mostly the ones I mentioned in Ellie's bio.


Edited by - Roseweave on 03 Sep 2014 03:24:28
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Wooly Rupert
Master of Mischief

30340 Posts

Posted - 03 Sep 2014 :  05:23:37  Show Profile Send Wooly Rupert a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hey, I can participate in this one, now!

Okay, so we're playing straight Pathfinder rules, but the setting is a large island west of Western Immorren, the home of the Iron Kingdoms. So it's a Pathfinder/Iron Kingdoms mashup. And we're doing a Kingmaker thing -- not the AP, but building a kingdom.

Our characters are all currently single-classes, with no PrCs, and are all 7th level. We are all from Cygnar.

My character is Conor Moriarty, a human gun mage from Ceryl. For those unfamiliar with the Iron Kingdoms, a gun mage is a variant sorcerer, who can do fun things like use a pistol to deliver touch attacks -- I'm looking forward to getting to shoot something with vampiric touch! I lifted both the given name and surname from the 3.0 IK RPG books; I was originally looking at a different surname, but once I saw Moriarty on the list, I had to take it.

We have a trollkin paladin of Morrow named Gabe Canyon. He's actually got the highest Charisma in the group, despite a record of failing Diplomacy checks... He favors the great axe, and usually deals the most melee damage.

We have some sort of variant ranger (not sure exactly what type, but he's all about hunting) named Cornelius Pendrake (distantly related to Victor Pendrake; his player plays Warmachine). He's good at long-ranged shots and hiding from animals, and once made himself invisible to animals just as a rhino decided to charge -- leaving my squishy gun mage as the next most viable target. In our most recent session, he had an incredible shot, taking out a fleeing lizard man that was something like 350 feet away. The penalties to hit were horrible, but he critted.

He also has a donkey named Hote, pronounced Ho-tay. It's a running joke, from some prior campaign. Donkey Ho-tay.

And last is Silas Blackwater, a human oracle. He's angling to become a Warcaster in a level or two.

The DM (the other person familiar with the Iron Kingdoms) found a Pathfinder gun mage class online, and that's what we've been using for my character. The DM gave me a choice with it: a better spell progression than the class had (get spells like a regular sorcerer) or better gun abilities (get gun skills like a gunslinger). I opted for the spells, but I've been enhancing the gunplay with feats -- Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Weapon Focus (pistol), and Far Shot, for the gun stuff. And my character now has a +1 Distance Magelock pistol (named after his first love, Lady Caitlin), so he can reach out and touch someone a bit more readily.

When we first started, I commented about having a bag of holding.. The other guys wondered why I had it... I explained it in 2 words: "Strength 9!" (It had to be my dump stat).

My character's official backstory includes having served in the military for a while before getting out, due to disinterest and a lack of women. The DM is the only person that knows that Conor actually is a member of the Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service, and that his separation from the military was just for show.

Candlekeep Forums Moderator

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Editor and scribe for The Candlekeep Compendium

I am the Giant Space Hamster of Ill Omen!
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Senior Scribe

377 Posts

Posted - 03 Sep 2014 :  17:05:59  Show Profile Send Derulbaskul a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Let's see, we have in our current Neverwinter-based game:

- a male human hybrid barbarian|warlord who is the true heir to the crown of Neverwinter;
- a male half-elf wererat valorous bard who will probably become the spymaster of Neverwinter after he takes control of the Dead Rats gang of wererats;
- a male eladrin bladesinger who eventually wishes to uncover the mystery of Sharandar's disappearance; and
- a male dwarf hammer-and-shield fighter who will eventually find Gauntlgrym.

4E rules, 4E Realms. :)


NB: Please remember: A cannon is a big gun. Canon is what we discuss here.
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Master of Realmslore

1232 Posts

Posted - 03 Sep 2014 :  18:42:16  Show Profile  Visit Delwa's Homepage Send Delwa a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I'm the DM, but here's the PC's for my current "evil" campaign.

