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Dalor Darden
Great Reader

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Posted - 17 Mar 2013 :  20:42:16  Show Profile Send Dalor Darden a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I'm still really enjoying the tale as it unfolds Farrel! Thanks for sharing.

AD&D for me!
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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 27 Mar 2013 :  21:33:26  Show Profile Send Farrel a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Cheers Dalor! I'm going to attempt a new update every two weeks as i'm so far behind.


Tavelle's owner had a disgruntled look about him and he started to have a moan, "I hope Erael has more sense than to fall for that strutting peacock... he''ll be clad in his gleaming gold fullplate, and looking all heroic... We know her track record isn't great with paladins, and this one's nicknamed the Pink bloody Lancer!". I've always tried to pay attention to these, "rambling whinges", as I can just imagine them running through Tavelle's head.

- Tavelle didn't respond, he hoped that the cowl of his cloak had hidden the face he had pulled. The rain was driving hard as they continued onwards to The Barrowfields, Brondar asked Tavelle a favour as they were riding, "Would ye have a word with Holfast at The Hart? Haylen, my daughter, wants to get off the goose farm. She hates geese... I was just thinking that old Holfast likes yer, and yer might help her get a job?".

"What makes him think Tavelle has any sway over Holfast?", asked Tavelle's owner.

The pair rode over a hillock and I reckoned that a Spot check was in order. They were in the vicinity of where Kendra the Mad had arrived in Mistledale when she was summoned by the Myrkulites of the corrupted grove. I asked for a Spot check and set the DC at 20 (I set the difficulty according to the driving rain and overcast conditions. The area where Kendra had appeared was 30-40ft in diameter, not an insignificant patch, so I adjusted the range penalty for 150ft. to +0). I rolled a 4 for Brondar, his attention was obviously elsewhere, and Tavelle's owner rolled an 18.

- Tavelle crested the rise of a small hill and noticed an area of blackened land to the south, "I'll do what I can for Haylen, but, I just want to have look over there", and he pointed at what had caught his attention.

- "Go on then, but be quick", said the fighter, and the pair started trotting to the dead and blackened area. As they rode through the driving rain Tavelle noted that Brondar pulled his horse up short of where the dead land started. Tavelle reined in Fury and looked back at the Rider, "What's up with you?", he asked. The burly fighter gave a nod towards the twisted and skeletally thin trees, "I don't like the look of it".

- Tavelle gave Brondar a funny look, "Stay here then", he dismounted and gave over the reins of his horse. "You should probably stay saddled...", he added with a grin, and made his way towards the area, "It seems that it's the only thing stopping your knees from knocking together!".

- "<censored> off! Go play with a Wyvern stinger!", said the fighter, and he continued, "I'm not scared, this is just common sense!". Tavelle was still laughing at his own joke, "I'm sorry Bron, i'm only playing", and he stopped at the border of where the dead area began.

- Tavelle looked at the thirty-five foot diameter area, "It's circular", he said, and paid closer attention to a number of cracks in the ground.

"Has Tavelle seen anything that resembles those crevices before?".

"Yes", said the DM.

"Maybe at the Unicorns charge?", asked Tavelle's player timidly.

"Yes", said the DM.

"Bugger", said the player.

to be continued...

Edited by - Farrel on 27 Mar 2013 22:15:06
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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 10 Apr 2013 :  20:10:45  Show Profile Send Farrel a Private Message  Reply with Quote


- Tavelle surveyed the area, the cracks in the ground looked weathered and there were no skeletons scrambling forth. A shiver ran down his spine, the mage took a deep breath, to compose himself, and stepped beyond the border to one of the crevices. As he approached Tavelle saw something bright and shiny so he crouched down to get a better look. It was a metallic geode as big as his fist and he could see more in the crevice, jutting out of off-white crystals. The wizard cautiously extended a gloved hand to prise it free, "Best to be careful and take no chances", he whispered to himself as he recalled Brondar's teasing about the wyvern stinger.

- "What yer got?", called Brondar.

I asked for another Spot check, although it wasn't a Spot check that Tavelle's player would be rolling... It was actually a Will save (DC 15). Tavelle's owner rolled a 4...

One of the best things about Tavelle's owner DMing is that I usually haven't a clue what i'm rolling for. When i've played Farrel, and Tavelle's owner has DM'd, i've always been duped into believing that what he asks me to roll for is what it actually is. Silly me. He's stitched me up countless times. I was glad that when I mentioned him seeing a torn strip of cloth, caught in the wind and rain, his reaction was typical of his character, "I'll have that!", and not to worry about a terrible Spot check result. The Will save had been against a Suggestion enchantment.

...Something called to Tavelle's subconcious, "Come and pick me up", and the mage just couldn't help himself.

- Tavelle caught sight of a fluttering rag, caught on a gnarled and twisted tree, the rain was lashing down as he made his way up to it. It was a torn strip of black cloth about two inches wide and eight in length. He picked it carefully from the dead branch and placed it in the pocket of his breeches, "A memento", he muttered.

- "What've yer found?", called Brondar.

- Tavelle turned around to face the mounted Rider, "I found some ore... At least i think it's ore".

- Tavelle walked over to the horses and handed the angular geode to Brondar. The burly fighter looked at the ore and tried to gauge its weight, "What about the tree?", he asked.

- Tavelle climbed atop Fury and settled himself, "Nothing, just a strip of cloth".

- The wizard turned Fury away from the border of the dead zone, and saw that Brondar was still looking at the almost cubic mineral, "This is Galena ore, lead ore, was there anymore of it?", asked the Rider. Tavelle nodded, "There's a fair amount". Brondar explains that Galena ore contained small amounts of silver that could be separated, from the lead, during the smelting. Tavelle nodded his understanding, "I'll have to come back and collect some more, I could do with a free source of silver".

- The Rider asks, "What do yer think may have caused the scarring of the land?", Tavelle contemplated for a moment before answering, "If I was to have a guess I would say Kendra's arrival, the area was perfectly circular and crossed with the same cracks that were caused by her unholy lightning. The undead that we saw emerge, at the Unicorn's Charge, are long gone from here".

- The pair continued their journey in the rain, and as they rode into the Barrowfields proper they discussed the Galena mountains. Tavelle was already aware that while Brondar's forefathers hailed from Damara, the fighter had been born in Mistledale. Tavelle learns Brondar fought at The Battle of the River Rising, "I was a few years older than you are now", he adds. The conversation stops when they reach the Barrows of the Wights and they're met by a soaked militiaman on the perimeter. Tavelle could see other figures, Riders of Mistledale and militia, among the mounds.

- "Well met, Briarly!", called Brondar. Tavelle noted that Briarly looked wet through. He guessed that the militiaman was younger than him, and he had arrived with Jentar. "Hail Riders!", came the response from the enthusiastic youth as he crooked his elbow, balled his fist, and said loudly to Tavelle, "Yarr! Swordmage!".

- "Nine Hells! Not you as well? You weren't even around when it happened!", laughed Tavelle.

- Briarly's enthusiastic welcome had seemingly alerted the other militia in the area. The mage heard numerous calls of, "Wahey! Sword Mage!", "Yarr! Swordmage!", "Arrr! Swordmage!", from various directions, and distances. Some of the callers came into view and they were all performing the same crude gesture.

- Tavelle looked at Brondar, who was in tears laughing, the big fighter noticed and tried his hardest to stop. Still more calls could be heard above the rain. Brondar stopped laughing long enough to say, "Yer a <censored> legend!", and collapsed into roars of mirth again.

- Tavelle took it all in good humour until he saw Jentar approaching alongside Erael.

to be continued...

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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 24 Apr 2013 :  21:16:45  Show Profile Send Farrel a Private Message  Reply with Quote


- Jentar smiled warmly at Tavelle, "Well met, Swordmage! It seems as though you've impressed with your skill with a blade", said the paladin. Erael gave the mage a wry smile and Tavelle stood there in the rain wondering whether Jentar knew what the militia were actually getting at.

- Tavelle surveyed the barrows of the wights that were spread around him. The place seemed far larger from the ground, and he could see that six smaller barrows encircled a huge mound in the centre. Each barrow had a stone door that was framed with a large and heavy lintel. Tavelle could see that two visible stone doors had been smashed open, the rubble piled in front of the entrances. As the mage paid closer attention he noticed there were a number of stakes planted in the ground, "Stay well away from the stakes. Lanneth found exits, and entrances, to tunnels yesterday and pegged them out", said Jentar.

Tavelle's owner raised an eyebrow in concern, "I'm not going anywhere near those stakes, I can just imagine being dragged to my doom down a tunnel". I was pleased to see that Tavelle's self preservation streak had returned.

- Tavelle and Brondar dismounted, and Briarly gathered their reins. Jentar offered his hand to mage and they shook firmly, clasping each others forearms, "It is good to see you wizard, I hear that you're being watched over by a star?". Tavelle nodded, "On our first night here, a star spoke to me in a dream, she warned me of the wights approach".

- Jentar clapped Tavelle on the bicep, "It's good to know the sun and stars are watching us. I'm glad you're here, come, walk with me", he beckoned. Tavelle turned to Erael and Brondar, "Excuse me", he said, and followed the paladin. As they walked around the larger of the barrows Tavelle saw Helton, from the Unicorn's Charge. The Rider of Mistledale smiled at Tavelle, and called, "Swordmage", before giving him a sly wink. Tavelle waved back with a big grin.

- Jentar stopped as they stood in front of a huge stone block that was the sealed portal of the large barrow. It was old and weathered but stood resolutely against the ravages of time.

- Tavelle looked back, "Who opened the stone door seals, to the two barrows, back there?", "Grave robbers would be my guess", replied Jentar, and the paladin continued, "Lanneth told me that the rubble was spotted with a rare lichen called 'Morning Glory', He said it takes centuries to grow, and only on the side facing the glorious beauty of the dawn".

"I love Lanneth!", laughed Tavelle's owner, "He's a sly bugger with a wicked sense of humour!".

Tavelle's player found Lanneth's practical joke so amusing I decided to ask him to roll, for a Concentration check, to see if Tavelle could contain his sniggering. I set it at DC 20 (It did make him giggle for a while)

to be continued...

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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 08 May 2013 :  08:45:02  Show Profile Send Farrel a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Many apologies but there isn't an update this week.

My fault for being distracted.

Normal service will be resumed...


The funniest thing was that Lanneth hadn't been joking, Tavelle's mind had made this connection all on its own. Tavelle's owner managed a 10 for an uncomfortable total of 18.

- The mage couldn't control his giggle, Tavelle tried to stifle it and made it worse by biting his gloved hand. Jentar turned to face the wizard, "Are you alright?", he asked. Tavelle nodded and tried his best to apologise, "I'm sorry, please excuse me. It's just that I thought of something funny". The paladin didn't look pleased, "If you can stop your mind wandering, and pay attention, you might learn something", he said, and then continued, "Sunfoil, is what i've heard it called. It has something to do with protection from the dark".

- "Something to do with protection from the dark? Care to elaborate?", asked Tavelle inquisitively. Jentar fell silent in thought for a moment, "I don't actually remember", he admitted. The mage raised an eyebrow and smiled, "Next time, stop your mind wandering, pay attention, and I might learn something". The paladin, to Tavelle's surprise, took it all in good humour, "It is good to see you wizard", he laughed.

- Jentar and Tavelle talked about the last few nights, and in particular the night of the star's warning, eventually the conversation, and the paladins gaze, fell upon Erael. "She is quite simply the most beautiful soul I have ever seen", said Jentar, "What do you know of her?", he asked.

"I'm going to watch what I say here", said tavelle's player, "It's likely that with her senses she'll be able to hear our conversation".

- Tavelle looked over to where Erael and Brondar were in conversation, "If not for Erael I believe that we would all be in alot more trouble with the wights. Her sword and art have saved my life and many of the militias, had it not been for her I would've had a long ride back to Ashabenford to rally the patrols". Jentar nodded in agreement, "What have you learned of her?", he asked.

- "Erael hails from the Galena mountains in Damara, her family lived with the Dwarves of Stoneshield Hall", explained the mage. Jentar looked surprised, "She was raised by dwarves?", he balked. Tavelle shook his head, "Do pay attention paladin, she was raised by her family who lived with the dwarves... no wonder that I still don't know what Sunfoil does", he chuckled.

- Tavelle continued, "I'm very grateful that she is here with us, her art is far more powerful than my own or my father's". The paladin turned and looked Tavelle up and down, "Erael told me that you slew two wights at the Rodrathe Orchards, you have progressed swiftly since that skeletal chicken. I hear you are to go out with her and patrol again this night?".

- Tavelle winced at the mention of the chicken and nodded, "Yes we are to patrol again and i'll never live that down will I?", he exclaimed, and the paladin shook his head, "Not while i'm around to remind you", he laughed.

- The pair wandered over to one of the opened barrows, "What are we doing here?", asked Tavelle, as he peered into the darkness of the sundered portal. Jentar explained that he had spoken with Lanneth and Nelyssa and they had informed him that any assault on the wights would have to be conducted in their tunnels, "I have been looking for a larger entrance, most of the tunnels are extremely tight, and I believe that it would make an attack incredibly difficult". As the pair conversed Tavelle knelt down by some of the rubble scattered at the entrance and looked at the Sunfoil.

"While Jentar is preoccupied i'm going to take some Sunfoil and put it in a belt pouch", said Tavelle's owner.

- Tavelle discreetly placed a few sprigs of the golden-leaved lichen in a pouch at his belt. As he stood up Jentar eyed him, "I think we should investigate the barrows", said the paladin.

to be continued...

Edited by - Farrel on 12 May 2013 18:01:56
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Learned Scribe

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Posted - 05 Nov 2013 :  17:39:13  Show Profile Send Farrel a Private Message  Reply with Quote


"Oh <censored>! I thought we were investigating the barrows?", said Tavelle's owner.

- "I thought we were investigating the barrows?", said the mage.

- Jentar smirked at Tavelle and pointed at one of the mounds with a smashed portal, "Pay attention wizard, that's a barrow". Tavelle pulled a face that the paladin of Lathander mistook for fear.

"I just knew that Jentar wouldn't be able to help himself...", said Tavelle's owner in disgust.

- "Don't fret, we have lanterns and torches", Jentar added reassuringly. Tavelle shook his head, "The Shield was very specific about not entering the barrows... you are aware that the wights aren't nocturnal?".

Tavelle's player continued to shake his head, "I know he's a glory hunter, but, does Jentar want to get the lot of us killed? What's to stop us from excavating one of the exterior exits and making it larger? That would solve the issue in regards to entering without being ambushed... I doubt that there are any unicorns down there waiting to save our butts!".

- Jentar gave Tavelle an angry look, "I am well versed in the lore regarding Wights, do you have a better idea?". Tavelle nodded, "I think we should wait for the Reverend Harvestmaster, and the rest of the Chaunteans to arrive, the more priests the better. I see no point in offering the wights an opportunity to swell their ranks, I would presume that the Shield, and Lanneth, have already investigated the open barrows, they were very thorough with the pegged exits".

- The paladin of Lathander crossed his armoured arms across his chest, "I am a patrol leader, just like Nelyssa, and I say that we need to see what's inside those mounds. You say Erael has the keenest magical eyesight... I say we should ask her to check and see if the others missed anything".

"He actually has a point.... damn it!", said Tavelle's player.

I was quite surprised that Tavelle was showing such dissent. His assumption about Lanneth previously investigating the opened barrows was spot on - the ranger had pegged the tunnel exits with Nelyssa in close proximity. The conversation had started with some playful ribbing and seemed to be turning into an argument. I informed Tavelle's player that the pair were being watched by quite a few members of the expedition.

- Tavelle conceded the point with a nod of acceptance, "If there's anything to find, i'm sure Erael will find it". Jentar still had his arms crossed, "I take it that you'll be waiting outside then?". Tavelle shook his head, "No, i'll be coming. You make a good point about Erael's eyes and I hadn't thought of it. I just wanted us all to be properly prepared, and, you're right, you're a patrol leader, and i'll support your decisions".

"Even if they are crap", said Tavelle's player.

- Jentar nodded and looked towards where Erael, Brondar, and Helton were standing, "We will investigate the open barrows, ready some torches". he called.

- As the Riders assembled Tavelle walked in a northerly direction past a sealed barrow. The mage noted that they were almost on the northeast edge of a hill.

- Tavelle heard movement behind him and Brondar's voice, "What're yer doing over here?", asked the fighter. The mage sighed, "Well, I was wishing that I had a light enchantment available. I was also hoping there would be another way in. To top it all off, i'm now going into the barrows that the Shield told me not to". Brondar blew a loud raspberry, "Pfft! This is down to Jentar. If it goes to <censored> enough of the militia heard you're argument about it".

- Tavelle winced, "It was a discussion and I offered my opinions", the mage attempted to correct. Brondar chuckled, "Well it seemed to be quite a loud offerring". The comment made Tavelle laugh and he turned back towards the barrows.

- As the pair walked back in the pouring rain they saw that Whispering Jop and Briarly were holding torches at the entrance to the closest open portal. Jentar ducked slightly as he entered first.

- The two torch bearers followed the paladin through the stone portal. Erael, Helton, Brondar, and Tavelle entered behind them.

- The mage was considering casting a Low Light Vision enchantment but, as he made his way into the main chamber, he saw a bright orange light source centered on Jentar's shield. The radiance fully illuminated the interior of the barrow.

I asked Tavelle's player for a DC5 Spot check. Tavelle's player rolled 11.

- As the mage surveyed the barrow he saw two wooden stakes, with red cloths on each, planted at the rear. They were placed at open holes in the floor, roughly twenty feet apart, each near a corner of the barrow. At the center of the room was a foot high stone plinth, It was six feet long and two wide.

- "Lanneth has pegged out two tunnesl in the floor. Keep your distance", said Jentar, as they all looked warily about.

- Tavelle noted the barrow was about forty feet in length and thirty wide. The ceiling was only eight feet high, drops of water joined and dripped to the rough earthen floor. A lime, or chalk, wash had been applied to the walls. As he paid closer attention the wizard noticed it must have been a fresco at some stage. Most of it was mixed with the muddy floor at the base of the walls.

- Tavelle looked to Erael and found that her gaze was already on him with a smile on her face. She briefly cast a look in the paladin's direction and then back to the mage - Erael's eyes were crossed and her mouth hung open. Tavelle put his gloved hand over his mouth to stifle a laugh. Jentar looked in Tavelle's direction, frowned at the mage, and then shot a glance at Erael. The paladin found the sorceress alert, with her hand on the hilt of Lionswrath, and her focus on the tunnels.

"Bugger! Caught again", said Tavelle's owner.

- Erael looked to Jentar, "Lanneth has been very thorough, I can't detect any passages he has not already marked".

- Jentar looked about once more,"There's nothing to find here, let's move onto the other barrow", the paladin saw Tavelle was studying the remains of whatever had coated the walls, "I'd suggest you make haste with your inspection and join us".

- Tavelle turned to Jentar, "Some of the fresco might've survived. I doubt it'll take long by the looks of it", the paladin nodded, "Briarly and Brondar stay with Tavelle".

- As the others made their way out Erael reminded them to be wary. The orange radiance faded with the departing paladin.

"I must remember to check with Nelyssa before I commit my spells to memory. If i'd known about being sent to investigate dark and dank barrows then I could've prepared a light spell", grumbled the player. "I suppose I could cast a Light of Lunia, but it hardly seems worth it. Besides, i'd like it available for the patrol with Erael tonight", he moaned.

- The trio were left in the dancing light of the torch, carried by Briarly, but it was providing little help in the gloom of the low ceilinged barrow. The mage could hear the rain continue to fall heavily outside.

"Hmm, i've just had a thought...", said Tavelle's player. "I wonder if the rain might flood the tunnels - partially at least? That could make the expedition even more dangerous - imagine wading waist deep in water? Any wights could stay submerged indefinitely and grab us!". I couldn't help but grin as he was quite correct, and his musings led me to believe he really wasn't looking forward to delving into the realm of the wights. Tavelle's player was looking worried again.

- Tavelle crouched down to survey the scattered and crumbling remnants of the fresco. There wasn't anything else of note to look at, "I wonder what it depicted?", he said aloud. Brondar wandered over, "Maybe it showed the deeds of those interred here? It's all so damp and mouldy we'll never know", the big fighter gave the mage a nudge, "When we venture into the tunnels maybe you'll get the chance to ask?", he laughed. Tavelle looked up and gave Brondar a smirk, "We? I don't believe that you'd fit down the tunnel back there. Not unless you were naked and well greased". Brondar nodded, "I've been wondering about that too". Tavelle chuckled, "What? About being greased or naked? Or both? Do you plan on using goose grease?", he teased. The fighter snorted in derision, "About fitting in the damned tunnels, I don't think I will!".

- Briarly moved closer to the exit, "I can hear shouting", Brondar made his way to the young militiaman, "What's going on?", he asked.

I informed Tavelle that with Brondar blocking the light from the torch, carried by Briarly, it had gotten almost pitch black. "Could you roll two Search checks to get your bearings please?", I asked. Tavelle rolled 16 and 13.

- Tavelle stood up in the darkness, "Bron, you lump, you're blocking the light! I can see <censored> all!".

A clawed and twisted hand reached over the lip of the tunnel entrance, at the rear of the barrow, and silently started to drag the rest of the attached wight out. The dimming of the accursed light source was the perfect time to strike.

- Briarly squeaked, "I think they're under attack in the other barrow!".

The wight cleared the exit and slowly began creeping towards a figure with its back facing the malevelent undead horror. Of the three living creatures it could sense this was the closest and one of the most potent. The Mound King had demanded a tribute from its retinue - the proximity of the living was too strong to ignore. The Move Silently for the wight was 22 and its Hide check total was 17. When the light from the torch was dimmed i'd asked for two phantom Search checks from Tavelle. I had noted these extra rolls down and opposed them against the wight's Hide & Move Silently results. Tavelle was completely oblivious to what was creeping up behind him. The wight's claws flexed in excited anticipation and gathered up a good handful of heavyspun material.

- "Get out of the barrow!", blurted the panicked Briarly. Tavelle tried to take a step towards where he remembered the exit to be but was halted jarringly as his cloak choked him.

I asked the concerned player for an opposed Strength check - this time Tavelle knew what he was rolling. Recently i've asked for a number of d20 rolls at the start of a game session. I find it useful not to have to ask the player and alert them to situations. Sometimes i should remember to ask for more. He failed miserably with a 5 vs the wights lofty result of 10. "Could Tavelle just say 'Glurk!' for me please?", i asked Tavelle's owner.

- Tavelle let out a strangled, "Glurk!", and Brondar turned around at the weird noise made by the mage. The Rider of Mistledale saw the wizard get forcefully dragged backwards off of his feet.

I gave the panicking player a big smile, "I'd now like a cross between a 'What?' & a 'Ooof!' please". Tavelle's owner gave me a grin of realisation, "Whoof?", he offered.

- "Whoof!", said the mage as he landed heavily on his back and, to his horror, felt himself being dragged in the direction of the wights tunnel.

- "<censored>!", shouted Brondar.

After the surprise part of the encounter ended i thought i'd get some initiative rolls. Brondar reacted like lightning with a natural 20! Briarly stood, mouth gaping, with a 5, Tavelle, on his back, somehow came up with a 16, and the wight managed a respectable 17. It was quite a nailbiter, in regards to the initiative order, Brondar had to do something before the wight had another chance to drag Tavelle down the hole...

- From his peculiar vantage point Tavelle could see Briarly wide-eyed and frozen.

"Well", said Tavelle's owner grimly, "At least we still have his light source".

- Brondar was a blur of motion, it seemed to Tavelle that the greatsword appeared in his grasp rather than being drawn. The burly fighter closed quickly whilst lining up the strike.

- Tavelle continued to be dragged towards the undead bolt hole. The mages hands were frantically attempting to pop the cloak clasp open and loosen the tension of the material at his throat. Tavelle knew the tunnel, that the wight was heading to, was only about ten feet away.

- Brondar closed quickly and angled his greatsword for a horizontal sweep.

I was wondering if the actual attack, after the amazing 23 Initiative, and the opportunity for Brondar to use his Quick Draw, could be as good? I rolled a 15! I then rolled the damage and the strike inflicted 14 points. Sometimes streaks can be great, my own character is a good example. Farrel managed to defeat a Sword Spider without a scratch, or even a missed attack. He then couldn't manage to do anything right for two whole game sessions, and nearly got killed by Displacer Beasts in the process. The eyes of Tavelle's player opened widely, "The <censored> better not take my head off!". I gave him a serious look, "Bron has taken the decision that a dead Tavelle is better than a undead Tavelle".

- Tavelle saw the glinting greatsword flash towards his head. As it got closer the ripping roar of the blade grew louder as it cut through the air. "Tempus!", bellowed the fighter.

- "<censored> me!!!", screamed the mage.

- All of the tension at his throat ceased immediately and the wizard was no longer being dragged backwards.

- He heard growling hisses of frustration, and scrambling, as the wight tumbled down the open tunnel. Tavelle craned his neck, so he could see how far away from the pit he was, and saw his outstretched cloak - with a pair of wight arms still clinging to the hem. The arms had been severed just above the elbow. Tavelle looked up at Brondar, "Thanks, Bron", he said with relief.

- Brondar offered the mage his hand and helped Tavelle to his feet, "We should go", he insisted calmly. The wizard nodded his agreement and the trio made their way out of the barrow. Tavelle felt his cloak drag along behind him, with the two arms weighing it down, as he ducked under the lintel.

- As Tavelle made his way out, and into the driving rain, there was a commotion by the other barrow. The mage saw Erael and Jentar helping Jop away from the stone exit, the militiaman looked very wobbly.

- "I really, really, really, want to say I told you so, to Jentar", muttered the wizard angrily. Brondar looked about, trying to sort through the people around Jopson, "Where the <censored> is Helton?", he said very loudly.

- Tavelle looked through the members of the militia, he couldn't see the Rider of Mistledale amongst them, "Oh, <censored>!", exclaimed the wizard.

- "I don't believe it, Selune's mercy, not Helton? I fought alongside him at the Unicorns Charge", said Tavelle.

- The wizard stood in the rain silently and watched the militia attend Jopson. His cloak was caked in mud and his tunic soaked through. The mage could feel his cloak weighted down and raised an eyebrow, "I'd better pry the hitch-hikers off".

- Tavelle tried to unfasten the cloak clasp, the catch was bent, "Damn", he muttered. The mage wriggled his head through the opening, and started prising the talons from the material. He kept his gloves on, as the arms were filthy, and noticed that the limbs were partially calcified.

- Tavelle couldn't break the grip by hand, "I think this wight was particularly ancient. The limbs have nearly turned to stone".

"I want to do a joke about not having to worry about the wight - it really is quite 'armless. But I don't think it's the right time", said Tavelle's player.

- Tavelle looked up at Brondar, "Can I borrow Beryl for a moment please?", asked the mage. The big fighter saw Tavelle trying to remove the clenched claws, "Mind yer fingers", he warned.

- Brondar unhitched his heavy mace. The head was crafted of black stone, studded with protruding steel ovals, it was attached to a sturdy steel haft. Brondar brought the mace down hard on the clenched talons. There was a satisfying crunch and another with the second stroke.

"I was hoping to get them off intact. I could've played many a practical joke with them", said the player with a touch of disappointment.

to be continued...
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Welcome Back!

AD&D for me!
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Thanks Dalor!

Tavelle's player is DMing for my character at the moment. It's giving me the opportunity to prepare for the next chapter in Tavelle's tale... he is just preparing to depart Mistledale.


- Tavelle gave his cloak a good shake, to clear the debris, and forced his head back into the neck of the garment. "Bastard wight has jammed the clasp", he whinged.

"I'm not sure what to do", admitted Tavelle's owner, "I'd like to confront Jentar, but, I don't think I will. It's not the right moment, i'm still too angry". Tavelle's player had really liked Helton Jhone. He had been a quiet and thoughtful man, with a dry sense of humour. Tavelle would miss his sarcastic observations.

- Tavelle looked over to Erael, she was helping Jopson. He was sat on a pile of rubble, with his chainmail top unlaced. Jop had a vacant look in his eyes and his face seemed thinner. The mage saw what could only be a wight's hand print across his neck and collarbone. Tavelle glanced towards Brondar, "We should all head back, this has been a disaster".

- Brondar called the patrol to attention, orders were issued to return to the Lannane farm. Tavelle was left standing alone and he noted Jentar offered no orders to the contrary. The paladin looked somewhat crestfallen.

- Tavelle saw Erael approach, "What happened in there, are you alright?", asked the mage. The sorceress nodded, "I'm unhurt. The barrow had a number of alcoves, the wights came out of nowhere and smashed Jentar to the ground. Unfortunately he landed on his back, arms wide, and the light from his shield was blocked out. He recovered in time to see Helton get dragged down a hole. I managed to slay the wight that was trying to do the same to Jopson".

- Erael looked the mage up and down, "What happened to you?", she asked. Tavelle was about to reply when a voice interrupted, it was Liria, "Yeah, what happened to you?". The halfling was sat atop Drool with the hood of her fullcloak up. Without allowing Tavelle to respond she continued, "Derim's arrived at the farm, he's asked for the patrol to return".

- The halfling glanced around, "What's wrong with Jop?". Tavelle looked towards the militiaman, he was being helped onto a mount, "He was attacked by the wights. Helton is gone, dragged down a hole in that barrow". The Highdale mastiff sniffed and snuffled at their feet.

- Liria's eyes widened, "Helton is gone? But you weren't supposed to go into the barrows, Nelyssa said so herself!", she squeaked. Tavelle looked at the hooded sneak, "I wasn't aware you were invited to that particular meeting?", Liria gave the wizard a grin, "Not my fault you lot talk so damned loud!". Liria went to wheel Drool around and found that the mastiff had what looked like a severed arm in his mouth. Liria pulled a face of absolute disgust, "Drool, drop it! Drop! Drop it!", she commanded sternly.

- Drool didn't seem to be listening, "Drop! Drool, for <censored>'s sake, drop it!", shouted the halfling. Tavelle watched with a smile on his face and Erael winced at the language. Briarly and Brondar approached the group, on horseback, leading Fury and a dark brown mare". Erael walked over and gathered the reins from Brondar. Tavelle recognised the horse as Allam's mount.

- Tavelle looked back to Liria, the halfling had dismounted and was engaged in a titanic tug-of-war with Drool. Liria was losing. Drool's tail wagged furiously and he growled playfully. Liria slipped in the mud, lost her balance, and fell over. A glass bottle of bright red liquid rolled from under her cloak and settled at Tavelle's feet. Liria was busy wrestling with Drool, or was it the other way round? Tavelle couldn't tell... so, with the halfling distracted, he picked up the bottle.

- The bottle had a hand made label which read: Lannane's Wild Raspberry 1348. The wine was a shockingly lurid shade of scarlet. The mushroom shaped cork was sealed with dark green wax. Tavelle glanced at the halfling and made a loud click-click sound with the side of his mouth.

Tavelle's player really likes his animals, horses in particular. His daughter has taken up riding and I think this has increased his appreciation even more. Tavelle likes the idea of Handle Animal, especially the training and use of tricks... Now, Tavelle doesn't have the Handle Animal skill, and it's trained only. We often discuss the direction of his character and that way I can incorporate some learning... ready for skills as he increases his level. I set a DC of 15 (5 higher than a standard check) and the jammy git rolled a 18.

- Fury pulled his reins from Briarly's grasp and made his way up to the mage. The massive warhorse nuzzled his bristly lips against Tavelle's neck and whinnied.

Tavelle's owner had started laughing, "Kinda reminds me of Naema in the morning".

- The wizard gave Fury's muzzle a playful tweak and placed the bottle in a saddlebag, "Yoink", he whispered to the horse.

- Tavelle placed a muddy boot in a stirrup and hoisted himself up into the saddle. Brondar had a grim expression on his face as he looked down at Liria, "Drool, heel!", the big fighter said sternly. The Highdale mastiff's ears visibly pricked and Drool backed away from the downed halfling. A moment later the limb fell to the grass, and Drool sat on his haunches. Tavelle noted that the dog tilted its head and looked innocently at Brondar, tongue lolling. The burly fighted snorted, "Mount up Liria, we're leaving", and gave his horse a nudge with his boot heel.

- As the five figures departed the barrows Tavelle glanced back.

Tavelle's player shook his head in disgust, "I guess we might be seeing Helton again soon?".

- During the ride back to the Lannane farm Tavelle explains the events in the first barrow. Liria and Erael listen intently. Tavelle learns that the second mound had already been investigated, all of the tunnels inside had been marked out.

Tavelle's owner confessed that the disastrous expedition had been a wake-up call, "Tavelle wasn't armed, warded, or ready. I got complacent. It won't happen again".

- Brondar sounded the horn call for Riders returning when they were about a mile from the farm. As the patrol got to the top of a hill the camp came into view.

- A score of tents were positioned in the field in front of the farmhouse and stables. The rain continued to fall as the group rode on. The pennants of the Riders fluttered on the tips of longspears dotted around the encampment. Tavelle could make out a prominent new addition. A particularly large tent had been pitched, it was all roof and lacked any walls. Six pennants were visible, a golden sheaf of wheat on a green field, they adorned five of the outer posts and the central pole, they all whipped about in the wind.

"I'm not looking forward to explaining what happened to Nelyssa", said Tavelle's owner, "I wanted to shout at Jentar, for him not to be such a glory hunting dumb arse. I didn't, or rather, Tavelle didn't, now Jop's drained and Helton's gone".

I asked the player for a few d20 rolls under the pretext of some Diplomacy checks. I needed to have a few Saving Throws vs Suggestion ready for Tavelle's new memento... I'd taken the time to write down some specific scenarios that I knew would come up. Against each of the scenarios I recorded the rolls. Tavelle's player had given a resigned shrug after rolling, "With that sort of diplomacy I can see Tavelle getting slapped!".

- The patrol snaked down the hill in pairs, apart from two militia riding closely parallel to Jopson. Tavelle rode alongside Brondar, Erael and Liria were just ahead of them. Jentar was at the head of the column. Tavelle saw the Reverend Harvestmaster, and The Shield of Chauntea meet the Paladin.

