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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Wooly Rupert Posted - 09 Jan 2019 : 16:19:25
It occurs to me that Ed has been posting Realmslore on the Twitter, and not everyone has the Twitter.

So I thought a single place where such lore could be collected would be a good thing.

Ed is a frequent poster there, adding all sorts of Stormtalons and Epic Fantasy stuff, but for the purposes of this thread, I'd like to keep it focused on his Realmslore.

(I'm also stickying this thread, to make it easier to find)

Ed Greenwood (@TheEdVerse) on Twitter

The #Realmslore hashtag on Twitter
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questing gm Posted - 25 May 2022 : 10:21:29
On duergar facial tattoos for a "calassabrak"

May 24, 2022


Well met Mr. Greenwood! Do you have any ideas for the appearance of the brand or tattoo that's placed upon a duergar when they become a "calassabrak?"


Yes. :}

There are two facial tattoos (the intent is to prevent the duergar from covering them up and “passing for untainted”), usually placed high on the cheeks (under both eyes).

On the left cheek is the rune Alag, which means “Danger Right Here” (or “Trap”). It’s a vertical zig-zag lightning bolt joining a sphere at the top and an “X” at the bottom.

On the right cheek is the rune Calas, which means “To Be Shunned/Stay Back/Don’t Touch.” It’s an X with the lines on a 45-degree diagonal, and 4 dots equally spaced in the widest part of each arc (“pie wedge”) between the lines, as far out as the ends of the lines (so if you drew an invisible circle just touching all four ends of the X, it would also just touch the outer curve of each dot).

Some folk who are branding an outcast also put a clan or house mark on the belly or back, with a large diagonal stroke/baton through it (across it).
questing gm Posted - 24 May 2022 : 15:18:01
On Immersea street names and any other places not on published maps

May 23, 2022


Putting up the interactive map of Immersea with pins. @TheEdVerse was the city your original? or created for Grubb/Novak novels? Also, do you happen to have street names and any other places not on published maps for Immersea? (haven't checked Volo's yet)


The town of Immersea is part of my original Realms; I sent TSR a street map in the original turnover. I'll have to go check the published map versions after I get off my business call, to see which street names got published...

Okay, work done, took me a few minutes to update to the 1400s. Here we go...

Immersea is not and never has been a city, BTW. (Some local merchants like to speak of it as a city when they’re elsewhere, trading, to make it seem larger and more important than it is.)

Streets of Immersea:

Calantar’s Way: the main overland highway passing through Immersea. It winds down the eastern side of the map from near the NE corner to about a third of the way west from the SE corner of the map, along the map’s bottom edge.

Starwater Road: begins in a T-junction with Calantar’s Way in “The Hard” (hardpacked open dirt-and-gravel loading and unloading and boat and net storage area) just west of the docks, and runs west across the map and off it, heading into the King’s Forest.

Immer Lane: begins in a T-junction with Calantar’s Way (the second such junction N of the moot of Starwater Road and Calantar’s Way) and parallels the Starwater Road, forming the high street (main street) of Immersea as it does so, before it curves SW and crosses over the Starwater Road to climb Spring Hill in a spiral, and end at the source (rising, but long ago protected by the townsfolk by building a well-roof and stone cladding around it) of the Immer Stream.

Redstone Lane: begins in a T-junction with Calantar’s Way at the S edge of “built-up” Immersea, and runs between the twin lion-statue-roofed gatehouses NW to the gates of Redstone Castle, branching SW to access its yard; N to the pumphouse (nigh the Immer Stream); and W off that N branch to run past the granary, stables, and carriage shed.

Dathur’s Lane: begins in a T-junction with Calantar’s Way between Redstone Lane and the Immer Stream, and hooks NW to access a stables (former barn, W side on the banks of the stream) and three homes.

Dathur Mahalrym was a long-ago Purple Dragon officer who retired to Immersea and became a local builder; he lived in the largest of those three homes, and owned the barn, but died back in 1326 DR. There are still Mahalryms in Immersea, Yeoman Bridge, and along the Immer Shore (S shore of the Wyvernwater E of Immersea, along the Blister Trail) today.

Halahanthra’s Ride: begins in a T-junction with Calantar’s Way between the Starwater Road and Immer Lane, runs W and then curves N and then NW, crossing Immer Lane and running to a dead end at the Hethcanter farm (Imra Danae, who owned it in the 1300s DR and was the last Danae daughter, married Baerim Hethcanter; the current matriarch is Ildra Hethcanter, her great-granddaughter).

