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Learned Scribe

United Kingdom
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Posted - 25 Sep 2011 :  17:01:07  Show Profile Send Farrel a Private Message  Reply with Quote

Update (19th June 2011)

Off-Screen (This will be new to Tavelle's player, I don't get to mention off-screen events during play)

...Vinjarek stood atop the grassy mound and looked to the east in the direction of the living that had thwarted his Wights the previous night. He had sent out his packs to feed and create more of his kind, the farm had been unguarded, unprepared and easily overcome. The caravans had put up a fight, albeit a short one, and many of the lesser wights had returned stronger. Last night had been a setback and the most costly one since losing the half dozen wights that he had sent to a nearby farm.
It was a cloudy night but the accursed silver orb was still visible, the light glinted off of the high-spired gold crown and its gems twinkled as the Mound King surveyed his thralls. Snowflakes fell from the heavy, blueish-silver blade the greater wight wielded, some were caught in the breeze, others gathered on the ground.
"Search the roads... swell our ranks... feed", croaked Vinjarek in a harsh, ancient voice. Three groups of four half wights headed north to stalk the Moonsea Ride and Farms.

Vinjarek turned his focus to his remaining wights, they numbered over a score and they had all been active.

The landscape darkened as Selune was obscured under thick clouds, "It is time...", the greater wight announced...

- Tavelle opened his eyes and saw the orange flames of the watchfires illuminating the camp, it was dark and the sky was cloudy, Selune was obscured by a heavy blanket of clouds. The majority of the camp were awake and on watch but Tavelle could see a few wrapped bundles trying to rest, they were still clad in their chainmail and had shields and weapons close by.

- Tavelle rolled up his bedding and retrieved his spellbook from Naema's small tent, he tried to to do it all as quietly as possible until he realised that most of the sleeping militia had one eye open. The camp and surrounding area was well lit by the large pyres and Tavelle saw a couple of familiar faces approaching, he stood to meet Kinara Tramlor (NG Human Female Ranger3/Fighter2), a Rider of Mistledale, and Liria.

There are times when I wished that I had gone into a bit more detail in my earlier updates.
I should have detailed Liria's antics in the bunkhouse, on Tavelle's first night at the barracks of the riders, concerning her curiosity and his backpack. Brondar had approached Tavelle with a rather timid looking Liria and she had asked permission to have a look in his pack. Tavelle had asked what would happen if he refused the request and Brondar had said, "Liria will likely have a look anyway but without supervision...".
Or the time Nalrun had led Tavelle astray in the Velvet Veil Festhall with far too much alcohol and exotic pipeweed... on second thoughts i'd probably best not share that particular encounter...
I wish I had detailed more about why Captain Baergil was trying to temper as many swords as he was able, i'd shared my thoughts with Tavelle's player and it would have made for a nice off-screen event. Captain Baergil had received a dream vision from Tempus regarding a fallen lion, clad in golden armour surrounded by shattered blades and snow. When I had pored over Ed's description of Darrask and his dream visions, to pursue his calling as a War-Priest, it had reminded me of my own thoughts.

- Tavelle and Kinara exchanged greetings and a hug, "I must say you look completely different in your uniform, very dashing indeed", admitted the rider, "Yep, he's abit of alright", agrees Liria. Kinara laughs at Liria's comment and tells the halfling scout, "I can remember him as a toddler running round the apple trees at the tower, naked as the day he was born".

- Liria looked Tavelle up and down, "What, no hug for me?". Tavelle laughed and knelt down to embrace the silver haired halfling, it was a brief hug but Tavelle heard the word, "Yoink!", from Liria. Kinara must have heard as she repeated the word as a question, "Yoink?". Liria blushed a deep shade of red, "Did I say it out aloud?", asked the halfling. Tavelle laughed, "Yes you did, what's a yoink?", Liria stepped back from Tavelle and looked at her toes, "Uncle Mergil's been teaching me to say it in my head". Kinara was stood just to the side of Liria and had seen something in the halfling's hand behind her back, she laughed and said, "Give Tavelle his wand back Liria".

- Tavelle looked down to the sheath that held his wand and noted it was empty, "So, that's a yoink is it? I'll have to listen more carefully when you're near", he held out his hand and Liria gingerly placed the butt of the wand in it and gave him an apologetic smile. Kinara asks Liria to inform Nelyssa that Tavelle is awake, Tavelle tells Liria that he still has to memorize his enchantments.

- Tavelle learns that Kinara had departed Peldan's Helm with a score of militia but had sent half her force to patrol the Moonsea Ride, and surrounding farmsteads, after learning of the wight attacks from Tynan. When she had spoken to Nelyssa about the deserted caravan camp Kinara said she hoped that her men would be safe.

- "Make mine a strawberry flavour please, Tavelle", asked the rider, Tavelle gave her an apologetic look, "I haven't been learning those for a night or two, what with all that has happened... I can sort of see Jentar's advice coming true". Kinara studied Tavelle for a moment then asked, "What advice was this?"

During the patrol where Tavelle had encountered Kendra the Mad there had been a rather interesting exchange between Jentar and the young mage. It had centered on Tavelle wanting to entertain and help the militia with a few minor Prestigidations and maybe an Unseen Servant for the camp. Jentar had advised Tavelle to save his magic as the militia were there to do their duty and needed no distractions. He had gone on to tell Tavelle to consider his art to be his sword and armour... Tavelle's player had taken silent offense to it at first, and seen it as a rebuke, the more he contemplated Jentar's words the wiser they seemed.

- Tavelle explained what Jentar had told him and Kinara nodded, "Sound advice", she agreed. The pair spoke for a while longer, Kinara asked Tavelle to recount his dream that everyone had been talking about, and then questions followed about Erael and the Wyvern that she had slain. Tavelle kept his answers brief and was deliberately vague about Erael, Kinara seemed to notice, "You seem distracted?", she asked. Tavelle fidgeted and replied, "Jentar was right, I feel vulnerable without my magic. I have Anvil's Edge and my wand but without my art I feel unarmoured".

- Kinara told Tavelle to study and she would return to her watch, "I wish I had Naema's eyes on a dark night like this", she said as she smiled and walked away. Tavelle crouched down closer to the fire and started to read from his spellbook.

After the comments regarding Jentar I was quite eager to view Tavelle's spell selection.

Wizard Spells Prepared (4/4/2 base DC = 14 + spell level; caster level 3rd)
0- Disrupt Undead x2, Message x2
1st- Light of Lunia, Low Light Vision, Mage Armour, Shield
2nd- Mirror Image x2

I had to ask about the selection of the Message spell and was surprised at how much thought he'd gone into. Tavelle's player explained that the camp was getting larger (with the hobbled horses at its center) and it would be impossible to encircle and defend with the limited numbers that they had. With the arrival of Kinara and the militiamen from Peldan's Helm it would allow four groups of ten militia with a Rider of Mistledale to lead them.
The inner ring of watchfires were in a square around the camp, Tavelle reasoned that if the wights attacked from all angles, a group of ten militia could defend each gap between the fires: north, south, east and west. Communication would be vital and that's where the selection of the message spells would come in useful. The range of the spell worked out very well and so did the maximum people that could be spoken to via the enchantment. Tavelle's player had said that the Turning Nelyssa had provided the previous night had been pivotal in their success, he could communicate to the Shield if a group of militia were struggling and Nelyssa could reinforce them.

- It didn't take Tavelle too long to commit his selected spells to memory, he replaced his spellbook back in the tent and checked his equipment. Anvil's Edge was scabbarded at his left hip, the solidity of the Dwarven Longsword was reassuring, and its matched dagger was in its sheath on the right. Tavelle rested his hand on the butt of his wand which was next to his dagger, he wondered whether it would last the night (10 charges remaining). Tavelle looked skywards to try and see Selune but the sky was a mixture of grey and black clouds, he could have done with seeing a glimpse of her silver radiance or a sparkle of a star, "Stuff the wand", laughed Tavelle, "I hope I last the night".

I often ask Tavelle's player what Tavelle is thinking and it does makes me laugh. I find it helps me understand what motivates him.

- Tavelle felt something... a hand grasped and clawed at his knee, he nearly leapt out of his skin in fright. He looked down to see Tynan in his bedroll, "Gotcha!", said the militiaman and he started to laugh. "Bastard, you nearly gave me heartstop!", said Tavelle. Tynan's mirth subsided, "Some of us didn't have a magical ride, quit making so much noise".

- Tavelle made his way to where he saw Nelyssa standing, she was in conversation with Brondar. The militia were spread in groups between the main pyres, he could see Naema and Erael were keeping a close eye in the direction of the Barrowfields.

- Brondar gives him a grin, "Sleep well?", Tavelle nods, "Yes, I didn't realise that I needed it so much, any sign of movement?". Nelyssa shakes her head, "No nothing, it's past midnight and there's been no sign", Brondar shrugs, "Maybe they've had enough after the beating we inflicted on them last night?".

- Tavelle tells Nelyssa of the Message spell and that it could improve communications between the Riders during combat, he also goes on to detail his ideas on how the militia should be deployed between the pyres and learns that Nelyssa and Kinara had already had similar thoughts. The Shield of Chauntea informs Tavelle that he will be expected to coordinate where the Riders need support via his Message enchantments.

Under cover of the clouds blanketing Selune's light the Wights had arrived, they were being as stealthy as possible, Listen checks would be no help as the wights were as silent as death (a +16 Move Silently skill) and only a creature with exceptional eyesight would have a chance of perceiving them at an extreme range in darkness. I rolled a 15 for a random wight and with +8 skill to Hide the DC was set at 33 (+10 for the 100' range). Naema's Spot skill was +5 and I rolled a 13, for a total of 18. Erael possessed a Spot skill of +24 and when I rolled the d20 I managed a 16 for a total of 40!

- They hear Erael's voice, "I see movement to the west, lots of movement!", she calls and unsheathes her lion's headed longsword. A cry to form up is given and the militia position themselves to face the oncoming wights. Tavelle notes that the main body of twenty militia are facing the western edge of the camp, leaving the north and south with ten militia each and the east unattended.

- Tavelle found, to his surprise, that he had instinctively drawn Anvil's Edge. He followed this readying with a Mage Armour enchantment and then drew his wand. Of the twenty militia facing the west, half had spear and shield and half drew back on their longbows.

- He saw Naema with her bow nocked and drawn alongside Kinara's archers, the Rider from Peldan's Helm cried "Mistledale!" and a volley of arrows were loosed.

At the 100'-150' range, in the semi-darkness, the archers were firing almost blind. They were targeting certain areas that Nelyssa had made them practise shooting at during the afternoon.

- Tavelle could see Erael in her shining mithral breastplate, and Nelyssa was stood, Scimitar in hand, amongst the shieldbearers with Brondar.

- A second volley of arrows is unleashed at the undead that come into view, Tavelle notes that it isn't a full-on attack, they seem to be scouting the edges of the outer pyres, he makes the decision that he needs to keep his eyes peeled in case the wights press their flanks and starts to cast a Low-Light Vision enchantment.

I decided that I would ask Tavelle for a Spot check against a group of Wights that were going to attempt to flank the camp, once he had enacted the enchantment.

- The Low-Light Vision made Tavelle squint momentarily as his senses adjusted, the watchpyres were glowing brightly but he could make out alot more of the wights movements.

- The archers were proving effective at keeping the wights at range but he could see figures circling to the north and south.

I asked Tavelle for the Spot check, the wights were looking for weak points in the defenses and some were circling. Tavelle rolled a 19, for a total of 22. The five wights each rolled 4, 17, 3, 15, 14. With a +8 Hide skill (and the +8 bonus of 80' distance) it meant that two of the wights were blundering around while three had been very stealthy.

- Tavelle saw a group of wights break away from the main body and circle the northern watchpyres. Tavelle sheathed Anvil's Edge and held a small length of copper wire wound around a platted leather bracelet. He started intoning the enchantment for the Message spell and pointed his index finger at Nelyssa, Kinara, and Erael who were around sixty feet away.

- "We have movement to the north, a group is circling to flank us", said Tavelle to Nelyssa. A nearby militiaman gave Tavelle a quizzical look over his shoulder, wondering who he was speaking to. Tavelle heard Nelyssa's voice clearly in his ear, it was almost as though she was right beside him, "I'm sending Brondar with five militia to reinforce you".

- Tavelle targeted the two visible wights that he had spotted and unleashed a single Magic Missile at each from his slender wand. The missiles swerved past a nearby watchpyre and slammed home, striking each of the undead (9 charges).

- One of the militiamen shielding the northern edge glanced back at Tavelle and asked, "Are they moving?", Tavelle gave the man a nod and realised that he wouldn't have been aware of the wights movements without his Low-Light Vision.

- Tavelle kept his silver eyes to the north and then east, he hated the fact that the east was unguarded, he felt certain that if the wights saw the opening they would definitely take advantage of it.

- Tavelle concentrated on Erael and directed a whisper in her direction, "I fear our rear is exposed and vulnerable", he saw Erael turn, look at him and grin. He could see her lips move and heard in his ear, "Are you being filthy again?", Tavelle nearly laughed but replied, "Not this time, I could use your eyes to keep the east and south guarded". There was a moments silence as he saw her converse with Nelyssa and then he heard, "I'm on my way".

- Tavelle raised his wand again and targeted the same two wights as he had done previously, the streaking silver-blue missiles swooped over the militia's shoulders to seek out their prey (8 charges).

- Brondar approached with Tynan, Serrick, Allam and two others, the big Rider had forgone his shield and was wielding his greatsword, "They're circling?", he asked. Tavelle nodded, "Yes to the north and if they look hard enough they will see our exposed rear", Brondar gave a laugh, "Nelyssa said that the north needed bolstering but we can't let them take advantage of our rear".

- Erael had appeared at Tavelle's side, "I believe that's where i'm needed?", she asked, "Yes please and cast your keen eyes to the south, I fear we are concentrating our efforts too much to the west"

Tavelle's player said that Tavelle had looked around at the people (and the silver dragon in human form) and realised that he was, sort of unnofficially, leading them, "Blimey! They're listening to Tavelle, gods help them!", he had laughed.
I have to admit that I thought he was doing spectacularly well and had been very shrewd in his selection and useage of spells.
The northern five wights had continued circling the camp and were looking towards the eastern edges, I asked for another Spot check from Tavelle and he rolled a 17 for a total of 20, I also rolled a 9 for Erael for a total of 33. The five wights that were approaching from the east (80' distance) Erael spots three and even Tavelle catches sight of one (I rolled a natural 1 and was actually considering making the muppet throw himself on a watchpyre for its incompetence).

- All of the assembled saw something trip over one of the outer eastern watchpyres, sending a burning log flying. "We need to hold them!", says Erael, "Them? I only saw one!", says Brondar and commands his five militia, "Form up between the eastern pyres". The militia moved towards the oncoming undead and planted their shields and spears.

- Tavelle decided he would inform the Shield and Kinara, "They have found our open flank, we will attempt to hold them until help arrives", as he said the words a number of nearby militia shifted uncomfortably.

- Tavelle heard a call from a militiaman in the northern shieldwall, "Swordmage, can we help?", Tavelle shook his head, "No, stay where you are and be ready". He cast a Mirror Image spell (3 images), drew Anvil's Edge, and four Tavelles' stalked off to join Brondar, Erael, and the militia.

to be continued...
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Learned Scribe

United Kingdom
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Posted - 02 Oct 2011 :  13:34:53  Show Profile Send Farrel a Private Message  Reply with Quote


I've often wondered what would go through the average militiaman's mind when they witness some of Tavelle's spellcasting, I think that's why I like spellcasters so much.

- As Tavelle made his way to where the others were positioned he noticed the wights Erael had mentioned, they were about eighty feet away and closing. Tavelle could see there were three of the undead creatures and they had abandoned caution due to the lack of arrows.

- Erael stood just in front of the widely spaced shieldbearers alongside Brondar, she unleashed the longsword with a throw and the blade flew out, towards the lead wight, slashing it on the shoulder. Tavelle noted that it had been unable to deviate from its flight, and strike at either of the others, once it had travelled about sixty feet it reversed its direction and started its flight back to the sorceress.

- Tavelle raised his wand at the lead wight that had just been struck and sent two darting missiles towards it. They hit the creature simultaneously but the wight charged on (7 charges). The undead horror was on a collision course for Brondar and the other two wights were following close behind. The burly Rider stepped in to meet the wight's charge, and brought his greatsword around in a vicious cut, felling the creature.

- One wight charged into the shields of the militia and the other went directly to Erael. Having witnessed the short work Erael had made of a wight the previous evening Tavelle concentrated on the creature engaged with three of the militiamen and raised his wand.

- A sudden burst of movement to his left, next to a watchpyre, drew his attention but it was too late for Tavelle to react. The stealthy wight slashed it's malevolent claws through one of his Mirror Images and the illusion vanished (2 images remaining).