"I'm interested in their reaction to finding out about Helton and Jop, can I see what's happening?", asked Tavelle's owner.

- The mage could see Nelyssa shaking her head, The Shield didn't look too pleased. The Reverend Harvestmaster walked to meet Jopson, he was accompanied by Brother Waylam, and the militiaman was helped from his mount. The venerable priest and the portly brother of the earth led him towards the tents.

- The militia rode past the two paladins and into the camp. As Tavelle and Brondar approached Nelyssa the mage hoped to slink by unnoticed. Tavelle kept his head down as they passed The Shield, and was about to give a sigh of relief to escape without censure. The wizard heard Nelyssa's voice from behind him, "Tavelle, get yourself cleaned up, then my tent, if you please". The mage turned his head to acknowledge the order, "Yes Shield", he replied. Tavelle turned back and looked at Brondar, "Beshaba's balls!", he muttered.

- Tavelle scanned through the militia that had gathered upon their return. The mage couldn't see Naema and concluded that the Rider had not yet returned from her patrol. Tynan walked up to the pair, "Helton's dead?", he asked in disbelief.

- Tavelle bit his bottom lip... the time wasn't right for a correction...

- Brondar gave a nod of confirmation and looked at the mud covered mage. Tynan gathered the reins of both mounts, "I'll take care of the horses", Tavelle thanked Tynan and then shook Brondar's hand, "You saved my life... I owe you", he said sincerely.

- The wizard dismounted and left Brondar and Tynan with the horses to seek out Naema's tent. Tavelle ducked inside and removed his soaked cloak. It was now more brown than black with all the mud. Tavelle inspected his precious cloak clasp and tried to assess the damage.

- The mage fiddled with the twin horse cloak clasp, "Damn it! I could fix it if I had my tools with me. I can't wait to arcane mark my mage sigil into it", said the sodden Tavelle.

"What??", said the startled DM.

I'd been pestering Tavelle's player about his mage sigil for a while. After his heroics at the Rodrathe holdings he was close to becoming fourth level. For Tavelle's owner to get an idea for it, or even a concept design, was as hard as getting the character hook. I was really insistent he get one and badgered him whenever we spoke. It came as a nice surprise when he showed me his design.

It's best described as two crossed hockey sticks, with the heads positioned above the handles and facing outwards. It was a minimalist version of the Mistledale coat-of-arms... The Twin Horse Heads. Just above the hockey sticks floated a single star... Tavelle's Herald of the Moonmaiden. I was so impressed as he explained his inspiration.

Tavelle's owner intended to Arcane Mark his sigil onto the cloak clasp at the earliest opportunity. The player explained that after the patrol had finished he would return to the tower and repair it first.

- "I so wish I had a clean and a dry cantrip available right now!", moaned the mage. Tavelle cleaned himself up, as much as he could, and departed the tent.

- The wizard approached Nelyssa's tent and the two militia parted the opening for him. Tavelle made his way inside and found Nelyssa was not alone, Derim Whiteshield, the Reverend Harvestmaster, was with her. "You wished to see me?", said the mage. Nelyssa nodded, "Yes, I did... What happened in the barrowfields? Were my orders not clear enough?", Tavelle shook his head, "Your orders were very specific. I relayed them to Jentar when he suggested we investigate the opened barrows". The Shield of Chauntea nodded, "Yet they were disregarded, why?". Tavelle shifted uneasily, "Jentar was most insistent, he concluded that Erael's eyes might find something you and Lanneth, missed. I did attempt to dissuade him, he pointed out that it was he who was the patrol leader and intimated I was a coward". Nelyssa pursed her lips and gave another shake of her head, "I take it that was enough to pressure you into entering the mounds?".

Tavelle's player was getting annoyed, "I'm not having that!".

- "No", stated the wizard flatly, "I decided I should accompany them, if anything, to try and mitigate Jentar's error". The paladin nodded, "And, did you?", she asked bluntly. Tavelle looked at his muddied boots, breeches, and tunic, "No, not really. Brondar saved my life. I was nearly dragged down a hole. You would be facing an undead version of me in the coming days, if not for his skill".

- The old priest of Chauntea stood next to the paladin, he placed a hand on her forearm, and looked to the mage, "Tavelle, i'm sure you did your best". Nelyssa sighed, "I'm sorry Tavelle, I know what he can be like. I was hoping Jentar might've listened to you. He holds you in high regard".

- Tavelle nodded politely at the apology, "After the discussion we had in the barrowfields I expect his opinion's changed". The conversation continued and Tavelle expressed his concerns about the tunnels and, in particular, their constraining size, to which Nelyssa turns to the Reverend Harvestmaster. The wizard saw a strength in the eyes of the venerable priest, "Have faith young swordmage and the Great Mother shall provide". The Reverend Harvestmaster stood next to Tavelle, "Before you make preparations for your patrol this night, would you come and speak with me?", the mage nodded, "Yes, Reverend Harvestmaster".

- Tavelle departed the tent and noticed that the rain had finally stopped falling, "About damn time", he grumbled.

"I'd like to have a wander around the Lannane farmhouse", said Tavelle's player.

- The wizard walked towards the farmhouse. The main door under the porched front was closed. One of the small shuttered windows had been smashed inwards.

"I only know of Coner Lannane, I never asked about the rest of the family", said Tavelle's owner with a hint of guilt. "It must have been absolutely terrifying".

- Tavelle pushed the wooden door inwards and hesitated at the doorway. He cast his eyes down to the porch floor and could see patches of dark brown dried blood. The mage stepped inside and was greeted by the scent of lavender. The rushes on the floor desperately needed changing as they were frayed and split. It all seemed terribly familiar to the mage, Kerryn had adopted her mothers habit of hanging bunches of sweetly smelling flowers from beams. Tavelle had changed his fair share of rushes at the tower, his Unseen Servant was worse than useless when it came to changing them. The wizard wandered around the ground floor, he explored the hearth room, kitchen, and pantry. There was evidence of more slaughter as Tavelle looked at the flight of stairs leading up, a wall was smeared with more blood.

- The wizard ascended the stairs and onto the landing. Rusty coloured stains around the frame of the first door signalled a struggle. Tavelle stood in the entrance and surveyed the room. He surmised that it was the main bedroom from the size of the bed. A crib was against the wall.

- Tavelle made his way to the next room along the landing, the door was closed. The wizard took a steadying breath and then pushed the wooden door open. Three single beds and two sets of bunks were at opposite ends of the cramped room. "Selune's mercy", whispered the mage, the bunkbeds were sized for children, and a few wooden toys were sprawled on the floor. A small, stuffed, toy rabbit lay forgotten, on its back, on a bottom bunk. Tavelle slowly walked over and picked it up. It was obviously well loved, the bald patches, and chewed ears proved it beyond doubt, "Damn it", he said quietly.

- Tavelle walked out of the childrens bedroom and to the last door on the landing. The door was half-off its hinges and had taken quite a battering. A large bed had been moved to block the door and a chest of drawers was upturned next to it.

- The wizard peered inside the room and saw four beds, which were still in position. The room was a mess and Tavelle noticed that the single window was smashed outwards.

"I'm going to do everything I can to stop those <censored> wights", promised Tavelle's owner.

- Tavelle made his way out of the farmhouse and onto the porch. It was at that moment the mage realised he was still holding the stuffed toy, "I know a little girl that will love you", he told the rabbit.

- Tavelle surveyed the tents, watchpyres, and makeshift barricades. Although there were just over sixty people, and their mounts, it was as though an army had arrived. The mage made his way towards Naema's tent and found it empty. After settling down Tavelle had a very welcome visit from Serrick. The militiaman provided him with a fresh tunic and breeches, "I always have a couple spare. You should check your saddlebags too". Tavelle thanked Serrick and wasted no time in changing into the clean, dry clothes.

- Tavelle felt alot fresher and made his way out of the tent to get the food he could smell cooking. Tavelle joined the queue for the spitted lamb.

- The queue for the lamb was lengthy. The mage counted the people ahead of him in the line, a dozen militia, a Rider of Mistledale named Eventar, the rotund Brother Waylam, and Sister Alena from the abbey. Tavelle was soon no longer last in line when Brondar and Erael joined him. The sorceress smiled at the wizard, "You look better with clean clothes. How did your meeting with The Shield go?", the mage gave a shrug, "Better than I hoped. Before we depart later i've been asked to pay the Reverend Harvestmaster a visit". Brondar informed Tavelle that he had just left his own meeting with Nelyssa, "She knows you tried yer best with the Morn Horn", he added. The sorceress raised an eyebrow, "The Morn Horn? What is that?", she asked quizzically.

- Tavelle bit his lip and Brondar stifled a giggle. The mage composed himself and explained it was the nickname Jentar had been given. Erael pressed for more information, "But why the Morn Horn? What does it mean?".

- Brondar gave a chuckle, "If he ever invites you to his naked morning worship of the dawn...", the pair could see his face redden, as he tried to manage his mirth, "...You'll not likely miss the 'why' of the nickname".

- Erael blushed slightly, "Erm, I think I understand, i'm glad I said i'd require rest after tonights patrol".

"Looks as though the Pink Lancer didn't waste any time", said Tavelle's player.

- "A lucky escape, i'd say", laughed Brondar. Tavelle heard a horn call sound, signalling a returning patrol, the mage saw Naema and Kinara approach from the northwest. The wizard gave Naema a wave, and called out, "I'll get you some food", the Rider gave a smile and a wave in return as she dismounted.

- Tavelle was served two helpings of lamb with turnips and potatoes. He waited for Brondar and Erael to collect their dinner and accompanied them back to the tents.

- It wasn't long before Naema joined them, Tavelle met her warmly and handed her a bowl of lamb.

- Naema and Tavelle took turns discussing the events of their day. The Rider had already been told of Helton's death and Naema was quite shaken by the news. Naema informs Tavelle about her patrol to the Moonsea Ride. They had found the abandoned caravan campsite that the Black Eagle trading coster had reported to Tavelle. It was after the wizard had recounted the drama in the barrow, and told of nearly being dragged to his doom, that Naema thanked Brondar for his skill.

- The sun was hovering above the horizon and Tavelle estimated they had an hour before sunset, he looked to Erael, "I have to see the Reverend Harvestmaster. We should prepare to leave soon". The sorceress nodded her agreement, "May I summon Spot?", she asked. As Tavelle got up he fished the cloak clasp out of a pouch and handed it to Erael. Naema asked where his cloak was, "It's not going to be a warm night", she warned him, "I won't be needing my cloak", replied the wizard and he departed in the direction of Derim's tent.

- Tavelle walked towards the tent and noted it now had sides and an entrance. Two guards, from the Abbey of the Golden Sheaf, stood alert outside. The pair were clad in bronze hued half-plate, the one on the left raised his hand, "Well met Tavelle. The Reverend Harvestmaster is expecting you. The temple guard on the right parted the entrance and motioned for the mage to enter.

- The opening was high enough that Tavelle could walk in without stooping. The interior was illuminated by a softly glowing globe near the canopy. The floor was the bare earth of the field and it had been freshly tilled.

"Not like that cloying mess in the barrow", added Tavelle's owner.

There were very few furnishings within the tent, some simple wooden chairs, a sturdy chest of oak and brass, a table sprawling with scrollcases, a roughly polished rock, and a wooden vial holder. A bedroll laid out on the ground. The item that caught Tavelle's eye, and held his attention, was a curious white-metal shield. It was the colour of purest ivory, with a gilded inlay depicting a large wheat sheaf. The wizard was met by the aged priest, who rose from a wooden chair to greet him. Derim was dressed in his unremarkable brown vestments, they were practical and unfussy. Tavelle did notice the Reverend Harvestmaster wore a beautiful gold embroidered belt, and a silver and gold sickle at his hip.

- Tavelle gave the Reverend Harvestmaster a bow in greeting. The mage felt a hand on his shoulder and Derim's voice, "Thankyou for coming, please take a seat", the priest motioned to a chair.

- Tavelle sat down and Derim took a seat opposite him, "How is Jop?", asked the mage. His question was met with a warm smile, "Goodman Furrelly's made a good recovery, he's probably enjoying some food as we speak", said the priest. Tavelle gave a sigh of relief at the news, "Is there any hope for Helton and the Lannane family?" he asked. The Reverend Harvestmaster shook his head, "I'm afraid not. We can only offer them a final death and the embrace of the earth. Once they are embraced the natural cycle will continue", Tavelle tilted his head and asked, "Natural cycle?". The priest explained, "Life, growth, and death. They are undead and therefore outside of the natural cycle".

- The Reverend Harvestmaster asked Tavelle about the warning from the star and if any other dreamvisions had been received. The wizard explains to the venerable priest, "No, none. Why do you think she gave me the warning?". Derim raised his brow, "That's a good question Tavelle. What do you think?".

"I haven't a clue!", said the player.

- The mage gave a shrug, "I don't know, I pray occasionally. I wouldn't claim to be particularly pious". Derim Whiteshield nodded, a hint of a smile sparkled in his eyes, "Do you love to gaze at the moon and stars?", he asked. Tavelle responded immediately, without even a pause, to the question, "Yes, very much, I always have". The smile in Derim's eyes found its way to his face, "Maybe that's all the reason the Sliver needed? I believe that the gods look into our hearts... Talk, after all, is easy... A persons actions and feelings are what really matter".

"I've never heard of a Sliver", said a very surprised player.

- Tavelle blinked slowly, "A Sliver?", he asked. The Reverend Harvestmaster nodded, "It would be my best guess, a celestial servant of the Moonmaiden". The wizard blinked again slowly, "A Sliver", he repeated. The Reverend Harvestmaster continued with his musings, "Had you considered that the Sliver was watching at the request of another?". Tavelle nodded as a memory of her words came back to him, "She said she was a Herald of the Moonmaiden", concluded the wizard. Derim chuckled playfully, "Yes, obviously... What if your goddess had answered a prayer?". Tavelle raised an eyebrow, "Someone was praying to Selune, the Moonmaiden, to watch over me?", he asked in astonishment. Derim chortled again and smiled, "Remember, Swordmage, it's just a maybe".

- The priest of Chauntea paused while Tavelle digested the information.

- "Tell me what you know of Erael?", asked the venerable priest.

- Derim's grey eyes held power and wisdom. His body may be old but his mind is as sharp as an elven blade thought Tavelle...

"Bugger!", said Tavelle's owner.

- Tavelle did his best to keep things simple, "Only what she has told me... Erael hails from the Galena Mountains where she lived, with her family, with a clan of dwarves. She lost her family and now she describes herself as a wandering sorceress. Erael said she heard of Kendra causing havoc in the dale and wanted to help". Derim nodded, "Her help has been very much appreciated, especially with that monstrous wyvern. I'd love to see the enchantment that helped her slay the beast, Lanneth showed me the corpse. It looked as though it had been frozen, bitten, clawed, and ripped", said the priest.

"Yeah well, hopefully, that's not gonna happen", said Tavelle's owner suscpiciously.

- Tavelle nodded, "Like I told Lanneth, it must be an enchantment i've not seen yet".

- The old priest gave a slight nod of his head, "The magic she used to get you to Ashabenford with such haste is impressive. You must've been flying?", Tavelle nodded, "Yes we were", he replied. The Reverend Harvestmaster smiled, and continued, "What did you make of the news that a silver dragon saved young Maisie Selmer? I only ask because a number of the faithful, in the fields, at the abbey reported seeing a dragon in the sky".

Tavelle's player looked unsettled, "I get the distinct feeling that Derim suspects something".

- "Could it not have been another wyvern?", asked the wizard hopefully. Derim raised a white eyebrow, "Another wyvern? No, I don't think so. Many made the claim that it was like polished silver and it bore a rider".

"Uh-oh!", said the player.

- The priest of Chauntea's eyes seemed to twinkle with mischief, "It was after your visit that the faithful reported it". Tavelle tried hard not to fidget in his chair.

"I'm so tired of all the secrets and lies. But, I won't betray Erael", asserted the player.

- "Please, Reverend Harvestmaster... I cannot...", said Tavelle. The priest looked about the tent, "We are shielded from eavesdroppers and warded against scrying eyes", the mage shook his head, "It's not that", he said quietly. Derim smiled at the mage, "Your mother would be very proud of the man you've become. I will trust your judgement", reassured the priest.

- Tavelle nodded, "Thankyou, Reverend Harvestmaster. I'm hoping Erael can seek tutelage in crafting, from my father, after the wights have been dealt with". The old priest grasped the handle of the ornate sickle at his belt as he rose to his feet, and said, "It would be good to have one of her kind grace Mistledale with her presence".

"How on earth does he know? I'm obviously missing something", exclaimed the player.

Tavelle's player was correct. He was missing some vital information. When the grove had been stealthily corrupted by the Myrkulites, they had planted a spy within the abbey. This spy had run interference, disrupting the communications, and efforts to coordinate a response between the Chaunteans at the Abbey of the Golden Sheaf, the druids of Oakengrove Abbey, and the Riders of Mistledale. This cleric of Myrkul had been a royal pain in the arse - My own character, Farrel, can attest to the fact. Derim Whiteshield had grown and learnt from the experience - He had taken precautions to prevent it happening again. The beautiful chair in the audience chamber which Derim was sat upon, when he received Tavelle and Erael, possessed the ability to reveal auras. Erael's aura was shining silver and very strong... What with all the other clues Derim had collected he was now quite certain.

"I've got to try and change the subject", said the player.

- "I remember my mother loving the two abbeys and enjoying spending time with you. She always spoke of you fondly", said Tavelle, as he attempted to move the talk away from the sorceress.

- Derim smiled, "Merrielle would have loved hearing about your encounter with the unicorn" he said. Tavelle nodded, "Yes, she loved Kamerynn, a servant of the Earthmother. I remember a silver pendant she used to wear, a unicorn with a beard". Derim smiled broadly, "Your mother continued her family's tradition of worshipping the Earthmother". Derim glanced to Tavelle's weaponbelt, to the small toy rabbit that was tucked into it, and raised an eyebrow. Tavelle saw what the priest was looking at, "I found it in the Lannane farmhouse. I was going to give it to Maisie to love and look after... Poor little rabbit must've seen some horrible things...", he explained. The Reverend Harvestmaster smiled and said, "Your mother would be happy to know the man you've become".

- The pair stood in the tent, "I should let you leave while the light holds", said the venerable priest, Tavelle nodded, "Yes, Reverend Harvestmaster". They made their way to the exit and stopped short. Derim put his hand on the mage's forearm, and brushed off some mud into his other, "Tavelle, if you ever want to talk about your mother, or the Moonmaiden, you are always welcome at the abbey, the same goes for young Erael". Tavelle nodded and smiled, "Thankyou again. I have questions about Lurue's Champion at the Unicorn's Charge... When this is over i'll make sure I visit". Derim looked puzzled, "The Unicorn's Charge?", he asked.

- "It's the name the militia came up with for the hill, where the unicorn defeated Kendra. We thought the name sounded better than Kendra's Fall", explained the wizard. Derim nodded, "It is a fine name".

- Tavelle departed the large tent and went to collect his things. As he walked to Naema's tent he felt relieved that Derim knew about Erael. Tavelle retrieved the equipment he needed for his patrol. Before leaving the tent he found the scroll of Endure Elements and cast it on himself, "At least i'll be comfortable", he reasoned. The wizard made his way to where Erael had summoned Spot. The sorceress waited with Nelyssa, Brondar, Naema, and Tynan.

- The four figures watched the mage approach, "Are you ready?", asked Nelyssa. Tavelle nodded and patted Spot on the neck. Brondar gave the wizard a hand up into the saddle and then did the same for Erael. The Shield of Chauntea advised Tavelle to return early, "There's no need to stay at the Barrowfields too late. If the wights are contained within their barrows they'll have no time to travel and threaten anyone".

- Tavelle gave a nod and wheeled Spot around to the direction of the Barrowfields. The sky was grey with low clouds and the light was beginning to falter.

- The pair trotted away from the camp and up the hill. Erael had noticed that Tavelle was quiet, and had been since his arrival, he wasn't his usual talkative self. The sorceress waited a few minutes before breaking the awkward silence, "Are you alright?", she asked. Tavelle's shoulders drooped and he let out a seemingly world weary sigh, "The Reverend Harvestmaster knows you're a silver dragon", he explained. Erael grasped his shoulder, "How? When were you going to tell me?", she asked, almost in a panic.

- Tavelle turned in the saddle so he could face the sorceress, "I still don't know how he knew and I wasn't going to mention anything in front of the others back there", he said in frustration. "So, you didn't tell him?", asked the sorceress. Tavelle shook his head, "No, of course not. Derim listed all of the injuries on the wyvern, he seemed far too well informed about how we travel so fast. After we had delivered our messages they received reports of a silver dragon, bearing a rider, from the faithful in the fields. He is a powerful priest of Chauntea and a clever man, whether he read my mind, or scryed upon us from afar, he definitely knows".

- Erael nodded her head slowly, and asked, "What does he intend to do?". Tavelle shrugged, "Nothing, apparently. When I wasn't willing to discuss you... he just seemed to accept it and said he would trust my judgement. He did seem very pleased you're here and helping so much". The sorceress raised an eyebrow, "Really?", she asked. The mage nodded, "Yes, really. His exact words were that it would be wonderful to have one of your kind grace the dale with her presence".

- Erael bit her bottom lip, and then asked, "Do you think he will tell anyone?". Tavelle shook his head, "I don't believe he will, I think he is genuinely astounded. I do think he'd love to talk with you though".

- Erael looked about, "I must be more careful in future", and she climbed down from the saddle. The sorceress dropped her backpack to the ground and started unbuckling her swordbelt. Tavelle dismounted and dismissed Spot, the mage noted the light was fading fast. He turned his back on Erael as the sorceress disrobed.

"Hmmm, uncomfortable silence", said Tavelle's owner.

- The mage turned around to view the shining silver form of Eraeliglasheer. Tavelle placed the clothes and weaponbelt within the backpack and helped the dragon don it. He picked up the rope and carefully climbed up onto the pack. A many number of knots followed...

"There'll be no wizard pancakes tonight!", said Tavelle's player.

- Eraeliglasheer broke into a run and unfurled her silver wings to catch the breeze. A moment later they were aloft and then airborne. The dragon circled, at an angle, as she gained altitude. Tavelle had an eyewateringly uncomfortable view of the barrows.

"Knots don't fail me now!", squeaked the player nervously.

- The dragon soared in a circle over the barrows, the sky above was cloudy and dark, not a star could be seen. Tavelle noticed a strange white cloud, slowly gathering, ten feet below them, and Eraeliglasheer swooped down to land on it, "Did you just create this cloud?", asked the mage in astonishment. The dragon turned her head to face the wizard, "Yes, i'm slowly mastering my ability to conjure fog... this is quite an embarrassing attempt, if i'm honest".

- Tavelle shifted on top of the backpack as he tried to make himself comfortable. The mage noted the patch of fog wasn't dispersing, "Can I walk on it?", he asked hopefully. Eraeliglasheer giggled, "It's quite a way to fall". The mage pulled a face, "I take it that's a no then?".

- The conversation halted and the wizard was left contemplating what was on Erael's mind. It was past dusk and Tavelle wondered if his Low Light Vision enchantment would actually achieve anything, "Go away clouds and let the stars shine", whispered the mage. Eraeliglasheer's silver-blue eyes scanned the ground below intently.

- An hour passed by with no sign of any wights and no conversation between Erael and Tavelle. The first few times the wizard thought to ask a question he had stopped himself.

"I guess everyone needs time with their thoughts?", commented the player insightfully.

- Eraeliglasheer had positioned herself on the small blotch of fog like a cat waiting to pounce, her serpentine neck peered over the edge, "Tavelle, when we return I think I should speak to the Reverend Harvestmaster", said the dragon quietly. The wizard nodded his agreement, "It would be a good idea".

- Erael continued, "I also need to tell you... as much as i'm able... the truth about why I am here".

- Tavelle fidgeted on the pack, "The truth?", he asked. Erael kept her gaze firmly on the barrows, "Nearly everything i've told you is true about my family, Stoneshield Hall, and Vallendras. But, I did not come here just because I heard about Kendra the Mad. I came here to destroy the Mound King and claim a weapon of cold. My family, the dwarves of Stoneshield Hall, are relying on me to retrieve it... It is our only hope".

- Tavelle listened as the dragon continued, "When I arrived in Mistledale, and located the barrows, I didn't realise there would be so many wights. The tunnels were so tight and I was forced to retreat. I'd gladly fight that horny wyvern again rather than venture into the barrows alone".

"Horny wyvern?", asked Tavelle's owner.

- "I tried to destroy as many as I was able when they emerged at night. I was too late to help the Lannane's. After meeting Maisie I learned that a patrol of Riders would be coming to investigate the barrows, so, I decided to wait". Tavelle took off his riding gloves and placed a hand on the dragon's shoulder, "You won't be alone in the tunnels, you will be with friends and allies. I'll come with you when you see Derim. He needs to know about the weapon and your need to claim it".

- Eraeliglasheer raised her gaze from the barrows and looked at the wizard lashed to her backpack, "I was very lucky to find you", she said softly.

- Tavelle felt himself blush at the compliment from the azure eyed dragon, "I believed that you had run... erm sorry... flown away from Stoneshield Hall due to the priests of Torm laying claim to Vallendras's sword", said the mage. Erael cast her eyes back to scanning the ground, "The priests of Torm who visited and stayed at Stoneshield Hall were only interested in my brother's hoard. They had been given a sizeable donation, to take back to their temple in Tantras. I believe Vallendras was embarrassed by them, Eristan gave them the gold to be rid of them. It was after Eristan and Vallendras fell they declared the possessions left behind the property of the church. It seems they believed the Lionswrath Blade was included in the spoils".

- Tavelle shook his head in disgust, "I bet that went down well?", he said with a heavy dose of sarcasm. Erael's head nodded in the gloom, "I honestly thought King Angrimm was going to order their execution... he banished them instead. I don't believe I could've stayed with them still around".

- Tavelle cast his eyes to the sky as he thought about how much the dragon had endured. A few breaks in the clouds had appeared and a number of twinkling stars pulsed overhead. The mage noticed Eraeliglasheer's head turn sharply to the side, "Something approaches the barrows", whispered the dragon. Tavelle peered over the edge of their cloudy perch, "Wights?", asked the wizard. It was far too dark for the mage's eyesight to reach the ground. "No, an Earth Elemental and a big one too!", exclaimed Erael.

"I need to see this!", said Tavelle's player, "I'm going to cast my Low Light Vison".

- Tavelle felt the enchantment take effect and his view of the barrows improved significantly. The mage followed the direction of Erael's gaze and soon saw the massive elemental composed of earth and rock. The wizard's jaw dropped open at the sight. With every movement the lower portion took forwards, he felt a vibration in his chest, "Grumbar's gonads!", blurted the mage.

The DM nearly had an asthma attack due to laughing.

- Tavelle watched the behemoth of earth and stone purposefully move towards the slope, at the side of the barrows, where he had been standing earlier. The pair saw the elemental almost submerge itself into the side of the hill as it moved. The wizard was completely transfixed by what he could see, the creature merged with the slope, and nearly disappeared from view. There was a slight pause before it burst forth, causing a huge landslip. Stones and waterlogged dark soil ran down the slope, it exposed a twenty feet wide opening into the side of the hill.

- "I bet this was Derim's doing, after my telling off from Nelyssa I brought up the subject of the tunnels restricting us, he said to trust in the Great Mother... I thought he meant the Bountiful Goddess, Chauntea", laughed Tavelle. Erael swept her gaze about, "The elemental seems to have gone", she declared.

- The wizard looked to Erael, "You've seen an elemental before?". The sorceress explained she had seen a High Old One of Dumathoin, in Stoneshield Hall, summon one. Tavelle strained his eyes to pierce the darkness of the gaping hole, "Can you see any movement?". The dragon was quiet for a moment and then replied, "There's no sign of any wights".

- The pair continued their vigil over the barrows, sat atop a cloud, until the mage's Low Light Vision enchantment expired, "I can't blame the wights for remaining in their barrows. The thought of the elemental, possibly laying in wait, would make me lay low too. Shall we head back to camp?", asked Tavelle. Eraeliglasheer agreed, she stretched out like a cat and unfurled her wings, "I ache", muttered the dragon. Tavelle nodded, "You haven't moved in a few hours, of course you ache, my ass is completely numb too", he laughed. Erael stretched again, "No, I have growing pains and it makes my scales hurt", she corrected. Tavelle nodded, "Maybe some food and sleep will help? Do you preen your scales like a bird has to manage its feathers?", asked the mage inquisitively.

- Erael gave a draconic shrug, "Scales fall out if they are damaged and are replaced, others shift to make room for new growth, and some I pull out myself. It just makes me ache all over". explained Eraeliglasheer. The dragon shifted on the patch of fog, it was becoming increasingly unstable, and she leapt off towards the direction of the Lannane Farmstead.

to be continued...

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Well met, Farrel, everyone else. I must say I am impressed with how much depth you have put into this. It reminds me of what I do when I run my games. You got a pretty interesting story going on and it makes me want to tell the story of my players :)
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Well met fylth and thanks for the kind words


"Maybe I should offer Erael my skills as a masseuse?", wondered Tavelle's player.

- The dragon soared over the dark landscape. Tavelle felt the wind buffet him and pull on his tabard. It was a wise move casting the Endure Elements, it took the chill from the rushing air, thought the wizard.

"Enough fantasies about massaging Erael's aches away", said Tavelle's owner, "Tavelle has alot to think about. I want to know why she bothered to mention staying and seeking tutelage in crafting? I feel a bit <censored> off to be fair, like I've been manipulated. As soon as she claims the weapon she'll be winging her way back to the Galenas".

I've found that Tavelle's player can be a little hasty and impulsive. I like the character trait as it reflects his chaotic nature. It can often lead him to make decisions without actually clarifying all of the facts. I was surprised that he hadn't thought of it when Erael had admitted her reason for being in Mistledale. Tavelle's player did have alot on his mind and, thanks to the phantom Diplomacy checks, things would get alot worse.

- Erael flew low over the land and located the stand of trees where the wyvern had perished. She landed a good distance from the sprawling corpse and padded to a halt. The wizard nearly vomitted from the odour of the rotting carcass.

- Tavelle brought a gloved hand up to cover his nose, "I thought I smelled bad...", he laughed. Erael turned her head to face the mage, "Well, I didn't want to say anything... but, as the dwarves would say, 'yer gettin a bit ripe". Tavelle wanted to laugh at the use of the dwarven saying... all he managed was to blush deep red in embarrassment at the thought of smelling bad.

"Does Tavelle really smell?", asked Tavelle's player.
The DM nodded, "Tavelle hasn't bathed in seven days, he's been riding, fighting, riding, fighting, getting rained on, fighting, rolling around in the mud, getting rained on again...".
"Hmm, I guess I smell of eau de wet dog?", said Tavelle's owner.

- "I changed into fresh kit after the barrows... do I really smell?", asked the wizard sheepishly. The dragon nodded, "I've smelled worse... the Vaasan Yeti is like curdled goats milk". Tavelle pulled a sour face, "I'm not that bad am I?", Eraeliglasheer gave a draconic chuckle, "No, not yeti".

"I wonder if Erael would conjure some water for me to have a shower?", asked Tavelle's owner (He hadn't laughed at Erael's Yeti joke - Obviously stinking was not an option). "It would seem the most opportune timing for one. I've the Endure Elements active so I'm not going to get cold or anything", pondered the player. "All I need is some soap and I'd be set!", he concluded happily.

- Tavelle finished dismounting from the backpack and unfastened its large silver buckle. The wizard spent time rubbing some feeling back into his buttocks, before he knelt, muttered Anarshas, and unbuckled the straps. He withdrew Erael's clothes, weaponbelt, and boots, and passed each over his shoulder, "Do you think you could conjure me enough water for a shower?", asked Tavelle. The sorceress continued to dress, and finished lacing up her chemise, "I think so. Be warned - it'll be cold", she laughed.

"No, it won't", sniggered Tavelle's player.

- "I don't suppose you have any soap in that backpack of yours?", asked the wizard hopefully as he unfastened his weaponbelt. Erael raised an eyebrow in thought as she reached inside the pack, "One of the clerics of Torm left behind some nice soap, I have it here somewhere, with a cloth, I think". The sorceress brought forth a small block of soap wrapped in waxed paper, and a thickly-woven blue cotton flannel, Tavelle could smell the fragrance of Honeysuckle, "The Tormtar really know how to rough it", laughed Tavelle, "This is the fanciest soap I've ever seen".

- Tavelle continued disrobing and stacked his clothes neatly in a pile next to Eraels' backpack. The mage was soon standing in the dark, naked, holding a bar of honeysuckle soap and a discreetly positioned flannel to secure his modesty.

"What in the nine hells am I doing?", asked Tavelle's owner in a bit of a panic. As the DM I was trying not to laugh at the mental image I'd managed to form of the scene. "I was putting off asking the question about her heading back to the Galenas... How did it get to this?", laughed the player.

- Tavelle felt somewhat exposed and started to shift away from the piled clothes and pack, the grass was wet, not cold, between his toes. The wizard heard Erael giggle, "Are you ready?". Tavelle recognised the laughter in her voice and replied that he was ready. There was a short pause before the first extended downpour arrived and Tavelle shifted himself to turn away from the direction of Erael's voice.

- When the mage was quite certain his rear was facing the sorceress he began to lather up. It was dark and he realised that Erael's vision would be unimpeded by the lack of illumination. After a while of soaping down the mage requested more water and more after that. The suds of soap were around his feet and Tavelle felt far fresher, he wrung out the cloth and began using it to dry himself.

- I suppose now is as good a time as any, thought the wizard, "When you recover the weapon I take it you'll be returning to the Galenas?", asked the mage quietly. Erael shook her head, "No, not immediately. When I was given this task I was told to expect a sign for when I was to return to Stoneshield Hall. Dhannagar Steelarm, a High Old One of Moradin explained that I'd return with more than just a weapon... He said it might take some time to truly bond together. I hope I'll have enough time to learn crafting during the process".

