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 Questions for Ed Greenwood (2007)
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 12 Nov 2007 :  10:23:35  Show Profile  Visit Alaundo's Homepage  Click to see Alaundo's MSN Messenger address Send Alaundo a Private Message
Well met

I'm very sorry to hear this, Hooded One. Very sad news indeed

Please pass on my condolences to Ed and on behalf of all at Candlekeep, let him know that our thoughts are with him and his family.

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Posted - 12 Nov 2007 :  12:06:24  Show Profile  Visit dravenloft's Homepage  Send dravenloft an AOL message  Send dravenloft an ICQ Message  Click to see dravenloft's MSN Messenger address  Send dravenloft a Yahoo! Message Send dravenloft a Private Message
Originally posted by The Hooded One

Hello, all.
I bring some sad news: Ed's father died suddenly yesterday. <snip>
love to all,

:( Please pass Ed my condolences.

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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 12 Nov 2007 :  14:25:25  Show Profile  Visit Gelcur's Homepage Send Gelcur a Private Message
Originally posted by The Hooded One

Hello, all.
I bring some sad news: Ed's father died suddenly yesterday. Ed is calmer than anyone I've yet seen under these circumstances (he and his father were very close), but his father was a longtime university professor, chorister who sang in cathedrals all over the world, and one of NORAD's top radar men during the Cold War, so the funeral (next weekend) is likely to be a big affair, and the usual family matters will keep Ed occupied at least for this coming week.

"Building a shining collection of memories is what humans do in a life well lived, or should do -- and the only proper measure of a human is the friendships and the acts of love that a person builds and does, without thought of personal gain, but rather out of free love for others." - Elminster the Sage, 11th of Kythorn 1371 DR

Please pass on my condolences, may his memory live on.

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Learned Scribe

United Kingdom
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Posted - 12 Nov 2007 :  15:01:55  Show Profile Send arry a Private Message
Indeed yes, condolences to Ed and his family.
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Master of Realmslore

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Posted - 12 Nov 2007 :  16:11:34  Show Profile  Visit khorne's Homepage  Click to see khorne's MSN Messenger address Send khorne a Private Message
My condolences too. May the mother's last embrace welcome him home.

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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 12 Nov 2007 :  16:34:54  Show Profile  Visit sparhawk42's Homepage Send sparhawk42 a Private Message
Very sad news. My condolences to Ed as well.

You never fail until you stop trying.
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Great Reader

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Posted - 12 Nov 2007 :  17:51:37  Show Profile Send Kajehase a Private Message
My condolences Ed. Very sad news.

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Great Reader

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Posted - 12 Nov 2007 :  19:13:57  Show Profile  Visit Hawkins's Homepage Send Hawkins a Private Message
I would like to add my condolences as well.

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Senior Scribe

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Posted - 12 Nov 2007 :  20:25:14  Show Profile Send Penknight a Private Message
Originally posted by HawkinstheDM

I would like to add my condolences as well.

As would I.

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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 12 Nov 2007 :  20:56:57  Show Profile  Visit Zandilar's Homepage Send Zandilar a Private Message

I'd like to add my voice to the chorus of condolences.

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The Red Walker
Great Reader

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Posted - 12 Nov 2007 :  22:01:19  Show Profile  Send The Red Walker a Yahoo! Message Send The Red Walker a Private Message
My deepest condolences and best wishes for Ed and Family.
I lost my father 9 years ago, I was 25. He was only 49. I would love to have had him for just a few more years.

I am glad Ed had the good fortune to have his father around as long as he did. I am sure he has years of cherished memories!

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Chosen of Moradin
Master of Realmslore

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Posted - 12 Nov 2007 :  23:43:54  Show Profile  Visit Chosen of Moradin's Homepage  Click to see Chosen of Moradin's MSN Messenger address Send Chosen of Moradin a Private Message
Oh, Moradins beard!

My condolences to Ed and his family.

Dwarf, DM, husband, and proud of this! :P

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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 13 Nov 2007 :  00:45:58  Show Profile  Visit Mkhaiwati's Homepage Send Mkhaiwati a Private Message
My condolences too. My father passed away five years ago. It seems to be a curse in my family that the father never meets the children of the youngest child. I only have a memory of one grandmother, and she died when I was very, very young.

It isn't easy, but everyone around helps. It sounds like a large funeral and it seems the Candlekeep community is behind Ed, too.

"Behold the work of the old... let your heritage not be lost but bequeath it as a memory, treasure and blessing... Gather the lost and the hidden and preserve it for thy children."

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althen artren
Senior Scribe

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Posted - 13 Nov 2007 :  01:31:50  Show Profile Send althen artren a Private Message
Thanks for the info, Hooded One.

My sympathies to Ed. I lost my own father at 14. All I can add to the
pile of well wished is that Ed was lucky to get to know his father as
an adult. Talk to each other as adult and have a relationship past father/
son. I never had that chance. I hope that the loss passes quickly.

Althen bows respectfully.
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Master of Realmslore

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Posted - 13 Nov 2007 :  01:40:30  Show Profile  Visit Asgetrion's Homepage Send Asgetrion a Private Message
My condolences, too, to Ed and his family!

"What am I doing today? Ask me tomorrow - I can be sure of giving you the right answer then."
-- Askarran of Selgaunt, Master Sage, speaking to a curious merchant, Year of the Helm
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Master of Realmslore

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Posted - 13 Nov 2007 :  01:51:29  Show Profile Send Bladewind a Private Message
Sad news. My condolences Ed. These words and the compassion are heartfelt.

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Posted - 13 Nov 2007 :  02:13:46  Show Profile  Visit Aelryn's Homepage  Send Aelryn an AOL message  Click to see Aelryn's MSN Messenger address Send Aelryn a Private Message
My condolences and deepest sympathies. It's never easy to lose a loved one.

