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Learned Scribe

United Kingdom
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Posted - 22 Mar 2011 :  21:34:49  Show Profile Send Farrel a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Had a truly great game session on Sunday night, I was able to play Farrel and the DM did a fabulous job!

So, no update to the campaign but, Tavelle has reached 3rd level, and after ten months his player has actually come up with a hook.

The hook sort of needs a bit of an explanation. When Tavelle uses his Signature Spell ability to convert another spell into a Magic Missile, he would start casting the prepared spell, and then convert it midway.

Tavelle Windwalker
Male Chondathan Human Wizard3
CG Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +2; Senses Listen +3, Spot +3
Languages Chondathan, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven
AC 12, 12 touch, 10 flat-footed
hp 16 (HD) 3d4+6
Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares); Face/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Melee +2 (1d8/19-20/x2 MW Longsword, Anvil's Edge) or +2 (1d4/19-20/x2 MW Dagger)
Base Atk +1; Grp +1
Atk Options Spells
Combat Gear Wand of Magic Missiles (Caster Level 3rd) 11 charges
Wizard Spells Prepared (4/4/2 base DC = 14 + spell level; caster level 3rd)
0- Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Prestigidation, Read Magic
1st- Low Light Vision, Mage Armour, Mount, Unseen Servant
2nd- Battering Ram, Mirror Image
Abilities: Str 10(+0), Dex 14(+2), Con 14(+2), Int 18(+4), Wis 16(+3), Cha 16(+3)
SQ Scribe Scroll, Spell Mastery (Mage Armour, Magic Missile).
Feats Craft Wondrous Item (3rd), Militia (R), Signature Spell: Magic Missile (Substitute Feat), Spellcasting Prodigy: Wizard (H), Spell Mastery (1st)
Skills Concentration +8{6}, Craft (Gemcutting) +7{3}, Craft (Silversmithing) +8{4}, Decipher Script +6{2}, Diplomacy +5{2*}, Knowledge (Arcana) +9{5}, Knowledge (Geography) +5{1}, Knowledge (History) +5{1}, Knowledge (Local- Dalelands) +5{1}, Knowledge (Nature) +5{1}, Knowledge (Religion) +5{1}, Profession (Scribe) +4{1}, Ride +4{2*}, Spellcraft +12{6}, Survival +4{1*}.
Possessions Dark Blue Robes, Black Leather Jerkin, Black Leather Cannons, Artisan’s Tools (Gemcutting), Artisan’s Tools (Silversmith), Backpack, Belt Pouch, 2 Daggers, Explorers Outfit, Flint & Steel, Inkpen, MW Dwarven-crafted Longsword (Anvil's Edge) and Matching MW Dagger, Parchment (2 sheets), Platted Leather Bracelet (Made from cured leather), Ram's Horn Trinket, Scroll Case, Silver Ingot, Spellbook (47 blank pages), Spell Component Pouch, Vial of Ink (1oz), Waterskin, Winter Blanket, Spellbook (Spells prepared plus 1st lvl- Burning Hands, Endure Elements, Identify, Light of Lunia, Magic Missile, Protection From Evil, Ray of Flame, Shield; 2nd lvl- Rope Trick).
Hook “I bet you thought that was going to be an Unseen Servant.”
Height: 5'9", Weight: 150lbs, Hair: Black, Eyes: Blue.

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Learned Scribe

United Kingdom
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Posted - 31 Mar 2011 :  16:54:30  Show Profile Send Farrel a Private Message  Reply with Quote

Here is the latest update from last Thursday's game (24th March 2011).

- Nereskul decides on employing a group of stonemasons from Glen to lay the foundations of the barn, and build a four foot high stone wall for the wooden frame and roof to stand upon.

- Tavelle begins work on researching and developing a Wondrous Item that he plans to create, a small, silver cloak-clasp that can be used to summon a Mount twice per day.

- Tavelle and Kerryn are despatched to Glen to confirm Nereskul's intention of employing the masons to erect the barn. While in Glen they visit Asantar and his family.

- Kerryn and Tavelle travel to Ashabenford to purchase supplies, Nereskul has decided to invest in a number of casks of Black Boot Stout as he is aware that Dwarves "Work best when well lubricated".

- A ride later the Stonemasons arrive with a number of wagons, they pitch tents for the duration of their stay.

- Tavelle begins creating a silver cloak clasp designed in the same fashion as Naema's two-headed Mistledale Pendant.

- Under Nereskul's close supervision Tavelle prepares the cloak clasp for the enchantment.

- The cloak clasp is completed near the end of the third day. Kerryn gifts Tavelle with a navy blue fullcloak to which he attaches the clasp.

- The three wizards then make their way out of the tower and Tavelle prepares to use the item for the first time. The Dwarven masons gather around to see what is going on and are somewhat startled when a piebald stallion appears next to Tavelle, as if out of thin air.

- Kerryn and Tavelle spend the next few hours taking turns riding the mount and the Dwarves toast the young wizard's success with Nereskul.

That's brings us upto date with the campaign so far.

I have been planning for the two thugs that Tavelle and Nalrun encountered to make a reappearance soon, they were originally hired by Ernoldus Elkar's right hand man to warn off Tavelle from continuing to see Naema. The thugs are Heldo (CE Human Male Warrior3) and Parvus (CE Human Male Warrior3), they are the sons of Thorm Ubler who owns the only mill in Ashabenford. They were to deliver a message but had scared the two mages so much that they believed their lives to be at stake and unleashed two volleys of Magic Missiles. Heldo was two hit points from death when his brother carried him away and it has become a matter of pride that they now deal with Tavelle.

Tavelle doesn't know that by nearly killing one of his attackers he garnered a small amount of respect from Ernoldus who has instructed his right hand man to call off the thugs. Unfortunately for Tavelle, Heldo and Parvus want payback and will not pay attention to the new orders.

I still intend for Tavelle to be asked to ride with the militia and have been planning a bandit encounter in western Mistledale.

I've accepted that Nereskul won't be around for much longer, and it has helped me decide to enjoy playing him up until his fateful meeting with Froom.

I'm not sure whether to stick to my original plan and kill off Naema when her patrol runs into Froom's Zhents who are taking Kerryn, and the Staff, to southern Daggerdale.

Does anyone else have these sorts of issues with NPC's or am I just a sentimental old git?

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Posted - 04 Apr 2011 :  01:44:23  Show Profile Send Greyblade a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hi there,

First of all let me tell you that your campaign is pretty cool, and I envy the player who has the chance to live through such detailed adventures and background. Hats down to you my friend!

I believe your campaign, once you kill Tavelle's foster father, is going to take a whole different aspect for the player, and the idyllic surroundings will be no more - suddenly, the world has become a grim place where dog eats dog, and even your player wil feel the change, I'm sured he grew used to the familiar NPCs, the brewing love story between him and Naema. It is a truely interesting chapter of your saga, and I could see Tavelle going on the road for a while, in pursuit of the cowardly mage (archnemesis for Tavelle?)

My only hesitation would be to kill Naema - injure her, cripple her maybe, but don't kill her. Maybe in some distant future, Tavelle could come back to Mistledale and finally be at peace and be with her. If you kill too many NPCs at once, the player could feel like its some sort of unjust punishment. Losing your foster father is "OK", after all Gorion dies to put the hero on the way in Baldur's Gate :)

Ah, what a great storyline with so many interesting possibilities you have dear DM! :)

Edited by - Greyblade on 04 Apr 2011 01:46:14
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Learned Scribe

United Kingdom
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Posted - 08 Apr 2011 :  17:32:16  Show Profile Send Farrel a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Greyblade

Hi there,

First of all let me tell you that your campaign is pretty cool, and I envy the player who has the chance to live through such detailed adventures and background. Hats down to you my friend!

Well Met Greyblade,

Thankyou very much for your kind words and for taking the time to comment, it is very much appreciated.

Originally posted by Greyblade

I believe your campaign, once you kill Tavelle's foster father, is going to take a whole different aspect for the player, and the idyllic surroundings will be no more - suddenly, the world has become a grim place where dog eats dog, and even your player wil feel the change, I'm sured he grew used to the familiar NPCs, the brewing love story between him and Naema. It is a truely interesting chapter of your saga, and I could see Tavelle going on the road for a while, in pursuit of the cowardly mage (archnemesis for Tavelle?)

I agree with you entirely, Tavelle has been extremely lucky to grow up in such a rural idyll and I wanted there to be a real difference in the feel of the backstory in comparison to when he eventually departs the Dale under a cloud of grief.

My original idea, regarding Froom, is that he would figure as a recurring foe for Tavelle and Kerryn to try and thwart when they had gained a few levels. I considered that Kerryn might now take a different direction after the murder of her father and the destruction of her home, from being a shy, goodnatured young lady towards a darker vengeful side. I haven't made up my mind yet though.

Originally posted by Greyblade

My only hesitation would be to kill Naema - injure her, cripple her maybe, but don't kill her. Maybe in some distant future, Tavelle could come back to Mistledale and finally be at peace and be with her. If you kill too many NPCs at once, the player could feel like its some sort of unjust punishment. Losing your foster father is "OK", after all Gorion dies to put the hero on the way in Baldur's Gate :)

Ah, what a great storyline with so many interesting possibilities you have dear DM! :)

I've been feeling the same hesitation too! I don't intend for Naema to be part of the patrol that encounters Froom on his way back to Daggerdale. It will allow me to keep some options open regarding the future.

Thanks again Greyblade, a new update is coming soon.
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Learned Scribe

United Kingdom
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Posted - 09 Apr 2011 :  19:20:28  Show Profile Send Farrel a Private Message  Reply with Quote

Update (31st March 2011).

- The tower's occupants share stories with the Dwarven stonemasons late into the night. Nereskul is concerned that the Black Boot Stout is disappearing at an astonishing rate and asks Kerryn and Tavelle to visit Ashabenford for emergency supplies.

- Prior to bed, Kerryn asks Tavelle if he can create a cloak clasp for her.

I was being a mischievious DM as Tavelle had spent over 1200gp creating his Cloak Clasp and it had nearly bankrupt him, he had around 37gp left and it is something that he constantly worries about.

- Kerryn adds that she will cover any costs involved - Tavelle breathes a sigh of relief.

Tavelle tends to give away pieces of jewelry that he makes for himself instead of selling them, the majority of work that he does involve the silver inlays on the horns that Nereskul enhances. Multhimmer has frequently offered to stock his creations on a sale or return basis but Tavelle hasn't quite got around to it.

I actually forgot to detail a request of work passed on to Tavelle by Naema from the Paladin of Chauntea, Nelyssa Shendean, for a Wheat-Sheaf Pendant suitable for a Holy Symbol. I still can't quite get over that I didn't remember it. It was just after Tavelle had presented it to Naema. Naema had met Nelyssa in passing and the Paladin had complimented her on the workmanship.

Tavelle had created a Electrum wheat-sheaf pendant and spent a great deal of time over it, getting the design and proportions just right. Upon completion, Tavelle had taken the pendant to the Abbey of the Golden Sheaf and presented it to Nelyssa who confessed that it was truly beautiful. Nelyssa offered 30gp to Tavelle in payment but he refused to take anything and deemed it a gift.

- In the morning, before they depart to Ashabenford, Tavelle summons the piebald stallion and then uses the cloak clasp again, to summon a second horse. A second stallion appears and its colouration is the exact reverse of the first horse.

- They stop off to chat with Farmer Fulbrow, who they meet along one of the backlanes that run adjacent to his farm, he is driving a team of shire horses pulling a large plough, and is eager for a break.

- After a while they bid Farmer Fulbrow farewell and continue their journey into Ashabenford.

- Upon arrival Tavelle and Kerryn are soon mobbed by small children eager for some twinkling butterflies and sparkling dragons, the two mages duly oblige the youngsters.

- They lead their mounts through the marketplace, saying good morning to familiar faces.

- Kerryn attracts the unwanted attention of the two cruel layabouts, Heldo and Parvus Ubler, they bombard her with crude and vulgar suggestions. A number of the Mistran traders tell the ruffians to leave or the Riders will be informed.

As DM I dropped in a few leading suggestions that Parvus' voice sounded very familiar and that their burly builds remind you of the thug encounter with Nalrun.

- Heldo and Parvus continue to share their unsavoury desires.

- Tavelle starts to get angry.

I'll admit that during the roleplay I might have got a bit carried away with some of my "suggestions" as to what Kerryn could do but I wanted to provoke Tavelle. I fancied that I could initiate a brawl...

Did I mentioned that Tavelle likes to surprise me?

- Tavelle starts to cast a Magic Missile spell.

I hadn't realised that Tavelle, and his owner, were fuming at some of the comments that the Ubler's had thrown Kerryn's way.

- Parvus panics and drags Heldo away, they flee through the market.

- Kerryn notices that Tavelle is about to unleash some Magic Missiles and asks him to stop.

- Tavelle lets the spell fizzle out. Kerryn gives him an accusing look.

Kerryn and the DM were somewhat shocked by his willingness to use lethal force.

- The mages head to the White Hart, the horses are placed in stable stalls, ready for their journey home.

- The pair enter the Inn and find a table, they are greeted by Holfast and served drinks. Holfast is surprised to hear that they have actually used the stables and asks where they purchased such fine horses? Kerryn explains that they are still summoned mounts and prods Tavelle to show off his new creation.

- Holfast treats Tavelle and Kerryn to a bottle of wine to celebrate such a wonderful item.

- Once alone at the table, Kerryn asks Tavelle " You were about to cast lethal spells? What in the Nine-Hells were you thinking?". Tavelle explains it was a test to see their reaction and that he wouldn't have unleashed the missiles. Tavelle explains his suspicions that they were the potential muggers that he had previously encountered. Their flight at the sight of Tavelle casting a Magic Missile confirmed his theory, they had seen that spell before and feared it with good reason.

I like it when Tavelle and his owner surprise me.

- Holfast approaches the table and introduces Izen, a messenger bearing the Mistledale coat of arms on a tabard. He greets the two mages and delivers a request for Tavelle to attend a meeting with High Councillor Heresk Malorn.

- Kerryn informs Tavelle that she will visit Arlho's Fine Flasks for the Black Boot Stout while he meets the High Councillor.

- Tavelle accompanies Izen to the High Councillor's mansion and is escorted to the Councillor's chambers.

- Heresk Malorn greets Tavelle warmly and they get down to the business at hand. High Councillor Malorn suggests that it would be a good idea if Tavelle were to accompany the Riders of Mistledale patrols and wants to know what he thinks of the idea. They had previously discussed it after the incident with the Wavesilver's and Kendra's defeat, Tavelle jumps at the chance.

- During Tavelle's discussions with High Councillor Malorn another guest arrives, Nelyssa Shendean. The Paladin of Chauntea will be leading the patrol of riders that Tavelle will be joining. Nelyssa informs Tavelle that they will depart on patrol in five days time and that he will be expected to report to the barracks in the morning, prior to the day the patrol leaves.

- Nelyssa confirms that Naema and Brondar will be accompanying them.

- Tavelle departs the High Councillor's mansion and heads back to the White Hart Inn. He meets up with Kerryn in the taproom and recounts the meeting with the High Councillor and Nelyssa.

- The two mages finish their drinks and make their way to Jarwain's shop, Kerryn has a number of garments to sell.

- Jarwain's Imports is busy with customers but the fiery eyed half-elf makes a bee line for Kerryn and greets her graciously. Whilst Kerryn and Jarwain conduct their business Tavelle realises that the summoned mounts will probably have expired, they may well be stuck in Ashabenford until the morning.

- The pair head back to the White Hart and book two rooms. Holfast tells them that their horses disappeared a short while ago right in front of Trenk, the stableboy, who feinted when the mounts vanished.

- They spend the evening inside the White Hart. Many of the locals request that Tavelle tells the tale of the Unicorn's victory against Kendra.

- Tavelle recounts the story.

- It is a warm summer evening so the pair make their way into the garden of the Inn and settle at a wooden bench and table.

A new update coming soon.

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Learned Scribe

United Kingdom
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Posted - 13 Apr 2011 :  23:10:53  Show Profile Send Farrel a Private Message  Reply with Quote

Update (7th April 2011)

- Tavelle and Kerryn are soon joined by Naema, she has a few days off before she heads out on patrol with Nelyssa. The trio enjoy a few drinks and an evening meal at the White Hart before heading to their rooms.

- Tavelle doesn't expect he will get alot of sleep due to Naema's arrival and the fact that he hasn't seen her in what seems like an eternity.

- A weary Tavelle appears in the taproom with Naema and they join Kerryn for mornfry.

- While enjoying their morning meal the trio hear an uproar of laughter from the bar area. Holfast seems to be in tears with mirth as he approaches their table and explains that "The wind bore a message for me to pass onto you, it's from Nereskul and he says he really needs the Black Boot Stout... the Dwarves are near to running dry and might down tools."

I've noticed that Tavelle's player has seemingly found his feet and Nereskul has commented, on more than one occasion, that he treats the tower like an Inn. I have been lucky enough to witness his steady character development from a slightly uncertain, but undoubtedly gifted, apprentice to a talented young Wizard, confident in his own judgment.

I was a little daunted about setting up the backstory with just a tower a couple of miles away from Ashabenford. I hoped that I could find enough things to keep Tavelle busy and interesting for his owner.

I wanted to try and set a definite tone to the story so I had a good think of my favorite Realms books and authors. I decided on Azure Bonds and The Wyvern's Spur by Jeff Grubb and Kate Novak, I loved the way the families were detailed and the way they interacted, my favorite character was Uncle Drone. My second inspiration came from the brilliantly written dialogue that Elaine Cunningham created in Elfshadow between Danilo and Arilyn. Nalrun Wavesilver is loosely based on Danilo, he is a bit of a silver tongued charmer who also has a keen mind.

- The two mages hurry back to their rooms to collect their belongings, Naema asks Tavelle if he thinks it would be ok if she accompanied them back to the tower, he replies that he was hoping she would ask and that it should be fine.

- Holfast has to have a sit down, he hasn't laughed so hard in a long time and thinks he may have strained something.

- Tavelle settles up with an uncomfortable Holfast and departs with Naema, summoning mounts for Kerryn and himself. They head back to the tower with their consignment.

- They arrive at the tower to find a group of eager Dwarves, and Nereskul, waiting with tankards.

- Tavelle informs Nereskul of his meeting with the High Councillor and the impending patrol he has been asked to join. Nereskul doesn't seem surprised and he explains to Tavelle that Heresk had discussed it with him after the Kendra incident and that he had no issues with the suggestion. The young wizard also asks Nereskul's permission for Naema to stay until they have to report to the Rider's barracks, Nereskul says it is fine.

- Naema offers to instruct Tavelle in some of the Rider's common mounted tactics and what commands to expect, they spend the afternoon galloping around the tower's environs.

- After finishing their evening meal and completing their chores, Naema asks how Tavelle's sword practise has been progressing, Tavelle freely admits that he hasn't actually unsheathed the blade since he returned to the tower from Glen.

- Naema is not pleased, Kerryn and Nereskul wish that popcorn had been invented.

- Naema insists that Tavelle accompany her outside and spar, she asks whether he would neglect his arcane training in the same manner, to which he replies he would not. Tavelle gets the feeling that this sparring session might hurt, he has seen Naema pick up her shield so he concludes she means business.

- The pair make their way outside the tower and Tavelle discreetly casts a Mage Armour enchantment to afford himself some protection. Naema hears him say something and questions what he uttered, Tavelle says he was just mentioning that she should take it easy on him.

- Kerryn and Nereskul sit and watch from the Dwarven campfire, Belen, the lead stonemason starts taking bets on Naema "whupping" Tavelle.

- Naema puts Tavelle through his paces and after connecting a few times with the flat of her blade becomes suspicious that he is magically armoured. She asks if he has cheated and Tavelle replies with a grin that he is just protecting himself. Naema asks what other defenses he has available to him as she has little experience concerning magic.

- Tavelle casts Mirror Image and another five Tavelle's blink into existence around him and the sparring continues. While Naema is trying to single out the correct wizard Tavelle casts a Daze spell at her, which she resists. The images have begun to dwindle through Naema's perseverance, Nereskul begins to offer her advice and tells Tavelle to fight fairly.

- Tavelle is a bit surprised that his Daze spell was so ineffective and then feels his own body stiffen to paralysis, his last remaining Mirror Image winks out of existence with a thrust of Naema's sword.

- Nereskul laughs, revealing himself to be the caster of the Hold Person. Naema gives Tavelle a not so gentle slap across the buttocks with the flat of her longsword. Kerryn declares herself ready for bed, her father agrees and invites Naema inside. They wish the Dwarves a good night and leave Tavelle held in place.

- Tavelle notices the Dwarves are in a huddle and hears a few belly laughs, he hopes the enchantment wears off soon. With a slight stumble the spell fades and the Dwarves look a little disappointed, Tavelle bids them good night and heads inside to bed.

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Learned Scribe

United Kingdom
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Posted - 16 Apr 2011 :  20:52:26  Show Profile Send Farrel a Private Message  Reply with Quote
No update to report as I got to play my namesake, Farrel, last night.

Asantar "The Anvil" Axecrown
Male Shield Dwarf Fighter6
NG Medium Humanoid (dwarf)
Init +1; Senses Listen +2, Spot +2 Darkvision
Languages Chondathan, Common, Dwarven, Giant
AC 21, 11 touch, 11 flat-footed (+8 Armor, +3 Shield) or AC 18, 11 touch, 11 flat-footed (+8 Armor)
hp 73 (HD) 6d10+24
Fort +9, Ref +3, Will +4
Speed 20ft. (4 squares); Face/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Melee +10/+5 (1d4+3/19-20/x2 Masterwork Dagger) or +12/+7 (1d10+7/20/x3 +2 Dwarven Waraxe) or +10/+5 (1d8+3/20/x3 Masterwork Warhammer)
Ranged +8 (1d10/120'/19-20/x2 Masterwork Heavy Crossbow) or +8 (1d6+3/10/20/x2 Masterwork Handaxe)
Base Atk +6/+1; Grp +9
Atk Options Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Sunder, Power Attack.
Combat Gear
Abilities: Str 17(+3), Dex 12(+1), Con 19(+4), Int 14(+2), Wis 14(+2), Cha 12(+1)
SQ Dwarf Traits (+2 Constitution, –2 Charisma; Dwarf base land speed is 20 feet. Dwarves can move at this speed even when wearing medium or heavy armor or when carrying a medium or heavy load; Darkvision 60 feet; Stonecunning: +2 racial bonus on Search checks to notice unusual stonework, such as sliding walls, stonework traps, new construction (even when built to match the old), unsafe stone surfaces, shaky stone ceilings, and the like. Something that isn’t stone but that is disguised as stone also counts as unusual stonework. A dwarf who merely comes within 10 feet of unusual stonework can make a Search check as if he were actively searching, and a dwarf can use the Search skill to find stonework traps as a rogue can. A dwarf can also intuit depth, sensing his approximate depth underground; Weapon Familiarity: Dwarves may treat dwarven waraxes and dwarven urgroshes as martial weapons, rather than exotic weapons; Stability: A dwarf gains a +4 bonus on ability checks made to resist being bull rushed or tripped when standing on the ground (but not when climbing, flying, riding, or otherwise not standing firmly on the ground); +2 racial bonus on saving throws against poison; +2 racial bonus on saving throws against spells and spell-like effects; +1 racial bonus on attack rolls against orcs and goblinoids; +4 dodge bonus to Armor Class against monsters of the giant type; +2 racial bonus on Appraise checks that are related to stone or metal items; +2 racial bonus on Craft checks that are related to stone or metal);
Foe Hunter (Orc) +2 to Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival, and weapon damage vs Orcs.
Feats Cleave (3rd), Foe Hunter (Orc) (R), Great Cleave (F6), Improved Sunder (6th), Power Attack (F2), Skill Focus: Weaponsmithing (1st), Weapon Focus: Dwarven Waraxe (F1), Weapon Specialization: Dwarven Waraxe (F4).
Skills Appraise +3{1}, Climb +5{2}, Craft (Armoursmith) +11{9}, Craft (Weaponsmith) +14{9}, Jump +5{2}, Knowledge (History) +3{1*}, Knowledge (Local- Dalelands) +3{1*}, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +3{1*}, Knowledge (Religion) +3{1*}, Swim +5{2}
Synergy bonuses not included. Armour Check Penalty -6 [+1 Dwarven Half Plate] or -7 [+1 Dwarven Half Plate and +1 Heavy Steel Shield]
Possessions Backpack, Bedroll, 20 Crossbow Bolts, Masterwork Dagger, +2 Dwarven Waraxe, 2 Masterwork Handaxes, Masterwork Heavy Crossbow, Masterwork Warhammer, +1 Half-Plate Armour, +1 Heavy Steel Shield (Emblazoned with the symbol of Moradin), Winterblanket. 265gp, 65sp, 20cp.
Hook “Kiss my Axe!”
Description .
Height: 4'7", Weight: 256lbs, Hair: Dark-Brown, Eyes: Brown.
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Learned Scribe

United Kingdom
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Posted - 24 Apr 2011 :  18:56:33  Show Profile Send Farrel a Private Message  Reply with Quote
An update will follow from the game on Friday (22nd April 2011)

But, for now, I thought I'd share Tharan and his apprentice, Nalrun.

