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 Mystical missives and the Spellplague

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
EricMinde Posted - 20 Sep 2021 : 22:56:50
An ancient parchment appears into existence with a glowing, rosey coloured puff of smoke. The scroll is written in ancient High Elven script on ancient parchment yet the ink is fresh and new.


I think i've been trapped for centuries. I am not sure but something has changed.

I have the ability to seek aid through the ether now and the source of all information has always been Candlekeep. I send this in hopes of this reaching anyone there. I am Crystal Garlin, Morninglord of Lathander. Born sometime before the Time of Troubles, a Chosen Heirophant and bearer of Lathanders Light. A sacred artifact dedicated to the Dawnlord.

I remember falling to a trap set by Szass Tam when we needed to intercept what we were told was the Hand of Vecna and it's only been recently where I could collect myself enough manage this sending.

I need to know what happened and how long I have been trapped. What year is it? I think I'm somewhere in the Astral plane although if this is the Astral, it is much different than I am used to.

I woke up to waves of blue fire surging across and through this prison. Between my prayers and Lathanders Light, the flames left me mostly unscathed. Mostly....

I watched infinite numbers of conduits burn and collapse in an infinite plane of nothing. Before my fateful final encounter, I had traveled the planes for years and I believe I can assume what burned was conduits between planes and primes. Why I was freed and not consumed was a mercy of Lathander.

So it is to you, whomever receives this, I ask for aid.

Once a fortnight, when my magics allow, I shall check for replies. Please tell me of every known aspect of the Blue Fire. Where did it come from and what caused it. Which places are affected most, who needs aid and above all else. Why do I feel weakened by this flame? Without knowledge of where to go, I dare not attempt magics that shift the plane I am on. Am I alive by Lathanders grace? Am I a shade with memories not my own? Where am I if I am nowhere else?

If it is gold or riches you need, I shall offer whatever is needed when I am freed entirely from this prison.

Help me reader. Help free me so I may continue the fight against the darkness. Help me.


After reading the letter, you feel the frustration and sadness of the author. The final two words strike to your core. Help me...but who is she?

10   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
EricMinde Posted - 30 Jan 2022 : 23:39:31
Slevyas lets out a shrill shriek of pain or as close to a pain shriek as a magical animated book can manage as blue fire forces the book wide open and an colour image is burned onto the open pages.

Two words are burned below the image and give you a physical chill upon reading them...

"Soundmind Aslyum"

A hidden astral asylum for the magically insane. Created by Netherese Arcanists centuries ago. Thought lost to time, the place was known for holding and imprisoning the most dangerous and deranged magic users and demons of the ancient age.

(map 1 of 4, made by BrutalRichard - Soundmind Garden)
EricMinde Posted - 05 Nov 2021 : 21:43:30
This needs verification but I believe this to be accurate;

A scrap of paper floats down in a low use area of Candlekeeps library and lands with the words face up;

"Time is fleeting and the truth is known. Evil sits on mans Ghost Throne. The gate has opened, the horn is found. You must hurry before it sounds. Nightals here so watch your time. Free the sun before you die."

One second after the scrap of paper touches the stone, several dragons bellow and roar in unison for all to hear and the keep shakes with Miiryms vocal rage and all who hear the bellow know that something is very wrong.

EricMinde Posted - 27 Sep 2021 : 20:02:11
A messenger arrives to Candlekeep and submits a written report.

**Candlekeep Report**

There have been reporting a of strange events happening throughout the realms and beyond. A pink mist rises from the ground and hovers for just a moment. Individuals report that the mist refreshes them, has healed injury, removed decades old scars and even regrown a finger on an elder that lost it 70 years ago.

All reports state they hear a booming voice saying "The eye of Lathander is upon you" and the mist vanishes as quickly as it came.

No one has any explanation for the event and the Lathandarian clergy are calling it a miracle.

Please be advised that the mist seems to be detrimental to undead yet all other living creatures are able to reap the benefits.