"I'm so glad I asked tactfully - she didn't mislead me", said the player in relief.

- Tavelle smiled, nodded his understanding, and started to put his clothes on, "It is likely to need mastering. I've read of accounts of powerful weapons exerting their will, some call it the ego, upon the wielder. A battle of personality, if you like? It also sounds as though there may be contingent conditions..."

The DM was extremely happy with the way Tavelle reacted and the information about the ego of a weapon was brilliantly done. I had been secretly hoping that he would get all wordy and let loose his ideas regarding the Lionswrath blade... I couldn't let the chance go begging.

- Erael looked to the wizard in astonishment, "Clangeddin's Beard! How do you know all this stuff? What's a contingent condition?".

I once teased Tavelle's player about, "Time to baffle the bumpkins!", when he was faced with the Rodrathe's and Militia, at the orchards not so long ago. I had been expecting him to get all verbal and overwhelm the farmers in a bid to allow Erael to sneak off... He had taken offense at my choice of phrase and had explained, "Those bumpkins are Tavelle's fellow Mistrans. They need his help - They'll be no bumpkins baffled here!". It had rather put me in my place and told me that Tavelle really did care for his fellow dalesfolk.

- Tavelle fidgeted and gave a grin, "I'm a wizard... It's my job... Look, I do read alot and, despite what he may say to the contrary, I do pay attention to my father. I've been thinking about the Lionswrath blade and I believe it is the wielder of the sword that holds the contingent condition of activity". Tavelle paused to check if Erael understood, "Still with me?", he asked as he put on his weaponbelt. Erael nodded, "You think that another might be able to wake the blade?". Tavelle explained his theory of the sword being a Holy Avenger, "I believe that any paladin could call on the currently dormant powers".

- Tavelle checked that he hadn't left any clothes or equipment behind and then carefully wrapped the soap back into the paper.

- The pair summoned Patches, mounted up, and started the short ride back to the farm.

- The watchpyres were burning brightly at the edge of the camp and Tavelle removed the Horn of Mistledale from his side. He blew a slightly strangled version of the call for a rider returning. Erael commented that Buross was overhead and Tavelle saw two figures, bearing torches, approaching. "Corster and Feluan", whispered the sorceress.

- As the pair of militia drew closer Tavelle could hear them laughing, "I told you it was a horn call", said Feluan, "Nah, it sounded more like an animal being molested", replied Corster. The mage greeted the militia, Tavelle joked with Corster that if anyone knew about the sounds of a beast being molested, it would be "The Bear". They were accompanied as far as the inner ring of pyres.

- A winged blur flew from behind them and over their heads, Buross settled on the outstretched forearm of Lanneth. The half elven ranger stood beside the Reverend Harvestmaster and gave the wizard a wave as they drew closer, "Welcome back, anything happen?", he asked.

- Tavelle looked towards Derim, he was certain that the priest was responsible for the earth elemental, and the Reverend Harvestmaster gave him a wink. The mage smiled at the venerable priest, "We saw no activity from the wights... We were watching the barrows from a safe distance and saw a huge earth elemental. It caused a large landslip on the northern slope. It exposed some of the tunnels... getting into the barrows will be a lot less problematic", explained the mage.

- Lanneth looked to Derim Whiteshield in awe, "That's where you went, and the rock that you were carrying?", he asked. The Reverend Harvestmaster smiled broadly, "I thought it best not to cause a commotion by calling on Borrul'Duhr here at the farm". Lanneth shook his head in astonishment and transferred the eagle owl to a shoulderpad before he helped Erael dismount, "I've always wanted to see an elemental... from a safe distance, of course", said the ranger.

- Erael thanked Lanneth and gently stroked Buross on the side of his feathered head. Tavelle dismounted, gave Patches a pat on the neck, and dismissed the summoned mount, he looked to the Chauntean priest, "Forgive me Reverend Harvestmaster, I know it is late, would it be possible to speak with you privately, please?", Derim nodded, "Of course".

- Lanneth looked at the wizard and sniffed, "I'll leave you two to it and keep Buross circling". Tavelle glanced at the sorceress as the ranger of Mielikki walked off into the gloom, "Could myself and Erael come to your tent?". Derim smiled and nodded, "Please, follow me", he said.

- The pair followed the Reverend Harvestmaster towards his large tent, the two armoured attendants drew back the entrance flaps as they approached, and the trio made their way inside. The old priest removed his sandals and muttered an arcane phrase, the interior of the tent was bathed in a gentle radiance from the glowing globe. Derim ushered his guests towards a chair each. Once Erael and Tavelle were comfortable the old priest seated himself.

- The Reverend Harvestmaster smiled at Erael, the wizard could see a sparkle in Derim's grey eyes, "It is a genuine pleasure, my lady", said the priest of Chauntea.

- Erael looked down nervously into her lap, she clasped her hands tightly together, and the sorceress bit her bottom lip.

"She looks like a naughty toddler who's been caught stealing sweets. This isn't quite what I was expecting", remarked Tavelle's owner. "I think it's the thought of discussing the quest... everytime she has got anywhere near to talking about it she's appeared uncomfortable", continued the player.

- The sorceress glanced up to meet the twinkling eyes of the old priest, "Tavelle has told me that you know i'm a silver dragon", she said quietly. The Reverend Harvestmaster nodded, "Yes, my lady. I pieced together the clues before leaving the abbey. You have my word that i've not spoken of my suscipicions with anyone save Tavelle. When he refused to discuss you I chose to trust his judgement. I'm pleased you have decided to come and see me".

- Derim stood up and made his way to the table, he offered the pair a drink, which they both refused, and he poured himself some water into a stoneware cup. Tavelle scanned the wooden table and looked at the roughly polished stone. It definitely bore a burly resemblance to the elemental that the Reverend Harvest had named as Borrul'Duhr. Derim took his seat and smiled at the nervous looking sorceress, "My lady, you must tell me how we... no, how I can start to repay your valour?".

- Erael raised a dark eyebrow, "Valour?", she asked in surprise. The venerable priest nodded, "The Selmer family owe you their lives and the great bull wyvern is no longer a threat to Mistledale because of you.".

Tavelle's owner had a big smile on his face, "I like Derim and most importantly I trust him".

- The Reverend Harvestmaster continued, "Without your aid we would never have been able to react with such speed to the wights. Many more farms and homesteads would now be lost to us". Erael gave a polite nod to the priest of Chauntea.

Tavelle's owner was still smiling, "I like the direction Derim's taking... He's giving her a reminder of just how much she's helped. I don't believe she realised how much we owe her", he concluded.

- Derim Whiteshield leant forward in his chair, "Please, my lady... Erael... What are you doing in Mistledale?". Tavelle gently placed his hand on the shoulder of the sorceress, "The Reverend Harvestmaster has assured me that we cannot be scryed upon within this tent", he explained. Erael looked to the venerable Chauntean, the wizard felt as though an eternity passed before the sorceress spoke, "I seek a weapon that is vital to the survival of Stoneshield Hall. The dying prophecy, of a High Old One of Clangeddin, told of a weapon that could defeat the Witch King's army", explained the dragon.

- The priest of Chauntea nodded as he digested the information. Tavelle shifted in his chair when Erael had mentioned the army of the Witch King. Even with the largest congregation of militia and Riders of Mistledale that he had ever witnessed it was still hard to imagine a true army.

- "What type of weapon is it that you seek? A sword? An axe?", asked Derim.

"That's a damned good question and one I wish I'd asked", said Tavelle's owner.

- Erael gave a slight shrug, "I don't know what type of weapon... The prophecy just said it would be very cold and I would find it where the Mound King stirs", explained the sorceress.

Tavelle's player gave me a serious look, "Maybe the most important question of all is what the <censored> is this weapon capable of?" I mean, we're talking about an entire army and two red dracoliches?".

- Tavelle fidgeted uncomfortably in his chair. The priest of Chauntea smiled warmly at the sorceress, "Erael, I will help in any way i'm able. If this weapon is indeed within the possession of this Mound King then I'll help you wrest it from his remains", declared Derim. Erael smiled and gave her thanks to the priest. The Reverend Harvestmaster stood up, took a sip of water, muttered some words under his breath, and poured the remaining water on the tilled earthen floor. Tavelle looked towards Erael and found the sorceress already looking in his direction, she smiled and discreetly mouthed her thanks.

- The priest of Chauntea placed his cup on the table and proceeded to open the wooden chest. Tavelle, stood along with Erael, "Thankyou, Reverend Harvestmaster", said the mage. Derim poked through the contents and closed the lid with a look of disappointment, "I thought I may have been able to help more. Unfortunately, the item in question is back at the Abbey". The wizard was intrigued, "What item is that?", he asked. Derim Whiteshield answered Tavelle's question while addressing Erael, "It is an Amethyst pendant, in the shape of a dove, it wards the wearer against scrying and other means of magical eavesdropping. When we return I would very much like you to have it".

- Erael nodded, "My thanks, Reverend Harvestmaster. But, are you sure you no longer need it?", asked the sorceress. Derim smiled, "It's been many years since I've even thought of it. It was a gift, to shield me against a very unscrupulous and greedy Sembite merchant family, The Dewke Brothers, led by Rendolf and Martimer. The Dewkes hired mages to find out about crop predictions by eavesdropping on me and they sought to corner the market... they were left copperless by the timely intervention of those who harp", explained the Chauntean priest.

- Derim thanked Erael once again for placing her faith and trust in him, "I think you two should go and seek some rest". Tavelle yawned, which triggered a yawn from Derim and Erael in quick succession, "I think you're right", said the sorceress. The pair bid Derim a good nights rest and departed the tent.

- Tavelle and Erael walked towards a small group of tents and they passed the occasional militiaman on watch. The wizard stopped beside the small fire outside Naema's tent and saw that Tynan was sat atop a backpack, at the entrance to his own tent, sharpening his longsword.

- Tynan gave a nod to the pair, and whispered, "How did your patrol go?". Erael quietly explained the events regarding the elemental and Tavelle poked his head through the opening of Naema's tent. The mage strained his eyes within the darkness... it was far too dark to see... all he could hear was some loud snoring from the bedroll.

Tavelle's owner gave me a very confused look, "I don't remember Naema ever snoring before". I described the guttural noise from the bedroll as very loud.

- Tavelle stifled a giggle and spoke in a hushed tone, "I'm going to have to turn you on your side, otherwise I'll not get any sleep, you noisy cow". The mage carefully knelt down and gently nudged the bedroll, "Roll over", he whispered.

"Is she really snoring that badly?", asked Tavelle's owner. The example noise that I provided seemed to freak the player out...

- Tavelle gave the bedroll a not so gentle shove to shift the snoring rider onto her back, "You lump, turn over!", he muttered.

I continued to describe the loud snoring and the fact Naema must be wearing at least some armour as she was very heavy...

- Tavelle's hands felt their way up the body in the bedroll and the snoring seemed to subside a little, Tavelle heard a deep, but sleepy, voice from beneath the blanket, "Mmmm, okay Hallinthe, you get on top and do all the work... yer old man's knackered". Tavelle blinked twice and looked confused, "Hallinthe? Isn't that Brondar's wife?", he asked himself.

- The blanket was turned down and a rather sleepy Brondar sniffed in Tavelle's direction, he pulled a face, "You smell like a Sembite whore", declared the fighter. The wizard smiled back at the bearded rider, "Why thankyou Bron, it's good to know you occasionally leave the dales to err... explore. Please go back to sleep and don't snore", replied the mage. The big fighter yawned, pulled the blanket back over himself, and drifted back to sleep with a long squeaky fart...

"Oh for <censored>'s sake!", said Tavelle's owner in disgust.

- Tavelle departed the tent to escape the smell and looked to Tynan, "Why is Bron in Naema's tent?", asked the mage. Tynan smirked as he continued to sharpen the blade and explained, "The Shield wanted to make sure you two were kept separated". Tavelle shot a glance towards Erael in embarrassment, "Oh dear", was all he could manage as a response.

- Erael bid Tavelle and Tynan a good night and decided to depart to Nelyssa's tent. Tynan looked up at the wizard and sniffed, "You smell like a whores drawers... Is that honeysuckle?", remarked the militiaman. Tavelle wanted to laugh but just replied with a nod.

"That damned soap! I smell like a tart!", complained Tavelle's owner.

- Tavelle parted the tent flap and checked for noxious odours, once he was satisfied the fart had been all bark and no bite Tavelle bid Tynan goodnight and made his way warily inside. He removed his gloves, weaponbelt, tabard, and boots, the mage then crouched down to prepare his bedroll... Something at the back of his mind nagged at him...

The DM gave the player a note, which read, "Tavelle has just remembered about the strip of black cloth he found earlier". Tavelle's owner gave me a confused look, "He has?", he asked suscipiciously. The DM nodded, "Yes, and another thought has just entered Tavelle's mind too". The DM provided another note, "Tavelle believes it would be a nice addition, tied around his wrist, next to the leather band".

- As the wizard smoothed out the winterblanket he remembered his memento was in the pocket of his other breeches, "I'm glad I didn't forget that", whispered the mage. Tavelle stood up quietly and rooted inside the pockets of his drying breeches. Someone had pegged a line, along with his tunic and cloak, within the arch of the tent. The mage withdrew his hand from the pocket and he looked at the strip of dark cloth, "You would look splendid tied around my wrist", muttered Tavelle absentmindedly as he settled down to sleep in his bedroll.


Tavelle rolled onto his side with a fitful groan... the cloaked, skeletal spectre that haunted his sleep felt very real and threatening...

The strip of dark cloth tied around the mage's wrist seemed to shift and tighten of its own accord... A green crackle of energy shifted across the material, revealing long forgotten runes of necromantic script...

The skeletal undead horror reached out to the the mage with it's long, slender, taloned hands... Tavelle tried to move but felt paralyzed and helpless... The cloaked form drew Tavelle into a close embrace... The wizard attempted to scream as he felt his life force being stolen away...
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Glad to see it still going man!

AD&D for me!
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Yep, still going

This update is the first instalment of a whole game session. I'm hoping to post the 2nd and final part on Sunday.

I have a part of the next session written up already and I'll post it when it's finished. I won't be updating the scroll for quite a while after that. I've got lots to do for Tavelle's next challenge, away from Mistledale.

A couple of days before this game session was due to start I received a reply from The Hooded One. It was about a question I’d submitted to Ed’s scroll in regards to lore about Captain Baergil. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I wished I’d posed the question a few months earlier – I would’ve had far less fiddling around to do.

The response from Ed was simply amazing and the fact we can get our questions answered still stuns me! I was completely blown away with the depth and detail Ed so graciously provided. The information did throw a slight spanner in the works due to finding out Captain Baergil retired from The Riders of Mistledale in 1352 (Our game is currently in 1353). I wanted to incorporate this lore, so the DM decided Darrask had semi-retired, he was still the official Captain, and was personally involved in appointing a replacement. At the same time as being a figurehead for the organisation he was also pursuing his calling as a priest of Tempus.

Captain Baergil had set up a small shrine to the Lord of Battles, within his quarters, at the barracks. The focal point for this shrine was a statue of a stone sword. The statue had the ability to confer a tempering effect to a weapon in contact with it, and the statue delivered this boon on very rare occasions (read that as whenever the DM fancies). The stone sword had been recovered from a caravan, which had been attacked in Mistledale, and Captain Baergil brought it back to the barracks. It was around this time Captain Baergil started having dream visions, sent by Tempus, to pursue his faith.

That’s how I reconciled the new lore into the game and I didn’t think it worked out too badly.

Update (11th September 2011)

- Tavelle awoke to the sounds of the encampment and immediately regretted it. His entire body ached and he felt terrible. It was as if he had been trampled in his sleep. He vaguely remembered a dream but the details were lost when he attempted to recall them. “Aah <censored> me!”, groaned the wizard as he sat, upright, in the bedroll. A thought popped into his head, I should leave and ride far away from the barrows… Only death awaits me.

The thought of fleeing was a Suggestion from the strip of cloth around his wrist. This was opposed against the last of the phantom Diplomacy checks… It was the only roll to succeed. The Dark Remnant of Kendra's Cloak had stolen away Tavelle's life energy while he slept. He was now a whole point of Constitution lighter.

- Tavelle shook his head at the strange notion and regretted the action just as much as waking up, “What in the nine hells did Bron do to me last night?”, muttered the wizard as he pushed the hair away from his eyes. Tavelle struggled out of the bedroll and pulled his boots on, “I bet I’ve got a cold coming”, he grumbled and had to flick his head to see through his unruly fringe. As the mage finished dressing he decided against donning the damp cloak – the Endure Elements was still active, after all.

- The mage checked his equipment and remembered to speak with The Shield before he committed his spells to memory. Tavelle mused about the irony of it all, "I’m such a hypocrite", thought the wizard.

- Tavelle ducked his head as he left the tent and gauged the time as just before highsun. Brondar was waiting by the fire, “I thought I heard you stir. You look rough”, said the burly fighter. Tavelle was surprised to see the Rider of Mistledale, “I had a terrible night, I feel bloody awful. Why aren’t you at the barrows with the others?”. Brondar let out a sigh of exasperation, “I ain’t 'appy, I won’t fit down some of the tunnels. The Reverend Harvestmaster sent Liria to scout them. He cast something on her to hide her from the wights”. Tavelle nodded as he listened to the fighter, "I bet Liria wasn’t too happy about going in the tunnels", thought the wizard.

- Tavelle collected his spellbook from the tent and took a seat next to Brondar by the fire, “I’m sorry you won’t fit in the tunnels”, admitted the mage as he tried to console the fighter. Tavelle opened the tome, and looked to Brondar, “What did Liria find and what are the tunnels like?”.

- The Rider explained the cramped, claustrophobic conditions, and some of the tunnels were partially submerged. The fighter continued while the mage studied his spelltome, “Liria found a single tunnel, to a larger chamber, in the hole left by the elemental. There’s three exits to explore in the chamber and they’ve split the force to tackle them”. Tavelle broke away from his study, “How have they been allocated?”, he asked with interest. Brondar raised a bushy eyebrow, “You’re with The Shield, Kinara, Sister Alena, Tolben, Tynan, Lenthrey, Serrick, and Aulkren”. The mage nodded his approval and the fighter continued, “The Reverend Harvestmaster will be with Lanneth, Brother Xarran, Talista, Cernien, Eridge, Colecar, and Trentos from the Abbey".

- The wizard was left shaking his head after Brondar detailed the second party, “Jentar is leading the third group?”, he asked incredulously. Brondar scowled, “No, yer girl is. She’s taking him with her”, Tavelle looked to the Rider, “She’s to lead a group? Do you think Naema will be alright?”. Brondar raised his brows and gave a chuckle, “Naema’s not going, I meant yer other woman…”, teased the fighter. The mage closed his spellbook, “If Naema was to hear you say such a thing she’d batter me senseless”, admitted the wizard. “Aah well…”, said the Rider as he looked into his lap, “What do you mean, Aah well?”, asked Tavelle with a touch of concern. The burly Rider fidgeted and started to explain, “The Shield didn’t want you two down there together in case you…”, Tavelle chose the pause to interrupt, “What? Start rutting in the tunnels? A tent is one thing, a wight infested barrow is another matter entirely!”, fumed the mage. Brondar started laughing, “No, I don’t think it’s that. It’s more about not being distracted”. Tavelle banged his forehead on the cover of his spellbook, “<censored>! Is that how it was explained?”, asked the mage. The Rider nodded, “Pretty much. She didn’t take the news well”, the wizard rolled his eyes in disbelief, “She’s gonna kill me”, he concluded grimly. It was as Tavelle spoke the word that another strange thought appeared in his mind, "I should think again about going to the barrows. I’m gonna get myself killed".

Once again the thought had been provided by the strip of cloth. There were no magical compulsions attached this time… The strip of black cloth would be patient and sow doubts.

- Brondar snorted in derision, “Nah, she’s disappointed that’s all. Jentar was the angriest at first and argued with The Shield. Derim reminded him that it's Nelyssa who's the Swordar”. Tavelle nodded, “Heh, good”. The Rider of Mistledale gave the wizard a nudge, “Yer don’t seem too surprised about Erael taking lead of a party?”. Tavelle pulled a face and prodded the fighter back, “The Reverend Harvestmaster knows how powerful she is”.

- Brondar stood up, “I’ll go and get Fury ready while you read, are you hungry?, Tavelle nodded, “I’m starving Bron, thanks a lot”, and the mage found a page to his liking within the tome. The wizard pored over his spellbook and began memorising the enchantments he considered necessary. Brondar returned with two wooden trenchers of hot lamb stew, he took a seat, and handed one to Tavelle. The wizard thanked the Rider for the food and ate while he read. By the time Tavelle finished the stew he had also completed his study. The mage checked he had everything he needed, “I think I’ve got everything”. Brondar nodded and the pair made their way to the horses.

- The wizard greeted Fury with a clap on the neck, the warhorse returned it with a nuzzle, and a nibble, on the shoulder. Tavelle stowed the spellbook in a saddlebag and swung himself up into the saddle.

- The pair were approached by several militiamen who wished them well as they rode towards the outer pyres. The mage couldn’t avert his eyes from the watchpyre that he and Brondar had thrown Allam onto. Tavelle recognised Gothalt and Harran, from the Rodrathe Orchards, the older man smiled broadly at the wizard, “Well met master Tavelle, good hunting to you!”. The mage thanked Harran, even though his attention was elsewhere. He rode away from the farm and up the hill with Brondar.

- As they reached the top tavelle looked back to the Lannane farm and the many tents of the Riders of Mistledale, “What’re yer doing?”, asked the fighter. The mage shrugged his shoulders, “Just having one last look I guess?”. The Rider sidled up to the wizard’s mount, “What’s all this?". The mage shook his head, “I don’t know… I had a strange feeling when I woke up… It’s a nagging thought that somehow I’m doomed”. The fighter started laughing, “Doomed! Doomed! We’re all doomed!”, he cackled loudly. Tavelle raised his eyebrows as he looked to Brondar, “Thanks for the support”, said the wizard sarcastically. The Rider gave his horse a gentle dig and started forwards, “Come on, doom’s waiting. When yer meet him tweak his nose and kick him in the knackers!”. The mage had to laugh at the comment and urged Fury to follow.

- Tavelle drew alongside the fighter and Brondar addressed the Wizard, “Listen, the worst part of any battle is the waiting for it. Doubts can creep into yer mind and yer start thinking of a hundred ‘What ifs?’. Prepare as much as yer able, trust in yer swordbrothers, and make sure they can rely on you”. Tavelle nodded, “I will do my best… I would ask a favour of my own, when this is over. Would you teach me how to fight properly, please?”. Brondar looked at the mage and his eyebrows vanished into the brow of his helm, “Fight properly?”, he asked. Tavelle nodded again, “I’d never held a real sword until Asantar crafted Anvil’s Edge… I know the basics of swordplay thanks to Naema… I want to do the sword justice”. Brondar nodded, “It’s a fine weapon and Captain Baergil told me of the tempering”.

- Tavelle recalled the events in the shrine of Tempus at the barracks, “Captain Baergil said the tempering rendered the weapon unbreakable”. Brondar nodded, “Aye, I’ve seen the flames twice before. The first time was me own sword, and then there was Nelyssa’s scimitar. There’s been a few others, nothing recent until yours and yer girlfriend’s”. Tavelle glanced at Brondar, “I never knew about Naema’s longsword”. The big fighter started laughing again, “I meant Erael”. The mage grinned at the Rider, “You’re going to get me beaten up”. Brondar clapped Tavelle on the shoulder, “I’ll make a fighter out of yer, have no doubts about that. We’ll do it my way though and I don’t want any arguments over me methods”. The wizard gave a grin, “That all sounds a bit ominous?”, and the Rider replied, “We’ll be needing to toughen yer up”.

Tavelle’s player pulled a face , “I’m not sure I like the sound of that!”, he said nervously.

- The pair could see the barrows of the wights, along with a lot of Mistrans, and as many horses. As Tavelle rode closer he could see a number of small tented canopies, “What are those for?”, he asked. Brondar explained the tents were to deal with any wounded, “They’ve brought a few of the clergy from the Abbey. Some of the more wordly will be going with yer, and the others will be waiting outside”. The pair rode towards where the horses had been hobbled and dismounted. The mage checked his saddlebags and saw the bottle of raspberry wine, along with a spare set of clothing. Tavelle removed the bottle to show Bron, “At least I can change into clean gear and get drunk if I survive”, said the wizard with a big grin. The burly Rider looked at Tavelle and glanced past the mage, “Heh! That’s the spirit!”, he chuckled, “Now put the bottle away we’ve company”.

- They were met by Naema and Tynan who had walked over from the barrows. Tavelle noted that Naema didn’t look very happy, she barely managed a smile as she approached.

Tavelle’s owner looked a bit gloomy, “It would seem our night of passion, in the tent, is causing a few problems and I reckon she’s been told off by Nelyssa. I clearly remember what Naema said when we spent the night at Sword’s Creek”. I was so glad he remembered… Naema had told Tavelle how hard it had been to convince her father about her desire to become a Rider of Mistledale. It had been her ambition since she was seven summers old. The young Naema had nagged her father constantly until he caved in and a Sembite swordsmaster was hired. “Being a Rider of Mistledale is who I am and is all I’ve ever wanted to be”, was her explanation at Sword’s Creek. Tavelle’s player was still looking rather depressed, “She’d better not think it’s all my fault”.

- The wizard greeted the pair and Naema made her way over to Tavelle, "You look awful, are you alright? What's happened to your hair?", she asked with some concern. Tavelle shrugged and his hair fell scross his eyes, "I woke up feeling as rough as a Barbazu's arse. <censored> knows what's going on with my hair" grinned the wizard in an attempt to cheer Naema up. Naema raised an eyebrow. “I’m sorry you’re not coming with me”, admitted the mage. The Rider shrugged and cast her eyes to the ground, “I don’t think they’ll ever let us patrol together again”, she explained despondently.

- They began the short walk to where the main body of militia, Riders, and Chaunteans were gathered. As they walked Naema gave as much advice to Tavelle as she could think of, ”I’m glad you’re going with Nelyssa. She took the time to explain her reasoning behind the decision”, she said sincerely. Tavelle was curious, “What did she say?”, he asked, “Nelyssa said there were plenty of swords venturing into the tunnels. You and Erael could provide something else”, explained the young Rider. Naema handed the mage a clay flask, "A flask of Chauntean holy water, take it with you". Tavelle thanked the Rider and tied it to his belt.

- Tavelle heard several cries of “Swordmage!”, and the occasional, “Yarr!”, thrown in for good measure. The mage did notice that the crude gesture was absent throughout.

- There were some familiar faces amongst the three groups and others Tavelle didn’t recognise. The militia were armoured in chainmail and each carried a light shield. The Chauntean priests who were mingling with the militia wore bronze-hued chainmail and matching breastplates.

“I really wish I could wear armour”, said Tavelle’s owner, “Everybody looks better wearing armour”, he whinged. The DM made the point about having Mage Armour available… The response was, “It’s not the same, you can’t see it”. Tavelle’s player asked, “Are any of them wearing their cloaks?”, and the DM nodded in confirmation.

- Tavelle glanced about the militia, “You would be well advised to remove your cloaks before venturing into the barrows”. There were a few nods of agreement and many clasps unfastened.

- The Reverend Harvestmaster and The Shield approached Tavelle, “Sound advice”, commented Nelyssa with a smile. The wizard bowed his head in respect and noticed his hair seemed longer. The Shield noticed as Tavelle lifted his gaze, “Would you like something to keep the hair out of your eyes?”, asked the paladin. The mage nodded and his fringe fell across his face, “Yes please, if you’ve one spare. It really wasn’t this long yesterday”. Tavelle accepted a thin leather strip and started pulling his hair back. He tied the cord around a loose ponytail,. “I need a trim”, concluded the mage.

- Nelyssa explained the plans for the expedition into the tunnels, “We stay together in our groups and don’t get stretched out. The tunnels are very tight so I doubt we’ll get overwhelmed. We deal with any wights we come across and save our priests wrath. I want to coordinate our assault, each group is to wait for the others, if possible, before launching into a final confrontation”. The Reverend Harvestmaster nodded in agreement, “They will likely have constructed a larger chamber where they lair, it would be wise to be at full strength before any attack begins”.

- Tavelle took in all of the information, “How far did Liria scout? Did she explore all three tunnels?”, asked the mage. Derim nodded, “Yes, all three were partially scouted and Liria explored as much as she was able”.

Tavelle’s player looked impressed, “Fair play to Liria. Invisible or not, I wouldn’t have been happy in there on my own”.

- Nelyssa looked at the wizard with some concern and asked Tavelle if he was alright, “You look tired, did you not sleep well?”, the mage shook his head, “I slept with Brondar and had the worst night’s sleep ever. I awoke feeling like I’d been run over by one of Elmo’s carriages and I think I’ve got a cold coming”. Nelyssa nodded, “Are you well enough for the barrows?”. As Tavelle was about to reply a thought came to the mage, “Say no”, it prompted.

The thought was from the cloth around Tavelle’s wrist. It had decided to proceed stealthily in the presence of goodly priests and paladins… It would not squander the Suggestions and its other powers… The mage had easily resisted the first attempt, in the tent, and the strip of cloth began to ponder that it might not be as easy to manipulate the wizard as it had first hoped.

- Tavelle gave a smile, “I’m fine, it must be the beginning of something, that’s all”, he assured Nelyssa.

The DM barely succeeded in maintaining a poker-face at the choice of words the player used.

- Tavelle saw Erael approach, she was clad in her shining mithral breastplate, and the Lionswrath Blade was sheathed at her hip. The sorceress looked Tavelle up and down, and asked, “Are you alright? You look terrible”. The mage sighed, and replied, “I had a rough night sleeping with Bron and I think I’ve got a cold coming”. Erael emptied the familiar contents of a small velvet purse and handed Tavelle the pair of Ioun Stones, I thought these might help in there?”.

- The wizard smiled and nodded, “Thank you for the loan”. Naema looked at the two stones in the wizard’s palm, “What are they?”, she asked. The mage tossed them, one after the other, into the air and they began a lazy orbit around him. Tavelle explained to the Rider that the two stones were enchanted to sharpen his senses and increase the potency of his magic. The priest of Chauntea excused himself and walked over to Brother Waylam. Nelyssa advised Tavelle to prepare himself and then to join her, “The Reverend Harvestmaster has readied some powerful prayers to aid us in our task”.

- Tavelle and Naema were left standing alone. The Rider reached up to the nape of her neck and unfastened the clasp of the silver, blowing-horses pendant. Above the Mistran charm was a softly glowing moonstone sphere in a silver claw mount. Naema held it out to Tavelle, “I want you to take this”, she explained, and the wizard nodded. Naema helped the mage fasten the pendant and then produced a small glass vial from behind her back, “I want you to take this too. It’s a healing potion and my father insists it’s a powerful one”.

- Tavelle thanked Naema and, as he accepted the potion, a thought crossed his mind, “I might never see you again?”. The mage put one hand, to the hilt of Anvil’s Edge, the other resting on the butt of his wand, and he tried to dismiss all the nagging doubts. Naema looked towards the sword at Tavelle’s side and offered some final advice, ”Try and stay behind the shield wall and support them with your magic. Remember, if it all goes to the nine hells, just do whatever you can”.

- Tavelle took Naema’s hands into his and leant in to kiss her. The Rider pulled away, but didn’t break the hold, “We shouldn’t”, was all she managed to say. Tavelle glanced over his shoulder at the groups of militia, Riders, and priests. He looked back to Naema, “From what I’m led to believe we’ll never be allowed to patrol together again?”, and she nodded her head in agreement. Tavelle smiled, “So, Kiss me. What else can they do?”, said the wizard.

- The pair shared a long kiss and were left wondering if it might be their last.

To be continued...

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- Tavelle walked towards the Shield of Chauntea’s group. As he made his way past Lanneth, and his men, he heard the ranger call to him, ”Do I get a kiss, fair wizard?”. Tavelle gave a mischievous grin, nodded, and laughed, “If we both survive, you can have a kiss, yes”. Lanneth put on a serious expression, drew a dagger, and said, “I’d best do myself in now”, with a sly wink.

- Tavelle joined Nelyssa, Kinara, Sister Alena, and he greeted the militia. The mage saw the Reverend Harvestmaster was with Erael and Jentar’s party, the priest had unfurled a scroll, and was praying to Chauntea. The parchment was consumed in fire and the group glowed, with a feint blue aura, for a brief moment. The wizard looked at Erael's group and could see Jentar, Eventar, Brother Handev, Melfrem, and a few he didn't recognise.

- Brother Waylam followed the old priest, he opened a large scrollcase and retrieved another rolled parchment. Another scroll was used, on Lanneth and his group, which produced the same blue glow encompassing them all. Tavelle saw a steely determination in Lanneth’s eyes and he looked far more focussed. The ranger of Mielikki seemed to sense Tavelle’s gaze upon him and he glanced over to give the mage a nod.

- Tynan and Serrick stood next to the wizard and Tavelle noted a flask of Holy Water attached to each of their belts. Serrick saw the Reverend Harvestmaster coming their way, he was unfurling another scroll, “Our turn”, said the militiaman. Tavelle heard Derim clear his throat and begin reading from the scroll. The mage didn’t understand the language but he could feel a power behind the words. The scroll burst into flames, vanished to smoke, and a blue radiance outlined each member of Nelyssa’s group. Tavelle felt his doubts fade and they were replaced with a determination, “For the Lannane’s, Allam Bluehands, the Berwick’s, the Lardagren’s, and for Helton”, thought the wizard.

Each of the three groups had benefitted from a Mass Conviction (CL12) and had received a +4 Morale bonus to Saving Throws for 120 minutes.

- Brother Waylam had wandered over to the where the landslide had exposed a tunnel to join Brondar. The rotund priest had a slender white wand in his hand.