Word Hunzrin A NE Male Drow Rogue(3)

Morellia Vandree A CN Female Drow Wild Mage(4)

Hordak Dagarkin A CN Male Mountain Dwarf Fighter(4)

Elani of Waterdeep A CN Female Kender Fighter(4)

Pyrix Embershard A LE Deep Gnome Warlock(Great Old One Patron)/Evoker(4)

Jordan the Bounty Hunter A NE Illuskan Barbarian(3)

Sirch of Waterdeep A CN Male Waterdhavian Rogue(3)

Micajah Fellheart A NE Male Half-Elf Priest of Mask(3)

Fifth Edition D&D, set in 1490 DR. It is the 23 of Ches, and they are currently on the Trade Way heading South from Waterdeep.

- Delwa Aunglor of Tangled Trees
I am off to slay yon refrigerator and spoil it's horde. Go for the cheese, Boo!

"The Realms change; seldom at the speed desired of those who strive, but far too quickly for those who resist." - The Simbul, taken from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Conspectus

My Forging the Realms Archives (Google Drive pdfs)

Edited by - Delwa on 03 Sep 2014 18:43:06
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Xal Valzar
Learned Scribe

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Posted - 20 Oct 2014 :  05:11:45  Show Profile Send Xal Valzar a Private Message  Reply with Quote
my party is called:
The Improbables (but we call yourselves The Golden Crest Trust since we are first a business, that fights a lot)

CEO - Xal Valzar, Elf-Orc Male Fighter-Eldritch Knight 3
An ambitious figure with morals and nerves of Admantium
In charge of negotiations, market research, research and development, production. and leadership and vision.

CFO - Quilith B'anere* Male Drow Rouge- Arcane Trickster 3
A Drow from a family of merchant who escaped the underdark ready to make a new life on the surface.
In charge of negotiations, accounting and inventory. R&D. market research.

COO - Exeder D'Aplantar Male Amnian Paladin of Devotion to Waukeen 3
An Amnian son of a self made black smith, a charming figure who cares nothing but to get the job done.
In charge of negotiation, production, transport security. market research.
CAO (Chief Academic Officer) Merdrar D'Aplantar Male Amnian Cleric of Knowledge to Gond.
An Amnian son of a self made blacksmith, a brilliant curious mind inquisitive of all around him.
In charge of market research, research and development, transport logistics.

this is 5e rules. were now doing the Mines of Phindelver adventure.
*(no connection to the famed family)

Knowledge is Power

Edited by - Xal Valzar on 20 Oct 2014 05:17:58
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Great Reader

3418 Posts

Posted - 20 Oct 2014 :  09:57:18  Show Profile Send Diffan a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Derulbaskul

Let's see, we have in our current Neverwinter-based game:

- a male human hybrid barbarian|warlord who is the true heir to the crown of Neverwinter;
- a male half-elf wererat valorous bard who will probably become the spymaster of Neverwinter after he takes control of the Dead Rats gang of wererats;
- a male eladrin bladesinger who eventually wishes to uncover the mystery of Sharandar's disappearance; and
- a male dwarf hammer-and-shield fighter who will eventually find Gauntlgrym.

4E rules, 4E Realms. :)

That sounds like fun.

4E Realms = Great Taste, Less Filling.

"If WotC were to put out a box of free money, people would still complain how it was folded."
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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 25 Oct 2014 :  14:11:43  Show Profile Send Tarlyn a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I am running a campaign based on Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle although it has gone off into home brewed events at the moment.

- Male mountain dwarf war cleric of Clangeddin Silverbeard(6)
- Female mountain dwarf circle of the moon druid(6)
- Female forest gnome ranger(6)
- Male gold elf evoker(6)
- Male silver elf arcane trickster(6)
- Male human champion fighter (6)
- Male human paladin of Sune(6)

5e rules and Sundering timeline.