The source of the event has yet to be found.
sleyvas Posted - 27 Sep 2021 : 18:38:20
Lorey Hisstory floated behind the shelving of books point downwards with the "eye of Auppenser in a gem" image inset in his tsukagashira, or pommel, peeking just above the top, revealing the blue gem in his base. Beside him, so transparently pale that he could barely see her himself standing a foot away, Lady Jillian watched the dragonborn and the deck of wheel of spells which had surreptitiously floated itself to the table and slid under the covers of an open book. As the dragonborn stood up and turned towards the shelves, the deck of cards suddenly changed into a red spellbook and "spat" forth a piece of paper, then quickly changed back into a deck of cards.

"Azuth's Audible Airbursts, there is no way that dragonborn didn't hear that", the sai said drolly via the telepathic link he had established between the three of them.

"Shush you, do you want him to get caught because of you, like the rakshasa in the..." responded the mage-priestess

"Alright, alright, we don't have to go over that incident again, and anyway, I'm right... see he turned back to the table..... he sees the page.... he's comparing it to his own copy"

The dragonborn began to read the added scribblings at the bottom of the page, "Understand .. Breach .. Crystal.. sphere .. Netheril .. slanted .. too many people would be interested .. I feel strongly that they must never see daylight again as they are still very Despite the ban .. I fear .. one .. killing .. wind .. Please understand .. Understand .. red .. book .. knows", when suddenly a light dawned upon his face, "AHA! It's a hidden message within the message.... but where did this come from, and who is this Sleyvas that signed the page at the bottom?"

"HE WHAT!" screamed the sai across the telepathic link, "You took credit for solving that when it was CLEARLY myself and Lady Jillian that figured it out!". He received a non-verbal snicker and a virtual raspberry in response, which clearly made Jillian want to laugh at the two of them with their extra large egos, her impish smile spreading across her youthful ethereal face.

Suddenly, the deck of cards on the table shot forth blue fire, screamed aloud in apparent agony, before suddenly and violently turning into a large red spellbook. Images of lightning, burning stone, darkly robed penitents, and banners with pictures of black suns on purple fields extend across the psychic link connecting Jillian and Lorey to the mind of Sleyvas. Screams for the Lady of Loss and the Burning Black Dawn echo in their ears. Images of some backwater town play across their minds, and the name Daggerdale plays in association. Suddenly a carefully cut scrap of a page appears in the middle of the red book written in Espruar and shoots out of the book to land on the table.

"That Farruking Hurts! It feels like someone summoning a stlarning frog into my mouth that's been coated in strawberry syrup" said the spellbook, flapping its pages like a pair of human lips before grunting in exasperation and then turning towards the Dragonborn and saying, "Aye, hello, I... uh.. don't think we've met yet. Name's Sleyvas. I take it from those piercings I see and the symbol of Bahamut, you must be Daardendrien Abraxus, son of ... um, help me out here Jillian?"

A blue glowing ghost suddenly materialized beside the spellbook, holding her head like a woman with a headache, "Daardendrien Abraxus, son of Versvesh, of the line of Daar, holy champion of the Platinum Dragon.... may I introduce myself, Lady Jillian Doncastle of Neverwinter, and this sai is Lorey Hisstory, psionic sai cyclopedia.... and I think we have some shared worries revolving around Shar and Cyric, and possibly the Black Sun intends to sacrifice a follower or artifact of the Dawnbringer, or maybe release some vile kind of death magic captured from ancient Netheril in Daggerdale."

To which the spellbook replied, sounding like a cantankerous old man, "Black suns, Darkfyres, Ebon Flames, and Burning gods-be-stlarned Ice and Stone.... by the Athora this world has something wrong with it, and Kossuth and Bazim-Gorag had best not be involved again." After which he began making retching noises reminiscent of a cat trying to cough up a hairball, then muttering, "By the gods, I miss the days when I could simply cover myself with invisibility and stoneskin, draw a pair of blades, and just cut people apart."
Zeromaru X Posted - 27 Sep 2021 : 07:37:32
Dear Crystal Garlin

Tuor aripotvych for my delayed answer. Espruar is not my native language and I had to take my time to understand your message. It's more troublesome when I have to sort out bizarre messages someone is writing in the book (for what I understand, is the book itself?). Anyways, now that Miirym has left me to my own devices (she seems dreadfully interested in the Vayemniri, as First Reader Valanaster once told me) and I can focus my undivided attention to you...

As for your question, I have read a few good books indeed. Are you looking for something in particular? From which date exactly?