"Bugger!", said Tavelle's player. This wight was one of two in the group of five, that neither Tavelle or Erael had seen, it had slowly crept up on the lightly guarded eastern side unnoticed.

- The wight struck again but missed and Tavelle had a choice... Anvil's Edge or the Wand of Magic Missiles. He chose the blade and arced Anvil's Edge into a low attack.

The wight had won initiative over Tavelle and Serrick, the militiaman had seen Tavelle surprised by the creature and had decided to help, the wight had gotten nowhere near to hitting the image that it had attacked.

- Tavelle connected solidly with the undead creature (6 points of damage) and Serrick thrust his speartip into the wight's side (8 points of damage). The wight seemed undeterred and continued pressing its attack on Tavelle and another image vanished with a successful strike.

- Tavelle was concentrating on keeping his attacker at bay but could see that a second unseen wight had squared off against Erael, and Brondar was trying to assist the three militia already engaged with another.

- The wight facing Tavelle lashed out with its unholy claws and yet another image vanished (1 image remaining), the mage countered with a strike of his own but the wight sidestepped his assault. Serrick's spear plunged in again and caught the wight in the shoulder with a glancing blow (3 points of damage), the undead creature seemed enraged by the militiaman's interference and turned its attention away from Tavelle. As it stepped in to attack, Serrick angled his shield so it served as a barrier to the smashing fists that thundered on the metal.

- Tavelle brought Anvil's Edge down in a sweeping arc and struck the wight, squarely between the shoulders, forcing the creature to its knees (7 points of damage). It was swiftly finished by a deft spearthrust that entered the creatures nasal cavity, and through the back of its head (7 points of damage).

- Tavelle nodded his thanks to Serrick and turned his attention to the militia, to his horror he saw that the heavily wounded wight had smashed the unmoving Allam to the ground. He heard Nelyssa's voice in his ear, "Erael is needed to the south, how do you fare?". Tavelle saw Brondar sever the wights head, it seemed too late for Allam who was still and deathly pale on the ground, "We have held them but I fear Allam is dead". Whilst making his way to the fallen militiaman, with the indigo stained hands, Tavelle requests Erael to reinforce the south. Erael nods to Tavelle and sprints off, Brondar commands the four remaining militia, "Front up and keep your eyes peeled!".

- Brondar notes Tavelle's grave expression, "Will he rise as one of them?", asks the burly Rider, Tavelle nodded grimly, "Yes, and I think it is already starting to happen". The man that was once Allam Bluehands looked drawn and pale in death, his skin had tightened across his face causing his lips to draw back in a evil snarl. Brondar's eyes widened at the slow transformation and he noted how Allam's nails grew in length and darkened in colour, "Beshaba's balls! What do we do?", asked the Rider. Tavelle looked at the rather large, and intense, watchpyre that was about twenty feet away, "Help me Bron, grab an arm", the Rider had followed Tavelle's eyeline, to the large pyre, and guessed Tavelle's intentions correctly.

- They grab an arm each and start to drag Allam's corpse towards the fiery watchpyre. Tavelle realised that without Brondar's help he wouldn't even be moving the body at all. As they get closer to the pyre the heat gets intense, "Big heave on a count of three", declares Brondar and he swings Allam backwards slightly. Tavelle does his best but the body is dead-weight and cumbersome.

Tavelle isn't the strongest, he has an average Strength score (10), I asked for a Strength check (DC 10) due to Allam's equipment and armour... he had failed spectacularly with a roll of 3. If it hadn't been for the beefy goose breeder, who rolled a 19, Allam might not have been going anywhere. I imagined Tavelle not being able to let go and Brondar lobbing both on the pyre... heh.

- On the Rider's count of two they both feel Allam's body jerk in some sort of spasm and see the creatures eyes open to reveal a malevolent black gleam. On the final count of three they hear the half-wight howl as it is released from their grasp, and hurtles head first, into the pyre.

- Tavelle heard Nelyssa's voice in his ear again, "Is Allam dead?", Tavelle looked at the form, wreathed in flames, that was once Allam Bluehands and replied, "Yes, permanently". Nelyssa whispered, "We too have suffered casualties, but no fatalities, I need your silver radiance Tavelle", Tavelle prepared his mind for the Light of Lunia enchantment and replied to the Shield of Chauntea, "As you command", a moment later a large silver hemisphere partially engulfed the camp.

- Three militiamen arrive to reinforce Brondar's beleaguered men. As they form up to postion themselves in the gaps in the shieldwall Tavelle hears one comment, "What's burning? It smells vile", and then notices the body in the flames.

- Brondar looked out into the field, with the silver radiance extending for quite a distance it was easier to search for signs of movement, "I can't see any of them lurking, what do your eyes see?", he asked Tavelle. Tavelle's Low-Light Vision manged to pierce the gloom beyond the silver light and as far as he could tell there were no signs of movement, "Nothing, as far as I can tell".

Tavelle's player decided that Tavelle needed to do as he was originally ordered and coordinate the Riders. His Mirror Image enchantment expired and the remaining image vanished.

- Tavelle informed Brondar that he was going to ensure the other militia groups were intact and headed to the northern shieldbearers, he was relieved to see Naema with them. The Rider had split the militia into shieldbearers and archers, from the two wight corpses littering the field Tavelle could see that they had been busy.

- Naema gave Tavelle a warm smile, her silver eyes glinting, "Are you alright, how are the others faring?", she asked. Tavelle explained, "The east is holding, at the cost of Allam's life. Erael is bolstering the south and I am just checking on the north and west. It seems you have things well in hand?", and he looked towards the shaft filled wight corpses.

Two wights were stealthily approaching from the north (60' distance) and had rolled 13 and 7 for a total of 27 and 21 for their Hide checks. Naema rolled 18 for a total of 23, she had seen one of the two. Tavelle rolled a 16 for a total of 19, he had seen neither enemy.

- Naema seemed to notice something in the gloom beyond the pyres, "Ready your bows", she declared. Tavelle could see the five kneeling shieldbearers holding their spears, peering out but not spotting anything, he couldn't see anything either. The longbowmen had learned to trust Naema's silver orbs and placed some tension in their bowstrings in anticipation.

- "There!", Naema pointed her longsword in the direction of the movement she had spotted, the two wights came into view as they approached the outer edge of the silver light. The archers had them in their sights as they entered the ring of light. Naema shifted her gaze to Tavelle, "We have them under control, assist the others".

- The Rider turned her attention to her bank of five longbowmen, and raised her own bow with a arrow nocked. "Loose!", she shouted and the shafts sped towards the pair of undead horrors. Tavelle had seen what the wights had achieved at the eastern shields when they had gotten close. His Mirror Images had proven vital in his own survival, he raised his wand in readiness.

I've never been more impressed with the next six dice rolls for the militia archers and Naema. Every single archer hit a target! The rolls were 19, 17, 19, 16, 20, and Naema managed a 15. The first wight sustained 14 points of damage from three arrows, the second wight also took three arrows and sustained 17 points.

- Tavelle watched the arrows strike the wights, they were still closing so he loosed two missiles of his own. They streaked from the tip of his wand like two silvery blue falcons intent on their prey. They swooped over the shieldwall and split formation, each seeking a target of it's own (6 charges) .

The first Magic Missile hit the wight for 4 points of damage (18/26 hit points) and the second delivered 3 points (20/26).

- The wights charged on, intent on the living. Naema turned to Tavelle, "By Selune! I love those silver raptors!", and then turned to the spearmen, "Ready!", she commanded.

One wight was attacked by three spearmen who rolled a 14, 2, and 16. The two hits inflict 13 points of damage (31/26 hit points) felling the creature. The second wight is attacked by two spearmen who rolled 19 and 18. I loved the fact that the militia were performing so valiantly and the second wight was slain, they inflicted 7 points of damage (27/26).

- Tavelle started to make his way to the western shields, as he got closer he saw the Shield of Chauntea in front of the shieldbearers. Tavelle could see the corpses of half a dozen wights at her feet and in front of the miltiamen. He directed a whisper to Nelyssa, "The east is now quiet and Naema has the north under control", he saw her turn to reply, "Check on Kinara and Erael to the south, I believe we have weakened their resolve for a fight".

- Tavelle headed south past the horses and tents and made his way to the shieldwall. Beyond the assembled militia he saw a flash of lightning, a small orb of electricity flew across the tilled field and smashed into a wight, felling the undead fiend. He spotted Kinara and directed a whisper, "How goes the defense?", Kinara turned her attention to Tavelle, "They are retreating, how are the others doing?". Tavelle stepped closer to Kinara so as they could talk normally, he spotted four wights unmoving on the earth, "They are leaving", called Erael.

- Tavelle noted that Kinara looked breathless but unharmed, "There has been one fatality to the east and some wounded to the west", he watched her reaction and the Rider seemed relieved, "Who was it that died?", she asked Tavelle. Tavelle explained that the lightly defended flank had seen an attack from five wights and that Allam had fallen.

- The dark clouds that had been obsuring the waning Selune parted and the landscape seemed less imposing and claustrophobic. Tavelle looked up to see the silvery crescent and a trail of stars in the sky and felt almost relieved.

- Erael approached and gave Tavelle a smile, "Any idea how many we managed to defeat?", she inquired. Tavelle did a quick mental count of what he could remember, "Nearly a score I believe".

- Kinara asked Tavelle to stay with the southern shields, while she checked on the others for herself, and made her way off.

- As Erael came closer Tavelle noted that she had a bloodied left sleeve and torn chemise, "You're hurt?", he asked, the concern in his voice was obvious. Erael nodded, "I got caught twice, once when they attacked from the west and once here". Tavelle looked at her wounded arm through the tear in the sleeve, there was a vicious looking black bruise, almost palm shaped. There was another rip at her left hand side, near the hip, it too was bruised badly.

When I had first created Erael I was surprised to find that Silver Dragons have access to Clerical and certain Domain spells, and that they were able to cast them as Arcane spells... how amazing is that?

- Tavelle wondered where all the blood had come from, "There's no blood or wound, just a hell of a bruise, did you take a potion?", Erael nodded, "Something like that, l cured the claw wounds, but not the damage to my life energy". Tavelle looked closer at the darkened area at Erael's hip, "It looks painful?", Erael grimaced slightly, "I've shaken off the effects before, after helping Maisie".

- Nelyssa approached the pair, "Erael, could you circuit each of the shields and make use of your vision, please?", the sorceress nodded, "Yes, of course", looked to Tavelle, "We can speak after we are rested", and departed.

- Tavelle looked to Nelyssa, she was battered and bloodied, he noted that the bone ring was on her finger and decided to say nothing. The Shield of Chauntea sheathed her scimitar, "Do you think they have given up on their assault?", she asked the mage, "I hope so", Tavelle laughed, "I've only a few minor enchantments available and my wand is on its last legs".

- "We have but a few hours until dawn, stay alert", said the Paladin, Tavelle nodded, "Yes, Shield", and Nelyssa made her way off.

- The next couple of hours are quiet, and no more assaults from the undead are forthcoming, but the camp stays on alert.


... Deep within his barrow Vinjarek seethed in anger, the living had smashed his wights without suffering any losses of note, seven wights cowered around him fearing his wrath. The living would come to his domain to confront him, he would make it cost them much.
Vinjarek heard a deep, mocking, laugh from the frozen blade in his clawed hands that seemed to roll on and on...

to be continued...

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- Tavelle kept watch along with the other militia, he visited each bank of shields and noticed that Corster had been injured by the claws of the wights. The great bear of a man looked strangely diminished and seemed drawn, with grey bags under his weary eyes.

- A distinctive horn call sounded in the darkness to the north, it was far away but could still be heard clearly. Kinara was nearby and Tavelle saw a concerned look spread across her face. Nelyssa approached and called, "Kinara that is a Peldan's horn, is it not?", Kinara nodded, "Yes", and brought her own horn of Mistledale up to her lips. A long clear note sounded as the Rider from Peldan's Helm blew long and hard, "They're trying to locate us", she said after finishing the call.

- Tavelle was still unsure of some of the horn calls of the Riders, he had been given instructions prior to arriving at the barracks by Naema at Nereskul's tower. Alot of the calls sounded the same and Tavelle wondered how they were able to tell this was a Peldan's horn call.

- The Peldan's Horn sounded again, this time it was closer, and Kinara blew a blast on her own horn, guiding the militia to the noise.

- Tavelle had made his way to the northern line of shieldbearers, Naema and Erael were there too, peering into the gloom. Erael caught sight of movement, "A lone rider approaches", she declared, it took a few more moments before Naema confirmed, "A single militiaman".

- Kinara strode past Tavelle and made her way through the shieldwall, "Only one?", she asked as she stood with Naema. The militiaman approached the outer watchpyres, Kinara and Naema started to jog towards the mounted figure to lend aid.

- Tavelle watched the two Riders escort the figure, who was partially slumped in the saddle, towards the safety of the camp. Nelyssa joined the two Riders, and the shieldbearers parted as the man was led through. Tavelle could hear him saying to Nelyssa, "Ambushed at the Berwick Farmstead... so many wights... they murdered everyone else".

- Erael approached Tavelle and discreetly whispered, "What of his fellows?", Tavelle shifted so as not to be overhead and replied, "I suspect they are no longer fighting for Mistledale".

- Brondar strode amongst the shieldbearers, shouting at them to form up and stay alert, "Dawn's not 'ere yet lads!", he had bellowed.

- Tavelle's Low-Light Vision enchantment expired and he too longed to see the rosy light on the horizon, he knew it was only a couple of hours away.

- Erael pressed him for details regarding what the militiaman, from Peldan's Helm, had said.

- Tavelle had already thought through the information and had come to a few conclusions, "He said they were ambushed at the Berwin Farmstead, so that means the wights that were waiting had already dealt with the farmers. It means while we slew nearly a score here, they have likely already been replaced", he kept his voice low, and continued, "The Berwick Farm is reasonably sized and what with the late summer harvest, they will have hired hands. Other homesteads may have already fallen, the militia cannot compete with the undead during the night hours...". Erael cut him off with a whisper, "But we can".

"We?", said Tavelle's player with a big grin.

- Tavelle nodded, "What do you have in mind?".

- Erael glanced around to ensure that nobody could overhear their conversation, "From the air we could cover the distance to the Moonsea Ride with ease and turn the hunters into the hunted", Tavelle nodded in agreement and listened while Erael continued, "I'd be able to use my icy breath and you could use your magical missiles while mounted, they have a good range". Tavelle smiled, "I'll make sure to remember a Low-Light Vision enchantment, just so that I can see what i'm casting at".

- Erael seemed to have a revelation, "I've an item that could improve your senses, it might be helpful, we can talk about that later though".

- Tavelle had thought of a cover story, "With the speed of our 'magical mount' we could harrass and harry them at a safe range and make a nuisance of ourselves?". Erael nodded and smiled at Tavelle, "That is only a short flight from the truth... I plan on being far more than a nuisance".

- Erael and Tavelle made their way to visit the other banks of shieldbearers to ensure no more wights were lurking. After a few circuits of the camp they noticed the sky was beginning to lighten and the morning mists were starting to form.

- As the sun crested the horizon the mists had grown dense, blanketing the landscape and camp. Brondar commanded the militia to stand down and rest, many weary Mistrans trudged to their bedrolls or took the time to eat before they slept. The mood was quiet and Tavelle believed that the militia were coming to terms with their losses.

- Tavelle and Erael discussed what they would tell Nelyssa in regards to their planned patrol. The Paladin of Chauntea was with Kinara and the lone militiaman from the patrol from Peldan's Helm, they were in a slightly larger tent than the others. The pair of magic users approached the tent flap, that was pinned back to allow light and air to circulate, and announced their arrival.

- Tavelle could see the wounded militiaman resting on a bedroll, partially unclad, and he noted an ugly bruise on his side. Nelyssa glanced at the pair as they entered, "You should both get some rest", Tavelle nodded, "I'll admit to being shattered but myself and Erael have been discussing the roving bands of wights stalking the farms". Erael cut in, "We may have come upon a solution to stop the wights and their nightly forays".

- The statement seemed to pique the interest of both Kinara and Nelyssa and they asked the pair to elaborate on their idea. Tavelle explained that they could patrol the Moonsea Ride, and the farmland surrounding the road, from their "magical mount". Erael detailed how the mount was fast enough to stay out of immediate danger and that the pair would be able to harrass the undead from range with their combined magic.

- "You would do this?", asked Nelyssa, "It's the only reasonable solution that we have, the militia can defend an area if assembled and given time to fortify a position, but against the wights in open terrain it would be a disaster". Erael nodded her agreement, "I'm confident that myself and your Swordmage could make it very uncomfortable for the undead to seek out more farmers, we may be able to make them retreat to their barrows".

- Nelyssa looked to Kinara for a suggestion and the Rider from Peldan's Helm gave a slight shrug, "I've no experience of magic but anything to try and stop the undead must be considered". The Shield of Chauntea was quiet for a moment, "I was planning on leading a scouting group into the Barrowfields after we have rested and slept. I want to see if Jerren can track them back to where they crawled from".

