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 How does the Endless Ice Sea exist?
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Posted - 10 Feb 2017 :  08:50:46  Show Profile Send dazzlerdal a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I still hate anything deity in my myths and legends. I keep the story but its only loosely based on what actually happened.

Ive reinvented this story a number of times but this will probably be the last because there isnt a god or primordial to be found.

So we have a crystalline moon and a regular moon.

The regular moon is what we know in toril today.

The crystalline one was made of an impure crystal that made it red in colour. Ita orbit was closer to toril than the other moon so it orbited faster and would appear during the day and night.

When the sun shone on it, it would heat up massively and glow a brilliant red that made it look like a second sun. As it cooled it would fade to a deep crimson or burgundy (almost purple( but would still be visible during the night.

The sarrukh called this moon ssharstrune and they loved it. It gave them heat and warmth during the night which helped them to stay more active. The batrachi called it zotha and they hated it.

Zotha was destroyed when it was struck by a large comet that the batrachi called asgoroth. They believed this comet (that appeared every few centuries) was a gigntic sea serpent that swam through the black ocean of night.

As with most creatures everyone worshipped these celestial bodies as gods. That doesnt make them gods. They were just large lumps of rock.

Asgoroth would pass closer to toril with each pass until it eventually struck zotha.

The crystalline moon was shattered and various lumps of it descended upon toril. Asgoroth itself was deflected off into the cosmos and its journey takes it past toril every few millennia. As luck would have it this is the same comet chosen by the elves to form part of their dracorage mythal.

The smaller piecea of zotha that plummeted to toril melted (or burned up in the atmosphere) and hit the ground as egg shaped lumps of molten rock.

The larger pieces of zotha slammed into toril and merged the inner seas into a single sea and also created a number of smaller seas (like the dragon/moonsea).

For whatever reason (probably a spontaneous wild magic event) the small shards of zotha cracked open to reveal all manner of varied draconic life forms which (after millennia of natural evolution and magical tinkering) would eventually become dragons.

Thats how im spinning it. The legend is a conflation of this original event merged with stories and events and untruths, all twisted by time and chinese whispers into what we have today.

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