Tharan Ashcloak
Male Chondathan Human Wizard11
NG Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +2; Senses Listen +3, Spot +3
Languages Chondathan, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven
AC 17, 15 touch, 15 flat-footed (+3 Deflection, +2 Dex, +2 Natural Armour)
hp 39 (HD) 11d4+11
Fort +6, Ref +7, Will +14
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares); Face/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Melee +7 (1d4+2/19-20/x2 +2 Dagger)
Base Atk +5; Grp +5
Atk Options Spells, Wands
Combat Gear Various
Wizard Spells Prepared (4/6/5/5/4/4/1 base DC = 15 + spell level; caster level 11th)
0- Amanuensis, Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Read Magic
1st- Backbiter, Magic Missile x2, Persistent Blade, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield
2nd- Balor Nimbus, Mirror Image, Quick Potion, Resist Energy, See Invisibilty
3rd- Bands of Steel, Dispel Magic, Fly, Hold Person, Reverse Arrows
4th- Fireball (Selective), Greater Mage Armour (Extended), Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer, Stoneskin
5th- Combust x2 (Maximized), Teleport, Tharan's Grand Pavillion
6th- Extract Water Elemental
Abilities: Str 11(+0), Dex 14(+2), Con 12(+1), Int 20(+5), Wis 16(+3), Cha 13(+1)
SQ Discipline (receives a +2 bonus on Concentration checks and Will saves), Scribe Scroll, Spell Mastery (Dispel Magic, Magic Missile), Summon Familiar (Tharan is currently without a familiar as his last, Wart the Toad, perished).
Feats Craft Wand (W5), Craft Wondrous Item (3rd), Discipline (R), Eschew Materials (H), Extend Spell (6th), Maximize Spell (9th), Selective Spell (W10), Spell Mastery (1st)
Skills Appraise +6{1*}, Bluff +2{1*}, Concentration +17{14}, Craft (Bookbinding) +10{5}, Craft (Gemcutting) +8{3}, Decipher Script +10{5}, Diplomacy +3{2*}, Knowledge (Arcana) +19{14}, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +10{5}, Knowledge (Geography) +10{5}, Knowledge (History) +10{5}, Knowledge (Local- Cormyr) +8{3}, Knowledge (Local- Sembia) +6{1}, Knowledge (Nature) +10{5}, Knowledge (Nobility) +7{2}, Knowledge (Religion) +9{4}, Knowledge (The Planes) +10{5}, Ride +3{1*}, Sense motive +5{2*}, Spellcraft +19{14}
Synergy bonuses not included.
Possessions Amulet of Natural Armour +2, Bag of Holding (Type B), 3 Masterwork Belt Pouches, Black Low Boots, Brooch of Shielding (63 points remaining), Cape of the Fire Bath, +2 Dagger, Dark-Blue Tunic, Dark-Grey Breeches, Masterwork Belt, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (2d8+5), Ring of Protection +3, Scrollcase, Spellbook (Spells prepared plus 1st lvl- Alarm, Burning Hands, Charm Person, Endure Elements, Identify, Mage Armour, Mount, Unseen Servant; 2nd lvl- Arcane Lock, Bear's Endurance, Blur, Darkvision, Fox's Cunning, Invisibility; 3rd lvl- Daylight, Displacement, Explosive Runes, Haste, Lightning Bolt, Phantom Steed, Protection From Energy, Tongues; 4th lvl- Arcane Eye, Dimension Door, Fire Shield, Lesser Globe of Invulnerability, Remove Curse, Scrying; 5th lvl- Break Enchantment, Hold Monster, Passwall, Permanency, Sending; 6th lvl- Greater Dispel Magic), Spell Component Pouch, Wand of Fireball (26 charges CL 6th), Wand of Lightning Bolt (22 charges CL 6th), Wand of Magic Missiles (31 charges CL 9th). Carried Wealth: 20pp, 25gp, 20sp, 20cp
Hook “Stop complaining, the fireball exploded around you!”
Height: 5'11", Weight: 163lbs, Hair: Light-Brown, Eyes: Steel-Grey.

Nalrun Wavesilver
Male Chondathan Human Wizard1
NG Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +6; Senses Listen +5, Spot +5 (Alertness)
Languages Chondathan, Common, Draconic
AC 13, 13 touch, 11 flat-footed (+1 Deflection, +2 Dex)
hp 4 (HD) 1d4
Fort +0, Ref +2, Will +7
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares); Face/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Melee +2 (1d4+1/19-20/x2 Masterwork Dagger)
Base Atk +0; Grp +1
Atk Spells, Wand
Combat Gear Wand of Magic Missiles (39 charges, CL 5th)
Wizard Spells Prepared (3/2 base DC = 13 + spell level; caster level 1st)
0- Detect Magic, Prestidigidation, Read Magic
1st- Mage Armour, Magic Missile
Abilities: Str 12(+1), Dex 14(+2), Con 10(+0), Int 17(+3), Wis 16(+3), Cha 14(+2)
SQ Discipline (receives a +2 bonus on Concentration checks and Will saves), Negotiator (+2 to Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks), Scribe Scroll, Summon Familiar (Jorel the Cockatoo).
Feats Alertness (Familiar), Discipline (R), Improved Initiative (1st), Negotiator (H).
Skills Concentration +6{4}, Craft (Bookbinding) +4{1}, Decipher Script +5(2), Diplomacy +4{2}, Knowledge (Arcana) +7{4}, Knowledge (Geography) +4{1}, Knowledge (History) +4{1}, Knowledge (Local- Cormyr) +5{2}, Knowledge (Religion) +4{1}, Knowledge (Nobility) +4{1}, Sense Motive +5{2}, Spellcraft +7{4}
Synergy bonuses not included.
Possessions Artisan's Tools (Bookbinding), Azure Cloak with a Silver Trim, Backpack, Bag of Walnuts, Bedroll, Black Breeches, Brooch of Shielding (86 points remaining), Dark-Grey Boots, Masterwork Dagger, Navy Blue Tunic, Potion of Cure Light Wounds (1d8+3), Scrollcase, Scrolls of Identify (CL 1st), Mage Armour x2 (CL 1st), Sealing Wax, Signet Ring of Protection +1 (engraved with the Wavesilver's coat-of-arms), Spellbook (Spells prepared plus 1st lvl- Alarm, Burning Hands, Charm Person, Identify, Light of Lunia, Shield, Unseen Servant), Spell Component Pouch, Wand of Magic Missiles (39 charges, CL 5th), Winterblanket, Wrist Wand-Sheath, Writing Set. Carried Wealth: 15pp, 50gp, 25sp, 20cp.
Hook “Whaddya mean I flinched? Of course I flinched! I was just engulfed by a fireball!”
Height: 5'10", Weight: 160lbs, Hair: Blond, Eyes: Light-Blue.

Male Cockatoo Familiar
N Tiny Magical Beast (augmented animal)
Init +2 Senses Listen +3, Spot +5 Low-Light Vision
Languages Common, Empathic Link
AC 15, touch 14, 13 flat-footed (+2 Size, +2 Dex, +1 Natural Armour)
hp 2 (HD) 1/4 d8 (1hp)
Fort +2 Ref +4 Will +6
Speed 10 ft. (2 squares), fly 40 ft. (average); Face/Reach 2-1/2 ft./0 ft.
Melee +4 melee (1d2–5/x2 Claws)
Base Atk +0; Grapple -13
Abilities: Str 1(-5), Dex 15(+2), Con 10(+0), Int 6(-2), Wis 14(+2), Cha 6(-2)
SQ Alertness, Empathic Link, Grants master a +3 competence bonus to open nuts, Improved Evasion, Share Spells, Speak Common.
Feats Weapon Finesse.
Skills Listen +3, Spot +5
Hook “Squawk!”
Height: 8", Weight: 1lb, Feathers: Coral pink crest, wing-tips and tail with a metallic grey body, Eyes: Black.
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Update (22nd April 2011)

- Tavelle spends the next couple of days continuing his studies and chores, interspersed with sparring sessions with Naema. Naema instructs Tavelle about the varying horn signals and their meanings. Naema pushes him hard to test his riding skills.

- The foundations of the barn are completed and the stone wall is progressing swiftly under the supervision of Yentris Stonerut (NG Shield Dwarf Male Fighter1/ Expert3) the foreman. He informs Tavelle that they will have departed for Glen by the time he returns from the patrol, Yentris and his work crew wish Tavelle good luck on his forthcoming adventure, and to "Crack some heads!".

- Prior to bed, Tavelle is given a number of scrolls from Nereskul, and told not to waste them, they will be expected to be used in emergencies and future patrols. Kerryn tells Tavelle to be careful and that she will pray to Selune for his safe return.

- Tavelle retires to his room with Naema for an early night, Naema stresses they will be up very early.

- Naema wakes Tavelle a couple of hours prior to sunrise. They prepare to depart as swiftly and quietly as possible. Naema saddles her horse and Tavelle summons a mount with the cloak clasp. They depart and gallop through the low, rolling mist towards Ashabenford.

- During the ride it becomes apparent that "Spot", Tavelle's summoned mount, is extremely fast for a slightly built horse. Tavelle wishes that Kerryn had come up with a better name.

- As they approach Ashabenford they meet Brondar (NG Human Male Fighter3) who is also reporting to the Rider's barracks.

- As the trio enter through the front gates Tavelle marvels at the fluttering pennants around the parade ground. They are greeted by two Rider's of Mistledale, Helton (CG Human Male Fighter2), who Tavelle had met previously, and Eventar (CG Human Male Fighter3).

- Tavelle dismisses Spot and accompanies Brondar and Naema to the stables. He had met Naema outside the walls but had never been inside and is surprised at how very busy it is.

- Within the stables Tavelle is introduced to Lanneth Mosstone (CG Male Half-Wood Elf Ranger6), a patrol leader of the Rider's of Mistledale. Lanneth says that he has heard good things from Jentar about the young mage and that he is glad to meet him. Lanneth says that he hopes that they may ride on patrol in the future. Tavelle is introduced to Lanneth's companion, Buross, a powerfully built eagle-owl.

- Tavelle is shown into the barracks main building and a great hall, half filled with rows of wooden benches and crowded with militia enjoying mornfry. Tavelle and Naema are warmly greeted by Jentar Faldoren and asked to share his table when they have collected breakfast. Once seated Tavelle is told that Jentar was hoping that they would be riding together again but that the Shield of Chauntea, Nelyssa Shendean, had got lucky.

- Jentar notices that Nelyssa has entered the hall, he hails her and stands as she approaches the table and bids everyone a good morning. Nelyssa asks Tavelle if he is looking forward to his first day with the Rider's and asks if the sword at his hip is just decoration? Naema says that Tavelle could hold his own against the majority of the militia, she adds that "He can be a real threat when he combines his swordplay with his magical defenses.".

- A low blast of a horn signals the end of breakfast, the patrol leaders perform a roll-call. The militia form into their patrol groups and make their way out to the parade ground for weapon drills.

- As they depart the great hall Tavelle notices a burly, bearded man, clad in plate armour, standing at a balcony overlooking the vast room. Nelyssa tells Tavelle that it is the Priest of Tempus and Captain of the Rider's, Battle-Chaplain Baergil.

- Nelyssa asks Tavelle to spar with her with no magical tricks, so she can assess his competence with a blade. Nelyssa and Tavelle spar, the Paladin admits that she is pleasantly surprised at how good a job Naema has done tutoring him in the use of a blade.

- Nelyssa breaks off the training session and tells Tavelle to rest for a while.

- Tavelle watches as Nelyssa makes her way past him. Tavelle follows her path and is surpised to see a large, dark-grey, Highdale Mastiff being ridden by a female Halfling with silver hair.

- Nelyssa greets the Halfling and Tavelle hears the name Liria mentioned. It appears that Nelyssa is asking for an explanation at the Halfling's late arrival.

- After a brief conversation the Halfling dismounts, casts Tavelle a look, and asks Nelyssa if that's the mage that's coming with us? Nelyssa introduces Tavelle to Liria Merrydew (NG Female Strongheart Halfling Rogue3), a scout from Stumphill.

- Liria eyes Tavelle up and down and comments that "Naema has all the luck, do you have a spell to make me bigger? I'd be all over you like a rash... what about a spell to make you smaller?".

Sometimes Tavelle's player makes me laugh.... all he managed to say to Liria was "Ermmm?".

- Tavelle is further shocked to hear Liria seemingly wonder aloud, "I wonder if we can talk Naema into a two-and-a half-some?".

- Nelyssa asks Liria to kennel Drool and report to Brondar. Liria departs with her Mastiff, giving Tavelle a sly wink.

- Nelyssa apologises to Tavelle for Liria and explains that she can be a bit excitable at times. They continue to spar until Nelyssa asks what magic Tavelle has available to him, he proceeds to demonstrate his normally carried spells, unaware that the assembled militia stop to watch.

Here are Lanneth and Liria.

Lanneth Mosstone
Male Half-Wood Elf Ranger6
CG Medium Humanoid (half-elf)
Init +3; Senses Listen +9, Spot +10 Low-Light Vision
Languages Chondathan, Common, Elven, Sylvan
AC 20, 16 touch, 15 flat-footed (+3 Dex, +5 Armor, +2 Shield) or AC 18, 15 touch, 15 flat-footed (+3 Dex, +5 Armor)
hp 52 (HD) 6d8+12
Fort +8, Ref +8, Will +6
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares); Face/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Melee +8/+3 (1d4+1/19-20/x2 Masterwork Dagger) or +8/+3 (1d8+2/19-20/x2 +1 Orc Bane Longsword) or +7/+2 (1d8+/20/x3 Spear)
Ranged +10/+5 (1d4+1/20'/19-20/x2 Masterwork Dagger) or +11/+6 (1d8+1/165'/20/x3 Masterwork Mighty Composite Longbow) or +9 (1d8+1/40'/20/x3 Spear)
Base Atk +6/+1; Grp +7
Atk Options Point Blank Shot (+1 bonus on ranged attack and damage within 30')
Combat Gear
Ranger Spells Prepared (1/ base DC = 13 + spell level; caster level 3rd)
1st- Hunter's Mercy
Abilities: Str 13(+1), Dex 17(+3), Con 14(+2), Int 14(+2), Wis 16(+3), Cha 13(+1)
SQ Animal Companion (Buross - Eagle Owl), Combat Style (Rapid Shot), Endurance, Favoured Enemy (+4 vs. Giants, +2 vs. Undead), Half-Elf Traits Immunity to sleep spells and similar magical effects, and a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against enchantment spells or effects; Low-Light Vision: A half-elf can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. He retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions; +1 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks; +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy and Gather Information checks; Elven Blood: For all effects related to race, a half-elf is considered an elf, Improved Combat Style (Manyshot), Strong Soul (+1 Bonus to Fortitude and Will saves. Against Death Effects, Energy Drain, and Ability Drain attacks this bonus increases to +3), Track, Wild Empathy.
Feats Far Shot (6th), Point Blank Shot (3rd), Strong Soul (R), Weapon Focus: Longbow (1st)
Skills Climb +4{3}, Diplomacy +3{0}, Gather Information +3{0}, Handle Animal +8{5}, Heal +6{3}, Hide +9{6}, Jump +3{2}, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +3{1}, Knowledge (Geography) +4{2}, Knowledge (Local- Dalelands) +4{2*}, Knowledge (Nature) +5{3}, Listen +9{5}, Move Silently +11{8}, Ride +8{5}, Search +7{4}, Spot +10{6}, Survival +11{8}, Swim +3{2}
Synergy bonuses not included. Armour Check Penalty -0 [Studded Leather and Light Steel Shield] or -0 [Studded Leather]
Possessions 40 arrows, Backpack, Bedroll, 2 Daggers, Horn of Mistledale, +1 Light Steel Shield (Emblazoned with a Rampant Unicorn), +1 Orc Bane Longsword, Masterwork Composite Longbow, Quiver, +2 Studded Leather Armour, Winterblanket.
Light Warhorse (Bit and Bridle, Riding Saddle, Saddle Bags).
74gp, 65sp, 20cp.
Hook “I think the fool is under the impression that he's out of range.”
Height: 5'9", Weight: 153lbs, Hair: Coppery-Gold, Eyes: Light-Green.

Liria Merrydew
Female Strongheart Halfling Rogue3
NG Small Humanoid (halfling)
Init +6; Senses Listen +10, Spot +10
Languages Chondathan, Common, Halfling
AC 17, 15 touch, 13 flat-footed (+4 Dex, +2 Armor, +1 Size)
hp 14 (HD) 3d6+3
Fort +2, Ref +7, Will +3
Speed 20 ft. (4 squares); Face/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Melee +6 (1d3-1/19-20/x2 Dagger) or +6 (1d4-1/19-20/x2 Shortsword)
Ranged +7 (1d3-1/10'/19-20/x2 Dagger) or +8 (1d3-1/50'/20/x2 Masterwork Sling)
Base Atk +2; Grp +2
Atk Options Sneak Attack +2d6
Combat Gear
Abilities: Str 8(-1), Dex 18(+4), Con 12(+1), Int 14(+2), Wis 15(+2), Cha 16(+3)
SQ Evasion, Strongheart Halfling Traits +2 Dexterity, –2 Strength; one extra feat at 1st level; Small: +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but she uses smaller weapons than humans use, and her lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of a Medium character; Halfling base land speed is 20 feet; +2 racial bonus on Climb, Jump, and Move Silently checks; +2 morale bonus on saving throws against fear; +1 racial bonus on attack rolls with thrown weapons and slings; +2 racial bonus on Listen checks, Immune to the Shaken effect, Sneak Attack +2d6, Trapfinding
Feats Blooded (R), Point Blank Shot (3rd), Weapon Finesse (1st), Weapon Focus: Sling (Halfling Bonus)
Skills Balance +6{2}, Bluff +5{2}, Climb +3{2}, Disable Device +8{6}, Gather Information +5{2}, Hide +14{6}, Jump +3{2}, Knowledge (Local- Dalelands) +4{2}, Listen +10{6}, Move Silently +12{6}, Open Lock +10{6}, Ride +5{1*}, Search +8{6}, Sleight of Hand +6{2}, Spot +10{6}, Tumble +6{2}
Synergy bonuses not included. Armour Check Penalty -0 [Leather Armour]
Possessions Backpack, Bedroll, 20 Bolts, Leather Armour, 5 Daggers, Elven Rope Set, Fullcloak (Olive Green), 20 Lead Bullets, Masterwork Sling, Shortsword, Thieve's Tools, Whetstone, Winterblanket.
Drool - Highdale Mastiff Riding Dog (Bridle, Exotic Saddle, Saddle Bags).
63gp, 148sp, 13cp.
Hook “Good things come in small packages.”
Height: 2'9", Weight: 26lbs, Hair: Silver-Blonde, Eyes: Hazel.

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Update (1st May 2011)

- After demonstrating the spells that are currently available to him, Tavelle continues to train with the sword. This time Nelyssa watches and Brondar puts him through his paces, offerring advice and guidance. Brondar comments that Naema has done a pretty good job.

- Tavelle says his arm is aching, Brondar says, "Bah! Ye should've practised more, use yer magic every day I bet? Why not swing a sword before ye break yer fast?".

- Nelyssa informs Tavelle that they will be assessing his horsemanship after their midday meal and shows Tavelle to one of the stables that surround the training grounds. Nelyssa asks Tavelle if he has ever ridden a horse that has been trained for battle, he replies that he has not. They come upon a stall where a large, obsidian-black, stallion is being groomed by a stable hand. Nelyssa introduces Tavelle to his new mount, Fury.

- As Tavelle and Fury are getting acquainted Naema calls into the stables and says that the highsun meal is ready in the great hall.

- Tavelle and Naema proceed to the great hall and queue up with the others, the smell of Lamb stew fills the large room. They both take seats along the lengthy benches and Naema introduces Tavelle to a number of the militia and riders that are seated close by, they include:
Jopson Furrelly (LN Human Male Warrior2), known as "Whispering Jop" due to having his throat savaged by a Worg in his younger days. Jop's throat is always covered by a black neckerchief.

Allam Bluehands (NG Human Male Warrior1/Expert1), named for the indigo-stained hands and forearms. Allam's farmstead and family dye wool for a living, his wife and two daughters have the unfortunate nicknames of "blue-teats".

Tynan Delrost (NG Human Male Fighter2), a former caravan guard and a member of the patrol that Tavelle joined when they encountered Kendra and the Unicorn.

Serrick Tellemarn (CG Human Male Fighter2), a Cormyrian that was passing through Mistledale as a sellsword and fell in love with the Dale.

Corster "The Bear" Messell (CN Human Male Fighter2/Expert2), a trapper and accomplished axe wielder. A man of large size and copious body hair.

Jerren Lockell (NG Human Male Expert3), a tracker of very few words, he points and mumbles.

Feluan Esdan (N Human Male Expert3), a skinner that usually works alongside Corster when they are not on duty with the militia. Feluan seems to always be spinning a slender knife.
- During the meal Tavelle sees that Baergil, Nelyssa, Jentar and Lanneth are seated at a separate table that is face-on to the other benches and tables.

- A cook shouts and chases after Drool who has helped himself to a large haunch of lamb.

- Tavelle is nudged by Brondar and points at two men that have entered the great hall and are waiting to be served a meal. One of the two men is exceptionally burly, has a wild mane of shocking red hair and is dressed in leathers and animal furs. Brondar names him Dumic the Red, the spokesman of the western ranches and Stumphill. His companion is Lossora Meltarin, Dumic's right hand man. He explains that they came in with some brigands that sacked the Clayburn holdings,"Set to swing by the High Councillor for rape and murder, before we leave tomorrow".

Tavelle's player explained to me that he thought it would be better to kill them, out there where they found them, rather than bother bringing them here. I was glad that I was privy to what Tavelle was thinking. A scene in a recent episode of Game of Thrones sprang to mind, when King Robert and Lord Stark are talking of their wise and just mentor, Lord Arryn, and the sound advice he always offered them, King Robert had declared,"It's not his fault I never listened". As much as Nereskul has tried, I think Tavelle is a bit of a loose-cannon.....and I think I like it.

- Dumic seats himself at the head table and Lossora goes and seats himself with Liria.

- Tavelle eats his lamb stew and hears from Tynan that he, and some of the patrol, plan to plant a tree at the sight of, as he calls it, "Kendra's Fall".

- Liria appears next to Tynan as if by magic and squeaks "Why name it after that scabby hag? From what Jentar was saying it should be the Unicorn's Victory!". Tynan and a few others at the table ask, "How in the mists did you hear that from over there?", but she disappears as abruptly as she arrived. They all agree it is a better name until Tavelle says, "The Unicorn's Charge". Everyone says that Tavelle's suggestion is the one to go with, even Liria.

- Baergil departs from the hall and Nelyssa approaches Tavelle to inform him that the Battle-Chaplain requests his presense.

- Tavelle is escorted by Nelyssa to Baergil's private chambers, she wishes him good luck, and says to meet in the parade grounds afterwards.

- The entrance to the Battle-Chaplain's chambers are flanked by two guards in plate armour and are bedecked with the full livery of the Riders. They escort Tavelle into Baergil's audience chamber, announce him, then depart closing the doors behind them. The armoured and imposing Battle-Chaplain greets Tavelle and bids him to take a seat.

I descibed the audience chamber as part shrine - part office. The walls are adorned with all manner of weapons, pieces of armour, and shields in various condition, interspersed with great tomes on stone reading plinths. There is a 3ft high stone statue of the flaming greatsword of Tempus on a simple dais, a well used, but magnifent, greatsword leans against it. A large, cluttered, darkwood desk and a number of great, high-backed, stuffed leather seats in a corner are almost an afterthought.

- Baergil explains that Jentar "The Sword of the Morning" has been "Nagging him, something fierce, to get you out with the riders, he likes the idea, what you did for the Wavesilvers' and being there with him against Myrkul's harbinger".

-Over the course of their meeting Baergil says he made the Captains all draw straws,"To see who gets your first patrol", and that Nelyssa had drawn the short one. The Battle Chaplain says it with an easy laugh and a good natured clap on the sword arm.

- Baergil asks after Kerryn and Nereskul , "Tell the old boy to come share a keg of Blackboot soon". The conversation turns slightly more serious when Tavelle learns that he will be heading west for a patrol, past Stumphill and Plough Creek, to skirt the Barrowfields.

Tavelle's player looked worried, a bit like a rabbit caught in headlights.