- Tavelle fidgeted and asked, "Will you allow myself and Erael to patrol this night?", Nelyssa nodded, "Yes, but you must be cautious, I don't want to have to explain to Nereskul how I sent his son to his death".

- Tavelle and Erael departed the tent, "I never planned on being nocturnal, sleeping during the day just doesn't seem right", said Tavelle with a large yawn. He made his way back to Naema's small tent, where his pack was stored, and found the Rider asleep in her bedroll. He unrolled his own bedding and settled down to try and rest... tonight would be fun he thought to himself.

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Update (3rd July 2011)

- Tavelle awoke to find himself alone in the tent and tried to gauge what time of the day it was, he could hear talking outside and recognised Lanneth's and Brondar's voices amongst them.

- Tavelle unbuckled his backpack, retrieved his spellbook and settled down to concentrate on memorizing his enchantments.

Wizard Spells Prepared (4/4/2 base DC = 14 + spell level; caster level 3rd)
0- Disrupt Undead x2, Message, Read Magic
1st- Low Light Vision, Mage Armour, Magic Missile x2
2nd- Battering Ram, Mirror Image

- Tavelle finished preparing his spells and noticed a scrollcase in his pack, it was the one that Nereskul had provided prior to him departing to the Barracks of the Riders.

"I don't believe it!", exclaimed Tavelle's player (doing a rather fine impression of Victor Meldrew), "I think it has an Endure Elements scroll in it that I could've done with yesterday!". The sneaky DM had abit of a giggle, it did indeed.

- He clambered out of his twisted bedroll and started pulling on his uniform and swordbelt. He looked at his wand and smiled as he realised his trusty companion still had some life left in it (6 charges).

- Tavelle attached the case to his swordbelt and thought about what Erael had said about her icy breath. It reminded him of when they had first encountered the sorceress and the dead wyvern, the beast's head had been almost frozen solid as well as one of its wings, damn the breath must be cold he told himself.

- Tavelle parted the tent flap, ducked his head, and made his way out into the open air of the camp. The sun was past its peak so he guessed, correctly, that it was mid afternoon. He was greeted by Brondar and Lanneth who were still in conversation by a small fire, "Lanneth, When did you arrive?", asked Tavelle, "A couple of hours ago", replied the Rider from the Sharin Freehold. Lanneth's companion, Buross the Eagle Owl, was sat atop a barricade and Tavelle thought he could see a small tail disappearing into it's beak.

- Lanneth looked at Tavelle with his pale green eyes, "May I speak with you privately?", asked the half-elf and eyed Brondar absently, "I think i'm needed somewhere else", muttered the burly Rider and wandered off towards the horses.

Tavelle's player gave me a sour look, "I'm not fond of these private chats, Tavelle normally gets told off or interrogated". Tavelle's player was quite right, Lanneth had arrived, met Erael and ventured to where the Wyvern's corpse was located to have a look for himself. He had come away from the beast with more questions than answers.

- "I saw the Wyvern that Erael slew, a mighty beast indeed. There were a number of strange wounds on its body, great claw gouges and what look like bite marks, did you notice them while poisoning yourself?", Lanneth smirked as he uttered the last statement. Tavelle didn't appreciate the reminder and replied, "While poisoning myself I noticed alot of things", "Like what? How could her longsword mark a beast so?", asked the patrol leader.

Tavelle's player gave me a grin, I got the impression he'd been preparing himself to bend the truth and had a few ideas.

- "You saw it's frostbitten head and wing?", asked Tavelle, Lanneth nodded, "Well, I saw it when it was frozen solid", added Tavelle and he emphasized the word, solid. Lanneth nodded, "I've witnessed such magic, a cone of frost, cast by a Zhent mage. I reacted fast enough that it only froze my trailing cloak, some of my friends were not as fortunate...".

"That's one thing I won't need to explain any further... good stuff", Tavelle's player was looking quite smug. I had a proper diplomatic incident readied for him, concerning Lanneth's Owl and his "Ride" tonight. The sneaky DM thought let's see if he can get out of that one when it comes up.

- "What of the claw and bite marks, they were from a big creature?", asked the ranger. Tavelle nodded, "It must be one of her enchantments that i've not seen yet, it could be a large construct of force in the shape of jaws or claws. Do you know Bigby?".

- Lanneth looked about the camp, "Is he new to the militia?".

I had to stop play for a bit, I know it's sad to laugh at your own jokes but it made Tavelle's player get a stitch through laughing.

to be continued...

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- Tavelle had burst out laughing, his mirth had attracted the attention of a number of militia, Lanneth raised an eyebrow and waited for the wizard to compose himself. "Did I say something funny?", asked Lanneth dryly, Tavelle nodded, "Yes, i'm sorry, the point I was trying to make was that a famous mage, named Bigby, had created a number of spells that resembled giant hands. I was hoping they might have been familiar to you?". Lanneth did actually laugh once Tavelle had provided an explanation, "Never heard of him, but I take your point regarding the wounds".

When Lanneth had arrived at the Lannane farm he had been quickly brought up to speed with the situation by Nelyssa. The Shield of Chauntea had told the ranger of Tavelle and Erael's plan to patrol and harrass the roving packs from a supernaturally fast mount. Lanneth had decided that his Eagle Owl companion, Buross, should accompany them and relay the Wight's positions to them from the air. This was my spanner in the works, so to speak, and I was looking forward to disrupting Tavelle's good mood. It's never a case of DM vs. Player, I just like Tavelle's player to have to really think, and be creative, in overcoming challenges.

- Tavelle noticed that Buross was busily removing feathers from between its legs, "Ooh! Owlfeathers!", exclaimed Tavelle and looked to Lanneth, "Do you mind if I collect a few?". Lanneth gave Tavelle a nod and they walked over to the post that the Eagle Owl was perched upon. Tavelle bent down to collect some of the feathers and Lanneth asked, "What do you want them for?". The mage had collected a handful of wet feathers and replied, "They are a component of a spell that helps determine the properties of magical items, you crush a valuable pearl in a goblet of wine and mix the solution with a Owl feather. You then cast the enchantment and drink the wine. Why is he pulling out so many?". Lanneth grinned and shrugged, "I'm not too sure".

- Tynan approached the pair with a handful of herbs, "Lanneth, does your Owl still have the runs?". Tavelle looked at the matted wet feathers in his hand, "He has the runs? You would've let me use these? You bastard Lanneth!". The ranger had burst out laughing, almost doubling over with mirth. Tynan looked at the half-elf with some amusement, "What's going on?", he asked.

- Tavelle let the feathers fall to the ground and wiped his hand down the front of his breeches. Lanneth was still chuckling as Tynan handed over some sprigs of a plant that Tavelle didn't recognise, "A private joke, my thanks Tynan, this should clog him up for a while". Tavelle watched Lanneth pull a dead mouse out of a pouch and he began stuffing the plant into the rodents mouth.

- Tynan informed Lanneth that the members of his patrol, the ones that he had brought to the Lannane farm, had pitched tents and were getting the feel of their surroundings.

- Lanneth offered the mouse to Tavelle, "Would you like to feed Buross?", Tavelle gingerly took the small creature, "He's a big bugger, he won't bite me will he?". Lanneth shook his head, "Don't worry, he likes mice more than fingers. Besides, you two should get to know each other better, he'll be flying above your mount tonight giving you directions to the Wights".

The sneaky DM had played his hand and I was looking forward to Tavelle's attempts to get out of this predicament.

- Tavelle dangled the mouse by the tail in front of the owl, "Do you think that's a wise course of action?", he asked the ranger. Lanneth looked puzzled, "What do you mean? Nelyssa and I have discussed it and thought it would prove useful". Tavelle looked at Lanneth while still dangling the rodent in front of Buross, "I agree that it's a fine enough idea. It's just that the camp will be without Erael's eyes to pierce the darkness and search for their approach. The camp is getting larger and with its increased size, more difficult to defend".

The sneaky DM wasn't feeling quite so clever, I hadn't thought of Tavelle's solution...

- "Tavelle has a point", said Tynan, "Erael's eyes seem superior even to Naema's, without them we would be at a disadvantage", the militiaman concluded. Tavelle almost thanked Tynan for the support but kept quiet, he merely added, "If Buross was to circle the camp he could give greater warning to the wights approach than even Erael could".

- Lanneth nodded his agreement, "I'm beginning to see why Jentar holds you in such high regard".

- Tavelle felt a sharp pain from his index finger as Buross snapped at the herb marinated mouse, "Argh! He bit me!", he exclaimed and quickly withdrew his hand. Lanneth gave Tavelle a smirk, "Oh please, he only nipped you, if he had bitten you I would think you'd be missing a digit".

- Tavelle looked at his bloodied finger and sucked on its tip.

"If I were a taxidermist that bloody owl would be well and truly stuffed!", said Tavelle's player.

- Lanneth gave Tavelle a playful clap on the arm, "I'll let Nelyssa know that Buross will be keeping watch over the camp tonight", and departed. Tavelle was left with his finger in his mouth standing with Tynan, "Shall we get something to eat?", asked the militiaman and Tavelle nodded wordlessly.

to be continued...

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- Tavelle accompanied Tynan to a large fire, a group of militia were gathered around a spitted pig that was slowly being turned by Jopson, the smell of cooking meat made the Mage's mouth water.

- As Tavelle joined the lengthening queue he saw Naema approaching and gave her a smile, "Did you sleep well?", she asked, "Yes, very well", he replied. The three of them waited until it was their turn to be served a small platter of meat with some bread, "Tavelle, do you want crackling?", whispered Jop, "Yes please, I love crackling", said Tavelle.

- A militiaman behind Tavelle, Naema and Tynan is overheard asking, "I hope this pig isn't one that the wights slaughtered?", Tynan turns to face the militiaman and sarcastically replies, "But of course Goryth. The wights killed it, butchered it, and left it hanging in the Lannane farms larder". Naema bursts out laughing at Tynan's remark and Tavelle tells Goryth, "Don't worry Goryth, the wights are only concerned with the living, do you want your crackling?".

- They made their way back to where Naema had pitched her tent to join Brondar and some of the others who were already eating. As they all enjoyed the food, and Goryth's crackling, Tavelle asked Naema how Corster and the militiaman from Peldan's Helm were doing. He learned that they were both severely weakened and was informed that while their wounds had been healed, by Nelyssa, they were still affected by the wight's unholy touch.

"I wonder how Erael has been affected, she didn't appear too concerned?", said Tavelle's player. Erael had lost both of her sorcerer levels during the previous nights encounter and had found that her most powerful enchantments were completely unavailable to her. It had happened before, when she had saved Maisie, and her family, she had recovered after twenty four hours.

- As the others eat and talk, Tavelle notices that Lanneth and Nelyssa are readying horses with a few militiamen. Naema tells Tavelle that they are off to try and track where the Wights are "holed up" in the Barrowfields, and they will be back before sunset.

- The patrol heading to the Barrowfields prepares to leave, Erael approaches Tavelle with Liria and informs him that they should get ready to depart. Naema tells Tavelle to be careful and not get himself killed. Erael tries to assure the Rider that she will look after Tavelle but Naema seems to ignore her.

- Erael accompanies Tavelle to Naema's tent, so that he can collect some items from his backpack, this time the wizard ensures that he doesn't forget his scrollcase. Erael collects her own backpack and they approach the mounted Nelyssa and Lanneth, "You two are ready to depart?", asks the Shield of Chauntea, Tavelle replies that they are ready. The pair are wished good luck, and they are advised to be wary.

- Kinara hands Tavelle a cloth map with a rough drawing sketched in ink upon it. The Rider informs Tavelle that it details the locations of the farms north of the Moonsea Ride.

- The patrol in search of the wight lair departs the Lannane farmstead and starts heading west.

- The militia assemble and finish rebuilding the outer and inner watchpyres.

- Tavelle summons Spot and the pair ride north towards the Moonsea Ride.

- As soon as the Lannane farm was out of sight Tavelle asked, "Erael, how are you feeling, have you recovered from last night yet?", "Not as yet", replied the sorceress, "It took a day and a night before I shook off the effects last time... I was only struck once the previous time though".

Tavelle's player admitted that he was concerned for Erael, the mess that the wights had made of Corster and Darvan (the militiaman from Peldan's Helm) worried him, and Erael had seemed somewhat more withdrawn than previously.

- "You seem quieter than normal, is anything wrong?", asked Tavelle, "I'm fine", Erael stated flatly. The pair rode in silence for nearly an hour, the sun was beginning to cast long shadows as it crept closer to the horizon.

- Tavelle guided Spot to a small copse of trees, "You should be able to change here without being seen". Erael slipped down from the horse and removed her backpack without a word.

"I wonder what's up?", said Tavelle's player.

- Tavelle dismounted and dismissed Spot, the pair walked into the small ring of trees and disturbed a blackbird, rummaging about the underbrush, its screams of annoyance faded as it flew away.

- Tavelle felt uncomfortable with the silence, "Erael, please tell me what's wrong", he asked with genuine concern, Erael knelt down next to her backpack and started unrolling the large leather strap with the oversized buckle, "I'm not sure it's such a good idea about seeking tutelage from your father", said the sorceress in a resigned tone, "What? Where's this come from?", asked Tavelle. Erael looked up, "I spoke to Naema earlier while you were asleep. I got the impression that she hates me, I don't want to cause you two any problems".

- "This has nothing to do with Naema", said Tavelle in an angry tone, "I love her dearly but jealousy is not a very attractive trait. I thought she knew me better than that". Tavelle knelt down next to Erael, "Let me speak with her, she will see sense". Tavelle placed his hand on Erael's shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze, "Trust me".

- Erael nodded and managed a smile, albeit a weak one, "You are sure?", she enquired. Tavelle nodded, "I'm positive, don't let her insecurity bother you. We have only been together a few months and her father isn't pleased about her seeing a copperless apprentice. She is a good person, she will understand".

- Tavelle stood up, "Besides, I only ever get to talk to my family about the weave and we end up having the same conversations over and over", he managed a laugh and continued, "I could do with a change of perspective and i'm certain that Kerryn and my father will love you". It was then that Tavelle saw the familiar warm smile from Erael that he had grown fond of and he realised seeing the smile made him happy.

- Erael unbuckled her swordbelt and laid it against her pack, she reached into the magical backpack. "May I see Vallendras's sword?", asked Tavelle, Erael nodded and Tavelle bent down to take up the scabbarded blade.

- As he lifted the sword his eyes were immediately drawn to the pommel, shaped into the likeness of a snarling golden lion, the workmanship was beyond anything he could achieve. Tavelle noted that were no casting marks and he wondered how it had been shaped. The guard was finished with lion paws at each end, and the grip was a dark red leather wound with gold wire. The scabbard was fashioned of beautiful black leather and was decorated with gold.

- Tavelle slowly drew the longsword from the scabbard and looked at the greyish metal blade, he hadn't seen this particular metal before, it looked somewhat like iron, "Is it forged from iron?", he asked. Erael appeared at his side, "Cold iron, I believe Vallendras called it", Tavelle nodded, he had heard of cold iron but had never seen it personally, "I wish I had a Detect Magic enchantment available, I seem to be rather overstocked with offensive enchantments", he laughed.

- Erael removed two wands from her pack and offerred one to Tavelle, "Use this, it will reveal the enchantments". Tavelle used the Wand of Detect Magic and handed it back to Erael, "My thanks". He concentrated on the sword and the aura became clearer through his focus, the enchantment was stronger than he had seen before... but only just.

Tavelle had previously cast a Detect Magic, on a (+1) shortsword for Multhimmer, and I explained that it was marginally more powerful in strength than the enchantment he had seen previously.

- Erael looked at the longsword and turned away back to the backpack, "I once cast it on the blade, when it was in Vallendras's hands and the aura was blinding... it was a pure light, like looking at the sun... I believe part of the sword died alongside him... It used to be wreathed in golden flames. They were the same colour as his hair...".

Tavelle's player gave me a look as though he'd just had a revelation.

- "You loved Vallendras?", asked Tavelle gently, "Yes", replied Erael, "He loved me too, but not in the way I wished".

- Tavelle sheathed the longsword and knelt down next to Erael as she continued, "Eristan was two centuries older than me. He had returned to celebrate my arrival with his newfound companion, Vallendras Lionswrath, and that was it, I was a lovestruck hatchling". Tavelle saw her smile and blush slightly, "It's one of the reasons I chose this form, to try and appeal to him...", Erael sighed, "Nobody bothered telling me he was chaste and had taken vows of purity".

"So we've got an amorous dragon with designs on a Paladin who's a non-starter?", mused Tavelle's player.

- "Oh", said Tavelle, "You could say that, yes", said Erael. "He loved me as a daughter. I came to realise that would have to be enough".

- Tavelle could see that Erael was part amused and part embarrassed, "I know it's rude to ask a lady her age but...", "I've seen eighty winters", answered the sorceress.