Halahanthra Dree was a local heroine of the late 1200s DR, a Purple Dragon officer who left the army with the blessing of the Crown after she refused the advances of several nobles in succession, who were angered and made life in service alongside them difficult. Always good with a sword and in the saddle, Halahanthra became a noted boar-hunter and an adventurer for hire, and often settled disputes in Immersea when folk didn’t want to involve the local lord or Purple Dragon garrison.

The Moonride: begins in a T-junction with Halahanthra’s Ride and runs west to a fork, the N leg becoming a dead-end at Lluth’s farm, and the W leg ending at what was the “mansion” of Embrar Narnuth (a local trader in the 1300s, who built a grand house that was oversized so he could store wares he’d imported but not yet sold; he called it a mansion but some locals called it “Embrar’s Barn”); after his death, it passed through several owners and got rebuilt into its current incarnation: the smithy and home of Ambaerand Tansreth (blacksmith who’s good enough to make sturdy but not decorative armor and swords).

It got its name for two Lluth sisters (who died of old age in the early 1300s) who were werehorses; on bright moonlit nights, to “get out the kinks and aches” of farming, they would take turns riding each other, at full gallop, along this street, which until then had been known merely as “the Back Lane.”

Bowshot Lane: easternmost of the two short cross-streets linking the Moonride with Immer Lane. Named for the activities of Ansurl Felthorn, an archer in the Purple Dragons back in the reign of King Duar dwelt in a now-vanished steading (cottage) at the N end of this lane, and often loosed shafts down it at a target on the side of his brother’s coach, parked at the S end outside Beldred Felthorn’s steading (also gone now; the area is much more built-up today). There are no Felthorns left in Immersea now, but there are plenty in Gladehap.

Lhantaravur’s Lane: westernmost of the two short cross-streets linking the Moonride with Immer Lane. Named for Inskeld Lhantaravur, a handsome and popular-with-the-ladies local alchemist who came from Turmish and lived in Immersea in the mid 1300s. At one point he had six lovers on the go at once, four local, a merchant’s wife in Arabel and a young noblewoman of Suzail; they all knew of each other and didn’t seem to mind. Lhantaravur was very good at painkilling quaffs and at perfumes, grew very wealthy and was kept busy supplying passing merchants who’d buy all of both he could make, and ended up hiring five adventuring bands full time to be his ingredient-gatherers all over Cormyr, the Dales, and upcountry Sembia. Local lore is that Lhantaravur died of overwork in the end, and that he was a friend of the Crown, visited by the Princess Alusair whenever she passed through Immersea.

Woodwove Lane: runs S off the Starwater Road at the W edge of built-up Immersea, right into a stand of trees. It’s where the locals cut wood and square and dress it into timbers (and “the leavings” into firewood), and is an ever-longer dead-end as woodcutting extends it deeper and deeper into the Launth Woods, formerly an arm of the King’s Forest.

The Woodwoves are the family of local woodcutters who own the N end of the Launth Woods, and live therein. Baerit and Chuntan are the head the family (surrounded by plenty of younger married nieces and nephews).

Ambrel Lane: runs E off Calantar’s Way between Dathur’s Lane and the Immer Stream, to end in a gravel coach-circle in front of the Immersea Stables (Korvon Dzulas died in the unmarried brothers who currently chaos of the Spellplague, and today the Stables is run by the Taskaunt family, who dwell in the grand home immediately S of the Lane. Ambrel Taskaunt was a self-made merchant from Suzail who retired to Immersea when rivals from Westgate hired toughs to take take his life one too many times, and he decided that horsebreeding and wagon-fleet owning were better ways to spend his time. It was the best decision he made; in Immersea, he made even more coin, and the Taskaunts became what they are today: a respected, wealthy leading local family who own property and small local businesses all over Cormyr, transport farm produce from eastern Cormyr to city buyers in Suzail, Marsember, and Daerlun, and are heavily involved in settling and developing westernmost Cormyr (along the High Road west of the Stormhorns).

Harbittur Lane: begins at the moot of Calantar’s Way and the Starwater Road, and runs SE across Immer Stream into the Cormaeril lands.