"Even when our eyes are closed, there's a whole world out there, that lives outside ourselves and our dreams."
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Rinonalyrna Fathomlin
Great Reader

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Posted - 13 Nov 2007 :  02:59:11  Show Profile  Visit Rinonalyrna Fathomlin's Homepage Send Rinonalyrna Fathomlin a Private Message
Originally posted by The Hooded One
Hello, all.
I bring some sad news: Ed's father died suddenly yesterday. Ed is calmer than anyone I've yet seen under these circumstances (he and his father were very close), but his father was a longtime university professor, chorister who sang in cathedrals all over the world, and one of NORAD's top radar men during the Cold War, so the funeral (next weekend) is likely to be a big affair, and the usual family matters will keep Ed occupied at least for this coming week.

I've lost my own father suddenly (about 5 years ago), so I know how rough it can be. I'm sending Ed my deepest condolences!

"Instead of asking why we sleep, it might make sense to ask why we wake. Perchance we live to dream. From that perspective, the sea of troubles we navigate in the workaday world might be the price we pay for admission to another night in the world of dreams."
--Richard Greene (letter to Time)

Edited by - Rinonalyrna Fathomlin on 13 Nov 2007 03:00:47
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Senior Scribe

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Posted - 13 Nov 2007 :  03:20:49  Show Profile  Visit RodOdom's Homepage Send RodOdom a Private Message
I am sorry for your loss.
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Senior Scribe

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Posted - 13 Nov 2007 :  04:09:46  Show Profile  Visit Blueblade's Homepage Send Blueblade a Private Message
I'm going to the funeral. I saw Ed's dad once, though I didn't really meet him (I've always wondered if Ed based Khelben on him, before TSR artists and writers started making him their own). Candlekeep should be there, one person at least. I won't bother Ed, but I hope he sees me and so knows word has spread and how we feel about him. Having heard Ed orate before, I expect he'll deliver a stirring eulogy. If he hadn't been a game designer and fantasy writer and librarian, he would have made a good preacher. The nice, down to earth sort (er, perhaps too down to earth). Anyway, I'll be there. Being SO glad it isn't Ed's funeral. We need him too much. (Any scribes who want directions, ask here.)
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Senior Scribe

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Posted - 13 Nov 2007 :  17:54:01  Show Profile  Visit Ayunken-vanzan's Homepage  Send Ayunken-vanzan an AOL message  Send Ayunken-vanzan an ICQ Message  Click to see Ayunken-vanzan's MSN Messenger address Send Ayunken-vanzan a Private Message
I want to send my condolences to Ed, too. Very sad news.

"What mattered our lives now? When our world had been torn from us? Folk wept, or drank, or stood staring out over the land, wondering what new horror each dawn would bring."
Elender Stormfall of Suzail

"Anyone can kill deities, cause plagues, or destroy organizations. It takes real skill to make them live on."

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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 13 Nov 2007 :  19:43:18  Show Profile  Visit freyar's Homepage Send freyar a Private Message
My condolences, also. We all are thinking of you, Ed!

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A Gavel

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Posted - 14 Nov 2007 :  04:16:12  Show Profile  Visit A Gavel's Homepage Send A Gavel a Private Message
I, too, would like to extend my sympathies to Ed and his family. I DID meet his father once, at an academic gathering. A larger, older version of Ed (Ed's father had the shoulders and arms of a football player in full padding, only his were "just him," not padding). Ed once told me he'd cut metal with tin snips in his youth, and I can believe it, from his handshake. Ed got his whimsical, amiable sense of humour from his Dad, so for me he doesn't work as the model for Khelben at all.
By the way, Ed's dad was a published writer (academic stuff and a little book called STAND UP, SPEAK OUT! about public speaking, that he co-wrote with Ed's mom, who has written quite a few childrens' and teens' books about pioneer days ("settler" days for Americans), some of them prize-winning. Not to mention THE KID'S BOOK OF CANADA.
Ed's deceased (and much older) cousin, W.G. Hardy, was once a bestselling "literary" novelist in Canada, as well as the first Chancellor of the Univeristy of Alberta, and the author of ALBERTA: A BICENTENNIAL HISTORY.
So Ed comes from a talented literary family . . .
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A Publishing Lackey

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Posted - 14 Nov 2007 :  04:21:25  Show Profile  Visit A Publishing Lackey's Homepage Send A Publishing Lackey a Private Message
Agreed, A Gavel. I know that some of Canada's female childrens' writers (such as Bernice Thurman Hunter, and I think Jean Little, too) used to meet in Ed's parents' dining room once a week or every few weeks (when Ed was living there as a teenager). I'd give a lot to have heard the conversation around the Greenwood dinner table some nights, because the whole clan seems to have been bright, intelligent, well-educated, and creative. One of Ed's sisters, plus his parents, used to troop off to England every summer to sing in cathedrals. While Ed, of course, stayed home to work at the library and churn out endless Realmslore and Realms novels for us all.
I feel for your loss, Ed, and suspect that The Hooded One's silences are because she's rallying around helping, too.
Come back to us when you can, both of you. We need you to keep our dreams bright!
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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 14 Nov 2007 :  04:25:36  Show Profile  Visit Malcolm's Homepage Send Malcolm a Private Message
Oh, well said!
Ed, my prayers and sympathies. I suspect your mom needs you very much, right now. Come back to us when you can. (I suspect Wizards of the Coast, Tor Books, Solaris, and your various other publishers are hoping that'll be soon.)
Rest and take a break if you feel the need. Please. You've laid golden eggs so fast for so long that you deserve a vacation, and I want you around for decades longer to, uh, lay a lot more (KNEW that metaphor was gonna get me in trouble).
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