- Baergil explains that Dumic brought word that the Lannane Farmstead was found deserted. It had been completely abandoned, almost overnight from what was reported. It is the closest farm to the Barrowfields and with Kendra travelling right through that area we don't know what she stirred up.

- The Battle-Chaplain asks if Tavelle trusts his counsel, Tavelle replies yes. He regales past victories in honour of the lord of battle and after a few stories says in a humourous manner, "Remember that you're a mage, your foe will often see a stick-wielding, unarmoured, lackwit, stumbling in a panic having wet his robes, and think to himself, i'll have some of that!". Then Baergil says in a more serious tone "Or you could stand with your sword in hand and be confident in your ability to defend yourself. Mind that you distance yourself from any melee. If you can't kill the bugger with your magic before he closes, make sure your armed, warded, and ready. I watched you practice, Naema has taught you more than the basics".

- Baergil comments that Asantar has crafted a magnificent longsword and asks if Tavelle will join him in a call to the Lord of Battles to "Temper" the blade.

Tavelle's player gave me a dubious look.

- Tavelle agrees and is instructed to place Anvil's Edge against the statue of the sword. He follows Baergil in saying aloud some prayers to Tempus and the sword flares briefly, with a fiery orange nimbus. Tavelle glances to the Battle-Chaplain who just raises a bushy eyebrow and says, "The sword has been tempered and you must trust in it".

Tavelle's player gave me a wide-eyed inquisitive look.

- Tavelle asks Baergil, "What just happened with the flames?", and the Battle-Chaplain explains the history of the stone sword and what, he believes, it confers to a weapon effected by the fire. As Tavelle collects the sword he finds it is still warm.

Baergil's statue is a relic that he found during his travels and it has accompanied him everywhere since. Some of his older friends refer to it as "Baergil's Pet Rock". It is a fragment of a statue dedicated to the Lord of Battles that was partially destroyed, only the sword itself remained intact. Occasionally (50% chance once per tenday) it can produce a permanent "Tempering" effect, granting the blade immunity to all attempts to Sunder it, magical or otherwise.

- The Battle-Chaplain produces a set of black, heavy-spun, tunic and breeches uniform of the Rider's of Mistledale along with an black tabard, embroidered with a white, two-headed horse design. Tavelle is also given riding gloves, boots and a thick hooded fullcloak with the same decoration as the tabard.

- Baergil dismisses Tavelle and has a guard escort him to the parade ground.

- Tavelle makes his way to the parade ground to find all of the riders and militia mounted and drilling. He is met by Brondar and Naema who ask how his meeting went, he tells them of the flaming sword.

- Fury has been saddled and is draped in the livery of Mistledale, Brondar gives Tavelle a leg up as the mount is alot larger than Spot. The two riders explain that there is a signal horn beneath the rear of the saddle. Tavelle finds the horn and recognises alot of the silver inlay work as his own

- A heavy steel shield and longspear are thrust into his hands and they hand him a metal, open-faced, helm to wear. Naema explains that he is to ride over to Nelyssa, form up with their patrol, and practice his horsemanship. Brondar gives Fury a slap on the rear, Tavelle can't see alot, due to the helm, and can't use his hands as they're full. I think we need a ride check.

I couldn't help but laugh as Fury just trotted off in a random direction, it was a very poor ride check.

- Tavelle thinks he can hear laughing but the helm is bouncing around so much that he isn't sure.

- After a short trot Fury comes to a halt and Tavelle, once he staightens his helm, notices Nelyssa at his side, trying in vain not to laugh. Tavelle looks over to Naema and Brondar who are in hysterics and then his attention turns to the majority of the militia who are also laughing.

Tavelle's player saw the funny side, his ride checks, up until that point, had been exceptional.

- Tavelle removes the helm and hands it to a stablehand along with the shield and spear. Nelyssa makes her way back towards the patrol group and Tavelle motions for Fury to follow.

- Normal service is resumed with a very good ride check. Tavelle joins the line and Tynan says that his horse had made it out of the barracks, without him, when they did the "too-big" helm trick to him.

- The rest of the afternoon is spent honing their horsemanship skills. Tavelle is a bit saddle-sore and his sword arm aches but he spends time brushing down Fury.

- Whilst Tavelle is grooming Fury he is approached by Nelyssa. The Paladin of Chauntea informs Tavelle that she still feels deeply indebted to him for crafting such a fine holy symbol. Over the past couple of months it had been a great source of strength. Nelyssa presents him with a small, misshapen ingot of a light, grey-green metal that Tavelle has never seen before. The Paladin explains that it is Living Metal, a gift from Chauntea and Silvanus and the result of the resanctification of a sacred grove that had become corrupted by followers of Myrkul.

This is where I apologise for not detailing Nelyssa's full story, it's a very long one.

- Tavelle thanks Nelyssa and they head inside for dinner in the greathall, she tells the story from start to finish. Tavelle thinks he remembers the night when the northern darkness was lit up by a mile-wide, mile-high shaft of golden sunlight... yep that must have been it, doesn't take a genius to figure out.

- Over dinner Naema and Brondar make their apologies for the practical joke with the helm.

- Tavelle and the rest of the militia depart for their bunks and an early night.

- He has been assigned the bunk over Brondar, Naema is alongside, on the top bunk, over Liria. Drool sleeps between the two sets of bunkbeds.

- Tavelle sketches a few designs of a Selunite influenced cloak clasp or belt buckle for Kerryn.

- Tavelle is asleep as soon as his head touches the pillow.

to be continued.

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- Tavelle wakes to find the bunkroom a hive of activity as the Riders and Militia ready themselves to depart, he takes his travelling spellbook and starts to prepare his spells. His arm is sore and his rump tender.

- Naema waits for Tavelle and lets him know that Brondar will save some mornfry. Tavelle puts on his uniform for the first time, Naema comments that he looks dashing and dangerous. The pair head to the main hall where they break their fast on fried bacon, mushrooms and Mistran sausages.

- Tavelle saddles Fury, checks his rations, and then leads his mount out onto the parade grounds where he lines up with his patrol. Tavelle's eyes are drawn to a wooden platform with a set of gallows, there are four nooses dangling.

- Four manacled prisoners are led up the steps and their heads are placed in the waiting nooses. A Rider of Mistledale declares that they have been found guilty of rape and murder, the Council has sentenced them to hang, he pulls a lever and the traps beneath their feet drop. The four criminals jerk and twitch as the ropes pull tight.

- The patrol departs the barracks with The Shield of Chauntea in the lead, accompanied by Lanneth and Dumic. They head west out of Ashabenford where Lanneth's patrol heads north, along the Holy Road.

- Tavelle rides alongside Brondar, Naema leads point with Liria along the Moonsea Ride and it isn't long before they encounter their first merchant caravan heading towards town. The Cormyrian merchants are friendly and are eager to reach Ashabenford with their goods. Liria dismounts and sends Drool in and out of the covered wagons, the Highdale Mastiff sniffs and snuffles but doesn't seem to find anything of interest.

- The patrol continues onwards, it leaves the Moonsea Ride and travels through the lesser trodden farm lanes, heading towards Stumphill.

- The Riders stop at various farms, inquiring for local news from each. The first that they visit is the Saltdean Holdings and they learn that Hella Saltdean has given birth to her third set of twins. The second farmstead belongs to the Trelfort's, they report that a Wyvern took their prize winning Bullock from a yonder field and flew west. Old Ennick Trelfort declares that it was massive beast and it was doing well for stud. Tavelle asks about the size of the Wyvern and is told that it was akin to a cat playing with a mouse.

Tavelle's player looked worried... he can be a real coward sometimes.

- They continue the patrol, eating their highsun meal in the saddle. Tavelle's eyes frequently find themselves wandering skyward.

- At around mid-afternoon the patrol arrives at the outlying farms that encircle Stumphill. Liria rides off ahead of the main patrol to announce their arrival. Brondar comments to Tavelle that the Halflings of Stumphill survey the surrounding environs via a watch-tower, built into an old weirwood tree, and would already be aware of their presence.

- The patrol ride carefully south of the Longstrider Farmstead and are greeted by many Halflings as they approach Yondalla's House, a temple to Arvoreen. Brondar points out certain visible landmarks and as they get closer to the squarish stone temple they see that it is surrounded by well tended gardens.

- Sheriff Burablen Shieldstar (LG Strongheart Halfling Male, Paladin 6 of Arvoreen) welcomes Nelyssa with a warm smile and a hug, he asks after news from the Dale, Dumic the Red joins the two Paladins as they talk.

- Naema is in conversation with a number of Stumphill guards and Brondar has left Tavelle to chat with Corster. Tavelle is approached by a number of Halfling children and asked if he's the toughest in the patrol. The young mage asks the youngsters what makes them think that, they exclaim that he is the only one without armour and he has the biggest, blackest, horse.

- Tavelle explains that he is a Mage and that he can't wear normal armour, the children bombard Tavelle with a multitude of questions and he doesn't have time to answer one before the next three are asked. To gain some peace and quiet Tavelle conjures a prestigidation of a sparkling, silver Unicorn and sets it off cantering, the Halfling children whoop and holler as they chase after it giggling and laughing.

- Tavelle is approached by a Halfling with great mutton-chop sideburns who bids him welcome to Stumphill, he introduces himself as Mergil Merrywink (CG Strongheart Halfling Male Rogue3) and he says that Tavelle must be Nereskul's boy. Tavelle learns that he is Liria's great-uncle, Mergil tells Tavelle that he knew his mother, Merrielle Kralikh, the old Halfling describes her as one of the loveliest and kindest lasses in the Dales.

I've tried to mention Tavelle's adoptive mother as often as possible when he meets various Mistrans, she died when Tavelle was thirteen and Kerryn fourteen. Tavelle remembers her smiling face, gentle manner and kindness. Everywhere he goes in Mistledale people comment that Kerryn is the spitting image of Merrielle and that she shares her temperament, they also seem to comment that Nereskul just seemed to hide himself away after she passed on. Whenever he thinks of Merrielle he remembers picnics, walking in the woods collecting flowers, and most of all her laughter. Merrielle had passed away due to a fever one winter, she was laid to rest in accordance with her wishes, within the forests edge, south of the tower, next to two smaller graves. Merrielle and Nereskul had not been lucky conceiving, their wait had been long and torturous and had ended with her first and second pregnancy producing stillborn children. After a time Kerryn was born, she was strong and healthy, but the Priest of Chauntea that attended the birth said that Merrielle might never bear children again. Nereskul and Merrielle were so grateful for Kerryn that they put aside any hope for more. It was around a year later that they had found a babe in a woven wicker basket on the tower steps with a note, in very spidery script, saying the child's name is Tavelle Windwalker and that he needs a home.

- Mergil and Tavelle talk for quite some time, he says that he wishes Nereskul would visit as he misses the old crow. Tavelle says that Mergil should come to visit the tower. The children reappear asking for another sparkly Unicorn and Tavelle casts a Prestigidation to conjure a score of scampering silver rabbits. The pair are left to themselves again, "That did the trick" says Mergil with a wink.

- Sheriff Burablen Shieldstar makes his way over to Tavelle, accompanied by Nelyssa who introduces them. The Halfling Sheriff wishes Tavelle Arvoreen's blessing in his patrols and asks after Nereskul. They talk for a while about the old Wizard and Burablen tells Tavelle to pass on his best wishes.

The more people Tavelle has met the more it has become apparent that Nereskul was far more active throughout the Dale when Merrielle was alive, I think this saddened Tavelle's player.

- The patrol departs Stumphill around mid afternoon, continuing west towards Dumic's ranch.

- As the light slowly begins to fade Nelyssa gives the command to stop and make camp. The patrol erect some tents, prepare some watchfires, then hobble, feed and water their mounts. Tavelle would, if he could, remove his aching bottom.

That session update seemed to take forever...

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Update (8th May 2011)

- Tavelle is informed by Nelyssa that he is not expected to take a watch and that he should do his best to get some sleep. Tavelle eats while reading his travelling spellbook. The militia discuss the Barrowfields.

From the start of the patrol I've tried to impress upon Tavelle that the Barrowfields are a place best avoiding, just through comments that the militia have made in passing conversations. The description in the majority of the sourcebooks were of large, ancient, burial mounds and that reminded me of an adventure in Lords of Darkness: The Tombs of Dekkon Thar. I really love that sourcebook, it's so fluffy and crunchy.

I decided that when Kendra the Mad had passed through Mistledale (her route had started in the Barrowfields) she had awakened Vinjarek, the Greater Wight and his retinue. The Wights were, at first, trapped inside their tomb and it took them some time to claw their way free. Now they stalk the Barrowfields and environs by night, to feed their hate for the living, returning to their tombs before sunrise. The Wights have quietly "recruited" travellers camping on the Moonsea Ride and now number some thirty Half-Wights, twenty three Wights, and the Mound King himself. The Lannane farmstead is deserted and there are a few signs of a struggle, the unfortunate farmers are now Half-Wights under the command of Vinjarek.

- Tavelle eventually falls asleep within a tent, he keeps the flap open to allow him to see a sliver of Selune until his eyelids prove too heavy.

When Tavelle was created I imagined that he would have maybe Mystra or Azuth as his patron deity but we never really discussed it during the creation process. It turned out Tavelle had begun to favour Selune and it became apparent during some of our early gaming sessions. He would describe sitting at his small wooden desk, looking out of his open window at the night sky, the stars and sweet Selune. When I created Naema I had chosen her patron deity to be Selune, and I hadn't told Tavelle, so it was a very nice coincidence. It came up during a conversation when Naema arrived at the tower with some militia, to escort Tavelle and the Wavesilver's to Ashabenford, he had told her that Selune's silver light had guided and protected him.

One thing that I should now mention is that Tavelle has selected a theme for his spells, not the full-blown Spell Thematics feat, but a toned down visual theme that reflects his love of moonlight, stars and Selune. We discussed it, thought it was very fitting, and I loved the idea. I explained to Tavelle's player that it would only change the visual descriptor of the spells and provide no further benefit apart from looking different.

- The noises and smell of mornfry wake Tavelle, he makes his way from the tent to the main campfire where he is greeted by Naema and Liria. While eating his crispy bacon he memorizes his daily allotment of spells. The early morning mist is already being burned away by the summer sun.

- The camp is swiftly squared away and the journey to the Western Holdings and Dumic's Ranch continues.

- Just before highsun a great Wyvern is spotted flying high overhead heading west, it takes no notice of the patrol.

Tavelle's player breathed an audible sigh of relief when it just flew past... I have plans for that Wyvern...

- The patrol take their highsun meals in the saddle and by mid afternoon have reached the outer boundaries of Dumic's ranch.

- The group travel through a few acres of tall Cornfields and into fields of yellow flowered Rape. They make their way through lanes with cattle grazing either side and spot a group of farm buildings, with the welcome sight of a plume of smoke rising from the chimneystacks. Dumic is hailed and greeted by some workers tending the herds and asked how his journey has fared, the workers are pleased to see the patrol.

- Tavelle notes that the buildings are stone and timber, the largest has a great, weather-beaten shield above the entrance emblazoned with a Rack of Antlers depicted in red.

- As the patrol stops outside the main building they are greeted by Nerla, Dumic's heavy set wife and nine, red-headed, children of various ages. Dumic declares to the patrol that they are his guests for the night and that they may sleep, secure in the shelter of his common room. The horses are led to a large stablehouse where the militia and Riders of Mistledale unsaddle their mounts, with the assistance of some stablehands.

- Tavelle is surprised at how large the ranch is and how many people work for Dumic, he walks with Naema from the stables to the main building, she comments that the farmers look relieved to see them and Tavelle agrees.

- Nerla greets Naema and is introduced to Tavelle, they are led into a great, wooden beamed, common room with large hearthfires on opposing walls. Some of the patrol are already seated and feasting on roasted boar with the families that live on the ranch.

- The pair take seats with the others, Nerla informs Naema that she is worried that the Selmer farm might be next, they are the next closest to the Barrowfields and have refused shelter at Dumic's ranch until the Lannane's disappearance is investigated.

- Nerla has never met a Wizard in person but she has been told by Jobet Selmer that Nereskul maybe abit of a recluse but he has a heart of gold and two wonderful children.

- Over the course of the evening Tavelle entertains the ranch's small herd of children with some minor Prestigidations, the patrol is well fed and the farmer's home distilled brandy is very welcome. After the children are put to bed Dumic asks Tavelle to recount the story of the Unicorn and Kendra's defeat. Tavelle has told the story a few times now and is getting alot more comfortable with its telling. Naema, Brondar and Tynan seem to enjoy everyone's reactions as their parts are mentioned.

- The patrol settles down in the common room for the night and Tavelle comments to Naema that he preferred last night "Under the stars". All the riding has taken its toll on Tavelle, that and a few glasses of powerful brandy, he is soon asleep on his bedroll.

- Tavelle is awoken by the commotion of the patrol members getting up and donning their armour, he's also alerted to the smell of fried sausages and baked bread. Naema bids him a good morning, she is already armed and armoured. As Tavelle gets ready Naema whispers that she has found it very difficult not to just "Jump him" in his sleep, they share a giggle as the militia eye them.

- Tavelle eats his sausage, in a flour covered roll, while perusing his spellbook and prepares his daily spells. They will be heading to the Selmer farm to ensure their safety and then onwards to the Lannane farmstead to investigate the disappearances.

- The patrol collect their mounts, bid farewell to Dumic, Nerla and the other families, and make their way in the direction of the Selmer farm.

- After an hour in the saddle they leave the western border of Dumic's holdings behind them.

- As they approach the outskirts of the Selmer farm they see Arknat, the farm's owner, driving a team of horses in a rough earthen field. When he sees Nelyssa at the head of the patrol he halts the horses and makes his way towards the fence to greet them. Arknat invites the patrol to the farmhouse, his two sons, Narviss and Ednere, are busy looking after the Lannane's livestock. He explains that Coner Lannane would do the same for him. Tavelle notices the reverance that Arknat holds Nelyssa in as he thanks the Bountiful Goddess for lending a simple man her shield.

- Nelyssa introduces Tavelle to Arknat and explains that he is Nereskul's apprentice, the farmer tells Tavelle that his father and mother used to visit the farm as Jobet, his wife, was Merrielle's best friend.

- Arknat says that what with all the strange goings on his youngest daughter Maisie has been making up all sorts of stories, "Silver Dragons and pale, angry, men-things is her latest, she's always talked of the Faeries with acorn hats that hide in the herb garden, but what with that Wyvern thing that I've seen with my own eyes, just a few hours ago, it makes you wonder."

- Tavelle's reaction to Arknat's stories started with acute interest at the mention of a Silver Dragon, dropped alot when Faeries came out, then disappeared to nothing when acorn hats and herb gardens followed. When the farmer mentioned the Wyvern Tavelle looked skywards, interested but worried.

- Tavelle listens as Arknat accompanies the patrol to his farmhouse, the farmer is gravely concerned as to what might have befallen his neighbour.

- As the patrol reaches the farmhouse they are met by Jobet, Arknat's wife, and Maisie, their six year old daughter. Arknat makes a point of introducing Tavelle as Nereskul and Merrielle's boy to Jobet, the friendly greeting that he receives is very welcome.

- As the patrol members discuss recent events with Arknat and Jobet, Tavelle approaches Maisie and introduces himself. He notes her emerald green eyes and her dark curly hair and says, "It must be easy to confuse a Dragon with a Wyvern?", the youngster replies, "It was a Silver Dragon, she telled me herself after she jumped on the thin angry men!".

The look on Tavelle's players face was just priceless... she had his full attention. I asked Tavelle for a Knowledge: Arcana check to see if he could recall the identifying features that were particular to Silver Dragons. His check came out at 29, not bad at all.

- Tavelle asks Maisie to describe what the Dragon looked like and is surprised by the level of detail that the child goes into. Maisie explains that she was playing with Nibblenook, a herb garden faerie, in the evening when she saw pale men, near a copse of trees. They had started towards where she was standing, the Silver Dragon had intercepted them, tore through them and then approached the wide-eyed youngster to see if she was unharmed. Maisie says that the Dragon was a girl Dragon and her name was "Air - Ray - Ell".

- Maisie goes on to tell Tavelle that the Dragon had seemed weary after the fight and had asked if she could have a sheep "To restore her strength". Maisie had said yes, we have plenty of sheep.

- Naema approaches Tavelle and asks what they are talking about, Tavelle replies "Dragons, Wyverns and Faeries", Maisie says, "Eatin' sheep too". Maisie then tells the pair that the copse of trees where the pale men were slaughtered is just over there, she points at the area with a tiny finger.

- Naema and Tavelle ask Maisie to wait where she is and the pair proceed to the small copse of trees. As they approach Naema spots a twisted, claw-like hand jutting out of the undergrowth, she points it out to Tavelle as they cautiously get closer.

- Partially obcsured by the thick brambles are six, smashed, inhuman-undead creatures. They remind Tavelle of the zombies that Kendra had summoned but are somewhat different in appearance, the creatures look calcified.

- Naema alerts Nelyssa and the rest of the patrol to what they have discovered and they wait while the Paladin of Chauntea surveys the scene. Jerrell, mumbles that something big had landed and dealt with these "things". Nelyssa explains that the "things" are, in fact, Wights... the concern written across her face is plain for everyone to see.

- The patrol group decide to strike out for the Lannane farmstead immediately, Brondar says that they will have at least a few hours to survey the holdings for clues before they lose the light.

I don't think I can get away with calling this a backstory anymore.

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Update (15th May 2011)

- During the ride to the Lannane farmstead the militia seem to have been genuinely unnerved by the remnants of the half-dozen Wights. Tavelle takes the time to inform Nelyssa of his conversation with Maisie, he tells her of the child's, near-perfect, description of a Silver Dragon but withholds the name that she had told him. Nelyssa confides in Tavelle that she is concerned with what may lurk in the Barrowfields and whether they are prepared, she seems very grateful to this mystery Dragon for saving the Selmer's lives.

- Nelyssa tells Tavelle that she believes the Dragon must have returned at some stage to reimburse Arknat Selmer for the sheep. Apparently Arknat had found a small pouch of coins on his porch, more than enough to cover the cost of an animal.

I can honestly say I've never seen Tavelle's player quite so excited, the slightest mention of the Dragon, "Air - Ray - Ell", had him grinning from ear to ear. In an out-of-character discussion he mentioned that Maisie probably did play with the Faeries in the herb garden. I think the only thing that had him worried were the Wights, he's an experienced DM and knows what most things are capable of.

- Liria and Naema return from scouting ahead, bearing reports of a dead and deserted holding. It isn't long before the patrol sights the farmhouse... it's very quiet. There are corpses of various animals littering the fields as they approach, in differing stages of decay, their arrival disturbs a murder of feeding crows that take flight to the branches of a large copse of trees a few hundred feet to the south.

- Nelyssa sends squads of the militia to scout the various outbuildings, Liria makes good use of Drool's sensitive nose in the search.

- Tavelle watches as the investigation continues, Serrick approaches the Shield of Chauntea and says, "Brondar is in the main farmhouse and has something you might want to see".

- Nelyssa and Tavelle meet Brondar and a few grim-faced militia at the bottom of the stairs. A set of bloody hand prints are smeared along the wall and splattered on the steps.

- Jerren enters and says "Someone nearly got to the stables, the tracks didn't make sense, it was like a struggle between two people, then they left together in the same direction".

- Tavelle says that he has seen a man, named Nerv, who was wounded by a zombie, perish and rise as one of them. Nelyssa confirms that those slain by a Wight's life-draining claws will eventually rise as a Wight under their slayer's control.

- Liria enters the main farmhouse and reports that all the farm animals that the Selmer's didn't take to look after, are dead, "slashed, ripped and bitten".

- Nelyssa informs Naema and Brondar to gather the patrol, once assembled, she tells the group that, "We will investigate the Barrowfields in the morning, I will not risk venturing there at night. If more Wights are intent on the Selmer farmstead then it is us who stand between them. We shall camp here in the open, the mounts at the center. I shall not hide in a farmhouse for we need to maximize our strengths.", Brondar nods his agreement and Nelyssa continues, "Set a distant ring of large watch-pyres, then a closer ring surounding the camp, I want to see them coming.".

I've tried to structure the Riders of Mistledale patrols so that they have a Patrol Leader, in this case Nelyssa, and two full Riders, Brondar, a sergeant, and Naema, a corporal. There is a defined command structure but the militia are expected to contribute their own ideas and personal skills. With the arrival of Tavelle it has changed somewhat

- The patrol splits between Naema and Brondar, they set about pulling up fenceposts and dragging bales of hay to create the large outer pyres. They have a couple of hours before nightfall.

- Nelyssa asks Tavelle what he knows about Wights. Tavelle remembers reading the large black tome, from which he learned the Protection From Evil enchantment. It was the only book of useful information, regarding the unliving, in the entire tower and it gave him the creeps. The large grimoire was bound in the skin of a living creature, Tavelle knew this because the back covering had an eyebrow. It detailed skeletal creatures, zombies, ghouls and even ghasts but not Wights. "Not a great deal i'm afraid", Tavelle answers honestly.