Harbittur was an early Cormaeril, an affable, strong, large man of legendary appetites and energy, who expanded his family martial and farming skills into becoming expert stonemasons and builders who owned several small local quarries. He cut and laid down the huge flagstones that underpave most of Immersea’s gravel or cobble streets, and most of these still survive more than a century after his death (of heartstop, while laughing over his sixteenth goblet of wine, at a family feast in his eighty-ninth year).

Harbittur Lane is the best-surfaced road in Immersea, and is lined with tall lamp-posts; when the Cormaerils are in the mood (or when fogs off the Wyvernwater are particularly bad and they’re expecting guests), they use pulleys to raise oil-lamp cages to the tops of these, to light the entire length of Harbittur Lane from its stone arch bridge over the Immer up the hill to the gates of High Towers.

Chulsanth’s Lane: sometimes locally called “Fishstink Street,” thanks to fishermen tossing rotting fishheads and fins along it as they leave the docks, this runs NE off Calantar’s Way, paralleling the banks of the Wyvernwater, to a dead-end at what used to be the town smithy, but is now Carra Chulsanth’s Carriageworks (still a smithy, but that’s only part of a larger wagonmaking shop). Carra Chulsanth hails from Marsember by way of Suzail, and is a lively-tongued, energetic, darkly beautiful middle-aged woman who makes closed coaches, open carriages, and goods and farm wagons for all, employing over forty local folk to do so.

She pays well and has become well-liked, though she had a rough beginning in local society because of her “I want my own way, and I’ll have it!” ambitions and fearless dominance of situations and disputes. Her conveyances are considered study and dependable and first-rate, and many are grateful to her for providing loaner vehicles and doing all-hours repairs when needs arise—and personally heading the crews that travel to do so. She’s a hands-on, “help me” boss, not a “sit and count coin with hands never dirtied by work” owner.

Map Notes: The Immer Trail and Blister Trail don’t appear on the Immersea map; they’re JUST off its edge, to the N and S respectively. The lanes running off Calantar’s Way in the NE corner of the map are nameless, as they’re the entrances to local farms and run nowhere else.

And there you have it. Enjoy, I hope!
questing gm Posted - 22 May 2022 : 07:29:06
On the Dead Three in an original campaign

May 22, 2022


The wikis I am reading say the dead three were originally adventurers who became gods. Where these originally characters in a campaign you ran at some point?


No. Their mortal lives happened "in the past," before all live Realmsplay. :}

A lot of Realmslore is like this, because the Realms began as a world for my fantasy stories, a decade before D&D began.
questing gm Posted - 20 May 2022 : 14:44:08
On the original Moonshae

May 19, 2022


I was wondering what the Original Moonshae Isles were like in your "Realms" compared to the Official ones by TSR via Grubb/Niles?


My Moonshaes were like the Hebrides (or LeGuin's Earthsea): a maze of many inhabited rural islands, large and small, with shoals and straits between, fishing boats going out daily everywhere, and a few merchant ships (that also carried passengers) shuttling around.
questing gm Posted - 19 May 2022 : 10:07:36
On Madeiron Sunderstone knowing the identities of the Masked Lords

May 18, 2022


Hi Ed. Would Madeiron Sunderstone have known the identities of any of the Masked Lords? Thanks!


Oh, yes. "People watching" is Madeiron's hobby. Keeping track of potential threats is his duty/part of being Piergeiron's bodyguard. Any Masked Lord who speaks against the Open Lord's decrees, makes a disparaging comment about Piergeiron, or disagrees with him, Madeiron takes notice of. And sets the street urchin and other spies working for him to following and eavesdropping on. It seldom takes him long to identify who each Masked Lord is.
questing gm Posted - 17 May 2022 : 01:09:58
On Common words for an asexual

May 16, 2022


Hey, asking as a newish DM to the Forgotten Realms, is there a word in the Common Trade Tongue for an asexual? I recall reading some terms for other sexualities on the Candlekeep Forums and the FR Wiki, but I wanted to know from you. Thanks in advance!


Sure. As a trader using Common:

If I don’t know the gender of an individual, I’d speak of them a “one”

As in: “There were six or seven ones in Triboar that asked if I had any more swan-cauldrons to sell, so that’s six-seven sales for you if you get there before they source swan-cauldrons somewhere else.”

If I know an individual is a hermaphrodite: they’re a “two-thorn”

If I know an individual is utterly uninterested in sex: they’re a “no-thorn”

If I know an individual has been gelded/wounded and no longer has functioning genitalia: “thornless” or “shorn-thorn”

If I’m speaking of an non-gendered item (garment, tool, privy), it’s a “all-moon” item

(And none of these terms are considered pejorative.)


