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 Questions for Ed Greenwood (2004)
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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 01 Jan 2005 :  01:45:34  Show Profile  Visit Karth's Homepage  Send Karth an AOL message Send Karth a Private Message
Why, THANK you, Karth - - I embrace and revel in your compliments, choosing to believe in them even I must confess I can scarce believe your “wide-eyed and innocent” claim of stance.

Agreed. My protestations do not bear close examination.
Although there was that enjoyable sojourn on the hood of a slowly-moving car nigh the lakeshore in Milwaukee, and several occasions in the Safe House . . .

Indeed... Well, that certainly establishes your nominal qualifications as an adventuress... ;)
Ahem. Enough titillation; I’m sure some scribes find this talk less than amusing.

Joke 'em if they can't take a... ahem. Moving on...
You must tell me more of the “Den O’ Iniquity” reputation of GenCon SoCal, some day.

I fear I may have misled you, Lady Hooded. It is true that I was present and accounted for at one of the most vile, reprehensible, loud and drunken after-parties at GenCon SoCal. However, I was actually referring to Southern California, as a whole, as a Den O'Iniquity. Surely I need hardly argue that point... ;)

Thank you Lady Hooded and Ed, our fearless walking encyclopedia of Toril, for what has been a priceless year of Realmslore. Your simple generosity of spirit in donating your time and effort to this site is truly a humbling thing to witness.

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The Hooded One
Lady Herald of Realmslore

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Posted - 01 Jan 2005 :  02:12:07  Show Profile  Visit The Hooded One's Homepage Send The Hooded One a Private Message
Why, Karth, you'll turn my head! (And perhaps other things . . .)
Hello, fellow scribes! Herewith, Ed slides cutlass between teeth and goes sailing with Jerryd!
Avast and heed well, ye dogs! Ed’s gone beyond the call of duty once again, and thrown in a real treat: the Raetheless. He’s imparted so much Realmslore, in fact, that I’ll leave the individual island descriptions for other posts, to follow! Herewith, then, I give ye the words of Ed:

Jerry, those islands you asked about were detailed in original Realmslore, ready for sending to TSR in 1986 until the decision was made to concentrate on the Heartlands mainland, and provide only abbreviated coverage of offshore features. All I’ve done here is added map notes, changed some lore-text grammar and phrasing to be more specific and formal and to match the latest game terms, and added one updated-to-3e monster suggestion. Which gives us this:

In published Realmslore, these islands are most accurately mapped in the foldout maps found in the original (Old Gray Box) FR boxed set, specifically mapsheet 1031XXX0701.
Whereon it can be seen that there’s a large offshore island situated so that its northern shore is due west of Candlekeep. Directly to the south of this island is an east-west line of three small islands, and northwest of this same large island are another three islands, curving (bulge to the west) in an arc to the northwest.
All seven of these islands are high and rocky (cracked and fissured granite), and covered with scrub temperate woodlands. With one exception, their heights are windswept rock whitecapped with guano, and they are all primarily inhabited by thousands of seabirds. There are freshwater springs on Thelve, Sklorn, Raerest, and Askalet, and rock-basin pools where abundant fresh water (mainly from winter snows and summer fogs) collects on all of the islands. Only Thelve and Raerest, the two largest islands, are large enough to have true (as opposed to ‘saltwash’) swamps. The origins of the names borne by these islands is largely lost to lore, but are thought to all be the given or family names of various mariners or persons who settled on them in the past. The nearness of these islands to the mainland, and the fact that all of them rise steeply out of the sea with no known shoals to endanger ships, have made them much visited down the centuries.

