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Posted - 13 Jun 2016 :  21:16:35  Show Profile  Visit jamesmishler's Homepage Send jamesmishler a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
I am currently running a Realms campaign in my own alternate version of the Realms.

Basic details:

The year is 1287 DR, the Year of the Smoky Moon, near the end of one era and the beginning of a new. The Eastern Heartlands are in chaos, as Cormyr and Sembia are wracked with civil war and the Dalelands and Cormanthor are under siege by dark elves, humanoids, and other monsters.

It is a time of war, a time of heroes, and a time of villains. It is a time of change, a time of opportunity, for good and for evil. The old traditions of feudal kings and the sacred bonds of barons and knights are giving way to the customs of mercantile princes and the profane contracts of guildmasters and adventurers.

The old world, however, does not give over gracefully to the new, and the fading lords of chivalry cleave desperately to their waning treasure and power, even as the rising masters of trade seek to claim the wealth and authority they feel more fit to wield…

The dragonborn Empire of Arkhosia once stood where now can be found the wastelands of Anauroch. It was from the fading remnants of this empire, not the elves, that the Netherese first learned the ways of civilization and magic. Dragonborn are still found in great numbers in Anauroch, particularly the powerful realms of Palandria and Takhasia, which follow Bahamut and Tiamat, respectively.

The descendents of the Old Netherese, known today as Anaurians, are the dominant culture of the city-states and wild tribes of the wastelands found between the dragonborn realms. The wandering Bedine are found in the Shaar; there are no Zakharan-based cultures in Anauroch.

Thauglorimorgorus, the Purple Dragon of Cormyr, wasn’t a black dragon; he was a purple dragon, born of a union of Dragorgonos (the Dragon-Demon, three-headed son of Tiamat and Demogorgon (with red, purple, and blue heads)), and Khyrexandretha, herself a purple dragon born of the union of a red and blue.

Rauthauvyr “The Raven,” who founded Sembia in 913 DR after unifying the major city-states and most of the regional towns under his banner, kept the new realm as his own, crowned himself king, and founded the Ravencrown Dynasty. Following last year’s untimely death of King Rauthauvyr IV, with no less than seven pretenders to the throne, Sembia has fallen into anarchy. Each pretender is backed by a mix of factions of Traditionalists (feudalists) and Modernists (mercantilists).

The fateful meeting between King Salember and Prince Rhigaerd, during which Jorunhast slew the Red Dragon King in the FRC, did not happen. Thus today, after two years of small skirmishes and street fighting, Cormyr is rent by civil war, with the Uncrowned King (already called the Purple Dragon Prince) and the Red Dragon King each gathering their forces for major battles…

The current group consists of:

Dragomir (CN male Rhystiir human 3rd level Barbarian), a former mercenary, was teleported from Thesk to Tilverton by an angry wizard. Seeks to build his own clan, and avenge himself on the Zhentarim for destroying his natal clan. Currently building his own orc clan in Tilver's Gap.

Ghost Cat (CN female Cormyrian human werecat 3rd level Rogue), formerly of Marsember, an acolyte of a cult of assassins dedicated to Avandra who seek to better the world by targeting and eliminating evildoers.

Chaqa (CG male Palandrine dragonborn 3rd level Sorcerer), focused on lightning spells, this former hermit has had bad visions/dreams/premonitions of something stirring in the Thunder Peaks north of the Gap.

Started off on a mission to rescue two sun elf scions of a powerful family who were being held for ransom by orcs who currently hold the Gap. Ended up paying the ransom, which made them many enemies among the elves, gnomes, and dwarves. Fire Knife assassin was sent but defeated. After a bit of politicking with elves and dwarves, decided the demihumans were even scummier than the orcs!

The party decided to take over the Gap themselves, one orc at a time, and so Dragomir challenged the local orc boss and won, and now has himself a small orc clan...
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