- The camp is prepared and Brondar requests permission to take some militia and get a feel of the land between us and the Barrowfields, while the light holds. Nelyssa asks Tavelle to accompany Brondar and the few he will be scouting with, Liria decides she fancies a ride on Drool and follows. As they turn their mounts to head west a huge crash and splitting of wood is heard from the yonder copse of trees.

- Nelyssa commands Brondar's assembled group to investigate with caution.

- The group under Brondar's lead ride towards the copse and over the hoofbeats they hear more trees crashing and cracking.

Tavelle's player gave me a look as if to wonder whether they really should be poking around.

- Brondar slows his mount to a steady trot and the other riders follow suit. A decidedly spooked Liria squeaks to Tavelle that, "Uncle Merrywink says curiosity killed the Halfling!", but she does have to laugh when Tavelle asks, " Do you think it applies to apprentice wizards?".

- They round the copse of trees at a respectful distance and can see immediately what caused the sounds. A gargantuan Wyvern of enormous size lays broken and impaled on the shattered trees.

- Brondar swears loudly. Tavelle and Liria agree.

I described to Tavelle's player that it was enormous, even at the distance that they were viewing it from. When I said Gargantuan I meant it it.

- Brondar swears loudly once more, as he and Tavelle spot a female figure come into view from beside the dead beast, longsword in hand. Tavelle sees the slender form of a young lady, who appears unarmoured and unharmed. "By Arvoreen's light! She slew that thing?", asks Liria.

I gave Tavelle's player a description of a beauty that surpassed Kerryn's, the kind that gave you goosebumps.... funny thing was though, he seemed more interested in the Wyvern, "Do I know of any spell components or useful stuff from a Wyvern to sell? Remember i'm broke! Being a Mage is expensive!", he asked me.

- As the patrol approached, Brondar hails the dark haired lady declaring that they are the Riders of Mistledale. The swordswoman sheaths her blade and starts lacing up her top properly, "It came loose in the melee", she explains. Brondar is a bit speechless at this point.

I think the sight of the Wyvern, his adopted Sembian father's mercantile background, and the thought of gold got the better of Tavelle.

- As he dismounts from Fury, and makes his way past the young lady, he spies the huge stinger at the end of the beasts tail. He makes his way up to the creature's enormous head to look at its reptillian orbs and teeth.

Tavelle reminded me of a Sembian merchant wondering how much coin he could get for the mother-in-law. I hadn't really seen this side of Tavelle and it did make me laugh. Tavelle's player said that he felt a bit naughty for not asking Brondar's permission to inspect the Wyvern, but the Rider seems to be a bit tongue tied and awkward in the swordswoman's presence, so he took advantage.

- "Let's have another look at that stinger" he says aloud and makes his way past a huge missing, diamond shaped, chunk of scales in the Wyvern's side. Tavelle cuts the sharp tip off the stinger and clumsily gets black liquid all over his left hand.

- Tavelle continues his detailed and very thorough inspection and finds a few deep symmetrical gashes on the beasts torso and one wing seems to be frozen solid and partially shattered, puzzling.

I didn't want him cottoning on to my surprise so I mentioned that there was a lovely looking Wyvern's tooth on the floor... it was a "Oooh, Shiny!" moment of distraction.

- Brondar calls Tavelle over, as he approaches his left hand starts tingling, like cramp.

- The rider stands with the stunningly beautiful swordswoman and as Tavelle approaches, Brondar says, "Tavelle, if you've quite finished? This is Erael."

Tavelle's player's jaw just dropped open... it was a cool moment.

To be continued...

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Tavelle's player just gave me a flustered look, he realised who, and more importantly what, stood in front of him.
I can probably count the times that a Dragon has featured in any of my games with the fingers on one hand, I wouldn't even need to use my thumb. Erael's creation process had been alot of fun and a learning experience. I hadn't used a 3.5 Dragon in a few years, and I have to admit I couldn't even remember what breath weapons a Silver possessed. I know all the Chromatics, but I had either forgotten or had never paid attention to the Metallics, weird huh?
I asked him if he wanted to try and conceal his surprise or at least attempt not to look so intimidated. Tavelle's player said that he did, so I required a Bluff check, opposed by Erael's Sense Motive. I also decided that Brondar would get an attempt at a Sense Motive check to see if he realised Tavelle was in a panic.

I rolled a 16 for Erael, a result of..... 36!

I rolled 12 for Brondar, a result of 14.

Tavelle managed a decent roll of 14, for a total of 17, he had fooled Brondar, but not Erael. The Silver Dragon had realised, almost immediately, that this wizard was aware of her true nature. I thought that due to her intelligence she reckoned that she had been sold out by a six year old.

- Tavelle stood there in front of Erael and came to the conclusion that he may have fooled the Rider of Mistledale, but this "Air - Ray - Ell", and her sapphire eyes, had seen straight through his attempt to conceal his revelation. "Well met", he eventually managed.

Tavelle's player just said, "Bugger! She knows that I know!".

I reasoned that Brondar thought that Tavelle was having the same reaction to Erael's beauty as he had, when he first laid eyes on the young lass. Brondar still couldn't quite believe how a 120lb. slip of a thing had taken down the biggest, nastiest, Wyvern he had ever seen.

- Brondar breaks the awkward silence, "Erael is a wandering Sorceress, I told her that you're our Mage". At this stage Liria speaks up, "My uncle Merrywink says that Sorcerer's have the blood of dragon's running in their veins! Is it true Tavelle?". Tavelle hadn't been able to take his eyes away from Erael and the "Sorceress" had not shifted her silvery-blue orbs away from him. He spoke to Liria, but his eyes never strayed from Erael, and said, "Some more than others".

I casually informed Tavelle that his left hand was completely numb.

- Tavelle bends his left arm at the elbow, stares at his swollen hand, and says, "I think I may have poisoned myself?", Brondar curses Tavelle's clumsiness and asks, "What in the Nine Hells were you doing playing with Wyvern venom?".

- Liria looks up to Erael, "I thought Wizards were supposed to be intelligent?", to which the sorceress replies with a smile, while still looking at Tavelle, "Some more than others".

- Brondar takes Tavelle by the forearm to closer inspect the swollen hand, "I can't see any cuts, although if there were any I expect you'd be dead by now", Tavelle manages to mumble an apology of sorts, "I'm flat broke after crafting my cloak clasp, I thought I might be able to salvage some bits off the Wyvern".

Tavelle looked very sorry for himself, I was trying hard not to fall about laughing.

- "We need to wash this stuff off your hand, right away", Brondar walks to his mount to collect a skin of water, but is halted by Erael who tells him, "I can conjure some water". Tavelle holds out his "big" hand and a shower of water, out of nowhere, splashes over it. The water pours for a short while and then ceases abruptly, the hand looked clean, "Thankyou", says Tavelle.

- After Erael had conjured the water Brondar asked her where her mount was, "Did the beast scare it away?", and the sorceress replied, "I'm not a very accomplished rider, besides I enjoy the walking".

- Liria asked, "You walk? Everywhere? Why are you so far from the Moonsea Ride? Where have you travelled from? This far west isn't safe!".

- Tavelle managed a chuckle and said, "Tell that to the Wyvern". He was concerned about his hand but there was the tingling sensation of pins and needles, it seemed to be improving. He was still in awe of Erael, she was very beautiful. Liria started to take another breath....

- Tavelle knew what was coming, he had felt the same way when being bombarded with questions at Stumphill, so he offered Erael an escape route from Liria's interrogation with an interruption, "Would you join our camp this night... my lady? We have travelled from Ashabenford to investigate the disappearance of the Lannane family at their farm on the other side of the trees". Brondar started to nod in agreement, "Aye, share our camp this night, the Selmer farm would have ended the same way as the Lannane's, Tymora blessed them with a Silver Dragon, it slew the Wights that threatened them, the least we can do is offer you our protection".

- Erael arched an eyebrow and looked to Tavelle, "A Silver Dragon, you say?", Tavelle raised an eyebrow of his own, "Yeah, fancy that?", he replied with a smile.

He is such a brilliant player to DM for.

- Erael gave Brondar a bright smile, "Thankyou, I accept your offer of protection this night, noble sir. I saw the farmstead was deserted when I passed through earlier".

- Tavelle asked Liria to inform the Shield of Chauntea what was happening, the Halfling nodded to Brondar and leapt up on Drool.

- Tavelle watched as Erael hefted a large rucksack over one shoulder, almost creaking under it's weight. He noticed that the backpack had a large, and very thick strap of leather with a big belt-buckle on one side unused and folded up.

Tavelle's player said that he thought a shapechanged Dragon would be stronger, I explained that he reckons that Naema is physically stronger than Erael, and that he would struggle alot worse carrying her pack, from what he could see anyway.

- Tavelle inquired, "Can you ride? I know you say you have no horse", Erael replied, "I can a bit, yes, but I don't ride often". Brondar had realised what Tavelle was getting at, "Will you summon our new friend Spot to ride?", he asked with a grin.

- Erael looked at Tavelle curiously, "What is a Spot, and would I really want to ride one?", she shifted her footing due to the weight of her pack.

- Brondar mounts up, he orders the rest of the scouting group to head back to the camp, he looks at Erael and her backpack, and offers his hand, "May I take that for you, it looks a load?". Erael thanks Brondar and hands him up the pack, the Rider stows it behind him on the saddle, "I can't believe you carry it everywhere, it's quite heavy, what's in it?". Erael laughs, looks at Brondar, and says, "Everything".

- Tavelle touches the twin-horse-head, silver cloak clasp and mentally calls for the mount. A saddled, piebald, stallion appears out of thin air, "This is Spot, my sister named him, not I, he is swift for a small horse, surprisingly so". Brondar adds, "I can attest to that, a very fast steed". Tavelle mounts Fury and notices that it is huge in comparison to Spot.

- Erael approaches Spot and strokes his nose, "He's lovely, your sister named him well", she mounts the spotted stallion and motions it towards Tavelle and Brondar. The trio start making their way back to the camp in the field at the farm.

- Erael asks Tavelle, "The beautiful, silver, cloak clasp that summoned Spot, am I correct in thinking that you crafted it, and enchanted it?", Tavelle nodded and replied, "My father is the true artisan in regards to enchanting items, this is the first that I have managed. It took me a long time to get the horses right", and Brondar added, "I think it's a fitting piece for a Rider of Mistledale, Naema said that you are making one for Kerryn?". Tavelle nodded his head again, "Luckily she is covering the cost, I could not afford to make another".

- As they approach the Rider's encampment they pass an outer ring of large watch-pyres encircling a ring closer to the camp. A couple of tents have been pitched and the horses corralled into a makeshift paddock near the centre. The outer watch-pyres are extremely large, at their center are a few stacked, hay-bales soaked in lamp oil, about fifty feet closer to the camp are the "smaller", man-sized, watch-fires.

- Tavelle looked at Brondar and said, "Nelyssa's trying to attract their attention, to make them come to us?", "Aye", says Brondar and continues, "The Shield of Chauntea is standing in their path to the Selmer farm, she told me that they will not likely be able to deny the pull of our life-forces. I hope you've been practising with Anvil's Edge? It might be a long night".

- Nelyssa makes her way over to meet the trio as they dismount, Liria is at her side and says, "That's the sorceress who slew the Wyvern", Nelyssa looks intently at Erael, smiles, and says, "Well met Erael, you have my sincerest gratitude for your heroism". Erael shifts as though embarrassed, "Thankyou, you live in a beautiful Dale it is worth defending".

- The Shield of Chauntea turns to Tavelle and says, "Brondar, Liria, I need to speak with Tavelle, please introduce our guest to the others", Brondar nodds, "Come, let us see what Serrick is cooking up", he motions for Erael to follow him and they depart.

Tavelle's player was very relieved when I had explained that the swelling on his left hand was lessening, and that he could tentatively close his fingers.

- Nelyssa looks to Tavelle and shakes her head, "What in the name of Chauntea were you doing trying to collect Wyvern venom? We have a long and uncertain night ahead of us and I need your mind and your magic", Tavelle spoke quietly, "I'm sorry, I wasn't really thinking". There was a short silence."What do you make of Erael?", Nelyssa asked.

Tavelle's player said to me that he was concerned about lying to Nelyssa, not just because she was a Paladin, but because he really respected and loved her character.
The other problem that he confessed was that he was not only "In awe" of Erael, but that he was smitten with her. That didn't come as a huge shock if i'm honest, Tavelle's player had been so excited the moment Brondar had mentioned her name, I just thought to myself... poor Naema.

- Tavelle decided he would not lie, "I think we are fortunate to have her with us, the Wyvern she defeated was of a nightmarish size", but he would not betray Erael's secret. Nelyssa says to Tavelle, "Grab some food and make sure you get some sleep as soon as you can". Tavelle nods and makes his way over to the campfire.

- Tavelle sees that Erael is standing with Brondar and has been given a wooden bowl and cup, there is a small crowd of militiamen with the pair. Naema approaches and asks, "How is your hand? Let me see", Tavelle clenches his left hand into a fist a couple of times, "It's returning to normal". Naema gets closer to Tavelle, "When Liria returned and explained what had happened, I was worried", she gently places her hand on his arm, "I saved you some food", she hands Tavelle a bowl with a serving of roasted lamb.

- Tavelle thanks Naema and sits on his pack to eat, Naema sits down next to him and says, "I can't get over that she managed to kill a Wyvern, it'd be like little Maisie knocking Battle-Chaplain Baergil on his bum", the image made him laugh, "Nelyssa has told me to get some sleep as soon as I can, I don't want to sleep in a tent tonight either, I want to be ready for when they come", Naema nodded, "Don't worry, I'll wake you, Selune is big and bright, the Shield has use for my eyes". Tavelle looked up at the darkening, cloudless sky, a few stars were visible and Selune was already full and bright, "Night Night", says Naema as she gets up and makes her way over to Tynan, who is busy making torches.

- The camp is active and Tavelle reasons that Nelyssa, Brondar, and Naema have kept the militia occupied to keep their minds from worrying. Tavelle rolls out his bedroll and unfolds his winterblanket and kneels on it facing towards Selune.

This is where Tavelle's player said Tavelle was going to say a prayer to his goddess, for protection for his friends around him now, and for Kerryn and Nereskul back at the tower. I thought that it was wholly appropriate for what I had been planning.
I've never been a huge fan of dream visions or things like that, but Tavelle has been, in my mind, very devoted to Selune and has incorporated this devotion brilliantly. A few years ago I saw the film, Stardust, I wasn't particularly expecting to like it, wrongly held pre-conceptions I suppose? The thing was I loved it, I thought the mood of it and the story was amazing, Claire Danes (swoon!), and DeNiro in a dress... what more could you ask for?
The scene that i'm referring to is when Tristan Thorn is asleep under an oak, Yvaine is in danger, and the stars call to him, to warn, and wake him.

- Tavelle says a whispered prayer to Selune and settles down on his bedroll, pulling the winterblanket over himself. It isn't long before he is fast asleep.

- "Tavelle, wake up Tavelle", Tavelle hears a gentle female voice calling to him, he opens his eyes and sees the camp is bathed in silver and black. Everything is eerily silent, the patrol seem to go about their chores, some are curled in their blankets, oblivious to this strange, but beautiful, light. "Erm, Hello? I'm awake", says Tavelle, looking about at the scene in amazement, "No child, you are dreaming, you need to wake yourself, you and your companions are in peril", the voice is strong, yet melodious, and full of concern. "Who are you? Where are you?", calls the mage looking about, "Up Tavelle, raise your eyes", whispers the voice.

At this stage I was thinking, "Damn it, just try and wake up you muppet!". All I needed to hear from Tavellle's player was that he wanted to wake.

- Tavelle cast his eyes to the night sky, Selune and her stars had never looked so magical, he focused on the large, bright moon, "Wake up Tavelle!", the voice says more urgently, "The Wights are moving!", a small star twinkles and pulsates as the voice speaks, sending a shower of drifting silver motes falling into the camp.

Ok, if you won't wake yourself, I thought, I'll wake you myself.

- "You're a star?", inquires Tavelle in astonishment, "Selune?", he asks aloud.

- "By the moonmaiden! You're making this difficult!", exclaims the female voice in exasperation, "I am a herald of the lady in silver, please Tavelle, just wake up".

I took matters into my own hands. When the star had cast her motes towards the camp one of them had cast a Light of Lunia enchantment on him. Tavelle was laying in his bedroll, casting a silver radiance out to sixty feet, the camp had noticed something was up with their wizard.

- Tavelle sees the scene ripple, as though it was a still pond and a stone had been dropped in, and feels a strong hand shake him by the shoulder. He hears Brondar's voice, "Tavelle, wake up", Tavelle quickly opens his eyes, sees the hemispherical moonlight from the Light of Lunia spell, and stands up. Brondar notes the look on Tavelle's face, "We are under attack! The Wights are coming!", the young mage calls to the militia and unsheathes Anvil's Edge to accentuate the statement. Tavelle catches sight of Erael, looking around at the silver radiance. The majority of the patrol are up and about, with weapons readied, looking at the strange radiance.

- Nelyssa approaches, "Tavelle, what is going on? Why have you cast this enchantment?", "I did not cast anything, I was asleep, a star forewarned me of an attack", Tavelle replied and noted how ridiculous his words sounded. Nelyssa looked a little dubious, but called out "Naema, tell me what you see?", Tavelle looks to Naema, who is standing next to Erael, he sees her peer beyond the silver radiance, she turns towards Nelyssa with her eyes glinting, "I see nothing".

Tavelle stated that he was casting a Mage Armour spell.

- Tavelle cast his eyes upwards, towards the star that had sent the warning, the star twinkled, just as stars do, but remained silent. "Just a bad dream?" asked Brondar, "It isn't surprising you have the willies, we all do this close to the Barrowfields.... are you casting?".

- Tavelle hears Erael's voice loudly declare, "Tavelle is right! They are coming!", and he sees Naema staring out past the larger watch-pyres , "I see noth... They are coming!", Naema looks unnerved and points in the direction with her sword. Tavelle sees Erael concentrate for a moment, in the next instant she is clad in a shining mithral breastplate, with the image of a rampant silver dragon worked into it.

Tavelle's player just said one word, "Amazing!", and then muttered that he didn't know a spell like that existed.

- To Tavelle's eyes everything seems to happen at once, the militiamen grab shields and weapons, the two riders start barking orders. Nelyssa looks to Tavelle and asks, "How long will this silver light last?", Tavelle replies, "I do not know, not very long? I did not cast it". Erael makes her way in front of the assembling shield wall and draws her slender longsword, it's pommel is capped with the head of a snarling golden Lion.

I informed Tavelle's player that he felt that the Light of Lunia enchantment, that was active upon him, had two ray attacks available. Tavelle's player said that he thought it would be better to have this light source for as long as it would last. He then decided that a Shield spell seemed like a good idea.

- "Front rank form up with shields, archers at the ready!", commands the Shield of Chauntea. Nelyssa directs Tavelle to stand just behind the front ranks of kneeling militia bearing shield and spear, "Any that make it to the shields, can you burn them?", asks the Paladin, Tavelle nods, "Yes, but just one time I regret". The Shield of Chauntea calls to Erael, "Keep your eyes open, they may try and flank us, and get behind the shield wall".

- Tavelle strains his eyes to attempt to see past the larger fires, he casts a low-light vision enchantment on himself. "Here they come", says Erael, as she stands next to Tavelle, "Ooh your eyes are silver, like Naema's", as she notices his sparkling orbs. "I doubt they are as effective as yours, m'lady", comments Tavelle in response, "M'lady?, oh I like that", Erael laughs.

- Two ranks of archers are positioned behind the ten man shield wall, facing the oncoming Wights. Alongside the archers, her eyes sparkling with silver, stands Naema with an arrow nocked. Brondar stands with the shieldmen who bear their spears forwards, and says to the militiaman to the left of him, "Tynan, if the moment presents itself, and he can catch a few, Tavelle will use his fiery hands spell, on my command break left and I will push right". Nelyssa stands to Tavelle's right, her Scimitar seemingly glowing in anticipation. Nelyssa grasps the holy symbol of Chauntea and closes her eyes, Tavelle hears her whisper, "All you have to do is close your eyes and place yourself in her hands".

- Tavelle sees movement at the very limit of his vision, he counts at least a dozen, gaunt and twisted, figures nearing the outer watch-pyres.

They're coming straight for us Tavelle's player reasoned, he was correct as well, the Wight's had met very little resistance in earlier raids, there would be no tactical finesse here.

- Nelyssa calls out, "For Mistledale!", the patrol replies with the cry, "Mistledale!".

- Tavelle prepares to cast a Disrupt Undead spell should any make it to the shieldbearers.

- Naema shouts for the front rank of archers to fire and Tavelle hears the volley of ten arrows hum past overhead.

I was wondering how effective the militia would be against the Wights, it had given me quite a cause for concern. I had mixed in sixteen (2HD) half-wights amongst the raiding group and there were eight full (4 x 4HD, 4 x 5HD) wights. The first group consisted of two wights and four half-wights, they would attack in four waves, spaced two combat rounds apart. I figured that if the patrol struggled to deal with a wave then it would get continually more difficult as the next joined the fray.

- The front rank of archers did a great job with the first volley, downing two half-wights, and managing to injure the rest.

- Naema shouts for the second rank of archers to fire and another volley whizzes past Tavelle.

- Tavelle sees two of the slightly smaller wights go down in a hail of arrows but the two larger wights, a couple of arrows protruding from each, press forwards. There is a burst of movement from Erael as Tavelle sees her throw her longsword at the lead Wight. As the blade leaves her hand it almost seems to propel itself through the air, its velocity increasing significantly. As it swoops past the first wight it cuts in, cleaving the creature, and then loops to the second to strike that in turn. The second Wight is quite badly wounded, but still up, and closing on the shields.

Tavelle's player looked at me and said, "That's such a cool spell!".

- The longsword arcs back to Erael's hand and the sorceress deftly snatches it from the air.

Tavelle's player looked extremely jealous.

- The Wight closes the distance to the shieldwall swiftly, it is met by spear thrusts from both Brondar and Tynan, skewering the creature. The Wight claws at Brondar and grasps the spear to try and edge closer, "Somebody?", calls the Rider of Mistledale. Tavelle raises a hand, his palm facing the undead horror, and unleashes a Disrupt Undead spell. After the flash of radiance from the ray has subsided the impaled Wight is missing its head and has slumped on the two spears.

- The next wave of Wights come into the sights of the archers and the first rank unleash their arrows.

Not such a great volley, only four of the ten arrows hit and one half-wight crashes to the ground. I decided to spice things up and have a group of wights attempt to flank the patrol.

- The second rank of archers loose their missiles. Erael calls out that a group of Wights are attempting to circle round the outer watch-pyres to the south.

The second volley was alot more effective, six out of ten arrows find their marks in the Wights, but only one full-wight is slain.

- Nelyssa commands Naema and the second group of archers to prepare to receive a charge from the south, the militia take up shields and draw their swords. Erael moves from Tavelle and Nellyssa's side, to help bolster the southern shieldbearers.

- Brondar calls "Tavelle prepare your fire, Tynan on my lead open the shield wall". Tavelle plants the tip of Anvil's Edge in the soft earth of the field and readies a Burning hands spell, he sees the remaining four Wights closing.

- "Now!", shouts Brondar as he angles his shield to open a gap, Tynan responds in fashion, "Burn the bastards!", cries the militiaman. Tavelle places his hands together and shapes his fingers wide, as he utters the last inflection a great, cone-shaped, conflagration of silver and blue flames erupt from his outstretched fingertips.

The Burning Hands spell slew the three remaining half-wights, unfortunately for Tavelle the full-wight had made it's reflex save, and had taken a negligible amount of damage.

- The larger of the Wights made straight for Tavelle with its twisted black claws, and fanged maw, opened wide in anticipation, there was, after all, a nice opening in the shields. A small sling stone cracked off of its head, the Wight seemed not to notice.

- Brondar missed his spear thrust, Tynan didn't and connected with the large Wight's side, plunging into, and through, its ribcage.

Tynan had rolled a natural 20, as the DM began to get excited and prepared for the NPC's critical confirmation roll, Tavelle's player said "They're immune to crits, they're undead". Silly DM.

Tavelle had used his 5ft. step to get into position and unleash his Burning Hands. His player commented that at least he'd listened to Baergil's advice, he repeated the Battle-Chaplain's words, " If you can't kill the bugger with your magic before he closes, make sure your armed, warded, and ready".

- The momentum of the Wight's charge, even while impaled on Tynan's spear, carried it forwards to Tavelle. It lashed out furiously and hungrily. The vicious attack was blocked by a combination of the Shield spell and Tavelle's Mage Armour enchantment.

