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 Out of the Abyss 1379: Suggestions?
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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 19 Jul 2017 :  08:31:35  Show Profile Send Sylrae a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
So, I'm preparing to run "Out of the Abyss", in 5e for my players. I'm setting it a month after the events of the Lady Penitent series, in 1379.

  • What organizations make sense to incorporate into the cmapaign for the Time and Place? (Both as enemies and as allies)

  • Aside from Blingdenstone not having been fully rebuilt yet, some dead drow gods, and some newly un-cursed Drow, what events would be good to tie into the campaign somehow?

  • Do you guys have any other suggestions for a 1379 Northdark campaign that would mesh well with the events of OotA?


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Posted - 19 Jul 2017 :  13:46:42  Show Profile Send Irennan a Private Message  Reply with Quote
The Harpers, already included in OotA, could still be part of the campaign. I personally suggest you to include Maerimydra, Dales, and Cormanthor in the areas that your camapaign will cover. That's because it would offer you quite a bit of plot hooks, IMO.

First, you could add to the campaign another recent faction, i.e. the crusade of the elves and their restoration of Myth Drannor and Cormanthor. Maerimydra is close enough that things happening there could also draw their attention to protect their newly restored sacred land. This especially since by 1379 they're not done with the rebuilding yet, so the situation is still tense and not stable. The interaction with them would be very interesting IMO.

Second, with the aftermath of City of the Spider Queen in Maerimydra, you could have some stuff to work with, and tie it to another event that happened during the the Rage of Demons, namely the schemes of Graz'zt. If you can grab the AL modules Szith Morcane Unbound, and Assault on Maerimydra (they're both on the DMGuild) they describe Graz'zt's plan, and those who intervened to fight it. However, the FRWiki page about Maerimydra includes a summary of what happens in those modules:

Knowing of the drow wizard Vizeran DeVir's plan to put an end to the Rage of Demons, (a plan which consisted of summoning all the Demon Lords together to force them to battle each other, therefore banishing each other into the Abyss,) Graz'zt worked to protect himself by using the magic still lingering in the abandoned Undying Temple, (which was designed to research undeath and planar travel). Counting on the support of his granddaughter and on his own power, the Demon Lord revived the Temple by creating a new heart for it—one fueled by the power of the Abyss, rather than necrotic energy. In doing so, he not only obtained protection from being forcefully summoned, he also gained the possibility to travel from the Material Plane to the Abyss—and vice-versa—through the Ethereal plane that the Temple overlapped.[41]

His spreading influence took a heavy toll on the drow of Szith Morcane and on the people of Elventree and Hillsfar, leading many organizations active in the Moonsea region and unlikely allies to band together to face demons and giants. Agents of the Harpers, the Zhentarim, the Emerald Enclave, the Lords' Alliance and the Order of the Gauntlet came to offer help to the local forces, which included: the drow of Szith Morcane, led by archmage Solom Ned'razak, the warriors following Elanil Elassidil of the Hillsfar rebellion, the Red Plumes guided by First Lord Vuhm Yestral, the myconids of Sporedome, and the illithids of Ryxyg. A group of Sword Dancers, led by high priestess Saradreza Oussmtor, also saw this as a good opportunity to lend their help and to spread the message of their returned[42] goddess Eilistraee among the other drow.[41]

The alliance would eventually succeed, banishing Graz'zt and freeing Maerimydra from its former occupants. After the victory, the drow of Szith Morcane and the followers of Eilistraee settled within the city, (the latter hoping to establish a good relationship between the drow of the Moonsea and other inhabitants of the region,) while the myconids of Sporedome and the illithids of Ryxyg—along with the above-mentioned factions—joined the rebuilding operations and established small trading outposts.[3]

In short, there could be a whole arc about retaking Maerimydra tied to the OotA plotline. Granted, you'd have to change some things, and adapt the situation of Hillsfar, Red Plumes, etc... to 1379, but the event could fit very well in a Rage of Demons campaign. The small band of followers of Eilistraee could still be included, if you so wish. In the 1490s Eilistraee has returned to life, so the presence of her followers makes more sense, but--also given that they've already helped the refugees of Maerimydra before--it also makes sense for them to want to be involved in 1379, especially since Ed has suggested that Eilistraee managed to survive, in a way, and that she could still communicate with her followers ( They could be a mix of drow and uncursed drow (not all followers of Eilistraee were uncursed: only a few hundreds, over a few thousands).

Actually, if you wanted it, you could incorporate the struggling followers of the deities who got the short end of the stick in LP. For example, a handful of followers of Kiaransalee could be involved (since we know now that her name wasn't fully deleted from people's memories, but that it still was remembered and held power in necromantic rituals), given that the events concern their work in Maerimydra. The followers of Vhaeraun are known to have been keeping acting even after they lost their god, so maybe some of the Hidden (who--including a resurrected Karas--appear in Szith Morcane Unbound the prelude to the actual plot with Graz'zt) could be involved. Also, another obvious plot-hook is that all of them are trying to restore their respective deities.

To all Facebook-using FR fans, you might be interested in checking out this page:

Edited by - Irennan on 19 Jul 2017 13:49:48
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