Idk why, but “thornless” had me laughing so much.

Definitely sounds like an insult.


The Common Tongue is rough and ready, a great leveller.

"You got yer kings and your high-nosed, painted nobles, and then you got's all the rest of us, covered with the sweat and dung of honest toil. Oh, and then there's the tax collectors, rank with the stink of DIShonest toil."
questing gm Posted - 16 May 2022 : 07:37:55
On Giant word for lightning

May 16, 2022


Hi @TheEdVerse, a humble Mage in a Realms game here with a question for some cool rp flavor. What's the Giant word for Lightning? My Wizard character recently learned the Simbul's Spell Matrix, and using that word as the activation would be awesome #128513; cheers & thanks in advance!


In the Jotun tongue, lightning is uvarild (literally: "stormfire").

As opposed to literal fire in the sky (i.e. from fire magic, or a volcanic eruption), which is ildglang (literally "fireabove").
questing gm Posted - 12 May 2022 : 03:35:36
On Yan C Bin and Lissa'aere working together

May 12, 2022


Ed of the Greenwood, our scholars once again worry about evil alliances.

Yan C Bin and Lissa'aere both have Chan as their primary enemy--are they working together? If so, who calls the shots? How do they navigate the rivalry between Yan C Bin and Pazuzu?


They aren't working together. Such an alliance would be VERY formidable. Yet the nature of the entities involved would make it unlikely. For which everyone else should be very thankful. ;}
questing gm Posted - 12 May 2022 : 00:04:47
On beljuril dragons

May 11, 2022


Greetings, learned sage. As far as I can tell, beljuril gems are only found in the Realms. Does that mean beljuril dragons (Dragon #265, the "Earthstokers" article) are also found on Toril?


Yes. :}
questing gm Posted - 10 May 2022 : 00:31:47
On "technology" such as robots and weapons or equipment of that level hidden, crashed or found somewhere

May 10, 2022


Good morning Mr. Ed, I hope you have a good start of the week. Based on toril's extraplanar connections, is it possible that there is "technology" such as robots and weapons or equipment of that level hidden, crashed or found somewhere?

Greetings lore master!


Oh, yes. ;}

In fact, I happen to know that...oh, but that would be TELLING. Darned NDAs.

So (sigh) that "yes" will have to do.


What do you know?... wait NAD? what is a NAD, I am very confused @.@


NDA: Non-Disclosure Agreement. Meaning I can't talk about...

Things I've agreed not to talk about. ;}

However, those who were at Milwaukee-era GenCons and played in certain charity D&D sessions set in the Realms encountered some "futuristic" tech while adventuring.
Demzer Posted - 08 May 2022 : 04:15:44
Originally posted by questing gm

Big storm: hethtalos

"Talos is an elven deity confirmed!"

Jokes aside, would be nice knowing if they had/used this word before coming to Toril (i.e. while on Faerie or whatever the previous elven world was called) or if they adopted it once on the planet.

Or maybe the elves used this word all along and came in contact with some impressionable humans who were so scared of a big storm they made it a deity and called it (...)Talos.
questing gm Posted - 08 May 2022 : 01:00:43
On elvish words for up, cauldron, sky, clouds, gift and drifting

May 8, 2022


@TheEdVerse I don't suppose you know what the elven words for cup, cauldron, sky, clouds, gift and drifting? Thank you in advance!


Sure! Here you go!

Cauldron: tammin
Cloud: ammur
Clouds: ammur
Stormclouds/Stormfront: huthammur
Storm: huan
Big storm: hethtalos
Cup (drinking vessel): aloun
Cup (one’s hands, to hold): calann
Drifting (on water): sathu
Drifting (in air): vra
Drifting (adrift/lost/directionless): wael
Gift: taran
Sky: lurleath

{This is, of course, on Toril only, currently, for elves and not drow.}
questing gm Posted - 08 May 2022 : 00:55:56
On the kiira of House Echorn

May 7, 2022


I'm good na. Funny, I was looking to remember a particular quote in the battle between Elminster and the House Echorn heir. That reminds me @TheEdVerse, did the House ever manage to recover its kiira post battle?

Take the Elminster In Myth Drannor Quiz:


Yes, but it's a long story, that one. The kiira was borne by non-elves for some years, and their memories, within it when House Echorn recovered it, changed that family forever; they "saw more broadly" than elves were wont to do.


