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 Questions for Ed Greenwood (2006)
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A Gavel

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Posted - 31 Dec 2006 :  23:23:48  Show Profile  Visit A Gavel's Homepage Send A Gavel a Private Message
Dear Ed and Lady Hooded One,
Out of my ponderings, another query has arisen. It concerns the Silver Marches, and law within/among them.
Let us say that a miscreant is judged guilty of theft and slavery in Silverymoon, and sentenced to pay a heavy fine (satisfied by seizure of his goods and property) and be exiled for two years or so.
Said miscreant promptly travels to Everlund with his slaving crew, leads a raid on some outlying mansions there, plunders them of wealth (ending up with a considerable fortune) and takes the surviving household members as slaves. He force-marches them to an orc trade-moot place he knows of (see, Ed? I WAS listening during your talk at Ad Astra!) and sells them to the orcs as food. He and his slavers hasten on to Citadel Adbar, where he takes care to personally befriend King Harbromm and present himself as a persecuted-by-Taern (due to a longstanding feud) retired adventurer who wants to settle in Harbromm’s city, and can enrich Harbromm with the trade he brings. He will talk of extensive trade-contacts in Amn, gift Harbromm with a hundred thousand gold pieces as proof of his friendship, good will, and trustworthy nature, and promise more gold (unspecified amount) to contribute to the war-readiness of the Citadel next season, and the next after that, and so on.
Moreover (if Harbromm uses some means of prying into his mind), this miscreant genuinely intends to follow through on those promises, and break no law in the Citadel nor be disloyal to Harbromm - - so long as he can remain in Citadel Adbar as a refuge, and make his home there (and conduct all sorts of trade that Harbromm doesn’t specifically ban, such as stockpiling drugs and poisons harmful to humans but not dwarves) under the dwarf-king’s protection.
Now, how soon is Harbromm likely to find out about the trial and sentencing in Silverymoon? And the events in Everlund?
And is the king likely to ignore all this bad news as occurring within other jurisdictions, retaining the miscreant (albeit now watching him closely) as a valued supporter and citizen?
Or will Harbromm treat him as a revealed criminal who should be tried and sentence for slavery?
If Harbromm confronts him, and he tells an “almost true” version of events that mostly matches what the king hears from Silverymoon and Everlund but minimizes the miscreant’s own role and guilt, is Harbromm likely to believe him? (Again, harboring suspicions from then on?) Or bitterly denounce him as “another lying human” and do something swift and harsh to him, from killing him to tossing him out of the Citadel with nothing to putting him in chains and marching him off to Everlund for trial? (If so, which of those fates, or an alternative?)
In other words, Harbromm is LG, but seems scornful of other rulers within the Marches, and interested primarily in bettering the security of the Citadel. Does he believe in upholding their laws and judgments, or only his own?
This has campaign implications for me, but there’s no great rush in answering it. This is one of my “irons in the fire,” waiting behind current events and crises in my Realms campaign. Wherein, obviously, Obould hasn’t yet shown himself in public beyond the state of things in the Silver Marches sourcebook.
Thank you for any answer you may wish to give about this. I remain a devoted Realms fan.
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A Publishing Lackey

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Posted - 31 Dec 2006 :  23:29:12  Show Profile  Visit A Publishing Lackey's Homepage Send A Publishing Lackey a Private Message
Okay, I'd like to ask one to go alongside A Gavel's question.
If something happened to Helm Dwarf-friend, would Harbromm move to get someone on the throne there that reports to him? Or even openly take over both places?
And if something happened to Harbromm, would things get shaky in Adbar? In other words, is he the "strongman" glue that holds the place together, or are there other dwarves who could stride onto his throne-dais without much strife or loss of morale, if he died?
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The Sage
Procrastinator Most High

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Posted - 31 Dec 2006 :  23:33:54  Show Profile  Send The Sage an AOL message  Click to see The Sage's MSN Messenger address  Send The Sage a Yahoo! Message Send The Sage a Private Message
Originally posted by The Hooded One

Hello again, scribes of the Realms. Ed’s final reply for 2006...
Well, if that's the case... Please be aware that this scroll will now be closing, with Ed's Realmslore answers and The Hooded One's grace and charm starting a fresh in a new scroll for 2007

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