- Tavelle decided it was time to cast some enchantments of his own. He started by calling upon some Mage Armour and, as he spoke the arcane words, it caused a few stares. The wizard then cast Light of Lunia and it drew gasps as a very feint, sixty foot, hemisphere of silver light was summoned. Tavelle heard Nelyssa’s voice, “I was hoping you’d prepared that enchantment”. The mage turned to face the paladin, smiled, and replied, “I’ll try and keep it at full strength. If you notice the radiance diminish then it means I’m having to use it as a weapon”. Tavelle decided it would be a good idea to offer The Shield of Chauntea his Low Light Vision enchantment, “It would help improve your sight beyond the range of my light”, explained the wizard. Nelyssa gladly accepted the enchantment and, after Tavelle had finished, Kinara commented on the, “Silver flecks”, in the paladin’s eyes.

Wizard Spells Prepared (4/4/2 base DC = 14 + spell level; caster level 3rd)
0- Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead x2, Light
1st- Burning Hands, Light of Lunia, Low Light Vision, Shield
2nd- Battering Ram, Mirror Image

Wand of Magic Missiles (CL3; 6 Charges)

Scroll Case: Mage Armour (CL3); Mount (CL5)

- Brondar called the first group forwards to the entrance. Lanneth entered first and was followed by the Reverend Harvestmaster. As the militia made their way past, and into the tunnel, the Rider handed every other person a small glass vial. Brother Waylam asked each militiaman what item they wanted to carry a spell of Light. The majority chose their shields and a few had glowing swords as they entered.

- Tavelle’s group was called next. The Mage fell into line behind Kinara and in front of Sister Alena. As they approached the dark opening, into the side of the hill, it was fully illuminated with the silver light emanating from Tavelle. The mage drew Anvil’s Edge with his right hand and the Wand of Magic Missiles with his left. The wizard ducked his head, as he avoided some hanging turf, and stepped into the mound. The floating Ioun Stones altered their orbit, due to the cramped conditions, and all the mage could smell was the damp earthiness surrounding him.

- The silver light completely filled the tight tunnel. The only shadows cast, from Tynan’s glowing shield, were faint and flickering against the walls. A thought came to the wizard as he made his way forwards, “I’d better take one last look at the daylight. I might never see it again”. Tavelle turned his head and saw the last fraction of the sunlight before it was obscured. Sister Alena glanced at the mage as he craned his neck, “Are you alright?”, she asked. The wizard gave a half smile, “I was just comparing sunlight and starlight”, he lied. Kinara hushed Tavelle to be quiet and the chastised wizard did as he was told.

- Tavelle came out of the tunnel and entered a large chamber. The cavern was about forty feet in length and width. The ceiling was only a foot above the wizard’s head and the masses of roots dripped water. There were three exits, tunnelled into the rough earthen walls, and Tavelle could see the remains of four, still smouldering, wight corpses spread between them.

- Lanneth and Derim were stood fifteen feet in front of the tunnels, the ranger had his longsword drawn, and the priest had a hand on his sickle.

- Nelyssa made her way to the Reverend Harvestmaster and she was shadowed by Kinara. The paladin stopped next to the old priest, with the undead hating scimitar in her hand. The curved blade started to glow with a white radiance, “They are close”, she warned those already assembled. Tavelle peered into the tunnels, beyond the border of his moonlight, watching for movement. The mage walked with Sister Alena as she approached Derim Whiteshield.

Two devious half wights had attempted to conceal themselves down the northern tunnel, a wight was doing the same in the eastern, and western tunnels. The two half wights in the tunnel would be within the hemisphere of silver light if Tavelle moved adjacent to Nelyssa or Alena. The wight in the eastern tunnel would be affected if Tavelle moved next to Lanneth or Derim. Both of the full wights were extremely well camouflaged (+8 Hide) due to their stone-like appearance and ability to remain perfectly motionless. The two small half wights, who were once a five year old girl called Jemmily Lannane, and her fourteen year old brother Jaffrick, were both heavily caked in mud (+6 Hide).

- Tavelle stepped up alongside Sister Alena and his two orbiting stones followed him.

The two half wights were now within the radius of the Light of Lunia emanating thirty feet from Tavelle.

- The silver radiance extended fifteen feet down the north tunnel and the light it provided allowed Tavelle to search the shadows further in. The mage could see forty feet inside before the tunnel veered left and his view was blocked.

The animus of the half wight, which was animating the corpse of the little girl, reacted angrily to the light. It parted with the wall, where it had been hiding, and started to seek the darkness.

- Tavelle’s silver eyes scanned the dimly lit depths and had been further enhanced by the magic of the Ioun Stone. The wizard saw a small form break away from the wall twenty feet down the tunnel.

“Eh? Small form?”, said Tavelle’s owner in surprise.

- “Is Liria still down here?”, asked Tavelle loudly, in a rather urgent tone. Nelyssa saw the movement too, “No, she isn’t”, replied the paladin. Just as soon as Nelyssa finished replying. two, silver-blue, missiles flew down the tunnel (5 charges remaining). The magical bolts of force sparkled in the dim light, as they swiftly cleared the silver radiance, and swooped after their prey.

Tavelle rolled 8 points of damage.

- The small half wight nearly reached the turn as the two Magic Missiles struck in rapid succession, one between the shoulder blades, and the other in the lower back (8/11). The half wight vanished from sight as it made it past the turn.

- A thought entered Tavelle’s mind, “There may be more”, and the wizard raised an eyebrow. The mage kept the wand readied, and walked to the entrance of the northern tunnel. The wizard watched the light slide down the passage and his eyes scanned the walls. A slightly larger figure broke from its hiding place and attempted to flee the radiance. Tavelle unleashed two more Magic Missiles (4 charges remaining) and they sped down the tunnel to strike the undead creature before it disappeared (9/13).

- Tavelle heard a stern voice from behind him, “It hardly seems worth using the wand if it can’t drop them. We’ll still be faced with them later”, and turned to see it was Jentar. The mage looked at the paladin, with his shield radiating an orange light, and gave a slight shake of his head. The Reverend Harvestmaster turned to Jentar, “Even if the hasn’t sent the wights to their final deaths it may mean someone has an easier time when confronting them later”, advised the priest.

- Each of the three groups readied themselves, in front of their respective tunnels, and prepared to enter. Tavelle followed Nelyssa and Kinara into the entrance, the mage ducked his head, and was forced to stoop over. The ceiling was low, the ground was muddy, and the wizard felt the occasional drip fall on his head or run down his neck. Tavelle could catch glimpses of the tunnel ahead as the two in front moved forwards. They turned the corner, which the wights fled around, and the tunnel got a lot tighter.

- Tavelle saw Kinara stop a few feet ahead of him, the Rider from Peldan’s Helm turned to the wizard, “There’s a tunnel in the left wall up ahead”. Nelyssa crept towards the side tunnel and stopped short. Tavelle could see the paladin concentrate, in the direction of the passageway for a few moments, and then peer around the corner. The paladin called Kinara, Serrick, and Siter Alena to investigate the new passage, and the trio entered, while Nelyssa and the rest edged further on.

- Tavelle followed the Shield of Chauntea and the wizard kept his wits about him. Tynan was following the mage, the fighter started chuckling and commented on the cramped tunnel, “You know what Tavelle? This hole is tighter than your father!”. The wizard had to smile, his father had a well-deserved reputation for being a stereotypical Sembite – He really liked to get himself a bargain. The wizard recalled one of his visits to Multhimmer, the merchant was always pleased to see Tavelle, and had explained, “I always enjoy your shopping trips to town. I look forward to dealing with you, lad. Your father leaves the shop with me feeling like I’ve been frisked!”.

A wight was waiting, up ahead, and it was very well concealed. The centuries old creature was squashed into a prepared “Cubby-Hole”. The Spot check would be a tough DC24.

- The mage noticed Nelyssa was pausing briefly, every twenty feet, and focussing down the tunnel. The paladin raised her left hand, and gave the signal to stop. The wizard saw the paladin’s hand beckon him, “Tavelle, come closer. There’s a wight up ahead, somewhere, I can sense its evil. Let’s see if it likes your silver light?”.

- Tavelle kept glancing at Nelyssa's scimitar to see if it was glowing. The wizard had already decided it was the most reliable resource for gauging the proximity of wights. The beautiful, curved, blade was radiating a feint light. The mage stood right behind Nelyssa and edged forwards with his wand raised.The pair continued slowly, with the silver light ahead of them, and they searched the walls.

- The scimitar's glow brightened and the light seemed to throb in anticipation, "Very close", whispered Nelyssa.

The pair were within thirty feet of the wight. I asked Tavelle's owner for a Spot check. Even with the +2 bonus from the Ioun stone he managed a total of 9. Nelyssa couldn't see the wight either her total was 15.

- The wight was tight in the alcove when the leading edge of the silver light crept over and engulfed it. The radiance was extremely uncomfortable for the lurking undead horror. It seemed to fill and penetrate the warren around it. Previous experiences, of the centuries old animus, had taught it that light sources could be extinguished. The wight leapt from its hidey-hole, it would put the light out, and feed on the life energy it could feel.

- Tavelle saw a wight, the creature seemingly emerged from a wall, and charged down the tunnel at Nelyssa. The paladin raised her hungrily glowing scimitar and readied herself. Tavelle loosed two Magic Missiles, from the wand (3 charges remaining). They flew over Nelyssa's shoulder and struck the wight in the torso (7/33). The wight didn't really seem to notice the darts of magical force. The taloned hands scrambled against the walls as it propelled itself towards Nelyssa.

- The paladin had her shield strapped to her back, due to contrictions of their location, and Nelyssa knew she would struggle for space to fight. Some parts of the tunnel were barely two feet wide.

The wight's initiative totalled 9 and Nelyssa's was 12. Tavelle had already acted due to having readied his wand.

- The paladin reacted faster than the wight, Nelyssa's glowing sword came forward to meet it in a controlled slice.

Nelyssa rolled a 13... 12 points of damage.

- The scimitar sank deeply into the wight's shoulder (19/33). Tavelle heard the creature howl in agony, and noticed the glow from the sword get even brighter as it sliced hard into the wight. The paladin of Chauntea attempted a second stroke with the scimitar.

Nelyssa rolled a 10... 15 points of damage.

- It sent the wight to its final death (34/33). Tavelle kept his gaze directly down the tunnel as the glow of the sword hadn't dimmed significantly. The mage heard Tynan's voice from behind him, "Sister Alena, Kinara, and Serrick are at our rear. The passage joined with Erael's group".

I asked Tavelle's player for a Listen check and he rolled a 20.

- Tavelle thought he could hear movement, from further up ahead, it sounded like scrambling, "They're coming!", warned the wizard. Nelyssa equipped her shield, from her back, and checked her footing, "Tynan and Serrick ready your flasks! Tavelle, fall back to Alena!", she commanded.

- Tavelle saw Nelyssa position the shield carefully, so it blocked the path as much as possible, then she stepped back and away from it. The large shield remained hanging, in the tight tunnel where Nelyssa left it, with no apparent means of support.

“I really want to ask! But there’s no time for me to stand and gawp!”, said Tavelle’s player.

- The mage saw the two militiamen crouch down, “Climb over us!”, called Serrick. Tavelle sheathed his weapons, and used the walls to steady his crossing. As the wizard stepped off of Serrick he heard a loud thud as the lead wight crashed into Nelyssa’s immobile shield, and the first impact was followed by three more. Tavelle could see deathly claws try to reach over the top of the barrier and the mage readied himself.

- “Do it now!”, shouted the paladin, as she sliced at the grasping talons. To his horror Tavelle saw a half wight clamber over the few being held back by the shield, “It’ll block the throws!”, thought the wizard. Moments before the first flask was ready, to be thrown by Tynan, Tavelle turned side on. The mage aimed his palm at the scrambling half wight and unleashed a Disrupt Undead spell.

Tavelle rolled a 15 for the ranged touch attack… 5 points of damage.

- The ray of positive energy hit the half wight in the thigh and the creature screamed in anger (5/13). Tavelle saw a golden light from behind him, a glowing ball of energy flew over his shoulder, and it struck the half wight in the torso (11/13). The half wight tumbled backwards with two burned, and smoking, scars, one in the thigh, and the other in the abdomen. Tynan lobbed the clay flask over Nelyssa’s head, and a second flask from Serrick followed it.

Two of the four wights were hit directly (7/26) (5/27). Another two had splash damage from two flasks (2/28) (2/29), and the other half wight was slain outright (13/13).

- Tavelle removed the fragile clay flask from his belt, he cupped it in his right hand, and the wizard nodded to Nelyssa, “One more for Lady Luck!”.

“Oh dear”, said Tavelle’s owner, and he looked rather worried, “I wonder if Tavelle’s actually thrown anything in his life?” What if I screw up and hit Tynan or Serrick? Even worse, what if I get Nelyssa?”, he fretted.

Tavelle rolled a 18 for the ranged touch attack… 6 points of damage.

- The clay flask flew over the trio, over the hanging shield, and a partially dissolved wight was smashed in the face (8/28). The container broke apart and showered its contents over the others adjacent to it (6/27) (3/29).

- The mage breathed a discreet sigh of relief. “Good throw!”, said Tynan, as he finished assembling a spear. “Ha! Right in the mush!”, laughed Serrick, as he completed his own weapon. Tavelle saw a wight try to claw its way under the shield, to swing a taloned hand at the paladin, it came up short. The wight was halfway through the gap when Nelyssa’s, undead hating, scimitar arced down towards it.

Nelyssa rolled a 10… 11 points of damage.

- The wight took a heavy hit in the shoulder (18/26). The paladin followed up the first strike with an attempt at a second.

Nelyssa rolled a 12… 17 points of damage.

- When the second hit connected, the wight ceased thrashing, and embraced its final death (34/26). Tavelle drew Anvil’s Edge, the wizard knew he had no chances of fighting due to being fifteen feet behind Nelyssa at the front, the mage just wanted to be armed. Tavelle readied another Disrupt Undead spell and looked to the gap above the metal barrier. He could see Serrick and Tynan were now equipped with their spears, they were pressed tight on opposing walls. The militiamen used the extra reach to jab above or below the immovable shield. Tynan was behind Nelyssa and Tavelle noticed he still had a spare spear shaft on his back. Serrick had used all three of his sections, “That’s a clever idea”, thought the wizard.

- A wight leapt up and nearly cleared the hanging shield. Tynan’s spear tip lunged in.

Tynan rolled a 16… 7 points of damage.

- The spear skewered the wight in the abdomen and the fighter didn’t retract the thrust (15/28). Serrick’s spear tip darted towards the impaled undead horror.

Serrick rolled a 8.

- The thrust went wide of the target, Tavelle heard the militiaman curse under his breath. The wizard let fly with a ray of bright positive energy, from his open palm.

Tavelle rolled a 13 for the ranged touch attack… 2 points of damage.

- The wight tried to move against Nelyssa as the beam grazed its arm (17/28). There was a flash of light and a globe of golden energy came over Tavelle’s shoulder, seeking the wight.

Sister Alena rolled a 19 for the ranged touch attack… 5 points of damage.

- The ball of sunlight targeted the wight in the head (22/28).

For the wight to gain enough leverage, to strike against the accursed living, it would need an opposed strength check against Tynan.
Tynan rolled a 12 (+3 Str) and the wight rolled a 20 (+1 Str).

- The joint of the two sections of spear shaft shattered, under the stress from the wight, and it allowed the creature to try and grapple Nelyssa.

Nelyssa rolled a 14 for the attack of opportunity… 11 points of damage.

- Nelyssa drove the tip of the glowing scimitar into the wights chest and it found its final death before it hit the muddy ground (33/28).

- The pounding on the shield stopped and Tavelle could hear the wights retreat back down the tunnel. Nelyssa grabbed the handle, within the interior of the shield, and the paladin lifted it from where it was hanging. Tynan was holding the broken pieces of his spear, “The bastard broke me spear!”, he complained loudly. Tavelle and Sister Alena flattened themselves against the rough walls of the tunnel, to allow Kinara to make her way to the paladin, “Good job”, she said to the pair as she squeezed by. Tavelle glanced at the scimitar and saw that the blade was no longer glowing.

- Nelyssa knelt down next to a half wight and studied the corpse. The paladin turned the face of the half wight towards her, and she looked up to Kinara, “I think it’s Blerrin Lardagren?”. The Rider from Peldan’s Helm nodded, “Yeah, looks like it, are you alright Lyss?”, she enquired. Nelyssa rose from the crouch and nodded to Kinara, “We need to press on”, said the paladin in a determined tone.

- Tavelle and Sister Alena shuffled past Tynan and Serrick to take their positions behind Kinara. They continued cautiously, keeping their collective wits about them, and the wizard drew his wand. Tavelle tried to get an unimpeded view down the tunnel as they pressed forwards. The tight passage turned left again and became even lower. The group shuffled some thirty feet down the claustrophobic tunnel before Nelyssa spoke aloud, “The tunnel opens up about thirty feet ahead. It looks like there’s a chamber. Stay alert!”. Tavelle caught a glimpse of the scimitar and it had started to glow. The mage started walking through water, pooled in the passage, and noted it quickly reached halfway up his shins.

- The tunnel widened to about ten feet, as they approached the larger chamber, and Tavelle gained a better view. The wizard’s silver eyes could see a small cavern, maybe thirty feet in diameter, the water obscured the floor of the chamber.

In the opposite wall of the cavern was a tunnel, with two half wights acting as bait to draw the group into the water. The two half wights were making no attempt whatsoever to hide. The water was about eighteen inches deep, and beneath the murky surface lurked two wights (6/27) (3/29) from the previous encounter, and two half wights (0/14) (0/15).

- Tavelle saw movement in a passage, on the opposite wall of the cavern, and his enhanced vision picked out two figures. The mage recognised the smaller of the two, from earlier, and raised his wand. Tavelle directed a Magic Missile at each half wight (2 charges remaining). The first streaking missile hit the larger figure (13/13) and it was knocked off of its feet. The second silvery-blue dart struck the small half wight in the chest (12/11), and it bounced off of the passage wall and onto the floor.

Jemmily and Jaffrick Lannane were granted their final deaths.

- Nelyssa raised her shield and readied her glowing blade, Kinara stood to the right of the paladin and glanced at the scimitar, “There are more wights”, stated the Rider. Nelyssa called Tynan and Serrick forwards. Tavelle and Alena fell back to accommodate them, “From the glow of the scimitar I’d say they were submerged”, called the wizard.

- Tavelle sheathed his wand, opened a pouch on his belt, and withdrew a silver piece, “Wait!”, called the mage. Nelyssa looked to the wizard and raised an eyebrow, “For what?”, asked the paladin. Tavelle cast a simple enchantment of light on the coin, and it equalled the illumination from Tynan and Serrick’s shields, “Throw this in the water, it might drive them to surface?”. Tavelle handed the silver piece to Serrick and he passed it to Kinara.

It seemed after the debacle, in the upper barrows, the day before, Tavelle's player was very concious of not being complacent. "I'd like to cast a Shield spell, I don't like the look of this at all", said Tavelle's owner.

- Kinara waited for the mage to finish casting and she flipped the glowing silver coin with her thumb, it spun upwards in an arc, before falling with a loud "Plop!" into the water.

- There was a flurry of movement as four gaunt figures broke the surface of the pool. Droplets of water were thrown into the air as the wights screeched and howled in anger. Tavelle watched Nelyssa wade forwards into the fray with her scimitar glowing thirstily, Kinara was at her side brandishing her longsword, and the two militiamen moved to support the pair.

- The four moved away from Tavelle and they waded, knee deep, through the dark water of the pool to face the oncoming wights. The wizard saw Sister Alena step behind the quartet and she called upon the Bountiful Goddess.

Sister Alena cast a Bless spell.

- The mage felt his fears and doubts fade away. Tavelle became aware of a gap, in their left flank, between the wall of the cave and Serrick, so he moved to close it. As the wizard started wading, towards the militiaman, he heard a voice behind him, "What should we do, Swordmage?", Tavelle turned to see Aulkren, Tolben and Lenthrey. The three militiamen looked at the mage expectantly.

- Tavelle looked to the entrance he had just come through. The mage considered the side tunnel, which linked to Erael's group, "Tolben and Lenthrey, cover the tunnel at our rear, if anything comes up behind us I want a warning". The two militia nodded and waded over to shine their shields down the tunnel, "Aulkren, help Tynan", advised the wizard.

- Tavelle turned back to Serrick, the fighter was struggling against a half wight. The mage gripped Anvil's Edge and struggled through the water. The half wight launched itself forwards in an attempt to grapple the militiaman.

Serrick rolled a 12 for the attack of opportunity... 8 points of damage.
The wight rolled a 5 for the grapple.

- Serrick chopped into the side of the undead horrors head (8/15) and fended off the grasping claws with his shield. The fighter thrust the longsword forwards as the half wight was pushed backwards.

Serrick rolled a 4.

- The fighter snatched at the thrust and missed completely, Tavelle moved alongside Serrick and flashed Anvil's Edge in a horizontal sweep towards the half wight.

Tavelle rolled a 17... 8 points of damage.

- The half wight crumpled from the force of the dwarven blade (16/15), the creature splashed as it fell backwards, and vanished below the surface of the pool. The wizard saw Nelyssa had felled her own foe and was now helping Kinara. Tynan had finished his opponent and moved to flank the wight. Tavelle glanced behind him to check on Tolben and Lenthrey, he saw the militiamen standing vigil at the tunnel.

- Kinara's foe was downed swiftly under the pressure of the three blades. As it slipped beneath the surface Nelyssa looked about the group, "Is everyone okay?", she asked. The party members responded individually to the paladin and it seemed an informal roll call. The tunnel leading out of the cavern was higher than the level of water. As the group waded towards it they crept up a slope until the water was at their ankles.

- Kinara allowed Nelyssa to enter the tunnel first and she proceeded to follow the paladin. Tavelle went in next and he was horrified to see the muddy corpse of a very young girl twisted in undeath. There were three scorched holes in the filthy nightdress where his Magic Missiles hit home. The wizard stared as he shuffled past the small broken form, "She might've been the owner of the bunny?", he thought with a mixture of anger and grief.

- The group paused to empty their boots of water. Nelyssa looked back to the mage and asked, "How much longer will your light hold?". Tavelle tried to give an accurate estimate, "I think we're about halfway through its duration". Nelyssa and Kinara exchanged glances before the paladin looked back to mage, "We need to keep moving whilst we still have the light".

Tavelle's owner looked a bit worried, "I've just used my one and only Light spell".

- They continued onwards, through the cramped conditions, and Nelyssa's scimitar glowed feintly all the while.

- The tunnel started to widen, it allowed Nelyssa, and Kinara, and the others following behind them, to move side by side. The wights had fallen back and retreated out of the silver radiance. Tavelle was stooped over, wand in hand, to avoid hitting his head on the low ceiling, with Sister Alena next to him. The mage felt the Shield enchantment expire.

- Tavelle saw a very bright pulse of gold and orange light from down the tunnel. The mage then heard the screams and shouts of fighting begin. Nelyssa stopped and turned around, “Ready yourselves!”, she commanded. The wizard paused to cast a Mirror Image enchantment and was surrounded by five duplicate Tavelles. Once the casting was complete he unsheathed Anvil’s Edge. The hue and cry of combat resounded down the tunnel and grew louder as they approached the exit.

“It’s already kicked off then?”, asked Tavelle’s owner nervously.

- Dancing shadows were projected on the earthen walls from shifting sources of light. Tavelle saw Kinara and Nelyssa take a few steps into the cavern, they both glanced to the left, raised their shields, and braced themselves. One of the Mirror Images had wandered just behind them, the figment turned, in apparent horror, as a wight crashed through it. At least five wights slammed into the shields of the paladin of Chauntea and the fighter from Peldan’s Helm. Nelyssa’s fiercely glowing scimitar cut a wight in half, and the next slice sent another staggering. Kinara thrust her longsword forwards, over the top rim of her shield, and into the gaping mouth of Eventar the wight. The former Rider of Mistledale accepted the sword, as he could never have done in life, and slammed his talons into Kinara’s face, sending her sprawling. The mage raised his wand, to unleash a couple of Magic Missiles, but saw Tynan and Serrick move past to try and help Kinara. Tavelle heard Sister Alena call upon Chauntea, “Great Mother! Show these vile horrors your wrath!". Tavelle saw two wights who were slamming their fists on Tynan’s shield flee. He had seen the same at the Lannane farm when Nelyssa had called upon the Bountiful Goddess.

- Eventar had been shoved away from Kinara by Nelyssa, and Serrick shielded the dazed Rider. Tavelle saw movement, out of the corner of his eye, and the mage turned quickly, in response to the undead horror. The wizard wasn’t quite fast enough. The half wight was wearing the uniform of a militiaman, and had the jump on him, but didn’t seem to see Tavelle as it moved past.

Tavelle’s attack of opportunity was a 19... 6 points of damage.

- The half wight barged past him, it smashed into Tynan’s shield, Tavelle connected solidly with Anvil’s Edge and felled the undead militiaman. Another three wights converged onto the raised shields of the Mistrans and they were driven back a few feet. Tavelle was left standing alone, with four bemused duplicates, looking confused, “What in the nine hells?”, he asked aloud.

Off screen…
Obscured by the mage’s leather gloves, and tunic sleeve, the dark cloth around Tavelle’s wrist was glowing with a sickening green radiance. It revealed strange runes stitched into the fabric of the material.

- “What in the nine hells is happening? They all ignored me!”, thought Tavelle in confusion. The shouts and screams of battle echoed all around him in the chamber. The mage saw Jentar fighting a gold-crowned wight. The Mound King was wielding a glowing, silvery-blue longsword and the blade produced sweeping trails of snowflakes. The paladin of Lathander was not faring well against the monstrous wight. Jentar’s shield had been shattered and was hanging, in pieces, from its straps on his left arm. The orange radiance it had previously emitted was long gone. Tavelle could see clouds of the paladin’s breath, as he exhaled through his exertions, within the icy blades aura of cold.

Sister Alena casts a Mass Aid spell. Tavelle gains 7 temporary hit points. (0/20)

- His attention was grabbed as he heard Erael cry out in agony. Tavelle saw seven wights had managed to grapple and pin the sorceress against a rough wall. The wizard could see Erael’s grip on the Lionswrath blade was faltering as the wights were taking turns to strike heavy blows against her. The mage measured the distance, between himself and the undead horrors, and took a step towards the sorceress.

Off screen…
The strip of cloth torn from Kendra’s cloak seethed in anger… The mage was going to disrupt the invisibility to undead creatures it had been projecting… It desperately needed Tavelle’s life energy to power the return of its mistress… It seemed to the sentient item that the fool wizard was doing everything possible to get himself killed… It had to act now…

- Tavelle touched his thumbs together and started to raise his hands. A thought came to the mage as his hands cleared waist height, “Don’t do this! Get out of this place!”. The wizard felt an overwhelming compulsion to follow the advice and Tavelle fought it as hard as he could.

I asked Tavelle’s player for a DC15 Will save to shrug off the Suggestion. Tavelle’s owner looked uncomfortable, and his next words, spoken to his d20 were before rolling were, “Please don’t let me run off like a <censored>!”.

Tavelle rolled a 18 and looked rather pleased with himself.

- The wizard furrowed his brow and focussed on the wights battering Erael to counter the urge to run away. Tavelle finished the last inflection, just before his hands reached shoulder height, and a wide blast of silvery-blue flames exploded from his outstretched fingers.

“I hope I got my ranges correct”, grinned Tavelle’s player, as he gathered some d4’s together.
Tavelle rolled three d4's for 11 points of damage. Only one of the five undead creatures managed to save against the fire.

- Tavelle felt the heat from the cone of fire, he could see three wights fully ablaze (11/12) (11/13) (11/13), two others partially smouldering (21/51) (19/54), and two still holding up Erael (4/13) (10/13). Tavelle unleashed two Magic Missiles from his wand (1 charge remaining), one at each half wight holding the sorceress. The two half wights, that had been pinning Erael against the wall, were each blasted by a silvery-blue bolt (7/13) (15/13).

- One half wight released her, and stalked towards the group of mages, and the other fell to the earth. Tavelle saw Erael drop the Lionswrath blade and collapse to the ground. The two badly burned wights joined the half wight and closed on the wizards.

The half wight rolled a 6 on a d10 and it went after a duplicate. The first burned wight (21/51) rolled a 1 and targetted the flesh and blood Tavelle. The second burned wight (19/54) rolled a 10 and went for an illusionary mage.

- “Well, at least I got their attention away from Erael”, thought Tavelle, as he raised Anvil’s Edge in anticipation. The three burning half wights staggered around before dropping and lying motionless (15/12) (14/13) (13/13). A wight with wisps of smoke, slowly rising from its torso, squared off against the mage (21/51). It lunged in greedily.

The wight rolled a 6.

- Tavelle shifted his weight, side-stepped the clumsy attack, and countered with Anvils Edge.

Tavelle rolled a 5.

- The dwarven blade sliced well wide of the wight’s side. The wight hissed in response and swung a taloned fist towards the mage.Two duplicate Tavelle’s were dispelled.

The wight rolled a 18... 5 points of damage.

- The claw hit home and raked heavily across Tavelle’s collarbone (0/15). Tavelle felt his very life force start to be torn from his body. The pain was like nothing he had ever felt before.

Off screen…
“Miiine!!!”, screamed the strip of cloth from Kendra’s Black Cloak.

- Tavelle felt his life energy get dragged back to him. The wight seemed to pause in total and utter bafflement. The mage gripped the sword firmly and swung at the wight. "What the hell just happened there?", thought the wizard.

The half wight rolled a 6 on a d6 and went for a duplicate wizard.
The burned wight rolled a 2 on a d6 and picked the real Tavelle.
Tavelle rolled a 19... 7 points of damage (28/51).

- Tavelle saw one of his two remaining images get dispelled by the half wight. The other burned wight started to move, to join the fight, against the wounded wizard. The wight which clawed Tavelle renewed its efforts, it would not be denied again. The wight decided it would try and grapple him to the floor. Tavelle saw the outstretched claws reach towards him and he began to reverse the cut from his previous attack. Anvil's Edge swept up and down, in a wristy slice.

Tavelle rolled a 14 for the attack of opportunity... 6 points of damage.

- Anvil's Edge drove hard into the undead creatures chest (34/51) and the wight tried to grab the wizard.

The wight rolled a 8 for the grapple attempt.

- Tavelle felt the value of his Mage Armour as it thwarted the wights embrace. He saw the other burned wight just a few feet away. A thought came to the wizard as he attacked the wight he was already engaged with, it had an almost undeniable will, "Tell it to go away!".

Tavelle rolled a 13 for the attack... 6 points of damage.
Tavelle rolled a 3 for the DC15 Will save.

- Tavelle connected firmly with the sword and drove the wight away for a split second (41/51). The mage turned and shouted in the face of the new opponent, "<censored> off!".

The wight rolled a 6 for the DC14 Will save.
The half wight rolled a 3 on a d4 and went after the last Mirror Image.

- To the wizard's surprise the wight stopped suddenly and looked almost startled. The mage was even more shocked when the wight turned tail and ran down a nearby tunnel.

"Today is all very strange", concluded Tavelle's player.

- Tavelle saw his twin, the last image, vanish at the talons of the half wight. The burned wight struck out at Tavelle instead of trying another grapple.

The wight rolled a 17... 4 points of damage.

- Tavelle had been distracted, at the thought of the half wight joining the fray, and was clawed harshly in the bicep (2/13). The pull on his life force was agony but again seemed to amount to nothing.

Off screen...
"Mine!", thought the scrap of cloth, "All mine!".

- Tavelle felt blood running down his left arm and could feel his tunic, at the collar, clinging to him. He drew Anvil's Edge behind him and flashed the blade forwards.

Tavelle rolled a 5...

- The scorched wight dodged past the cut of the sword and pressed the wizard again. The half wight closed the gap and launched an attack of its own.

The wight rolled a 16... 5 points of damage.
The half wight rolled a 1.

- The wight brought both arms up and smashed its stony forearms into Tavelle. The wizard was nearly knocked off balance by the hit (7/13). The half wight missed the mage completely, and stumbled past Tavelle, the wizard saw it had tripped over a root, and seized the moment.

Tavelle rolled a 15 for the attack of opportunity... 6 points of damage.

- Tavelle hit the half wight hard, it dropped mid-stumble, and it didn't rise (13/13). The mage stepped to strike the burned wight.

"Another twenty would be nice", said Tavelle's owner in hope.

Tavelle rolled a 16… 4 points of damage (45/51).

- Tavelle was rather light headed, he could feel the blood, from the wound in his bicep, slowly filling his glove. As he tightened the grip on the wand he felt a squelching between his fingers.

- The burned wight came at him again talons flexed.

“What’s it gonna take to kill this bastard?”, said Tavelle’s player in frustration.

The wight rolled a 10.

- Tavelle moved, just in time, to get out of the way of the swinging claws, and drove the tip of Anvil’s Edge at the undead creature.

Tavelle rolled a 13… 8 points of damage.

- The point of the blade slipped into the wights chest and the wight fell forwards limply (53/51). Tavelle shifted and pushed the motionless body off of the sword and onto the ground. The mage swooned as he saw stars in his vision.

“I think it’s time to take the potion Naema gave me”, said Tavelle’s owner in relief.

- Tavelle stuck the tip of the sword into the muddy floor, removed the small vial from his belt, uncorked the stopper, and poured the liquid down his throat.

The potion of Cure Moderate Wounds healed 9 damage (0/13).

- The potion took effect immediately. The wounds started to feel warm and tingled as the healing process started. Tavelle looked about the cavern, he saw Erael flat on her back, her chest rose and fell, “She’s alive, but out of it”, thought the mage.

“That’s why the burned wight was such a tough bastard! He’d drained Erael of so many Hit Dice”, realised Tavelle’s player.
Tavelle's player was quite correct. Between them, three of the wights managed to drain Erael of 16 levels.

- The wizard could see over a dozen wights, about forty feet away, pressing Nelyssa and her group. In one corner of the chamber, a half dozen wights were huddled and cowering. Tavelle looked towards Jentar, the paladin was on his knees in a very sorry state, his golden breastplate had been smashed, and jagged portions of it hung from the leather fastenings. His chromium blade was shattered in pieces around him and the hilt lay discarded at his feet.

Off screen…
The dark strip of cloth had used all of its available power to keep Tavelle alive. It had failed to compel and goad him into fleeing, “He’s definitely going to do something stupid”, thought the sentient item in disgust.

