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 Questions for George Krashos
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George Krashos
Master of Realmslore

5506 Posts

Posted - 02 Mar 2019 :  00:41:10  Show Profile Send George Krashos a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Ahh shucks. I can't claim all the credit. The article had its roots in work Eric Boyd and I were doing a few years ago and have now returned to. The Jergal/spellweaver connection came from him as did much of the early history and I then riffed in terms of Jergal's machinations over the Nether Scrolls, travels over Faerūn and concluding Netheril foray. Dazzlerdal notes most of the lore connections that brought it together (Ed's Border Kingdom mention of Godswalk Keep, the Underdark product noting a phaerimm presence in Imaskar, etc.).

I should point out to you that Eric had and has a different take on Jergal which is likely to be showcased in his next product Crown of Eaerlann if we ever finish it! When that happens, mine will quietly slide into somnolence and remain what it always was and is: fan musing.

Oh, and just so you know, given recent e-mail exchanges between Eric and I on adjunct topics, I think I would have to revamp the article a little bit in any event.

Thanks for taking the time.

"Because only we, contrary to the barbarians, never count the enemy in battle." -- Aeschylus
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Gary Dallison
Great Reader

United Kingdom
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Posted - 02 Mar 2019 :  08:36:58  Show Profile Send Gary Dallison a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Somewhat unsettling news.

Wotc has abandoned this realms reality for their own less interesting creation(best thing they ever did in my opinion), and in the absence of their misguided steer, us realms fans have looked to others (You, Eric, and ed) to provide the expansions to lore we so desperately desire. And you have generously complied, for which we are infinitely grateful.

Canon is no longer official wotc approved sourcebooks, it is forum posts from the chambers of the sages, it is Twitter posts, it is articles like layla maurshanta, yahdi el alamat, the zulkirate of thay, the impiltur timeline, Lord of the end of everything, and sourcebooks like illefarn anew.

Until now there has been no conflict and use obsessed enthusiasts have catalogued everything and use it as much as any other official sourcebook.

If you and Eric have different views on Jergal then please attempt to reconcile them into a single vision. Eric's own approach is never to ignore a source and your article is now a source. Revise it, amend it, such things happened often in past sourcebooks, but please don't ignore it. I think Steven said that there are no mistakes, only opportunities for good

I don't know if you have ever considered it or intended for it to happen but I (and I expect many in the community) regard you and Eric and ed as the keepers of canon for the 14th century DR. And although I doubt any of you intended for that to happen by generously providing your time and skills, but it is the state of things at the present.

On a more personal note I loved the Lord of the end of everything and regard it as an excellent explanation of one of the most mysterious deities in faerun. It is made even better because it closely mirrors my own approach, that gods do not directly affect the material plane, instead you made Jergal a real being with a colourful history and later catapulted him into an unwanted divinity, explaining many of the legends and tales about him. I hope we see a revised version later that works with Eric's vision as well, often the best lore comes from reconciling different works that seems incompatible.

And please don't take this as an attack or anything disparaging, I'm just trying to explain how i think many of us here feel about your articles and I would have for Lord of the end of everything to slide into obscurity and would instead like to see it reborn anew like an old adventure brought back to life, but I'm sure you and Eric are doing that already anyway.


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