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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 10 Nov 2020 :  03:06:10  Show Profile  Visit PattPlays's Homepage Send PattPlays a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Zeromaru X

By the time of the "starting year" of the SCAG (1489), people of the Sword Coast was aware of the Cormyrian victory and the destruction of both Myth Drannor and Netheril, as well as the dissolution of Luruar. They knew of the conflicts in Vaasa, Tymanther/Unther, and Thay, but didn't knew their results, with the exception of the Mulhorandi rebellion, as they knew the Mulhorandi had won, but didn't knew details.

Thanks everyone for the responses. Though now I'm curious how the word of Ao is dispensed throughout the populace, and how info spreads about the declared end of an era. And how quickly and obviously is Mystra's full return (upon the climax of The Herald IIRC?) be to the people? I have my campaign set just before 1489 so I'm just curious.

as for the thread's topic.. are there any of those Abeir-Toril wars that still continued during and after the second sundering?

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Zeromaru X
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Posted - 11 Nov 2020 :  13:56:11  Show Profile Send Zeromaru X a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Well, here is my contribution for this scroll. I知 focusing in the post-Spellplague (4e) years as I知 more familiarized with these events, and because other sages can cover the earlier years better that me. I知 going to use paec_djinn痴 format for convenience. I知 sticking to canon here. Which means I知 going to ignore stuff from the LFR adventures. My notes and comments are written in cursive.

Untheric Crusade
Unther (13721379)

Conclusion: Mulhorand manages to finally conquer Unther, ushering in the short-lived "Third Mulhorandi Empire". Both Unther and Mulhorand are destroyed during the Spellplague.

First War of the Zulkirs
Thay (13751385)

Important Battles:
-First Battle of Thazar Keep (the keep falls to a horde of undead. The Tharch of Pyarados is overrun)
-Second Battle of Thazar Keep (Thazar Keep is reclaimed by the Griffon Legion. Pyarados is reclaimed in the following days)
-First Battle of the Keep of Sorrows (almost decisive victory for Szass Tam, until the Spellplague hit, forcing all combatants to retreat)
-Second Battle of the Keep of Sorrows (decisive victory for Szass Tam)
-Naval Battle of Benzatur (the Council of Zulkirs successfully flees Thay)

Conclusion: Szass Tam becomes the High Regent of Thay. The Council of Zulkirs flees to the Wizard痴 Reach in exile. The Zulkir of Necromancy and the six other Zulkirs settle in for a long civil war.

The Wailing Years encompass the 1385-1395 decade.

Chessentan unification
Chessenta (Wailing Years)

Conclusion: War Hero Ishual Karanok unifies Chessenta as a single political entity. Chessenta involuntarily cedes all its western lands, those most radically altered by the Spellplague, to the Abeiran genasi of Akanl.

Dambrathi Rebellion
Dambrath (Wailing Years)

Conclusion: The Arkaiun rebels overthrow their Crinti masters and end their rule of Dambrath. The Crinti and the priests of Loviatar are killed or driven away from the country.

Dragonborn rebellion in Laerakond
Melabrauth, Skelkor (Wailing Years)

Important Battles:
-Battle of Djerad Kusold (Djerad Kusold is obliterated by Melauthaur, all the defenders die)

Conclusion: The dragonborn rebels of Melabrauth managed to slay nearly one-quarter of the dragon lords before their rebellion was put down. Melauthaur forbid the use of humanoid slaves in his lands ever since. The dragonborn of Skelkor are also defeated, after killing many of the dragon lords of that realm as well.

Second Era of Skyfire
Calimshan (Wailing Years1450)

Conclusion: The Second Era of Skyfire comes to an end when the djinn Calim and the efreet Memnon (freed from the Calimemnon Crystal during the Spellplague) are sent back to their homes in the Elemental Chaos by unknown means. Their genasi lieutenants and foot soldiers continued a bloody war based on little more than opposing elemental philosophies until 1486.

Cormyr vs Eldreth Veluuthra
Cormyr (1394)

Conclusion: A brief conflict between Cormyr and the Eldreth Veluuthra of the Hullack Forest breaks out, ending when King Azoun V turns his full attention to more pressing threats from neighboring Sembia and Netheril.

Amnian invasion of the Moonshae Isles
Moonshae Isles (14041413)

Important Battles:
-Amnian conquest of Caer Westphal (this invasion starts a long war between the Amnian invaders and the Kendrick dynasty).
-Siege of Caer Corwell (Amnian invaders successfully conquer the Kingdom of Corwell)
-Deachtere Wood Massacre (the Amnians kill almost all the fey of Deachtere Wood)
-War of Gwynneth (The queen of Sarifal declares war on all non-fey in response to the Deachtere Wood Massacre)
-Battle of Mog Goidel (Decisive victory of the Kendrick armada over the Amnian invaders)

Conclusion: The Amnian invaders flee the Moonshaes in 1413, but all their ships are destroyed while fleeing by the Leviathan. The Kendrick dynasty remains in power, but now has to deal with the fey of Sarifal and the dark fey of Dernall Forest.