"So she was in love with a Paladin who would've been at least eighty? I'm confused", said Tavelle's player.

- Tavelle looked a bit puzzled, "That would mean Vallendras was even older than the Reverend Harvestmaster? Is that right?", Erael nodded and explained that Vallendras was only partly human and that he looked around the same as Nelyssa Shendean, "He had a greatly extended lifespan and a calming, otherworldly aura".

"A partly human Paladin of Torm? I wonder what other blood he had running through his veins?", pondered Tavelle's player.

- Erael finished digging around in her large backpack and produced a small crimson velvet pouch, "These might aid you during our hunt. Hold out your hand", the sorceress loosened the drawstring and tipped out two strange stones into Tavelle's palm.

Tavelle's player knew exactly what the stones were, "Can I do a Knowledge: Arcana to see if Tavelle has heard of them before?", he asked. I set a DC of 15 for the skill check as they're quite an iconic item. Tavelle rolled a 19 for a total of 28, we decided that he had heard lots about Ioun Stones (and their reputed properties) but had no practical knowledge or experience of them.

- Tavelle studied the stones with a grin on his face, one was a dark blue rhomboid, and the other a scarlet and blue sphere, "They are Ioun Stones are they not?", he asked. "Yes", replied Erael, "They've been in my family for generations, my parents used them as a distraction for Eristan and myself when we were hatchlings". "A distraction?", asked Tavelle, "I don't understand".

- Erael laughed and said, "Throw them gently upwards into the air". Tavelle did as he was bade and the two stones went up with a slight toss.

- Just as gravity was taking effect the stone's descent stopped, at roughly head height, and they started slowly circling. Tavelle felt a tangible sharpening of his hearing and sight, out of nowhere a thought came to his mind, " A dragon mobile?", he laughed, "I had a wooden mobile of carved birds over my cot I think".

I'm still amazed that he got the reference.

- Erael chuckled, "Eristan loved the floating shinies, I always found them too distracting and i'd end up watching them instead of sleeping".

- "My eyesight and hearing feel alot sharper than before", said Tavelle as he cast his eyes around the ring of silver birches. Tavelle found that his eyes were drawn back to the two stones floating lazily around him, "You're quite right, they are distracting".

- "So, one does hearing and the other vision?", asked Tavelle. Erael shook her head, "No the dark blue one does that on its own, the sphere sharpens the intellect". Tavelle looked at the scarlet and blue sphere, "It will increase my intelligence?". Erael nodded, "Yes, I think you would at least rival an Ettin now". Tavelle kept his eyes on the orbiting satellites and thought how the enchantment might work, it took him a few seconds to realise that he was being mocked, "Hold on, Ettins are thick", he stated.

- Tavelle turned his attention away from the small stones that were meandering past his eyeline and noticed that Erael had started to disrobe, he quickly turned away. He unbuckled the small leather strap on the lid of his scrollcase, "Your breath is a blast of frost, is that right?", asked Tavelle. "Or a cloud of paralyzing gas", Erael's voice answered, it was from a higher angle than before and his new and improved senses detected the change quickly.

- Tavelle turned to face Eraeliglasheer, the Silver Dragon, "I found this scroll this morning, it would've made my return journey to the patrol alot more bearable. It would have protected me from the cold, should I use it before we leave?". Erael shook her head, "No keep it safe, I shall not be flying high, and I won't be flying into my own breath". Tavelle popped the cap back on the scrollcase and then helped Erael fasten her backpack.

- A familiar length of rope allowed Tavelle to secure himself to the backpack that served as a makeshift saddle, "Kinara gave me a map of the farms north of the Moonsea Ride, what one should we check first?", he asked as he finished a sturdy knot. Erael turned her neck so that she could face Tavelle, "I thought it might be best if we went straight to the Barrowfields, we might catch them leaving their lair?", Tavelle nodded his agreement, "That's a good idea, the distance from the barrows to the road is great".

- Eraeliglasheer unfurled her wings and with a few strong beats they were clear of the copse of silver birches.

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Update (24th July 2011)

- The pair flew southwest towards the Barrowfields, the Sky was a mixture of purples and oranges as the sun sank below the horizon. Tavelle noticed that the two Ioun Stones were keeping pace with the speed of dragonflight.

One thing, above all else, that i've noticed about Tavelle's owner is that he really loves Dragonflight.

- They swooped low over the rolling fields and hills, a slim crescent of Selune was already visible in the darkening sky. Tavelle scanned the countryside as they skimmed the occasional treetop and hoped that no eyes had viewed their passing.

- By the time the Barrowfields came into view the sky was dark and hundreds of stars twinkled and pulsed.

Tavelle's player decided it was time to cast his Low-Light Vision enchantment. I thought that being on the back of a flying mount counted as violent motion and set the Concentration skill check DC at 16 (DC 15 + Spell level). Tavelle's owner rolled a 13 (+8 skill modifier) for a total of 21. I decided that if Eraeliglasheer hovered, and Tavelle tried casting, it would constitute vigorous motion (DC 10 + Spell level).

- Tavelle concentrated hard while intoning the Low-Light Vision and upon its completion the landscape below seemed to change, as it was bathed in the illumination from the sliver of Selune and the starlit sky. Erael reflected the navy blue sky and Tavelle, with his enhanced eyesight, could see the stars glitter across her shiny scales.

- Erael gained altitude so that she could survey a greater area of the rolling barrows. Tavelle could see many barrows from this height and they seemed almost like scars or wounds, he drew his Wand of Magic Missiles and then decided that he would expend his own magic before resorting to the nearly drained item. He slid the polished wand back into its sheath and scanned the ground searching for movement.

- Erael noticed movement to the north, "I see a group of them, four to be exact, and I saw where they exited from the earth", Tavelle looked north and he came to the conclusion that even with the Ioun Stone, and the Low-Light Vision enchantment, he couldn't hope to compete with Erael's Dragonsight.

- Tavelle felt Erael bank to the right and he was afforded a rather strangely-angled look at the ground.

- Erael levelled her flight and dove downwards to the undead that were heading north towards the Moonsea Ride. Tavelle held onto the backpack with all his strength and his stomach felt like it had jumped with the motion and not quite landed.

- As the Silver Dragon swooped towards the pack of Wights Tavelle's cloak flapped behind him and his hood had been blown backwards from his head. Tavelle imagined that this is what Buross must experience, every time he hunts, and he came to realise he was envious of the Owl.

I'd already decided that Vinjarek would send out three packs, of four half wights, and that he would refrain from throwing anymore at the patrol at the Lannane Farm. These hunting packs of half wights would either target the Moonsea Ride or the farms north of the road. After the success of the previous nights "recruitment drive" the wight population was looking healthier (?).

- "They are scattering!", called Erael. Tavelle could see that the wights had split up, two had veered left and two turned right.

Tavelle's owner came to the conclusion (quite correctly) that Erael's icy breath would be the more devastating weapon (in comparison to his Magic Missiles) and decided to play second fiddle to the Dragon.

- Tavelle felt Erael swerve to the left with a dip of her wing and he concentrated on the two wights to the right and started casting. The undead horrors were around 100ft. away and moving at speed.

The Concentration skill check resulted in a total of 18 (DC16).

- The two silvery-blue missiles chased down the two wights and struck home, one on each of the undead.

The first wight took 3 points of damage (3/12) and the second took 4 points (4/12).

- Tavelle heard a sharp intake of breath and then felt Erael tense and unleash her icy breath as they flew past. The frill that ran from the top of her head to the tip of her tail stood tall and proud as the blast of frost erupted from her maw.

Eraeliglasheer's breath weapon was a forty foot cone of cold (10d8/DC23). It inflicted 42 points of damage, neither of the wights had succeeded with the Reflex save.

- The forty foot long cone of frost ripped into the two undead creatures. Tavelle could hardly believe the intensity of the cold, he could feel it from where he was sitting, and he saw the wights blasted apart.

If i'm being honest I checked, double-checked, and then triple-checked whether the Wights would be immune to a Silver Dragon's icy breath weapon. My first thought was that they would be, I already knew that the alternate breath weapon (paralyzing) would be no use whatsoever but I had my doubts about the main breath weapon too. After alot of contemplation I decided that the wights were not immune to the icy breath, it was a Reflex based save and not Fortitude.
Tavelle's player couldn't believe the strength of the breath weapon. I hadn't even used Erael's Clinging Breath feat and to inflict 42 points of damage was impressive. I had wondered whether i'd made an error in not choosing Maximize Breath but I liked the after effect of the Clinging Breath feat (1/2 original damage on the round after the breath weapon to any that fail the original Reflex save).

- Erael dipped her left wing and swung around, almost as if on a pivot, Tavelle had lost sight of the two remaining wights as they had gone over a small hillock and it obscured his view. Erael flew over the hill in the direction of the fleeing undead and her keen vision picked them out immediately.

- Tavelle saw the two wights as Erael bore down on them, to his horror he saw they were clad in the uniform of the militia. "They wear Mistledale's colours", said Erael. The wights split up and ran in opposite directions. Tavelle knew they were no longer human but the knowledge that they were Mistrans, who had given their lives for the Dale, made him angry. Tavelle concentrated intensely, letting his anger focus his mind, as he started intoning another Magic Missile enchantment.

The Concentration check was a huge success, Tavelle's player rolled a 19.

- The two missiles streaked towards one of the undead, they were targetting a single wight instead of splitting and slammed hard into the creature.

The first missile struck home for 5 points of damage (8/12) and the second was just as destructive, inflicting another 5 points of damage (13/12).

- The wight went sprawling into the ground, unmoving.

- Tavelle was expecting another blast of icy breath from Erael as she closed to within twenty feet of the fleeing undead creature. Tavelle was rather surprised when a small crackling ball of electricity went streaking towards the wight instead.

Eraeliglasheer was unable to direct another breath weapon attack, due to the wait between uses, so had cast a Lesser Orb of Electricity at the wight. Erael's normal caster level is 7th but due to the successful energy drain attacks (from the previous nights encounter) she was casting at 5th level instead (3d8 damage instead of 5d8). The ranged touch attack was really just a formality and the orb damaged the wight for 13 points of damage (17/12).

- Tavelle could smell the ozone from the orb as he watched it blast the wight in the back, it went down, landed on its face, and didn't rise.

- Erael continued to glide over the landscape searching for more of the wights, "Should we head north towards the road, some may have left prior to our arrival?", asked the Dragon. Tavelle was still annoyed that the wights they had slain had been the militiamen from Peldan's Helm, "Yes, we should ensure the farms closest to the Moonsea Ride are safe".

- Tavelle unfolded the cloth map that he had been given, he had to hold it tightly due to the whipping wind from Erael's wings. The map detailed the farms closest to the road, Kinara had already scored through the Berwick Farm. To the east of the Berwick Farmstead was the Lardagren Estate, and to the west the Rodrathe Orchards and Farm. Tavelle saw that the Rider had added a note about the beehives near the orchards.

- Erael swung around and started flying north, gaining altitude as she did so.

- Tavelle asks Erael why she hadn't used her icy breath on the remaining wight and she explained that she wasn't able to use it continuously but had to wait a short period of time. The conversation continued with the pair discussing Erael's known spells, Tavelle commented that he was particularly amazed by her mithral armour and the returning blade enchantments.

- As the pair soar over the rolling hills, south of the Moonsea Ride, Erael asks Tavelle how he can spontaneously convert his memorized magic into Magical Missiles. The wizard does his best to tell Erael how he has mastered the enchantment so comprehensively he does not require his spellbook when preparing it in his mind.

- The conversation is halted abrubptly when Erael spots another group of wights, "I will glide in and take them unawares". Tavelle instinctively grasped the rope securing him to the backpack and leaned forward into the wind.

I may have started humming Flight of the Valkyries (from Apocalypse Now) at this point.

- Erael swooped in low, hugging the terrain, as silently as she was able.

The wights were heading north and Erael was approaching from the south. When Erael had closed to within one hundred and fifty feet I gave the four half wights a chance at a Listen check vs the Dragon's Fly (Move) Silently check. I rolled a 20 for Erael... I felt as though I should still let the wights at least roll (maybe one might get a 20 and sense the proximity of a Dragon's potent life energy?). I rolled 2, 16, 12, and 10. Nope, the wights would be surprised.

- Tavelle watched in awe as Erael dipped her left wing slightly and circled in, unleashing her icy breath. The frill along her back raised again and Tavelle felt the chill emanate all around him.

I recently decided to pick up the Pathfinder core books as I had read some very good reviews from some of the scribes here at Candlekeep. I've been mostly impressed by what I have read so far. I particularly liked some of the minor adjustments to the monster's abilities. It's a bit like someone decided to have a really good think about what was already there, in print, and improve upon it. A silver dragon, for example, came out with a few additional abilities that I thought were excellent. The ability to see through fog, mist, and clouds were, in my opinion, such nice touches. The descriptions of them being graceful fliers, radiating an aura of cold, and their silver forms reflecting spells were just excellent. I haven't converted our campaign to Pathfinder, and probably never will, but there's enough brilliant content from Pathfinder that it will creep its way into the game.

Erael's breath weapon came out at 44 points of damage and I wondered how many of the undead could succeed at a DC23 Reflex save. The wights rolled 11, 9, 6, and 17. With only a +2 bonus to the Reflex saving throw the creatures had failed.

- The cone of frost and ice obliterated the wights completely. Tavelle watched from atop the backpack as the cold dissipated while they continued to circle. The area of grass had been seemingly scorched black by the breath.

"I think that rates as a bit more powerful than your run-of-the-mill Cone of Cold", said Tavelle's player.

- Erael asked Tavelle how many more groups he thought might have been sent out to feed and Tavelle had replied that he didn't know but maybe the newly converted undead would be sent out to strengthen themselves. Tavelle thought about the patrol from Peldan's Helm and the inhabitants of the Berwick farm, he added the ten militia and maybe a dozen farmers together, "I estimate that we might be looking at a score of wights, and possibly more?", he concluded grimly.

- Tavelle asks Erael to fly north to the farms closest to the Moonsea Ride. During the short flight the pair wonder what might be happening at the Lannane farm and whether the patrol would be dug in - fighting off a wight raid.

- The pair flew over the raised road of the Moonsea Ride and headed east, towards the Lardagren Estate. Erael spots a number of dead cattle in an outlying field and swoops closer to investigate the bodies. Tavelle scannned the surrounding area with his light sensitive eyes, searching for lurking wights, but found no sign of any ambushers.

- Erael landed gently a few feet from the dead cows. They both see vicious bruises visible on the decomposing animals and the smell is terrible.

- "Ack!", says Tavelle, covering his nose and mouth, "They've been dead alot longer than sunset. I'm guessing that the Lardagren's and the Berwick's were attacked last night. I think we should make haste and head west to the Rodrathe Farm".

- Erael craned her neck around to face Tavelle, "Shouldn't we check for survivors?". Tavelle shook his head, "No, the wights would've swept through here like Sembians that've been told there's free gold to be had", Tavelle looked to the west and continued, "If there's any chance the Rodrathe's are still amongst the living we should endeavour to keep them that way".

- The silver dragon nodded her agreement and unfurled her shiny wings. Within moments they were headed west towards the orchards of the Rodrathe holdings.

- As they flew above the main road, Tavelle could see that the Rodrathe orchards spanned the distance between the Moonsea Ride and the farm outbuildings. In the darkness Tavelle made out that there were lights on inside the main farmhouse.

- "There are lights on, maybe the wights didn't head this way?", Tavelle wondered aloud.

- Erael had been scanning the ground and had spotted two pairs of wights, "We are just in time, they are headed towards the outbuildings!", she called back.

- Tavelle scanned below them and saw the first pair were making their way to a stable close to the main farmhouse. The second pair were further away and making for a larger cattle shed and had a far greater distance to travel.

- With his magically enhanced senses he could hear the terrified screams of the animals within the stable. Tavelle guessed that they could sense the presence of the undead.

- They were close to the small stable and saw the two wights disappear inside. Tavelle drew the dagger that Asantar had crafted for him and cut the bindings securing him to the backpack, "Erael, get closer to the ground and let me jump, go and let loose your breath at the runners!".

I honestly wondered whether Tavelle's player had popped a bravery tablet? This was most unlike Tavelle with his deep rooted sense of self preservation. Tavelle's owner explained that Tavelle would do whatever he must to stop the wights, even at the cost of his own life.

- Erael turned her neck to regard Tavelle, "You are sure?", she asked and Tavelle nodded. "Then touch your hand to my scales", Tavelle sheathed his dagger, removed his riding glove, and did as he was told. Erael's scales were cold to the touch, Tavelle felt a magical strength creep up through his arm and encompass his whole body.

I asked Tavelle's player to attempt a DC17 Spellcraft check for Tavelle to identify the enchantment. Tavelle's owner already knew what the enchantment was and the check wasn't set particularly high (considering his skill bonus and that he had already been told by Erael). He rolled a 13 (+12 skill) for a total of 25. The Bull's Strength enchantment gave Tavelle a +4 enhancement bonus to his strength, "So this is what it feels like to be strong?", said Tavelle's player and after a moments thought added, "Well, at least as strong as Naema for five minutes, so Tavelle better make the most of his muscles".