Tarlyn Embersun
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15 Posts

Posted - 20 Nov 2014 :  02:44:45  Show Profile Send Alamadaeo a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Asgetrion

Our Waterdeep campaign has been running for 13 years now (in RW time ;), and although it is focused on the City of Splendors and the North, we have travelled all over the Realms during these years (Amn, Cormyr and Tethyr, mainly). I could probably write at least twenty pages about our characters and the campaign in general, but I try to keep details to the "bare-bones" minimum. Note that we have not used many canon events in our campaign, although some of them might yet come to pass later on. Since we are still playing 3.0 edition, some of the stats may seem "wrong" or lacking.
Our adventuring company was naively named Heroes of the North by my 1st level energetic (and extremely naive) bard, Wilfred Rollingshoulder. The name stuck, since all of the characters liked it ("It really sounds so epic and glorious!"). Of course, all the others were young and naive, too :D
The company is also known as Heroes of the Northland (for reasons known only to the DM) in Amn and Tethyr. All of the original (non-noble) characters were eventually ennobled for their services to Waterdeep (hence the honorary title of Sir or Saer).


Now the campaign is running towards its end, with the emergence of the Time of the Beast (Age of Worms). In our campaign, a powerful Phaerimm deity was imprisoned under the pyramids of Ascore, and now that it has become free, the whole North is becoming a hunting-ground for the Phaerimm and their allies/servants.

Reading things like this makes me insanely jealous, overcome with joy, and depressed at the same time. I have been playing for 14 years, mainly with the same four people, and we can't keep a game - nevermind the same characters - going for more than a few sessions. It is maddening, but the worst part is that I have no idea what to do about it. Reading things like this gives me hope for the future, though be it dim and cold. Congratulations on this no doubt epic and super fun campaign. May it continue for many more years.

Alamadaeo Dalmaris:
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United Kingdom
11 Posts

Posted - 24 Jul 2017 :  23:24:43  Show Profile Send Nyx_Necrodragon a Private Message  Reply with Quote
We have a very merry little gathering:

Halfling Arcana cleric (LG)
Human Tempest Cleric (LN)
Drow Trickery Cleric/Rogue (LE)
Gnome Fighter (CN)
Half-elf Ranger/Sorcerer (CG)
Half-Orc Barbarian (CG)
Goblin Rogue (CN)

Don't ask how we ever get anything done on our quests.
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Zeromaru X
Senior Scribe

786 Posts

Posted - 25 Jul 2017 :  00:53:27  Show Profile Send Zeromaru X a Private Message  Reply with Quote
The last group I DMed for a 4e Neverwinter campaign:

Kaylara Thann (Alagondar): Our human warlord and true Neverwinter heir. The campaign was around the characters trying to make her the ruler of Neverwinter.

Edoras Sunstrider: My brother's male wood elf ranger and Seeker of Illefarn.

Ratzo: Our typical male ken... I mean, halfling rogue, and a member of the Sons of Alagondar. Our source of problems in the city. When he was killed, was replaced by his cousin Ritzo. Then his other cousin Retzo, and then I forced my friend to roll a new character...

Blip: Male kenku rogue, and the replacement of Retzo. Son of Alagondar as well.

Alara Moonwell: Our resident wizard. Female eladrin (moon elf) Iliyanbruen Guardian.

Garek McGann: Our human fighter and another member of Sons of Alagondar.

Quon: Our stereotypical tiefling warlock. She was a spellscarred harbinger, and had made her pact with Cthulhu (was a star pact warlock). She had a mini-Beholder as a familiar.

Dargor: My dragonborn paladin of Bahamut, who had to be a Harper Agent because no other Neverwinter theme was fit for a dragonborn :/. This was my only character in all of 4e (it was the same dragonborn paladin that came as a premade in Keep on the Shadowfell—I usually retconned him back to level 1 for new campaigns). My brother rolled him when I was the DM, that was mostly always...

Kara the Oghmanite: Our healer. Half-elf (or human) bard and follower of Oghma. She was a late addition to the campaign (we needed a healer, and the girlfriend of a friend wanted to play... ), and was forced to use the Oghma's Faithful by the other players just to make sense (the Neverwinter themes were a little bit limited). I don't remember much of her, really... the player wasn't an active one...

They formed a mercenary company named the White Griffons, thought they only had one griffon (named Crookytail).

We are trying to convert those characters to 5e now.

Long ago, in the distant past, they fell into decay. The philosopher’s path... The river of glory... Even the saints resting in the darkness rise up without response and block the way...