Sembian invasion of the Dales
Sembia, the Dales (14201441)

Important Battles:
-Sembian invasion of Tasseldale
-Chandler痴 Cross Massacre (A Sembian mercenary army slaughters many folk of the Scardale)
-Battle of Essembra (Shadovar forces conquer Battledale)
-Battle of Archenbridge (the free Dalesfolk join forces to defeat a massive Sembian mercenary force)
-Siege of Saerb and Urmlaspyr (Cormyrian forces come to aid the Dalesfolk to defeat the Sembians)

Conclusion: Pressured on all sides, Sembia (with approval from its Netherese governors) agrees to sign the Treaty of Griffonfang Bridge with Cormyr, the Dalelands, and the elven realm of Cormanthor. The uneasy armistice endured until 1484.

Aglarondan civil war
Aglarond (1425)

Conclusion: A brief conflict between the apprentices of the Simbul and the Aglarondan nobles after her presumed death. The apprentices win and form the Simbarch Council to rule Aglarond. The Simbarchs then declare war on the Thayan expatriates living in the Wizard痴 Reach, but the conflict reaches a standstill.

Akanl vs the Abolethic Sovereignty
Akanl (1429)

Important Battles:
-Destruction of Brassune

Conclusion: The genasi relocate their capital to the formerly Chessentan city of Airspur.

Many-Arrows Civil War
Many-Arrows (14501460)

Conclusion: The king of Many-Arrows unifies the disparate orc tribes and is able to maintain the kingdom as a singular political entity until 1484.

Shadovar-Thay War
Neverwinter (1460)

Important Battles:
-Battle of Neverwinter

Conclusion: Both forces are defeated by the efforts of Drizzt Do旦rden and friends. The Dread Ring of Neverwinter is damaged.

Najara痴 Civil War
Najara (1474)

Conclusion: The dark naga Jarant slays the naga Ebarnaje to become the new King of Snakes of Najara.

Aglarond vs Zulkirs-in-exile
Aglarond, Wizard痴 Reach (1478)

Important Battles:
-Battle of Yuirwood

Conclusion: The Aglarondan forces are defeated by the efforts of the exiled Thayan forces and the Brotherhood of the Griffon mercenary company. The Zulkirs-in-exile decide to attack Thay instead of pressing towards Aglarond.

Second War of the Zulkirs
Thay (1478)

Important Battles:
-Siege of the Dread Ring of Lapendrar (Brotherhood of the Griffon, Zulkirs army and Thayan rebels pyrrhic victory)
-Battle of Anhaurz (Brotherhood of the Griffon pyrrhic victory)

Conclusion: All the Zulkirs-in-exile are killed by Szass Tam, thus ending the long Thayan civil war with a decisive victory for Szass Tam, but the Dread Ring of Thay is damaged. A diminished Brotherhood of the Griffon is able to flee Thay.

Brimstone痴 Xorvintaal
Akanl, Chessenta, High Imaskar, Murghm, Threskel, Tymanther (1479)

Important Battles:
-Chessentan invasion of Threskel (Decisive Chessentan victory; Threskel is annexed to Chessenta)
-Ash giant invasion of Tymanther (Tymantheran victory)
-Siege of Ashhold (Decisive Tymantheran victory; the ash giant coalition is dissolved)
-Battle of Luthcheq (all the major dragon players are killed)

Conclusion: With the deaths of many of the dragon players, the leaders of the Brotherhood of the Griffon, as well as several dragon princes of Murghm and dragonborn knights from Tymanther, travel to Dracowyr to confront Brimstone and force him to cancel the magic that bound wyrms to the game. Brimstone claims that the game was just a ruse to allow him to eliminate the most powerful dragons around the Sea of Fallen Stars. Even after Brimstone canceled the spell, nobody could be sure if the surviving dragon players would stop their Xorvintaal games.

For info about the Xorvintaal game, check its article on the wiki.

Vaasan invasion of the Moonsea
Moonsea, Thar (1479)

Important Battles:
-Invasion of Glister (Vaasan victory)
-Battle of Lendon's Dike (Defenders victory)

Conclusion: With their defeat at Hulburg, the Vaasan invaders are routed and retreat.

Aaaand that is what I have so far. I知 checking my 5e sources for any major conflicts during the Second Sundering, but any help would be appreciated. Especially with stuff related to the Thayan Resurrection

Long ago, in the distant past, they fell into decay. The philosopher痴 path... The river of glory... Even the saints resting in the darkness rise up without response and block the way...

Edited by - Zeromaru X on 11 Nov 2020 15:45:09
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Master of Realmslore

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Posted - 14 Nov 2020 :  17:40:04  Show Profile  Visit cpthero2's Homepage Send cpthero2 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Master Zeromaru X,

What I find most interesting about all of those wars listed are the first three!

You can really see how the Untheric Crusade and the First War of the Zulkirs, would have geo-politically allowed for a power vacuum to occur to distract any possible outside interference and thus get Chessenta to unify. So cool to see that. Ironic of course that any Karanok would have made that happen, hahaha.

Best regards,

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring
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