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 "Pride of the Lion" novel is Cancelled!
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Posted - 19 Nov 2002 :  18:17:49  Show Profile  Visit Alaundo's Homepage Send Alaundo a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
Well Met

I hear rumor from within the walls of those Wizards who dwell on the Coast........

The last book in the Sembia Series, entitled Pride of the Lion, by Ed Greenwood which was due for release in July 2003, is no longer to be produced. Thus, the last book will now be Lord of Stormweather by Dave Gross, due for release in March 2003.

I have no information as to why Pride of the Lion has been cancelled.

This means that:

Book 1 - The Halls of Stormweather (short stories about 7 characters)
Book 2 - Shadows Witness (about Erevis Cale)
Book 3 - The Shattered Mask (about Shamur Uskevren
Book 4 - Black Wolf (about Talbot Uskevren)
Book 5 - Heirs of Prophecy (about Larajin)
Book 6 - Sands of the Soul (about Thazienne Uskevren)
Book 7 - Lord of Stormweather (about Thamalon Uskevern, I assume)

This leaves no book being written about Tamlin (Thamalon Uskevren II). Although, Ed Greenwood wrote about Thamalon (the elder), which would leave me to believe that Book 7 is about Tamlin and NOT his father.

Hmmmmmmm, any views?

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Posted - 19 Nov 2002 :  19:29:44  Show Profile  Visit ArcticKnight's Homepage Send ArcticKnight a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Ok I just noticed that Claton Emerey was the author for the story about Tamlin in Halls of Stormweather but Dave Gross was writing the novel about him, thats odd.

I always assumed that Lord of Stormweather was about Tamlin as he will be "Lord" someday, because "Pride of the Lion" i assumed to be about the Elder Uskurven, because the "Pride" is the family of a Lion and the "Lion" is usually the head or leader (i.e. the elder thamalon) of something.

also Ed Greenwood wrote about the elder as u said above so Pride would be about Thamalon, while altho Claton Emery wrote about Tamlin in "Halls" Dave Gross would write the novel for him.

but i havent heard about the cancellation, it appears that You picked up some *cough* cough* Mumbles-thief abilites- during your years at Candlekeep and scored a good detect noise roll while evesdropping....

lets hope that its wrong, i will begin digging tho.

"The man who does not read has little advantage over the man who cannot read."

Edited by - ArcticKnight on 19 Nov 2002 19:32:09
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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 19 Nov 2002 :  21:53:37  Show Profile  Visit Zacas's Homepage Send Zacas a Private Message  Reply with Quote
::brandishes his lit torch and pitchfork he forms a mob to storm the walls of those wizards whom dwell on the coast::
Hmm... well... maybe actually i'll just leave a message on their boards and ask about it... maybe just maybe i'll get a response about this...

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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 20 Nov 2002 :  03:40:41  Show Profile  Visit ArcticKnight's Homepage Send ArcticKnight a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I just noticed if you look on the inside first page of Sands of the Soul it lists the COMPLETE Sembia series and Pride of the Lion is NOT on there....

hmm coincidence, i think not

"The man who does not read has little advantage over the man who cannot read."

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Forgotten Realms Author

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Posted - 20 Nov 2002 :  17:56:39  Show Profile  Visit Dave_Gross's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Clayton Emery had other writing commitments, so Phil offered me the chance to write the Tamlin book, which became Lord of Stormweather.

At first, I have to admit I balked at the thought of writing about Tamlin, since I'd spent so long in the head of his younger brother, Talbot, who hates him--so I kind of hated the conceited fop too. The more I started thinking about that sibling rivalry and my own little brother, though, the more I got excited about the idea of showing the other side of that rocky relationship (though that's a very small part of the story). Also, it turned out that Tamlin was a lot more likeable than I'd realized. Besides, I finally realized what his big secret had been all this time, and revealing that was too much fun to pass up.

Yes, Pride of the Lion was taken off the schedule to give Ed a little breathing room in his insanely busy writing schedule. Of course, that presented another cool opportunity that looked scary at first. Since he wasn't going to get his own book, and because he was such an important presence to both Talbot and Tamlin--not to mention the rest of the family--Thamalon now has a prominent role in Lord of Stormweather. In fact, while the story of the book revolves around Tamlin Uskevren, it unfolds from the point of view of four characters: Tamlin, Thamalon, Erevis Cale, and a mystery character I won't reveal just yet. (But look for a great big clue in the short story appearing in Dragon magazine #304.) All of the other major characters make an appearance as well, to one degree or another.

I suppose that answers much more than the question that was asked! Please pardon my verbosity. I think I've gone one cup too far into the morning coffee.



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Shandar The Ashen

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Posted - 25 Dec 2014 :  11:49:27  Show Profile  Visit Shandar The Ashen's Homepage Send Shandar The Ashen a Private Message  Reply with Quote

I have been catching up on my Realms research and just finished the Sembia series and am now starting the third book in the Twilight War trilogy. I realize I am coming to this thread 12 years late, but I have to say that I loved Lord of Stormweather because it really won me over to Tamlin's side, was a great capstone for the Uskeveren cycle and resolved all those problematic issues with Tamlin and his worthiness to head the household.

And Twilight War just made it seem like Lord of Stormweather didn't' really happen. I am really curious as to your thoughts on the transition.

Also, am I remembering that in your book, you say that Cale's baldness was the result of a spell? I couldn't remember that detail, and then was very surprised by Cale's hair in the first Twilight War volume.


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