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 Tired old questions I'm sure
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Senior Scribe

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Posted - 15 Nov 2013 :  19:00:37  Show Profile Send Wenin a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
I use to frequent these boards often, but with the arrival of 4E I lingered for a year, before my attendance dropped completely. I never stopped being a fan of the Forgotten Realms, as I've ran a couple of campaigns since, strictly within the Realms, and will forever more.

What had me coming here was discussions of new material that was coming out with 3.5, however with the introduction of the 100 year time jump, I lost all interest in reviewing any of the new material.

So I was curious, has it ever been posted the rate of traffic coming to the Keep from year to year, to show just how much of a hit the Forgotten Realms fan base has taken over the years?

Also, for those that have stayed on, and followed the new content.... how are the realms themselves doing in general?

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Posted - 15 Nov 2013 :  19:03:45  Show Profile  Send SirUrza an AOL message  Send SirUrza an ICQ Message Send SirUrza a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I've always posted in spurts but spell plague definitely lower my interest. I still see many of the regulars here and spot a lot of them on the paizo boards.

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Great Reader

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Posted - 15 Nov 2013 :  20:05:10  Show Profile Send Kentinal a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Well traffic in forums like this has dropped off in all that I follow, which is not many, because of things like facebook. Big Al might be able to report of stats over the years.

Clearly 4th Edition alas did cause some lack of traffic in my opinion.

The Realms however appears to be still alive and always changing.

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Master of Realmslore

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Posted - 16 Nov 2013 :  00:45:30  Show Profile  Visit BEAST's Homepage Send BEAST a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Aye, traffic has lightened up considerably at RAS's forums over the years, as well, even though his books remain bestsellers. His decision to get a facebook account has apparently siphoned off visitors from his message boards.

I guess I can kinda see the value in quick messaging technologies. But it's sad that the older venues for lengthier discussions of various subjects seem to be fading. Whither longwindedness?

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Xar Zarath
Senior Scribe

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Posted - 16 Nov 2013 :  09:19:14  Show Profile Send Xar Zarath a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I think that the Realms are still alive and kicking in general. The Spellplague while unliked by some, was a good RSE in terms of an idea but suffered a rather lacklustre execution. If it had been done properly and without the 100 year time jump, I dare say that it could have been better received.

The realms are growing with the whole Sundering and new edition( I still think of it as 5e regardless of what anyone else says or thinks) and if done properly it should garner some interest. If 5e tanks than the Realms will still continue on since Ed can bring some measure of control into it, but if not than for me-I don't know about you guys/gals- there is always Golarion!=P

Everything ends where it begins. Period.

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Realms Explorer extraordinaire

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Posted - 16 Nov 2013 :  14:13:06  Show Profile Send Markustay a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I can tell that 'interest' has been dropping-off by my DeviantART page. I just need to look at 'views' - people are brought to my page by doing FR searches. Less searches = less interest.

The fact that many 'old timers' re-appeared on these boards after the 5e announcement gives me hope - it means many fans are still out there, just waiting for FR "to be great again".

I think 5e is their last chance to gather these wayward fans up. They want to come back... they just want something worth coming back to.

"I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me" --- Dudley Field Malone

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Great Reader

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Posted - 16 Nov 2013 :  20:34:01  Show Profile Send Ayrik a Private Message  Reply with Quote
As a firm proponent of the AD&D2E-era Realms, I have always resisted D&D innovations ... sorcerors, warlocks, warforged, dragonborn, Asmodean tieflings, Thayan collapse, Dread Rings, crazy multiclassing, timejumps and recurring apocalyptic plagues? Not for me.

Although I confess much liking for some fragments of new/evolving lore - the Shadovar, Larloch, genasi, goliaths, the odd dragonrage or minor shakeup. So it‘s worth monitoring canon developments, so long as I‘m selective. A lot of this stuff fits easily and organically within the Realms I love, it‘s basically “always been there“ without need for Orwellian retcons and heavyhanded adjustments.

It‘s worth noting that my gaming generation tends to be more comfortable with “classic“ D&D gaming, restrictions and difficulties and conservative High Gygaxian attitudes. But people who were introduced to the Realms through D&D3E-/4E-era rules and novels naturally assume a richer background without stuffy, old, lame prohibitions which make things boring. Nothing wrong with 4E, it‘s just not for me.


Edited by - Ayrik on 16 Nov 2013 20:38:56
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