To be more specific, the “large offshore island” I’m referring to is called Thelve. In shape, Thelve is “rectangular with five little bumps or abbreviated capes, and a large rounded ‘bullnose’ headland to the north.” The longest straightline distance one can travel on Thelve is fourteen miles, northeast to southwest, and in general Thelve is about ten miles ‘tall’ (north-south) and about eight miles across (east-west). Its northern headland is about ten miles offshore from Candlekeep, but at its southern end, it lies only about five miles away from the mainland (due to the rocky promontory that thrusts westwards out into the Sea of Swords south of Candlekeep).
West to east, the three small islands south of Thelve are Arthoum, Nairn’s Tomb, and Askalet, respectively. Arthoum’s easternmost cape lies almost four miles due south of the southwestern tip of Thelve. Nairn’s Tomb is about a mile due east of Arthoum, and its northern shore is about two miles south of Thelve’s southern shore. Four miles due east of the southern end of Nairn’s Tomb is the western shore of Askalet, which lies about four-and-a-half miles southeast of Thelve and about two-and-a-half miles away from the mainland at the narrowest part of Racewind Passage (the strait between the islands and the shore; the only other named water area around the islands is Skoond’s Run, the passage between Thelve and the trio of Arthoum, Nairn’s Tomb, and Askalet).
The arc of islands running northwest from Thelve are (east to west this time): Sklorn, Unglur, and Raerest. Some sailors call them ‘the Reach’ or ‘Crab Reach’ (crab are abundant in the waters around them).
Sklorn is roughly triangular, with its easternmost cape ten miles west of the northwestern tip of Thelve. Two miles of open water separate its northwestern cape from the southeastern end of Unglur, and the shortest distance between Unglur’s northwesternmost point and the southeastern promontory of Raerest is four-and-a-half miles. Raerest’s northeasternmost point is about eighteen miles from the largely-uninhabited-by-humans cliffs of the mainland that lie southwest of Cloak Wood - - though it should be noted that there are the sparsely-inhabited ruins of a number of small fishing villages south of Cloak Wood, in what the elves call Raetheless (“RAYTH-lesss”) and most humans call “Cloak Bay,” nestled between the Wood and the pointing-at-Candlekeep cape called “Cape Raeth”).
These villages have been largely abandoned because of monster raids out of the Cloak Wood and the murderous visits of pirates and smugglers over the years, though some hardy folk still cling to the most defensible huts among the ruins (digging for clams and going out in small boats with drag-nets for crab and the fish silverfin and the eel-like laethe), and that various costers and pirate conferacies repeatedly try to use the beaches and rotting wharves for shipping purposes.
There were six villages, each located at a good natural harbour. As one moves northwest up the cape and then southeast back along the north shore of the Bay, they were: Orthul’s Notch, Calyaun (“CAL-yawn”), Eldelorr (“ELL-dell-ore”), Sumbur Rock, Borlyth (“BORE-lith”), and Ausabbason (“Aw-SAW-bass-on”). The Notch occupies the little indentation about a third of the way along the inside shore of the cape. Calyaun stands at the inside base of the cape (where the shore turns from running northwest to north-northeast). Eldelorr was located at the northwesternmost end of the Bay (where the Cloak Wood, as drawn on the map, almost touches the blue of the seawater). Large and mainly overgrown Sumbur Rock stands on the north shore of the bay just west of the small point known as the Fang. Monster-haunted Borlyth (which had a shipyard, and the most sheltered anchorage in “Borlyth Bay”) is at the nothernmost end of the small bay east of the Fang, and Ausabbason (still linked to the Coast Way by a clear wagon-trail that curls southeast and then northeast around the end of Cloak Wood, to join the Way just south of midway between the Way of the Lion and Baldur’s Gate) is a small, deserted cluster of cottages just south of the nameless plateau of rock that formed the eastern side of Borlyth Bay.
All of the Raetheless settlements were clusters of simple, one-storey thick-walled stone cottages with slate roofs, bolstered with tree-planted earth berms on their windward sides, and bolstered with timbers and ship-salvage. (Although the islands of the Reach are free of shoals, the shore between Ausabbason and Candlekeep has many jagged rocks a mile or less offshore, and sandbars constantly form and re-form between them and the rocky beaches of the mainland. Known as “the Jaws,” these rocks have claimed many a vessel drive ashore in the sudden, fierce onshore storms that afflict this stretch of shoreline in fall and winter.)

So saith Ed. As you can see, Jerryd, the Raetheless offer plenty of DM ‘elbow room,’ and so do the soon-to-follow island descriptions!
love to all,
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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 01 Jan 2005 :  11:02:33  Show Profile  Visit RevJest's Homepage Send RevJest a Private Message
Originally posted by The Hooded One

... and Storm (the sort of woman I’d love to marry or at least adventure with, if she were real).

So saith Ed. I know what he means about Storm. If she were real I’d want to bed her myself.

love to all,

It's a large universe. And probably a large multi-verse. Maybe she's out there ... somewhere. If so, you all can so get in line behind me. *laugh*

- S
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Head Moderator

United Kingdom
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Posted - 01 Jan 2005 :  11:32:09  Show Profile  Visit Alaundo's Homepage  Click to see Alaundo's MSN Messenger address Send Alaundo a Private Message
Well met

...and so with the close of an amazing year for the Realms and for Candlekeep, this fantastic collection of scrolls of Realmslore, penned by Ed Greenwood and The Hooded One, shall be bundled together and kept in a prestige location of the library.

Of course, Ed ne'er rests, so pen thy questions in this new scroll...

May I take this opportunity to thank Ed and the Hooded One greatly for the continued and amazing time and effort spent with us humble scribes here at Candlekeep. It has been an honor, and I hope ye continue to enjoy thy stay herein

Candlekeep Forums Head Moderator

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