- Erael was hovering sixty feet above the ground and the stable was only thirty feet to the north, "Jump from this height. I will enact an enchantment to make you float down gently. I'll return as swiftly as i'm able".

I asked for a DC16 Spellcraft check to correctly identify the Feather Fall spell (It's a fairly common enchantment as far as i'm concerned), he rolled a 9 (+12 skill) for a total of 21.

- Tavelle unsheathed Anvil's Edge, he found it considerably lighter due to the effects of the Bull's Strength, and stood up warily before stepping away from Erael. The silver dragon swept her wings horizontally, pushing herself away from the descending Wizard, and swooped towards the other wights.

Tavelle's owner was expecting to float like a feather (as per the spells name) and was somewhat surprised that it only took a single round to reach the ground.

- Tavelle turned to face the stable and intoned a Mage Armour enchantment as he listened to the horses panicking.

"Maybe I was a little hasty?", said Tavelle's player...

to be continued...
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Please come back, Farrel! This scroll is awesome!
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Originally posted by Lady Swiftstrike Assassin

Please come back, Farrel! This scroll is awesome!

Thanks for the kind words. Like I explained in the PM i've been a little bit busier than usual through December and the New Year.

Here's a short update.


I have to admit that I thought Tavelle had been a bit rash in his decision to dismount but I was glad that he did it. Even though I only DM for a single player it's not often that I get him one on one when we play... and this was two on one for several rounds...

- The two Ioun Stones floated slowly around him as he moved closer to the entrance. His glowing silvery-blue eyes searched the shadows.

The two half wights were currently trying to drain the first of five stabled horses inside their stalls. The undead were inside the first stall to the right, out of Tavelle's line of sight. The descriptions of the terrified screams of the horses really seemed to unnerve Tavelle's owner. "I don't know about Tavelle but i'm cacking myself!", said Tavelle's player.

- Tavelle intoned a Mirror Image spell and four additional versions of himself appeared around him. He gripped Anvil's Edge firmly.

Tavelle's owner explained that he was still determined to protect the farmers from the undead and he would have to keep the wights busy until Erael returned. The undead may have entered the stable as half wights, but the life force from the first mare had strengthened them enough to transform into wights. The wights could sense Tavelle's life force and they were still very, very hungry.

- Tavelle glanced up at the sliver of Selune and then to the star from his dream, he looked to the entrance of the stable, "So be it", he muttered.

- Tavelle moved forward, keeping his wits about him, and entered the stable.

- Tavelle scanned the interior of the stable, he could see that the first stable door on the right was ajar and Tavelle saw the rear legs of the fallen horse.

I rolled the Wights Hide checks 17 (+8 skill) and 6 (+8 skill). Tavelle rolled a 10 (+3 skill, +2 Ioun Stone) for his Spot check.

- A single wight was visible in the stall with the dead mare. Tavelle moved further into the stable to create a better angle and unleashed a Disrupt Undead spell.

Tavelle's player rolled a 19 for his ranged touch attack (+3 bonus) for a total of 22.

- The ray of positive energy hit the wight in the chest (5/26). Tavelle heard it howl in anger. The wight clenched its clawed fists and charged from the stall.

There were four Mirror Images, and Tavelle, so I rolled a d10 (Tavelle would be a roll of 1 or 2) and rolled a 10. To me it seems as though every time Tavelle has had the spell in effect i've not managed to attack anything but the images. I rolled a 6 (+2 Base Attack) for the wight's attack roll and didn't even manage to strike the figment (AC12).

- The wight made a clumsy attempt to attack one of the figments that Tavelle had conjured, but was seemingly over eager, and missed completely.

- Tavelle glanced around trying to locate the second wight that had entered the stables but it was nowhere to be seen.

The second wight had moved between the stalls in an attempt to get behind the group of wizards.

- Tavelle brought Anvil's Edge around in a sweeping arc to try and strike the wight that was attempting to kill one of the mirror images.

Tavelle's player rolled a 12 (+1 Base Attack, +1 Masterwork, +2 Strength modifier) for a total of 16.

- The dwarven longsword hacked firmly into the wight's side (13/26) and Tavelle surprised himself with his enhanced strength.

"Tavelle would've missed if Erael hadn't cast a Bull's Strength!", said Tavelle's owner.

- The wight that Tavelle had struck with the longsword whirled around as if searching for the wielder. It lashed out in anger and frustration.

The wight chose to attack a new target so I rolled the d10 once more... I rolled a 1, the wight had picked Tavelle! I rolled a 10 (+2 Base Attack) against Tavelle's AC of 16.

- Tavelle saw the claws of the wight sweep in his direction and he deftly ducked out of the way.

To be continued...
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I'm still working away at a new update (mainly trying to decipher my notes, if i'm honest) but I thought I would share some newer NPC portraits.

I hope you like them

Edited by - Farrel on 14 Jan 2012 16:08:46
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- Tavelle couldn't hear anything but the screams of the terrified horses and the snarls from the wight.

"Where in the nine hells is that other wight?", said Tavelle's player anxiously. The second wight was ready to strike, it had crept unnoticed, due to there being no lines of sight, to the empty rear stall on the right. I picked up a d10 to see if it could find the right wizard and rolled a 4. The attack roll resulted in the wight successfully slamming a figment, I rolled a 16.

- Tavelle caught sight of the second wight far too late and he saw it dismiss one of the four figments at his rear. It whirled around in anger at being denied.

"Now i'm in trouble!", said Tavelle's owner.

The stealthy wight picked a new target (Tavelle was still a result of 1 or 2 but now it was on a d8 roll) and I rolled a 6. The attack was a miss.

- The wizard saw the stealthy wight lash out at another figment and miss wildly, luckily it had moved out of a possible flanking maneuver. Tavelle swept the longsword at the original wight and connected solidly with its shoulder (21/26). The wight snarled at him and staggered sideways slightly and then lurched forwards attempting to slam with its wickedly clawed hands.

For the wights furious attack I rolled a 13 for a total of 15.

- Tavelle felt the armour of force nearly buckle under the ferocity of the hit from the undead horror and saw the other wight dismiss another figment. The wight that had tested his Mage Armour enchantment snarled at its partner and both of the undead creatures turned their gazes to the real Tavelle.

Tavelle's player gave me a grin. I had to wonder what he'd thought of. "I can't face them both at once, i need to rid myself of one", he explained.

- Tavelle stepped backwards to give himself some breathing space and in the same motion felt for a small carved shard of horn that was attached to his leather wristband. He grasped it firmly and started intoning a spell.

Tavelle's player informed me that he was casting a Battering Ram enchantment aimed at the uninjured wight. The ranged touch attack roll was a 10 (+3 bonus) and just enough to strike the wight for 5 points of damage. The spell's Strength Check modifier is +10 and a wight's is +1. Tavelle rolled 18 for a total of 28 and the wight rolled 11 for a total of 12, the Bull Rush was a great success.

- Tavelle raised his left hand and a glowing, silvery Ram-like force sprang into existence and charged, head-first, into the Undead horror (5/26). Even with all the screams from the scared horses Tavelle heard a satisfying crunch as the Ram's massive horns connected. The wight was carried backwards fully fifteen feet before being dumped at the outer edge of the stable's main doors.

This wasn't the first time that Tavelle had cast the spell, he had demonstrated it to Nelyssa on his first day at the barracks. The target back then was just a lancer's training dummy but Tavelle had destroyed it completely.

The wounded wight attacked Tavelle and rolled a 7 (+2 bonus).

- The wight that was now closest to Tavelle lurched in, attempting to drain his life force, but missed as the wizard sidestepped. Tavelle attempted to counterattack with a sweeping forehand slice.

Tavelle rolled a 14 (+3 bonus).

- The tip of Anvil's Edge, nearly three inches of the blade, slashed through the back of the wight's skull giving the creature its final death (29/26). Tavelle turned his focus to the wight that was clambering back onto its feet and stepped through a nearby figment of himself. The two remaining images seemed to shuffle themselves around the mage and the wight studied all three trying to perceive the correct one.

- The wight snarled at the three wizards. Tavelle raised Anvil's Edge, formed a defensive stance, and beckoned the creature forwards with his left hand... the figments did the same.

I can't tell you how impressed I was with how Tavelle had managed the fight so far, it was almost a shame that Erael was due back. I know i'd rolled some rubbish dice but that's just how it goes sometimes. My own character, Farrel, had recently turned in some of the worst dice rolling that I can ever remember when Tavelle's player had DM'd for me. They had literally been cursed! The strangest part was that it coincided with a decision by my character to remove a large gem that was sacred to Dumathoin... Farrel's intention was to return the huge uncut diamond to the stout folk and away from the place where it lay unguarded. It was only when he finally rid himself of the stone that his dice rolling started perking up... strange but true.

- Tavelle's light sensitive silver eyes were forced to squint as a small orb of electricity slammed into the wight and sent it sprawling to a final death (39/26).

Erael had cast a Lesser Orb of Electricity at the wight. The ranged touch attack was successful and the Orb inflicted 34 points of damage (7, 8, 7, 8, and 4. My d8's had been on a streak with Anvil's Edge earlier during the melee). Erael's draconic Fortitude had shrugged off the two negative levels from the previous night's encounter and was back to her full caster level of 7th.

- The horses had quietened down somewhat but were still nervously whinnying. Tavelle heard Erael call out his name and the sorceress appeared into view as she ran into the stable entrance.

- Tavelle had been considering complaining about Erael's Orb stealing his kill... but his jaw had dropped open... "Sweet Selune", he whispered. Erael stood unclad, illuminated in the starlight, "Are you injured, are you hurt?", she asked hurriedly as she approached him.

"Thank Selune Tavelle's got Low-Light Vision... please don't let it run out yet", said Tavelle's owner.

- Tavelle managed to take a breath and blink twice before replying, "Erm?".

To be continued...

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I described the unclad form of Erael to Tavelle's player and he seemed, for once, to not know what to do, "Damn it! I can't just stand there gawping!", he declared.

- Tavelle cast his gaze towards his black riding boots, "I'm unharmed... what of the other wights?", he asked. "They have been dealt with", replied Erael. Tavelle kept his eyes lowered towards the stable floor.

Tavelle's player gave me a grin, "Now that i've comitted everything i've just seen to memory i'm going to attempt unbroken eye-contact! Do you want a Concentration check?". He does make me chuckle. I set the DC at 20 and was even thinking about making it higher. Tavelle's player fluked a roll of 17 and walked it.

- Tavelle raised his silvery eyes to meet Erael's. "These wights are larger than the two frozen behind the other barn" declared the sorceress as she cast her gaze to the body of the wight within the stables. "The bastards drained the life from that mare, I think it changed them and made them stronger. I would guess that they were freshly, err... undeaded? Is that even a word?". Erael raised an eyebrow and laughed, "I don't think so, Tavelle. Why aren't you blinking?".

- "I'm maintaining eye contact!", laughed the wizard. Erael laughed with him, "You recovered very well, it reminded me of the way Vallendras would meet my gaze, he would blink though".

- Tavelle blinked but kept his eyes locked in contact and smiled, "We should depart and either find you some clothes or...", "Quiet! Listen", snapped Erael.

Tavelle's owner carried on speaking "Or hope this stable has a hayloft!". It did make me laugh as I could just imagine Tavelle trying to explain how he got a black eye to Naema.

- Tavelle stopped in mid sentence and concentrated on listening... a dog was barking... quite a big dog.

The Rodrathe's were concerned as to what was going on in their stables and had plucked up the courage to investigate. They had a couple of survivors from the ill fated patrol from Peldan's Helm that Kinara had directed towards the farms. They also had Lurch the Damaran Wolfhound. They had seen a great silver ram eject something from the stable and a small orb of lightning obliterate it...

- "The farmer's?", asked Erael. Tavelle sheathed Anvil's Edge and looked at Erael's shapely rear as she crept towards the entrance, "I'd guess so", he replied.

- Erael peeked around the stable doors, "There's half a dozen men out there with a big dog", she whispered. Tavelle's Low-Light Vision was on its last legs but he could tell the group had more than one light source. "I have to hide!", exclaimed Erael. "You definitely have to hide", agreed Tavelle, "I will go to them, stay out of sight".

Tavelle's owner gave me a look of panic and annoyance, "If Naema gets wind of this she'll kill me!".

- Erael made her way further into the stables and started looking at a rear stall. Tavelle had just exited the doorway when he heard the distinctive horn call of the Riders of Mistledale from the group with lanterns. Tavelle took up his own signal horn, pressed it to his lips and sounded the call for a rider returning.

"First time i've done that for real", said Tavelle's owner.

- The group from the main building were clearly visible to Tavelle due to the numerous light sources and he approached slowly. The dog was a monster and it was straining against its leash, four were obviously common folk, two wore the livery of the militia and had swords drawn. He guessed that they had seen him when he was about forty feet away, "Rider of Mistledale?", he heard one man inquire.

- "Mage of Mistledale", declared Tavelle.

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I hope you don't have intentions of ceasing your posts. This thread is incredibly interesting! In fact, I'm going to re-read it tonight. My primary "most loved" geography in all the Realms is Daggerdale. Mistledale is definitely in my Top 5.

Thanks again for all your detail, minutiae and creativity!

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Hi Snow,

Thanks for taking the time to comment

I hope you enjoyed the re-read?

I do intend to keep chronicling the campaign but i've had scant little time of late. I'd rather DM or prepare my notes than write it all down. I was only spurred into action with my last update after a particularly amazing play session. Tavelle's owner was DMing for my namesake, Farrel. It was the climax of a series of stories intertwining all at once that has left me and my character baffled and stunned... but that's another story.

I'd still like people's help and input, a character, adventure hook, or just ideas. I've been trying to work on a chronological time-line, month by month, leading towards the ToT for Mistledale and its environs. I haven't gotten very far with that though.

Thanks again for your kind words, Snow (It's really weird but your username features very heavily in Tavelle's future).

Edited by - Farrel on 25 Mar 2012 21:54:33
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Update (14th August 2011)

- The two men wielding longswords sheathed their blades, Tavelle noted that they looked tired and drawn. The elder of the militia smiled and offered his hand. "Well met Tavelle, I saw you at the Barracks of the Riders when you arrived. I'd seen that great Silver Ram of yours when you cast it for The Shield, i'm Harran, this is Gothalt". Tavelle shook the mans hand firmly and noted that the common folk looked anxious, the wolfhound continued barking loudly."Well met, all of you", said the Mage and directed a question towards the militiamen, "Were you a part of Kinara's patrol?".

- Gothalt spoke, "Aye, we were ambushed by four wights at the Berwick farm. Three of us escaped, we sent Uldred to Ashabenford on a fast horse", the militiaman was a few years older than Tavelle and alot more weathered. Tavelle nodded, "Four of you escaped the wight's ambush, Darvan is with the two and a half patrols at the Lannane Farmstead but is badly injured". The two militiamen gave each other a relieved look, "I'm still hoping that there are more survivors", said Harran.

"They stayed to protect the farmers, I like these two", said Tavelle's player.

- The oldest of the farmers inquired, "You must be Neweskul's lad?", Tavelle nodded and arched an eyebrow, the portly farmer continued, "I'm Womfwey Wodwathe, this is Clawwith my eldest".

- Clarrith was about Tavelle's age but was alot burlier, he nodded and gave Tavelle a smile, "Name's Clarrith". The Damaran Wolfhound was still pulling against its leash and Clarrith gave it a sharp yank. Romfrey introduced the other two men, "This is Dunton, my younger bwother, and his boy Parthel".

- Tavelle exchanged greetings with the Rodrathe's. Harran rubbed his grey beard, "What are you doing out here alone?". Before Tavelle had time to reply Parthel interjected with a question of his own,"Did they kill the horses?". Clarrith tugged at the leash of the Wolfhound, "Are there anymore around, I think Lurch can sense something's near?".

"Here we go again with the questions", grumbled Tavelle's owner.

- Tavelle looked at Harran, Parthel and Clarrith answering each of them in turn with, "I'm not out here alone", "Only one, a brown mare", and, "I wouldn't wander near the stables, there maybe more wights about".

- Tavelle noted that Parthel didn't take the death of the mare at all well, "Nooo! Not Blossom!", he wailed.

- Harran looked puzzled, "Who's here with you?", he asked.

- Gothalt looked confused, "How have you managed to travel from the Lannane Farm, it's too far away?

- Dunton pointed at an Ioun stone, "What are those two floating things?".

- Lurch continued barking in the direction of the stables and Clarrith looked about into the darkness.

"I hate it when I have to explain stuff, Tavelle's telling so many lies it's quite difficult to keep track", said Tavelle's player. "I reckon the fleabag dog can sense, or smell, Erael in the stables", he added.

