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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 31 Mar 2018 :  02:18:48  Show Profile Send JohnLynch a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
I'm revisiting my campaign notes on a potential Haunted Halls of Eveningstar campaign (perhaps to be started using Pathfinder 2nd edition in August this year). The year is 1491 DR (thus ensuring every adventure in the Forgotten Realms I've ever played are canon) and the maps I'm using as my primary sources are:
MarkusTay's Stonelands map
Mike Schley's 4e Cormyr map. The specific contradiction seems to be the placement of the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar. I'm using the position in the above maps instead of the map which comes with the module (in the module it appears due north whereas in the above maps it's more northwest).

I'm hand drawing my own map on graph paper with 6 mile hexes (using the Adventurer Conqueror King System to help me populate my map) with Arabel 45 miles east of Eveningstar. Given this I will be populating my map with not-canon small villages, towns and traveler's inns/caravanserai, carefully placed so that armoured people/halflings/dwarves can travel on foot from town to town.

The Sleeping Giant
Located fifteen miles west of Eveningstar, the Sleeping Giant is a traveler's inn. Located at the base of a cliff, it is surrounded on all sides by a palisade with a courtyard within, a stable, well and inn.

Hoern Underson
The Sleeping Giant is run by Hoern Underson, a human in his early thirties who runs the sleeping giant along with his wife and a young daughter of thirteen years of age.

Hoern first purchasesd the Sleeping Giant from it's previous owner ten years ago after he sold his family farm. Hoern is extremely mercantile and there is little he isn't willing to do if he see's the profit from it. The only people he truly cares about beyond himself are his wife and daughter.

Hoern Underson has up to 3 potions of cure light wounds available at any time which he purchases from the Lathander temple in Eveningstar. Underson sells them at a significant markup of 100 gp per potion, knowing full well that there is rarely any competition for the potions within the inn. If a cleric happens to be staying and offers healing he has no issue with it, as he knows that next time someone needs healing no cleric may be around.

He also regularly has horses for sale. These horses belong to adventurers who had stabled them before heading into the Stonelands and failed to return. He offers the horses at a fair price, although any adventurer who leaves a horse stabled in his tavern for more than a tenday (without previously making arrangements to do so) when they return they may find their horses gone. He is willing to compensate the adventurer for the loss of property, minus the stabling fees they would have had to pay. If a customer wishes to lodge a formal complaint about their lost belongings, Hoern Underson is more than happy to go before a Purple Dragon. Among the locals he has a reputation for being fair and reasonable and treats his local customers quite well (offering a free drink to Purple Dragons and discounted prices for food and drink for anyone whose a local). This relationship would take a turn for the sour if anyone presented compelling evidence to the authorities that significant Zhentarim activity was taking place within the Sleeping Giant.

If any adventurers decide to attack Hoern Underson, any merchant's guards staying at the inn have a fair chance of leaping to his defense (although only if they regularly pass through the inn).

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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 31 Mar 2018 :  22:41:18  Show Profile Send JohnLynch a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Some more information on the Sleeping Giant Inn.

The Inn
The inn has a large common room with a private dining room attached for those who can pay the rental price (2 gp per meal hires the whole room). A kitchen out back is where Hoern Underson's wife works and a couple of back rooms leading off the kitchen are where Hoern Underson and his family live. On the second floor are a number of rooms ranging from as small as a closet for the frugally inclined to a bedroom with a private sitting room attached. Hoern Underson also allows people to camp in the palisade for a reduced price when the inn is full.

The Cellar
Behind the inn near the kitchen door is a trapdoor leading down into a cellar where Hoern keeps kegs of ale, wine and various foodstuffs. A trio of cats prowel nearby keeping the Sleeping Giant free of vermin.

Unbenknownst to Hoern Underson the Sleeping Giant was once a noble estate during the days of the Kingdom of Esparin. The estate was burnt to the ground with the only thing that survived being the family tomb. The entrance was bricked over years ago and hasn't been seen since. But on a nearly impossible perception check (DC 40) the old entrance may be spotted. Alternatively if the players are specifically looking for a bricked over doorway they gain a +10 bonus to the perception check.

And here's the flavour writeup for:
Yaust the Stablehand
The inn has a single stablehand who has served Hoern for ten years now. Unbeknownst to Hoern Underson, the stablehand (Yaust) secretly serves the Zhentarim and allows them to smuggle goods and information in and out of the Stonelands. He spends most evenings smoking his pipe outside the stable which is typically when he makes contact with Zhentarim agents passing through.

In his room above the stables he has a locked box (made of a lead) underneath the floorboards. At any given time the contents of the leadbox contains small magical items, gold and coded instructions for Zhentarim agents hidden in chapbooks. The exact contents changes from week to week and so there is no guarantee anything incriminating or of value will be found inside.

Yaust does have a genuine enjoyment for chapbooks, particularly the steaming romantic kind. Any travellers who has some on them can instantly befriend Yaust by offering to sell them to him. In return he has a collection of chapbooks that he is happy to trade away. On the rare occasion he has accidentally traded chapbooks with coded messages to those passing by. Although the secret messages are difficult to decipher, if someone managed to do so they could gain information as to what activities the Zhentarim are undertaking in the Stonelands and Cormyr.

Edited by - JohnLynch on 31 Mar 2018 22:42:30
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