- Tavelle hears Nelyssa call out to Chauntea, asking the Bountiful Goddess to visit her divine wrath down on the Wights.

The turning attempt was directed at the southern group of six rapidly approaching Wights. Nelyssa had reasoned that with only ten archers available the Wights would reach the hastily assembled shield wall. The turning attempt was a great success it had forced both full-wights to retreat. The archers let loose a volley of missiles four of the ten striking the Wights.

- Brondar thrust his spear at the thrashing, impaled, undead creature and connected as the spear tip tore through its shoulder. Tavelle grasped the hilt of Anvil's Edge, ripping it from the earth, and swung the Dwarven sword at the Wight.

He rolled a 17! The 1d8 was a 7 and that put the Wight on minus hit points, he'd delivered the killing blow.

- Anvil's Edge cleaved through the Wight's calcified flesh of its neck, sending it looping away. Brondar and Tynan turned to regard Tavelle with large smiles on their faces, "Good work, Swordmage", laughs Brondar.

- With the enhanced vision, afforded by the Low-Light enchantment, Tavelle could see that another group of Wights had cleared the western outer pyres and were beginning their attack. He noticed that the ten archers had split into two groups, one facing west, with his shieldwall, and one south. He could see Erael hacking furiously at a Wight, one strike, a second, and then a third, Tavelle was quite sure that it had ceased its undead existence on the second swing.

- Brondar commanded the five archers to loose their arrows at the approaching undead, one half-wight fell but the others pressed on.

Tavelle's player stated that he was going to cast a Magic Missile spell, he explained that it would be a, 2nd level, Battering Ram enchantment, converted with his Signature Spell feat. I was aware that he had exhausted his 1st level spells completely.

- "Stand firm lads!", commands Brondar to the shieldwall and begins to brace himself. Nelyssa appears at Tavelle's side and starts calling to her goddess, "Begone abominations! In the name of Chauntea!".

Another fantastic Turning check by Nelyssa sees the two full-wights fall back and flee.

- The three remaining half-wights continue to close. A sling stone smashes into the side of a half-wights face. Serrick Tellemarn throws a flask at one of the wights, hitting it on the shoulder, the container breaks, releasing Holy Water that destroys the creature. Tavelle completes the Magic Missile spell and two darting, silvery-blue missiles converge on the lead half-wight, forcing the creature into a stumbling crash upon a levelled spear.

- The remaining half-wight is met by three spears, is forced to the ground, and finished by Brondar, he turns to Nelyssa, "Will the others return? The ones that fled from Chauntea's wrath?", the paladin nods, "More than likely", she turns to the patrol and calls, "Regroup, they may return once Chauntea's glare has faded, and Erael, please get behind the shield wall".

Tavelle's player decides that it is time to take up his wand, he explained he has but one spell of any real use remaining, Mirror Image. I think he quite liked the idea of having Anvil's Edge in one hand, and a Wand of Magic Missiles in the other.

- The patrol digs back in with Tavelle, Naema and Erael using their enhanced vision to try and spot the Wights.

As far as I was concerned the Wights had decided enough was enough, they were heading back to the Barrowfields to report to Vinjarek.

- After about half an hour Erael says, "I can see no signs of movement, maybe they have decided their losses were too great?", and Brondar comments to Nelyssa, "We have about three hours until dawn, Captain, should we stand down some of the patrol?", the Paladin shakes her head, "Not yet, they may have returned to their barrows to rally more upon us, we do not know their true numbers".

- Nelyssa requests Tavelle fetch a quill, ink and parchment. "You will be heading to Ashabenford at first light, I want Lanneth and Jentar here. You will take these messages to Battle-Chaplain Baergil at the barracks and Watchful Sister Alena at the Abbey", Tavelle looks abit unnerved, "Me?" he asks. The Shield of Chauntea says, "I want you to ride Fury as fast as you are able to Dumic's ranch. He will supply you with another horse, insist it is a fast one, and you will ride until it cannot go any further. You will then summon Spot, it is probably the swiftest horse that i've seen, what's the second horse named?", "Patches, Kerryn named him as well", Tavelle replies, and the Paladin continues, "After Spot tires you summon Patches and continue on, I expect you might make it by midnight", Tavelle nods, "I have a scroll of the Mount spell, that Master Kralikh gave to me when I departed the tower, should I need it".

- Nelyssa dictates two scrolls for Tavelle to scribe, one for the Abbey and one for Battle-Chaplain Baergil. Both messages describe the Wight attacks and requests a Priestly presence from the Watchful Sister of the Earth, and the aid of the other patrol leaders. After Tavelle finishes scribing the scrolls, Nelyssa seals them with wax and uses her holy symbol as a stamp.

- The patrol is still in a state of readiness, Tavelle makes his way to the horses and locates Fury. He notices that the famed mists of Mistledale are starting to gather as he saddles the stallion.

- Fury whickers and Tavelle turns to see Erael approaching she smiles and strokes the horse's neck, "You fought courageously earlier, your fellows think highly of you", says Erael turning to regard Tavelle, "I sense that you don't want to leave your friends?", Tavelle nodded, "This is my first patrol with the Riders of Mistledale, I want to stay and help them". Erael pauses and becomes more serious, "You knew who I was, or rather what I am, as soon as Brondar mentioned my name, yet you've said nothing.... Why is that?".

- Tavelle explains to Erael that "When I heard the tale from Maisie Selmer I thought it may have been just that, a tale. There was a book in Nereskul's tower that was old and fragile, a treatise on Dragonkind scribed by an Elven scholar. I copied the text from each page to a new tome to preserve the lore, the portraits were amazing and Maisie described the one of a Silver Dragon perfectly. When Brondar said your name I didn't know what to do, I thought that if you weren't willing to reveal yourself, what right had I to?", Erael nods, "Did Lady Nelyssa ask anything about me?".

Tavelle's player said he'd rather be at Stumphill answering Halfling questions.

- Tavelle answers honestly, "Nelyssa asked what I made of you, and I said, I think we are fortunate to have you with us. If she'd have said is Erael a Silver Dragon? Then it would have been different, I will not lie to Nelyssa".

- Erael gave Tavelle a warm smile and said, "Are you willing to bend the truth, once more?", "Why?", asked Tavelle, and the sorceress replied, "I can help get you to Ashabenford alot faster than Fury".

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I thought that it was about time I shared Brondar, one of my favorite Riders.

Brondar Alrannon
Male Chondathan Human Fighter3
NG Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +3; Senses Listen +1, Spot +6
Languages Chondathan, Common, Damaran.
AC 20, 11 touch, 17 flat-footed (+1 Dex, +7 Armour, +2 Shield) or AC 18, 11 touch, 17 flat-footed (+1 Dex, +7 Armour)
hp 32 (HD) 3d10+9
Fort +6, Ref +2, Will +2
Speed 20 ft. (4 squares); Face/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Melee +8 (2d6+4/19-20/x2 MW Greatsword) or +6 (1d8+3/x3 Spear) or +6 (1d8+3/x2 Heavy Mace)
Ranged +4 (1d8+3/110'/x3 Mighty +3 Composite Longbow) or +4 (1d8+3/20'/x3 Spear)
Base Atk +3; Grp +6
Atk Options Cleave, Power Attack, Quick Draw
Combat Gear Potion of Bull's Strength, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Abilities: Str 17(+3), Dex 12(+1), Con 16(+3), Int 14(+2), Wis 12(+1), Cha 12(+1)
SQ Immune to the Shaken effect.
Feats Blooded (R), Cleave (F2), Mounted Combat (F1), Power Attack (1st), Quick Draw (3rd), Weapon Focus: Greatsword (H)
Skills Climb +5{2}, Handle Animal +6{5}, Knowledge (Local- The Dalelands) +3{1*}, Ride +9{6}, Spot +6{3}, Survival +2{1*}, Swim +5{2}. Synergy bonuses not included. Armour Check Penalty -6 [MW Half-plate] or -8 [MW Half-plate and Heavy Steel Shield]
Possessions 20 Arrows, Backpack, Bedroll, Mighty Composite Longbow (+3 Str bonus), 2 Daggers, Heavy Mace, Heavy Steel Shield, MW Half-plate Armour, MW Greatsword, Potion of Bull's Strength, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Pouch of corn, Quiver, Spear, Whetstone, Winterblanket.
Heavy Warhorse (Bit and Bridle, Military Saddle, Saddle Bags).
Hook “I'd die for Mistledale, I don't plan to, but I would.”
Description Brondar is a forty-five year old, burly man with a heavy beard. He is a goose breeder and trainer of "Watch-Geese", and lives about a mile northwest of Ashabenford.
Height: 6'5", Weight: 253lbs, Hair: Black, Eyes: Blue.
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A couple more NPC's...

I'm a big fan of The Shield of Chauntea, Nelyssa Shendean, and from what i've read she is a more than able leader of the Riders of Mistledale. This campaign is set in 1353DR and Nelyssa isn't quite the 12th level Paladin that is described in The Dalelands (FRS1) which is set in 1367DR.

This is a 1353DR Nelyssa that Tavelle's player created for his campaign, it runs concurrently with my own. I think he did a brilliant job. Nelyssa, at this point, has only been a patrol leader for a month or two, she had served at various times with the Riders of Mistledale but never as an official member. Her main duties prior to becoming a patrol leader were the training of the Abbey's temple guard and aiding the various holdings further afield in the dale.

Nelyssa Shendean "The Shield of Chauntea"
Female Human Paladin of Chauntea 6
LG Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +3; Senses Listen +3, Spot +7
Languages Celestial, Chondathan, Common, Elven
Hp 49 (6HD) 6d10+12
AC 23, 12 Touch , 17 Flat-Footed (+7 Armour, +2 Dex, +4 Shield)
Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +9, Immune to Diseases, Immune to Fear
Speed 20ft. (4 squares); Face/Reach 5 ft./5 ft. (10ft. with Longspear)
Melee +10/+5 (1d6+3/18-20/x2 +1 Undead Bane Scimitar)
Ranged +7/+2 (1d6+2/x3 Mighty (+2) Composite Shortbow)
Base Attack +6/+1; Grapple +8
Attack Options Longspear whilst mounted +8 (2d8+2/x3), Spells, Turning
Combat Gear Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, (2d8+3)
Paladin Spells Prepared 2/ (CL 3rd, DC 14+ spell level)
1st – Bless, Lesser Energized Shield,
Abilities Str 14(+2), Dex 13(+1), Con 14(+2), Int 15(+2), Wis 16(+3), Cha 18(+4)
Sq Aura of Courage (Su), Aura of Good (Ex), Detect Evil (Sp) At Will, Divine Grace (Su), Divine Health (Ex), Smite Evil (Su) 2x/day(+4 to Att/+6 to Dmg), Lay on Hands(Su) 24hp/day, Remove Disease (Sp) 1x/week, Special Mount (Sp), Turn Undead (Su) 7x/day As 3rd Level Cleric
Feats Blooded (R), Improved Shield Bash (3rd), Mounted Combat (1st), Ride-By-Attack (6th), Weapon Focus: Scimitar (H)
Skills Craft (Armoursmith) +11{9}, Diplomacy +9{3}, Handle Animal +9{5}, Heal +5{2}, Knowledge (Local – the Dalelands) +3{1*}, Knowledge (Religion) +7{5}, Profession (Farmer) +6{3}, Ride +12{9}, Sense Motive +8{5}, Spot +7{2}
Possessions Combat Gear Plus MW Half-Plate, +2 Heavy Steel Shield (Embossed with a Rose), +1 Undead Bane Scimitar, Longspear, Mighty Composite Shortbow, 40 Arrows, MW Artisan’s Tools (Armoursmith), Backpack, Belt Pouch, Waterskin, Winter Blanket, Electrum Holy Symbol (A wheatsheaf design of exceptional workmanship).
Heavy War Horse: ‘Silverstone’ A Dappled Grey Tharurr Breed (Studded Leather Barding, Military Saddle) 17gp, 5sp
Hook "Mother Chauntea, preserve and shield us."
Description Height 5’9’’, Weight 120lbs, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Gray-Green.

Jentar Faldoren "The Sword of the Morning"
Male Chondathan Human Paladin6 of Lathander
LG Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +2; Senses Listen +3, Spot +3
Languages Celestial, Chondathan, Common, Elven,
AC 23, 12 touch, 18 flat-footed (+1 Dex, +8 Armor, +3 Shield, +1 Luck)
hp 50 (HD) 6d10+18
Fort +8, Ref +4, Will +5
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares); Face/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Melee +10/+5 (1d8+4/19-20/x2 +1 Everbright Longsword) or +7/+2 (1d8+3/20/x3 Spear)
Ranged +8 (1d8+3/20'/20/x3 Spear)
Base Atk +6/+1; Grp +9
Special Atk 2/day Jentar can command his +1 Everbright Longsword to flash with a brilliant light. All within 20ft. except the wielder must make a Reflex saving throw (DC14) or be blinded for 1d4 rounds.
Combat Gear 2 Potions of Cure Light Wounds.
Paladin Spells Prepared 2/ (CL 3rd, DC 13+ spell level)
1st – Cure Light Wounds, Divine Favour
Abilities: Str 16(+3), Dex 14(+2), Con 16(+3), Int 14(+2), Wis 17(+3), Cha 16(+3)
SQ Aura of Courage (Su), Aura of Good (Ex), Detect Evil (Sp) At Will, Divine Grace (Su), Divine Health (Ex), Lay on Hands (Su) 18hp/day, Luck of Heroes (Jentar receives a +1 Luck bonus on all saving throws and a +1 Luck bonus to Armour Class), Remove Disease (Sp) 1x/week, Smite Evil (Su) 2x/day(+3 to Att/+6 to Dmg), Special Mount (Sp), Turn Undead (Su) 6x/day As 3rd Level Cleric.
Feats Luck of Heroes (R), Mounted Combat (3rd), Ride-By Attack (6th), Weapon Focus: Longsword (1st), Endurance (H)
Skills Concentration +7{5}, Diplomacy +8{5}, Handle Animal +8{5}, Heal +8{5}, Knowledge (Local- Dalelands) +5{2*}, Knowledge (Religion) +9{7}, Ride +9{7}, Sense motive +8{5}, Survival +4{1*}
Synergy bonuses not included. Armour Check Penalty -8 [MW Full-plate and Heavy Steel Shield]
Possessions Backpack, Bedroll, MW Full-Plate Armour, Horn of Quickening, +1 Heavy Steel Shield (Emblazoned with a Phoenix), +1 Everbright Longsword, 2 Potions of Cure Light Wounds, Whetsone, Winterblanket.
Heavy War Horse: ‘Goldtail’ A bay mare with a blonde tail and mane (Studded Leather Barding, Military Saddle, Sadddlebags). 52gp, 45sp, 20cp.
Hook “For the glory of the dawnlord..... CHARGE!!!”
Height: 6'1", Weight: 203lbs, Hair: Light-Brown, Eyes: Light-Blue.

Horn of Quickening.
Nereskul's finest horn, created for the Rider's of Mistledale, the mage was heard to have said, "That thing started the grey hairs appearing in my beard, it can stay unique".
This Ram's Horn is glossy black and elaborately inlaid with silver horses, the silver mouth-piece is studded with small moonstones. It has a black leather strap so it can be carried over a shoulder.
Twice per day, when mentally commanded and blown, it can produce a limited "Quickening" effect, centered upon itself and extending in a 30ft. radius. All mounts within this "Quickening" effect can effectively hustle for 4 hours without taking Constitution damage.
Moderate Transmutation; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item; Bear's Endurance, Haste; Price ?; Weight 3lb.

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Update (5th June 2011)

Some of you may have noticed that I have been adding alot more of the conversations and interaction between Tavelle and the NPC's. I wanted to share the conversations that we have in-character, during the gaming sessions.
I have decided that i'm going to stall Nereskul's death, at the hands of Froom. I'm having so much fun DMing with the characters and personalities that are already in place that it seems a shame to cut it short. Tavelle's player has said that he loves the Riders of Mistledale and to actually ride with them has been amazing. It will mean having to change things a little, Froom will scale with Tavelle so that he will still pose a serious threat.

Anyway, here's the update.

- Tavelle looked at Erael, "What are you suggesting?", the sorceress looked around, as though checking for eavesdroppers, "I can carry you to Ashabenford to deliver your messages, at the speed I fly we can return before sunset and you would be back with your patrol".

I thought Tavelle's player might just burst with excitement.

- "What shall we tell Nelyssa?", Tavelle asked. Erael paused for a moment as if to collect her thoughts, "I think that we should say that my magic can carry us both swiftly to Ashabenford", said the sorceress, Tavelle nodded in agreement.

Tavelle's player said he liked the sound of what Erael was thinking, it would only be a slight bending of the truth, he reasoned that if a Silver Dragon was ok with it, then Tavelle could live with it too.

- Erael continued, "I think it would be best if we say that Spot can make the outbound journey and Patches can be summoned for the return, there will be no need to take Fury", Erael glances over her shoulder and whispers, "Nelyssa is coming over".

- Tavelle greets Nelyssa and informs her of Erael's offer to travel with him and use her magic to speed their journey. "This is possible?", asks the Paladin incredulously, Tavelle nods, "I believe it to be a far faster way of travelling than the Horn of Quickening", Nelyssa takes in Tavelle's advice and turns to Erael, "I am very grateful for all your assistance", the sorceress gives a slight bow to the Paladin and insists, "You are most welcome, Shield of Chauntea".

- Nelyssa informs Tavelle that Tynan will be sent north to Peldan's Helm, "I hope to secure some off duty militia to aid our cause, and it would be helpful if Kinara was available to lead them".

Tavelle's player said that he hoped Kinara was able to help, she had been one of the first Riders of Mistledale that I introduced. Whenever Kinara stopped off at Nereskul's tower, Tavelle would chill a cup of water and flavour it with her favorite fruit, strawberries. Kinara was in her late thirties and most of the militia agreed that she was a true descendant of the soldier, Peldan, that had founded the small hamlet of Peldan's Helm.

- The mists were now getting thicker and the patrol was still on alert, Tavelle excused himself from Nelyssa and Erael, he made his way over to where Naema was keeping watch. Naema turns to Tavelle as he approaches, "Did Selune really warn you of the Wights approach?", asks the Rider, Tavelle shakes his head, and replies, "In my dream I did actually ask, and was told no, it was a herald of the silver lady", Tavelle watched as Naema's sparkling silver eyes opened wider, "The moonmaiden saved us, through you, without the warning we might've not noticed until it was too late". Naema looks around at the sparkling silver hemisphere of light projecting from Tavelle, "I've never seen this enchantment last so long, it's been going for hours", Tavelle had been wondering that himself , "Like I said when Brondar woke me, I didn't cast it", Naema looked a little confused, "I thought you created the spell?", she asked, "Hmm, so did I", replied Tavelle, he hadn't thought of that.

- As the pair are in conversation, Brondar approaches, "I hear Erael has prepared an enchantment more powerful than the Horn of Quickening, what do you think Swordmage?", Tavelle blushes at the title. "That's what the militia are calling you", adds Naema with a smile, and asks, "What's she doing?". Tavelle fidgeted and answered, "Erael has magic available to her to significantly hasten travelling speed, she's accompanying me to Ashabenford, she says that we could be back before nightfall". Brondar lets out a low whistle, "She's full of surprises that one", and Naema adds, "She may be a great sorceress, but she grips her longsword all wrong, it's weird because it's such a basic thing".

Tavelle's player said that when he saw Erael, "Thrash the life from a wight with a flurry of strikes", it had been the most devastating bit of swordplay that he'd seen.

- Through the thick early morning mist the patrol catches sight of the suns glow beginning to brighten the sky. "Dawn", says Brondar. Tavelle turns to look at the welcome, orange light and as he does so the silver radiance around him fades and vanishes.

- Nelyssa calls out for the patrol to stand down, Tavelle sees alot of exhausted militiamen visibly relax, their relief is plainly obvious.

- Naema watches Erael, with her large backpack, and Nelyssa approach, "It is time for you two to depart", says the Paladin. Brondar gives a great yawn and asks, "Do you still intend to scout the Barrowfields this day?", Nelyssa replies, "Maybe after highsun, go and tell the patrol to rest, I think they've earned it", Brondar nods and turns to face Tavelle and Erael, "Ride fast and bring yourselves back before sunset". Naema says to Tavelle, "Take care", and Tavelle replies, "You too".

I had informed Tavelle's player that when he and Naema had departed the tower to travel to the barracks of the Riders, Naema had told Tavelle that there was to be no "funny business" while on duty, she had wanted to be as professional as possible.

- Erael informs Tavelle that it would be a good idea to clear the fences and low stone walls of the farmstead, before summoning Spot, they bid Nelyssa and the two Riders farewell and head east through the rolling mists. As they make their way past the militiamen they hear calls of, "Hurry back, Swordmage", Tavelle, a little embarrassed, nods his thanks to a few.

- "Please may I see the cloak clasp that you created?", asks Erael, Tavelle unclips it from his fullcloak and hands it over. Erael holds it gently and studies it carefully, "The sculpted horses are so lifelike, I'd love to be able to make something so exquisite and useful. You used the best metal for it too", Erael giggles, Tavelle has to chuckle, "I prefer to work with silver, i'm a silversmith after all".

- As they make their way away from the camp the mists seem to close in around the pair. "Is Erael your real name?", asks Tavelle, Erael looks at him and nods, "Part of my real name, yes. My full name is Eraeliglasheer. I travel as Erael Iglasheer, the human sorceress and swordswoman, although I have not been travelling for very long". "Tavelle couldn't help but keep staring as they walked, and admitted, "It is such a beautiful name".

- "No, these mists are beautiful", laughs Erael, and continues, "It was one of the reasons that I travelled here, that and Kendra, I wanted to help Mistledale after the Herald of Myrkul had scarred the land", Erael pauses thoughtfully for a moment, and then continues, "Brondar, Naema and Tynan said that they were there, with you, when the Unicorn destroyed her", Tavelle nodded and said, "If it hadn't been for the Unicorn i'm quite certain that we would all have fallen. May I ask when you arrived?", "Only a few days ago, I was drawn to the Barrowfields", Tavelle stopped walking and asked, "Why the Barrowfields?", Erael continued to walk, but called back after a few paces, "The mists are the heaviest, and most enchanting, there", Tavelle chuckled, "I take it you like mists then?".

- Erael seemed to step up onto thin air, or rather the hanging mist, as she climbed a bank of thick billowing vapour, she turned to regard Tavelle, who was a few feet away with his mouth agape at the sight. "Clouds.. mists... fog... to feel the moisture condense on your body is exquisite". Tavelle watches as Erael descends slowly to the ground, as though sinking in the mists, and says, "I will change here, we're far enough away from the patrol", she slips her arms through the heavy backpack and lowers it to the grassy floor. "Tavelle, you might want to avert your eyes".
"Why, is it a bone-popping tranformation?", Tavelle asks inquisitively, Erael looks at him and laughs, "No Swordmage, I have to get undressed!".

- Tavelle blushes red, laughs and turns away from Erael, he hears her unbuckle her swordbelt.

Tavelle's player told me that alot of what happened in an earlier session had begun to make sense to him. When he had first seen Erael she had appeared from behind the fallen Wyvern, as they had gotten closer, Brondar and the majority of the militia had seen her lacing up her chemise. He realised now that she had slain the beast in her true form and had to hastily get dressed when the militia approached.
I decided that I had to ask Tavelle's player if Tavelle would be taking a sly look and after much deliberation he decided against it.

- "Do you think that your father, Master Nereskul, would agree to teach me to enchant items of my own?, asks Erael, Tavelle nearly turned around, but said, "I can think of no reason why not, i'm sure he would love the idea, and i'm certain that Kerryn would enjoy your company", Erael asks, "Kerryn is your sister? I heard from Brondar that they call her the Jewel in the Mists", "Yes, with good reason too", replies Tavelle.

- After a few minutes, Erael says, "Okay, you may turn around now".

When Erael had informed Tavelle that she was ready, and that he may look, I explained that her voice sounded a little nervous, almost apprehensive.

- Tavelle turned around and was confronted by a transformed Erael, gone was the stunning sorceress, in front of him stood the most noble and elegant creature he had ever seen, "By the Silver Lady, you're beautiful!", gasped Tavelle in complete and utter awe. Erael stood seven feet high, and from head to tail Tavelle guessed that she was around thirty feet long. It was the pure silver of her scales that made his jaw drop, it looked as though she was a freshly polished sculpture.

- Erael turned her sinuous nine foot long neck away slightly, "You really think so?", she asked. Tavelle answered honestly, "You're the most beautiful sight i've ever seen, I thought you'd be massive".

Tavelle's player said that he thought she would be alot bigger, I explained that she was actually only classed as a large creature, that really shocked him. The look on the player's face said it all though, he was beaming from ear to ear.