As for your other question, and since sleyvas has sorted out the answer, I fear I'm not that knowledgeable about Netheril, neither the ancient civilization nor the most recent incarnation of that civilization, so I need more clear... hints, to start helping you. Thurisvant eth donsjeret. Or as the humans like to say, a window opens for every closed door. If I understand you well, you need me to go to Daggerdale? To find a book? Or is that book here in the keep? I can ask Miirym for help, but I dread that option...

May the Platinum Dragon keep you under his wings.

Yours in knowledge,
Daardendrien Abraxus, son of Versvesh, of the line of Daar, holy champion of the Platinum Dragon.
EricMinde Posted - 27 Sep 2021 : 01:25:58
Kneeling on the stone floor surrounded by piles of gathered books with unlit candles on them, Crystal flips through book after book seeking blank scraps of paper and the edges of pages. After finding a suitably large enough piece of parchment to write on, she cuts it carefully out and starts writing on it with a beautifully jeweled, pink feather quill.

"Year...1492 DR + 38 days... maybe + 243 days? I'm trying to keep track but it doesn't seem to be working.

Still no reply from Daardendrian. I wonder if he figured out the message although I knew you would. I am writing this on whatever parchment there is left here. Sleyvas, can you hear me? I can hear you and another but neither Lorey nor your Ladys voices can be heard. I fear agents of the Burning Black may be able to find me so I must forego the protections and risk sending this directly to prevent these phials from ever being used.

The ban on extreme magic is on the casting and creation of extreme power spells as far as my limited access to knowledge on the topic serves.
Each of these spells were halted and preserved in a thinned Oil of Timelessness with a wish. We prevented a use of the Killing Wind and ended up with it stored in a prepared Phial to stop a coup on a Netherese enclave. The same can be said when the Arch-mage tried to escape punishment. His magic was great but without the foresight to expect us ready with a back up spell catching plan. Which is why I now possess these very dangerous grenades, the volumes of which are significant. What we thought was a way to stop the spells before they could complete, turned into a cast spell waiting to go off.

I may be trapped here, however the prison is open now. If I can send these missives out, someone else could find me...and the Phials. I cannot stay here and I need to be rescued."


With that, she traces a sigil of Deneir in the air over the parchment and lights six candles to illuminate the script.

Kneeling beside the makeshift altar, Crystal prays softly and asks "Sleyvas, please find me. Find My name, I have said where to look. Let Lathanders Light guide you."


The storm is raging with lightning brightening the night sky and thunder echoing deep through the bowels of a cavern. Sounds of the boom traveling further down the corridors with each crash. The rumbling thunders is soon drown out by chanting and the thunderbooms fade after surviving a mile of travel. The sound of the chants grow to deafening levels deep below the ground far past where the sounds of Talos can reach. A dozen corridors join and open up to a stone cathedral, all edges and corners worn smooth deep in the earth. Large pennants and banners are hung on every surface available, each showing a black sun under a solid red line on a field of purple.

A lone man, wearing black robes with purple edging walks to the podium with grace and takes a moment to compose himself. He looks over the gathered crowd with his ancient eyes as they all fall hush. With a booming voice that echoes off the walls and halls "This is a time of wonder my children. The Lady of Loss has sent us a sign and it points to Daggerdale. We must travel there as soon as possible." and the excitement of the crowd starts working itself up.

Praises and accolades are shouted until a glare from the speaker silences all into reverence. "The Lady of Loss has spoken. The Burning Black Dawn moves on Daggerdale now! FIND THE BOOK OF NAME!"
sleyvas Posted - 26 Sep 2021 : 03:41:57
The black metal sai with the eye symbol of Auppenser floated in the air before a wall of shelved books, scanning the titles slowly "I say Sleyvas, I don't think there's anything in this section that deals with the spellscarred. Why exactly do you think that that letter involves someone becoming spellscarred when there have been no records of spellscarred individuals outside of Toril, Abeir, and Selune? Not even Coliar nor Karpri have any records of blue fire rampaging during the year of the spellplague, at least with what research we've been able to gather from the few spelljamming vessels visiting our contact on the moon. So what makes you think that someone POSSIBLY trapped in another plane entirely could be spellscarred? I mean, do you realize how long it will take us to look through all of these books for references to spellscars?"

