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 Lore text writing in Total War game
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Titus le Chmakus

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Posted - 01 Mar 2017 :  10:04:51  Show Profile Send Titus le Chmakus a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic

We are looking for text writers about Faerun lore for our Faerun Total War mod on Medieval 2 Total war game.

We are a lot into coding matters so we do not have time nor talent to write the texts explaining all the units, buildings, factions and all sorts of stuff around the lore.

So anyone who is interested into writing could help.

As a start, could anybody produce a text of presentation for lets say Thay. It has to be something like 15-20 lines presenting the Thayan nation (1372 DR) to somebody ignoring everything about it.

For game reasons, we have decided to split the Lords alliance into 3 factions : Waterdeep, Baldur's Gate and Luruar confederacy.
Also, we have removed the dwarves from Luruar, making it another faction called Delzoun dwarves. So that the players can control a dwarven faction !

The Captains confederacy is Luskan/Tuern/Ruathym.

Elves of Cormanthyr is only for now, Evereska and Tangled trees but their goal will be to recreate the lost Elven empire and reconquere Myth Dranor.

If you are motivated, then we will need the same for Orcs of Many Arrows, Captain's confederacy, Waterdeep, Baldur's Gate, Amn, Tethyr, Calimshan, Luruar confederacy, Delzoun dwarves, Zhentarim, Shadovar, Damara, Rashemen, Aglarond, Mulhorand, Unther, Chondath, Sembia, Cormyr, Elves of Cormanthyr, Moonshae isles.

Thanks for any help

Senior Scribe

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Posted - 25 Mar 2017 :  20:06:45  Show Profile Send Mapolq a Private Message  Reply with Quote
This is pretty simple stuff which you could no doubt do yourselves, but since you're needing collaborators, I'm making those you asked. I wish I was able to get into the Total War forum, but maybe later we can talk about a little more involved lore questions here as well. It seems you're at a fairly late stage in developing, so you might not be interested in things like what kind of units might be proper, what territory borders should be, how militarised and rich each province might be, the proper colors and coats of arms, etc. But if you are, that'd interest me more than writing snippets.

I'm taking "15-20 lines" to mean about 150 words, which is more or less the standard for English, I believe. Feel free to give feedback while I post more of these here, so I can adapt them to your needs.

Thay: A rich and populous nation at the eastern end of Faerūn, Thay stretches across the huge plateau that takes its name, as well as neighboring lands over which it often wages war against other nations such as Aglarond, Rashemen and Mulhorand. The land is ruled by a large organization of mages, the Red Wizards, who have been the dominant power in Thay since its beginning in 922 DR, when they led the revolt against the powerful Mulhorandi Empire to establish their own nation. Most prominent among the Red Wizards are the Zulkirs, powerful wizards of which there is one for each of the eight disciplines of magic. The land itself is divided in Tharchs, and the administration of those is handled by the Tharchions and their underlings, in a bureaucratic structure. Society is largely divided into an elite of majorly Mulan heritage, a lower class which is mostly Rashemi, and a very large number of human and humanoid slaves.

Waterdeep: Waterdeep is a large city-state located at a natural harbor in the middle part of the Sword Coast, near the mouth of the river Dessarin. Its influence stretches along the entire Sword Coast and inland across the Dessarin Valley, and it is one of the major centers of trade in the whole of Faerūn. Due to its size, wealth, magical tradition and the cosmopolitan attitude of most of its citizens, Waterdeep is known continent-wide as "the City of Splendors", and enjoys a cultural impact on the world that far exceeds its political reach. Though the site of Waterdeep has been inhabited since ancient times, the foundation of the city can be traced to 882 DR, making it a much younger player in Faerūn than many of its competitors, such as the ancient city of Calimport or even the northern port of Luskan. The city is ruled in aristocratic manner, with sixteen Lords forming its ruling body. The identities of the Lords are kept secret through use of magic and subterfuge, except for one Open Lord - currently Piergeiron the Paladinson.

Baldur's Gate: Baldur's Gate is a city-state located near the mouth of the river Chiontar in the southern Sword Coast. Second in size only to Waterdeep in that great shoreline, it thrives on trade much like its bigger counterpart to the north and the nation of Amn to the south. Though largely devoid of political or military ambitions far from its gates, Baldur's Gate could nevertheless count on the loyalty of its many citizens as well as farmers, fishermen and traders from the surrounding areas, and the large company of mercenaries known as the Flaming Fist. Overshadowed by the grandeur of Waterdeep, Baldur's Gate is not so well-known in the wider world, but its importance on trade and strategic location as a hub between the major powers of Faerūn should not be underestimated. The city is ruled by an elected oligarchy - four rulers known as the "Grand Dukes". It is unclear when Baldur's Gate was first populated. It takes its name from the fabled hero Balduran, who is said to have founded the city a long time ago.

