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 The ongoing exploits of the unlikely three
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Posted - 16 Mar 2018 :  23:04:40  Show Profile Send Jaclyn a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
So this is going to be a thread where I'm going to chronicle the ongoing adventures of the campaign I'm currently running. I am rehashing a setting that I ran many years ago. My original intention was to run a 2.0 campaign and do the Pool of Radience module, but I could not afford to get the PHB and other books I was missing to run it. With my players getting anxious to play, I decided to just go with 3.5 and my old campaign setting since I am much more familiar with 3.5 and I had the setting ready to go for the most part. If you want a complete detailing of what happened the last time I ran this setting and more on the background of the setting, you can do so here. The short and skinny of the setting is you are incarcerated and dumped on an island far off the west coast of the realms. In my version of the realms, instead of the prisoner's carnival in luskan, most criminals are just shipped out far off into the west and dumped on an island. So far we have only had one session, but it was fun. Half of the session was just setting up the setting and introducing the characters to the setting. They got dumped off the boat onto the starting town. In the starting town I have two inns, owned by brothers. Each of the brothers accuses the other of stealing their father's recipe and is offering a reward for "accidents" to happen. This turned out to be a great way to cause chaos because nobody tried diplomacy. What wound up happening is the rogue of the party started one inn on fire and snuck into the other to try and kill the brother. I should explain who is in the party. We have a CN half-elf rogue, a TN elf ranger, and a TN human fighter. The fighter went to one inn, the ranger went to another. The rogue (being a rogue) decided he was too good for either, pissed around a bit, then went between the two to try and evesdrop. After eavesdropping, he started the one on fire and went to the other to kill the brother in that one. At this point both the ranger and the fighter were in the one tavern that the rogue was sneaking into. The fighter had gone there to kill the brother on the bidding of the other brother. The rogue sneaks into the bar, unsucsessfully, earning an arrow shot into the floor between his legs by the ranger. Queue initiative. Ranger goes first, then rogue, then fighter, the dwarf rolled a 1, so he spent his first turn trying to pick up his dropped weapon. The ranger fires at the rogue and the fighter, scoring a hit on the rogue, his arrow bouncing off the fighter's armor. The fighter decided he didn't want a part in the battle and left, winding up helping put out the fire across the road. The rogue advanced on the dwarf and scores a hit on him. Dwarf continues getting his dropped hammer. Thew ranger then fires on the rogue some more, taking him down to almost dead. The rogue then attacks the dwarf again and scores a crit and a normal hit, downing the dwarf. Then the ranger continues firing on him, taking him down to 1 hp. Rogue decides that he'd rather make sure the job is done and continues doing damage to the dwarf to make sure he's dead. Ranger then downs the rogue. The ranger had a very high wisdom and brings both the dwarf and rogue back from the brink of death. At this point the other brother and the human have gotten the guards to deal with the situation at hand. The guards barge in finding the unconscious dwarf and the now bound rogue. They bring the ranger in for questioning and let him off after the dwarf wakes up and corroborates his story that he was just helping when someone came in and tried to murder the dwarf. The ranger convinced the guards not to execute the rogue and instead they branded him and dumped him outside the city. The party rested the night, the human with his dwarf buddy who had his inn set on fire and the ranged out in the woods after searching for the rogue. The rogue tended his wounds hiding in a tree. The next day the fighter managed to secure a guide to lead him to the main large city of the island and they started adventuring to the city. The ranger met up with them and joined up, following the guide and the human. The rogue spotted them and started trailing them silently. The next day they got attacked by a tiger. TL; DR: the guide gets pounced, flies into a rage, overpowers the tiger, and beheads it. After that they had an uneventful day of traveling and that's where the session ended.

Edited by - Jaclyn on 16 Mar 2018 23:05:28
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