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 Cormanthyr, The Ruler's Blade, Josidiah and Aravae
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Posted - 17 Oct 2020 :  04:18:32  Show Profile Send rangerstranger a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
I have a PC in a campaign I am currently DMing that is set in the Dales region of 1368. They have helped Randal Morn and have done a mission or two for Mourngrym and even Lheao. The campaign has been running for about a year and one of the character's backstories has come to the forefront in a recent session. An elf who was at the last battle of the Weeping War but somehow survived asked her of her background. She is playing a moon elf from Evermeet and knows very little about her moon elf mother and nothing about her biological father. She decided to leave Evermeet because she was not fitting in with her step father and not getting along very well with her two younger half brothers. So she heads off to Faerun, deciding that the Dales could be a good place to find a new home. Especially since it's near Cormanthyr and the retreat is nearing it's end.

To go with this I've started rereading the Last Mythal Trilogy lately and I've recently reread the source books The Fall of Myth Drannor and Cormanthyr: Empire of Elves recently. The relationship between Josidiah Starym and Aravae Irithyl is what interests me most from all of this.

Would it be too outlandish to rewrite the Last Mythal Trilogy with the Moon Elf PC taking the place of Ilsevele Miritar and having her long lost father being a descendant of Josidiah Starym and Aravae Irithyl? A secret the two kept from when they were adventuring together. Srinshee would obviously find out about this hidden "heir" but would not reveal who they were until she thought them worthy of the Ruler's Blade. Perhaps doing so would cause great strife within the rulership of Myth Drannor.

So I am looking for some input on this overarching idea. I realize that it may put too much spotlight on one character, so ideas to counter that would be welcome as well.

Wooly Rupert
Master of Mischief

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Posted - 17 Oct 2020 :  05:24:22  Show Profile Send Wooly Rupert a Private Message  Reply with Quote
So... You want your PC to become the ruler of Myth Drannor?

That works for an endgame thing, assuming your player wants something like that.

It does put a major spotlight on that one character, though -- and it pretty much requires them to retire from adventuring, too. And if the other players don't get some sort of very good reward at the same time, they might have issues with one player getting such a promotion.

Obviously, it's your game and your group, but I, personally, would tone it down. Let the players as a group stop some major threat to Myth Drannor, or let them find an object of grand import and return that -- something that involves all the players and lets them share equally in the rewards. You could still have your elf be heir to a particular bloodline, without which the quest would be impossible.

Or flip it, and have the elf be heir to a reviled/tainted bloodline, and it was kept secret out of shame -- but her actions can reclaim the family honor.

Either way, my advice is to spread the wealth and make sure the rewards are something the players will want.

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Posted - 17 Oct 2020 :  05:46:54  Show Profile Send rangerstranger a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Thanks Wooly.

Yes this would definitely be endgame material here. They would maybe have one last final epic quest after finding out that said PC is the "heir". The characters are around 6th level and I don't see it going much past 15th or so. I.. We've got a ways to go. If I go this route I don't plan on dropping the real hint until later in the game but I also don't want it to come out of noewhere when/if it does happen.

This idea being too big was my first instinct when this crazy idea popped in my head. And why I came here.

You also have a great idea with the reviled/tainted bloodline and the Starym family could still fill in here as well.
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Master of Realmslore

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Posted - 22 Oct 2020 :  20:41:33  Show Profile  Visit cpthero2's Homepage Send cpthero2 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Seeker rangerstranger,

I am in agreement with Master Rupert.

The idea of ruling Myth Drannor comes with a huge primary issue to tackle: what has the character done to demonstrate the kind of leadership and rulership that according to lore, the Srinshee brought the Crownsword back in the first place in 1377DR?

I think your idea has a lot of merit, but I think the majesty, the sheer epicness of having that Crownsword given over by the Srinshee, would have to meet a level of demonstrated leadership that proves to this baelnorn in Arvandor, that said character is worth it. So, my question to you is: has that character met that level of epicness to warrant such a relic?

Beyond that comes the meaning of that title. That would pretty much end any "adventuring" as it were. The stakes of having that position and what it means for not only the Elves, but also the international affairs of Myth Drannor with the human settlements, Dwarves, the Zhentarim, Cult of the Dragon, and more would be enormous.

Best regards,

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring
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