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Clutches at Greatness

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Posted - 14 Apr 2018 :  11:56:20  Show Profile Send Clutches at Greatness a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
Greetings, fellow dabblers in useless and fantastic lores,

Recently my Tabaxi ancestry once again revealed itself to me, and since then a strange and unforgiving curiosity about Aboleths has beset me. I found my thoughts, whenever idle, wandering towards the subject, and more and more of my free time became devoted towards digging through old and partly forgotten tomes, hunting for clues and stories to help me grasp the full picture of this ancient menace, the way they had been existing and operating since the dawn of times, and the ways their age-old plots may interfere with the feeble plans of us short-lived surface dwellers.

While the thrill of the hunt may be titilating in itself for a time, it tires the soul and becomes stale, if the climax of pinning down the prey and presenting the trophies to an appreciating public eludes the hunter.
I heard rumours about the sages of Candlekeep echoing throughout the astral tubes, that raised my hopes to find a suitable audience for my mad ramblings on these pages.

My current plans are to devise a series of articles about the Aboleths, the commonalities and contradictions that the sources and rumours bear about them, together with speculations about their networks of minions and the problems of mortal minds to handle the vastness of power, that these creatures present.

I will include a link to this post in every article, and I will edit this post to keep up a library of these articles. I hope this may help to keep sub-topics of my research distinct and digestible in length, to ease contributions and discussions of each topic by like-minded dwellers of this lovely establishment.

List of ideas for articles:
Aboleths - a discussion of source materials
Aboleths - the problem of power creep and possible fixes
Aboleth schemes - Establishing a new lair (Aquatic/Subterranean)
Aboleth schemes - Conjuring doom (Surface worlds and Astral planes)
Aboleth minions - Chuul
Aboleth minions - Skum
Aboleth minions - Cheap Labor - Of Kuo-Toa, Mongrelmen and other nasties

List of active articles

Sadly still empty, as I am just setting out to begin this series. I hope that my Tabaxi fickleness does not lead to the untimely demise of the project

Thank you for your attention

Clutches at Greatness

Tabaxi bard

I'll be right back, after I caught that piece of string

Wooly Rupert
Master of Mischief

32277 Posts

Posted - 14 Apr 2018 :  13:04:08  Show Profile Send Wooly Rupert a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Welcome to Candlekeep!

Feel free to ask any questions you may have... A lot of us have been Realms fans for years, and we know a thing or three about the setting. Plus, we've got some of the authors and creators here!

As for the rest of us, we are friendly, mostly harmless, and occasionally strange... Enjoy your stay!

Candlekeep Forums Moderator

Candlekeep - The Library of Forgotten Realms Lore
-- Candlekeep Forum Code of Conduct

Editor and scribe for The Candlekeep Compendium

I am the Giant Space Hamster of Ill Omen!
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Great Reader

8203 Posts

Posted - 14 Apr 2018 :  16:34:32  Show Profile Send sleyvas a Private Message  Reply with Quote
"POOF" A rather thick book with red colored binding appears in the air floating and turned on its side, the symbols of the Red Knight and Deneir appear upon its outer sleeves. Behind it floats a sai laying flat, but which "bows" by turning its tip downwards/hilt up briefly before resuming its flat position in the air. Moments later, the book begins opening and closing, almost like it were a mouth speaking, and words seemingly appear from its position.

Hello Clutches,

Its good to see a tabaxi in the halls. Though I am commonly known here as Sleyvas, I have come to realize since my transformation that I spent a significant portion of my previous lives on the world of Norrath as the Kerra Druid, Purriclese Roarselot, and another life as a Kerra Shadow Knight, Grraevix Growlselot, and an even earlier life as a moon living Vah Shir Beastlord, named Kitticatticus Rodentsbane. I have a weak spot for fellow cat folk. As a gesture of goodwill, I do hereby offer thee this.

<throws a leather collar with hooks for charms to be attached to Clutches at Greatness>

Its known as a Charitable Charms Collar. It currently has a charm to enhance stealth (the silver cat's paw), perception (the golden cat's head with such pointy ears and whiskers), and investigation (the magnifying glass). In order for these to work, you must of course be charitable with your knowledge and share it periodically. May the Red Knight guide your plans and Deneir lend his wisdom to your project

Then the sai seems to spin its tip in a circle and "point" with its tip, and a new charm in the shape of an eye in the center of a gem, appeared in Clutches' hands.

Hello fellow scribe, my name is Lorey, since my rude and impertinent fellow FORGOT to introduce me... again... and it seems that not only do Mystra, Savras, and Azuth shine their light upon your endeavor, but so does my lord Auppenser, for he has bade me deliver an additional charm to aid thine mission, for this charm helps protect one's thoughts from being detected through the use of psionics or the art.

The sai then "bows" again. From out of nowhere step two figures, a transparent woman seemingly made of blue fire and wearing the symbol of Deneir, and a ghostly man carrying a very real longsword and shield and bearing the symbol of the Red Knight. The flying book turns to them for a moment before "nodding" and turning back. Its flapping "mouth" of paper continues "speaking"

And sadly, we must leave you... Mystra is still weak, and we, the servitors of her servants, must seek out those who would strengthen her again. Lady Jillian Doncastle and Lord Damerik Palenthist have been sent to retrieve us to seek out the mysteries of Felliron. However, as a side request, my daughter-in-law, Lady Jillian has asked me to ask of you if you would look in on her great grandchildren in Neverwinter, particularly her granddaughter who has taken to the service of Lurue. I would appreciate this as well, for I have heard that they need protection from some of the foul beings which serve to call themselves red wizards these days. Should you need our aid against a threat to them, simply speak the words, "Clutches at Greatness calls Sleyvas of Thay", and make the next nine words particularly descriptive of thine need. Mystra shine her blessings upon you.

and with that, all four individuals disappeared, but the collar and its charms remained.

Alavairthae, may your skill prevail

Phillip aka Sleyvas
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Thraskir Skimper
Learned Scribe

204 Posts

Posted - 14 Jul 2018 :  21:21:46  Show Profile Send Thraskir Skimper a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Why would you call them a menace?

Thay Red
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