They dared??? N-Tel-Quessir bore the knowledge and memories of one of the greatest and oldest families of old Myth Drannor and weren't turned to dust???#129315;#129315;#129315; The allowances one takes when extinction stares you in the face


There's an appropriate Myth Drannan elf saying:

"We were proud to be the People who never bent. Until too many of us were broken, and we came to see bending as a virtue. And bent, to still be here today to complain about our sad fall."
questing gm Posted - 04 May 2022 : 00:09:59
On the Avowed paying the book toll

May 4, 2022


Can the Avowed leave and enter Candlekeep without paying the book toll? I'm having trouble finding this answer.


The Avowed don't need to pay the book toll. They rarely leave (usually they do so only on expeditions to recover books), but don't need to "pay admission."
questing gm Posted - 03 May 2022 : 01:24:36
On the Techsmith(Faiths & Pantheons) and Gond

May 3, 2022


Good afternoon Mr. Ed, I hope you are having a good day.

I have a question about a prestige class: Who created the Techsmith(Faiths & Pantheons) and gond? Some curiosities or facts about these faerun artificers that look very advanced.


I created Gond. I believe Eric Boyd created the techsmith. He's the man to ask about those dangerous, dangerous individuals.
questing gm Posted - 03 May 2022 : 01:12:02
On kinds of education in Waterdeep/Faerûn in general

May 3, 2022


@TheEdVerse what kinds of education are there in Waterdeep/Faerûn in general?

How would a commoner learn to read for example?

Are there any schools for non "class" based skills?


Every temple, and most guilds (for members, and the children of members). The wealthy (most nobles) hire private tutors.
questing gm Posted - 03 May 2022 : 01:03:04
On keyboard instrument at any dwarven city

May 3, 2022


@TheEdVerse i had a oddly specific question: are the some keyboard instrument ( like a Harpsichord or Pipe organ) at any dwarven city ?


Most dwarven cities have signal-horns (think the horn Gimli blows at Helm's Deep in THE TWO TOWERS movie) built into their stonework, for rousing city defenders to "action stations" or to cry "rally" (to a previously-agreed-upon assembly area).

A few have foot-treadle-bladder devices to pump air through such "wind chambers," and in rare cases (Deep Shanatar is one) there were hand-operated stops for affecting tone, so tunes could be played (more like a riff or motif [think trumpet fanfare] in most cases than a tune), but I tend to think of them more like "non-portable bagpipes that use stone-locked chambers rather than chanters and reeds" than I do an organ, though they often do have a seat, foot-pedals, and hand-operated stops. Harpsichord-like dwarf instruments (strings plucked) are very rare; usually dwarves play piano-like personal instruments (strings hit with hammers; hitting things with hammers is the dwarven way). Most such dwarf instruments look more like an accordion (small portable keyboard) and have metal strings. Big built-in pipe organs are found only where volcanic vents give off gases (often harmful sulphurous fumes) that can be used to power sounds.


Geez, the sheer racket would certainly make attacking a dwarf city suck even more. Because I'm shameless in my bias, my first thought went to all those poor drow ears... #128534; what's the usual equivalent of aspirin in the Underdark?


Chewing the natural cave-wall mold known as "whitescrape" because it's dark brown-green but on top turns white, and looks like a scrape (raw exposed stone) against the natural stone. It dulls all internal pains, from headaches to "wound fire," and banishes itching.
questing gm Posted - 03 May 2022 : 00:46:35
On popular association a common magic component

May 3, 2022


Related to this, but parallel. I've noticed a lot of spells, and magic items, are rather thematic in their appearance and requirements. The 3.5e BoExaltedDeeds even has demon armor changing appearance if redeemed.

Is popular association a common magic component, officially?

To refine my question just a bit, from the soundbite I had room for in the previous.

Does the popular vernacular of symbols and associations, that feathers equal flight, for instance, strongly effect the expression of magic.

In our world, would it be easier to craft a "reflect" spell, that used an actual Uno® Reverse card, based on its popular symbolism, rather than, say, an ace of clubs? How about a chunk of India rubber and a bottle of glue?


Yes. However, different spellcasters may use different somatic, verbal, and material components when casting the same spell, and end up with exactly the same effects.