- Erael begins to strap the smaller looking backpack on and Tavelle asks, "Erm.. where will I be sitting?", the Dragon motions to a coiled length of rope on the ground, "You can sit on my pack, use the rope to secure yourself".

This is where Tavelle's player decided Fury may have been the safer option, I might have mentioned that his player has a healthy respect for self preservation?

- "You've got to be kidding me?", exclaimed Tavelle.

to be continued...

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- Erael faced Tavelle, and said, "I've carried a rider before. I won't fly upside down, or bank too sharply, I promise", Tavelle stepped closer and replied, "I do trust you Erael, it's just exciting and scary at the same time". Tavelle began wondering where to put a hand to climb up.

- Erael knelt down and Tavelle placed his hand on her shoulder, she was cool to the touch, just like Silver. Small rivulets of the mist had condensed on her smooth armoured scales. He grabbed the backpack and hauled himself up, it was far easier to get up on Fury but nowhere near as exciting. Erael warned Tavelle, "Whatever you do don't open the backpack it's spelltrapped", "Okay", replied Tavelle, as he starts looping the rope through the straps of the pack and then around himself.

- Tavelle tightened the rope, the backpack that served as a seat was damned uncomfortable and he wondered what was poking into his buttocks, "I'm tied on", he mumbled nervously. Erael twisted her long neck so they were able to face each other, she began to look at the knots he had tied, she glanced at Tavelle, and asked, "Are you ready, Swordmage?". Tavelle nodded.

- Erael sprang lightly onto a bank of mist and unfurled her huge wings, with three great beats they clear the low hanging fog and are aloft.

I really enjoyed describing the sound of Erael's wings ripping through the air as they gained altitude. Tavelle's player said that Tavelle would be grinning from ear to ear, "How awesome is this?", he had declared.

- "We'll have to make an unscheduled stop", called Erael, Tavelle could barely hear the Dragon's voice over the whistling of the wind, "A stop? Where?", he asked. Erael turned her head to face him, "I wish to stop at the Selmer farm and speak with Maisie, I shall ask her to keep my name to herself", Tavelle nodded his agreement, it wasn't something that he had thought of but he could see the sense in it. Tears steaked Tavelle's cheeks due to the force of the wind, "Are you really that frightened of flying Tavelle? There's no need to cry, I've carried a rider before", Tavelle strained to hear what Erael had said, and he laughed, "I'm not crying, it's the wind making my eyes water".

- Tavelle was surpised at how swiftly the terrain, what little he could see of it due to the mist, rushed past them. His cloak was whipping about behind him, "Sweet Selune! This is amazing!", he called over the steady beat of Erael's wings.

- Erael banked gently and Tavelle felt himself lean to the side, "The Selmer farm already?", he asked in awe, "Yes, I need to find a secluded spot to land", Erael confirmed.

- As the pair slowly circled to the ground, Erael spotted Maisie playing near a copse of trees. Upon landing Maisie had run towards them with a beaming smile, "Air - Ray - Ell", she called as she bounded over. Tavelle untied the rope and slipped off of the backpack-saddle to the ground, he vigorously rubbed his right buttock which was completely numb. "Told you so, I wasn't fibbing", said Maisie to Tavelle, he gave her a gentle smile and said, "I knew you were telling the truth, are your parents in the farmhouse?", Maisie nodded her head and started giggling, "What's up with yer hair?". Erael looked at Tavelle, laughed, and asked, "Where are you going?", Tavelle looked back and answered, "Arknat and Jobet need to know about the threat they face, I'm going to ask them to stay with Dumic, at least until it's safer".

"I guess I look a bit windswept?", asked Tavelle's player.

- Tavelle walked across a field of beets and looked back to Erael and Maisie, the Dragon had picked up the child and was prancing around the trees like a Sembian show-pony, Maisie was laughing as she sat upon her back.

- As he approaches the farmhouse, Tavelle sees Jobet on the porch talking with Arknat, the pair see him approaching and Arknat calls out, "Have ye lost yer horse Tavelle?", Tavelle gives them both a wave, "A summoned mount, I can recall him as I need". Jobet asks after the rest of the patrol and Tavelle informs them both of the night's attack by the Wights, the need for additional Riders, and his journey to Ashabenford. "I need you to stay with Dumic for a while, until the threat has been dealt with", he explains.

I thought i'd see about a Diplomacy check, Tavelle's player detailed how he would approach the check in terms of what he intended to say. I gave him a +2 circumstance bonus because it was a sound plan. Arknat was a stubborn old git but he thought the world of Nelyssa hence Tavelle's bonus. I set Arknat's DC at 15 and Jobet's at 10. He rolled a 11! (11+2+5=18), this is how the roleplay bit panned out...

- Arknat is having none of it, "It's nearly harvest time, Chauntea will protect us", he says stubbornly. Tavelle explained, "Chauntea, through Nelyssa, already did last night. We stood in the path of the Wights that were heading here and managed to stop them".

- Jobet looked at her husband, "We should do as he asks, for the sake of the boys and Maisie", Arknat's tone mellowed a little, "There's been a Selmer here on this land for thirty summers".

- Tavelle sensed an opportunity, "If you agree to stay with Dumic for a few days then i'm certain that there'll be a Selmer here for another thirty. If the Wights were to circle past our camp....", he lets the silence and his grave expression do the rest.

- Arknat nods his head, "Okay Tavelle, I will take my family to Dumic's holdings, just for a few days but no more", Tavelle thanks them both and explains that he must be on his way, "I have to make haste to Ashabenford". The Selmer's watch him walk off and comment on his strange hairstyle. Tavelle heads towards the copse of trees and then behind them.

- He spots Erael on her back, four legs raised skyward, juggling a giddy, but giggling, Maisie. As Tavelle approaches the pair Maisie is gently placed on the ground and Erael looks to him and asks, "Did they agree to your request?", Tavelle nods, "Thankfully, yes, how about you?", the Dragon smiles, "Oh yes, Maisie and I have come to an agreement, haven't we?", Maisie, with her bright green eyes, looks up to Erael, grins and says, "Yep".

- Erael looks to Tavelle and motions with her head, "Tavelle, climb back on and tie yourself securely. Maisie, your mother is calling you. I will visit you soon, I promise". Maisie gives Erael's front leg a hug, shouts, "Come on, Nibblenook", and skips off, back around the trees, to the farmhouse.

- Tavelle had to ask, "Can you see Nibblenook? Is he real?", Erael turned her sinuous neck so that they were almost face to face and replied, "Yes, he's real, and quite the charmer too. He said that if the dead things, and he meant the Wights, had returned last night then he and his friends would have taken Maisie and kept her safe", Erael continued as Tavelle took in what he was hearing, "He said that they could've done nothing to protect the others, her parents and brothers had the wrong coloured eyes".

Tavelle's player had a bit of a revelation, it was pretty cool to witness.

- "Merrielle, my foster mother, had the same coloured eyes as Maisie, as green as the spring woodlands, she died when I was thirteen of a fever, I miss her alot. I wonder if she would've been able to see Nibblenook?". Erael gave a slight shrug, "I don't know. I'm sorry to hear about your mother but your adopted family sound wonderful, they've done a good job raising you", Tavelle blushed, "Thankyou", he said, looking a little embarrassed.

- Erael spoke to break the silence, "We've dallied too long, we should make haste to deliver our messages. The sooner we return to the patrol, the sooner you can rest, and prepare your enchantments for tonight". Tavelle explained that he wasn't tired and that when he really thought about it, he hadn't felt tired since the Silver Radiance and the warning from the star.

- "I had been meaning to ask you about your dream, I didn't know how to approach the subject though", Erael admitted.

- Tavelle rechecked the knots, and replied, "I'm still coming to terms with it myself, i'm eternally grateful to the herald that carried it, and to the moonmaiden for protecting me and my friends. It's just that the globe of Silver Radiance that she cast on me, is a spell that I know.... I was sort of under the impression that I created it". "Most curious", Erael said, as she prepared herself to take flight, and then continued, "When we return to the patrol I have many questions about your knowledge of the art".

- A couple of wing beats later, they are aloft and climbing rapidly. The ground and farms are more visible as the sun slowly clears the mist from the land. Tavelle sees the Moonsea Ride which they are flying parallel to, but on the south side, heading east.

- Tavelle asks, "I can't believe how fast you fly, we might reach Ashabenford by highsun?", Erael replied, "I should hope so. I'll need a secluded place to land near the Abbey, do you know of one?". Tavelle knew a little of the Abbey of the Golden Sheaf, he'd been there many times with his mother. Merrielle had worshipped an aspect of the Bountiful Goddess that she called The Earthmother. He remembered it as a vast, huge walled farm with a great, spired cathedral at its centre. "I think I know a place, it's outside the walls but near a main gate to the north. They call it the Oakfather's Gate as it leads out to the holy road and north to Oakengrove Abbey".

This is what has impressed me so much, Tavelle's player had run a brilliant set of games as DM when my character had wandered through Mistledale, and now he was able to incorporate alot of the details, through Tavelle. Like i've said, I consider myself pretty lucky to have a player that's more interested in the story, and characters, rather than treasure (apart from one notable instance) and the next level.

- "It sounds like you know it well?", Erael inquired. Tavelle could see a caravan, on the Moonsea Ride, heading towards Ashabenford, the outriders were like mounted ants at this altitude. "I used to play there quite often, my mother used to take me when I was younger".

- Erael says, "I see the Abbey ahead..... and a perch", Tavelle raises an eyebrow and asks, "A perch?". The Dragon swoops towards a bank of billowing white clouds and instead of flying straight through she lands gently and takes a few paces to slow her momentum.

- Tavelle looked around, they were stood atop a small cloud, he could see for miles and miles without the rushing wind in his face, "It's lovely and peaceful up here", he says with a contented smile.

- Erael creeps to the edge of the fluffy cloud and peers over, towards the Abbey, "Is that the Oakfather's Gate?", she asks. Tavelle looks down and says, "Well it's not a view I ever expected to get to see but that's it there". The Abbey of the Golden Sheaf was vast, even from their distant viewpoint, Tavelle could see many people working the fields below.

- Erael turns her head to Tavelle and says, "Hold onto your breakfast", Tavelle, not quite understanding, replies, "I didn't have any breakfast". The Dragon chuckled softly, "Heh, just as well". Before Tavelle could ask what she had meant Erael had leapt off of the cloud, her great wings swung back and she headed arrow-like, diving towards a standing copse of trees north of the Abbey. Tavelle grabbed hold of the backpack that was serving as a uncomfortable saddle and hoped his knots held, his black cloak whipped and pulled as the wind tore at it.

- Tavelle couldn't get over the velocity and clung on for all he was worth as the ground rushed to meet them, Erael untucked her wings and levelled up with a graceful swoop. They landed gently in a ring of large and mighty oak trees and Erael padded to a stop.

- Tavelle breathed out and laughed, "I'm glad I didn't have time for breakfast, if I did it'd be landing on us about now", he looked to the sky, the small cloud that Erael had perched on was still visible and floating gently past. Erael turned her head towards Tavelle, "How was it? Did you enjoy the flight?".

- Tavelle nodded and smiled, "It was... apart from the diving bit at the end.... amazing, thankyou Erael". Erael gave a sweet Draconic smile and said, "We get to do it again on the way back".

- Tavelle started to loosen the many knots in the rope, his left buttock was numb from something angular in the backpack but he wasn't sleepy or even tired. He slipped the last coil from his waist and swung a leg over to drop down to the ground.

- Tavelle started to unbuckle the wide leather harness, that secured the backpack, the buckle was heavy silver and it looked well crafted. He lowered the pack gently to the ground, damn it was heavy, "What's in this thing? It must weigh thirty-odd pounds?", Erael steps closer and he hears her speak the word, "Anarshas", the silver buckles glow with a blue light for an instant. "All my worldly belongings are in there, I don't have a lair or anything, so it comes with me".

- "I see", says Tavelle. Erael looks at him and shakes her head gently, although slightly amused, "You can either open the pack and remove my clothes for me or turn around and I'll do it myself", Tavelle smiles broadly, "I wouldn't mind a look if i'm honest".

- "Pardon? What?", says Erael, a little flustered. Tavelle started to laugh, "Inside the pack, a look inside the pack". Tavelle wondered if a Dragon could blush.

- Erael joined in the laughter, "I thought you meant.. to look at me?", she continued to chuckle until Tavelle added, "I wouldn't have minded that either". He kneeled down next to the pack and he unbuckled the straps, Erael seemed a bit speechless. Tavelle flipped open the pack, "This is the bastard thing that i've been sitting on?", he pulled a Horn of Mistledale out and Erael started to giggle.

- "My own inlay work imprinted on my ass cheeks", he said and laughed, "I didn't even realise that i'd forgotten to bring it".

- Tavelle turned his back on Erael who had begun to pace impatiently.

- Tavelle hears her rummaging through the pack, Erael says "Naema gave it to me. She said you were to signal, a Rider returning, when we near the town".

- With his back still turned towards Erael, Tavelle summoned Spot to his side. He heard Erael complain about her pack and that she may as well be smuggling Dwarves, "It'd be damned lighter".

- "Are you decent?", asked Tavelle as he stroked Spot's nose, "Yes", Erael replied. He turned to Erael, she was clad in a pair of light grey cotton breeches and a white chemise top. She was extremely well proportioned, and Tavelle couldn't help his eyes wandering to her cleavage. Erael had a navy cloak and a beautiful swordbelt, the scabbarded blade's pommel was a snarling, golden lion's head.

Tavelle's player said that he hoped Erael hadn't noticed Tavelle's wandering eyes and explained that Tavelle's curiosity "might" get him into trouble.... I thought, ok, prepare yourself DM.

- Tavelle swung himself up easily onto Spot, looked down at Erael, and asked, "With all the changing of clothes, do you bother with underwear?". Erael gave him a weird look, not quite comprehending, "Eh? Err, no, not really... why?".Tavelle replied, "Oh, no reason. I was just wondering that's all...".

- Before Erael could ask any questions Tavelle lowered his hand to help her up into the saddle. Erael clasped his forearm and clambered onto the saddle behind him. Tavelle turned his head towards Erael and said, "Ready?", Erael nodded and placed her hands on his sides.

- Tavelle guided Spot around with the reins, as he cleared the ring of trees he said to Erael, "Remember, we're in a hurry and Spot is a fast horse, hold on tight", Erael clasped her arms around his torso and squeezed closer.

"That's better", said Tavelle's player to the DM.

- They cleared the last of the oaks and Tavelle spurred Spot into a gallop heading towards the Oakfather's Gate.

to be continued...

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I thought i'd share Eraeliglasheer...

Erael Iglasheer
Female Human (Polymorphed Young-Adult Silver Dragon) Sorcerer2
LG Medium Dragon (cold)
Init +1; Senses Blindsense 60ft., Darkvision 120ft., Keen Senses; Listen +24, Spot +24
Languages Common, Damaran, Draconic, Dwarven
AC 11, 11 touch, 10 flat-footed (+1 Dex)
hp 224 (HD) 19d12+76 and 2d4+8; DR 5/Magic
Immune Acid, Cold, Paralysis, Sleep
SR 20
Fort +12, Ref +12, Will +18
Weakness Vulnerability to Fire
Speed 30ft. (6 squares); Face/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Melee +21 (1d4+1/19-20/x2 Dagger) or +19 (1d8+3/19-20/x2 +2 Cold Iron Longsword) or +19/+14/+9/+4 (1d8+3/19-20/x2 +2 Cold Iron Longsword)
Ranged +21 (1d4+1/10'/19-20/x2 Dagger)
Base Atk +20; Grp +21
Atk Options Spells
Sorcerer Spells Known 7/5/3/2 (base DC = 14 + spell level; caster level 7th)
0–(6) Create Water, Detect Magic, Electric Jolt, Mage Hand, Mending, Ray of Frost, Read Magic
1st–(7) Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Lesser Orb of Electricity, Obscuring Mist, Nightshield
2nd–(7) Bull's Strength, Silver Dragonmail, Whirling Blade
3rd-(5) Cure Serious Wounds, Protection From Energy
Can also cast cleric spells and those from the Air, Good, Law, and Sun domains as arcane spells.
Spell-Like Abilities (caster level 7th)
2/Day - Feather Fall
Abilities: Str 12(+1), Dex 12(+1), Con 12(+1), Int 18(+4), Wis 19(+4), Cha 18(+4)
SQ Alternate Form (Su) A silver dragon can assume any animal or humanoid form of Medium size or smaller as a standard action three times per day. This ability functions as a polymorph spell cast on itself at its caster level, except that the dragon does not regain hit points for changing form and can only assume the form of an anirmal or humanoid. The dragon can remain in its animal or humanoid form until it chooses to assume a new one or return to its natural form; Cloudwalking (Su) A silver dragon can tread on clouds or fog as though on solid ground. The ability functions continuously but can be negated or resumed at will.
Feats Adroit Flyby Attack (15HD), Clinging Breath (18HD), Flyby Attack (12HD), Hover (3HD), Multiattack (Dragon Feat), Power Attack (9HD), Simple Weapon Proficiency (B), Wingover (6HD), 1 Unused Feat (21HD).
Skills Bluff +14{10}, Concentration +19{15}, Diplomacy +19{15}, Disguise +14{10}, Escape Artist +5{5}, Gather Information +10{6*}, Intimidate +14{10}, Jump +16{10}, Knowledge (Arcana) +9{5}, Knowledge (Geography) +10{6}, Knowledge (History) +10{6}, Knowledge (Nature) +10{6}, Listen +24{20}, Search +24{20}, Sense Motive +20{16}, Spellcraft +9{5}, Spot +24{20}, Swim +10{4*}, Use Magic Device +10{6}, 5 unspent Skill Points.
Synergy bonuses not included. Armour Check Penalty 0
Possessions Backpack (see below), Bedroll, Dagger, Flint and Steel, Fullcloak (Navy Blue), +2 Cold Iron Longsword (Actually a dormant Holy Avenger, the pommel is shaped into the likeness of a snarling golden lion), Waterskin, Whetstone, Winter Blanket.
141gp, 31sp, 6cp.
Hook “The gentle mists of the dale feel wondrous against my skin.”
Height: 5'6", Weight: 130lbs, Hair: Black with a Blue sheen, Eyes: Azure blue with silver flecks.

Bag of Holding (Type III) A fine, black leather, backpack with silver buckles and clasps. It has an extra strap and buckle, sized for a large creature folded away on one side. It is enspelled with a Magic Mouth enchantment and a Polymorph spelltrap, when activated the Magic Mouth declares loudly "Begone thieving dog!" and the Polymorph turns the target into a very small dog (4 hour duration). The command word to deactivate the trap is "Anarshas". DC29 to Detect/Disable.
Contained within the backpack: Various items of clothes and boots.
Dark Blue Rhomboid Ioun Stone, +1 Longsword, Potion of Cat's Grace, Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Potion of Jump, Potion of Owl's Wisdom, Scarlet and Blue Sphere Ioun Stone, Scroll: Charm Person (CL3), Reduce Person (CL3), Scroll: Sleet Storm (CL5), Shield Other (CL3), +1 Light Steel Shield, Wand of Detect Magic (12 charges), Wand of Hold Person (31 charges). 254pp, 2240gp. 22 Assorted Gems.

Female Young-Adult Silver Dragon Sorcerer2
LG Large Dragon (cold)
Init +0; Senses Blindsense 60ft., Darkvision 120ft., Keen Senses; Listen +24, Spot +24
Aura Frightful Presence (150ft., DC 23)
Languages Common, Damaran, Draconic, Dwarven
AC 27, 9 touch, 27 flat-footed (+0 Dex, +18 Natural, -1 Size)
hp 224 (HD) 19d12+76 and 2d4+8; DR 5/Magic
Immune Acid, Cold, Paralysis, Sleep
SR 20
Fort +15, Ref +11, Will +18
Weakness Vulnerability to Fire
Speed 40ft. (8 squares), fly 150ft. (poor); Face/Reach 10 ft./5 ft. (10ft. with bite)
Melee Bite +26 (2d6+6) and 2 Claws +24 (1d8+3) and 2 Wings +24 (1d6+3) and Tail Slap +24 (1d8+9) or Breath Weapon 40' Cone of Cold (10d8/DC23) or Breath Weapon 40' Cone of Paralyzing Gas (1d6+5 rounds/DC23)
Base Atk +20; Grp +30
Atk Options Breath Weapon (Su) A silver dragon has two types of breath weapon, a cone of cold and a cone of paralyzing gas. Creatures within a cone of paralyzing gas must succeed on a Fortitude save or be paralyzed for 1d6 rounds plus 1 round per age category of the dragon., Spells
Sorcerer Spells Known 7/5/3/2(base DC = 14 + spell level; caster level 7th)
0–(6) Create Water, Detect Magic, Electric Jolt, Mage Hand, Mending, Ray of Frost, Read Magic
1st–(7) Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Lesser Orb of Electricity, Obscuring Mist, Nightshield
2nd–(7) Bull's Strength, Silver Dragonmail, Whirling Blade
3rd-(5) Cure Serious Wounds, Protection From Energy
Can also cast cleric spells and those from the Air, Good, Law, and Sun domains as arcane spells.
Spell-Like Abilities (caster level 7th)
2/Day - Feather Fall
Abilities: Str 23(+6), Dex 10(+0), Con 19(+4), Int 18(+4), Wis 19(+4), Cha 18(+4)
SQ Alternate Form (Su) A silver dragon can assume any animal or humanoid form of Medium size or smaller as a standard action three times per day. This ability functions as a polymorph spell cast on itself at its caster level, except that the dragon does not regain hit points for changing form and can only assume the form of an anirmal or humanoid. The dragon can remain in its animal or humanoid form until it chooses to assume a new one or return to its natural form; Cloudwalking (Su) A silver dragon can tread on clouds or fog as though on solid ground. The ability functions continuously but can be negated or resumed at will; Summon Familiar (Eraeliglasheer has not yet summoned a familiar).
Feats Adroit Flyby Attack (15HD), Clinging Breath (18HD), Flyby Attack (12HD), Hover (3HD), Multiattack (Dragon Feat), Power Attack (9HD), Simple Weapon Proficiency (B), Wingover (6HD), 1 Unused Feat (21HD).
Skills Bluff +14{10}, Concentration +19{15}, Diplomacy +19{15}, Disguise +14{10}, Escape Artist +5{5}, Gather Information +10{6*}, Intimidate +14{10}, Jump +16{10}, Knowledge (Arcana) +9{5}, Knowledge (Geography) +10{6}, Knowledge (History) +10{6}, Knowledge (Nature) +10{6}, Listen +24{20}, Search +24{20}, Sense Motive +20{16}, Spellcraft +9{5}, Spot +24{20}, Swim +10{4*}, Use Magic Device +10{6}, 5 unspent Skill Points.
Synergy bonuses not included. Armour Check Penalty 0
Possessions Backpack.
141gp, 1sp, 6cp.
Hook “Please don't stare, I know my ass is huge.”
Body Length: 11ft., Body Width: 5ft., Max Wingspan: 45ft., Min Wingspan: 18ft., Neck Length: 9ft., Overall Length: 31ft., Standing Height: 7ft., Tail Length: 11ft., Weight: 2,350lbs, Eyes: Azure blue with silver flecks.
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- Tavelle pushed Spot to go as fast as he was able, for a slightly built steed he was exceptionally swift. Erael had clamped her arms around his waist and was clinging on as though her life depended on it.

- They approached the arched Oakfather's Gate. It was set into the wall that ringed the huge temple of Chauntea and its farmlands. A pair of temple guards, in bronzed armour, stood with long polearms, resembling large Sickles, either side of the archway.

- Tavelle pulled on Spot's reins to slow him to a trot. As they drew closer one of the temple guards stepped forward and raised a hand. Tavelle saw him take note of the livery that he was dressed in and stare at the beautiful young lady behind him in the saddle, "Well met, Rider, state your purpose?", said the guardsman.

- Tavelle reached to his belt as he spoke, he raised the scrollcase that held the requests from Nelyssa, "I bring an urgent message from the Shield of Chauntea. I require an audience with the Reverend Brother Harvestmaster". Tavelle stressed that it was urgent, the second guard who had been listening struck a gong inside the watchpost, "Follow the road to the Abbey, someone will be waiting to attend to you when you get there", said the first temple guard.

- Tavelle expressed his thanks and spurred on Spot, they galloped through the vaulted archway of the gate and into a large field within the Abbey's grounds. Spot raced down the dirt road and Tavelle noticed that some of the priests and lay followers, tending the fields, stopped and watched as they thundered past.

- The spires of the Abbey were visible from a couple of miles away, they had seen them before Erael had found her perch. As they galloped the great building loomed over the mounted pair. Erael gasped, "The spires are beautiful, and alot bigger from the ground", Tavelle nodded his agreement and said, "They say that there are stores of grain here that could feed the entire Dalelands".