- Tavelle explained that Nelyssa's patrol had encountered a wandering sorceress, that had slain a huge wyvern, near the Lannane farm and that she had offered her assistance. The sorceress had cast a powerful enchantment on a horse, to increase its speed significantly, and the pair were sent to harrass and protect the farms near the Berwick holdings. The four wights that they had slain had split into two groups, a pair in the stables that slew Blossom, and a pair that never made it to the cattle shed. He informed the assembled group that he suspected that "Erael, the sorceress, was trying to find their 'spooked horse' in the orchards". The last sentence he said slightly louder, hoping that Erael was listening.

- The Low-Light Vision enchantment expires. Tavelle is plunged into the relative darkness of the lanterns. He realises that the farmers would have seen very little of the battle apart from the flashes of unleashed spells.

- Tavelle continues and explains that the two stones that are floating around him sharpen his senses and strengthen his magic, "Whilst my eyes were silver I was able to see in this... darkness... that enchantment has just run out", he said ruefully.

- Harran and Gothalt looked at each other in astonishment, "You slew two wights?", asked the pair in unison. Tavelle gave an embarrassed smile, "Near enough. I found that fighting two was a nightmare, so I ejected one from the stable with the Silver Ram and Erael finished it off", Harran nodded a satisfied expression. "The other wight in the stable was all my own work", said Tavelle with some measure of pride.

- The main door to the farmhouse opened, "Romfrey! What's going on out there?", called a harsh female voice (think of Howard's mother in The Big Bang Theory).

- Tavelle saw all the assembled men either wince or cringe. Lurch keeps straining against his leash.

"Who the hell was that?", said Tavelle's player.

- A burly figure could be seen, silhouetted in the doorway. Romfrey paled visibly and replied, "Nothing to wowwy about my sweet, a wider has vanquished the undead howwors".

- Tavelle's enhanced senses heard the ping of breaking metal, it seemed that everyone elses attention was drawn to the farmhouse. Lurch barrelled towards the stables, snarling viciously, his leash had snapped.

"<censored>!", said Tavelle's owner.

- Tavelle broke into a run after Lurch.

- Clarrith started getting up from the ground.

- Tavelle found himself halfway between the group and the stables. He could barely make out the dog as Lurch disappeared inside, barking furiously.

"I'm hoping she sneaked off... please let her have sneaked off!", said Tavelle's player.

- Tavelle heard a high pitched yelp, his enhanced hearing heard a series of yelps, getting progressively louder.

- Tavelle slowed his pursuit of the dog.

- Lurch sprinted from the stable, whining and yelping... the wolfhound ran straight past the mage, then the group with the lanterns, towards the farmhouse.

- Harran and Gothalt drew their swords. Harran turned to face the Rodrathe menfolk and was intending to tell them to "Get inside!" but they already had... all but Clarrith, who was holding the lantern and a snapped leash.

"I hope she's in the stable... please let her be in the stable!", joked Tavelle's owner.

- Tavelle reasoned that the horses would be alot more agitated if a wight had been present in the stables but he slowed his pace anyway.

"Tavelle needs time to think... I need time to think! What the hell do I say? Well met everyone, this is Erael, she's a bit eccentric and is not fond of clothes?", said Tavelle's player.

- Gothalt and Harran stood their ground with Clarrith, "Tavelle, what can you see? Is it a Wight?", called Harran nervously.

- Tavelle stopped just outside the doors to the stables, he could hear the horses, they were nervous but not terrified like before. The mage peered into the darkness of the stables and wished that the Low-Light Vision enchantment was still active, he couldn't see a damned thing.

- A bright set of eyes appeared in the darkness, pale blue and catlike.

- "Erael?", whispered Tavelle.

- "Mrawr...", purred the darkness.

to be continued...

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- Tavelle strained his eyes, trying to pierce the darkness of the stables, the sliver of Selune and a sprinkling of stars provided no help. Out of the blackness emerged a great cat, its thick, snow white fur had a dark spotted pattern. "Mystra's mysteries", whispered Tavelle in amazement.

"A snow leopard?", asked Tavelle's player, "Tavelle's jaw would've dropped by now".

- The snowcat padded silently towards the stunned mage, the only sounds his sensitive ears could pick out were the astonished gasps from the others, and Erael's loud purring. "You might've changed into your fur coat whilst I was with you in the stables. We might well be on our way by now?", whispered Tavelle with a smile.

- Tavelle noted that she was just over four feet long and that her head was around thigh height. Her tail was wide and thick, as were her paws, her expression was serene and almost regal. Tavelle removed his riding gloves as she sidled up to him, bumping his thigh like a rather large housecat. Tavelle steadied himself from the heavy nudge, he ran his hand along her shoulders and back, through the dense fur and down the length of her tail. Tavelle gave a slight shake of his head and mumbled, "Amazing".

I'd deliberately kept Erael's medium animal Alternate Form ability for a surprise occasion and I was pleased with how it had been introduced. I was certainly kicking myself when Tavelle had commented about changing in the stables, it would probably have been a more intelligent option to choose and I didn't consider it. I did have one more surprise for Tavelle's player in this session and I was confident that the information it brought was going to knock his socks off.

Tavelle's owner gave me a wide grin, "This I can explain! I really wasn't looking forward to explaining a naked sorceress, this I can handle".

- Tavelle heard Gothalt call, "I take it the cat's friendly?". The mage turned to face the trio with the snow leopard at his side, "Yes, Erael summoned her to aid us in fighting the wights. I assumed incorrectly that she was with her mistress".

- Tavelle walked back to the group with Erael padding silently alongside. The lantern provided a far clearer sight of the snow cats dark spotted white fur. "No wonder Lurch ran away, he's all bark and no bite", commented Clarrith. Harran laughed at the notion, "If i'd come across such a beast i'd have run away too, the mutt has some sense".

- The snow leopard looked up at Harran and let out a gentle, "Mrawr". The old militiaman smiled back into her blue eyes, "Can she understand me? What's her name?".

If i'm ever feeling cruel I can always make Tavelle's owner uncomfortable. I usually do this by asking him to make up a character name on the spot. It's the one thing that makes him squirm, that and 'character hooks'. Tavelle's owner gave me a filthy look of disgust...

Some time passed...

- "Her name is Sheer, and yes she can", said Tavelle. Harran knelt down in front of Erael and gingerly stroked the side of her head.

I had to admit that I liked the name he came up with. It was the sixth syllable of her entire name.

- "Is Liria with you lot at the Lannane farm?", inquired Gothalt. Tavelle nodded to Gothalt as 'Sheer' enjoyed the attention of Clarrith and Harran, "Yes, why do you ask?", inquired the mage. Gothalt chuckled and said, "I take it she's not seen the cat or she would've tried to saddle it".

- Tavelle was still chuckling about Liria when the farmhouse door opened and Romfrey called, "Is evewything alwight out there?". Clarrith stood up and answered, "Everything is fine father".

- Tavelle looked at the two militiamen and Clarrith, "I have to head back and report to The Shield at the Lannane Farmstead", Harran nodded, "Aye, what're your orders?". Tavelle raised an eyebrow, he was a little confused, "We volunteered to harrass the wights and patrol the farms north of the ride".

- Harran looked puzzled, "I meant for me an Gothalt, what're your orders for us?".

Tavelle's owner shrugged his shoulders, "I need to have a quick think".

- Tavelle looked at the militiamen, "I will inform Kinara and The Shield that you are continuing to protect the Rodrathe Orchards. I would advise you to secure the farmhouse". Harran nodded and Tavelle continued, "The wights are only active in darkness, in the morning you should cremate the four wight bodies and Blossom".

- Harran nodded in agreement, "Good advice, but what about after that?". Tavelle shrugged, "If I am honest I don't know. The Reverend Harvestmaster and The Sword of the Morning are due to rendezvous at the Lannane farm. They may arrive sometime later today. The Shield and Lanneth were due to scout the Barrowfields in search of their lair. If they located it they may decide to attack before nightfall". Gothalt shook his head, "Lots of things to consider", and Tavelle had to agree, "Every nightfall they get the opportunity to increase their numbers, the Berwick and Lardagren farms are deserted, the animals slaughtered..."

- Harran interrupted the mage, "Whatever happens we most certainly owe all our lives to yourself, this sorceress Erael, and her cat". The praise made Tavelle feel uncomfortable and he was glad of the dim light to hide his reddening face.

- Sheer, bumped his leg, "Rawr!", she growled. Tavelle met the snow cats blue eyes, she looked impatient, "It is time for us to depart and find Erael. I will see if they can send reinforcements, but I cannot promise anything", said the mage ruefully.

- Harran clapped him on the bicep, "Don't you worry about us, you concentrate on destroying their lair", Tavelle nodded, "For Mistledale!", he declared. "For Mistledale!", Harran, Gothalt and Clarrith cheered.

- Tavelle noticed that Sheer had started padding towards the larger outbuilding where she had destroyed the wights. He started to make his way after her but turned towards the trio, "Remember, get inside and secure the building until dawn, may Selune watch over you all".

- Tavelle turned back towards where the snowcat had been heading, "Bugger it! I can't see a damned thing". His hearing picked out the occasional bleat of a goat, or sheep, and a large cattle shed loomed out of the darkness. Tavelle edged around the building, towards the rear, before turning the corner he glanced back at the Rodrathe farmhouse and saw the window shutters being closed.

- The mage rounded the corner of the shed and nearly stumbled into two frozen wight corpses. The cold had blasted great chunks out of them, the ground where they were positioned was hard and sparkling with ice. Eraeliglasheer was sat on her haunches, clutching two pieces of something together. Tavelle turned his gaze to the side of the wooden cattle shed, it too had harsh glimmer of cold about it.

- "Clangeddin's beard! What did you do to my rope?", asked the dragon, her blue eyes staring intently at him.

Tavelle doesn't have any ranks in the Use Rope skill, the DC for a firm knot is only 10. Tavelle's owner can be a bit paranoid at times (especially when Tavelle might come into peril, and i'm pretty sure that the heroics in the stable was just a blip) so he ties alot of knots.

- "I'm sorry, I don't like the idea of falling off, I tied a few knots", he gave the silver dragon an apologetic smile. Erael continued to cast Mending enchantments on the rope until it was as new. The pair discuss the snow leopard form as they secure the backpack together, the dragon tells Tavelle that she used to watch the snow cats in the Galena Mountains.

- Tavelle clambers atop the backpack and secures himself with the rope. "Don't tie too many awkward knots, we need to make it back to the Lannane farm at some point today, if you fall off I will enact a feather fall enchantment", grinned the dragon. Tavelle pulled a face, "If we're flying high will the enchantment last long enough for me to reach the ground?", the dragon shrugged, "I would hope so?", she replied.

"Stuff that! I'm tieing another knot", said Tavelle's owner.

- "You're tieing another knot?", laughed Erael. "Yep, you shrugged", laughed Tavelle and continued, "That's the difference between me reaching the ground safely, or, making a red mess on the ground".

- Eraeliglasheer shook her head in confusion, "Where is the brave swordmage that slaughtered two wights and helped save the Rodrathe's?".

- Tavelle gave the silver dragon a mischievious grin, "Secured and back in the bottom of my satchel, he won't escape again".

to be continued...
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Greetings this is my first time here I was very interested in what your writing read parts of it, and i saw you said your moving toward the ToT im hoping you mean times of troubles or I am going to look stupid lol. if it is the Times of Trouble I have some unqie characters you could add and if you like them i could even periodically update them as I am currently running a campaign where its -339 DR Year of sundered webs 1 year before the events of Krasus's folly. Currently the part is a mix between level 5 and 6 using 3.5 rules set though. One of the main characters a level 5 elf psion/ wizard (we use the just alt system where characters get two classes as our party number fluctuates depending on whos available to play at the time). So The wizard psion named Grif Alianor was sent to learn at Krasus enclave due to his psionic ability as well as his connection to Arcane magic. But he is basically sent off on a mission to obtain a magic item from a licth who owes him a favor in the Thayd empire what makes Grif Alianor so special is before he joined the enclave he like most Elfs who had magic sensitivity learned magic from the Elven teachers him and his teacher a beautiful young fair looking elf lady Ayleth Gladstone fell in love and had a romantic relationship. But little did he know she was a powerful necromancer and a litch who used her magic to preserve her body and disguise the fact she was intact undead. (i told him all of this back story kinda against his will but he liked, his action take part after learning about her identity) but once he learned of this he still accepted her as he had fallen in love with her (together for 3 years before going to the enclave where they still had a long distant relation ship) and using a bit from the book of vile darkness 3.5 he was giving the Litchloved feat where mindless undead see him as an undead and disregard him. but the way the book explains it is it leaves a mark that the undead and see so I have it set up where all undead Vampires ect see him as someone who accepts undead and is a friend ( ex a vampire will usually attack any one it thinks it can kill but in Grifs situation it may leave him alone or may not at dm's discretion) so that why he was chosen to go into the Thayd empire as it has the highest population of undead. now as the session has progressed he has grouped up with 5 others (again their has only been one instance in 7 sessions where all 5 where together)and they are now crossing into the thayd empire and the deity Vecna (Grif doesn't share the beliefs) showedh im a glimpse into the future of what will happen in Krasus attempts to cast his spell and offers him power and to protect him from the fallout if he swears allegiance to him. But grif not being Evil and having the same agenda as Vecna refused to worship him but did agree to help him with w/e he wants in exchange for protection. From this point on the adventure will pick up pretty quick and once Krasus catss his spell Vecna will uphold his deal and protect them by using the magic discharged from the events to throw Grif and his party into the future at the Times of Trouble to help his agenda and try and use them as pawns to gain more power. Now none of my Pc's are over powerd their simply special by their back story and each of them has roll played their character pretty good giving them diverse personality strong beliefs and something from their past that gives them a character flaw like Grif having the litchloved feat gaining benefits of undead not immediately trying to kill him but persists of good faiths that hate undead such as the silver flame think what he did was blasphemes and would love to make him an enplane and kill him for what he did and he shows up as evil when spells such as detect alignment are cast on him (this from my interpretation of the alignment system in dnd is that all undead are evil and allies of undead and who actively accept them also show up as evil as its in contrast to the main beliefs of whats good and even though neither him nor his licth significant other are evil or bad people they are branded as such due to the majority beliefs of people in the forgotten realms. sorry for any spelling or other errors and if you have any question feel free to ask ill check daily and if you think his story might be an interesting person in your story be it a villain, friend, passing npc, or if you like the other pc's you can make them a recurring group either with, against, or neutral with your group
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Well Met vigilantej

Yep, you are spot on, ToT = Time of Troubles.

At the pace that our campaign is progressing I may well reach the ToT in about 2034

Your campaign sounds very interesting, I haven't ever tried a game in the Netheril era.

It sounds like you really enjoy playing the character and I like the use of the Lichloved feat, very cool. It's almost a boon and a curse rolled into one.

There is a part coming up in my campaign with a cursed item of a similar nature...

If you could stat out Grif and either post him in this scroll or send him to me via a private message that would be great.
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ya that's fine ill even explain him better i wrote that when i was half sleep and wasn't sure you knew what mechanics I was using and you could have him appear any time and the pc who is playing is very honored you enjoyed his character (its the first time he tried like rping and doing a back story)ill have his stats up later tonight once i got his character sheet for our gaming session tonight
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I asked Tavelle's player to come up with a list of things that Tavelle would like to do once his patrol had finished and his time was his own again. We've decided to roleplay as much as possible, Tavelle's player has really gotten into the character, and wants to see how he develops. There are some decent clues to what Tavelle's owner is planning for the future. They're not in any particular order of preference.

1) Introduce Erael to Nereskul and Kerryn.

- Ask Nereskul to teach Erael Craft Wondrous Item.

2) Return to Glen and visit Asantar.

- Introduce Erael to Asantar.

- Have a proper look around.

- Ask Asantar if it is possible to "Silver" Anvil's Edge.

3) Visit Sharin Freehold.

- Visit Lanneth.

4) Visit the Standing Stone with Naema.

5) Look into making a Lesser Traveller's Cloak.

- Ask Kerryn to craft a cloak suitable for enchanting.

6) Visit Brondar's small farm.

- Seek advice from Brondar on improving his martial skills.

- Look at buying some "Watch-Geese".

7) Create 3 silver brooches.

- Each capable of casting a Message spell for the Riders of Mistledale.

8) Create an enchanted cloak clasp for Kerryn.

- A duplicate of his own.

9) Try to convince Nereskul into getting out and about more.

10) Return to Stumphill.

11) Visit Elvencrossing.

12) Visit Peldan's Helm.

- Visit Kinara.

13) Meet with Derim Whiteshield.

- Discuss his mother.

- Learn the Celestial language.

14) Craft some Jewelry to sell + Take up Multhimmer on his offer to sell it = Gold.

15) Visit Oakengrove Abbey.

To be honest I wasn't expecting such a big list - I won't complain, it's kept us busy. I can't really detail my own plans, as DM, due to Tavelle's player visiting Candlekeep regularly.