At that the moment, the near transparent blue form of Lady Jillian Doncastle of Neverwinter faded into existence and uttered a phrase in the Illumian language which was obviously inflected to take on magical qualities, "Boradula Vahaulak Jharis Spellscar" and with those words, twelve books on the fifty foot long by 15 foot high section of shelving suddenly began to give off a green glow.

As the floating red spellbook snickered, the adamantine sai turned towards his mistress and said, "Showoff, but you know not everyone used that exact term following the blue breath of change, right?" and then proceeded towards the shelves to use its limited telekinetic powers to bring the books to a nearby table. Not for the first time, Sleyvas wondered just how many languages she knew.
The Red Book of Spell Strategy then turned towards the weaveghost, and in a lowered voice said, "Ouch, daughter-by-vow, I do believe that that sai STILL holds a grudge against you for marrying my son a century later. I think the damned sai still loves you anyway. But who can blame him. You are a fine catch, if only my foolish son could have seen past his devotion to Mystra to stay with you and be a father to my two wonderful grandchildren."

At those words, the weaveghost's expression changed to one of sorrow, as she whispered, "May their souls find peace in the libraries of Deneir's realm.". It had been nearly twenty years since her children had died of old age, but each had raised a brood of their own, such that they were now on their fifth generation of Doncastles. She had lost contact with much of her family over time, though those who proved capable in the arts were often sent to train with her, the sai Lorey Hisstory, and the living spellbook which had formerly been a red wizard. How much their three lives had been changed when she had pleaded for her father-by-vow to help her solve the mystery of where Mirt the Moneylender had disappeared to by chasing knowledge of a group of liches known as "The Imprisoners" in the days leading into the Spellplague.

For Sleyvas, the touch of the bluefire had somehow combined his soul with his spellbook, an enchanted wheel of spells deck, and the transformative weapon he carried, resulting in his ability to now appear as either his spellbook, a wheel of spells deck, or pretty much any one handed melee weapon he wanted to appear like. This ability had proven quite useful over the last century in spying on people clandestinely, but he liked to appear in spellbook form when talking to his daughter-by-vow. Perhaps it was because he had a stronger mental link to his spellbook, or perhaps it was because he knew Jillian's love of books and he wished only to bring some joy into her life. Either way, he had never expected to learn to care for another as much as he did after having to send his wife, Melarra, into hiding where even he could not find her, in order to save her life from his fellow red wizards. Though their relationship was not one of passion, he had developed a daughterly love for this woman who had come to raise his grandchildren by a son he hadn't even known he'd had only a few years earlier, a byblow from a relationship with a sickminded witch he'd shacked up with in another world when he'd thought bringing his wife back from the dead impossible. Sleyvas hadn't always made the best of decisions in the first fifty years of his life, but hopefully his time helping the weaveghost and the sai serve the gods of magic over the past century had served to gain him some redemption.

The sudden pain in his mind served to distract him from his reveries, as once again he "felt" the touch of the mind of Crystal Garlin and he felt a new page materializing within his bindings. It seemed that Crystal was shouting oddly on certain words, and Sleyvas couldn't help but grunt each time she did so. It didn't serve to improve his mood, but he was known to be a grumpy old soul at times anyway.

"Did it happen again?" Jillian's hopeful voice broke his concentration, and he wasn't able to respond, "I saw blue fire leaking from your sides like Lorey described last time. Is that a new page I see there?"

"Aye, lass, though Crystal could use some lessons in not yelling when she speaks, and she didn't seem to have heard me previously. She was only talking to some priest of Bahamut with a name that sounds dragonborn. She was also talking about some Netherese dirty books that definitely were drawing my interest, and I wonder if any of them were magicked with illusions to display their textual descriptions. Still it seemed weird of her to send when she's seeking aid."

