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 Celestial Object Thoughts in realmspace
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Posted - 18 May 2013 :  23:54:56  Show Profile Send sleyvas a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
So, thinking about Selune made me pull up "Realmspace"...which I've never fully read through. So, I figured lets see what's there and see if any ideas can be gleaned, since this was written so long ago. So, in it we find out about a comet K'Thoutek, which has a regular "orbit" of 237 years. When this comet is seen in the realms sky, it is supposedly a predictor of the birth of a very powerful entity. It says, One time when it was seen, it was correlated to the birth of Elminster. Another time when it was seen, it was correlated to the birth of the Simbul. We know Elminster's birth date is 212 DR (because everywhere I look, that's the date quoted, and it fits roughly with the Athalantar dates I see). We know the Simbul's birth is in 766 DR according to the GHotR.

So, based on this, simple math tells us that either A) the correlation of Elminster's birth was wrong and it was a different powerful entity B) the correlation of the Simbul's birth was wrong or C) the time for the comets movement is off and should be 277 years instead of 237 or D) the date of Elminster's birth and perhaps his whole story of being a prince of Athalantar is a subterfuge. For the purposes of turning this into something useful, lets assume that A is the one that contains the incorrect data. That puts 766 + (3 more loops*237) = 1477 DR. So, roughly when 5th edition comes out, this next powerful entity should be entering adulthood. Its also noted that during this next siting of the comet it will be within the galleon nebula, which is deemed a bad omen by astrologers who believe the being will be evil (though why isn't stated).

Which, this also brings me to the galleon nebula. Its a section of realmspace that is a vast swathe of wild magic that takes roughly 333 years to make a complete orbit of the night sky. My thoughts on this were.... could this be "the galley of the gods" that Enlil and his deities used to reach realmspace?

On planets, it seems that the planet Coliar is filled with aarakocra, lizard men, and dragons... so perhaps the creator races also visited here (or came from here)? Just a thought.

The inhabitants of Selune are predominantly worshippers of Leira, and given that Nimbral is also a popular spelljamming port, it would seem that possibly these two cultures are linked. Also, it seems that they've purposefully kept their culture hidden from the people of Toril. I imagine that Abeir and Toril colliding had little effect on the people living on Selune, but we do know that Nimbral is now hard to find. Is it perhaps that the people of Selune decided to annex this part of the world or something else since the spellplague? Also, this culture is very female-dominated.

Apparently the tears of Selune just appeared from nowhere around -3550'ish timeframe (its noted as 4800 years ago). This is followed by tremendous tidal waves. So, guess its not the remains of the ice moon Zotha that hit Toril.

Alavairthae, may your skill prevail

Phillip aka Sleyvas
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