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I think Tavelle's owner was referring to a quote from Torm of the Knights of Myth Drannor. I can barely remember it but it was regarding his "honour" and the fact that he said he kept it stowed safely in the bottom of his backpack, and would take it out occasionally to look at it. You only have to mention the Knight of Myth Drannor, called Torm, and it makes Tavelle's player grind his teeth... It's quite funny to watch.

- Tavelle was confident he was securely lashed to the backpack, "I think the best way to explain my paranoia is that i'd rather meet my end against spells or blades, rather than falling from a great height due to a poorly tied knot or two. One of my worst fears is the big silver buckle on your backpack going ping, and a patrol of my fellow Mistrans finding my flattened corpse, beneath the pack, somewhere in the countryside", the mage gave a strained laugh at the closing words.

- Erael laughed, "Fear not Tavelle, that would never happen".

- The mage raised an eyebrow in curiosity, "Oh, why is that?".

- Erael turned her neck to face the wizard, "I would have remembered to retrieve my pack".

- The dragon and the mage had a good chuckle, "Shall we be away?", he asked. Erael unfurled her great wings and broke into a run, with two great beats they were aloft and flying low over the many apple and plum trees.

- The pair flew directly south back towards the Lannane Farm. Tavelle rested one hand on the butt of his wand of magic missiles (6 charges) and the other on the hilt of Anvil's Edge.

- Erael flew quickly, her wings pounded a steady rhythm, and she only soared on a few occasions. Tavelle looked upwards, towards the dark sky and the many twinkling stars, Selune and her trailing tears were obscured by a blotchy bank of clouds. The mists had started to form across the landscape, they looked denser than normal.

"I think Tavelle will be going to sleep under the stars when we return to camp", said Tavelle's owner. I had to admit that I thought it would still be dark when they got back to the patrol at the farm. They would make it back by about 04:00 and the sun wouldn't rise until 05:15. I've been very sketchy with my dates up until this point, i'd designated that Tavelle's back story (pfft!) would start in late spring (Mirtul) and I have estimated that, so far, we had gone about three months+ from that? The resanctification of the grove to Silvanus and Chauntea was just before Midsummer Night. The Chaunteans had donated a large surplus of Harvest Mead to Ashabenford and the surrounding hamlets in time for the celebrations. I decided not to get too hung up over the specific dates and just roll with it and enjoy the game.

- It wasn't long before Tavelle noticed that Erael banked sharply, and started reducing her altitude, in readiness to land, "Are we back already?", asked the mage in astonishment. The dragon turned her head slightly, "The distance was not too great, we have made good speed", she replied.

- They landed softly in the same copse of silver birches that they had earlier departed from, it was now cloaked in the thick billowing mists. Tavelle started working on the knots securing him to the backpack, Erael was right, I did tie a few too many, thought the wizard.

"If I get to fly with Erael some more, I think it'd be a good idea to design a harness, with a buckle or two, to secure myself to the pack", reasoned Tavelle's owner. "Tavelle will need to have a word with Lhuin", he continued.

- Tavelle slipped down from the backpack and rubbed some life back into his buttocks. He picked up the rope and coiled it up as Erael unbuckled the pack and set it down gently. "Anarshas", whispered the mage and started opening the large pack, from it he withdrew Erael's clothes, boots and swordbelt.

- Tavelle placed the coiled length of rope back into the bag and withdrew the pouch that Erael had produced the Ioun Stones from. The mage concentrated on the Ioun Stones and mentally commanded them to float to his open palm. As soon as their orbit had ceased Tavelle felt his enhanced senses fade. He carefully placed them both back into the pouch, pulled the drawstring closed, and put it in the magical pack.

- Tavelle noticed a sturdy silver coffer. It bore beautiful engravings of silver dragons and the holy symbols of Moradin, Dumathoin, and Clangeddin. Erael was busily getting changed into her clothes as Tavelle lifted the heavy silver coffer out of the backpack, it was then he saw an inscription in Dethek, "Stone and Silver", he translated aloud.

- "The workmanship on this coffer is amazing", said the mage. Erael smiled and came closer as she fastened her swordbelt and carefully lifted the silver lid. Tavelle looked into the coffer, it was lined with eight small scarlet pillows of crushed velvet. Atop each pillow was a large, thick, ring crafted of heavy silver and encrusted with bloodstones.

- As Tavelle studied the workmanship of the large rings, Erael explained, "They belonged to my parents and brother, a pair were crafted when I was hatched but I was never able to wear them".

- The rings were too large to be worn on a finger but Tavelle had seen Asantar wear something slightly plainer in braids of his beard.

"Dwarven beard rings... Bugger me!", said Tavelle's player. He then fell silent as a few things started to fall into place. "I hadn't considered it for a second but this means Erael's parents and brother would transform into dwarves. Just how closely linked were the two clans?", asked Tavelle's player.

I think we're pretty lucky as DM's. I get to see Tavelle's player piece all of the clues and hints together and have all these mini revelations and ideas. One thing I will say is that Tavelle's owner is a master at the bigger picture (when he DM's). During a campaign you have to be on your toes to pick up all the information.

- "Your family would transform into Dwarves? I hadn't even thought about the possibility...", Tavelle went silent, it was quite alot to take in. Erael knelt down next to the mage, "The bonds between our clans go back many generations. My great grandsire forged the first alliance and over the centuries the Dwarves and my family, tempered, and strengthened our ties".

- Tavelle looked sideways to the sorceress, "Stone and Silver, the dwarves and the dragons" (*translated from Dwarvish), stated the wizard. Erael nodded, "Stone and Silver" (*translated from Dwarvish), she echoed softly.

"Damn it! I've so many questions!", said Tavelle's player, "I haven't a clue how to ask them though!". Tavelle's owner explained that Tavelle suspected Erael had run (or flown) away after the death of her brother and Vallendras. The clergy of Torm that were present sounded like a bunch of idiots and had almost hounded her out. "Why Mistledale?", he pondered.

- Tavelle bit his lip, he wanted to ask Erael so many questions, many were of a personal nature and he didn't want to annoy or upset her. There had been one question that had been bugging him since Erael first mentioned Vallendras Lionswrath...

- "Erael, how did you, erm, decide on your current form?", inquired the wizard rather meekly.

"If they all look like Erael in the Galenas it may well be worth a visit", joked Tavelle's player.

- Tavelle watched Erael closely, he noticed that she blushed slightly and shifted her kneeling position somewhat. "After I first met Vallendras, I knew I was in love with him. I could've chosen the Shield Dwarven form of my family but I wanted to be like him", said the sorceress. The mage nodded his understanding and Erael continued, "My sire had a library in his lair within Stoneshield Hall, it was vast and my father liked to read alot. Among his many treasured tomes and grimoires was a holy book sacred to the goddess Sharess".

"I'd like to borrow that particular book! You have to hope there'd be alot of pictures", chuckled Tavelle's owner.

- "I hadn't seen a human, prior to seeing Vallendras, so I took inspiration from a particular portrait within the tome. It was the High Sensate Sendarra Corvesk, a noted favorite of Sharess, I thought she was beautiful", said Erael, "She must have been, and you are", added the mage.

- Erael smiled at Tavelle, "I made some changes, my hair colour is the same as my kin, and in the portrait Sensate Sendarra's breasts were larger", she giggled.

- Tavelle raised an eyebrow and laughed, "Larger? Surely you jest?".

- The sorceress gave the mage a playful jab on the bicep, and Tavelle rubbed his bruised arm, "Did I say that aloud? I was only meant to think it", he Laughed. Erael continued, "If i'd known these would be so awkward I would've made them smaller still. Earlier, when I ran from the cattle shed to the stable, I nearly knocked myself out twice!", Erael had started to giggle and so had Tavelle.

- Tavelle was still laughing as he stood up and summoned Patches.

- The mage helped Erael with the backpack and said, "When we were in the stable, and you were naked, I noticed something...", Erael turned to Tavelle and seemed to half frown and smile at the same time, "Proceed carefully", said the sorceress. Tavelle gave Erael the most innocent look available to him, "I noticed the bruises had disappeared, have you recovered fully?", he asked. The sorceress smiled and nodded, "Yes, thankyou".

"Let's hope Corster and Darvan are just as hardy", said Tavelle's owner.

- Tavelle mounted Patches and helped Erael into the saddle behind him, the mists were thick and largely undisturbed as they trotted out of the trees. The pair headed back in the opposite direction they travelled earlier the previous evening.

- During the journey back to the Lannane farm Tavelle tells Erael more of his sister and father. They work on their version of the night's activities and decide that they should only admit to slaying the undead at the Rodrathe Orchards and a single pack of four wight while they were mounted.

- The pair see the burning watchpyres and moving torchlight from quite a distance way.

"I hate not having Low Light Vision", remarked Tavelle's owner.

- As they approach Erael describes that there are militia on watch.

"Well, I can see moving torches, so that's a good sign", commented Tavelle's owner.

- "The camp seems untroubled", says the sorceress.

"Well, there's no erratic movement of torchlight", reasoned Tavelle's player.

- The dragon continues and names a few of the militia.

"Yeah, now that's just showing off", said Tavelle's owner.

- Erael remarks that Buross is circling them.

"I really need to sort out a Gem of Low-Light Vision like Naema's", commented Tavelle's player.

- Tavelle removed the Horn of Mistledale from his belt and offered it to Erael, "Would you mind?". Erael took the horn and signalled the call for a Rider returning, a moment later a response could be heard from the camp.

To be continued...
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Campaign note: Tavelle's player decided that he would drop the Windwalker part of his name as he thought it fitting to take on his adopted family name, Kralikh. I was quite happy he dropped the Windwalker bit, it was a remnant of a previous incarnation of Tavelle that he created in 1991. I was the DM and the game lasted two or three sessions before my focus switched to something else.

- The horn call from the camp at the Lannane farm sounded long and loud. The mounted pair trotted out of the low hanging mists and into the light of a fiercely burning watchpyre.

- As they drew closer a small group of four figures approached through the shield wall. Tavelle could make out Nelyssa, Lanneth, Kinara, and Naema in the light from the burning pyres. The two groups met about forty feet from the shield bearers, "You two are a very welcome sight, how was your patrol?", smiled Nelyssa. Tavelle returned the smile, "Eventful, to say the least", he replied.

- Naema stepped up towards Patches and addressed Tavelle, "You are unharmed?".

- "We are both unharmed", corrected the mage. Tavelle tracked Naema's eyeline and realised that she was looking at Erael's hands around his waist, her eyes locked his, and she raised an eyebrow as if somewhat unamused.

"I think Tavelle is in trouble", said Tavelle's player.

- "Well? What happened? Did you encounter any wights?", asked Lanneth.

- "How far north did you manage to get? What of the farms?", asked Kinara.

- Tavelle at first thought to address the questions in order but then decided against it. The mage looked to Kinara, "We got as far as the Rodrathe Orchards, who are fine, it was where we met up with Gothalt and Harran. They had sent Uldred on a fast horse to take word to Ashabenford".

- Tavelle noted Kinara looked relieved, "Thank Tymora! Darvan wasn't the only survivor", she breathed. Tavelle looked to Nelyssa, "The Berwick and Lardagren farms had been hit by the wights the night previously. We arrived in time to thwart four wights that had plans for the Rodrathe's".

- Erael chimed in, "Tavelle slew the two that had made their way into a stable and I dispatched two intent on a cattle shed". The mage noticed an odd look of astonishment cross Naema's face as the rider balked, "You killed two of them?".

- Tavelle smiled, "Well, to be fair, Erael finished one of the two that I was fighting so I can only claim a wight and a half", Erael chuckled and added, "The sour look he gave me said that he had things well in hand".

- Nelyssa smiled warmly, "You have done well, the wights did not trouble the camp this night. To know that four of their number has fallen is good news".

- "Before we encountered the wights at the Rodrathe farm we slew four others, while mounted, a few miles north of the Barrowfields. I say we, but it was Erael mainly", added Tavelle, he turned and gave a smile to the sorceress. The mage noted that Lanneth and Nelyssa exchanged looks, Kinara patted Patches neck, and Naema trudged off back into the main camp.

- Lanneth and Kinara help Erael dismount and the sorceress brought the patrol leaders up to speed, with the nights events, as they make their way into the farm turned camp. Tavelle dismisses Patches and asks after the health of Corster and Darvan, "They are back to their old selves", remarks Lanneth. Nelyssa explains that the pair had shaken off the effects of the wights touch.

- The group make their way through the camp to the Shield's tent. Along the way to the tent Tavelle and Erael are welcomed back from their patrol by the assembled militia.

- Once inside the tent Tavelle asks after the foray into the Barrowfields. Nelyssa nods to Lanneth and the Ranger informs Tavelle that they had located the lair of the wights. "The tracks were fresh and numerous. They led to a large central mound surrounded by six smaller barrows. From the looks of the ground in the area it's heavily tunnelled".

- Tavelle had guessed from the exit that Erael had spotted while flying over the Barrowfields that the wights were underground.

"Crawling and ducking through muddy tunnels isn't Tavelle's idea of fun", moaned Tavelle's owner.

- Nelyssa informs the pair that she expects The Reverend Harvestmaster, and the Sword of the Morning, to arrive later today and that they should seek rest. Erael asks if there is any spitted pig left as she could eat a horse. She tells Tavelle that she intends to sleep under the stars this night, well, what's left of it anyway.

- The pair are congratulated once again as they are dismissed from the tent. Erael and Tavelle make their way through the camp, towards the smell of food, "I don't think there's going to be much pig left once i've finished with it", laughed the sorceress. Erael bids Tavelle to go and get some sleep.

Tavelle's owner gave me a sour look, "I'm going to check on Fury".

- Tavelle made his way towards where the horses had been gathered and hobbled. He found the huge, coal black, stallion amongst the group. As the wizard approached Fury the horse whickered and nodded its head as if in greeting.

- The stallion's bristly lips nuzzled his palm and Tavelle patted the muscled neck of the destrier. "I think I will seek sleep under the sliver of the Moonmaiden", said the mage to the horse, "Naema's in a foul mood and i'm far too tired for an argument". Fury whinnied in agreement and started gently nibbling at his fingers.

- "I felt like a Rider of Mistledale at the Rodrathe's", continued Tavelle, "Admittedly I was aided by Erael's enchantments, but I felt comfortable with Anvil's Edge in my grasp". Fury continued to whicker and whinny, all the while listening intently to the ramblings of a tired wizard. "I've come a long way since that damned skeletal cockerel at the Unicorn's Charge", laughed the mage.

I believe a short explanation is in order... During the confrontation between Tavelle's first Patrol and the main body of Kendra's minions it became increasingly apparent that 6 hit points wasn't very much. I didn't write up the battle in the same detail that i've started to do now and there was an awful lot that I left out. I had thrown in some small undead animals, mixed with the humanoid skeletons. It was just to have some "easier" animals that were part of the roiling mass of undead. It ended up like a twisted variation of the Housecat vs Commoner, this time it was Skeletal Cockerel vs 1st Level Wizard. The undead bantam of doom nearly killed Tavelle... It turned out to be quite comical due to the chickens that were housed at the tower. I had included a moody cockerel that always gave Tavelle the hairy eyeball, and a hard time, when collecting the eggs. That particular cockerel had been killed whilst the Wavesilvers had taken refuge... I guess it came back with a grudge?

- Tavelle nearly jumped out of his skin when a female voice, at hip height, spoke, "Talking of 'cocks, the Morn Horn will be here later so I hear?", Tavelle composed himself and looked down to the silver haired halfling, "Liria! Damn it! You nearly gave me heartstop!", he paused for a moment, "What? Morn Horn?".

- Liria started to giggle, "The Morn Horn... The Pink Lancer...", she continued.

Tavelle's player gave me a funny look and started to laugh, "Is she talking about Jentar?".

- "The Morn Horn, is that what you call Jentar?", asked the mage, trying desperately to keep a straight face, "Yep", giggled the halfling, "If you get invited for morning prayers with him you'll see why", and she started laughing.

- Tavelle burst out laughing, he didn't really like Jentar all that much if truth be told, "The Pink Lancer!", he cackled loudly.

Tavelle had admitted that he had found it hard to like the Sword of the Morning since his scolding about offering to cast an Unseen Servant for the camp on his first patrol. Tavelle particularly hated the fact that the advice that Jentar had given him during the conversation turned out to be very valid. I've always played Jentar as a good man who just has rushes of blood (to the head) and an unswerving belief that the Morninglord is with him. He is a vigorous and energetic Paladin of Lathander who wants to claim glory for his god, he is reckless in that respect. This was the thing, above all, that had annoyed Tavelle's owner. Jentar had dumped an under strength patrol in the path of Kendra the Mad and her horde of undead. Tavelle was convinced that if it had not been for the Unicorn, and its animal followers, they would have all perished on the hill. That's another thing that I left out of the original writeup of the Unicorn's arrival, the summoned animals that helped bolster the militia's ranks. There had been a trio of brown bears, one had saved Tynan's life from a skeleton's spear with a great swipe of its claws. The floored militiaman had then been licked on the forehead by the bear before it wobbled off to kill more undead.