The ghostly woman looked at him expectantly and then stretched her mouth open wide like a person with an aching tooth visiting the barber, and Sleyvas knew he needed to quit flapping his pages so that she and Lorey could read what was sent. The sai floated expectantly over her shoulder and the two of them slowly began to read, and finally Jillian inquired "You say that Crystal was yelling at certain times? Would that have anything to do with this slight slanting to some of her words? In some cultures, its known as writing in italics"

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" said the sai while turning its monouchi, or "tongue", to face her, and upon receiving a confused look from her, Lorey dipped his saki, or tip, into an inkpot and began writing the italicized words. "I think its a hidden message. Let's see what it says"

Understand .. Breach .. Crystal.. sphere .. Netheril .. slanted .. too many people would be interested .. I feel strongly that they must never see daylight again as they are still very Despite the ban .. I fear .. one .. killing .. wind .. Please understand .. Understand .. red .. book .. knows

"Understand red book knows, aye.... so ya damned smug sai, want to tell me again that I'm barking up the wrong tree like some fool werewolf chasing a scent spell? Breach Crystal Sphere. That's something I heard stories about when I was researching the history of Thay's quads. It has something to do with spelljamming, though I've never found that spell myself. A Netherese fellow by the name of Proctiv supposedly developed it, but it would have to be performed with epic magic now that Mystra's ban is in place. Wait... what's that written? Despite the ban, I fear one killing wind... Mystra's ban?"

"[i]Killing Wind
I believe that would be another powerful spell from before Mystra's ban developed by the arcanist known as Toldien." added Jillian with a querying look upon her face.

"Tolodine" spoke Lorey, correcting the dead Deneirran mage-priestess before adding, "This follower of the platinum dragon.... Sleyvas when we were up in the stacks on the other side of candlekeep last week, didn't we see a dragonborn wearing a silvery looking dragonhead brooch with a blue background? Do you think they could be here in Candlekeep?"

"Hmmm, what do you make of [i]Netheril, too many people would be interested, I feel strongly that they must never see daylight again as they are still very active.
?" added Jillian with a bit of confusion on her face.

"Who knows, lass, maybe she fears Shade enclave or some other hidden Netherese. Maybe she's talking about some kind of undead that fears daylight. Maybe we're overthinking it and she's just fearing others looking itno things. Hells, for all we know, Crystal's a liar and its best that we leave her entrapped, or going more ludicrous, she's another Crystal sphere that's now sentient and we need to unblock her. Perhaps we should find this dragonborn and see what they think? But maybe we should be careful about it and spy the dragonborn out first. Noone around here ever thinks much about a deck of wheel of spells laying about around here with so many sages enjoying playing a round or two to break the monotony of reading old texts."
EricMinde Posted - 25 Sep 2021 : 08:26:48
An ancient parchment appears into existence with a glowing, rosey coloured puff of smoke. The scroll is written in Espruar again and on the same delicate parchment. The ink is barely dry.

Understanding Daardendrien Abraxus, son of Versvesh, of the line of Daar, holy champion of the Platinum Dragon. I am so glad you have Breached the veil that allowed I, Crystal Garlin to speak. Much has changed and I feel I should write this reply over time.

I have read about the plaguefires and Spellplague, their causes and effects and about the Spellscarred and I can indeed confirm Plaguefire is what struck the prison.
Portions of which are now completely dissolved. On the bright side, at least now I have a better view of the empty void.

I am indeed Spellscarred and not from this encounter with the Plaguefire alone.
The Time of Troubles were unfathomabley dangerous. Wild magic was everywhere and no one knew what was happening. I've encountered dozens of wild magic zones and with each one, suffered alot and learned very little. If it would aid history's archive I would be happy to go into great depth of what has has transpired in my life. I do note that history has recorded spellscars being Individual and rarely doubled. I fall under quite a different category of ability.

I am able to produce the morning suns fire and magic cast at me rarely lands. I am able to remediate wild magic and revitalize dead magic and I can use this power to heal injuries and even restore a thousand year old mummy to life. There is no disease, no poison I can not cure be it magical, mundane or curse. I know where lost things are and when I recite prayers, those who hear me are refreshed and their woes eased. I have only ever met a single undead creature I have not been able to lay to rest and that one put me here. Even leaving Lathanders sphere of influence does not hamper my clerical abilities as he walks with me everywhere.

Have I mentioned I watched the fall of Netheril first hand? I've witnessed (and quickly fled from) a creature of legend there as well. I do have several slanted volumes of common Netherese texts Candlekeep may be interested. I don't expect too many people would be interested in them anyways. They're quite bawdy and lewd. I feel strongly that they must never see daylight again as they are still very provocactive. Despite the ban on dirty books.