- Tavelle saw a group of clergy, and temple guards, assembled at the steps to the entrance of the main building, he guided Spot to approach them.

- A male priest raises a hand as they get closer, "Greetings Riders, I am Brother of the Earth Waylam, what can I help you with?", Tavelle guessed he was in his forties although he looked alot older, his face was creased with many deep lines, he concluded that the man spent a great deal of time outdoors.

- Tavelle introduced Erael and himself and said, "We bring an urgent message from the Shield of Chauntea, I must speak with the Reverend Brother Harvestmaster".

- As Erael and Tavelle dismount, Brother Waylam sends a young lad up the stairs and starts to inform a temple guard to stable Spot until Tavelle asks, "I will not be staying long Brother Waylam, I'm to carry another message to Captain Baergil at the barracks, please can one of your guards stay here with my mount until I depart?". Brother Waylam nodded, "Of course, Harbeck will tend to your horse, if you would follow me please?", he motioned with his hand for Erael and Tavelle to follow him as he ascended the stairs. Two temple guards followed a short distance behind them.

- As they entered the Abbey, Waylam asked, "From the sound of things you bring bad news?", Tavelle nodded even though the Chauntean brother was ahead of him. "Unfortunately, yes", said Tavelle. He twists the cap from the scrollcase, removes the correct scroll, and asks Brother Waylam to see it to the hand of the Reverend Harvestmaster.

- Brother Waylam bids them to wait as he approaches two temple guards standing in front of a grand double-doorway. The priest converses with them briefly, the guards open the doors, and Brother Waylam disappears inside. Tavelle looks to Erael and says, "Can I carry your pack for you?", she looks him up and down and laughs, "Thankyou Tavelle, but no, I enacted an enchantment to increase my strength in the courtyard. If the meeting goes on too long, and I topple over, then yes by all means".

- As Tavelle waits he notices that the four temple guards can hardly take their eyes off of his companion. Erael spends the time looking at the vaulted ceilings and the simple yet stunning architecture, she turns to Tavelle and says, "This is one of the nicest temples i've seen, some temples can be so vulgar, this Abbey is so warm and inviting".

- After a brief wait the doors are opened, Brother Waylam beckons for Tavelle and Erael to enter, and the doors are closed behind them. They make their way into a high-ceilinged chamber, the walls are vast panels of stained glass, depicting Chauntea. They cast the sun's light, tinged with a multitude of colours, across the stone floor. There were a great deal of magnificent pieces of furniture around the room, many were carved from exotic woods and inlaid with precious metals and stones.

- Brother Waylam made his way over towards two figures, a male and a female, both clad in the simple earthen toned, yet elegant, robes of Chauntea. "These are the messengers from the Shield, Reverend Harvestmaster", said Waylam. Tavelle could see that the Reverend Harvestmaster was a very old man, his hair was completely white and was starting to thin on top, his eyes were clear, bright and the colour of grey rainclouds. He was seated on a high-backed chair, symbols of Chauntea were carved on every visible surface.

- Tavelle cast his eyes over Sister Alena, he guessed she was in her late twenties. She had green eyes, although a lighter shade than Maisie and his mother, he pondered whether she would've been able to see Nibblenook.

- The Watchful Sister greets the pair and introductions are exchanged. The Harvestmaster stands and says, "It would seem that Kendra's passing still inflicts wounds upon the land. You may tell the Shield that Watchful Sister Alena, some underpriests, and ten of the temple guardians will be hers to command. You may also inform Nelyssa that I too will be coming".

I hadn't originally intended for The Reverend Harvestmaster to go to the Barrowfields, it was a spur of the moment thing. During the campaign that Tavelle's player has been DMing for my character, Derim Whiteshield was a particular favorite. Farrel came to see that even though the Harvestmaster was old and frail he would defend the farmers and people of Mistledale with every ounce of his faith.

- The Watchful Sister of the Earth adds, "I shall bring the scrolls that the Shield has requested. Reverend Harvestmaster, I beg to take my leave and begin preparations", she bows to the older Priest, says to the pair, "Mother Chauntea guide you both" and departs with Brother Waylam.

- Tavelle and Erael are left alone with the Harvestmaster, "I understand that you are to deliver a scroll to Captain Baergil, so I shall be brief with my questions. This scroll is dated today, yet you have ridden from the Barrowfields, how is this so?". Erael stepped forwards, she bowed slightly, "Your holiness, I am a Sorceress, I offered to assist with hastening the journey". Tavelle noted the way Erael had phrased her response, he reasoned that it hadn't been a lie, it had just left a few pertinent details out.

- The Harvestmaster nods to Erael and smiles warmly, "You have my gratitude, are you an adventurer?", "No your Holiness, just a wanderer who wanted to help", replies Erael.

- The Reverend Brother steps closer to Erael, "A wanderer eh? You aren't a Tymoran by any chance?", asks the old priest, "No your Holiness", replies Erael.

- The Reverend Harvestmaster shifts his gaze to Tavelle and asks, "I expect the speed of your mount might explain your hair, Tavelle? Nelyssa mentions that you received a forewarning of the Wight attack?". Tavelle explains the dream, he does his best to keep it brief, the Harvestmaster listens intently, and replies, "It is comforting to know that the stars are watching, have you ever visited The Barrowfields?". Tavelle shakes his head, "No your Holiness, I have not. This is my first patrol, my first time past Plough Creek".

- The Harvestmaster continues, "Your first 'official' patrol you mean? The Sword of the Morning speaks highly of you and said you were a great asset against Kendra's minions. I saw the Barrowfields as a young man, great grass-covered mounds stretching for a mile or so. They have always been a part of Mistledale and it appears that Kendra has awoken their inhabitants in her passing. After Lurue's champion had defeated Kendra, and Mother Chauntea and the Oakfather had prevailed at the Grove, I thought that we might rest and concentrate on the harvests... it seems we require a third victory?".

- Tavelle was still processing that Derim Whiteshield had named the Unicorn as "Lurue's Champion".

- There is a knock at the double-doors, after a few seconds, one is opened and Brother Waylam is ushered in by one of the temple guards, "Reverend Harvestmaster", he puffs, his cheeks are flushed, "I have the relic that you requested".

- Brother Waylam approaches the Harvestmaster carrying a small, rectangular, wooden box and hands it to the older priest. "Thankyou Brother Waylam".

- The Reverend Harvestmaster glances to Erael and Tavelle, "Forgive me, I know that you're both in a hurry. I wish you to deliver this to the Shield, I have a feeling she will need it". The Harvestmaster approaches the pair, he opens the lid and hands the wooden box to Tavelle. Inside the small coffer is an Ivory ring, inscribed with numerous runes.

I decided that Reverend Harvestmaster Derim Whiteshield had concluded that after Kendra's appearance and the corruption of a grove, that was both sacred to Chauntea and Silvanus (A large part of Nelyssa's story that I haven't detailed, i'm working on writing it up from her point of view), it would be wise to prepare for further incursions of undead. The Harvestmaster commissioned a Bone Ring (Magic of Faerun, p146) as he had learned that the corruption of the grove had been the catalyst that enabled the Myrkulites to summon Kendra.

- The Harvestmaster explains, "This will afford her some protection from the unholy touch of a Wight. Tell her these words, a shield that is riven by a few blows, is a poor shield indeed. She may not like it, but tell her to wear the damnable thing, it cost enough to commission", Tavelle nods, closes the lid, and tucks it safely away.

- The Harvestmaster instructs Waylam to escort Tavelle and Erael to the courtyard, before they depart through the doors, the older priest says, "Mother Chauntea protect you both".

- Tavelle, Erael and Brother Waylam make their way down the long corridor towards the courtyard, the priest comments that he will entreat the Bountiful Goddess to protect them. They enter the courtyard and hear the ringing of a great bell to signal highsun. The temple guard Harbeck is still holding onto Spot's reins, and a bucket is at his feet, filled with horse manure.

- Tavelle notices that Brother Waylam seems very pleased at the steaming bucket, "A blessing!", he announces cheerfully, picking up a piece to make a closer inspection. Harbeck stifles a guffaw and says, "He was happily blessing the whole courtyard, Brother Waylam".

- Tavelle tries to hold back his mirth, but fails, it takes him two attempts to mount Spot due to laughing.

- Tavelle offers his hand to Erael and helps her into the saddle behind him. Harbeck says, "I sent word to the guards at the River Gate to let you pass unhindered", Tavelle nods at Brother Waylam and Harbeck, "My thanks to you both". He wheels Spot around and gives the horse some reins as it breaks into a gallop.

- On their ride to the River Gate Erael says, "I shall fly faster and higher on the way back, I hope you have woolen underwear?", Tavelle laughs and replies, "Kerryn knitted me some woolens as it happens", Erael laughs mischieviously, "Good, I do hate having to pry frozen wizards from my backpack".

to be continued...

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I thought I would share the Chaunteans Derim Whiteshield and Alena Jeskar. I can't claim to have created these two NPCs, the work was completed by Tavelle's player for when my character passed through Mistledale.

Reverend Brother Harvestmaster Derim Whiteshield
Male Human Cleric of Chauntea 13
LG Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +0; Senses Listen +6, Spot +6
Languages Celestial, Chondathan, Common, Elven, Sylvan, Terran
Hp 58 (13HD) 13d8-13
AC 10, Touch 10, Flat-Footed 10. (+ Armour, + Dex, + Shield)
Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +14
Speed 30ft. (6 squares); Face/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Melee +8/+3 (1d6/19-20/x2 +1 Keen Sickle of Reaping)
Base Attack +9/+4; Grapple +8
Attack Options Spells, Turning
Combat Gear Potion of Barkskin(+2), Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (2d8+5)x3, Potion of Delay Poison
Cleric Spells Memorized (CL 13th, DC 16+ spell level) Spells/day 6/7+1/7+1/5+1/5+1/4+1/3+1/1+1
Domains Plant: Rebuke/Turn Plant Creatures (5x/day), Renewal: If reduced to below 0 hit points, Derim regains 1d8+3 hit points as a Supernatural ability 1/day.
Abilities Str 9(-1), Dex 10(+0), Con 9(-1), Int 16(+3), Wis 23(+6), Cha 17(+3)
Feats Feats Brew Potion (6th), Self Sufficient (Human), Scribe Scroll(3rd), Skill Focus: Knowledge: Nature (1st), Skill Focus: Profession(Herbalist)(9th), (12th)
Skills Concentration +9{10}, Diplomacy +10{7}, Heal +18{10}, Knowledge: Arcana +8{5}, Knowledge: History +10{7}, Knowledge: Local-the Dalelands +6{3*}, Knowledge: Nature +14{8}, Knowledge: Religion +13{10}, Profession: Herbalist +16{7}, Profession: Farmer +11{5}, Spellcraft +10{7}, Survival +13{5}
Possessions +1 Light Shield (This Bone-White Dlarun shield grants Fire Resistance 2), Sickle of Reaping (This +1 Keen Sickle bestows an Endurance effect upon the wielder that means they never suffer from tiredness or exhaustion whilst it is held), Backpack, Belt Pouch, Spell Component Pouch, Waterskin, Winter Blanket, Silver Holy Symbol
Hook "The Mistrans will reap what they sow"
Description Height 5'8", Weight 136lbs, Hair: White, Eyes: Gray
(Old Age Template Applied)

Watchful Sister of the Earth Alena Jeskar
Female Human Cleric of Chauntea 5
LG Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +1; Senses Listen +3, Spot +3
Languages Celestial, Chondathan, Common, Elven
Hp 24 (5HD) 5d8+5
AC 10, Touch 11, Flat-Footed 10. (+ Armour, +1 Dex, + Shield)
Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +7
Speed 30ft. (6 squares); Face/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Melee +4 (1d6+1/20/x2 Sickle)
Base Attack +3; Grapple +4
Attack Options Spells, Turning
Combat Gear Potion of Barkskin (+2), Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x3 (2d8+5), Potion of Delay Poison
Cleric Spells Memorized (CL 3rd, DC 12+ spell level) Spells/day 5/4+1/3+1/2+1
Domains Earth: Rebuke/Turn Air Creatures (5x/day), Plant: Rebuke/Turn Plant Creatures (5x/day)
Abilities Str 12(+1), Dex 13(+1), Con 12(+1), Int 13(+1), Wis 16(+3), Cha 15(+2)
Feats Skill Focus: Knowledge(Nature) (1st), Skill Focus: Profession(Farmer) (Human), Negotiator (3rd)
Skills Concentration +9{10}, Diplomacy +10{7}, Heal +18{10}, Knowledge: Arcana +8{5}, Knowledge: History +10{7}, Knowledge: Local-the Dalelands +6{3*}, Knowledge: Nature +14{8}, Knowledge: Religion +13{10}, Profession: Herbalist +16{7}, Profession: Farmer +11{5}, Spellcraft +10{7}, Survival +13{5}
Possessions Combat Gear Plus Studded Leather Armour, Light Wooden Shield, Sickle, Dagger, Backpack, Belt Pouch, Spell Component Pouch, Waterskin, Winter Blanket, Silver Holy Symbol
Hook "Mistledale should be one huge farm dedicated to the Bountiful Goddess"
Description Height 5’8’’, Weight 116lbs, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Green
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Tavelle's player wasn't joking about the woolen undergarments, Kerryn had proudly presented them as a gift prior to him departing for the Barracks. "I'm not wearing these bloody itchy things", Tavelle's player had declared, "If I wear them for a ride, out on patrol in the summer, they'll be stinking, lice-ridden and rancid by the time I return". He has such a way with words.

- As they galloped towards the River Gate Tavelle admitted to Erael that he had been surprised by the Harvestmaster's decision to travel to the Barrowfields. After a few minutes they see the River Gate, so named due to it being closest to the river Ashaba. They thunder through the archway, unimpeded by the temple guards, who clear a path for them.

- The road between the Abbey and Ashabenford is relatively quiet with only a few farmers travelling along it. Tavelle slowed Spot to a gentle trot as they approach and traverse the Ford. To their left Tavelle points out The White Hart Inn to Erael. As they trot past Tavelle sees that Holfast is cleaning the windows and gives the innkeeper a wave.

- Tavelle removes the Horn of Mistledale from his belt and wonders how hard it can be to get it to make the "Blaat-Blup!" noise.

It was quite amusing because Tavelle's player said, "Tavelle's never tried to use one before... do I need a Perform check or what? I don't want to mess this up".

- Erael had noticed Tavelle's trepidation and asked, "Tavelle, let me do it, i've blown a Dwarvish horn before". Tavelle had started to raise the horn to his lips but now was giggling like crazy.

I really thought that Tavelle's player might just wet himself laughing. I have to admit that I do spend quite a long time planning conversations and things for NPC's to say. I have a notepad that is full of quotes from Nereskul, Brondar, Liria, Naema, etc. and I try to jot down any that I come up with for future use.

- "Why are you laughing?", inquired Erael, oblivious to the fact that the Tavelle's mind rarely crept above gutter level. Tavelle couldn't speak due to the laughing, the fact that Erael hadn't realised what she had said made him giggle all the more. Tavelle eventually managed to say, "I can't do it for laughing... I have a stitch in my side... Lucky Dwarves...".

- Erael took the Horn of Mistledale from his grasp and sounded a crisp, strong "Blaat-Blup!" sound.

- Tavelle managed to compose himself enough to thank Erael and spur Spot into a steady gallop. Erael had just given Tavelle a strange look and shook her head.

- The sounding of the horn had alerted the Mistrans to a Rider in a hurry and they cleared the street, between Lhuin's Fine Leathers and Kaulvaeras Stables, to let the pair through. Tavelle took a left at The Six Shields rooming house and galloped north towards the barracks.

- They continued heading north until they reached an intersection, Tavelle caught sight of Arvien, at the window of her shop watching, as they sped past.

- Tavelle could see the barracks, the crenelated walls and fluttering pennants were a strangely welcoming sight. He aimed Spot directly for the main gate. A number of figures tracked his progress from the battlements and as he approached a couple of gate guards cleared the way.

- He thundered into the main parade grounds and brought Spot to a halt, there were a score of militia in front of the main building and Tavelle reasoned that they would all of heard the blast Erael had given the horn. A swarthy man in clad in half-plate and wearing the tabard of the Riders approaches and asks, "We heard the horn, what's going on?", Tavelle noticed that he stared at Erael, seemingly captivated by her beauty.

- Tavelle addressed the militia that had gathered around, "I bring news from the Shield, concerning the Barrowfields, I urgently need to see the Battle-Chaplain".

- "Tavelle, you'd best come with me", came a voice from the entrance of the main building, Tavelle turned to see Izen (NG Human Male Fighter2), the courier and messenger for the Riders of Mistledale, and the High Councillor's herald. Tavelle waited for Erael to dismount first, he noticed that the militiamen almost fell over themselves to assist the sorceress, and then he too climbed down from Spot.

- "I see no bugger wants to help me down", Tavelle muttered under his breath.

- Izen approached Tavelle and offered his hand in greeting, "Captain Baergil is in his chambers, he heard the horn and sent me to find out what was going on", the Rider turned to Erael and gave the her a noble bow.

- Tavelle made the introductions, "Izen, this is Erael she's been helping the patrol in the Barrowfields. Erael, this is Izen, a Rider of Mistledale".

- Izen looked at Erael and her backpack, "May I assist you my lady, your pack looks heavy?". Erael nodded, "Oh yes please if you wouldn't mind?", and handed the backpack to him, "It is such a pain, i really should carry less junk".

Tavelle's player shook his head, "I forget to offer and Izen gets to look like the chivalrous one... bugger me".

- Tavelle handed Spot's reins to the swarthy militiaman, Izen asked Relnick to water the mount before leading the pair inside. On the way to Baergil's chambers Tavelle tells Izen of the deserted Lannane farmstead, the attack by the Wights last night, and their speedy journey to Ashabenford that was made possible by Erael. Izen listened grimly to the first two parts of the news and then started laughing, "I did wonder what'd happened to your hair, it must've been a swift ride?".

- The two guards outside the Battle-Chaplains office eyed Erael as she approached with Tavelle and Izen. The guards opened the doors to the audience chamber and the trio made their way inside.

- Battle-Chaplain Baergil and two of his stewards are in the audience hall and the burly priest stands as they enter. Tavelle notices that both the stewards stare at Erael until Baergil breaks the silence, "Bad news from the Barrowfields, Tavelle?", "Yes Captain, I bring a message from the Shield", replies Tavelle, he removes the scroll that he scribed for Nelyssa and hands it to Baergil.

- The Captain breaks the wax seal and starts to read the scroll, "I can read and listen at the same time lad, who is your companion?", Baergil glances up and nods to Erael. Tavelle looked to Erael and smiled, "This is Erael Iglasheer, a wandering swordswoman and sorceress. Erael has been gracious enough to offer her help to the patrol at the Lannane farm". Captain Baergil looked up from the scroll once more, "You have my thanks young lady", Erael gave Baergil a smile and said, "You are most welcome".

- The Battle-Chaplain rolls the scroll back up, reseals it with his own stamp and turns to his stewards, "The Shield has called the patrols to unite, take this to the High Councillor at once", he hands one steward the message and tells the other, "Get Relnick and tell him to locate Lanneth, he is to rendezvous with Nelyssa at the Lannane farm". As the steward departs Baergil looks to Izen, "I want you to find Jentar, he may well be near Glen, tell him to make all haste to the farm with the others". Izen nods to Erael and Tavelle, "Yes Captain", and takes his leave.

- After Izen had departed, Tavelle informed Baergil, "Prior to delivering this scroll, the Shield requested that we also deliver a message to the Abbey. It asked for Sister Alena and some underpriests to attend the Riders. It's just that the Reverend Harvestmaster decided he too would travel to the Barrowfields and lend Chauntea's support". Captain Baergil nodded and replied, "If the Wights threaten the farmers then it'll have got Derim's back up, after the success at the grove he seems to have a new lease of life".

- The Battle-Chaplain took a seat and motioned for the pair to do the same, "How did you get from the Lannane farm to Ashabenford so quickly?", asked Baergil, Tavelle glanced to Erael and said, "Erael is an accomplished Sorceress, it was her enchantments that made the journey possible".

- Baergil nods and asks Tavelle to recount the patrol's activities fully, Tavelle duly obliges and informs the Battle-Chaplain of the discovery of the defeated Wights at the Selmer farm, and the deserted Lannane farmstead. When Tavelle starts to explain how the patrol had met Erael, Baergil looked genuinely impressed and commented, "From what I heard from Old Ennick's lad the Wyvern was immense?". Tavelle informed the Captain of the creatures rough proportions, tail and neck length, wingspan and a stinger the length of a longsword. The Battle-Chaplain let out a low whistle and said, "I am truly impressed Erael, this happened near the Lannane farm?", "Yes", replied Erael.

- Captain Baergil eyed Erael's oversized backpack, "May I ask what you were doing so far from a road, where have you travelled from?". Tavelle looked to Erael as she answered the Battle-Chaplain, "I've travelled from Damara and I don't tend to travel by road very often, it's not quite as fun as winging your way around the wilder areas", Baergil gave a chuckle and said, "Hah! I have to agree lass, Tavelle please continue, tell me of last night".

- Tavelle explains that after finding the corpses of the numerous Wights, near the Selmer Holdings, Nelyssa had decided to try and draw the undead's attention should they make another attempt on the farmers. Tavelle described the two rings of watch-pyres that they had constructed with the horses at the center of the camp. Tavelle continued, "The Wights attacked just after midnight, they were silent and surprisingly swift...".

- Erael interrupted, "Nelyssa had posted a watch and I had enchanted my senses. Myself and Naema kept watch to the west. The Shield had told Tavelle to get some sleep and it was just past midnight when we saw Tavelle start radiating a hemisphere of silver light. The entire camp was alerted to something going on. Brondar was concerned so he woke Tavelle and it was then he said the Wights were coming". Erael looked at Tavelle and said, "Tell the Battle-Chaplain about the star Tavelle".

- Tavelle recounted his dream as faithfully as he remembered and Captain Baergil listened intently. Once Tavelle had finished Baergil nodded, "I shall thank Selune for her messenger this night and pray for her servant to continue her vigil".

- Tavelle lets Erael describe the approach of the Wights and the ensuing battle. When she tells Baergil of Tavelle decapitating a Wight that had threatened Brondar the priest smiles proudly at the young mage. Tavelle informs Baergil of Tynan travelling to Peldan's Helm to seek aid from Kinara and that they plan to return to the Lannane farm to rejoin the patrol.

- Baergil stands, "Erael, before you go would you place your longsword against the stone sword on the plinth please?", Erael looked at Captain Baergil warily, "What will happen?", she asked drawing the weapon from its scabbard. The Battle-Chaplain explained that the stone sword could temper a blade to render it "Nigh invulnerable to damage". As Erael places her sword against the statue it suddenly flares with fire, she stumbles backwards with a cry in shock. Baergil catches her and seems genuinely surprised, "I'm sorry lass, it's never done that without a prayer to the Lord of Battles before".

- Erael retrieves the sword from the plinth, "The sword is warm to the touch, the fires were real?", she inquires. Baergil gives a chuckle, "Aye they're real enough. To be fair I wasn't expecting it to confer its flames so soon after touching Tavelle's sword".

- Erael sheathes her longsword, "My thanks Captain Baergil to you and Tempus both". The Battle-Chaplain gives a smile and a polite nod, "Allow me to escort you out, I need to liaise with the Chaunteans concerning the aid they will be giving the Riders". As the trio exit Baergil's chambers and make their way to the parade grounds a steward approaches and informs Baergil that the messengers have been dispatched to rally the other patrol leaders.

- Upon exiting the main building a militiaman walks Spot upto Tavelle and he takes the reins. Tavelle plants his foot in the stirrup and swings himself up, he shakes his head as around six militiamen fall over themselves to assist Erael in getting into the saddle with her heavy pack. Baergil looks Spot up and down, "This is one of your summoned mounts?", asks the old Cleric. Tavelle nods and replies, "Yes, Captain. He may not be very big but he's surefooted and swift".

- The Battle-Chaplain claps Spot firmly on the rump, "Remember these words Tavelle and they will serve you well. Armed, warded and ready", Tavelle nods to Captain Baergil and says, "Those words kept me alive last night, I will always remember them Captain".

- Tavelle wheels Spot around and Erael bids farewell to the Battle-Chaplain as they thunder through the main gate to exit the barracks.

to be continued...

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- Tavelle heads south as they clear the gate and starts spurring Spot to a gallop. "Shall I head back to the copse of trees that we landed in?", asks Tavelle, "I think it would be best, it seems the most secluded place available, unless you know of another?", replied Erael.

Tavelle's player looked at me and asked, "Does Tavelle know of a closer area suitable for Erael to change and to depart unnoticed?". I thought I would ask for a Knowledge Local check DC 10 as the copse where they had landed was near the holy road and seldom visited. Tavelle rolled a 3 for a total of 8, I informed him that he couldn't think of an area more suitable.