- The wight towered over the paladin, the high-spired, bejewelled, gold crown glinted in Tavelle’s starlit radiance. The Mound King drew back a gauntleted fist to smash the dazed Jentar. As Tavelle raised his wand to help a thought crossed his mind, “Let the paladin die!”.

The thought had come from the cloth, it had no magical compulsion attached this time. The Suggestion ability could only be used three times in any one day.

- Tavelle dismissed the strange thought, “No, he’s a swordbrother. I’ll not abandon him”, concluded the mage.

- Two glowing darts of azure and silver swooped towards the crowned wight (0 charges remaining). They streaked the thirty foot distance and were somehow drawn to a patch on the wight’s chest. The Magic Missiles appeared to be absorbed by something, on the rusted chainmail the wight was garbed in. “<censored>!”, thought the wizard. The Mound King stopped, turned in the wizard’s direction, and hissed. It growled at the mage as though it was trying to intimidate him or scare him away.

Vinjarek possessed the Daunting Presence feat and it attempted to scare the mage into inaction or flight. If Tavelle failed the save he would have to contend with being Shaken for ten minutes. I asked Tavelle’s player for a DC17 Will save.

Tavelle’s player rolled a 12.

- Satisfied the wizard had been cowed, and without giving the mage another thought, the crowned wight turned its attention back to Jentar. Tavelle raised an eyebrow, “Is that it? I’ve had worse looks from Naema”, thought the wizard. Tavelle discarded the empty wand , took a step to his left, and brought the hanging Rams Horn trinket into the palm of his hand.

Tavelle’s owner blew his cheeks out, “I hope this works”.

- The great wight brought the frosty broadsword above its head, with two hands on the hilt, and a great flurry of sparkling snowflakes fell to the ground around the pair. Tavelle opened his palm and pushed forwards. The wizard unleashed a great silver ram, which materialised in front of the mage, and it rushed in the wights direction.

The Battering Ram spell initiated a Bull Rush on Vinjarek. An opposed Strength check was required. Vinjarek rolled a 6 (+4) and Tavelle rolled a 15 (+10). Tavelle rolled a d6 for 3 points of damage.

- Tavelle watched the great silver ram charge, and smash, into the Mound King (16/78). The wight doubled over the large curled horns, and was carried fifteen feet, before a cavern wall provided an abrupt stop. There was a loud crunch, as the wight collided with the wall, and the fierce impact dislodged the gold crown from its head. Tavelle grasped the sword hilt, plucked it free, and readied Anvil’s Edge, “Have that ya bastard!”, shouted the wizard.

Tavelle’s player was grinning from ear to ear, “That’s it! I can die happy!”.

- The Mound King was slumped, in a heap, and Tavelle looked towards Jentar. The paladin had collapsed forward, onto his stomach, and was trying to crawl somewhere. Tavelle looked to his right, he saw Nelyssa’s glowing scimitar flash forwards from behind a wall of shields, and send a wight to its final death.

- Tavelle’s gaze returned to the Mound King. The monstrous wight was clambering to its feet, the silver blade in hand and shedding snowflakes, it reached out a rusted gauntlet to retrieve its gold crown. The wizard raised his left hand, palm facing the wight, and drew upon the latent power of the silver radiance, “After this I’m out of magic”, thought Tavelle.

Tavelle rolled a 15 for the Ranged Touch Attack… 10 points of damage.

- The ray of positive energy struck the wight in the shoulder (26/78). Tavelle heard the Mound King howl in a combination of pain and anger. The great wight snarled and stalked towards the source of its annoyance… It would shatter the blade and feast on the wielder…

- The mage assumed an En Garde stance and gave a weak grin, “I think it’s safe to assume I’ve angered it enough to get its undivided attention?”, thought Tavelle. The wizard brought Anvil’s Edge up in front of him and the Mound King seemed to swing at the blade. The dwarven sword was nearly wrenched free of Tavelle’s grasp with the shuddering impact generated by the clash of weapons. Tavelle couldn’t believe the strength of the wight king, “It’s stronger than Brondar!”, thought the mage in horror. The wizard brought two hands onto the hilt of Anvil’s Edge and retaliated.

Tavelle rolled a 10.

- The stroke from the sword came up short, due to the different grip, and the wight king easily maneuvered out of the way. Every breath the wizard exhaled produced billowing clouds in the dimmed silver light, “I guess I’d be a little chilly without the Endure Elements”, thought Tavelle. The great wight swung the icy broadsword down, in a vicious cut aimed directly at Anvil’s Edge. There was a sickening smash, as the two swords connected, and snowflakes were driven into Tavelle’s face. The wizard jabbed his sword forwards in a, semi-controlled, two-handed lunge.

Tavelle rolled a 17... 7 points of damage.

- The wight was clipped in the pelvis (33/78) and launched a ripping cut at the blade in Tavelle’s hands. The swords came violently together and Anvil’s Edge became cloudy with frost. By the time the wizard prepared a counterattack the mist had cleared from the shining metal.

Tavelle rolled a 9.

- The wizard swung at thin air and then span to get back into a defensive position. Another blow smashed into Anvil’s Edge and it left the wizard’s ears ringing.

- “My hands are nearly numb from the force of his blows! He’s so damn strong!”, thought the wizard. Tavelle clenched his teeth in determination and tightened his two-handed grip on the sword. Another sweeping overhead chop came down onto Anvils’s Edge and snow trailed after the arc of the weapon. Tavelle felt the power from the stroke, from his fingers to his toes, and it nearly drove him to his knees, “Where is Derim? What if he found a dead end?”, thought the mage in desperation. The wizard glanced at the fallen form of the sorceress, “Hang in there”, he thought to himself. Tavelle felt the wetness of melting ice crystals on his face, and in his hair, “Keep on trying to shatter my blade, you undead bastard, I need to keep you occupied”, thought the mage.

- The wizard was momentarily distracted by a flare of bright orange light to his right… It was as almost as if the sun was rising within the cavern…

- Tavelle glanced towards the source of the orange radiance. It was as bright as the Light of Lunia surrounding the wizard. Tavelle saw Jentar struggling to rise. In his right hand was the Lionswrath blade and the longsword was limned in rippling orange and scarlet flames.
“Oh <censored>!”, said Tavelle’s owner in horror.

- The mage saw the crossguard transform and shift into wings. The blade of the sword changed from a dull grey to a shining metal with a rose tint. The wobbly, badly wounded, paladin attempted to stand. Tavelle’s eyes shot back to his foe, the Mound King, and he saw that the powerful wight had been similarly distracted. Tavelle didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to take a swipe at the crowned wight, “For Mistledale!”, he said under his breath. The mage still had two hands on the hilt of Anvil’s Edge and he brought the sword behind him to gain some momentum. The silvery blade flashed forwards, in a slicing double forehand, and the wizard stepped into the strike to add more weight.

Tavelle rolled a 15... 3 points of damage

- The wight had started turning back, to face the mage, just as Anvil’s Edge connected solidly and tore into the Mound King’s shoulder (36/78). Tavelle nearly lost his grip on the hilt as the wight reacted to the heavy hit by aiming a backhanded swing, with its fist encased in a rusted gauntlet.

Vinjarek rolled a 3.

- The mage barely ducked under the attack and was forced backwards in a partial retreat. Tavelle saw two wights, in the periphery of his vision, burst into golden flames, and he heard the voice of Derim Whiteshield, “Witness the wrath of the Great Mother!”, shouted the priest.

- A sense of relief washed over the mage and he saw other wights engulfed in flames. Tavelle gave a grin to the king of the wights, “Chauntea has arrived!”, he proclaimed. At the same time as the wizard spoke the words the Mound King was already drawing the icy blade into a vicious cut towards Tavelle.

Vinjarek rolled a 17... 16 points of damage.

- The frosty blade whipped in from a low angle gaining speed, it struck Tavelle in the left pelvis, and the biting arc continued all the way to the mage’s right shoulder. Tavelle felt the blade shear and slice across his torso. A succession of ribs shattered and the pain seared through him. The mage saw a scattered cloud of glittering crimson rubies. The scarlet gems tumbled, sparkled, and collided amidst the silvery radiance…

- Tavelle was lifted from his feet, such was the power of the attack, and started falling backwards into darkness.

“<censored>!”, said Tavelle’s owner.

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Four years I've followed Tavelle's adventures.
Hammers High, Tavelle! I'm pouring one out fot you.
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It is an awesome adventure eh Thorn!

I've been reading for some time now myself...and I'm always excited to see a new post!

AD&D for me!
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Dalor, Thorn, thanks for the comments guys.

I recently had some time to finish writing up some notes and there'll be more to follow.

Not really Off Screen, just a different perspective of the battle.

- Sister Alena saw the Shield of Chauntea's glowing scimitar cleave into a wights face and then flip sideways to sweep through its neck, separating the head from the shoulders. The front rank of the shield wall was holding firm mainly due to Nelyssa, Tynan, Serrick, and Aulkren. The second line kept a wary eye on the tunnels at their flank and it had allowed the priestess to heal Kinara as best as she could. The Rider from Peldan's Helm was slowly getting back to her feet. The drain on her life force had left her visibly weakened and Kinara's face was still marked by four rapidly healing wounds where Eventar had struck with his claws.

- The exhausted priestess took the time to survey the battlefield, she had called upon the strength of Chauntea and a few wights had fallen back from the shield wall, beyond them she could see the great crowned wight still smashing away at Tavelle, the two were framed in a glowing hemisphere of silver light and swirling snowflakes. Alena saw Erael's body near a wall, across the chamber, the sorceress wasn't moving but she also wasn't a half wight..."I need to get to her, and quickly", she thought.

- The priestess glanced to Nelyssa and saw the paladin had a similar look of concern as she viewed the same scene. The Shield of Chauntea seemed to feel Alena's stare upon her and their eyes met for a moment, "Try and help him!", called the paladin, as she felled another foe with her undead hating scimitar.

- Sister Alena slapped a hand on Tynan's armoured shoulder and shouted so as to be heard, "We need to help Tavelle and Erael!". The militiaman gave a visible nod and bumped the man next to him to get his attention, "Serrick, we're going with Alena to help Tavelle - Get ready to follow me!". Serrick gave a wight a hefty shove with his shield and turned his head to address Tolben and Lenthrey, "Get ready to front up! Me and Tynan are going with Alena!". The two militiamen nodded their understanding and readied themselves to fill the inevitable gap.

- Tynan broke sideways out from the front line, he angled his shield to heft a Mistran half wight into a side wall and started to plot a course towards the wizard. Serrick finished the undead militiaman with a fierce chop of his longsword as they picked a path to the beleaguered mage. The trio were no more than twenty feet away when they both saw the glare of a bright orange light from the opposite side of the embattled wizard. The glow was like a sunrise within the cavern and it caused what seemed to be a pause, almost a breath in the fighting, "What in the name of the great mother is that?", gasped Alena. Serrick had a slightly better view and he turned his visor back to the priestess, "It's Jentar!".

- Sister Alena moved to see the badly wounded paladin of Lathander brandishing a longsword which seemed to burn with the fury of the dawn itself. The battered paladin stared at the pulsing flames, which wreathed the blade, he blinked hard a couple of times and fell over unconscious. The flames edging the rose hued blade sputtered and went out. Tynan shrugged and corrected Serrick, "Pfft, It was Jentar".

- Tynan led the trio and Serrick covered the rear as they made their way towards the fallen sorceress. As they approached, Tynan saw a partially burned wight appear from a side tunnel and start towards Erael, "Get away from her ya ugly bastard!", shouted the Tymoran as he tried to draw its ire. He quickened his pace to close with the flame-scarred ancient horror and saw a half wight Brother Handev appear from the same tunnel. The burned wight sprang at Tynan and smashed into his shield while the undead priest eyed up the motionless Erael.

- Sister Alena grasped her holy symbol, a golden wheatsheaf, which hung from a long length of chain around her neck and brandished it towards the two wights, "Back! In the name of the Bountiful Goddess!", called the priestess with all her faith. The half wight, which was once Brother Gerbard Handev reacted in horror. It was almost as if the creature was reminded of what it had once been and fled screaming pitifully down a tunnel. The wight in combat with Tynan turned to hiss in protest at the priestess and took a heavy hit from the fighters longsword in the process.

- Alena crouched down next to the unmoving form of Erael to feel for a pulse and took a few moments to find a weak one, "Her heart still beats", she said with relief to Serrick. The militiaman stood over the priestess with his sword and shield readied, as she tended to Erael. A few moments later he put a gloved hand on her shoulder, "Sister Alena! Derim and Lanneth are here!"

- To her relief the priestess of Chauntea heard the Reverend Harvestmaster, above the clamour of battle, call to their deity in a resoundingly powerful voice, "Witness the wrath of the Great Mother!", she had never heard the old man seem so full of vigour and strength. Lanneth, his group of militiamen, and Brother Xarran were all with Derim and they immediately bolstered the shield wall alongside Nelyssa. The ancient wight that had been fighting with Tynan was fully ablaze in gold flames and it staggered blindly towards Alena. Serrick slammed it with his shield to stagger it away from them.

- Alena scanned the cavern and saw all of the lesser wights were on fire, the battle had turned in their favour with the arrival of the Reverend Harvestmaster. Nelyssa had broken from the shield wall and was closing on the great wight, her scimitar glowing angrily. Sister Alena rose to her feet with her eyes glued to the wizard as he desperately avoided a gauntlet-encased haymaker. The priestess could only look on in horror as the icy broadsword flashed upwards, in a low to high sweeping cut, and slashed deeply into Tavelle. The strength of the blow sent the mage sprawling backwards. The arc of the sword swept a shower of frozen droplets of blood, which pinged and chimed off of their armour. The mage fell flat on his back and did not move. Sister Alena saw his tunic had been sliced and his torso was open from hip to shoulder.

- Vinjarek, the Mound King, saw the Paladin of Chauntea closing and moved to meet her.

- Sister Alena rushed over to the prone Tavelle and dropped to her knees. Serrick shook his head and grimaced, "Watchful Sister, you better hurry, I think he's defrosting". Tynan pulled a face as he looked at the wound, "Damn that blade's cold!". As they were speaking their breath formed billowing clouds when it condensed in the chilled air. Tynan slapped Serrick on the arm, "I'm going to find Brother Han... I'm gonna find the wight that scarpered, keep an eye on her as well", and he pointed to Erael who was still unconcious.

- Alena looked at the exposed bone, muscles, and organs in despair as a squirt of blood pumped wildly to spatter her face, "Mother goddess, please hear my prayers", whispered the priestess. Another spurt of blood rose from Tavelle then a second and third joined in what she thought was a hideous parody of the fountain outside the temple in Archenbridge.

- The priestess of Chauntea clutched her holy symbol tightly and placed a hand on where the blood was spraying the most. It was warm as it bubbled up inbetween her fingers and Alena could feel a heartbeat slowly winding down. More blood hit her breastplate and splashed her face but the flow was a lot weaker.

- The wheatsheaf started to glow with a golden nimbus and she heard hundreds of voices in a melodic choir fill her mind... They were all singing in praise of the Earthmother and It was beautiful... Alena closed her eyes and felt the power of her goddess flow through her body...

I made Tavelle's owner wait two weeks, without allowing any discussion between us in regards to his fate.

Update (25th September 2011)

- The mage became aware that he was on his back and could feel a warm hand pressed firmly upon his torso. Tavelle's eyes were closed, he could smell smoke and the damp earth of the barrow. He could hear a female voice whispering prayers of gratitude to Chauntea above him, and he could taste blood in his mouth, "<censored> me! I'm still alive?", thought the wizard in surprise. The mage recalled what he thought had been his last moments, "Did I see rubies?", he wondered.

- Tavelle's eyes flickered open and he saw Sister Alena knelt over him with her eyes closed. The priestess had a palm placed upon his chest and the other hand grasped her holy symbol. Her face was covered in blood and her armour, and cream robes, were stained a deep crimson.

- Tavelle attempted to lift his head, "Did we win? Is Erael okay?", asked the wizard groggily. The priestess of Chauntea looked startled, she glanced down at the mage, and nodded wordlessly. Tavelle felt Alena pull her sticky hand away from his body and he saw the tunic and tabard were sliced open. There was a lot of dark blood on his exposed chest and abdomen, but no scar or wound.

- The mage could feel his garments were soaked and clinging to him, "Is it all my blood or did I piss myself?", wondered Tavelle. The wizard looked up to Sister Alena again, "Is everyone okay?", he asked hopefully. The priestess of Chauntea was very quiet, she seemed to take a moment to compose herself before explaining, "The wights have been dealt with. Only Erael and Jentar survived from their group".

- Tavelle struggled to sit upright, his body was still very sore, he could feel bones and muscle knitting back together inside him. "You saved my life, thank you", said the mage sincerely as he gently embraced Alena. The priestess smiled and returned the hug, "Mother Chauntea saved you". Tavelle glanced around the chamber, as he held the priestess, and could see Brother Xarran attending to Kinara. The Reverend Harvestmaster and Nelyssa were both crouched next to a seated Erael. "I'm not seeing any rubies", thought the mage.

- Tavelle saw the silvery-blue sword resting in her lap and winced as he recalled being nearly cut in half by the icy blade. The sword was no longer surrounded by a blizzard of snowflakes but wispy tendrils of frost trailed over it. The Shield of Chauntea gave the sorceress a squeeze on the shoulder and stood up. Tavelle watched as Nelyssa approached Tynan and Serrick, the pair of militiamen were carrying the bodies of those who had lost their lives.

- "I still can't quite believe I actually survived", said Tavelle. The mage felt Sister Alena rub his back as if to reassure him, "Neither can I", she said honestly.

I have to admit that he wasn't the only one who was a bit shocked... One of the things we've always done is roll the dice in the open and there are no re-rolls or second chances to be had. If I'm brutally honest I'm stunned that he's lasted as long as he has...

- Sister Alena released the wizard from the hug, "Don't attempt to get up your body needs time to mend", advised the priestess. Tavelle nodded as she rose and made her way over to Derim.

- The wizard looked about him and saw Anvil's Edge, the mage reached a hand out, and grabbed the hilt of the trusty blade. As he did so Tavelle felt his belt, bandolier, tunic, and tabard flop about him, "Beshaba's Balls! That bandolier was damned expensive", thought the wizard. Tavelle inspected the razored edge of the dwarven sword for damage and couldn't find the faintest hint of a nick, or scratch, upon the metal. Tavelle tied the belt together as best he could, "I might as well not have my britches around my ankles when I get up", he mused.

- The Mage looked at the left sleeve of his tunic, it seemed to have been scorched and was slightly charred. The same could be said for the cracked and blackened wrist of his leather glove. Tavelle removed it to check his leather band, rams horn, copper wire, and black wristband. All but the strip of cloth were either burnt or fire-blackened and there was soot on his skin, "When in the Nine Hells was I on fire?", he wondered. Tavelle's question seemed to spiral into a multitude of others and filled his mind, "Why did they all seem to ignore me? What made the wight run away like that? Surely it can't have been my bad language? Why was everyone else struck by a wight so severely affected and I wasn't? What the <censored> happened to Erael and Jentar's group?".

- Tavelle was close to the charred remains of the Mound King and he recalled his Magic Missiles being thwarted by something on the creatures chest. The mage leant over for a closer look and felt a sharp pain in his hip, "The healing hasn't quite finished", thought the wizard with a wince. Tavelle briefly took a quick look about him, he was conscious of not disobeying Sister Alena's instructions.

- Tavelle slowly bum-shuffled over to view the corpse and noticed it was missing its right arm. The limb had been cleanly severed above the bicep. The mage continued his inspection and looked at the rusted chainmail hauberk that was so old it had become joined with the ancient wight. There was a crusty lump, protruding from the wights chest, which the wizard pulled free to inspect further, "This must be the bastard that ate my missiles", concluded the mage.
Old habits die hard thought the DM.

- Tavelle held the mud-caked lump in his hands and he moved his gloved fingers against it to break up the earth. The wizard noticed a reddish metal, as the soil came away, and continued clearing the mud. The mage felt a tingling shiver run down his spine and realised the Endure Elements enchantment had expired. Tavelle felt the clammy and wet from his blood-soaked garments, "At least i've a spare set waiting", he mused.

- The wizard looked over to Erael. Tavelle could see she was seated and speaking with the Reverend Harvestmaster. The sorceress glanced over at the wizard and Tavelle saw Derim do the same, the old priest said something, Erael nodded, and she began to walk over. The wizard could see some bloodstains on a shredded sleeve but couldn't see any wounds. The same could be said of a rip on her thigh, no cuts or bruises were apparent.

- As the sorceress approached Tavelle hid the mud caked piece of metal stealthily behind his back, "Bugger, I always seem to be looting stuff when she's around", thought the wizard.

- The sorceress walked over towards the mage and crouched down next to him, "You saved my life... Thank you". Tavelle blushed with embarrassment and looked into his lap to avoid eye contact. Erael placed the frosty blade on the ground and she leant in close to give him a tender hug, "I mean it, without you I would've failed... You risked your life to save me", she whispered.

- The wizard dropped the mud-caked piece of metal on the floor behind him and returned the embrace, "How are you feeling, I saw the wights taking turns to strike you and feared the worst?". Erael broke the hold and sat down next to the mage, she paused for a moment before speaking, "I'm alright now. I got outnumbered, overrun, and pinned against a wall. There were just too many. I was losing hope and my strength was being stolen away". The sorceress looked directly into Tavelle's eyes and smiled, "Then I saw your starry radiance and your silver flames. I don't remember anything else after that until I woke up with the Reverend Harvestmaster leaning over me. Nelyssa said he had to use a very old and powerful scroll". Tavelle smiled and glanced to the icy sword laying next to him, "I'm glad you're okay and sorry about the flames. It was my only option and I think I got my ranges correct". Erael followed his eyes to the frost covered broadsword, "Nelyssa told me that you drew the wights away from me, saved Jentar, and fought with the Mound King as well?". The mage shrugged and looked at Erael, "Yeah, we know how that went, he... It tried to smash Anvil's Edge until Derim arrived then it got bored I guess? I don't remember anything else after that", and he pointed at the ice encrusted weapon.

- Erael nodded, "Deepchill told me of the grievous wound he caused and wishes me to apologise on his behalf". It took less than a second to register, "Deepchill? Is that the swords name? It's sentient?", asked Tavelle excitedly. The sorceress smiled, "Yes, and yes", she replied. The wizard gazed at the snowflake engraved blade and marvelled at the workmanship, "Apology accepted. I can understand the name, he certainly lives up to it. How do you know he's a he anyway?". Erael picked the sword up and grinned, "The voice in my head is definitely a male Dwarf".

- The mage broke eye contact and cast his eyes back to the frosty broadsword, "With your affinity to Dwarves I doubt the bonding process will be a problem".

- "What are you hiding behind your back?", asked the sorceress playfully. Tavelle was going to try and bluff but decided against it at the last moment. The mage brought the mud-caked piece of metal out in front of him and continued removing the soil, "I cast a Magic Missile at the Mound King and I'm sure that this was the thing that swallowed them. It was on its chest". Erael watched closely and whispered, "The Reverend Harvestmaster says we've to be careful with anything we find down here". When Tavelle glanced up she explained, "Derim says there's a chance that the ghosts of the Barrowfields may try and stop us taking them". The mage nodded his head, "Yes, I remember my father telling me a few years ago. Tomb robbers removed some items from a barrow and went into Ashabenford. That night, when they were celebrating in one of the Inns, the vengeful ghosts followed them. It wasn't until the Rider's and clergy of Chauntea realised what was happening and managed to return the objects that the ghosts ceased their haunting".

- Tavelle saw a draconic face from within the mud, it was a brooch of red gold, fashioned in the likeness of a roaring red dragon's head. The workmanship was inspired and a lot of thought had gone into its crafting. A matched pair of sardonyx chips were perfectly placed to resemble reptilian eyes and the long teeth were Ivory. "Ugh! Horrid thing!", said Erael with disgust. Tavelle understood her reaction and wished it could've been in the image of a goodly dragon, "If I was to go around wearing this I don't think she'd ever speak to me again. That's if we even get to keep anything", he thought to himself. The mage tossed the muddy brooch on the mound kings chest, and looked back at the sorceress, "What happened to your group?".

- "Its was Jentar, he wrecked the plan… He made his longsword flare with a blinding light and engaged the Mound King. The militia, Eventar, and Brother Handev were dazzled by the flash and quickly overcome". Tavelle nodded, "We were close enough to see the golden light, we weren't far away, why didn't he wait as instructed?".

- Erael frowned and looked over at the Paladin of Lathander, Jentar was knelt with his back towards the pair, "I don't know, the tunnel was defensible, he didn't seem to have any thoughts apart from to attack the crowned Wight".

- The wizard could see at least a score of corpses laid out neatly on the ground. They were all twisted with the taint of undeath, some alot more than others. Tavelle recognised the majority of militiamen who had perished, h e saw Eventar, Mellfrem and Brother Handev . It was when he laid eyes on Helton, or at least the creature that resembled him, that he felt a lump in his throat.

- The mage remembered the Rider at the Unicorns charge telling him to, "Stop <censored> around with that chicken!", drop-kicking the undead cockerel away from him, and then dragging him up the hill as they retreated. A bittersweet smile crept its way onto Tavelle's face, "First and last time that chicken experienced flight", he thought to himself.

- Tavelle looked at the Holy Avenger in Jentar’s grasp. The beautiful snarling lion had been replaced with the head of a red and gold phoenix. The powerful, leonine claws of the cross guard were now feathered, rose-hued wings. The blade was tinted scarlet along the bloodgroove and the edges were limned in a rippling crimson and orange faerie fire.

- Tavelle wasn’t looking too happy, "That’s just not right. He’s nearly gotten his entire party killed and he thinks he can just walk off with the Lionswrath blade? What about all the families who've lost a father or brother due to his actions, has he given any thought to them?", thought the mage.

- Tavelle saw Sister Alena, covered in his blood, reciting some prayers over the many bodies of the fallen. The wizard saw tears fall from the eyes of the priestess and they created streaks of visible skin on her cheeks. "That's it! I've had it with him!", thought Tavelle.

- Tavelle stood up and addressed Jentar, "I hope this rebirth and resurrection stuff comes back to kick you in the ass!", said the wizard angrily.

The DM's mouth dropped open.

- Jentar’s mouth dropped open and the paladin of Lathander only managed, "What?", in response. Tavelle continued, "All the poor bastards that believed in you are dead. If, and when, they get reborn I sincerely hope they pay you a visit". The wizard saw Jentar’s face turn a dark shade of red, he was getting angry. "You don’t deserve to wield the Lionswrath blade!", ranted the mage. Tavelle noticed a vein throbbing in the paladin’s temple, "How dare you! The Morninglord transformed the blade when I picked it up!", shouted Jentar.

"Maybe it’s not the wisest move winding him up so much? But, I’m enjoying this… It’s cathartic", said Tavelle’s player with a big grin.

- Tavelle shook his head, "No, Jentar you’re wrong, it would’ve transformed if any paladin had touched it. Oh, and by the way, it’s not even your blade to claim!", he argued loudly. The wizard saw Jentar shift his weight and the paladin brought the newly transformed Avenger up between them. The tip was pointed at the mage and the flames seemed to flare angrily.

"Is he doing what I think he’s doing?", asked Tavelle’s owner in shock. The DM gave a nod of confirmation.

- Tavelle’s right hand moved to grasp the hilt of Anvil’s Edge in response to the brandished blade from the furious paladin. The mage drew the sword a couple of inches from the scabbard and focused on Jentar’s eyes. "Enough of this! Tavelle, quieten yourself! Jentar, lower the sword!", shouted Nelyssa angrily. Tavelle kept a firm grip on Anvil’s Edge, looked to the Shield, and gave a nod, "My apologies". The mage pushed his sword back into the scabbard and looked to Jentar.

"I’ve a theory about the Lionswrath blade", said Tavelle's owner. "I was going to attempt to prove Jentar wrong and show how Lathander didn’t transform the sword. The only thing holding Tavelle back is that he's too late to prove it. I’m absolutely certain Lathander didn’t do it", he admitted.

The DM wanted to hear the theory…

"I’m positive that if Nelyssa had retrieved the dormant blade it’d now be sporting some beautiful Chauntean imagery, and not the gaudy piece of crap that Jentar’s holding. I hate the thought of him getting the sword!". Tavelle’s player continued explaining, "I can't even call his bluff, and ask him to let Nelyssa hold the sword, that chance has passed already. What if the sword only transforms when the bonded wielder is dead and the sword is inactive? Damn it! The only way to find out would be to murder Jentar, wait for the sword to go dormant, and get Nelyssa to pick it up. That’s possibly a tad extreme just to prove a point?".

- Jentar's mouth was clenched tightly shut and Tavelle could see two small muscles tensing in his jaw. The paladin of Lathander frowned and looked at Nelyssa, "He's called me a liar and insulted the Morninglord!". Tavelle shook his head, "What? Really? Were you not listening?", asked the mage incredulously, "Let me explain. I insulted you, not the Morninglord, and I corrected your assumption in regards to the transformation. Is that any clearer or would you like me to sew you a tapestry?". The wizard heard a few chuckles from some of the militia to his flank and saw a giggling Lanneth put a hand to his mouth.

- Erael stepped forwards and addressed the paladin, "Jentar, my father gifted the sword to the previous wielder. He was a noble paladin of Torm named Vallendras Lionswrath. Before it came to him the sword's pommel was a pair of ivory hands bound at the wrist with a red cord. I very much doubt whether the gods are compelled to transform the blade every time it finds a new owner". Jentar looked at the sorceress, nodded, and lowered the flaming weapon.

- "And, now we know why it looks like a peacock", said the wizard.

- Tynan, Serrick and Lanneth burst into laughter but did their best to stifle it quickly. Tavelle could see the Reverend Harvestmaster looking on, the wizard realised it was the first time he had seen the priest look angry.

"Hold on a minute", said Tavelle's player, "Did she just say new owner?".

to be continued...

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this is just an astoundingly beautiful piece of prose !

Thank you very much for bringing this scroll to us.

I hope the story of Tavelle continues for a long time.
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I agree...I wait all the time for new updates...really enjoying the unfolding tale!

AD&D for me!
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It's a lot of work to do something like this. Thanks for taking the time to share, Farrel.

Look for me and my content at EN World (user name: sanishiver).
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Azyx, Dalor, and Jeremy - Thankyou for the kind words.


- The Reverend Harvestmaster narrowed his eyes as if motioning the mage to his left and Tavelle followed their path to Erael. It was in that moment he realised he hadn't taken his eyes off of Jentar, even when she had spoken up about the swords history. The mage turned to regard her and saw her eyes were glassy, "Damn it, I'm an idiot! I should've realised" , thought the wizard. Erael gave a slight shake of her head and Tavelle could see her eyes welling up with tears, "Please, just let it go... It's no longer the Lionswrath blade..." (Translated from Dwarvish*).

"Dwarvish?", asked Tavelle's player and the DM gave a nod of confirmation.

- The mage nodded and took a deep breath, "I'm sorry... I didn't think... I'm so angry at what he's done..." (TfD*), and he shot a frustrated glance towards the fallen Mistrans. The wizard looked back to Jentar and the Paladin stepped towards him with the flame-wreathed blade at his side, "It's a Phoenix", he said sternly. The mage let out a sigh but didn't respond, "He didn't even realise it was sarcasm? I'm definitely not going to say anything else. I've already upset Erael, by going on about the sword, and it seems Derim isn't impressed with my rant either".

- Jentar gave a curt bow to Erael and glared at the wizard. The paladin shook his head, as he looked Tavelle up and down, then turned about. The mage had to consciously hold his tongue, "You're welcome", he thought to himself. The paladin of Lathander nodded to both Nelyssa and Derim before marching down an exit tunnel. The wizard looked around at the militia and saw Lanneth, who gave him a supportive nod. The orange radiance from Jentar's new sword dissipated down the tunnel as he departed.

- The mage noticed the two Ioun Stones were no longer orbiting him so he started searching the ground where he had fallen, "How do you feel now?" (TfD*), asked the sorceress. Tavelle looked up, "Yeah alright and I think Sister Alena cured my cold too" (TfD*). The sorceress reached down to a boot and retrieved a slender wand, "Don't worry about the stones. I picked them up while you were out cold... You dropped this" (TfD*). Tavelle stopped looking at the muddy ground and took the spent item, "Thanks, I discarded it during the fight as it's empty. I'll keep it as a memento" (TfD*).

- The wizard raised an eyebrow at the sorceress, "Why are we speaking Dwarvish?" (TfD*). Erael smiled, "I have Deepchill in my mind and it's the only language he knows. When we were speaking in the common tongue earlier he was forever in my ear asking what we were talking about" (TfD*). Tavelle nodded his understanding, "I doubt you get much conversation with a wight king, how long has he been down here?" (TfD*). The sorceress giggled and nodded, "Too durned long, according to him" (TfD*).

- As they talked about Deepchill the pair were approached by Nelyssa and Derim. Tavelle wondered if he was about to be reprimanded for his outburst. The Shield of Chauntea smiled, "I'm glad you're okay", and Tavelle nodded, "I've Sister Alena and the Bountiful Goddess to thank for that". The Reverend Harvestmaster placed a hand on Tavelle's arm, "Alena called and Mother Chauntea answered. I believe it's a good omen for the both of you". The mage fidgeted, "I want to apologise, I'm sorry for my outburst, I shouldn't have said anything in front of everyone". Derim shook his head, "You only said what many of us were thinking, don't fret about it. It will be addressed when we return to Ashabenford".

- The Shield of Chauntea seemingly nodded her agreement, "What happened when we entered the chamber, one moment you were behind me and then you weren't? I was expecting you behind the shield wall?". Tavelle gave a shrug, "So was I, in the confusion and the rush of the wights it formed up behind me. I was surrounded by a few illusory duplicates and they, the undead that is, ignored me. That's when I saw Erael was in trouble and things in general were going badly. Naema just said if everything went to hell then to do whatever I could". The last sentence made both Chaunteans smile broadly and they looked to each other. Nelyssa was the first to reply, "I saw what you did and I'm very glad you decided to patrol with us". Tavelle blushed and he looked to his muddy boots. The wizard felt Erael bump his hip gently with her own, "So am I", she said sincerely.