Usually (but not always; in arcane magic, there are ALWAYS exceptions), both the verbal and the somatic components consist of a "call to mind" or evoking chant or phrase (the "incantation" or "the flourish/intricacies") and a release (the final trigger word or the end gesture). For items, just the release is more common (think the MCU finger-snap for the Infinity Stones. Material components vary with the culture and life experience of the caster: what symbolizes something, or is associated with it (like the old 1e "classroom stuff to generate static electricity" for lightning bolt) varies from caster to caster.

Which is one reason casters can readily improvise alternative material components if they don't have "the usual" on hand, though doing so might modify the spell effects. Many apprentices just "learn the material components" without necessarily realizing or ever knowing the symbolism/connection; for them, the spell works because they've seen their mentor cast it in the past (or someone else, or done it successfully themselves), so their mind "knows" the spell will work with these components.
questing gm Posted - 02 May 2022 : 04:50:44
On Volo the Wanderer

May 2, 2022


The Moonshaes, misty islands with Celtic inspiration in the storm-tossed vastness of the Trackless Sea (Moonshae, AD&D Forgotten Realms campaign supplement by Douglas Niles, Tim Hildebrandt cover, TSR, 1987)


I got 10K XP one night for calling our DM Volo The Wanderer after not seeing him for 4 months. We were the only 2 old enough in our group to know who that was. Explainations were made.


Volo is pleased. He's just had ANOTHER drink. If he ever leaves, I'll have to restock the wine cellar. Two fifty-foot trailers worth ought to do it.

(I LIKE it when Volo wanders.)
questing gm Posted - 02 May 2022 : 01:43:46
On wizards from Planescape and Ravenloft for Wizards Three

Apr 30, 2022


If you were given a chance to do the Wizards 3 Articles again with the stipulation of the 3rd wizard must be from Ravenloft or planescape who would you pick?


From Planescape: Akeldra, who wields half a dozen scepters and wands with her long, precisely-controlled hair as well as casting spells (she's an enforcer for the Lady of Pain, and sometimes Speaker [envoy] for her). [[A character I created for a Planescape GenCon adventure.]]

From Ravenloft: Tuzlarantra the Headless, an archmage whose head flies about talking and spellcasting; she long ago perfected spells that arc between, or issue forth from, both her hands and her head (when apart). She collects spells (has a huge library), and tweaks them.


Is she a Dark Lord?


She is, but of a tiny domain, because ruling and dominating matters far less to her than it once did. She wanders the mists, and slays Dark Lords who are hostile to her.
questing gm Posted - 02 May 2022 : 01:28:42
On what happens to warlocks killing their patrons

May 1, 2022


@TheEdVerse, what happens if a warlock kills their patron? I have a feeling this is on the cards #129300;


Oh, dear. The warlock's power comes from their patron, so they lose it. If the patron has a similarly-powered foe and that foe believes they successfully manipulated the warlock or got their willing participation, they may step in as a replacement patron, but otherwise, no potential patron is going to trust this particular mortal again. They turned on their patron, they could turn on me! So it's far more likely the warlock would end up powerless, having to start over with their Gift, likely alone and hunted.


Could Leira use her warlock’s to discredit and humiliate the other gods? By pretending to be another god to the warlock and having that warlock perform opposite the deity’s desires?


Leira is one of the few (Realms) deities who will, in disguise, be a patron to warlocks for such deceitful purposes. Most deities are served directly by clerics and paladins as classed characters, and seek to sway others through manifestations and their priesthoods.


Ed my man, what the ****. Hasn't it already been stablished several times patrons merely TEACH their warlocks and magic comes from the Weave? Please don't undo years of progress in teaching people that...


Sigh. That's what I said: "start over with their Gift."

The patron provides the channels to the Weave; the warlock must either find a new patron to provide new channels, or craft their own (do-able but not easy; think walking the Pattern in Roger Zelazny's Amber books).


So what, if the guy who taught you something dies you forget it? Isn't access to the Weave simply a matter of using the right spell components? How can an outsider grant access to it when anyone already has access to it, with enough knowledge? That doesn't make sense, my guy


No, access to the Weave isn't that simple. To use an analogy: we can all feel the wind, but harnessing it isn't as simple as one might think.

Divine magic, arcane magic, table magic, and so on are all different ways of accessing the Weave.

You may know how to drive a car, and know the way to, say, your workplace in your sleep...but if someone takes away the ROAD, you have to think, and drive, to find another way.

No patron, no channels, so you have to find new ones.

If you want to survive, never make the mistake of thinking spellcraft is a "science" (knowledge plus using the right material components). There's a REASON I called it "the Art."

