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Posted - 27 Feb 2018 :  05:26:59  Show Profile Send Markustay a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Dalor Darden

I thought that the Horreb were Thri-Kreen...

Were they? I have no idea. I'm just trying to figure-out what kingdom goes where and when.

Maybe they were Thri-Kreen that identified as Ogres.

{I guess I need to go back through the thread and read the whole thing again...}

"I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me" --- Dudley Field Malone

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Posted - 27 Feb 2018 :  13:30:36  Show Profile Send dazzlerdal a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Lots and lots of questions.

So Barze is a successor state of netheril as we know. Barze fled netheril just prior to its fall following some novel that i didnt read so dont know the exact reason why.

Varm is a tribal trader nation made of civilised barbarians from the Ride most likely .

The Vane i think are a tribe of Netherese influenced barbarians that arent nice.

Horreb we have almost nothing about. They are artificers, they helped make the cube to reimprison maram and Brian imagined them as thri kreen.

These proto nations were then all conquered/betrayed by tyranthraxus during the war to reimprison maram and its aftermath and then suddenly all these groups disappeared and a huge wasteland called Thar was created.

Thats the canon bits. Everything else is my theories.

The horreb are not thrikreen they are a spellweaver human hybrid. The spellweavers were outcasts from eril and had a number of linked pseudo nodes powered by primordial beings which they were using to keep themselves protected in an extradimensional space (protected from the effects of the grand conjunction which destroyed the spellweavers), they were able to possess humans ethereally like ghosts and so still lived a life of sorts while their bodies were in stasis. The Fall of Netheril and disruption of the weave screwed up their protection and the possessed humans merged with the spellweavers to produce multi armed insectlike beings with much magical knowledge.

Maram was imprisoned in the monument of the ancients for ages until the netherese released him to battle the enemy in the seven sigils war. Vorbyx was one of the lieutenants of Maram (or maybe the enemy), he was an elder ogre born of othea but escaped annams curse that degenerated his brothers into the ogre race.

After the seven sigils war he sided with maram and after his defeat he fled.

Tyranthraxus meanwhile conquered the kingdoms he had forged into an alliance to defeat maram and just at the moment of victory he was thwarted by a dragon known as embrurshaille who performed a great ritual to elevate her to another state of being or enhance her with super powers. This ritual drained all magic from the region (and life). It destroyed barze, varm, etc and everyone in it. Tyranthraxus's body was destroyed but he persisted as a possession spirit (power he already possessed when he served as leader of the trio nefarious before they bound him in slumber a millennia ago in netheril)

At this point in time thar is now the wasteland it is today.
Vorbyx arrives and establishes his ogre kingdom of thar. He attracts all the ogres from marams armies as well as several demon/ogres from the hidden vale (bred by the feyri and all kindred of storm the ogre).

The ogre kingdom strikes down its neighbour of northkeep using dragons (bought from iyrauroth). It unfortunately cannot afford the upkeep of iyrauroths payments so he destroys the ogre kingdom with an army (iyrauroth practices blood magic so he breeds powerful bloodlines to create races of supermen).

Ologh founds the orc kingdom of thar for iyrauroth and with his blood claim to the throne of vastar and thar he conquers all the orcs from thar to the vast. Iyrauroth then arrives to claim his payment from ologh but ologh refuses and we have a big battle and i think that is where the orc kingdom of thar ends.

Thats my brief outline of thar. Im still working on small details and when i finish with the old empires i might do thar (or moonshaes, or damara/vaasa).

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