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 Raumathar/ spell wards / living spells
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Great Reader

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Posted - 27 Jan 2014 :  16:28:16  Show Profile Send sleyvas a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
The countryside surrounding the towers is roamed by spell wards, free-willed magical constructs that seem to be spells given life.

I first want to note that Unapproachable East came out in May 2003 and that Eberron came out in June 2004. So, given the below quote, I feel it safe to assume that the Raumathari (or possibly even Imaskari predating the Raumathari... I especially wonder if Imaskari since it stops divine magic near it.... though if it were, it would fall far outside of the Imaskari Empire) either accidentally or on-purpose created living spells near the Ring of Gray Flames.

So, then I started thinking to myself..... could there be something there that's churning out new ones? I also thought it might be interesting to see what kinds of creative living spells people can come up with (not with necessarily a dependence on another creature mind you, like a electricity immune creature working with a living lightning bolt... though if the spell creates its own partners that's interesting).

Here's some that came to my mind

"Sphere of Ultimate Destruction" living spell
"Sphere of Ultimate Destruction" living spell w/ invisible spell metamagic enhancement

any damage spell with empower or maximize added proves easily and quickly interesting... less threat to upper level parties who can probably make the saves, but deadly to lower level ones.

any kind of fire spell with the searing spell & fiery spell metamagic enhancements from sandstorm

a spell that does negative energy damage and has both the enervate spell and fell animate metamagic enhancements from libris mortis (and thus, it does 50% extra damage to living, heals undead, and creates zombies from anyone it kills)

a healing spell with the energize metamagic enhancement from libris mortis (such that it does +50% extra damage to undead). Having this be an awakened living spell with the awaken ooze spell could make for an interesting friendly encounter where this spell is being attacked by say wraiths or something

any kind of cold spell with the piercing cold from Frostburn and/or Lord of the Uttercold from CArcane metamagic enhancements

Chain spell applied to targeted living spells would be interesting and have wide uses.

Area effect living spells with widen on bursts or enlarge on cones AND explosive spell (CArcane)would prove an interesting way to keep pushing players away from the living spell.

a living spell that has invisible spell (cityscape) and delay spell (CArcane) metamagic enhancements could be interesting as it slides on up to a party, drops 4 versions of its spell and then leaves around the corner the round before they all go off.

A non-lethal substitution metamagically enhanced living spell can be an interesting way to subdue a party. This could also be interesting for a "living spell with a conscience" that's been awakened with awaken ooze.

Another interesting "friendly living spell" use would be some area effect spell with sculpt spell metamagic feat, and have it be awakened with the awaken ooze spell.

From unapproachable East pg 134, in the Rashemen section

Raumathari ruins are usually clusters of tall towers, most of
which are fallen or severely damaged. Guarded by lethal and
large-scale battle-spells, some leach magic into the nearby area,
creating odd effects and mutating natural creatures. Their
treasures are usually spells designed to slaughter large numbers
of foes or items that augment sorcerersí magic. One ruin,
called the Towers of Smoke by the nearby villagers, constantly
leaks a plume of deadly vapors (equivalent to a cloudkill spell)
and is said to be guarded by iron golems of many sizes.

The most famous ruin is the Ring of Gray Flames, a circle
of five narrow towers, each with a harsh gray fire burning
atop it. The flame emits only a feeble light but disrupts divine
magic brought near it. Occasionally, grinding noises can be
heard within the two intact towers. The countryside surrounding
the towers is roamed by spell wards, free-willed magical
constructs that seem to be spells given life.

Alavairthae, may your skill prevail

Phillip aka Sleyvas

The Arcanamach
Master of Realmslore

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Posted - 27 Jan 2014 :  17:10:14  Show Profile Send The Arcanamach a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Your post just gave me an idea. What if you combined multiple 'living spells' into one? Imagine a darktentacles type of creature where each tentacle is a type of living spell from your list. To make matters worse, the central mass of the creature is a maximized healing spell with the awakened ooze combination that heals itself.

I have a dream that one day, all game worlds will exist as one.
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Great Reader

6988 Posts

Posted - 27 Jan 2014 :  17:13:14  Show Profile Send sleyvas a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Oh, and one of the things that's coming to mind is something like a dark elven priest of Ghaundaur coming up from Undrek'Thoz (possibly the fungi enriched city of Drezz'Lynur). This priest is given a vision of amassing great power by visiting the ring of gray flames. He begins awakening the living spells with the awaken ooze spell. Possibly other Ghaundadaur worshippers follow him, and a cult begins to grow up around worship of these unusual oozes. Perhaps they begin encroaching on wychlaran territory.

Alavairthae, may your skill prevail

Phillip aka Sleyvas
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