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 The Midnight Gambol of Erevan Ilesere
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Copper Elven Vampire
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Posted - 09 Sep 2019 :  03:54:12  Show Profile Send Copper Elven Vampire a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
The Midnight Gambol of Erevan Ilesere: Elven High Magic Spell

Conjuration (Summoning)
Spellcraft DC: 80
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 2 minutes
Range: 2 mile radius
Effect: Conjures up a temporary elven Mythal for 12 hours.
Duration: 12 consecutive hours (D)
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: None

This very rare Elven High Magic spell is known to only a handful of divine casters, currently in the name of Erevan Ilesere in Faerun. First is Curudin Ahmaquissar; Moon Elf High Mischiefmaker and Chosen of Erevan Ilesere in Silverymoon. Second is Fryndalith Fallingstar; Star Elf Queen of Siildiyurii's western foothills. Third is Zarrathadath Witherwindle; Lord Deception of the Copper elves of The Star Mounts. Fourth is Shanathalil Le'Quell; Gold elf Lady of The Knaves of The Missing Page, and Divine Prankster of The Ardeep Forest. Fifth is the mysterious Wild elf Favored Soul known as "Spiral", who haunts the Shilmista forest.

Only the most devoted divine casters can begin to understand this Epic High Elven spell. Once cast, the spell spreads out to a 2 mile shell in height and width. It lasts for 12 hours. From Midnight to 12 noon the following morning. During this twilight time the caster can invoke up to 6 defensive spells that they already know as a free action at any point they wish on command without taxing their spell casting limits for the day. The caster can also invoke 6 spells that can buff or de-buff allies or foes freely for the entire 12 hours.. Finally, this spell allows you to converse with all Fey creatures at a +10 Charisma check.


*Creatures within the temporary Mythal that are invited or friendly gain a +5 bonus to Charisma, Willpower, and Dexterity rolls. Enemies make the same saving throws at -10 within the boundaries of the Gambol.

*You select your drink of choice at the end of the spell and that particular drink will refill all glasses that remain inside the borders of the Gambol for the duration of the spell.

*At higher levels of 20 or above, the Gambol itself calls to any follower of Erevan Ilesere with bravado and stealth to play a prank on a lawful person and cause chaos as if under a greater Guise spell. (You can avoid this with a one time only DC20 Will save)

*You can summon up to three 10'th level Treants during the duration of the 12 hours the spell lasts.

*The Midnight Gambol beckons all Fey creatures within 2 miles to gather at the epicenter of the celebration. No saving throw included. Magic resistance is at -5 for every saving throw against this effect for the duration of their stay in The Gambol against their will.

*A +5 divine bonus to all attack and critical hits made on enemies inside the Gambol, Caster decides who enemies are.

*All creatures inside the perimeter of the Gambol that are friendly to the elven pantheon gain a +5 luck bonus to all leadership skills.

*In the event of an enemy, the caster can choose to implode the combined energy and power of the Gambol and spell to deal certain death on a single or multiple targets. Any hostile being of 10HD or under is slain immediately within 2 miles of the implosion. Any creature of 15HD or under gets a Saving throw vs. death at a -5 saving throw. Any creature of 20HD or greater gets a saving throw as normal or is slain by the chaotic energies of the elven god of chaos. This event ends the Midnight Gambol immediately and all benefits no longer exist.

*All creatures within the boundaries of the Gambol are compelled to
drink and feast at a -2 to willpower saves.

*All 0 level spells are treated as 2 levels higher when cast by anyone within the gambol.

*Any enchantment spell you may cast has a 15% chance of rebounding on the caster within the Gambol.

*Any Illusion spell you may cast has a 25% chance of failure within the borders of the Gambol.

I can use some help on this, so all and any suggestions are welcomed. Thank you.


Edited by - Copper Elven Vampire on 13 Sep 2019 04:49:32
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