- Tavelle turned as he saw Kinara approach and the Rider from Peldan's Helm placed a hand on his shoulder to draw him into a hug, "I'm glad you're okay". The wizard smiled as she released him and he gently traced the feint lines upon her face where Eventar's claws has struck, "Are you alright?", asked the mage with genuine concern. Kinara smiled and nodded to Tavelle, "Yes, I've the Reverend Harvestmaster and Sister Alena to thank", and she looked to Derim and Nelyssa, "I'm taking Tolben and Lenthrey to the surface to see Brother Waylam. They both took hits from the wights and you say he has scrolls which can help them?". Derim nodded, "Yes, there are some older scrolls which Reverend Brother Mallither inked before his passing. Please ask the Watchful Brother to use those first". Kinara nodded, gave her thanks to the venerable priest and departed with the two militiamen.

- Nelyssa looked at the shredded collar and sleeve of Tavelle's tunic, "I saw you struck hard by the wights", said the paladin with some concern, "Are you sure you don't require aid?". The wizard smiled and shrugged, "No, I feel great. Whatever Sister Alena and the Bountiful Goddess did cured me of everything... Even the cold I had coming". Satisfied that their wizard was okay the Chaunteans began to discuss the removal of the fallen and Erael decided to make her way over to Sister Alena.

- Tavelle saw the hilt of Jentar's shattered sword discarded in the mud, the mage excused himself politely, and wandered over to the broken weapon. The wizard could see numerous fragments of metal on the floor, parts of the paladin's breastplate and shield littered the area where their melee had taken place. Tavelle felt a cold shiver run down his spine as he recalled Vinjarek's crashing blows with Deepchill and his eyes came to gaze upon Anvil's Edge at his hip.

- Tavelle looked a little bemused as he collected his thoughts, "Mystra's Mysteries! There's so many questions!".

- The wizard crouched down and collected a few shards of metal from the sword, shield, and armour. He placed them disdainfully in an empty bandolier pouch which was hanging freely from his shoulder, "I've not a clue what they might be useful for but I'm bloody having them anyway", thought the mage in frustration.

- Tavelle heard some boots trudge through the cloying earth behind him and heard Tynan's voice, "There's me thinking you'd be sick of mud by now? Do you want to get out of here?". The wizard stood up, "What about the others?". The Tymoran shrugged, "Some are staying for a final sweep, some are getting the fallen ready to move... Er, carry... I mean carry to the surface". Tavelle had a final look about the chamber as his mind raced with a multitude of questions, "I hope we're done here", admitted the mage.

- Tavelle walked out of the larger chamber and followed Tynan into a tunnel, "I'll give you one thing you've got guts!", said the fighter with a big grin. Tavelle stopped, raised an eyebrow, and gave him a dubious look, "Go on, whatever it is, get it over with", and smirked in anticipation. Tynan started laughing, "Sister Alena still has some on her robes and armour". Tavelle gave a chuckle, he was covered in dried mud and blood, "I'm a proper mess, look at the <censored> state of me! Serrick can have these back!", and the Tymoran nodded in agreement, "When I saw your wound I honestly thought you'd had it... You were open from hip to shoulder... I went chasing after Brother Handev certain you'd bleed out...". It was Tavelle's turn to nod, "I owe Sister Alena my life".

- Tynan was carrying a large canvas sack and he rested it on the ground while they talked in the tunnel. The mage raised an eyebrow, "Did any of the wights actually lay a claw on you?", and the fighter shook his head, "I trust in the Lady and my own skill. It's always kept me safe so far". Tynan reached into the neck of his chainmail, fished out a small silver disc on a leather cord and gave it a gentle kiss. Tavelle looked at the symbol of Tymora, it was rough and had feint markings on the flat surfaces, "Is it an old coin? I could make you a really nice one if you want?". Tynan shook his head again and smiled, "Thanks for the offer but this little coin is special". Tavelle looked the Tymoran up and down and noted he was barely even muddy. He cast a look at himself, and grinned, "I think I see your point".

- They continued walking and as they turned a corner the mage saw the welcome glow of daylight. He quickened his pace towards the exit. Tavelle stopped when he realised Tynan wasn't following him and began to turn around. As he turned to look behind him he saw and felt the armoured claws of a wight grab his shoulder. "<censored>!", shrieked the mage in horror. Tavelle's hand reached for the hilt of Anvil's Edge but it wasn't hanging correctly and he wasted precious moments fumbling in a panic. It was only when he heard howls of laughter that he realised the claws had no grip. The Tymoran was nearly in tears and leant against a wall as he laughed uncontrollably. Tynan looked as though he wanted to say something but couldn't manage to stifle his mirth. "Bastard! I nearly shat myself! That's twice you've got me now!", said the wizard angrily as he tried to regain his composure. The fighter was bent double with his hands on his knees desperately trying to breathe. Tavelle saw the funny side of the prank and started to laugh, "I've got to admit I wanted a wight's arm to do exactly the same thing!".

- The fighter looked up, "I'm sorry, I just had to! Besides, Brondar asked me to get you one", and he held the arm out to the wizard. Tavelle recognised it immediately and remembered having to avoid it when it was attached to the crowned wight. The rusted gauntlet was pitted, split in places, and sharp talons protruded from the missing fingertips. The mage took the arm from Tynan and the fighter handed him a spare sack, "Here, put it in this". Tavelle stowed the arm carefully in the cloth and smirked as he thought about the many uses for it, "This is going to be great for practical jokes, backscratching, raking leaves...". Tynan clapped him on the shoulder, "Look, all joking aside, what you did back there took some serious balls. Stuff Jentar, I'd ride alongside you anytime. That's if this hasn't put you off?". Tavelle shook his head and thanked the fighter, "I really enjoy my time with you lot and in a strange kind of way I guess I should thank Kendra for that. If it hadn't been for her I'd still be theorising, over my tomes and grimoires, instead of actually doing all this". Tynan gave the mage a bemused look, "Grimwhat?, Ah, nevermind", and he turned to leave.

- A familiar voice from deeper in the tunnel interrupted Tavelle and Tynan, "What are you two gossiping about?", and the mage saw Serrick approach with Trentos of the Abbey. Tynan looked to Serrick, "I just got him with the arm", and the militiaman started laughing, "Don't you think his britches are full enough?". The Tymoran gave a big grin, "Nah, I was more worried about him drawing Anvil's Edge or his wand on me". Trentos wore the bronze hued platemail of the abbey guard and he smiled at the banter Tavelle was receiving, "I did wonder why everyone was calling you Swordmage". Tavelle grinned at Trentos. "Let me guess, you probably still are?". Trentos started chuckling, "Oh no, I arrived with the Reverend Harvestmaster... It was just in time to see you get cleaved". Serrick and Tynan burst out laughing.

- "You might like to know they've found some treasure", said Serrick once he had calmed. Trentos nodded, "Yeah, it was under some rotten canvas sacks, covered in earth. It was your sorceress who spotted it", and the abbey guard looked to Tavelle. Tynan shrugged his arms, "Well, what was it? Coins? Gemstones? Jewellery?", he asked impatiently. Serrick pulled a face at his friend, "Calm down, yer bloody magpie! It was mainly silver jewellery and some precious stones. I didn't get a good look". Trentos chimed in, "I saw a shield, spearhead and longsword. They were all covered in muck but looked alright".

- Tynan nudged Serrick and glanced at Tavelle, "I wonder if any of it's magical?". The wizard nodded his head, "It's possible, the sword the Wight King wielded and the red dragon brooch he wore were obviously both enchanted. The brooch carried a spell which I can cast, It's called Shield. It's typically used to thwart Magic Missiles and frontal attacks in the same manner as the object it was named after".

- Tynan grinned at Serrick, "Told you..", and the man nodded, "Yeah". Tavelle watched Serrick hand over several silver pieces to the Tymoran, "What's going on?", he asked. Serrick counted out five silver, "He asked if I'd heard you get all 'Sagey' when you were asked about magic, I didn't believe him, and I lost the wager". Tynan smiled at Tavelle, "I do always learn something".

- Tavelle looked at the trio, "So, the treasure, any ideas what's going to happen to it? Will it just be claimed by the High Councillor?". Tynan shrugged, "It'll go back to the Barracks and be sorted. I'd love a good look at the crown the creature was wearing". Tavelle nodded in agreement, "The high spires and jewels looked stunning". Serrick nudged the mage, "When we get back to Ashabenford, and the stewards go through it, you might get the chance?".

- Trentos stood with a worried expression upon his face, "What about the ghosts? What if they come looking for the treasure?", he whispered. Tynan and Serrick looked to Tavelle, "What do you reckon?", asked the Tymoran, "Will they come after it?". The wizard shook his head, "No, I don't think so, Vinjarek and his undead retinue seemed to be the last custodians of those items. I'd guess they were their possessions in life and were interred with them in death?", and he looked to Trentos, "Anyway, I'm sure the Reverend Harvestmaster will take any necessary precautions, in regards to vengeful ghosts and cursed items".

- The quartet made their way towards the welcome shafts of daylight which managed to penetrate the angles of the tunnel. Tavelle could make out silhouetted figures pass the exit intermittently causing the light to flicker and blink. The mage walked fully into the light and heard a familiar voice from one of the larger shadows waiting at the tunnel entrance, "<censored> my old boots! Look at the state of yer! There's me thinking Jentar was a mess!". Tavelle recognised Brondar's deep voice but was unable to see him properly as he shielded his eyes from the glaring sunlight. The half-blind wizard felt a burly arm drop over his shoulder and pulled him into a bear hug, "I heard yer did good in there?". The big man ruffled Tavelle's unruly locks with a balled fist, and with his nose, and mouth, pressed against the Rider's breastplate he only managed to reply, "Mm... Sqwuathed".

- Tavelle heard Naema's voice close by, "Bron, let him go". The big fighter released the wizard and he turned in the direction of her voice. Tavelle squinted and managed to see a blurry outline of Naema through watering eyes and she stepped close to wrap her arms around him, "Chauntea's sweet mercy! I'm glad you're okay. Kinara and Aulkren told us what happened and what you did". Tavelle felt Naema wipe his eyes as his sight readjusted, "It's all blood and mud! What happened to staying behind the shield wall?", she asked. Tavelle blinked as he focused on Naema, "Remember what you said about it going to the Nine Hells? Well, it did", said the mage, "Thats a bit of an understatement", added Tynan. Serrick nodded in agreement, "Only Jentar and Erael survived from their group and if it hadn't been for Tavelle they wouldn't be here either".

- The wizard looked to Serrick, "And I wouldn't be here if not for you, Tynan, Sister Alena, and Mother Chauntea". Brondar put a hand on Tavelle's shoulder, "Kinara said Jentar <censored> up and disregarded the orders?". The mage nodded but didn't want to get drawn into another extended whinge about the paladin. Tynan glanced at Tavelle and then to the pair of Riders, "He got a lot of people killed, had his armour and sword shattered, yet he managed to come away with his life and Erael's sword", explained the Tymoran.

- "I saw him head back to the farm so The Morn Horn's probably in his tent giving it a good rubbing", said Liria innocently as she made her way out from behind the wizard. Tavelle looked down at the tiny, silver-haired, Halfling and she glanced up, "You look like <censored>", she said with a grin, "Thank you", replied Tavelle dryly, as he checked the sheath next to his dagger. Liria brought the wand out from behind her back and gave the mage a winning smile, "I'm glad you're not dead".

- Serrick explained the fallen militia and farmers were to be brought to the surface, "We've got all their personal effects but our people still need carrying out. The left hand tunnel will just about let you squeeze through if you're not wearing your plate, Bron". Brondar nodded and started removing his armour. Naema looked at the bedraggled wizard, "When you return to the Lannane farm there's a wooden tub around the back of the farmhouse near the well. I'll see you later".

- Tavelle watched as the two Riders and numerous militia disappeared into the dark overhang in the side of the hill. The mage did a double-take when he spied Buross waiting impatiently nearby. The large Eagle Owl seemed worried sick as it hopped about in earnest looking for Lanneth in the darkness. The wizard couldn't help himself - he was a sucker for most types of animal - and sought to reassure the pining bird his master was just fine.

- "What the <censored> are you doing?", asked Liria with obvious concern in her voice, "That bird's a bastard and just plain mean, leave it alone, it'll have ya!". Tavelle frowned at the Halfling, "I just want to reassure it that his master is alright".

- Tavelle approached the agitated Owl with care, and addressed the animal softly by its name, "Buross, here... boy? Come on... owly?". The bird turned its large head to face the mage without turning its torso, "Hoooooo!", shrieked the owl. Tavelle's eyes went wide and he only managed to mutter, "Erm?", in response. Buross jumped its body around without taking his gaze from Tavelle, "Hooooooo!", it hooted loudly.

"Okay, we haven't rolled a check or anything but I'm intimidated", said the player, "and Tavelle is too", he laughed.

I think I might've overdid the owl impression... Buross was worried, not angry... Liria was semi-correct with her assessment - Buross didn't hate everyone... he just hated fingers.

- Buross hopped forwards in Tavelle's direction, and made a softer, "hooo?", noise. The concerned mage decided to stand his ground and noted Liria had retreated a safe distance from him, "Buross... Lanneth is okay", he squeaked, "He'll be here soon". The wizard saw a definite reaction to Ranger's name and the Eagle Owl started a faster diagonal bounce to get closer, "Hooohooo!", it called excitedly as it balanced the forward momentum with its wings. The large bird stopped a couple of feet short of Tavelle and its startling golden brown eyes looked up at him expectantly, "hooo?".

- The mage visibly swallowed and addressed the huge owl, "Please don't bite me again", he pleaded. Buross kept his large gold orbs firmly on the wizard and Tavelle noticed a pulsing of the feathers below the beak, "Lanneth won't be long", reassured the mage as he felt slightly more at ease. Buross emitted a couple of soft "Hoo's", and began to puff himself up for a preen. Tavelle watched as the Eagle Owl seemed to get larger and wider with his feathers fluffed up, "Don't you look cute?", he commented and began to crouch down. As the mage extended a hand towards the big ball of feathers he saw Buross eye his fingers and open his sharp beak menacingly. Tavelle quickly withdrew his hand and stood up, "Liria's right", said the wizard bitterly, "You are a bastard!".

- The mage backed away from the duplicitous creature and he heard laughing, "I bloody told you!", gloated the Halfling. Tavelle looked down at Liria, "I'm heading back to camp if you want to come? I need to clean up". The silver-haired Halfling nodded, "That's a very good idea", and whistled for Drool. The large mastiff padded over to Liria and she swung herself into the small saddle.

- A number of militia and Chaunteans waited around the small canopies, which had been erected to deal with any wounded. As Tavelle trudged past them he saw Briarly in attendance and the young militiaman saw the mage too. He made his way over to the pair with his eyes wide at the wizards appearance, "Swordmage, what happened?". Liria smiled from atop her Highdale Mastiff, "Haven't you heard? He fought a Wight King". The militiaman looked to the mage with his mouth agape and managed to stammer, "W-what?". Tavelle grinned at Briarly, "I lost".

- The pair explained they were heading back to the Rider's camp and he would surely hear the whole story later that evening. Tavelle approached the group of horses and found Fury amongst them. After the wizard had made a fuss of the stallion he checked his saddlebags for the alcohol and change of clothes. As he stuffed the sack containing the arm in one he heard Liria's inquisitive voice, "What's in the sack?". Tavelle stopped, brought the cloth sack out, and bent down next to the curious Halfling, "It's a souvenir of sorts", he explained as he removed Vinjarek's severed arm. Liria pulled a face of horror, "<censored>! Is that off the Wight King?". The mage nodded, "I managed to avoid having my skull caved in by this armoured fist only to nearly get cut in half by his sword".

- The wizard carefully wrapped the arm back up in the sack and safely stowed it within the saddlebag, "So, Jentar has Erael's sword? It didn't have the gold lion head anymore", asked the Halfling. Tavelle sighed, "The Lionswrath blade magically transformed itself when he picked it up". Liria shrugged, "Why did Erael drop it?", and the mage explained, "Erael had gotten overrun and was unconscious". Liria put her hands on Drool's saddle handle, "What happened to Jentar's own sword?". Tavelle swung himself into the saddle and tried to get comfortable in his wet breeches, "The Wight King's icy sword shattered it. Along with his shield and breastplate". As the wizard shifted his buttocks the Halfling frowned, "Kinara said you saved his life?". Tavelle made a clicking sound with his mouth to urge Fury into motion and turned to look at Liria, "Please, don't remind me". The mounted Halfling followed slightly behind his horse and the mage heard her call him a "Dickhead". The wizard raised an eyebrow and turned in the saddle, "I heard that", he stated. Liria raised an eyebrow of her own, "Good, you were meant to".

- The pair rode on to the Lannane farm in silence. Occasionally Drool would charge off after a bird or bumblebee with Liria clinging on for dear life.

- Tavelle sat atop Fury and saw Drool approach whilst it chewed a butterfly, "So, is Naema going to get a good stuffing this evening?", asked Liria with a grin. The wizard's jaw dropped open and he shook his head, "Not bloody likely. Not after the last time, why do you ask?". The Halfling laughed and patted a pouch at her belt, "The militia are taking bets and I could do with some coin". Tavelle burst out laughing, "I must confess I intend to get well and truly hammered this evening. I don't expect to be capable even if I was willing". Liria cocked her head to the side, "If you could mention to some of the others that you're feeling horny it'd really help the odds. Where did you get alcohol from anyway?".

- The mage cleared his throat with a cough, "I've picked up a bad habit of yours. It dropped out of your cloak when you were playing tug-of-war with dopey and I yoinked it", and he looked to the Mastiff still eating the butterfly. It was Liria's turn for her mouth to open widely and she started giggling, "You thieving bastard! Listen, my art is the only thing I can add to this lot, if you start too then I might as well <censored> off!".

- The odd pair shared a good laugh as they rode down the hill towards the farm, "Seriously though, be careful with that wild raspberry it packs a punch like a treble Yeti's Breath!". Tavelle nodded "Have you tried it?", and the Halfling pulled a face, "Pretty much anything Conor Lannane brewed is good stuff and wild raspberry is really strong. Lannane's Parsnip wine is the best, it smells terrible but when you drink it... it's like a Nymph crawling all over your tongue".

"That sounds alright", said the player.

- As the pair approached the outskirts of the farm they could see a few militiamen on guard at the perimeter, "What are you going to do?", asked the mage, and Liria grinned, "Do you think Nelyssa and Erael will be down there a while longer?", asked the sneaky Halfling. Tavelle frowned and seemed to guess Liria's intentions immediately, "Stay well away from the backpack, it's definitely spelltrapped. I don't know what it does but I doubt it's pleasant", warned the wizard. The Halfling pulled a face, "It's a bluff that's all, just to deter the curious folk. Besides, Naema's asked me to have a root around for some honeysuckle soap".

- Tavelle's brow furrowed in a mix of anger and horror, "Are you <censored> kidding me?", he blurted aloud.

Tavelle's player looked annoyed as he digested the information, "I knew it! I bloody knew this was going to happen! Everyone, apart from her, commented on it. I could understand if anything had actually happened but, apart from copping an eyeful in the Rodrathe's stable, Tavelle has been a perfect gentleman".

- Liria was taken aback by the wizard's outburst and her eyebrows vanished into the fringe of her pixie-cut hair. It even managed to draw Drool's attention away from snuffling at the ground, "Erm, no", said the Halfling quietly. The mage took a moment to compose himself.

- "I smelled like a wet dog", stated the mage, and he cast his gaze down to make eye contact with the Mastiff, "No offence". Tavelle looked back at Liria, "I cast a freshen enchantment on myself and got the level of fragrance a bit wrong. I really hope a bath calms it down", he lied. The Halfling grinned, "A bit wrong?". The wizard shrugged in admission, "Okay, very wrong".

- Tavelle frowned, "I can't get over her jealousy and paranoia". Liria looked up at the mage and nodded in agreement, "Ever since you and Erael met she's been as cranky as a thirsty Stirge". As the pair approached the outskirts of the farm they could see a few militiamen on guard at the perimeter, "I mean it Liria stay away from Erael's pack, for your own sake". The Halfling pulled a face at the wizard, "Nag! Nag! Nag! I won't touch the damned backpack, happy?". Tavelle shook his head, "I'd rather not have to explain to your uncle Mergil how you were - and feel free to pick any of these as they're all possible - immolated, frozen, imploded, exploded, disintegrated, polymorphed, electrocuted, or lobotomised". Liria raised a silver eyebrow, "<censored> me! Anything else?". The mage nodded, "Yeah, I missed planeshifted, diseased, poisoned, and cursed".

- Liria frowned in defiance, "Pfft! I'm not scared! I didn't understand half of what you just said!". The wizard let out an exasperated sigh but couldn't stop himself from a giggle. A dozen militia approached the mounted pair and a stern, middle-aged man in black lacquered plate stepped forwards, "What happened to the horn call? Why didn't you blow a Rider returning?". Tavelle couldn't help himself, he looked down to Liria and started to laugh...

The DM had given Tavelle's owner a noose to hang himself with... I wondered what sort of first impression Captain Kuthe would have.

- The grinning Halfling glanced up to Tavelle and seemingly read his thoughts, she turned back to the tall man, "Well, we did try but it wouldn't fit in my mouth!". Tavelle's shoulders shook as he laughed out loud, Liria's mind was in the gutter with him, "And, technically, I'm not a Rider anyway", he chuckled.

- The armoured man didn't find their bawdy humour amusing and Tavelle noted that none of the militia registered a smirk or a guffaw, "That's strange", thought the mage, "I'm normally hilarious". The tall man looked at the disheveled and unkempt wizard with obvious disdain, "You're Nereskul's son?". Tavelle nodded slowly, "Yes, that's correct", he said with growing unease, "I don't believe we've met?".

"Okay, I'm slightly worried about who this guy is... He seems to be a veteran... He obviously hasn't got a sense of humour... He also appears to be in command of this new group of militia... Worst of all he knows who I am... Is he a patrol leader? Are there any clues apart from the rather worn black-lacquered plate mail?".

- Tavelle felt an insistent tug at the top of his leather boot and looked down to a grinning Liria, "I thought you knew Captain Kuthe?", she asked innocently.

"Ah <censored>!", said Tavelle's owner in horror.

- Tavelle looked at Liria as though she was one of Drool's surprises, littered around the camp, which a few of the militia had stepped in, "No, but thanks so much", said the wizard, his tone dripping with sarcasm. Liria either didn't notice or simply didn't care as she gave Tavelle a winning smile, "You're very welcome", she replied.

"Well, as first impressions go... This is a shocker", said the player.

- Tavelle looked back to the stone faced Captain, "Well met", said the mage sheepishly and he noticed the Rider gave him a slightly disappointed shake of his head. The wizard heard Liria's voice, "Well, I'll leave you lot to it", and she gave the Mastiff a nudge, "Go on, Drool". Tavelle saw Captain Kuthe give the mounted Halfling a look of contempt at her futile attempts to giddy up the stationary Mastiff. "Move it, <censored>head!", shouted a frustrated Liria.

Tavelle's player gave me a funny grin, "After everything Tavelle's been through over the last few days he's just about past the point of giving a damn... He just wants a bath... And, on a personal note, I just want to get my own back on Liria for dropping me in it".

- The mage gave a smirk and blew a shrill whistle to gain the dogs attention, "Where's the squirrels, Drool? Where's the squirrels?", said the wizard in an excited voice. Drool stared up at him attentively, "Urf!", snorted the Highdale Mastiff and it visibly tensed, ears pricked.

- Liria looked slightly concerned and held on tightly, "What? Don't mention them!", she uttered in a panic. Tavelle leaned over in the saddle to address the dog properly, "Where are they Drool? Where's the squirrels?", asked the mage in a semi-hushed tone.

- The dogs eyes darted about looking left and right, "Rawf!! Rawf!!", barked Drool loudly and it performed an agile pirouette. Liria started cursing as she was tossed about on the small saddle, "Bye bye", said the mage with a wave, "See you in a while...". The wizard pointed off behind him, with a dramatic flourish, back up towards the hill, "There's the squirrels! Get the squirrels, Drool!". "Rawf!! Rawf!! Rawf!!", barked the excited Mastiff and its feet scrambled for purchase against the wet grass before bounding off.

- Tavelle smiled broadly as he watched Liria bounce around on the unpadded leather saddle. Drool was moving at quite a clip and didn't take long to disappear over the hill back from whence they came. He turned to look down at a confused Captain and a bemused bunch of militia, "Well, my work here's done", sighed the wizard. Tavelle made a clicking sound with his mouth and Fury started to walk forwards. Captain Kuthe glanced up at Tavelle with a look of consternation as the horse approached, "What? Where do you think you're going?", he asked.

- The mage briefly looked at himself as though the answer was obvious, "Captain, I have an appointment with a bath. I'm covered in mud, blood, and whatever else leaked from me during the battle. Please, excuse me", he stated as firmly as he dared. The massive warhorse gave the group no option other than to clear a path, or be moved, as it calmly walked on.

- It was only when the mounted wizard was a fair distance away from the men he muttered, "Beshaba's Balls!", in exasperation. He followed the curse by patting Fury on his muscled neck and telling the huge horse he was a "Good boy".

- When they reached the rest of the horses, Tavelle dismounted and removed the saddlebags and tack from Fury. He readied his bag of feed, and looked at the wavy brand on the horse's glossy black flank. The wizard was fuming as he thought about Naema and her request for Liria to search Erael's backpack.

It still stuns me that Tavelle's owner just seemed to accept that Fury, a truly magnificent steed, was given to him as a mount by the Riders of Mistledale. Normally he questions everything imaginable and I'd mentioned the wavy brand a couple of times previously. Fury is a Cormyrian Destrier and worth a small fortune - Lord Wavesilver had spoken to the High Councillor, in regards to Tavelle serving with the Riders, and decided to provide the mage with a suitable mount. The poor War Wizard who was assigned the task of teleporting the horse to Ashabenford left with a hernia. Lord Wavesilver also paid for the stable to be constructed too - another thing which went over Tavelle's head - why would his father, a notoriously frugal man with no horses, need a stable anyway? They already had a small lean-to for the cows to seek shelter from any harsh weather, and the pair of cattle had very thick shaggy coats.

- Fury was getting impatient that the nose bag wasn't already in place and decided to take action by gently nudging the wizard. Tavelle felt a firm push in the back and was roused from his thoughts, "Sorry boy, let's get you fed", apologised the mage. He secured the nose bag over the stallions head and fastened the ties so it wouldn't come loose, "So, how do I tell Naema she's being a nightmare without getting battered?", he asked the horse hoping for an answer. Fury didn't have any ideas to offer so the mage hoisted the saddlebags over his shoulder, gave the horse a pat, and trudged off towards his tent.

- Tavelle regretted how the encounter with Captain Kuthe had gone and wished he could have made a better first impression, "I need to rein myself in when I'm with Liria", he mused, "She makes me say the stuff I normally only think". The mage parted the flap to his tent, stooped down to enter, and dropped the saddlebags to the floor. He retrieved a clean set of clothing and departed to locate the bathtub. As the wizard made his way through the group of tents he looked over towards Nelyssa's. He was almost expecting a fireball to engulf it and to find a charred pair of Halfling feet next to an unbuckled backpack.

- Tavelle walked around to the rear of the farmhouse and immediately spotted the small well Naema had told him about. The mage had a quick glance around for the aforementioned bathtub and his eyes came to rest on a large wooden barrel come waterbutt. It looked like a huge keg, found in the walls of a taproom, and the top third had been sawn down to within an inch of the upper brass bracer. It was still over four feet tall and nearly as wide, "I'd murder someone for a handkeg of Blackboot right now", thought Tavelle.

- The wizard could see it was full of murky water and there were soap suds on the surface. A cursory inspection revealed a large cork bung on the side of the huge barrel near the bottom. Tavelle glanced over towards the well and the small pail attached to a rope and hand crank, "Do I bathe in that crap or spend half the afternoon preparing a fresh one?", wondered the mage. There was a six inch chunk of well worn soap on the wooden rim. Although its aroma was far less pungent than the honeysuckle it did have some less than desirable features. Tavelle pulled a face of absolute disgust and made a mental note to remove the curly hairs prior to using it.

- The mage unbuckled the severed pouch bandolier from its clips at his weapon belt and inspected the cut to the leather strap. Tavelle untied the makeshift knot in his belt and lowered it to the floor alongside the bandolier. He removed the ruined gloves, tabard, and tunic and dumped them on the ground in a pile away from his clean kit. Tavelle's boots came off next and he watched as silt and dark water ran out as he upturned each one, "I wonder if I can claim expenses?", he thought to himself. The mage was quite serious as recalled the numerous scrolls he had used and, worst of all, the wand was now empty and no longer available to him. The wizard's breeches were crusty and heavy, with dirt and blood, as they dropped around his ankles. Tavelle did a standing march on the spot and kicked them towards the other ruined clothes.

- As he stood before the bathtub the mage regretted not having an Endure Elements enchantment available. He'd felt considerably better once the damp garments had been removed but was wary of the cold water in the barrel. Tavelle slipped off his loincloth and stepped through the muddy grass towards the large butt. He put both hands on the rim and swung his legs up, over the edge, and into the water... "<censored> me! It's c-cold!", stammered the mage. The chilly water took Tavelle's breath away but he decided to fully submerge himself and he ducked his head under. His head broke the surface and Tavelle took a few deep breaths as his teeth chattered. The mage ran his hands over his face, he pushed the long hair out of his eyes, and kept reminding himself not to swallow any water. The wizard ducked his head under a few more times to rid his hair of muck and then reached for the soap. It seemed to take forever to remove the hairs from the soggy block. The cleaning of encrusted blood and mud from his skin took even longer, and he silently wished he had packed a scrubbing brush.

- Tavelle kept his shoulders under the surface of the water. It was cold and made his teeth chatter but he was comfortable enough and it gave him some time to think. As the mage used the solitude to compose his thoughts a long strand of hair fell and dangled in front of his eyes, "This has something to do with that Dwarven beard comb", he mused.

- Tavelle raised his hand out of the water and pulled the burnt leather strap away from his wrist. The rams horn was badly charred and he realised he'd need to see farmer Fulbrow for a new piece. He would also require a new leather strap, and have it Blessed as well, if he wanted to cast any Mage Armour enchantments. Tavelle looked at the dark strip of cloth tied about his wrist, "Well, at least you survived intact", he muttered.

- The wizard reached behind his head and untied the leather cord, which was doing a terrible job of securing his unruly hair. He dunked his head in and then out of the water before scraping it back and retying the knot. Tavelle started mentally planning the enchantments to prepare for the next morning once he had rested, "Mending enchantments and a lot of cleaning Cantrips".

- Somewhere on the other side of the farmhouse Tavelle heard a series of feint, high-pitched, yelps of a small dog and a bemused look spread across his face, "Has Drool trapped a testicle or bitten his own balls?", he thought with a smirk. The yelping continued and the mage realised it was getting louder so he looked to his right at the corner of the building. It was plainly obvious the noise wasn't coming from Drool and the wizard adjusted his gaze to the bottom section of the wall in anticipation of something smaller. A small barrel-chested beige Pug dashed into sight around the farmhouse and Tavelle could see its little legs pumping furiously. It was about the size of a house cat but shorter and squatter in stature. The dogs face was squashed flat and a pink tongue lolled out of the side of its mouth - flapping away at the speed it was running. Drool bounded around the corner looking rather frisky and gave what seemed to be a playful hopping chase after the tiny dog. Tavelle looked on and wondered where the dog had appeared from, "Did the Lannane's have a dog?".

- The small Pug entered some long grass and disappeared from view. Tavelle could still make out where it was by looking for the telltale shifting of the undergrowth. Drool could see over the grass and sprang around with his tail wagging like crazy. The wizard raised an eyebrow in concern from his barrel, "That can't be Liria can it? I'm not sure what type of Spelltrap is on Erael's backpack but a shape change enchantment wouldn't be a bad guess?".

- Tavelle hauled himself from the waterbutt and grabbed his clean breeches from the pile of folded kit. As the mage hurriedly donned them he shouted Drool's name and looked to see what was happening in the long grass, "I knew she'd have a look in Erael's backpack". The wizard was unsure of Drool's intent, he didn't think she would be attacked, but everything he had witnessed from the amorous Mastiff indicated it wasn't going to be pleasant for the polymorphed Halfling. Tavelle noticed that Drool was flagrantly ignoring his attempts to bring him to heel as he closed the distance between them.

- The mage decided to change his tactics, "Liria!", he called loudly.

to be continued...
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Thanks for the Christmas Present!

I love this writing style...a mix of in and out of character that really helps to feel like I'm sitting at the game!

Thanks Farrel!

AD&D for me!
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- As Tavelle moved closer to the undergrowth for a better view he saw the small beige Pug spring from the long grass. The wizard noted a flicker of recognition and it frantically started running towards him, "Quickly!", shouted the mage. Not far behind the small dog loomed the excited Mastiff and it bounded from the brush like a spring lamb. Tavelle glared at Drool as he readied himself to collect Liria from the ground, "No!", commanded the wizard sternly.

- Drool either didn't understand, or simply didn't give a stuff, as he chased after the object of his affections. Tavelle bent his knees to scoop the small barrel-shaped dog into his arms and started to try and avoid the charging Mastiff. To his surprise Drool pulled up short and made a frustrated whining noise. The mage held Liria to his wet chest and wagged a finger at the large dog, "No! Not a chance! Put your thing away!", said the wizard firmly.

- Tavelle stared in shock at the Pug, "I bloody told you!", said the mage angrily. The small flat-faced dog made a whimpering noise and trembled in fear against him. "Oh, for <censored>'s sake Liria, what have you done?", asked the worried mage with growing panic. Drool made another pleading whining sound and Tavelle frowned at the Mastiff, "Can't you go find a leg to hump?".

