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 Solving the puzzle of Dawnbringer & the Netheril!
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Posted - 12 Oct 2017 :  01:23:09  Show Profile Send TBeholder a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by dazzlerdal

Also Netheril was noted for not being kind to elves or other races so I'm not going to make her from Netheril.

Where did you get this?
The folk of Seventon (before the Nether Scrolls) were good pals, allies (against the orcs) and eager pupils of the Eaerlanni.
From the Nether Age, the Elven view turned toward "Netherese are our former apprentices who lost caution" and Netherese toward "eh, Elves resent us for leaving them behind".
Generally arrogant, sure, but they (except That One Village Xanth) never were hostile to the elves in general.
The Cormanthyr elves were initially quite fond of the Netherese, providing aid and assistance during
Netheril’s early years. As Netheril’s magical strength grew, however, the elves gradually backed away,
content to let the humans discover for themselves the powers and perils of magic use. [...]
The Earlanni were the most-battered survivors from the Crown Wars thousands of years ago. While still a major force in Netheril,
their presence was mostly ignored by the other elves, since their civilization never recovered from the wars that reduced their population. [...]
The Illefarni elves [...] viewed the Netherese as barbarians who destroyed everything in their path.
Virtually all of the Illefarni were wild elves, and they developed a distrust for the rapidly expanding Netherese early on.
They were on friendly terms with individual arcanists from Netheril, but they viewed Netheril from the Silver Age forward
as wicked, wasteful, and decadent.
-Netheril, p.16
(and again, all of them were allies vs. goblinoids)
The city of Delia was elevated high above the Shadowtop trees in 2458 by the sorceress known as Lady Polaris.
Originally known for its druidic and elven origins, the city was quickly assimilated into the fast-paced life typical of other enclaves.
The druids and elves who founded the city and agreed to its elevation soon grew disillusioned and left for more ground-based surroundings.
-Netheril, p.70
Shadowtop Borough [...] this enclave of friendly arcanists was often overlooked by the other enclaves. They traded consistently with the elves and
other outsiders since they were founded in 1592 by the archwizard Trebbe
-Netheril, p.87
The westernmost village in Netheril, this city traded heavily with the elves of Eaerlann and Illefarn. [...] Few Netherese paid much attention to the huge meeting save for
merchants in the enclaves and other cities, but the elves and dwarves met in large numbers within Westwendt Village.
-Netheril, p.91
So while the elves did steer clear of the mythallars, and nobody likes arrogant and aggressive wizards (what a surprise), the more decent Netherese don't seem to have problems dealing with the elves, if they want.

Originally posted by PattPlays

_Her LAST NAME was Khaem! That was the Netherese FAMILY! Some elf married into the human society and produced a grand noble, one who was not among the saved cities of Netheril.

Why not? Netherese usually looked down at half-elves, but attitudes differ by enclave, and ultimately what determined status in Netheril was how much magic one can juggle.
For the same reason, "noble" may be a misnomer, but a talented magic-user born in an important family was more or less an equivalent.
Another possibility, and a link between the elves and Amaunator:
This community was named after a promise made by humans, elves, and dwarves to unite against the onslaught of goblin and orc raiding parties.
Established in the early 600s, Unity served as a base of operations against the warring goblinkind until the elves’ and dwarves’ civilization finally collapsed.
The Shadowed Age (3163-3519): [...] Unity was home to the largest temple to Amaunator. [...]
An attack of extra-planar fiends in 3499 raised havoc within Unity, the fiends trying to take control of the city to have a base from which to launch attacks against the Karsus enclave.
A three-year battle erupted over control of the city [...]
The Fall and Beyond (3520+): With the backlash against Amaunator due to the fall of Netheril, the following of Amaunator quickly diminished. Anauroch slowly moved to engulf Unity,
and the few remaining residents traveled west into the Savage Frontier and south into the survivor states.
-Netheril, p.91

"inside of the sarcophagus with SOVEREIGN GLUE and can't be moved"

I didn't pay much attention... did D&D5 go full Pokemon?
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Haha... what?

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