Edited by - Zeromaru X on 25 Jul 2017 01:16:42
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25 Posts

Posted - 29 Jul 2017 :  17:25:18  Show Profile Send RDS a Private Message  Reply with Quote
After a year and half break from DMing and gaming due to RL issues with my players (new jobs and promotions mostly) I was persuaded to advertise for new players. I'll admit to quite a bit of DM burnout due to 3.5/Pathfinder item crafting rules sucking the joy out of the game for me as DM.

But I advertised and got 2 new players in addition to getting my wife back into the fold as long with one of my friends with a newer job. We chose to try 5E out. That was last August and we are a year in.

Our game is set in the Desertmount Mountain/Lost Dale/Tethymar. I run a freeform game and very rarely use anything but a few notes and what I can remember. An NPC Mayor they helped asked them to find the lost seal of Tarkhaldale so he could take former slaves and war torn refugees to a new home. I was unsure of what to do after the initial adventure and thinking of the how the seal of shadowdale got handed around I decided the lost dale might be available with Shade being destroyed.

My players include/included:

Stewpot - halfling monk and cook from near Hillsfar - player left game for new job after 4 months

Elgold - half sun elf dragon-blooded sorcerer - from Hillsfar - hates wizards

Vallenwarryn - Sun elf Valor Bard from Elventree - no real hook given to me by the player

Vitoth - Dragonborn Fighter (Battlemaster) - sold into slavery as a new youngling (do DB lay eggs?) Raised as a thief.

Lira - half green elf Liiran priest - from Hillsfar - pacifist <mostly toward NPC/PC races though> (my wife had her character name and class picked out before her deity. She said it was fate)

Varus - Human cleric of Tempus - from Hillsfar (it fit) - died in Tethymar.

Claybale - Wood Elf Rogue - traveling and confiscating elven items from the other races

The we added as the year went on:

Taar Orin - dwarf totem barbarian - last living survivor of a small dwarven hold overran by evil (wights) he's basically been living on his own in the small valley for decades after his parents perished/disappeared. He joined the group just as the party had stumbled upon a long lost small dwarven hold...otherwise I would have been polaxed trying to picture a dwarven barbarian.

Wentrick - Human champion figher - Cormyrian adventure rescued from a Leucrotta and her jackleware minions food pit.

Alistar - Half Green elf circle of the moon druid - bit a pot/mushroom head (Varus' players replacement character after Varus' spirit turned down raising. <boy was my wife pissed after she used up those diamonds to cast the spell>

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Learned Scribe

149 Posts

Posted - 11 Nov 2017 :  23:09:35  Show Profile  Visit Bladedancer's Homepage Send Bladedancer a Private Message  Reply with Quote
This is for our group's Menzoberranzaan campaign. We are currently working as a mercenary group on retainer to House Xorlarrin.

My character Khalan Del Armgo Drow Ranger5-Rogue1-Kyorlin Velve 3
Jelani Xorlarrin Dow Wizard 6- Shadow Adept 3
Tzzak "Ebon Fist" Orog Cleric of Ilneval 7/ Ordained Champion 2
Azuk Orog Crusader 9
Kara Shadowsong Gloura Sublime Chord 1

Solarr Bladedancer
Mercenary For Hire
Master of the Ginsu Knives
They Slice They Dice They Will Cut through A Tin Can
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Senior Scribe

377 Posts

Posted - 14 Nov 2017 :  15:26:12  Show Profile Send Derulbaskul a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Diffan

Originally posted by Derulbaskul

Let's see, we have in our current Neverwinter-based game:

- a male human hybrid barbarian|warlord who is the true heir to the crown of Neverwinter;
- a male half-elf wererat valorous bard who will probably become the spymaster of Neverwinter after he takes control of the Dead Rats gang of wererats;
- a male eladrin bladesinger who eventually wishes to uncover the mystery of Sharandar's disappearance; and
- a male dwarf hammer-and-shield fighter who will eventually find Gauntlgrym.

4E rules, 4E Realms. :)

That sounds like fun.


NB: Please remember: A cannon is a big gun. Canon is what we discuss here.
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