- Tavelle retrieved his clothes while carrying the polymorphed Halfling under one arm. The constant harassment from Drool didn't make things easy, "You do realise this may be permanent?", said the wizard, "To find out I guess we'll have to ask Erael?".

- Drool caught hold of a loose sleeve on his old ruined tunic, dragged it from his grasp, gave it a good shake, and wandered away in frustration with it, "Yeah... Whatever... Have fun with that...", said the mage.

- Tavelle pulled a sour face, "Hold on a minute, what am I saying? It'll be me that has to ask her and you know what? I've no idea how she's going to react... that backpack and its contents are important to her".

- The wizard stalked back towards the tents wondering what else could possibly go awry and saw a large group of mounted militia making their way steadily down the hill from the Barrowfields. He held up the Pug to address the dog properly, "They'll be here soon... You better hope Erael's still in a good mood".

- Tavelle parted his tent flap, dropped his equipment on the floor, and placed Liria on the ground, "Don't wander off. Remember your boyfriend is hanging around out there". The wizard finished dressing, pulled on his damp boots, and secured his weaponbelt. The wizard picked up the squat Pug, "Come on dumb arse... It's time to see if this enchantment will wear off".

- Tavelle made his way in the direction of where the horses were being held and saw the sorceress was busily removing the tack from Helton's old mount. A few calls of "Swordmage!", and, "Yarr!", spoilt any hope of approaching quietly and he nodded to some of the militia tending their horses. He held Liria under one arm and hesitated as he drew closer, "Erael, we have a problem", he said quietly. Erael turned to the wizard and her azure eyes were immediately drawn to the squat Pug he was carrying, she raised a dark eyebrow, "Who is it? No wait, let me guess, Liria?". Tavelle nodded, "I think her curiosity got the better of her...".

- To his relief Erael seemed unfazed, "You don't seem surprised?", asked the wizard. The sorceress smiled at the small dog, "Nelyssa and numerous others have warned me about her being nosey. It will wear off by morning and hopefully she won't try again?". Tavelle glanced to Liria and gave a chuckle, "You're bloody lucky it's not permanent". The small Pug gave a whimper and its curly tail wagged in agreement.

- Erael lifted the saddlebags over her shoulder and followed the wizard as he made his way over to Fury. The horse was still munching on his oats and Tavelle loosened the ties of the bag with one hand, "Have you seen Jentar?", asked the sorceress, "Has he thanked you yet?". Tavelle shrugged, "No, I've not seen him and I'm not sure if I should be expecting him to thank me either?". Erael looked a little bemused, "Why's that?", she asked. Tavelle removed the bag and patted the warhorse on its muscled neck, "He believes in resurrection and rebirth... If you truly have faith and it's what you believe?".

- "Vinjarek would've raised him as a wight", said Erael firmly. The wizard turned and smiled at the sorceress, "Good point, I hadn't thought of that. Still, I won't hold my breath, I can live without Jentar's thanks. Look, the main thing is you have Deepchill".

- "I just feel so disappointed the sword accepted him... it seems as though all of Vallendras's accomplishments are now lost", said the dejected sorceress. Tavelle nodded, "I think I understand what you mean but such is the way of weapons like this". Erael tilted her head to one side, "What do you mean?". The mage took a moment to choose his words with care, "You said the Lionswrath blade was different once. You said it bore the imagery of Ilmater, the crying god?". The sorceress nodded, "Yes, when it was within my sire's hoard, before it came to Vallendras". Tavelle paused, "So who was the Paladin of Ilmater?". Erael glanced to the wizard and shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know and I don't believe my sire did". The mage smiled, "But you remember Vallendras?". The sorceress screwed up her brow, "Of course I remember him", she replied with more than a hint of the obvious. Tavelle continued smiling, "That's my entire point... Remember the wielder and not the blade... I've no doubt the Paladin of Ilmater would be remembered for who he or she was and so should Vallendras... He defined the sword - not the other way round". Erael's eyes twinkled as she smiled, "That's a nice way of looking at it, thank you". Tavelle grinned, "I'd obviously add my agreement that the swords selection criteria, for a new wielder, certainly leaves a lot to be desired. My one hope is that the sword imparts some of what it found in Vallendras into Jentar".

- Erael shook her head, almost in disbelief, "Behind all the wisecracks, sarcasm, and gutter humour there's quite a mind in there". Tavelle gave a curt bow to the sorceress, "My thanks", and then continued, "Look, The Morninglord is supposedly all about new dawns and new beginnings. Let's hope he pulls his thumb out of his ass and tells the Pink Lancer not to be such a reckless <censored> in future". Erael's brow furrowed in frustration and she threw her hands up, "Clangeddins beard! There you go again!".

- Erael motioned for Tavelle to look behind him and the wizard glanced over his shoulder to see Drool sitting nearby, the mastiff's eyes were firmly fixed on the Pug, "Would you mind If we kept Liria's curiosity between ourselves?". Erael shook her head, "There's no harm done, hopefully she won't try again?".

- "I'm going to get some food for myself and these two", said the mage, "I'll see you later". Erael reached her free hand out to touch Tavelle on the forearm, "I can't begin to thank you for all that you've done". The wizard stared into her azure eyes and smiled, "I'm glad I could help".

Off screen.

- Alena entered the Reverend Harvestmaster's tent and pulled a cord hanging from a post. The sheet walls of the open marquee dropped from their rolled supports and settled on the ground. The priestess approached a floating globe of clear glass and placed a hand on the surface. The sphere began to glow gently with a gold light and it brightened to illuminate the interior of the large tent. The blood staining her armour and robes had darkened to a rusty brown as it dried.

- Sister Alena sat down on a wooden chair and started to remove her damp boots, the wet leather clung to her flannel stockings, making it all the more difficult. The priestess kicked off the boot, slipped off the soggy sock, and started removing the other. As she removed her wet stocking Alena recalled the joyous melody of the hymn to the Earthmother and the way it had touched her soul. The thought brought tears to her eyes and made her smile, it was a miracle. There was no other explanation for it as the strength of the healing was beyond anything she was capable of. The priestess placed her bare feet on the cool earth and wiggled her toes. For the first time ever she had experienced a true connection to Chauntea's power and love.

- The smile which had crept onto her face vanished as she remembered the fallen militia and farmers bodies in the heart of the barrow. Her friend and mentor Brother Handev was gone and the only memory she could bring to mind was his half-wight death mask.

- She unfastened the buckles on her arm greaves, removed her spaulders, and untied the cords at the sides of her breastplate. The back plate came away easily but the front proved troublesome as the armour was stuck to her robes with dried gore. Alena peeled the breastplate away from the linen and felt something solid fall from between her breasts and into her lap.

- The priestess of Chauntea placed the breastplate to one side and looked down into a fold of her robes. It was a beautifully cut sphere of vivid scarlet and she reached to pick it up. The gemstone was opaque and surprisingly warm to hold, the golden light of the glowing globe twinkled in its multitude of facets. It reminded her of Tavelle's blood and the gold radiance that emanated from her holy symbol. Alena held the sparkling gem carefully in her palm and looked at her cleavage, "How did you get in there?", she whispered aloud.

- "How did what get in where?", asked Derim's inquisitive voice from the entrance. Alena looked up from the gemstone, to the Reverend Harvestmaster, and presented her open palm to the venerable priest so he could see for himself. Derim drew closer and his grey eyes seemed to twinkle as he looked at the multifaceted scarlet jewel, "Where did you find it?", he asked with interest.

- Sister Alena blushed slightly, and glanced down at her bloodstained robes, "It fell from my cleavage when I was removing my armour... I've the strangest urge to keep it safe...". She looked to her breastplate in bemusement, "I don't understand how it could've ended up there?". Derim pulled a chair close and sat down with the young priestess, "Is it a ruby?", she asked, "It's just Tavelle was mumbling about rubies when he was coming around". Alena saw a smile creep onto the old mans lips, "No, I don't think this is a ruby", he replied without taking his eyes from the opaque, blood-red gem. The Reverend Harvestmaster placed his hand under her own, cupped it gently, and closed his eyes... The Watchful Sister closed her own...

- Alena heard the feintest melody of the song to Chauntea in the depths of her mind and she realised it had never truly ceased... It was as though Derim was guiding her and the holy choir steadily gained volume and clarity.

The choristers of the Great Mother sang a hauntingly beautiful song to the young priestess about a frozen heart of ice, forged under a shimmering green night, and how the Heart of Winter would need warmth...

- The Reverend Harvestmaster heard a truly eerie Chauntean melody begin to rise within his consciousness... It was unlike any he had heard before... It was abruptly cut short by the sound of a metal blade shrieking from its scabbard and the clash of steel on steel... Derim jumped up in surprise and his eyes went wide as he looked around, fully expecting a slaughter within the marquee...

- The Reverend Harvestmaster saw no intruders and no drawn steel...

- Sister Alena sat serenely upon the wooden chair with her eyes closed, completely oblivious to his sudden movement, and the crimson stone floated gently an inch above her open palm... Derim breathed a sigh of relief, and gently patted his chest. He watched the young priestess and marvelled at the floating red gemstone as his heart slowed to a normal rhythm.

- The Reverend Harvestmaster watched the priestess closely and felt somewhat jealous that he was not a party to this haunting song of the Earthmother. Derim walked to the table, poured some water into a wooden cup, took a sip, and waited patiently.

...The song began to fade and the priestess felt it retreat back into her subconscious. She had the overwhelming urge to keep the gem safe and out of sight...

- Alena opened her eyes and saw Derim watching her, with a wooden cup, from a few feet away at the table, "Harvestmaster?", she said in confusion. Derim Whiteshield smiled calmly, "It seems the song was for you alone...", reassured the venerable Chauntean.

- Alena nodded silently and closed her fingers around the glossy Red Tear...

- Tavelle collected three wooden bowls, joined the short queue for the food, and waited in line as the aroma of cooking beef filled his nostrils. Liria wriggled as he carried her under one arm and Drool was still following him around like a shadow. There were two militiamen who he didn't recognise ahead of him and he presumed they were a part of Captain Kuthe's patrol group. The taller of the pair turned around and glanced at Liria, "Nice dog". Tavelle smiled and adjusted his hold on the fidgety snuffling lump. "You don't remember me do you?", asked the man with a smile. Tavelle hesitated for a moment. He was a few years older than the wizard and he did seem somewhat familiar. The shorter man had shocking red hair and looked as though he was related to Dumic's clan.

Prior to Merrielle's death the Kralikh's were far more active in Mistledale and their forays around the Dale had proved very popular. Merrielle would offer the farmers essential knowledge on plants and horticulture, while Kerryn would mend and repair clothing. Nereskul would assist in offering financial advice, and the young Tavelle would play at being a knight. After Merrielle's death Nereskul became very reclusive and protective of his children, their travels ceased, and the family retreated into their tower.

- The man grinned, "The Belfinch farm? I used to play knights with you?". Tavelle's jaw dropped open, "Darram?", he half asked. The miltiaman nodded, "Yeah, it's been a while, eh?". Tavelle smiled and nodded his agreement. He cast his mind back to the rope swing, which hung from a huge beech tree, at the farm where Darram lived. He remembered climbing the tree, the mock sword fighting, and the crush which the young Darram had on Kerryn, "It's good to see you again", agreed the wizard. Darram introduced the other man, "This is Wessner", and he motioned to his compatriot, "Wess, this is Tavelle". The man nodded, offered his hand, and smiled, "Liria said we should call you Swordmage! and say Yaaarrr!". The wizard immediately heard a "Yaaarrr!", from nearby. It was echoed a few more times, interspersed with the odd "Swordmage!", and "Aaarrr!", before coming to an uncomfortable silence. Liria emitted a plaintive whine. Tavelle gave an embarrassed grin and clasped hands, "Did she tell you why?", Wessner shrugged, "For fighting a Wight king?".

"Doesn't anyone actually remember I lost?", asked Tavelle's owner.

- When the wizard didn't respond Darram looked a little confused, "Is it because The Lord of Battle tempered your blade?". It was Tavelle's turn to look bemused and he shrugged, "I thought it's because I've got a sword and I'm a mage?". The pair immediately burst into raucous laughter and Tavelle got a couple of meaty claps on the arm, "Ha! That's a good one!", said Wessner breathlessly.

"Hold on a minute!", said the player, "I wasn't trying to be funny!".

- Darram looked Tavelle up and down, "Haha! Just a mage with a sword! You're far too modest", he said sincerely.

"Are they being sarcastic?", asked a confused player.

- Wessner seemed to agree with his fellow militiaman, "Kinara told us what you did and she's nearly as hard to impress as Captain Kuthe". Darram laughed, "Tolben and Lenthrey said you didn't bother with the shield wall, they said you and few of your magical mates went and rescued that beautiful sorceress... Lady Erael... and then saved Jentar from the Wight King".

"???", said Tavelle's players face.

- Neither of the two militia seemed to notice Tavelle's cheeks flush red with embarrassment and Darram continued, "I was with Captain Kuthe when you and Liria arrived back at camp and I'll tell you one thing he wasn't impressed", he grinned. Wessner nodded, "Aye, it was damned funny though! Even if we daren't laugh aloud!". Darram chuckled, "It was even funnier watching his face when The Shield told him what you did. I don't think he thought it was the same person who'd ridden back with little Liria". Wessner started laughing, "He was the one that told us about your sword being tempered, he's a devout Tempuran, like a lot of us, and takes his responsibilities seriously. I think it threw him a bit when you rode into camp the way you did... He'd built you up as something else... No offence".

"I'm not sure what's worse?", said Tavelle's player, "That they aren't being sarcastic, or the fact they think Tavelle's some sort of hero?".

- Tavelle looked at Wessner, "Don't worry, none taken", said the wizard. The militiaman continued, "Serrick said the Wight King's blade shattered Jentar's sword, shield and breastplate", "Yet, by the will of Tempus, Anvil's Edge stood firm", concluded Darram.

"I can't argue with that one", said Tavelle's owner, and then something seemed to click, "Hold on a minute, how do they know the name of my sword? What's going on?".

- Tavelle looked down to the sheathed Dwarven Broadsword at his hip, "It's true, if not for the tempering Vinjarek would've made short work of me... It just took the creature a while to figure out it couldn't shatter the blade... So it sundered me instead... I'm grateful to the Lord of Battle for the blessing, for I would not have lasted very long without him, but I owe Sister Alena and the Bountiful Goddess for my life". When the wizard looked up he saw both men standing stiffly to attention and their eyes were looking over his shoulder at something, or someone, behind him. Tavelle raised his eyebrows and slowly started to turn around.

- The mage heard a voice, "Remove the corrupting influence and an intelligent man returns", and saw the imposing figure of Captain Kuthe with a wooden bowl in hand.

- "Corrupting influence?", asked the confused mage.

- "Bloody larcenous midget!", said Kuthe grimly. "I've had her patrol with me twice and lost my purse both times... Never again!". The Pug wriggled in Tavelle's grasp and starting barking angrily at the Captain.

- The wizard grinned, "I know what you mean, Captain, Liria brings out the worst in me", and he bent his head to address the dog in his most patronising voice, "Liria's a bad girl isn't she? Oh yes she is! She's a very naughty Halfling!". Tavelle looked up to see Captain Kuthe eyeing him with a strange stare, "Oh this...", and he wrestled to hold onto Liria, "Don't worry, this is just my crap familiar, the Moog", reassured the mage.

The DM nearly wet himself...

- Tavelle handed a bowl to Captain Kuthe, "Would you mind? It's for Drool", and the mastiff sidled up next to the Rider and waited expectantly.

- The wizard watched the two militia get served large portions from Jop, and he turned to the Captain, "I've no idea where Liria has gotten to and it's not like her to miss a meal?". Kuthe shook his head, "She's likely rifling through someone's pack", he grumbled. Tavelle smiled, "Yes Captain, without supervision most probably", and he jiggled the growling Pug under his arm.

Tavelle's owner gave me a grin, "I'm determined to get into his good books".

- Wessner and Darram were served and Tavelle stepped forwards to hand over two bowls to the ladle wielding Jopson. Tavelle watched as the militiaman filled both with what looked to be double portions. "I eard yer did good down there?", he whispered as he handed them back atop each other.

- Tavelle gave Jop an embarrassed smile and carefully took the balanced bowls, "Thanks, I got lucky", he explained. Captain Kuthe handed his bowls over and looked to the wizard, "The Shield was very impressed - I've just come from a meeting with her". The mage felt his cheeks flush at the compliment and nodded. Jop filled both bowls and listened intently as the Captain continued, "You mentioned earlier that you're not technically in the militia?", and the wizard nodded again, "I'd urge you to rectify that as soon as you can", said Kuthe firmly. Tavelle saw the Captain glance over his shoulder and he smiled at someone approaching.

Tavelle's player latched onto it immediately... "He actually smiled!".

- The wizard turned and saw the patrol leader from Peldan's Helm, "The Captain is quite right!", stated Kinara proudly, "I'd have you ride with the Helm's militia anytime", and she clapped a hand on his shoulder. The mage nodded his thanks and noticed the Rider give the dog under his arm a strange look, "What's that?", she asked. Kuthe looked up to Kinara while he fended off Drool and put the dogs food on the ground, "It's the Moog... his familiar... ugly thing", explained the Captain.

- Tavelle watched the large mastiff closely as it slobbered at the bowl, and then looked to Liria, "You'd better hurry up before gutsy finishes his...".

- The wizard placed the Halfling-Pug on the grass and put the food bowl next to her. The Pug glanced at the bowl and then looked up at him. Tavelle shrugged at the small dog, "What do you want? Horseradish? Cutlery? A napkin?". Liria dragged a large slice of beef from the bowl and gave a pleading whine. The mage shook his head, "No, I'm not cutting your food up for you, this is you're own fault", he scolded. The small Pug made a grumbling whinging noise.

- Kinara, Jopson, Darram, Wessner, Captain Kuthe, and a few others watched open mouthed at the conversation... "Can the Moog understand you?", asked the Rider from Peldan's Helm... "It.. It's intelligent?", stammered the Captain.

- Tavelle looked to Kinara, "Yes, it understands the common tongue", and then to Kuthe, "No, it's really quite stupid".

- Kinara gave Tavelle a dubious look, "What use is it as a familiar if it's thick?". The wizard gave a smirk, "They're very good at finding and setting off traps". Some of the militia laughed aloud and Tavelle had a fit of the giggles...

- The Pug glared up at the sniggering mage and grumble-whined at him with a mouth full of food. "You didn't have it when we left the barracks, how did you come by it?", asked Kinara suspiciously. Tavelle placed a tender slice of beef in his mouth to give him time to think... "A lot of wizards have familiars to do their bidding, they can act as messengers, perform guardian duties, you know... Useful stuff. I've become more frustrated with my Unseen Servants as they're completely hopeless. Anyway, I found an old scroll of summoning in the tower a few months ago... I tried it after a bath when I got back from the Barrowfields and The Moog arrived...".

- The wizard looked down at the Pug as it wolfed down its food, "I really wish I hadn't bothered", he giggled.

- Tavelle saw Naema and Brondar approach with bowls of food and he gave them both a smile. The pair made their way over and the mage saw Naema give the small Pug, which was busily gorging itself, an inquisitive look, "What's this?", she asked. Tavelle laughed, "Just a temporary summoned familiar, it won't be around long... Naema, Bron, meet the Moog". The Rider raised her brows, "The Moog?". Tavelle grinned at the polymorphed Halfling, "I know, it's a bit of a disappointment". Naema nodded, "The way it eats reminds me of Liria... Has anyone seen her about?", she asked, and the militia shook their heads or shrugged. The small Pug glanced up to the Rider with a mouth stuffed with food and made a strangled gurgling sound.

"She probably wants to ask her about the Honeysuckle Soap. That's not happening", laughed the player.

- Tavelle picked up the pug and the trio took seats around one of the crowded campfires. Brondar clapped Tavelle on the bicep, "We've been hearing about you standing toe to toe with the Mound King". The wizard looked to Naema and she nodded her agreement, "The Shield and Sister Alena told us on the return journey". Brondar gave Tavelle a nudge, "I'd rather be hearin it from you though". The mage saw Briarly carrying a small keg and filled cups as he made his way amongst the fires. The big Rider held out his own large pewter vessel, "I'd like to hear too", admitted the young militiaman as he turned the spigot to fill Brondar's tankard.

- A few of the Riders, militia, and clergy sat around nearby camp fires and toasted the fallen as they ate. Each of those assembled told personal accounts of their encounters within the barrows. Interspersed within every tale Tavelle heard the odd cry of "Swordmage!", or, "Mistledale!". The few bottles of wine and the kegs of dark ale, retrieved from the Lannane's store, helped lift the mood to one of celebration. Erael sat alongside Derim, Sister Alena, Kuthe, and Nelyssa, and the wizard noticed Jentar was nowhere to be seen. Brondar nudged the mage, "I still haven't heard yer side of things", said the fighter loudly and a number of others nearby cheered in agreement, "Yaaarrr!! Swordmage!!".

"At least they've stopped making the gesture", laughed Tavelle's owner, "I should be thankful for these small things".

- The mage nodded in submission, "Okay, okay, I'll tell you. I just need to get something first". Tavelle poured his ale into Brondar's cup and held the Pug up in front of him, "Naema, would you mind looking after the Moog, please?". The Rider stared at the small dog, "What do I have to do?", she asked. The mage gestured at the amorous mastiff, "Dont worry it's pretty simple, just make sure Drool doesn't hump the life out of it". Brondar gave the wizard a suspicious look as he got up, "Where yer off to?". Tavelle grinned at the bearded Rider, "The ale's awful compared to Blackboot Stout and I've got a bottle of wild raspberry!".

- The wizard wandered back to his tent, amidst the calls of "Aaarrr!", and "Yaaarrr!", and noticed Jentar's was lit by a glowing orange-red radiance, "Is the Pink Lancer still polishing his weapon?", thought mage with a smirk. He entered his tent and collected the bottle of ruby liquid from the saddlebags. Tavelle unstoppered the wax-sealed cork bung and warily took a sniff of the contents, "Mmm, raspberries", smiled the mage, as the scent of sharp fruit tickled his nose.

- The wizard brought the bottle to his lips and took a swig. The initial tartness developed into a warm mixture of sweet ripe berries and honey. The strength of the alcohol warmed his mouth, throat, chest, and belly, "Whoa!", exclaimed the mage in approval, "It's like Endure Elements in a bottle", and he took a longer glug.

"So, you mean like a potion?", said the DM sarcastically.

- Tavelle took another drink as he walked back to the clamour of the campfires and settled back down next to Naema and Bron. The mage offered the pair some of the wine but they both declined, "I'm alright with ale", said the burly Rider, "If I drink that stuff I get a bit fighty!". Tavelle looked at the bottle, "It's only strong wine", and Naema rolled her eyes, "They call it wild raspberry for a reason, Tavelle. Conor Lannane used to sell it on market days and the Riders would have to double the Ashabenford militia". Brondar groaned in agreement, "The High Councillor banned him from making it a few years ago. If that cork was still intact it'd be worth a fair bit".

- Tavelle glanced at the shining crimson liquid, "Well, I like it. I feel warm and cozy", and he started to giggle, "Get a bit fighty...". The burly fighter blurted, "Tell the damned story... Or I won't need the wild raspberry!". The wizard noted a hush fall around the fires and he could hear the burning wood pop and squeal... An ill advised cry of, "Get on with with it!", from Eridge, broke the silence.

- Tavelle sat up straight, noted everyone had their eyes fixed firmly upon him, and started to recount his version of events. The wizard heard a cry of, "Stand up! We can't hear you!", and a loud reply of, "He hasn't started yet!".

"This will need to be heavily censored", smirked the player.

- Tavelle stood up and took a quick swig of wild raspberry to calm his nerves, "I saw the gold flash of light illuminate the tunnel we were in and heard the echoes of battle erupt in the distance... I cast a Mirror Image enchantment, followed Nelyssa, and arrived to find chaos within the cavern... The shield wall formed up with me on the wrong side, but the wights rushed past and pretty much ignored me. I managed to strike one but it carried on to the shields... They must've been confused by the magical duplicates around me, I guess?".

- "It was that damned honeysuckle smell, they were avoiding you!", laughed Lanneth loudly, and the comment drew a chorus of mirth.

- Tavelle grinned at the Half-Elf and continued, "I surveyed the battle and saw Erael hard pressed by some undead...", the wizard was cut short by a question from Netley, "How many were there?", Tavelle glanced down at the militiaman, "A few were pinning her to the cavern wall and I think three were attacking?", he looked to the sorceress, "Is that about right?". Erael smiled and shrugged, "It sounds about right".

"I'd completely forgotten how many were attacking Erael... Tavelle took on seven of the buggers! What a madman?", admitted the player.

- The wizard gave a nod and before resuming he took a long drink from the bottle, "They were nicely grouped and I decided to cast a cone of fire. I didn't want to engulf Erael so I had to get my ranges correct. The fire burnt the closest five and took down three. I then used the wand on the remaining couple which were still holding Erael. The missiles killed one and the other came at me along with the two smouldering wights which survived the fire. Thanks to my illusory images causing confusion I managed to finish two with my sword and..."

"I told the other to <censored> off! ... Nope, I'm definitely not mentioning that... It was far too bizarre", grinned Tavelle's owner.

- "... the other fled down a tunnel...", improvised the wizard. A loud roar of "Mistledale!", and, "Swordmage!", erupted around him and Tavelle blushed bright red. The mage took another self conscious swig from the bottle of wine. After the cheers had calmed down the wizard continued, "I saw Jentar on his knees, with his weapons and armour shattered around him, and the Wight King preparing a killing blow".

- Tavelle paused, not for dramatic effect but he recalled something he had almost forgotten, "Let the Paladin die! Where the <censored> did that come from?", thought the wizard.

- Tavelle drank some wine and continued, "I used the last strength of my wand, to unleash the remaining missiles, and a brooch on its chest swallowed them... So, that's when I decided to conjure the Silver Ram...".

- A loud shout of, "Yaaarrr!", from Serrick caused an uncomfortable pause, and a few militia stared at the man. "What? It's my favourite part of the story! I saw what it did! It knocked the Mound King on his arse!", he explained excitedly. Tavelle smiled broadly at the grinning militiaman, "It's my favourite bit too", he agreed, and a cry of, "Swordmage!", reverberated around the campfires.

- The wizard took a slug of wine, "The Ram lived up to its name and charged the Wight.. It got slammed into a wall... As the creature was getting up I projected a ray of energy from the silver radiance to strike it... The positive energy angered it enough to come at me... It soon became apparent it was intent on shattering Anvil's Edge... Thanks to the Lord of Battle it proved quite impossible... I did my best to keep the creature occupied until help arrived", Tavelle saw many militia staring at him intently as he recounted the tale.

- "It was when the Reverend Harvestmaster entered the cavern, and the lesser wights burst into gold flames, I believe it realised it was in danger... That was when it ceased trying to sunder my sword... That's as much as I recall... If not for Sister Alena, the Bountiful Goddess, and my swordbrothers... I'd be dead", and he gave a smile of gratitude to the priestess.

- A loud roar of, "Tempus!", and, "Chauntea!", echoed around the field and Tavelle took a long drink. The mage felt Brondar slap his bottom in approval and Naema squeezed his inner thigh.

"I think Tavelle could do with answering a call of nature", said the DM, and the player nodded in agreement.

- Tavelle slipped away from the tents and the glow of the campfires to relieve himself in private. He looked over to a small hillock, took a slug from the bottle, and plotted a meandering path in its direction while loosening the strings of his britches.

"I always get a bit nervous when you make Tavelle take a leak...", admitted the player.

- Once relieved, he spotted a comfortable looking tree stump and stumbled over to it, "I really haven't had a moment to myself in nearly a ride", he thought.

- The mage looked up to the dark sky, there were a few small clouds dotted about and the stars twinkled brightly. His head was fuzzy from the alcohol so he decided to take a seat... Tavelle sat on the tree stump and looked upwards to the night sky, the mage scanned the darkness for his Herald of the Moonmaiden but the patch of sky where he expected to find her was blank and empty.

- Tavelle took an extended gulp of the wild raspberry wine and cast his thoughts back over the past few days... The highlight had been in the Rodrathe stables, after the wights had been dealt with, when Erael arrived as naked as the day she was... Hatched? The wizard chuckled as he recalled the sorceress telling him she'd nearly knocked herself out running to help, "As my father would say... You certainly don't get many of them to the pound", he mused with a smile.

- The mage swayed unsteadily as he sat on the flat top of the sawn through stump, "Mystra's Mammaries!", exclaimed the sozzled wizard, "I'd love to see her cast a Burning Hands enchantment... She'd either end up firing high or not being able to see what she's casting at!", he giggled. Tavelle took another swig from the bottle and winced at the strength of the fortified wine, "That's if she can even touch her thumbsh together with her arms in front of her at all!", slurred the wizard. Tavelle raised an eyebrow and smiled, "Thumbsh? Oh dear, I'm pished!", he cackled.

- As the mage chuckled to himself he became aware of a buzzing sound from nearby. Tavelle looked into the gloom and the noise steadily gained volume until he could feel the thrumming in his chest. The wizard looked at the blurry bottle of red liquid and couldn't quite make out the label... Tavelle closed one eye in an attempt to focus and see if it had any warnings about side effects.

- "Is it good stuff?", inquired a strange voice at about shoulder height. The pickled mage looked to his left and saw a hovering melon-sized bumblebee. It was being ridden by a tiny, foot-high, humanoid wearing an acorn-shaped silver thimble as a helm.

- "Buh?", said the wizard.

- Tavelle blinked hard and closed one eye again to see if he was hallucinating... The small rider was male, had sharp elven features, and his eyes were insect-like in appearance... The limbs were overlong for the size of the torso and its tiny hands ended with slender spindly fingers... The Fey creature had beautiful crystal wings, like that of a dragonfly... It was dressed in what seemed to be tailored leaves, held together by brightly coloured silk stitching... The mage, even this drunk, managed to recognise the thimble as one of his earliest creations... Kerryn had lost it years ago while playing outside the tower... The bumblebee was huge and extremely hairy... It had a small belt buckle for a saddle with a knitting needle, couched on a hoop, like a lance...

- The humanoid gave a friendly smile, "Tavelle?", he squeaked...

- "Nibblenook?", asked the paralytic wizard...

- Nibblenook's grin widened, he nodded vigorously, and the small humanoid gently patted the fuzzy bumblebee on the head. The bee began to land and the mage saw numerous strong legs unfold in preparation for touchdown. The loud drone of the wings stopped and Tavelle could hear the murmur of the distant campsite. The diminutive Grig dismounted, removed the thimble-helm and held it out like a bucket, "Can I have some, please?".

- Tavelle nodded his head and he carefully poured a few drops to fill the silver vessel, "Watch out... It's shtrong shtuff!", he warned. The foot high creature sniffed the ruby liquid and smiled, "It must be", he squeaked in agreement, "Because I'm still invisible!", he laughed. Nibblenook lifted the lip of the thimble to his mouth and took a surprisingly long sup, draining the contents...

- Tavelle looked hard, with just the one eye, at the strangely cute Fey creature and it's very fuzzy bumblebee, "Don't be shilly, I can shee you, you're not invishible", mumbled the wizard. Nibblenook started to giggle, "We Fey have a term for when the big folks can see us... ", and he paused to hold the thimble out for a refill. The inebriated mage proved a good host by filling the silver acorn and waited for the Grig to continue. Nibblenook held the bucket-sized thimble aloft in a sort of toast, "It's called being away with the Faeries!", he giggled. Tavelle burst out laughing and fell backwards off the flat stump as he shrieked with mirth...

- Nibblenook waited patiently for the wasted mage to stop giggling and while doing so he let the bee's double tongue dip into the thimble for a taster. As Tavelle lay on his back chuckling he heard the bumblebee make a strange buzzing sound, as though communicating, and Nibblenook's high pitched voice replied, "Yes, as a newt...".

- Tavelle did his best to maintain his dignity as he clumsily climbed back onto his seat, "Oh dear...", he sighed breathlessly, "Away with the Faeriesh...".

- He could see at least four bumblebees and more Nibblenooks than he could count as they shifted in front of him. The mage placed one hand over an eye in an attempt to thin the herd and could see the strange pair conversing...

- "I can see we're going to have problems with this one", said the Grig as it addressed the bumblebee. The hairy insect buzzed something in reply and Nibblenook nodded his agreement. The Fey humanoid looked up to the swaying mage, "There's things I need to tell you... But I can't because you're too drunk!", it scolded. Tavelle gave a drunken giggle, "I'm shorry", he apologised.

- The Grig reached behind its back and somehow produced a large brightly-hued purple and pink fungus, "This is an enchanted mushroom", and he held out the toadstool. The tiny humanoid placed it in the wizard's unsteady hand, "Put it in a safe place and eat a bit of it when you're alone at the tower", he advised slowly.

- The wizard squinted at the swirling vivid colours of the mushroom cap, "I fink they shell theesh in the Velvet Veil...", slurred Tavelle. "Not likely", said the Grig dismissively. The mage nodded slowly and opened a pouch at his belt. He very purposefully placed it inside and made several fumbling attempts to eventually secure the flap closed.

- The wizard gave Nibblenook a smashed grin, as though very pleased with himself, and then promptly passed out...

Off screen.

- Ysstar dipped her slender ivory fingers into the silvery pool and stirred the surface, "By the moon and stars why is this so difficult? He can't of just vanished?". The ripples in the scrying pool calmed and the worried Sliver began to search again...

Off screen.

- The sentient strip of cloth from Kendra's Black Cloak wished it had lips so it would be able to sneer in contempt at the ludicrously lucky young mage, "I hate you...", it seethed.

- The agony it had endured from the witch of the dirt had left it clinging to its very existence. If it hadn't have bonded with the wizard the night previously it would be no more...

- "I will make you pay you moon worshipping fool! You're goddess cannot help you now! I will make you slaughter your own family and I'll have you use your sisters corpse to resummon my mistress", ranted the evil sentience.

- "I will bleed you of life over the next two tendays and Kendra will once again stalk this land!".

- The sentient strip of Kendra's Black Cloak reached into the soul of the unconscious mage and drew on his life force...