Luruar: Luruar, also known as the Silver Marches, is a confederation of the cities of Silverymoon, Everlund and Sundabar, along with smaller towns and villages. It was founded in 1371 DR in order to coordinate the cities' efforts against orcish and barbarian hordes, and named in honor of the goddess Lurue. The territory of Luruar extends across the vales around the Nether Mountains - a rugged, heavily wooded and bitterly cold land which hides incredible mineral wealth. The High Lady Alustriel rules the city of Silverymoon and acts as the leader of the council that governs Luruar. Founded in 574 DR, the city is known as "the Gem of the North" for its beauty and high culture, brought by in great part by its mixture of human and elven settlement. The city of Everlund, not far to the south, is a great trade hub founded over a crossing of the Rauvin. Further up the river is Sundabar, built around a very old dwarven citadel, now populated by dwarves and humans alike and known for its wealth in lumber and metals.

Delzoun: The land of Delzoun takes its name from an ancient dwarven kingdom which existed in the north of Faerūn for thousands of years, before falling over a thousand years ago. The region encompasses the territory around three great dwarven citadels in the north, Citadel Adbar, Citadel Felbarr and Mithral Hall. Set against and sprawling under the Ice Mountains, Rauvin Mountains and the Frost Hills, the citadels are extremely well-protected and derive their wealth from mines of gold, mithral and other metals, and the product of the great dwarven forges. Citadel Adbar is ruled by king Harbromm, and is the only fortress of the original Delzoun never to have fallen into enemy hands. In contrast, Citadel Felbarr, ruled by king Warcrown, and Mithral Hall, ruled by king Bruenor, were only in the last decades pried from the local orcish tribes. Dwarven armies are well-known for their great skill and superb equipment, with units such as the Iron Guard of Adbar being recognised as some of the most elite soldiers in Faerūn.

Captains' Confederacy: The domain of the Captains of Luskan stretches across part of the northernmost tip of the Sword Coast and many of the islands of the Trackless Sea such as Ruathym, Gundarlun and Tuern. These are, for the most part, cold and forbidding lands rich in minerals, home to the hardy human folk known as the Illuskans, or simply Northmen. It is said that the great Northman seafarers first arrived in this region millenia ago in their ships, establishing their colonies. The city of Luskan at the mouth of the river Mirar thrives on trade and war, and is the grandest settlement of the Confederacy and the residence of the Captains, from where they direct their raiding parties and pirates. Over a thousand years ago, it was known as the citadel of Illusk, founded by refugees of Netheril around the ancient tower-like structure that sits at the mouth of the Mirar. The Netherese were since expelled or mingled with locals, but the structure, known as the Hosttower, still houses a powerful tradition of spellcasters.

Elves of Cormanthyr: The elven realm of Cormanthyr, sitting on the great forest of Cormanthor to the northwest of the Inner Sea, is over five millenia in age. During this time, it saw the rise and fall of many human civilizations and petty kingdoms, as well as that of the great Myth Drannor, built in the heart of the elven lands and shared with all friendly peoples. With the fall of Myth Drannor and the Elven Court, however, many of the elves left the forest for the distant island of Evermeet, leaving most of the region empty, without a ruler, and suffering the attack of bands of drow from the Underdark. Since the remaining elves mostly keep to themselves, their wealth should be measured in their powerful magic and extraordinary craftsmanship. Even though the elves do not field a large army, they can be fearsome in battle. Elves of Cormanthyr are also allied with their kinsmen in the hidden fortress of Evereska, and can deploy great magic and some of the most skilled warriors of Toril.

Orcs of Many Arrows:




The Zhentarim:

The Shadovar:









Moonshae Isles:

Never sleep under the jackfruit tree.

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My campaign thread:

Edited by - Mapolq on 27 Mar 2017 17:58:35
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George Krashos
Master of Realmslore

4715 Posts

Posted - 26 Mar 2017 :  03:56:02  Show Profile Send George Krashos a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Looks like you have the gig well in hand Mapolq. Good stuff.

-- George Krashos

"Because only we, contrary to the barbarians, never count the enemy in battle." -- Aeschylus
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Titus le Chmakus

7 Posts

Posted - 27 Mar 2017 :  11:32:20  Show Profile Send Titus le Chmakus a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Yeah ! That is exactly what I was looking for ! I hope my mod leader will like it ! For me it is exactly what we expect !

Can you please do the rest ?

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