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 neverwinter post spellplague era (1385 onwards)
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Posted - 22 Aug 2017 :  21:04:12  Show Profile Send kainel a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
Long time reader, first time poster seeking advice from the wise sages.

As a dm ive currently set up a campaign starting in around 1403DR. Finding information from official canon has been quite the task, but rewarding for me and my players.
Currently i am in a bit of a bind however. I cant seem to find any information for neverwinter short of the events in 4e's main timeline. Specificaly im after a quick glimpse of the city just as the spellplague's main effects started to calm down.
The first question i've failed to discover is if the large chasm appeared after the spell plague or only after mount hotenow erupted?
The text i have found, for the protector's law states plaguechanged beasts running rampant but doesnt mention these events before neverember went to the city.
The second main question is who was next in line after lord nasher passed away?
Thank you for any light the sages can shed on these topics

Zeromaru X
Master of Realmslore

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Posted - 22 Aug 2017 :  22:58:42  Show Profile Send Zeromaru X a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Neverwinter is one of those places that is affected by what some people here call "the lost century". Between the Spellplague and the starting year of a 4e campaign, there is no much info to work with. However, there is a few info to get by, thanks to the Neverwinter Campaign Setting.

We know the city fared quite well the Spellplague (because it was reduced to ruins by the eruption of Mount Hotenow, not by the Spellplague). Fortunately for them, the only nearby pocket of Spellplague was located in the Underdark (that's why there are spellscarred and plaguechanged creatures after the Chasm opened, not before; the Chasm is a consequence of the eruption, as well), so Neverwinter was nearly identical as it was in 3e in the early 1400s.

The rulers of the city were the Alagondars. So, Lord Nasher's sons and daughters. There is no much info about them (save that a player using the Neverwinter Heir theme is the descendant of Lord Nasher), but we know the Alagondars became royalty. The crown of Neverwinter dates from this time.

The faith of Tyr never truly died in the city. Priests of Torm (and his protégé, the "replacement god of justice" Bahamut) took care of his temples. But people always venerated Tyr there, even if dead (that's why the guy had ready to go followers when returned in the Second Sundering).

Details of note:

-Waterdeep was in decline (as the city it was hard hit by the Spellplague, unlike Neverwinter). So, Neverwinter and Baldur's Gate were the prosperous cities of the time. This means that potentially, Neverwinter was home for some refugees fleeing from the ravaged lands of the south.

-Luskan and Port Llast were destroyed by the Spellplague. Yeah, Luskan destroyed again.

-The Mere of Dead Men was flooded, so the direct land rute between Neverwinter and Waterdeep was out of commission. The sea routes were dangerous, but the only "safe ones" to get to the south. You could get some alternate land routes, or use the High Road regardless, but the monsters, bandits and the like made travel for land quite the letal adventure.

-Helm's Hold started to welcome spellscarred refugees from all over Faerûn. Unlike Neverwinter, Helm's Hold got it pretty hard in the wake of the Spellplague, the small town got destroyed (only Helm's Cathedral survived unscathed). They rebuild within few decades, tho.

-The town/village (not sure) of Conyberry was hard hit by the Spellplague, even exchanging a few lands with Abeir. At this point, people was rebuilding. The inhabitants of Conyberry welcomed the Abeirans, so people was living happy even in hard times (in a decade or two before the Uthgard barbarians destroyed the town, though). So, if you want to get dragonborn to the city or something like that, Conyberry was the home of some those at the moment.

-The faith of Asmodeus was becoming popular in the area (not in Neverwinter proper, but in the nearby towns). So, perhaps a few encounters against the Ashmadai would be a good idea.

-Some eladrin from the Feywild began to appear in nearby Nevewinter Wood, searching for the ruins of their elven empire.

Long ago, in the distant past, they fell into decay. The philosopher’s path... The river of glory... Even the saints resting in the darkness rise up without response and block the way...

Edited by - Zeromaru X on 22 Aug 2017 23:23:02
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Posted - 23 Aug 2017 :  20:21:35  Show Profile Send kainel a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Thanks zero, i knew i could rely on the sages. As always a thorough answer!
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