I've made very little progress in figuring out where I am. No one seems to be able to pin point my location although many are trying and I fear no one will. I have recovered fully and in communion with Lathander once again. So I do understand I am somewhere relatively close killing time. Unfortunately until I am able to touch home soil and feel the wind, there is no way for me to free myself. The structure I am in looks like stone and melts with Plaguefire yet cannot be dispelled. It is a magic I have never seen and I have seen much.

I would be able to bring you to me. However two people trapped doesn't seem to help the situation and in all honesty, I'm not sure if you would make it through a gate spell, if you'd be vaporized or turned into a cake. Some magics seem to be unaffected and others seem to be distorted by a power not wild nor dead.

All divine guidance points to me talking to Candlekeep more. Please understand that these replies are very welcome. It has been quite a number of years of sending missives with no reply.

Thank you for your kindness and Understanding. If I may ask, have you red any good books?

Crystal Garlin, Daughter of the Dawn, and Morninglord of Lathander and Lathander knows I need a friend.


The script is strained and hurried. It's clearly written by the same hand with an intense urgency.

sleyvas Posted - 21 Sep 2021 : 15:01:49
By the Mysteries of Mother Mystra, how did you do this? I felt a strange tickling effect and Lorey said that blue fire was bursting from my very pages. Then I "felt" you enter my mind, or whatever can be said my "mind" consists of since being changed into a book by the very same blue fires of which you speak. Then as I "felt" you speaking your words, Lorey, that sentient sai sage, indicated that a new page appeared within my "body". I do see something of where you are in return, as though through your own eyes, and I may be wrong, but I think I know where you are. Can you hear me? I think you are in Dweomerheart, but I also see some other imagery that's confusing. I see a dragonborn, and superimposed, almost translucent but behind you... is that the throne of Cyric the mad god...... but I also see another throne, with a mad eyed dwarf... Korolnor, what's that? Oh Gods, but I feel the sweep of insanity burning at the edge of my mind across the link.... links forming to places everywhere... Iriaebor? Thaymount? Shyr's famed Citadel of Burning Ice.... but we've left Abeir? But wait, where are you going? I feel the link going away.

Suddenly, the Red Book of Spell Strategy, who preferred to be called Slevyas, rose up and began flapping its pages at the bejewlled adamantine sai floating in front of him. "Lorey, I believe the gods of magic have sent us another mission to solve, just as we had to do when we were on Abeir. I think we must find and rescue another god artifact, Lathander's Light, and possibly someone who may have bonded with it. We must go find Lady Jillian Doncas---"

At that a translucent-blue ghost of a beautiful woman wearing the eye-candle symbol of Deneir entered the room, waving a sheet of paper written in Espruar, "By Deneir's Delirious Delights, look at this, it just appeared in front of me while I was reading an accounting by Aoth Fezim of the War of the Zulkirs. It's from a Crystal Garlin, and she needs help".

And so the blue jeweled sai turned to the book and said "I think she knows already"

EDIT: btw, feel free to use these as NPC's to do whatever you need. A talking sai with a love of history and reverence for Auppenser, a weaveghost mage-priestess of Deneir, and a former bounty hunter red wizard in exile turned into a spellbook with ties to the Red Knight. They can even be red herrings running in the entirely wrong direction.
Zeromaru X Posted - 21 Sep 2021 : 02:44:43
To Crystal Gardin.

Well met. I've found this letter (or it found me?) inside one of the tomes I'm studying. I intend to leave the answer in the same place, so that you do not waste your magic trying to find it in all the rooms of this keep of knowledge. According to the Dalereckoning, I write this missive in the Year of the Three Ships Sailing, 1492 DR.

I presume the blue flames you're speaking of are the plaguefires born from the Spellplague, or the Blue Breath of Change, as my people knows it. I can point you out to a thorough review of the Spellplague and its effects in the world. The malady you speak of may mean that you have became one of the spellscarred.

I hope these tomes of knowledge may help you. If you find yourself in need of more assistance, and Thes Ilnnen smiles upon you, you can send more missives to me.

Yours in knowledge,
Daardendrien Abraxus, son of Versvesh, of the line of Daar, holy champion of the Platinum Dragon

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