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 I'll See You In The Hells!!
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Posted - 19 Nov 2018 :  00:04:31  Show Profile Send Jayson_Neverstop a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
“You said you'd see me in The Hells, Ictyllya! Well, here I am!”

Jayson leaped through the portal that the fiend opened. He knew it would lead back to its home in The Nine Hells, but he didn't care. This infernal wretch left a path of dismay and misery that would be felt for generations to come. Jayson Neverstop was not going to let Ictyllya get away from him.

Jayson would live up to his last name.

He and his companion – a Drow named Akordia – tracked the demon through the High Forest to the borders of Anauroch. During the skirmish, Akordia fell. She was still breathing, but unable to fight anymore. Jayson faced the devil alone.

Ictyllya, an Erinyes that plagued the North for years, was not whole herself; the fight between herself and these two “heroes” took its toll on her. She was so flustered by the fact that two mere mortals were getting the better of her, she panicked – and opened a gate to her home plane in the Nine Hells. If she was using her full wits, she would've remembered if she were killed on Toril – an alien world to her – she would be reformed whole and uninjured back home. She could then plot against these two at a later time.

Too late now; she, tired and injured, went back home. If she were to be killed here, it would be all over for her. Jayson knew this.

The moment Jayson came through into the Realm of the Devils, he felt the weight of impending doom on him. He wasn't quite himself either: he felt that a few ribs were cracked and he limped on his right leg. As long as he had life in him, he thought to himself, he would pursue her until one of them was dead.

Ictyllya turned to face him as he shouted. “AAARRGGHH!! WHY WON'T YOU DIE???”

The fiend threw herself at Jayson, flaming sword missing his head by only a few centimeters. Jayson managed to dodge out of the way in time – ribs and leg protesting with excruciating pain – and smashed the pummel of his longsword into her face. As he spun around to strike again, he leapt up and spun his shortsword and pierced her shoulder.

The shortsword was a frostbrand. It struck with an icy chill as well as made the wielder resistant to intense heat. His longsword was a rarity – a vorpal blade that was very handy with chopping off limbs. The fiend, however, due to her supernatural nature, was resistant to the vorpal blade's amputating effects.

The all-too-familiar chill of the frost blade penetrated deep into Ictyllya's shoulder. The agony was unbearable. The move, however made Jayson vulnerable. She kicked him with all her might. The blow sent Jayson reeling across the ash-swept field. He landed on his side, still grasping his weapons.

Jayson charged her. Ever she struck at her with her flame-tongued blade, and ever he hewed at her with is dual swords. She made an attack that tripped Jayson and, in the brief confusion, Ictyllya saw an opportunity; she aimed at his longsword and struck it with all her might.

Jayson's vorpal blade snapped in two.

Ictyllya was so joyed at the fact that she partially disarmed her opponent that she failed to remember he still had the other sword – a fatal mistake. In a final lunge Jayson plunged the Frost brand deep into her chest.

Jayson picked himself up and eyed the fiend's corpse. The Erinyes' body was beginning to disintegrate. He eyed his broken sword as well.

“You served me faithfully,” he finally spoke. “I will always remember you.”

When he looked back up, something caught his eye. He saw a ripple in the air ahead of him that seemed to be getting closer. He looked left and right and saw that the ripple was spread in both directions as far as he could see. Before he could think on it further, however, the ripple effect hit him. The Hells around him seemed to dissolve away………..

When Jayson came to, he was on a shoreline that experienced a recent battle. He had no memory of his life, only a feeling that he did something profound……..

"Monks have tails, you idiot! It's the apes that don't!" ~ Clueless Player

Neverwinter MMO Character: Jayson Neverstop, Human, Ranger, Level 61

Copper Elven Vampire
Master of Realmslore

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Posted - 25 Jul 2020 :  10:46:12  Show Profile Send Copper Elven Vampire a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Classic. Just classic.
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Great Reader

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Posted - 07 Nov 2020 :  21:38:16  Show Profile  Visit cpthero2's Homepage Send cpthero2 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Acolyte Jayson_Neverstop,

What is this from? A game you played in, a novel, or something else? It is a pretty cool read.

Best regards,

Higher Atlar
Spirit Soaring
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