Even veteran archwizards may misjudge what happens when spells collide, in different conditions.


Really interesting to dwell on.

Some people describe magic satisfyingly as science. Some people value it lovingly as art.

Could be the difference between the wizard and your bard in your party - what do you think?


Heh. Every bard and every wizard I've ever known would both call it an art (or "the Art"), not a science. But then, "science" isn't a term trusted in the Realms, where most folk think of it as glib alchemist-talk for "our secret process."

However, your point is good!

questing gm Posted - 30 Apr 2022 : 02:10:03
On Ed's vacation in the Realms

Apr 30, 2022

You're going on vacation in the Realms - where do you go and why?


I'm actually interested in what would @TheEdVerse himself would say. I bet Somewhere in Cormyr?


It depends.

If I want to be alone in unspoiled nature: the headwaters of the Unicorn Run, in the High Forest.

If I want to hang out in the countryside: Storm's kitchen, in Shadowdale.

A night in a tavern? The Moon and Stars, in Waymoot, Cormyr.

And so on. ;}
questing gm Posted - 30 Apr 2022 : 02:04:23
On Mystara mages in The Wizards Three

Apr 29, 2022


This #Dragonlance in Dragon Magazine we stay in Issue 200 for another treat from @TheEdVerse “The Wizards Three”!

This time the Mages entertain a surprise guest! Do you know who it is?



So that came out around the time the Mystara setting was switching from RC/BECMI to AD&D 2e. I am curious if any mage from the Mystara setting ever made an appearance at these Conclaves.


No. The editorial assignment was for mages from Oerth, Krynn, and Toril to meet (Athas and "the Known World" specifically excluded). As Raistlin was NDA, I used Dalamar. Then Mordenkainen had to "go away" from the series.
questing gm Posted - 29 Apr 2022 : 01:19:50
On older books on making magic items and potions

Apr 28, 2022


@TheEdVerse you mentioned books before that explained extensively about making magic items and potions? Older books but I have no clue which ones.


If you mean sourcebooks and rulebooks for gamers (as opposed to books published in the Realms, that characters there might consult), a good one (2e vintage) is VOLO'S GUIDE TO ALL THINGS MAGICAL by Eric L. Boyd and me.
questing gm Posted - 26 Apr 2022 : 00:17:00
On books to read to set campaigns in 5E Forgotten Realms

Apr 26, 2022


@TheEdVerse what do i have to read to set my campaign in the forgotten realms scenario of 5e?


That depends on where in the Realms you want most play to unfold, and if you want to use the official published adventures or not.

The SWORD COAST ADVENTURER'S GUIDE is the only 5e "overview sourcebook," but the official adventures cover specific areas very well.

For instance, STORM KING'S THUNDER covers the Sword Coast North, ICEWIND DALE: RIME OF THE FROSTMAIDEN covers Icewind Dale, WATERDEEP: DRAGON HEIST does Waterdeep, and so on.

If you want to get away from the Sword Coast, Alex Kammer and I did a(n official) BORDER KINGDOMS book, and Alex, Alan Patrick, and I did a Thay book.

Other resources, like the Amarune's Almanac series at DM's Guild or ED GREENWOOD PRESENTS ELMINSTER'S FORGOTTEN REALMS (I don't title these things!) are very useful for campaigns but not as 5e specific. (Some cities haven't been covered since my 2e FORGOTTEN REALMS ADVENTURES hardcover sourcebook.)
questing gm Posted - 25 Apr 2022 : 01:06:37
On the Bellows of Milil

Apr 24, 2022


I was wondering if you could share any information regarding the Bellows of Milil?

I know that it's an unusually powerful pipe organ held in Arbalest's House, in Athkatla. But knowing that Milil himself stayed there, I'd be surprised if it wasn't slightly magical...


The Bellows of Milil is actually part of Arbalest’s House. That is, its swellbox, windchest, most of its pipes, its stops, and the three rooms with lifting and falling (pumping) floors that form its air reservoir and bellows are all built into the walls, floors, and ceilings of the (largely stone) temple. The entire building resonates when the organ is played, leading to deeper notes that can be felt for blocks around, and even in the harbour waters. Many parts of the Bellows are large enough to walk in, and hide in, and there are temple rumours (some of them true) about priests hiding in side-chambers within the organ, some of which can be sealed off so an occupant isn’t killed by the sound reverberations pulverizing their brains if the organ is played while they’re inside.