- The pair were laughing loudly, Tavelle was nearly crying. Liria managed to control herself for a moment to add, "Have you met his Handmaiden, Rosey Palm?", Tavelle shook his head and looked puzzled, "Nope, I thought i'd have heard of her at least?".

Tavelle's owner had been in stitches but was pretty much back in control until he cottoned on to who "Rosey" really was...

- "I've always thought Jentar was a <censored>!", whooped Tavelle, his mirth returned tenfold.

- The pair were in tears when a large figure appeared nearby, "Would you two keep it down, there's people trying to rest, and the sword of the morning can likely hear you!", barked Brondar.

Tavelle's owner's face was a picture of panic, "He's arrived already? Oh, bugger!".

- Liria went quiet and Tavelle shifted uneasily, "Jentar is here?", asked the mage.

- Brondar looked sternly at the pair, he was a huge imposing man and he didn't seem too impressed.

- "Hah! I had yer both!", exclaimed Brondar and he started to laugh, "He's likely still miles away, shut yer holes and get to bed the both of you".

Tavelle's player gave a sigh of relief, "Tavelle might have a laugh about the Morn Horn but he wouldn't like to upset the Paladin, he'd get battered".

- Tavelle gave Brondar a nod, he patted Fury, and turned to make his way into the tented area.

"Hold on a minute", said Tavelle's player warily.

- The mage halted, opened his fullcloak wide, and inspected his weaponbelt, "Liria, my wand if you please?". The silver haired halfling gave a grin and produced the slender wand from her cloak, "Sorry about that, force of habit", she smirked. Liria slipped off towards the tents and Tavelle slid the wand into its leather holster.

- Brondar watched Liria go, "What were you doing over here?", he asked.

- Tavelle gave the Rider an embarrassed smile, "I was talking to Fury about the events of this night". Brondar gave a nod of understanding, "Alot has happened recently, I heard about the wights that you and Erael killed, well done". Tavelle nodded, "Thanks Bron, so much has happened that my mind is in a spin". The large fighter placed his equally large hand on Tavelle's shoulder, "I'm around anytime you need to talk. I'd get some sleep as soon as you can, and watch out for Naema she's in a foul mood".

- Tavelle thanked Brondar once more and made his way towards Naema's tent. The mage ducked his head, as he made his way through the opening, and could see Naema sitting upright in her bedroll. "Where have you been?", asked the Rider of Mistledale. Before Tavelle could begin to reply Naema continued, "You've been with her again haven't you?".

- Tavelle started to try and explain that he had been speaking with Brondar and Liria but Naema wasn't listening and she cut him short again, "Why don't you go and spend the rest of the night with the <censored> big <censored> <censored>?"

I think I might have hammed it up a bit too much during this conversation. I do like to get into character with my NPCs and I wanted to get across Naema's insecurities. If anyone does want to know what lurks beneath the <censored> bits then I suppose you could always PM me...

- Naema's rant subsided, she had tears in her eyes but she wasn't crying. Tavelle knelt down in front of the Rider, "I don't want to be with Erael... I love you!", he said assertively. Naema stared into Tavelle's eyes as a tear traced down her cheek, "Really?", she said softly. Tavelle nodded, "Truly", he confirmed.

- Naema made a grab for the front of Tavelle's tabard, "Sweet Selune, come here", she growled, and pulled the mage towards her.

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I'm still really enjoying your adventures! As you may, please post more!

AD&D for me!
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I'm glad to hear you're still reading, Dalor. When I have some more free time I will ping you a PM with a few questions/scenarios.

Update (28th August 2011)


- "Where in the nine hells do you put it all?", laughed Tynan with a look of astonishment upon his face. The militiaman had watched the sorceress devour six helpings of the spitted pig in a single sitting.

- "Hollow legs?", asked Serrick, with a smirk, as he smoothed the nicks out of his longsword with a whetstone.

- "I think i've eaten too much", groaned Erael as she stood and loosened her weaponbelt by a notch or two, "I need to sleep this off", she added.

- "I'll wake you in a ride then, goodnight", laughed Serrick. Tynan stood, "Goodnight milady, thanks for hanging around and helping", and he gave her a nod.

- Erael bid the pair goodnight and made her way to The Shield of Chauntea's tent, she collected her pack, made her way outside, and found a quiet spot. Her belly felt quite full, she had always preferred cooked food, rather than scared struggling animals, and eating the sheep at the Selmer Farm had been vile with all that wool. The sorceress lay down, propped her head on the backpack, and gazed at the twinkling stars that weren't obscured by clouds.

- Erael felt her eyelids getting heavy...

For everyone except Tavelle's player.

- Erael closed her eyes and was back within Stoneshield Hall. She could feel the pounding of hammer upon anvil, she could smell the forges, and she could hear the voice of Rhaurn "Rornarglar" Ironhaft, Son of Darahan, Blood of Garthor, High Old One of Clangeddin, The First Axe, whispering his dying prophecy.

- The sorceress stood in the brazier-lit stone hall, consecrated to the Morndinsamman. She had been summoned by the First Axe. He had been mortally wounded in a savage skirmish but stubbornly refused to pass on until he had spoken to her. The white-haired burly dwarf was still clad in his field chainmail, the plate had been removed. The silver chain was stained dark crimson in places. Erael watched weeping lines of blood run vertically down the stone dais, on which he lay.

- A tear traced down her cheek at the sight of Rhaurn's injuries, she had been informed that his patrol group had encountered one of the many surprises left by the priests of Orcus, and Zhengyi's mages. Not only had their undead red dragons taken Eristan and Vallendras, they had summoned a number of Glabrezu that still stalked the area since their departure. The dwarves had never felt more like true family to Erael and with each death she lost another brother or sister.

- "The twin fires will return... so shall the demon-spawned priests... these things have been shown to me by the Father of Battle in a dream...", the venerable dwarf reached out his thick hand and beckoned to her.

- Erael stepped closer and crouched down next to Rhaurn, she pushed her dark hair behind her ear, and leaned in. Despite his grievous wounds the old mountain dwarf was serene and calm, the sorceress felt her eyes well up with more tears. Rhaurn smiled and gently caressed her cheek.

- "The Rock of Battle is calling to me, his song is so beautiful... Erael, you must listen to me... the future of stone and silver hangs in the balance... you must seek the Heart of Winter... a weapon that will destroy both the unliving wyrms and their masters...".

- "Uncle Rhaurn, what must I do?", asked the sorceress.

- "Kendra the Mad has walked the Dale of Mists... she has awoken the Heart of Winter... you must travel to where the Mound King stirs...".

- Erael nodded, she had heard of this 'Dale of Mists' before, from Eristan and her parents, "Mistledale", she whispered.

- "Speak not a word of this to anyone but the King and the remaining High Old Ones, lest the enemy attempt to thwart your quest... the Witch-King's priests will bring an army with them... they will arrrive on the first day of Midsummer... the twin fires will not be far behind".

- Erael noted that Rhaurn's breathing had become alot shallower and his eyes seemed to be looking at some faraway place. Tears streamed down her cheeks and onto the dying dwarf's beard, he seemed to notice, "Cry not for me, dear Erael... give an old dwarf a kiss... to see him into the halls of the Father of Battle... remember to rub your chin daily with the gold comb... it can only help...".

- Erael's sorrow abated for a moment, at the mention of the beard comb, and leant in closer. She gave Rhaurn a kiss on the forehead and gently stroked his white beard, "Stone and Silver", she said softly.

- Rhaurn Ironhaft smiled serenely and replied, "Stone... and... Silver...", then passed into the realm of Clangeddin.

- Erael awoke with a slight jump, the glow on the horizon told the sorceress that it was nearing sunrise, and she turned over slightly to resume her rest.

to be continued...

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- Tavelle awoke alone to loud and very boisterous voices from outside the tent. The wizard found that trying to move wasn't the easiest, his breeches were around his knees and knotted within the bedroll. He had to laugh as he realised that he'd slept fully clothed, he hadn't even removed his boots or cloak, Naema had well and truly jumped him.

I've always played Naema as a bit of a tomboy, she is strong and athletic, due to her martial studies, and jumping a mage hadn't been an issue. Naema had initially been quite shy, the first few times that her patrol had stopped at the tower she hadn't spoken to anyone but Kerryn. Now that she was comfortable around Tavelle, and whenever they were alone, she would rather playfully overpower him.

I had to admit that I was somewhat dubious about Tavelle declaring his love for Naema, I even questioned Tavelle's owner about it after the session had finished. I hinted that Tavelle may have been thinking about Erael while he lay with Naema. Tavelle's owner had replied, "Nope, Erael's a dragon after all. I think it was just Tavelle's initial reaction to a beautiful sorceress... and he's a bit of a flirt". I was pleasantly surprised to hear this from the player and it reminded me of yet another part of the game that I skirted around detailing. It concerned Tavelle being led astray by a rather mischievious Cormyrian noble named Nalrun.

Prior to the night out at the Velvet Veil festhall Tavelle had met a young lady, called Kaliva, while visiting Jarwain's Textiles with Kerryn and Nalrun. Jarwain had been attending to Kerryn's requests while Nalrun had sparked up a conversation with Kaliva. Tavelle later met up with Kaliva, at the Velvet Veil, and while Nalrun found himself some professional company, they had talked, gotten very drunk, and had tried some of Nalrun's "special" pipeweed. The night had ended with Nalrun and Tavelle borrowing a wagon, to get Kaliva home, and the trio racing through the lanes while intoxicated out of their minds. That was the night Nalrun conceived a bastard in the festhall and, despite Kaliva trying her best, Tavelle didn't stray.

- Tavelle untangled himself and tied his breeches, he lowered his nose to his armpit and sniffed, "I really stink", he noted to himself. The laughing from outside the tent was loud and he could hear raised voices.

- "Has anyone checked to see if he's still alive?", said one, " I heard him screaming last night", said another, and it was greeted by a roar of mirth. Tavelle heard Liria's voice, "So, I hear the Swordmage found his sheath?", the comment was greeted by more loud laughter.

- Tavelle sat down on the bedroll and pulled his spellbook from the pack, "I'm definitely not going out there yet".

Wizard Spells Prepared (4/4/2 base DC = 14 + spell level; caster level 3rd)
0- Disrupt Undead x2, Message, Read Magic
1st- Burning Hands, Light of Lunia, Low Light Vision, Mage Armour
2nd- Battering Ram, Mirror Image

Wand of Magic Missiles (CL3; 6 Charges)

Scroll Case: Endure Elements (CL1); Mage Armour (CL3); Mount (CL5);

- Tavelle closed the tome and placed it back within his pack, the voices outside the tent were still audible, as they had been for the last hour. The mage stood and had to hunch over as he buckled his weaponbelt, he blew his cheeks out in a resigned sigh and pushed the tent flap to the side.

- As Tavelle stepped through the narrow opening he heard a mixture of raucous cries, "Aarrrr!", "Wahey!", "Sword-Mage!", "Yarrr!", "Woohoo!", and saw at least a score of the assembled militia each with a hand balled into a fist, and the other hand in the crook of the bent elbow in front of them.

- They were still whooping and laughing as Tavelle raised a dark eyebrow and shook his head, "Stuff the lot of you", he muttered. Tavelle could see members of Jentar's patrol among the militia and recognised the bowmen Eridge, Falmer, and Netley from The Unicorn's Charge.

- The militia gathered around the mage and clapped him on the back playfully, all the while still making the bent arm gesture and shouting their approval. Tavelle made his way through the crowd, in the direction of the Shield's tent, and ended up grinning along with the militia. It was well meant "banter", he reasoned, and it had certainly improved their mood.

- Liria sidled up to the mage, "Did you enjoy yourself last night, or were they cries of agony?", she squeaked playfully. Tavelle watched Liria like a hawk, he checked that his wand was still holstered at his hip (which it was), and asked, "Why do you think that it was me screaming? Why not Naema?". Liria started to laugh and brought her hand out from behind her back, "We talk about... you know? Erm, stuff? Here, have your dagger back, before I get her into trouble!".

- Tavelle shook his head, but had a wry smile, "I think I preferred hearing a yoink, where is Naema?", he asked, while sheathing his dagger. When his gaze returned to where the silver haired halfling had been standing he realised she had slipped silently away.

- Tavelle looked skywards and noted that, even though it was cloudy and overcast, it was past highsun, he made his way around a newly pegged tent with a fluttering pennant bearing the holy symbol of Lathander. The wizard saw a familiar large figure, clad in black lacquered plate mail, approaching. Brondar gave him a grin through his heavy beard, "I heard the noise and reckoned you were about, come with me, The Shield wants a word".

- Tavelle fell in behind the burly fighter, "Where's Naema?", he asked, "She's out scouting the land between here and the Moonsea Ride, so's Kinara", replied Brondar.

- The mage had to ask the burly Rider, "Did the militia give Naema a hard time too?", Brondar gave a snort, "They'd be sporting a few bruises if they did, besides, she's a Rider of Mistledale". Brondar informs Tavelle that Jentar had arrived mid-morning, and he had used the Horn of Quickening to leave the Chauntean contingent behind.

- "That's just typical!", the mage muttered to himself. Brondar stopped and turned to face Tavelle, "What're yer grumbling about?", he asked.

- Tavelle looked at Brondar, "Why couldn't he wait and accompany the Chaunteans?". Brondar shrugged, "I think he wanted to reinforce us as soon as he was able? You know what Jentar's like when there's the unliving about. He took a contingent of men, along with Erael, to scout the Barrowfields. The Shield wants you along too, so after the meeting we'll be heading off".

- The pair stood outside Nelyssa's tent, "After you, Sword mage", laughed the Rider, as he parted the tent flap and motioned for Tavelle to enter. Tavelle made his way inside the tent, it wasn't massive by any means, but it was large enough to accomodate a dozen people. Nelyssa was talking with Lanneth, they were both studying a parchment map of Mistledale.

Tavelle's owner gave me one of those grins, "Has he cleared some of the owl crap off of his padded shoulders? I'm hoping that by the time Tavelle gets access to 3rd level spells they'll be enough guano for a few fireballs... or is it just bat <censored>?".

I had described Lanneth's armour as having heavily reinforced shoulders, for when the great lump Buross was perched upon it. The eagle owl had recently suffered from a bout of the runs, and Tynan had joked to the mage about how long there would be streaks of crap down his sleeve, shoulder, and back.

- The half elf ranger gave him a nod and a smirk, "I hope you are well rested Tavelle, did you manage any sleep last night?", the wizard smiled and decided to give Lanneth a hard time over the hardened owl crap on his leathers, "I slept well, thankyou for asking. Is Buross still shatting everywhere, or is that from yesterday?", he grinned.

- Brondar attempted to stifle a roar of mirth and nearly strained something.

- Nelyssa laughed aloud and commented that she knew a priest who would love some for his prize roses.

- Lanneth took the jest playfully, "To be fair i'd begun to wonder why everything started to smell like curdled milk".

- Nelyssa explained to Tavelle that he would be joining up with Jentar's scouting party, The Sword of the Morning had requested his presence. The paladin of Chauntea reminds Tavelle that they should not enter the barrows, "The wights avoid sunlight, remember they aren't nocturnal, and they are always active", she adds.

During Tavelle's first sighting of a charging wight, I had played up their speed a little, and dropped hints that they were moving very quickly (they were still at their normal movement, I guess i managed a real life Bluff check?). It really, really, unnerved Tavelle's player. When he was flying atop Eraeliglasheer he was astonished at how far the wights had travelled, "They aren't burdened with fatigue, or having to rest, they're just relentless", he had commented.

- Nelyssa informed Tavelle that Erael had offered to patrol with him again this coming night, "If you're agreeable?", and the mage gladly accepted the command. Lanneth brought Tavelle up to speed with the news that the Riders, Captain Kuthe, Dairantha Shieldstone and Belmargh were patrolling the remainder of Mistledale. The patrol leaders dismissed the pair and turned their attention back to the map.

- Tavelle and Brondar made their way out of the tent, a light rain had started to fall. By the time they reached their waiting mounts the rain had intensified into a steady downpour. Brondar pulled himself up into the saddle of his splotchy grey stallion, "Ye have everything yer need?", Tavelle nodded as he placed his foot in Fury's stirrup, "Yes, I believe so". When Tavelle was comfortable in the saddle he raised the hood of his fullcloak to seek some respite from the rain.

- The pair made their way outside the perimeter of the farm outbuildings and past the watchpyres, Brondar nudged Tavelle on the arm, he had a grin showing through his beard, "I reckon Jentar's taken a fancy to Erael, he's invited her to dawn worship tomorrow, I'm thinking he wants to show her his morn-horn".

"Have I mentioned how much I hate Jentar?", said Tavelle's owner.

to be continued...
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