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 Kingdom of Many-Arrows and the Underdark?
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Galuf the Dwarf
Senior Scribe

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Posted - 02 Mar 2018 :  02:54:12  Show Profile Send Galuf the Dwarf a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
I was curious: Does the northern orc kingdom have much influence in the Underdark, and if so, how strong is it?

If not, I've been imagining (for about 10 years, actually) a separate force of orcs that's been making waves underground, but SOLELY in the Underdark while Obould and his kingdom rule the surface. In this case, I've imagined a relatively powerful Orog (if I recall the file I probably lost, he was a Fighter 8/Barbarian 1/Orc Warlord 5) who leads an entire horde of Mountain Orcs, Orogs and Tanarruks in the Upper Northdark. His chief lieutenant was a Tanarruk (IIRC, Barbarian 1/Eye of Gruumsh 1), and his spiritual advisor was a Half-Orc Cleric of Gruumsh (I think he had 9 levels, and some combination of the Strength, Orc or War domains).

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Lord Karsus
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Posted - 02 Mar 2018 :  03:00:56  Show Profile  Send Lord Karsus an AOL message Send Lord Karsus a Private Message  Reply with Quote
-Given that the Kingdom, over various periods of time, interacted with and was influenced by settlements and individuals in the Underdark, I think it's safe to assume that the kingdom has some sway in the politics of that area of the Underdark.

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Forgotten Realms Designer

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Posted - 02 Mar 2018 :  11:40:06  Show Profile Send TomCosta a Private Message  Reply with Quote
IIRC, Harttusk who takes over from Obould's son in and loses it all in the final battle with Drizzt and the gang appears to be an Underdark orc/orog, though it is never explicitly stated.
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Senior Scribe

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Posted - 04 Mar 2018 :  11:16:42  Show Profile Send moonbeast a Private Message  Reply with Quote
A separate or semi-autonomous "petty kingdom" (or chieftainship) of Orcs could certainly exist in the Underdark. Nominally they could pretend that they are a "vassal" tribe that still pledges fealty to the king of Many-Arrows, but in practice they are a separate and somewhat-isolated autonomous orc tribe.

But realistically, they would survive better if they occasionally got the help of the Drow. The Drow are the political masters of most regions of the Underdark. So I recommend adding at least 1 or 2 Drow NPCs as "advisors" in that Orog group.

Do remember that the Kingdom of Many-Arrows often employed Drow councilors and allied military advisors (e.g. from House Baenre) in their constant wars with the Silver Marches cities. And of course, the Drow themselves purposely manipulated the Kingdom of Many-Arrows as a useful tool in their plans to harass, weaken, and conquer the "good guys" (i.e. humans, dwarfs, elves, svirfneblin, etc).

Edited by - moonbeast on 04 Mar 2018 11:21:38
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