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Wooly Rupert
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Posted - 27 Aug 2017 :  18:29:06  Show Profile Send Wooly Rupert a Private Message  Reply with Quote
And on the moon thing and Selūne being weaker... A couple of explanations occur to me.

1) Selūne isn't the goddess of the moon, she's the goddess of the moons -- and one being destroyed took a chunk of her power with it

2) Shar and Selūne were originally at the same power level... But where Selūne stayed focused on Realmspace, Shar looked beyond, and became multispheric -- which gave her more power that she then used in the Realms, increasing her local power.

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Posted - 27 Aug 2017 :  19:29:37  Show Profile Send Markustay a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I totally get what/who Lurue is/was, but it doesn't really negate my suppositions. (Abeir-)Toril = Magic, because The Weave = magic. The Weave is 'the soul' of the world, so to speak. They're inseparable. Thats probably why nearly all worlds have some form of 'Weave' (they each have their own), some more sophisticated than others. And its also why a magically-dead world like Athas has no Weave - the world is, quite literally, 'dead'. Lurue would have been an aspect of the Earthmother (and that ties into the Moonshaes stuff nicely) - her 'spirit'. That means the other two aspects - the Leviathan and 'the pack' may be primal versions of Selūne and Shar.

This also happens to fit beautifully with my Body, Mind, & Soul theories. Three aspects of 'one being'. However, with the original being getting split in two (the Sundering of the Worlds) means those aspects would have become greatly depowered as well - they are already three pieces of one whole, and then they get 'split again', making six. Very fragmentary (and now I am even touching upon the World serpent stuff). Heck, maybe Asl... err... Nobanion is the other half of Lurue - the Abeiran half. That would make some sense. He only came around after the Dawn Cataclysm (which seemed to be all about merging/splitting gods LOL).

I've also heard all the theories about why Selūne is weaker now, over the years, but now we have all this new information we can apply. My favorite was the 'waxing and waning' bit, because it fits her nature. However, I'm thinking (after rereading that old article) that her being weak is something that happened in the distant past, and not something she can recover from. Somehow, Shar managed though (which could tie into her slowly wresting the shadoweave back from Mystryl).

Selūne sacrificed a part of herself to create Mystryl. Shar did not. Selūne would not be working toward getting that back, and destroying Mystryl (now Mystra) in the process.

I'm trying to come up with a good computer analogy again, but this one is rough. Suppose you have a server that got completely corrupted ('The Shadow Virus' LOL). You have some great software (Mystryl) that can restore a lot of that onto a new server. It won't be perfect - some bits are lost forever, but you can get most of it back and then 'fill in the rest' with logic algorithms. The first one's pretty stable, but eventually the database gets corrupted again (I guess we didn't get all the virus out). We run the newer version of Mystryl - Mystra (and later update it to Mystra 2.0 LOL) - and we get it running even more stable. Of course, those persnickety 'shadow hackers' are always trying to mess with the code.

So thats why Mystra 'needs a soul' - she is just a machine. A souless program trying to restore the obliterated Lurue. Shar doesn't want it to ever be fully restored, because that would (probably) mean rejoining her other half - she would lose her individuality. Its is only through corruption/destruction that Shar exists at all, which is why she is all about Entropy. If the Weave/magical web that surrounds Realmspace is ever fully restored, it could mean the worlds can come back together, because the two main protagonists will have merged back together. 'The Light' understands that it cannot exist without darkness, and that 'Shadow' cannot exist without the light. Selūne IS willing to 'lose herself' to be with her 'sister' again.

Shar lashes out because she is afraid.

MarkusTay - psychologist to the gods.

"I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me" --- Dudley Field Malone

Edited by - Markustay on 27 Aug 2017 19:35:08
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