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 Company of Twelve and Corwin Freas
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Posted - 06 Sep 2020 :  11:18:19  Show Profile Send Wendolyn a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
A quick question about the 'Company of Twelve' that defeat Sammaster in 1285 DR mentioned in the Grand History of the Realms: do we know anything more about this company besides what the Grand History relates? Namely that they are an adventuring group of paladins.

If we don't know anything more, I'd be curious what you guys think about my idea that the Company hails from Turmish. My reasoning comes from events in the Grand History as follows. Just to recap the relevant history.

First, Corwin Freas, a paladin, liberates Turmish from the dragon Anaglathos in 1247 DR and is declared the lord of Turmish. He then steps down from this position in 1248 DR.

Second, Corwin Freas is assassinated in 1254 DR. Operatives of the Cult of the Dragon are suspected.

I imagine from 1248 DR to 1254 DR Corwin Freas is the biggest celebrity in Turmish, a war hero but also a founding father of their democratic Assembly of Stars. But he is not in power himself, so perhaps he spends his time training an upcoming generation of paladins, eager young folk who idolize paladinhood in general and Corwin Freas in particular. When Corwin is assassinated in 1254 the paladins he trained go on to found an adventuring company. They have a particular hatred of the Cult of the Dragon, who killed their master and national hero, and this leads them to hunt down and defeat Sammaster when he returns in 1282 DR.

Does this seem like sensible interpretation/addition to you wise sages? Or am I running afoul of canon of which I know not. Thanks!

George Krashos
Master of Realmslore

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Posted - 06 Sep 2020 :  20:10:23  Show Profile Send George Krashos a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Sounds good to me.

George Krashos

"Because only we, contrary to the barbarians, never count the enemy in battle." -- Aeschylus
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Gary Dallison
Great Reader

United Kingdom
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Posted - 06 Sep 2020 :  20:56:22  Show Profile Send Gary Dallison a Private Message  Reply with Quote
If it was me i would think that Cult of the Dragon assassins are too obvious. I would add a layer of intrigue into the mix, a bit like the death of Prince Rythan at the arrangements of King Alemander, but in reality it was the Twisted Rune that were pulling the strings.

Who is it that wants Sammaster dead, who indeed knows that Sammaster has come back to life.

So perhaps the Zhentarim wanted Sammaster dead and so used its agents to point the fingers at Cult of the Dragon operatives, or perhaps even used Cult of the Dragon operatives to kill Corwin but it was them pulling the strings, but to be honest even i find that a bit obvious.

I reckon those that would want Sammaster dead the most would be the most senior within the the Cult of the Dragon. if Sammaster were to return they would be sidelined.

Given the location of Sammaster and the goals and methods of the major players or wanna be major players i would have augloroasa arrange Corwin's death and that lead to a chain of events and ultimate discoveries (carefully placed by her spies) that reveal Sammaster's location and result in his destruction, again.

Just me, but i really like the intrigue where nothing is as simple as it first appears.

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Posted - 07 Sep 2020 :  00:17:58  Show Profile Send Wendolyn a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Thanks for the feedback!

Gary, about the intrigue, I couldn't agree more. I actually have been looking at one of the adventures hosted on Candlekeeps website, the 'Northern Journey' and am thinking I am going to borrow a lot of their ideas. To make a long story short, if I understand correctly, Sammaster is betrayed in 1285 by senior members of the Cult of the Dragon, a trio of Keepers of the Hoard, who think he has gone insane and fear for their positions. They alert the Harpers who in turn organize the Company of Twelve. So according to this story, the Company of Twelve (who everbody knows hates the cult because they're disciples of Corwin Freas) was mobilized by the Harpers, who in turn were tipped off and mobilized by scheming Cult members themselves. That they're actually pursuing the aims of these three senior Cult members is unbeknownst to this Company (and possibly the Harpers are also unaware).

But I understand that you're talking about the 1254 assassination. I actually like the idea of there being more intrigue there too, like it was actually the Zhentarim who killed Corwin Freas. All I need for my immediate adventures are that it is *perceived* to have been the Cult of the Dragon behind it, at least by these young Paladins. That it wasn't actually the Cult, now that I think about, seems kind of suggest by the word choice in the Grand History. I hadn't thought about the assassination being done by somebody else, which is a cool idea.
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Dalor Darden
Great Reader

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Posted - 09 Sep 2020 :  21:14:04  Show Profile Send Dalor Darden a Private Message  Reply with Quote
In my entirely non-canon version of Ixinos; it is a shapechanged Bronze Dragon that leads to the downfall of the dragon tyrant of Turmish through her influences over a certain someone. It worked for me on several levels.

The Old Grey Box and AD&D for me!
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Great Reader

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Posted - 17 Sep 2020 :  03:03:18  Show Profile  Visit cpthero2's Homepage Send cpthero2 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Acolyte Wendolyn,

No clue, but I honestly think you should submit that question (it is a fantastic question I would love to know the answer too) to:

Best regards,

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring
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