Other rumors (also true!) say that certain of the internal wind-passages and chambers of the organ are routes to gates/portals (upright midair ovals) created by Milil that lead to other temples, planes where the god dwells or has power or likes to visit, and locales in the wilderlands of the Realms where he likes to sing and play. Much of the temple’s treasure (in terms of perfectly-formed gemstones, not coins for everyday transactions) is hidden in false pipes amid the real ones, around the outside of the organ. The vast organ has three separate consoles that it can be played from: the main front seat with full pedals and four tiers of keyboards, a small “upper console” used by a second player to manage swells and hold drone-chords during some of the most sacred (critics sometimes use the word “fearsome”) anthems, and a hidden interior master console that can lock or silence (by disconnecting) the other consoles, and so silence the entire organ, as well as overriding the other consoles to play the organ. It is most often used to secure the organ for repairs, so priests (the only folk normally allowed to approach or touch the Bellows) can travel through it for cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.

An additional temple rumour, which has been true at some times, is that various “monsters” live within the Bellows, from wind walkers to volts. Tales of “The Wind Dragon” are entirely fanciful, but various creatures have entered the Bellows through gates and bided within for a time; certain senior priests believe that Milil himself sends some of them for his own purposes.

The Bellows has several spells built into it by Milil that are unleashed by playing particular chords (“wild” combinations that would never be played in most music-making). One of them creates a strong defensive magical ward around the temple, another unleashes a beam of magic that can be aimed to attack targets in the air, on the sea, or on the ground near the temple, and the third is some sort of mass teleport, details unknown.
questing gm Posted - 23 Apr 2022 : 03:50:38
Pureblood Yuan-ti families in Waterdeep

Apr 23, 2022


Hey there @TheEdVerse are there any pure blood Yuan Ti families living in Waterdeep?


I can think of at least six, but looking them up beyond mere mentions is going to take time. That's pre-2000 lore, except for the Phulshulkh, who go by "Phalkyn" these days. (W front Street of the Singing Dolphin, Sea Ward.)
questing gm Posted - 20 Apr 2022 : 00:49:10
On an dungeon-prison in the Forgotten Realms other than Waterdeep and Undermountain

Apr 19, 2022


Woke up at 5:30 this morning with an interesting idea or dream. Characters wake up weaponless and unarmored in a complex with no recollection on how they ended up there. What would be an excellent location for an dungeon-prison in the Forgotten Realms.

...and somewhere other than Waterdeep and Undermountain. I'm looking for large cavernous and or mountain terrain miles in length.


It's a converted castle in a mountain range, more than it is a dungeon, but the castle DOES have cellars and dungeons with Underdark connections: see the prison-for-rebel-Cormyrean-nobles in my Sage of Shadowdale novel BURY ELMINSTER DEEP.


Hey @TheEdVerse how about also the Doomvault under Thaymount, referred to in your latest awesome book on the Land of the Red Wizards? I'm curious to know if that's ever been mapped out/designed...


Oh, yes, it's part of the classic Dead In Thay adventure. (Brought to life by Scott Fitzgerald Gray.)

- Edited on 23/4/2022 to add new tweets
questing gm Posted - 17 Apr 2022 : 05:36:31
On the Horned Ones

Apr 17, 2022


Hi @TheEdVerse . Who are the ancient Horned Ones of the corset you mentioned in Swords of Evningstar? I don’t think there are any horned ones apart from greyhawk?


Guys! You see, now I'm going to be inundated with lore queries about the hitherto unknown Corset Forest. And fetishists will clearcut it before whatever I type is even read.


Corset Forest is canon now lol.

But who are the Horned Ones. It’s right there in the prologue, taunting me!



Ah, you've noticed one of the Secrets of the Realms, that has been hiding in plain sight for ages. Read through all of my Realms fiction, and see how often stag-headed figures are seen, or mentioned, or alluded to...almost as if there's a magic-wielding sylvan race...
questing gm Posted - 17 Apr 2022 : 05:24:37
On the third Manshoon mentioned in 4e and 5e

Apr 16, 2022


So we know of the Undermountain Manshoon, and the clone of the vampire Manshoon, is there any hint we can have of the third Manshoon mentioned in 4e and 5e?


You've read the Sage of Shadowdale trilogy, yes? And Elminster's Candlekeep Companion?

We've published more than hints, and covered more than three Manshoons. ;}

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