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The House
Long ago in the time of the Netherese Empire there was a house of nobles called House Orogoth. These lords of magic spent more time away from the floating cities than other wizards. They built a gigantic mansion, really a city complex in or near the area now called the High Moor. They then immediately began infighting.

Centuries passed and the House of Orogoth collected great magics, created even more and we're finally revealed to desire one thing above all others. They wished to become Dragons, or as it turned out, specifically Black Dragons.

For as it turned out, their enslavement of many thralls and experiments with forbidden artifacts produced the lizard men near Boarskyr Bridge, Yuan-ti higher in the hills and various reptilian half breeds in the swamps. Because of these monsters people to this day rarely enter the wilds in the area.

Eventually obtaining or creating legendary items, using the knowledge from Netherese laboratories and experimenting (fatally) on each other as they won or lost the infighting, it is said that the leaders became dragons. This caused them to abdicate and seek new ideas, and increased family infighting paralyzed then destroyed those left.

But many serfs fled, and a family of Thundertree preserved the story until the town was recently destroyed. Fleeing to Neverwinter, the last scion of the Orogoth serfs and his wife bore many daughters. One of them was destined to defeat dragons. Fineva Alassra was her name. Her mother remembered the Seven lost sisters.

Still remembering Thundertree, Fineva naively fancied defeating the green dragon, seeing herself a hero. The actual adventure she had was not her dream. A dockworker and carpenter, she and her sisters were trained in the wood work of Thundertree. One day a ships captain hired her and a couple of others to work on the ship, a common thing on a dock. He was a bully, and when she had enough, Fineva stood up to him, rallying the other workers to her cause. She became a folk hero, people still invite her to visit and stay a few days among the common folk.

Bemused, she took to wandering the coast and visiting commoners. It was at this stage that her fate brought her to Greenest.

Unbeknownst to her a prophecy spoke of the 'scion of Orogoth' redeeming the fallen house. So unbelievable was it that the scroll was filed in Candlekeep and forgotten. It was only recently revealed when it fell out of a case and sprained the foot of a Great Reader.

Fineva found herself among a small band defending Greenest tower from thousands of cultists of the dragon, led by a couple of dragonborn "wearers of Purple". Desperate, they found a sprawling valley where the cultists were ferrying loot and slaves. Avoiding a blue dragon, the main group rappelled down the side of a cliff while a couple rode horses as distraction, appearing to threaten a guard tower.

One of the riders was spitted to his horse by a siege engine on the guard tower, another fell to his death on descent by rope, and the remainder charged suicidally into the camp. A Mage got off a spell that temporarily took control of one of the enemy leaders who shouted to retreat. Rezmir, wearer of purple, Wyrmspeaker and bearer of the Black Dragon mask, scion dragonborn of house Orogoth, by now wounded badly, faced off with Fineva the Archer, wounded badly herself.

The confusion was perfect as cultists followed another leader to the caves. It turned out they were protecting a clutch of dragon eggs. Kobolds screaming stupidly fled in all directions and Fineva rose, clutching the head of Rezmir, upon which the Black Dragon Mask dangled. Another hero grabbed Rezmirs sword and the rag tag group ran through the mob, waving the head and calling the retreat.

Later it was learned the sword was Hazirawn, a sentient Netherese weapon. Fineva kept the mask and used it to claim she was a Wyrmspeaker which often as not got her in a gate of cultists, and as often in hot water. She joined the Harpers it is said, and went on bravely facing the hordes of Tiamat...or perhaps leading dragon cultists astray, unknowing that a last daughter of House Orogoth commoners had avenged the line upon the last of House Orogoth's dragonborn.

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