- After a moments contemplation Tavelle answers, "No, I can't think of anywhere better".

- The pair pass by Arvien's House as they gallop through the streets of Ashabenford and Tavelle, once again, sees the shops proprietor at the window. Many bewildered Mistrans scurry out of Spot's path and it isn't long before they are crossing the ford leaving the town behind them.

- The raised road of the Moonsea Ride was busy with travellers and caravans heading to and from Ashabenford. As the pair approach a caravan Tavelle sees the pennants of the Black Eagle Coster and hears a shout of, "Hail! Rider!", from one of the mounted guards riding point.

- Tavelle slows to a trot and guides Spot to meet the caravan guard. The Black Eagle Coster rider eyes Tavelle's tunic with the symbol of Mistledale emblazoned upon it. The caravan guard greets the mounted pair and says, "I bear grave news from the road, we came upon a deserted caravan camp site, only the horses remained and they'd been slaughtered viciously".

- Tavelle listens as the guard, who introduces himself as Garnull, gives details on the rough location of the camp and what they had seen.

Tavelle's player had viewed a similar scene at the Lannane farm and came to the conclusion that this must be the work of the Wights. "Busy little undead buggers aren't they?", he had joked.
I asked Tavelle's player for a Knowledge: Local skill check to see if he could pinpoint the campsites location from the guards description. I decided that it would be a tough skill check, due to Tavelle having limited knowledge of landmarks along the Moonsea Ride, so I set the DC at 15. Tavelle's player rolled a 12 and ended up with a 17.

- From the description that Garnull had provided Tavelle reasoned that it was south of Peldan's Helm and north of The Barrowfields.

- "We are headed to meet with our patrol at the Barrowfields, please could you relay this information to Captain Baergil at the barracks?", asked Tavelle. Garnull nodded, "Yes, of course, Tymora go with you Rider". Tavelle thanked Garnull, bid him farewell, and continued towards the Holy road.

- As the pair rode towards the Holy Road and the copse of trees Erael commented, "These Wights seem very busy and organised, it's almost as though they are actively increasing their numbers?", Tavelle replied, "I'd always thought that they stayed in their crypts and tombs waiting for the living, but I admit to knowing very little about the undead if i'm honest".

As a DM i've always liked the idea of off-screen occurrences, things that the player characters and NPC's have no knowledge of. It's more for my benefit as I build the story and plot, it helps me to be creative.
When the Myrkulites had corrupted the Grove they had used its unholy energy in a ritual to summon Kendra the Mad to Mistledale, she had appeared in the midst of the Barrowfields and called to its undead inhabitants. Most of the undead in their barrows had ignored her summons, they were either far too powerful for her magic to compel them or in some deep slumber and could not be awakened.
Vinjarek the Mound King had answered her call and with the greater Wight followed his retinue, "Build me an army worthy of the Lord of Bones", Kendra had commanded, "I shall sweep the living from the Dale and return to claim my host". Unbeknownst to Vinjarek, Kendra had been defeated by Gammel Krage, the Druid in Unicorn form, she would not be returning but the greater Wight had done as he was commanded.

- Tavelle guided Spot inbetween two large oak trees as they entered the secluded copse. He waited for Erael to dismount before he too climbed down from the horse. Erael removed her pack, muttered the word "Anarshas" and drew a length of rope from it. Tavelle stroked Spots nose and then dismissed the summoned mount.

- Tavelle looked at Erael as she unwound the oversized leather strap with the large buckle, "When you were coaxing me to mount up earlier you mentioned carrying a rider before?", Erael nodded, "Vallendras Lionswrath, a holy Paladin of Torm and my brother's rider".

- Tavelle imagined two beautiful Silver Dragons and this noble Paladin, "You have a brother?", Erael shook her head and turned away from Tavelle, "No", she said softly, her voice trembled with emotion, "Not anymore, Eristan fell alongside Vallendras".

- "Erael, i'm so sorry", Tavelle managed to say. He placed his hand gently on her shoulder, "What happened?".

Erael explained that she had lived with her mother and father in the Eastern Galena mountains and that she had spent alot of time with the neighbouring Stoneshield clan of Dwarves. Her brother Eristan, and his friend Vallendras Lionswrath, had claimed a nearby abandoned dwarven fortification, cut into the side of a mountainface, and patrolled the lands from it. When she wasn't with the Dwarves, or with her parents, she would sneak visits to see Eristan, at the newly named Dragonwatch, and learn to carry a rider like her brother. Vallendras was the most noble being that she had ever met, he was extremely wise and very kind. He had encouraged her to develop her sorcerous abilities.
Erael tells Tavelle that her parents disappeared, six years ago, when they went to investigate the rise of Castle Perilous in Vaasa. She, Eristan and Vallendras had spent the last five years fighting the Witch-King and his minions and she had seen less and less of the pair as the fighting continued. Erael tells of the Tormish clerics that arrived at the Dragonwatch, they weren't like the noble Vallendras and they had berated her for nakedness on her arrival when she visited.
She had aided the Stoneshield clan defend their ancestral halls and was living with the Dwarves when news of Eristan and Vallendras's demise reached her. They had fallen fighting two Red Dragon Dracoliches of great age and power. She and some Dwarves had managed to recover the fallen Paladins blade but that was all, there was no sign of her brother or Vallendras.
Erael informed Tavelle of an argument with one of the clerics of Torm that led to her decision to depart. The cleric had demanded that he should wield the Lionswrath blade and that she should serve him as a mount.... the "Judgment and sentence" for not fighting alongside the pair. It was fortunate that King Stoneshield had witnessed the exchange as he directed his honour guard to remove the "Nasty lawyer" forcefully. The sword had been a part of her sires hoard and had been a gift to Vallendras and she had vowed to the Cleric of Torm that she would never take a rider.

- "It was a stupid vow, spoken in grief and anger... i'm happy to break it", Erael concluded.

- Tavelle had listened intently to Erael's story, "Is that Vallendras's sword you carry?", he asked. Erael nods and unsheaths the longsword with the lions-head pommel, "When it was in his hands it glowed with a holy golden fire, that's why I was so shocked when we were with Captain Baergil".

- "Thanks for sharing your story with me", Tavelle said sincerely. Erael smiled, "We should go, turn around, I need to change". Tavelle gave a her a grin, "I'm not a prudish cleric, I don't mind nakedness". Erael laughed and shook her head, "I'm sure Naema would not approve, Brondar told me that she is your lover".

"Bloody Brondar and his big mouth!", said Tavelle's player. It was good to see him squirm.

- Tavelle turned his back on Erael and he heard her unbuckle her swordbelt, he sarcastically muttered under his breath, "Cheers Brondar".

to be continued...

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I recently posed a question to Ed, via The Hooded One, asking for lore concerning Captain Baergil of the Riders of Mistledale.
The questions were recently answered in amazing detail and I should have asked months and months ago. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

For anyone that hasn't read Ed's reply via THO here it is:

Originally posted by The Hooded One

Hi, Farrel.
As it happens, several “Captain Baergils” have led the Riders of Mistledale down the years.
The most famous is a local legend who died heroically during the Time of Troubles. This Baergil was a former Captain of the Riders at the time of his death, having resigned from the Riders to pursue a holy life as a priest of Tempus. As a Warpriest resident in Mistledale, he sacrificed himself in a mighty magic that called up a ring of skulls that did much to help the sorely-outnumbered defenders of Mistledale defeat the invading Sword of the South army (Sembian mercenaries led by the Zhentarim).
There were two Captain Baergils before the famous one, and one since; all are blood-related. The first, Ellusk Baergil, was Captain of the Riders from 1156 DR to 1180 DR, and is remembered as a good, just, and capable man; the second, Horarn Baergil, was Captain for only a few months in 1242 DR before dying in battle against brigands in the forests of eastern Mistledale, and is recalled as a large, blustering, reckless hothead of a man.
The fourth and most recent Captain Baergil (if your campaign is set as the Spellplague is fading), is Emrius Baergil, a young, swift-witted, widely-liked man who never forgets a face or name, and is a mediocre soldier but a “natural” as a diplomat and investigator of crimes. He became Captain of the Riders in 1477 DR (when almost twenty-three years of age), and has covertly been training young boys and girls of the dale to be “eyes and ears” who report suspicious sights to the Riders, and keep watch over certain residents and visitors. He is a descendant of Darrask Baergil’s older brother Athror (a florid, successful and therefore wealthy, rather pompous man who owned several mills in northern Sembia; born 1301 DR, died 1391 DR).
The famous Captain Baergil was born Darrask Baergil on a farm in Mistledale, just southwest of Ashabenford, in 1302 DR (his parents, Angram and Baelaetha Baergil, were part owners of the farm, and dwelt there for the rest of their lives after they had their family, Angram dying of winter-fever in 1333 DR and Baelaetha of heartstop in 1337 DR; they had seven children, Darrask being the second, and the second of three boys). A good rider and forester from his earliest years, with a love of strategy and an even stronger love of Mistledale, Darrask joined the militia young, and became a Rider of Mistledale in 1321 DR, a year when eleven Riders retired (some of them thanks to debilitating wounds, others from the aches and failings of advancing age).
Darrask Baergil rose to become Swordar (then the sole second-in-command of the Riders; in the years since, there have been as many as three Swordars at once, the title shifting to mean something akin to “senior patrol leader”) of the Riders in 1332 DR, upon the death of Swordar Galaerak Darrowman (of an infection after being severely wounded in a winter fight with wolves). In 1335 DR, Darrask Baergil succeeded Ranthorn Hawkhar as Captain of the Riders of Mistledale (after Hawkhar lost his legs, home, and family to murderous house-burning raiders, and was taken by his kin to northern Sembia to live out his last years in their care), a rank Baergil resigned in Mirtul of 1352 DR.
As Captain, Darrask Baergil is remembered as a worldly-wise, weatherbeaten man who faced danger calmly, and was customarily polite. He had steel-gray eyes, hair, and moustache (formerly brown), was of average height, had very hairy forearms, and walked in his later years with a slight limp thanks to his right thigh being gored by a boar and subsequently pierced by brigand AND Zhentilar weapons. He ate and dressed simply, having interest in practicality and none at all in fashion, never married but was known to be fast friends with no less than five women of Mistledale and two travelling Harpers who often visited the dale, and if he fathered any children, the folk of Mistledale never learned of them.
He liked roast boar drenched in a red wine mushroom sauce, gnome-brewed mint ale from western Sembia, and firewine, but lived simply and customarily ate and drank almost everything. He was never without a sharp belt knife, and loved to whittle small lengths of chain and attached figurines to pass the time (these he gave away to children or acquaintances). He collected maps and scraps of the lore of Mistledale (that he wrote down in small chapbooks). The dancing of elves enthralled him, and he collected fine swords but never used them; long after his death, his kin discovered a Cormanthyrian elfblade (+1 keen longsword) among them.
Most who had dealings with Captain Darrask Baergil found him to be a fearless but kindly veteran, a shrewd judge of character and a peerless defender of the dale always alert and prepared for trouble and treachery. As a strategist he was the equal of many a king, but otherwise he was a simple man who loved simple things, that could be summed up (as he once did) as “Mistledale safe, prosperous, and happy.” He was friendly to all but had few close friends. Darrask Baergil could be stern and ruthless when he had to be, and in game terms began as a LN (and drifted to NG, later CG) human male fighter, probably F2 when a junior Rider, F4 when he was Swordar, and up to F7 or F8 by the time he resigned as Captain.
After several vivid dreams in which Tempus appeared to him and called upon him, Darrask Baergil retired from the Riders in 1352 DR to apply to Dale-based Warpriests of Tempus to become a priest of Tempus. He was accepted, served with eager diligence despite no longer being young, and rose swiftly in rank and regard among the holy devout of the Wargod. At the time of his death, he was probably (in game terms) a 7th level cleric. (In both his holy and Rider careers, Darrask Baergil’s swift advancement was due to his personal prowess, energy, and character, and the general “busy nonstop adventuring” nature of both lives he led.)
I hope this is of help! This was fun but took some time to unearth notes, because it’s been a long time since I’ve looked at Baergil.

So saith Ed. Who is, of course, the creator of all the Baergils, the Mistledale they loved and served, and the Realms around it.

The level of detail blew me away but that's something I should have anticipated having read through the "So saith Ed" scrolls available at Candlekeep.

Now I want help and advice from the scribes of Candlekeep with a couple of questions.
I've put out requests for ideas and NPC's in the thread before, and have only received a few replies, the most notable contribution coming from Dalor Darden, who provided Gammel Krage.

1) Captain Baergil resigned his position in Mirtul of 1352 (My campaign is currently set in 1353) to follow his calling with Tempus. Is it still feasible that he offers leadership and advice as well as providing the Riders and Militia with spiritual guidance as a Cleric?

2) One happy coincidence is that Ed has stated that there had been upto three Swordars at one time and my first inclination would be to have Nelyssa Shendean named as Captain as it connects perfectly to canon. Do you think that the three major patrol leaders Nelyssa, Jentar, and Lanneth could be Swordars who Baergil might appoint his successor from?

Any help, advice, or ideas are extremely welcome.

Any thoughts on scenarios and encounters for Tavelle would be well received (just be mindful of the tone and pace of the game).

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- Tavelle could hear Erael disrobe behind him and thought of all she had confided in him, he had heard of the troubles in Damara and Vaasa. It had all seemed so far away but upon hearing Erael's tale it now seemed more personal, the Witch-King had taken much from her.

- "Do you worship Torm as well?", asked Tavelle, "No", replied Erael, "I was raised to honour Xymor, but my heart feels kinship with the Lady of Mysteries, and the weave".

It's not often I can surprise Tavelle's player with lore that he isn't already aware of... I got him this time though. "What's a Xymor?", he had asked.
I'd gone on a crash course of finding out as much as possible concerning Damara, Vaasa, Zhengyi, and the Bloodstone Lands in general when I had created Erael. The major sourcebook that I had relied on was The Bloodstone Lands (FR9).

- "Who is Xymor?", asked Tavelle, feeling considerably ignorant. "Xymor is also known as Bahamut, does that name mean anything to you?", replied Erael. Tavelle didn't feel quite so dim, he had heard that name before, "The platinum dragon", he stated.

- A length of rope is dangled over Tavelle's shoulder and he laughed as he took up the rope, "You're really into your bondage aren't you?", Erael sighed and said, "Behave Tavelle".

- Tavelle climbs up onto Erael's backpack and starts securing himself, the Silver Dragon turns her slender neck to face him and inspect the knots, "Comfortable?", she asks. Tavelle gave her a grin, "Now that the horn is at my belt, and its mouthpiece not up my ass, yes very".

- Moments later they were aloft and climbing swiftly, Erael's wings carved through the air like great scythes. Tavelle realised that they were higher, and flying faster, than the previous journey and the freezing wind stung his eyes as it buffteted him.

- He wished that he had an Endure Elements enchantment but had expended his magic fully the previous night. He was thankful for his black leather riding gloves but would have been happier with Kerryn's woolen undergarments too. As the journey progressed Tavelle noted that Erael was quiet, she hadn't spoken since taking flight, and he guessed that it would have been like trying to run hard and hold a conversation at the same time. Tavelle felt like he had being hugged by Auril herself.... damn it was cold.

- To take his mind off the cold he gazed down at Mistledale and its rolling fields, pastures and orchards. He could see the Moonsea Ride below them but they were too high to spot individuals on the road and his streaming eyes obsured any details.

- After a couple of hours Tavelle notices that Erael starts circling, looking for a place to land, and the ground gets closer. The pair land in a small valley between two hills and Erael declares, "I haven't flown at that speed for some time... i'm shattered".

I imagined Tavelle hunched, tied onto the backpack, shivering like mad with very blue lips. Maybe Erael hadn't been joking about having to crowbar wizards off of her pack?

- "I'm b-b-bloody f-f-frozen", said Tavelle through blue lips and chattering teeth. His face felt raw from the cold winds.

- Tavelle eventually managed to loosen the bindings and slips down from Erael's back, "W-weird, I s-still don't f-feel t-tired", he chatters, Erael gives a breathless chuckle, and says, "Lucky you".

I had decided that the silver radiance from the previous night had invigorated Tavelle and removed any exhaustion effects from lack of sleep or physical exertion. It didn't replace the need for sleep to memorize new spells though. It was currently around 15:30 hours and Tavelle would require a decent nap to be of any magical use this evening.

- Tavelle took one last look at Erael's gleaming silver form, shivered, and then turned away so that she could change in private. "No witty jests or flirtations? Are you ill?", asked Erael playfully, Tavelle fidgeted and almost turned around, "S-sorry, I th-think m-my b-brain n-needs time t-to thaw...".

- Erael laughed, "Be thankful for your sister's woolens and think what it would've been like without them", Tavelle summoned Patches, and stroked the horse's side, "I said that K-kerryn g-gave me a p-pair, I d-didn't say I was b-bright enough to w-wear them".

- Erael appeared at his side, "You don't look too good, take off your gloves", Tavelle did as he was asked. He removed his riding gloves to reveal his pink hands, without a word Erael grasped them with her own and starting vigorously rubbing them. Tavelle noticed that she hadn't fully laced her chemise top and he couldn't help but look.

"I think Tavelle's circulation is improving", said Tavelle's player, "Probably not just in his hands either", I added.

- With her attention on his hands Erael commands Tavelle to stamp his feet. After a minute or two she stops, "How is that, do you feel warmer?", Tavelle felt rather hot if the truth be told, "Your face is flushed with blood, you look much better", Erael declared.

- She returned to her backpack, "Here Tavelle, smarten up your hair, you look like you've been standing atop the peak over Hillsafar Hall in a gale", and offered up a golden comb inset with bloodstones.

- Tavelle took the comb, it was heavy gold and expertly crafted. The bloodstones were many and matched but what peaked Tavelle's interest was the inscription, in Dethek, "With all my love, please grow thee a beard".

- "A gift from an admirer?", Tavelle asked as he ran it through his windswept hair. Erael chuckled, "Yes, it's a beard comb, I still haven't managed to grow one". Tavelle did what he could with the comb but his hair was proving stubborn.

- He handed back the comb, climbed up onto Patches and offered his hand to help Erael into the saddle. Once Erael was sat comfortably behind him Tavelle urged Patches into a canter up the hill, "I'm going to push Patches pretty hard, make him look like he's had a ride", said Tavelle.

I came across a 2nd edition sourcebook the other day, Wizards and Rogues of the Realms (9492, by William W. Connors, one of the reddish-brown softbacks with the gold writing), and I didn't even realise that I owned it.
To save as much wardrobe space as possible I put sourcebooks into boxed sets, like the Old Grey Box, Ruins of Undermountain, Ruins of Myth Drannor, etc. and it sometimes shocks me when I open up a box to find lots of other books as well. I thought I'd have a read... I didn't know I had it, so it was like reading it anew.
It detailed a Faerunian Wizard Kit for the Dalelands and it had a few specific notes on the Wizards of Mistledale.

Benefits: Riding horses and driving wagons; a natural affinity for horses of all types except those trained in battle.
Drawbacks: Quick to anger if they witness someone mistreating a mount or if a horse shows signs of neglect; compelled to confront the owner, or abuser, and seek to aid the animal.

I quite liked the kit and the fact Tavelle loved riding (and loved his horses) was a nice coincidence.

- They galloped over the rolling hills and entered the outer border of the Lannane farm, as they neared the camp they spotted Liria, mounted on Drool, patrolling. Liria had seen them and her Mastiff was charging towards them with its tongue waggling, the halfling rider was holding on gallantly.

- Tavelle could see that barricades and more watch-pyres had been added to the camp and he guessed that Nelyssa had been preparing. "You're back!", shouts Liria with a grin. Tavelle greets her warmly and they make their way past a makeshift barricade accompanied by the Halfling, "I can't believe you made it to Ashabenford and back so quickly, you must have been flying!", she squeaks and Erael chuckles, "Something like that, yes".

- A small crowd of militia, as well as Naema, Brondar and Nelyssa meet them as they draw up on Patches. Erael is helped down by Brondar and he takes her backpack for her, "Thankyou both, especially to Erael and her enchantments that made it possible", says Nelyssa.

- From atop Patches Tavelle hears excited whispers from the militia that the Lady Wyvernslayer has returned and notices that everyone but Naema is happy to see her. Naema looks up at Tavelle and smiles, "How come you look like a scarecrow and she's unruffled?", Tavelle gave a grin and said, "I think I was her windbreak, how have you fared?". Tavelle dismounts and dispels Patches as Naema explains the extra fortifications and plans for the coming evening.

- The militia disperse back to their duties leaving Nelyssa, Tavelle, Erael and the two riders alone. Tavelle is asked to recount his audience with the Reverend Harvestmaster and Captain Baergil, he informs Nelyssa that the Harvestmaster decided that he would attend, and that the two other patrol leaders had been rallied.

- Tavelle then informed Nelyssa of the meeting, on the Moonsea Ride, with the Black Eagle Coster caravan guard and explained the deserted camp that the guard had seen. He gave the rough location of the caravan's remains, Brondar agreed with his estimate on its location. He informed them of his decision for the caravan guard to deliver the news to the barracks.

- Tavelle explained that they had visited the Selmer farm, when they left the patrol in the morning, and that he had managed to convince the Selmer family to stay with Dumic the Red, for a short while anyway.

- Nelyssa seems genuinely pleased to hear that Derim and the others are on their way and dismisses the two riders to their tasks. The Shield of Chauntea congratulates Tavelle on convincing Arknat Selmer to stay with Dumic the Red.

- Nelyssa offers Erael the use of her tent to get some rest, to which the sorceress replies, "I was hoping to discuss Tavelle's knowledge of the Art", the Shield of Chauntea shakes her head, "Tavelle needs to sleep after we have spoken... privately".

- Erael takes the hint graciously, "My arms ache from the journey and I, apparently, need some rest", she gives the pair a bow and leaves them alone. Nelyssa raises an eyebrow to Tavelle, and asks, "Her arms ache?", Tavelle laughs and says, "Holding on for her life... the journey was... exhilarating to say the least".

- To change the subject as swiftly as possible Tavelle produces the wooden coffer, "The Reverend Harvestmaster asked me to give you this", he hands over the box containing the relic from Derim Whiteshield and conveys his message, "A shield that is riven by a few blows, is a poor shield indeed". Tavelle notes the apparent look of disgust on the Paladin's face as she opens the coffer, and Nelyssa asks "What do you know of the ring?".

- Tavelle thought back to his meeting with Derim Whiteshield and replied, "The Reverend Harvestmaster said that it would afford you some protection against the unholy touch of a Wight and that even though you may not wish to wear it... you must, hence what he told me to tell you".

- The Shield of Chauntea gave Tavelle a resigned look, "I'm grateful for the protection, it is the construction of the thing I object to, do you know what it is made from?". Tavelle had some experience of Necromantic magic, there was only one book within the tower that covered such things but he could see a link, "I suspect the material used is a bone from a sentient creature, possibly human or humanoid, Necromantic magic is often tied to such things". Nelyssa looked a little shocked, "Did Deri... Did The Reverend Harvestmaster tell you this, have you studied the ring in detail?", Tavelle replied honestly, "No, I gave it a cursory glance when it was entrusted to me, and i've not cast any Divinations on it". Tavelle explained about the book in the tower and its rather unsavoury covering. "I might not like the tome's construction, but without it I would not have been able to help Lord Wavesilver". Nelyssa nodded and slipped on the ring, "I may not approve of how the ring was made but I've a responsibility to wear it, thankyou Tavelle".

That's why I love DMing for Tavelle's player.

A few weeks ago I came to realise that i'd made a huge mistake, in regards to my Cormyrian nobles, I was reading City of Splendors: Waterdeep when I came upon the noble houses chapter... they were actually a Waterdhavian family... i'm such a muppet.

I blame the mistake on reading so many sourcebooks and so many nobles having a silver at the end of their family names... like Crown, True, Hunt, Wave... that's my excuse anyway.

I eventually decided that the Wavesilvers had married into a Cormyrian noble family, but I can't decide which one so i'm open to suggestions from fellow scribes, a minor house that is a firm supporter of the Crown would be ideal.

- "Will that be all?", asked Tavelle, Nelyssa nodded, "Yes, go and get some sleep". Tavelle gave her a bow and started off towards a row of small tents. As he rounded one of the pitches he saw a few sleeping militiamen around a fire. He retrieved his backpack and took out his winterblanket and bedroll. He took a long drink from his canteen and had a think about the past couple of days.

"Tavelle's not going to sleep in a tent this evening, he's sleeping under the stars tonight" said Tavelle's player.

- Tavelle used his backpack for a makeshift pillow and laid down on the bedroll, the ground was a little uneven but not damp. He pulled the winterblanket over him, yawned, and thought, "I'm actually quite tired", as soon as his eyes closed he was asleep.

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