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 Favored Class for this race
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Posted - 13 Aug 2017 :  22:34:36  Show Profile Send HALO_Project a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
Poll Question:
This is the Homebrew race which you lovely people helped my husband and I come up with and balance out but we still haven't decided on the Favored Class for this race. So could you help us out again? Thanks.

Type: Fey
Subtype: Element Dependent on draconic parentage
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 feet
Abilities: +2 Str, +2 Cha, -2 Con
Traits: Low-Light Vision,
Darkvision 60 feet,
Energy Resist 5 (type is same as draconic parentage, if dragon has no elemental immunity no Energy Resist is gained)
Nymph's Charm- +1 save DC to their Enchantment spells and effects
Immunity to Magical Sleep Effects
+2 saves versus Paralysis Effects
Damage Reduction 2/Cold Iron
Skill Bonuses: +2 Listen, +2 Search, +2 Spot
Languages: Common, Sylvan, Draconic, Auran, Ignan, Terran, Aquan, Elven
Favored Class: Undecided
Level Adjustment +2


Other, please tell us what

(Anonymous Vote)

Great Reader

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Posted - 13 Aug 2017 :  23:51:42  Show Profile Send Diffan a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Sounds great for a Dragonfire Adept (using 3e, Dragon Magic supplement) but if we're forced to use only the PHB Id go with Sorcerer.

4E Realms = Great Taste, Less Filling.

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Great Reader

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Posted - 14 Aug 2017 :  02:30:54  Show Profile Send sleyvas a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hmmm, the big thing I see is the bonus to enchantments, so the race must be willing to take away the free will of others. However, without more info on the race itself, the following all come to mind. I'm assuming this is for 3.5 and not pathfinder.

of the two choices you gave, I'd say bard over sorcerer, as bard is more likely to use the strength and DR, as they are more likely to enter melee, plus they're inclined to enchantment spells. Still, with so many classes, I'm inclined to offering some alternative favored classes with weird races that have a level adjustment. Look through the below for ideas.

because the str and cha bonus, DR, and energy resist, plus enchantment, skills and sight

because of the cha bonus and enchantment bonus
beguiler from Player's Handbook 2 (especially useful with enchantments and cloaked casting ability)

due to the draconic links, strength, and charism
dragon shaman from Player's Handbook 2

plus the dragonfire adept that Diffan noted.

Alavairthae, may your skill prevail

Phillip aka Sleyvas
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Wooly Rupert
Master of Mischief

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Posted - 14 Aug 2017 :  04:38:48  Show Profile Send Wooly Rupert a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I say bard, because while fae and dragons are both powerful races that can spawn sorcerous bloodlines, fae are far more known for enchantment and beguiling of mortals. Dragons are known to do the same, but it's practically the modus operandi for any fae race to rely on those things.

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Posted - 22 Aug 2017 :  15:13:15  Show Profile Send HALO_Project a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Well, I really wasn't thinking I'd limit it to just the PHB classes but off the cuff I couldn't think of anything besides Beguiler that fit so I just said other, write ins welcome. And thank you for the thoughts. Hmm seems the hand full of votes are as torn as we are. lol
And sorry for the delayed reply, I've had so many appointments that I've just been too tired to think this week, and my sink broke. Water everywhere, but we're good now. lol Again sorry.
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