- Tavelle felt cold and damp as he lay on his side. His head throbbed and his body ached. He saw the nearly empty bottle of wine laying a few feet away, next to the tree stump, "<censored>...", groaned the wizard. The early morning mists smothered the grass and small glistening dewdrops sparkled like diamonds. Tavelle slowly and very stiffly turned onto his back, "Oh, f-f-f-<censored>", shivered the mage as his head pounded. Tavelle heard Liria's voice from nearby, "Morning", she said cheerily.

- The wizard sat up uncomfortably on the wet ground. He noted his ears had proved correct and his eyes confirmed she was no longer polymorphed. Tavelle gently massaged his temples, "Morning", he replied grimly.

- Liria moved to stand in front of him, "Thanks for not ratting me out", and she handed him a thick cloak. Tavelle gave a nod and wrapped the fullcloak around his shoulders, "Thanks for keeping me safe", she continued.

- The mage stood up unsteadily as he recalled his hazy encounter with Nibblenook and the oversized bumblebee. Tavelle wandered over to sit down upon the flat stump, "I've the worst hangover ever", grumbled the wizard.

- Liria gave him a grin and held the bottle of wine, "I warned you this was strong! You should've listened!", she laughed. Tavelle shook his head, "And the backpack, I warned you it was Spell Trapped!", he chuckled.

- Tavelle could smell bacon cooking and his stomach made a strangled gurgling sound, "So, when did you return to normal?", he asked. Liria smiled and looked at where the strange burbling noise had come from, "A little while ago, are you hungry? Shall we get some mornfry, maybe finish this bottle up?".

- Tavelle gave the scarlet liquid in the bottle a queasy look, leaned to one side, and vomited...

- "Nice one!", laughed the silver-haired Halfling as she looked at the steaming puddle of pink sick, "I'll get Drool, he'll love that!".

- Tavelle promptly vomited again...

- "Oh, come on! I think we'll need more than that... He's a big dog!", giggled the hysterical Halfling.

- "<censored> off...", whined the nauseous wizard.

Off screen.

- Kael pushed the grey mare hard in the light rain, time was of the essence, and he could not afford to tarry. The vivid dream sent by his Lord and the sense of urgency which it imparted only served to increase his haste. The sorcerer-priest thought back to the vision, the clarity left no doubt this was important to his master, and the words, "Ensure his survival", however strange, left no room for misinterpretation.

...In the lucid dream he stood before a simple stone tower ringed by apple trees and mists... Adjacent to the tower was a small barn and above the stable doors sat a wooden carving of two blowing horses...

- "Mistledale", thought the mounted rider. He had passed through the Dale some two years prior, on his journey to Damara, and recognised the sigil.

...A huge coal-black stallion wickered nervously as he stood with his back to the entrance of the stable... Kael looked up to a balustraded balcony window in the tower...

...The room was a mage's study and lit by some clever Candle Cantrips... From the look of the shelves of components, and stone-topped work table, it also appeared to function as a laboratory... Atop the stone table were numerous silversmithing tools and his eyes were immediately drawn to the most exquisitely chilling metal brooch...

- The sorcerer-priest felt his heartbeat quicken as he recalled the silver and green-flecked metal skull, surrounded by a swirl of crimson tears. He removed one hand from the reins and checked his belt pouch for the twentieth time since he woke. He felt the hard and angular ingot of Gehennan steel through the supple leather.

- Kael gritted his teeth in annoyance at the reminder of losing the Brooch of Disguise during his bloody escape from Harrowstone Keep. It was the first enchanted item he'd ever crafted and he missed not having its abilities at his command. At least now he was alone he could attempt to put some distance between himself and his pursuers, "I don't even have the time to ambush the bastards", thought the cloaked rider with regret.

... He viewed a small hallway littered with the corpses of three cats and at the bottom of a flight of stairs he saw the fallen form of a bearded old man. The hilt of a solid looking dagger jutted from his back and a look of shock was frozen on his face. Numerous pouches were sewn into his leather apron and a wand was sheathed at his belt...

... He wandered along a landing, passed by a headless white cat, and looked through an open door into a small bedroom... The scene within was seemingly frozen in time...

... A dark haired man in his early twenties stood over the lifeless body of a girl of similar age. His fine broadsword was unsheathed and bloodied... Wet tears streaked the mans pale cheeks and Kael felt a sense of despair... It was then he noticed the feint outline of some hooded, spectral death... It was cloaked around the man, barely visible and ghostlike...

... The stunning young lady lay sprawled on the stone floor with a vibrant red puddle of blood pooled around her. The cobalt coloured gown had a dark stain in the abdomen and pinned at her breast was a silver brooch of blowing horses. The sorcerer-priest focused on her staring, enchanting, brown eyes...

- Kael felt a lump in his throat and he recalled Tilly's lifeless brown eyes. The cloaked rider whipped the reins hard, "It definitely wasn't a Harrla of Hate... A Harrla's intense rage ruptures the blood vessels in the whites of your eyes", thought the sorcerer-priest, and he cast his mind back to the squalid hovel of his childhood.

- He concentrated hard on the memory and looked at the reflected image of himself, as a nine year old, in a broken piece of bloodstained mirrored glass. His eyes were bright scarlet... and he remembered they'd remained so for weeks afterwards...

- Kael looked beyond himself and delved deeper into the memory. Within the reflected image were two dismembered adult bodies, a male and female, pinned to the wall by dripping slivers of glass... He felt his eyes well up with tears as he saw the small broken body of his little sister laying on the straw mattress...

- Kael shook his head to release himself from the image, "He looked terrible... As though something was stealing his life energy... It was some type of skeletal spectre", and he urged Thunder onwards.

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Nice read.


Long live Alias and Dragonbait! Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb the Realms need you more then ever!

On my word as a sage nothing within these pages is false, but not all of it may prove to be true. - Elminster of Shadowdale

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Wow I found this thread yesterday and read it all the way through. Really enjoyed it, loving the style of play and the telling.

By chance I am actually running a low level 5e game myself in Mistledale currently, so I was very interested in the NPCs and locations... lovely.

You say you're from the UK, you wouldnt happen to be from the north of England would you? I like to think I can tell from the turn of phrase. I'm in Yorkshire

Please keep up the good work!
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froglegg - thankyou very much.

Caradoc - thanks, glad you've enjoyed it. You were half right - my dad's side of the family is northern and my mum's is southern. How's Phil the northern barbarian? Or, should that be how is Phil's northman barbarian?


- Tavelle looked at the irritating Halfling and resisted the urge to shake her by the throat, "Liria, please just go away... I feel <censored> terrible!", he half sobbed and pulled the thick fullcloak tighter.

- The Halfling bit her bottom lip and looked genuinely hurt, "I'm sorry, I know I can be a bit annoying, but I want to help", and she stepped over the frothy puddle to hug the mage. The wizard gently embraced Liria and happily noted she smelt of mint. Tavelle raised a wary eyebrow as he remembered he was hugging a kleptomaniac.

- Liria stepped backwards and seemed to blush, "You look nice with long hair".

- Tavelle cocked his head to one side at the strange compliment and felt his hair fall about his shoulders. "<censored> me! It's growing", giggled the Halfling as she handed the startled wizard his leather cord.

- Tavelle scraped his long hair back and fumbled with the thong. Liria stepped behind the mage, "Here, let me", she urged. Liria's dexterous fingers secured the knot, she held the cord tightly, and pulled hard on his ponytail.

- "What the <censored> are you two playing at?", asked Brondar loudly as he approached with Serrick.

- Tavelle rubbed his temples, "Liria's helping me sort out my hair and my head hurts. So, please don't shout", said the hungover wizard.

- Brondar glanced at Tavelle's ponytail, "So, where'd yer go last night?", asked the burly Rider with a little less volume.

"Eh?", said Tavelle's owner.

- "We couldn't find you anywhere", explained a concerned Serrick.

"What?", said a confused player.

- Tavelle looked rather bemused, "I'm pretty sure I passed out right here... Next to this tree stump", and the mage motioned next to him. The militiaman shook his head, "Nope, you can't have done. I walked through here", said Serrick stubbornly. Tavelle gave a shrug, "Well, this is where I woke up", said the wizard indignantly.

- "Is that your mess?", asked Brondar as he looked at the pink vomit and Tavelle gave a queasy nod in reply. "He nearly did the lot", giggled Liria and she sloshed the remaining liquid around. Serrick stared at the near empty bottle, "You had all that to yourself? No wonder you look like death warmed up". The burly Rider nodded, "Aye, but you always look like shite when yer wake up".

- Tavelle raised his eyebrows and stood up, "Oh come on, I just slept in a field... Wait, it's not even a field... That patch of grass... What in the Nine Hells do you expect? Rouge and mascara?", asked the temperamental mage.

- Brondar raised a hand to quiet Tavelle, "Calm down, yer grumpy bastard, don't twist yer loincloth", laughed the Rider.

- At the mention of undergarments Tavelle seemed to perk up, "I'm not wearing one", admitted the wizard with a grin, "I got dressed in a hurry yesterday so I'm as Silvanus intended and swinging free".

- Both militiamen looked blankly at each other as though not quite knowing how to respond.

- "Swinging?", said the Halfling sarcastically, "More like an acorn rattling round in a tankard, or a lone bat in the belfry!", cackled Liria, "If it were the Morn Horn you'd see the bulge above his knee!".

- The two fighters began to laugh along with the silver haired Halfling.

"Not impressed", said Tavelle's player.

- "It's a lot like a normal one... Only smaller!", shrieked Liria.

- Brondar and Serrick both roared with mirth along with the mischievous Halfling.

"What? Where's she getting this from?", said Tavelle's owner.

The DM wasn't going to remind Tavelle's player that Liria saw his "little wizard" when she was polymorphed and hiding in the long grass.

- Tavelle watched on as the trio laughed together. His head pounded and his body felt bruised all over, "Bollocks", said the wizard quietly and then regretted his choice of words. The mage turned away and trudged towards the camp.

- As he walked towards the tents he thought of the events of the previous evening and he remembered the missing Herald of the Moonmaiden. The patch of sky where he usually tracked it had been blank and empty, "I guess I don't need watching over now the wights are dealt with?", thought the wizard.

- Tavelle could see many of the militia packing their gear away, and three wagons, including one from the Abbey, being prepared for departure. He wondered if the treasure recovered from the Wight's lair was stowed safely aboard and if Liria had gotten to it yet.

- He heard Lanneth call his name and turned in his direction, "Where did you disappear to last night?", he asked as he approached with Buross perched upon his shoulder. Tavelle gave the Ranger a nod, "I got very drunk and passed out over there somewhere", and he motioned behind him. Lanneth smiled and shook his head, "You do look rough...".

- The mage looked over to where Jentar's tent was still pitched and the Ranger followed his gaze, "Has anyone seen him?", asked Tavelle. Lanneth shook his head, "No, it's very odd. He's normally up before dawn to welcome the sun", said the Ranger.

- Tavelle looked about at the heavy mists, "Good luck with that", he thought to himself and then felt a pang of guilt about their argument after the battle, "After all that's happened recently I shouldn't have laughed off his claim about the Morninglord. I was right to call him out on getting most of his patrol killed, though", thought the wizard.

- The mage looked around him, "Is everyone getting ready to leave?", he asked. Lanneth shook his head again, "No, not everyone. Some of the militia will help secure the farm buildings and have a tidy up", advised the Half-Elf, "It's likely to be Kuthe's group and I'd also wager Jentar's patrol hangs back".

- Tavelle left Lanneth and Buross looking at The Paladin's tent and walked back towards his own. As he meandered through the camp many of the militia bid him a good morning with a, "Yarr!", or, "Aarr!", and the wizard noted the crude gesture had changed to a raised clenched fist.

- Tavelle paused for a moment and looked at a particular pouch on his weaponbelt, he unfastened the strap, lifted the leather flap, and peeked inside. He could see the small violet and purple mushroom.

- Tavelle recalled the image of the tiny Grig riding the giant Bumblebee and it made him grin, "I'll eat you when I get back to the tower", he informed the fungus quietly.

"I still can't figure out how Nibblenook will even know I've eaten it?", said the player.

- The mage came to a stop and stood before an empty patch of field... "Where's Brondar's bloody tent?", wondered Tavelle, "More importantly where's my pack and spellbook?". Tavelle shook his head and watched as a dozen militia made there way from the camp, to a small plot near the hill, carrying spades.

- "Morning", said Naema, and Tavelle turned towards her, "Want to buy a backpack?", she asked. Tavelle was relieved to see his pack in safe hands, "A dodgy looking Halfling sold it to me", teased the Rider. Tavelle managed a strained smile, "Morning", he replied, "Do you think I have a small <censored>?".

Well, the DM wasn't quite expecting... that.

- "What?", blurted Naema in shock, "Of course not, why?".

- Tavelle looked to his boots, "Liria made fun of me", complained the wizard.

- Naema shook her head, "I'm sorry, I don't think I'm following this... Did you show her it?", laughed the fighter.

- Tavelle shrugged, "No, I don't think so... Have you said anything to her?".

- Naema raised a concerned eyebrow, "Honestly, do you really think I'd tell Liria about such things?".

- Tavelle shook his head, "No, I suppose not", he said quietly.

- The Rider stepped close, "Listen, you're not exactly hung like Fury", said Naema coyly, "But you're certainly not small, and I've no complaints".

- "Do you think we can change the subject?", asked Naema, and Tavelle nodded.

- The Rider fidgeted slightly, "I took the time to apologise to Erael last night", she explained quietly, "I know I've been a nightmare and I'm so sorry. It's just she's so perfect and she can cast spells. I felt threatened and I didn't want to lose you".

- Tavelle stepped in and wrapped Naema in a hug, "You won't lose me and I'm not planning on going anywhere", he said sincerely. "It's just Erael has the chance to learn from my father while she's here in Mistledale. I'm hoping I might be able to formulate some of her sorcerous abilities into arcane enchantments", explained the wizard. Naema smiled, "I know, she told me. She told me about the clan of Dwarves she lives with and I told her about Glen. I said I'd take her for a visit and introduce her to Asantar".

- Tavelle was happily taken aback by the revelation that Naema and Erael had hit it off. He leant in to kiss the Rider on the lips, "I forgot to thank you for saving my life", he explained when he finished. Naema gave him a curious look, "When was this?". The wizard smiled, "Halfway through the battle with the wights I was about ready to drop from my wounds... Your potion managed to heal me completely".

- Naema gently caressed his face and gazed into his eyes, "I'm glad you came back". Tavelle gave a nod of agreement, "So am I".

- "Oh yeah", said Naema, "The Moog's vanished. I took it to bed last night and it'd disappeared by the time I woke".

- The wizard nodded, "Oh well, it was only temporary".

- "Although you might want to check your purse", thought Tavelle.

- "Erael told me about your argument with Jentar after the battle and how he has her sword", said the Rider.

- "The snarling Lion pommel is gone forever", explained Tavelle, "I think that's what's upset her the most".

- "I wonder what armour he'll wear? His breastplate was shattered along with his shield", pondered Naema aloud, "If he wears his padded armour you'd better watch out for his cod".

- "Let me guess, it's massive?", whinged the mage. "What?", said Naema, "Are you jealous of the Morn Horn?", she giggled.

- Tavelle shrugged, "Maybe?".

- "Tavelle, Jentar's isn't normal!", laughed Naema, "I think he could club Liria to death with it!".

- Tavelle nodded, "From what I've seen I reckon Captain Kuthe would let him", chuckled the mage.

- Tavelle started to shake his head as though coming to some kind of realisation, "Liria must've seen me get out of the barrel of cold water?", he concluded.

- "You bathed in the waterbutt? It must've been freezing?", asked Naema.

- Tavelle nodded ruefully, "Nine Hells! It would've looked like a radish!".

- Naema stifled a chuckle and placed a comforting hand on his arm, "It'd be a big radish, though", reassured the Rider with a grin.

- "Well, now I'm actually grateful they call me Swordmage", laughed Tavelle, "It's better than Big Radish. I must admit that being told you've got a small <censored> by a bloody Halfling is a chastening experience... At least there were extenuating circumstances".

- Naema reached over his shoulder and playfully pulled on his ponytail, "So, what's happening here? Have you cast a spell to make your hair grow?", she asked inquisitively.

- The mage grinned and shook his head, "No, when we went to Ashabenford we stopped off to speak to the Selmer's first. They all said I looked windswept. So, before getting to the Abbey, Erael let me use a Dwarven Beardcomb. I don't think she knows it's enchanted and I'm pretty sure it's responsible".

- Naema raised an eyebrow and smiled, "Well, I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's not tied back", and Tavelle felt her squeeze his buttocks.

- "What the <censored> are you two doing?", asked Brondar loudly and the wizard turned to face the burly fighter, "Are you bloody stalking me?", he smirked.

- Brondar shook his head and frowned, "No, I want you to get a move on, pisshead. Go and get yerself some mornfry and sort your magic out. We want to be on our way before highsun", said the Rider.

- They watched Brondar as he walked towards the horses, barking orders at various militia along the way, "You were well and truly hammered when you wobbled off last night", chuckled Naema. Tavelle pulled a face, "It tasted great on the way down".

- The Rider smiled back at him, "I knew it! I knew I could smell sick". Tavelle nodded warily, "Yeah, about the mornfry. I'm not sure if I can face it".

- As they walked through the diminishing campsite Tavelle could see some stacked bales of hay on the far side of the field. He could make out numerous corpses laid on top. The distance and mists obscured any real detail and he looked curiously to Naema, "The wights from the barrow?", he asked. The Rider nodded, "Yes, ready to be cremated later", she explained.

- The pair wandered over to a nearby campfire with some militia around it and they bid them all a good morning. Eridge was poking at a nasty blister on the sole of his left foot and Netley stared idly into the campfire while sharpening a blade. Harran whittled away at a small piece of pale wood with a slender knife.

- Tavelle settled down to study and Naema excused herself to break her fast. The mage declined her offer to bring him something back. Tavelle retrieved his spellbook, he quickly memorised an Endure Elements spell and cast it immediately.

- "Beshaba's Balls! I still feel cold... I must be ill", thought the wizard in disgust.

- The mage prepared a single Mending enchantment to repair his weaponbelt and bandolier harness... "Mystra's Mysteries! I can mend to my hearts content...", thought Tavelle in astonishment, "...I'm going to memorise Prestigidation!".

"That can only mean one thing... 4th level", grinned a very happy player.

That's one of the things which we thought Pathfinder did exceptionally well... A 4th level Wizard having the ability to repeatedly cast their memorised 0 level spells. It just seemed such a great idea and we decided to adopt it.

As far as Tavelle's owner was concerned it made his character feel more wizardly... Being able to produce a small flame at the tip of his index finger was one of his favourites... We incorporated all of the wonderful Cantrip spells from 1st edition Unearthed Arcana hardback into the Prestigidation enchantment. Tavelle could finally let loose...

- "I can Clean, Freshen, and Polish to my hearts content!", thought Tavelle gleefully and he prepared to work on his damaged items.

- Eridge's attention was drawn from his blistered foot, Harran stopped whittling, and Netley watched open mouthed as Tavelle joined the severed bandolier together. The wizard stood up, untied the makeshift knot securing his weaponbelt and joined the two pieces in the same fashion. Tavelle Cleaned and Polished the metal buckle and then turned his focus to each individual belt pouch.

"Time to get OCD", explained Tavelle's player.

- Tavelle Cleaned and Polished his bandolier, breeches, and tunic. The wizard then removed each boot to Dry them with a minor Cantrip.

- Naema returned with a bowl of bacon and sausages, "Jop's had a fry up of the stuff in the Lannane's larder", and she wafted the bowl near Tavelle who looked far cleaner than when she left.

- Instead of prompting another wave of nausea the smell of fried bacon changed his mind, "You know what?", said Tavelle, "I think I'm hungry after all", and his stomach growled in agreement. The loud gurgle made Naema laugh and she offered over the wooden bowl.

- Tavelle shared the breakfast and continued to study his spellbook. There were a few interruptions as various militia made their way past and Tavelle heard the odd call of, "Swordmage", and "Aarr!".

- Once the wizard had finished he placed the tome in his pack.

0 Level - Detect Magic, Mending, Prestigidation, Read Magic

1st Level - Light of Selune, Mage Armour, Magic Missile, Shield.

2nd Level - Battering Ram, Mirror Image, Rope Trick.

- Naema nudged Tavelle and he turned his head to see Tynan wandering over, "Bad hangover?", asked the approaching militiaman.

- Tavelle nodded grimly and the Tymoran chuckled, "You do look a bit drawn". Tavelle tried to pull a face, "No, it's my ponytail. It's far too tight", explained the mage, "I can't even frown properly".

- Tynan crouched down next to the wizard and his eyes twinkled with mischief, "Bron's in a bad mood this morning... I guess he missed his wizard to snuggle with last night?", and Naema startled giggling.

- Tavelle attempted to frown at Tynan, failed, and sighed, "That's really funny".

- "I'm serious", laughed the fighter, "He went searching for you".

- Tavelle looked to Naema who had been consumed by a fit of the giggles, "Well, I don't know what you're laughing about... You and Bron both fart in your sleep", chuckled the wizard.

- Naema's eyes opened wide, "You bastard!", and she playfully jabbed Tavelle squarely on the bicep, "I'm a lady! I don't fart!", she laughed.

- Tynan stood up and started laughing, "Naema, to be fair, you fart every time you saddle up", and he deftly stepped out of range of the inevitable swing. Tavelle rubbed his dead arm and tried not to grimace at the dull ache, "Nine Hells! That hurt", he thought.

- The Tymoran looked to Harran, "Kinara wants to be away from here soon and back to Peldan's Helm", and the old man nodded, "I'll get Gothalt, he's having a bath". Eridge put his boot on and Netley sheathed his dagger, "We'd better make lively too", they agreed.

- Tavelle saw Nelyssa and Erael with the Reverend Harvestmaster and he excused himself to make his way over. He looked to Naema expecting her to follow him, "You go and I'll sort out the horses", she urged. Tavelle nodded and wondered when, or even if, his arm would feel normal again, "Maybe I could ask Derim to cast a Resurrection on it?", pondered the wizard as he walked over.

- Tavelle bid the trio a good morning and he noted Erael seemed relaxed and well rested. Deepchill had been found a scabbard and the breathtaking blade hung from her weaponbelt.

- The Reverend Harvestmaster gave the wizard a smile, "Sleep well?". Tavelle nodded, "Yes, thank you". Derim explained that they would be leaving after concluding matters at the farm.

- "There'll be a short service for the Lannane's before we depart", advised Nelyssa.

- Tavelle recalled the two half-wight Lannane children he dispatched with the Magic Missiles, "Are the fallen militia being taken back to Ashabenford?", asked the mage.

- Derim nodded, "Yes, they deserve to be with their kin", and he glanced over Tavelle's shoulder.

- "If anyone else mentions him rubbing his weapon, I swear, I'll swing for them!", said Kuthe grimly as he made his way over.

- Tavelle noted the dour Captain was in a particularly pissy mood this misty morning, "Thank Selune I'm still in his good books", thought the wizard with a measure of relief.

- Captain Kuthe bid everyone morning and advised his militia would start securing the buildings after the service for the Lannane family.

- Tavelle could see the Rider look him over slowly and he nodded to Kuthe, "Nine Hells! What now? Am I not presentable enough?", thought the style conscious mage.

- "Is that my bloody cloak?", asked Captain Kuthe angrily.

- "Er, no?", replied Tavelle hopefully, "Liria gave it... to... me...".

"<censored> Liria!", exclaimed the exasperated player.

From the DM's point of view it looked like Tavelle's owner was going to headbutt the dining room table.

- Tavelle quickly unfastened the cloak and timidly held it out in front of him, "I didn't realise it was yours, I'm very sorry", he apologised. The Rider snatched the cloak and wrapped it around his shoulders, "Bloody Halfling!", he growled through gritted teeth.

- As Captain Kuthe turned and stormed off Tavelle noticed some pink vomit on the hem of the black fullcloak and he shook his head, "Oh well, one step forwards and two back", thought the wizard in dismay.

- "Liria seems to have taken a liking to you", smiled Derim and Nelyssa started laughing. It prompted him to roll his eyes and blow out his cheeks, "Really?", he groaned.

- The mage walked with Erael, Nelyssa, and the Reverend Harvestmaster to where several graves had been freshly prepared and noted a large crowd already assembled. Brother Waylam and Sister Alena watched as they approached. Tavelle noted the priestess smile at him briefly and he gave a courteous nod in reply.

- The mage walked over to where Kinara was standing with Aulkren and he greeted them both. The patrol leader looked about at Tavelle's feet, "No Moog?", she asked, and he shook his head in reply, "No, thankfully".

- Tavelle could see the claw marks had nearly vanished, three feint white lines were visible and her right eyebrow had two gaps. Kinara noticed his concern, "I count myself fortunate", she explained, "If Eventar had a greater reach then I'd have been blinded".

- Aulkren glanced apprehensively at Tavelle, "Do you have a scar?".

- The wizard shook his head, "No, there's not so much as a mark on me", and he gazed over to Sister Alena.

- The mage looked to Kinara and then to her water flask attached to her belt, "Can I offer your drink a strawberry flavour?", he grinned. Kinara eagerly removed the canteen and handed it to the wizard, "Can you make it cold too, please?". Tavelle happily Flavoured and Chilled the contents before handing the flask back. The mage then offered to do the same for Aulkren's flask and the militiaman requested a hint of blackberry.

- Tavelle could see the Lannane family members neatly laid out next to the open graves. The bodies had been dressed, tidied up, and placed on wooden planks. Tavelle glanced about at the crowd and saw Jentar standing alone with his head bowed. The Paladin wore a dark orange padded cloth undersuit with a large light orange codpiece. Jentar was only wearing the forearm, shoulder plates, and shin pieces of his golden plate armour, and the transformed Lionswrath blade was sheathed at his side.

- "He always manages to look awesome", thought the wizard.

- The Reverend Harvestmaster spoke first, "Grear Mother... Please hear our prayers... Show the Lannane family your love... and guide them in rejoining the natural cycle... Keep them forever in your earthy embrace... and let them become one with their home...".

- "Great Mother...", called Watchful Sister Alena, "Please hear our prayers for Conor, Mellamy, Briers, Jehany, Ralton, Jaffrick and Jemily...".

- "Jemily", thought Tavelle and he recalled the stuffed rabbit with the chewed ears.

- Tavelle's listened to the eulogy for the farmers, it brought a lump to his throat, and his eyes became watery.

"I'm in a real dilemma and don't know what to do", said Tavelle's owner, "Do I make sure Jemily has her rabbit in the afterlife, or do I give it to Maisie to look after?".

- The mage removed one arm from the shoulder strap of his backpack and retrieved the floppy rabbit toy he found in the bedroom from a side pouch.

- Tavelle knelt down next to the small girls corpse. Jemily had been cleaned and dressed in fresh clothing. Her ash blonde hair had been combed and a string of daisies woven like a tiara. Jemily's face was drawn and pale. Her lips were grey and thin from the touch of undeath.

- Tavelle's ears picked up on the shrill warbling of a Robin Red-Breast nearby. It was the first birdsong he had heard at the farm in days. Tavelle looked back down at the little girl, "I think this belongs to you", whispered the wizard, and he placed the stuffed toy rabbit under her crossed hands.

- Tavelle stepped away and allowed the Lannane family members to be lowered into their resting places by pairs of solemn militia. Many of the assembled took a handful of soil and dropped into into the graves as they filtered past to pay their respects.

- Darram wandered by and patted Tavelle on the back, "Remember, don't be a stranger, we can ride into Ashabenford for an ale or two?". Many more whispered, "Swordmage", and, "Yarrr", as they walked away.

- Tavelle stood silently near the plot of graves and looked to the farm, "Would the tower have been any different?", he thought to himself. The wizard remained with a half dozen militia, who were filling in the excavated earth, and he saw Jentar in his piece-meal armour looking at him from a few feet away.

- The Paladin approached slowly, "Tavelle, I'm sorry... I wanted to offer my apologies, you were right", said Jentar sincerely, "I feel such a fool... I should've protected the militia under my command...".

- Tavelle wondered how much rest the Paladin had managed as he looked extremely tired, "Nine Hells! Is that a codpiece or a satchel?", thought the wizard in disbelief.

- "I wanted to smite the Mound King in the name of Lathander... I should've been above such desires... They were relying on me to lead them... I forgot myself...", and he looked in genuine distress.

- "You made a mistake", said the mage, "Everyone makes them. I make plenty".

- "No, you don't understand... Last night I dreamt of the fires dying...", and he gazed at the Golden Phoenix pommel as though overwhelmed, "I feel as though the sword sits in judgment...", said Jentar quietly.

- Tavelle glanced at the blade and silently wondered if it had some will of its own, had it too berated the Paladin? Tavelle reached out and placed a hand of comfort on Jentar's shoulder, "This reaction... it's called a conscience... acknowledging your mistakes takes courage".

- The Paladin smiled at the friendly gesture and then down to the sheathed weapon at his hip, "But, what if the sword considers me unworthy?".

- Tavelle followed his stare, "Jentar, look at the pommel. I think It's chosen its wielder", and he retracted his hand.

- "I wonder if Vallendras had such a problem?", thought Tavelle in shock.

- "I'm sorry too", admitted the wizard quietly, "The Morninglord may well have transformed the blade and it was wrong of me to dismiss it out of hand".

- Jentar looked to Tavelle and shook his head, "No, you were correct... I know now... There was no divine intervention... I should've realised something as I lifted the blade and it began to transform...".

- Tavelle raised an eyebrow, "What was that?".

"I was still going to black out...", and Jentar smiled briefly.

- Tavelle smiled back at the Paladin, "I'll freely admit I was hoping for a divine resurgence... After I managed to gain the creatures attention I decided I didn't really want it... I was fortunate Anvil's Edge withstood Vinjarek's assault..."

- Jentar nodded, "I owe you my life. If it wasn't for your persistence, and that great silver ram, it would've raised me as a wight".

- "I just did what I could", said the wizard.

- Jentar shook his head and stared at Tavelle, "It was toying with me... It had shattered my sword and shield... It's rending talons had clawed at my soul...", the Paladin paused for a moment, "I was done... I was finished in this life... So, I prayed to Lathander... and all I saw was snow and your silver light...".

- "That would've been a combination of Deepchill and the Light of Selune enchantment", thought Tavelle, "A bit like me when I mistook frozen blood for rubies?".

- "I was told to look after my Swordbrothers", replied the wizard.

- "Thank you", said Jentar.

- The crowd had dispersed back to what was left of the camp some time ago, and the pair were left alongside some militia filling in the graves, "Naema's waiting for you", said Jentar and he nodded to the mage. Tavelle turned and saw the Rider holding Fury's reins, waiting with her own horse.

- Tavelle's attention was drawn to the beautiful song of a tiny Robin sitting atop the handle of a planted spade. Wessner stood with his hands on his hips, taking a breather from his exertions, looking at the orange breasted whistler.

- "I love Robins", smiled Tavelle as he watched the bird, "They're so small and so fearless". Jentar nodded in agreement, he glanced sideways at Tavelle and smiled, "I hope with all my heart that if you ever need a second chance you receive one".

- "Thank you", replied Tavelle.

- "I also hope your embroidery skills are on a par with Kerryn's", said the Paladin.

- "Why's that?", asked the wizard.

- "You may well need to sew me a tapestry, or two, in the future", he explained.

- "Ah yes, sorry about that", said the mage uncomfortably.

- "Don't be", smiled Jentar, "Go on, she's waiting", and his eyes returned to the Robin.

- Tavelle walked towards Fury and heard people start hammering. The wizard watched some of the militia begin boarding up the farmhouse and stables.

- "Everything alright?", inquired the Rider, "Is he okay?".

- Tavelle patted Fury on his nose, "I hope so".

- "It sounds as though you're going to be busy when we return?", said Naema, "Brondar said you wanted to learn more about... fighting?".

- Tavelle nodded and swung himself up onto the saddle, "Yes, that's right".

- "Well, I hope you'll have time for me?", pouted Naema.

- "I was thinking tonight at the Dumic ranch?", smirked Tavelle.

- The Rider looked interested, "I'd love too but what if we get caught? We are pretty noisy... Well, you are".

- "I've memorised a spell for that", grinned the wizard.

- "What spell?", asked Naema.

- "It's called Rope Trick", explained the mage.

- "What the <censored>? You kinky bastard!", laughed the Rider in shock.

- "No, it's not like that", chuckled Tavelle.

- "So, you don't tie me up?", asked Naema.

- Tavelle shook his head, "No", replied the wizard.

- "I wouldn't mind", chirped the Rider with a grin.

- "I'll remember that", laughed Tavelle.

- "So, what does this Rope Trick actually do?", asked Naema impatiently.

- "Well, it creates an invisible, extra-dimensional, space which hangs in the air", explained the mage.

- "An invisible what?", asked the fighter.

- "It's like a small invisible room about ten to twenty feet in the air. It's accessible by climbing a short length of rope. When you get to the top of the rope, and enter the room, it looks like you vanish", explained Tavelle.

- "That's incredible!", said the Rider, and she shook the reins of her horse to spur it onwards, "Now I can't wait to get to the ranch".

"I just hope he can climb up the bloody rope", said Tavelle's owner.

- The wizard gave Fury's reins a quick shake and the stallion followed after Naema's mare, "It's normally used to create a safe and secure hiding place for when you're in the wilderness or in a dungeon".

- "How long does it last?", asked Naema.

- "A few hours", advised Tavelle as Fury trotted alongside her horse.

- Naema gave the mage a grin, "No sparring with Brondar this evening", laughed the Rider, "You'd best conserve your energy".

- "Wahey!", thought the wizard.

- Tavelle could see the wagons were leaving the farm and a long column of riders escorted them. Captain Kuthe supervised the militia working on the outbuildings and many men were carrying wood to the hay bales.

- The pair rode through the field and the wizard caught sight of Darram carrying a flask of oil. As Tavelle rode past he saluted his childhood friend and gave him a wave, "Swordmage!", called Darram loudly and he raised his fist into the air. His cry was echoed by many others as the pair carried on towards the wagons.

To be continued...

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