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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Wooly Rupert Posted - 09 Jan 2019 : 16:19:25
It occurs to me that Ed has been posting Realmslore on the Twitter, and not everyone has the Twitter.

So I thought a single place where such lore could be collected would be a good thing.

Ed is a frequent poster there, adding all sorts of Stormtalons and Epic Fantasy stuff, but for the purposes of this thread, I'd like to keep it focused on his Realmslore.

(I'm also stickying this thread, to make it easier to find)

Ed Greenwood (@TheEdVerse) on Twitter

The #Realmslore hashtag on Twitter
25   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
questing gm Posted - 29 Nov 2021 : 22:44:33
On inspiration for Iriaebor?

Nov 30, 2021


Inspiration for Iriaebor?



Goodness, no. I never draw directly from the real world for Realms features and details.

I was a 5-year-old kid when I imagined and named Iriaebor, and had never been to Italy.

I HAD been to a wooded ridge beside a river at a friend's cottage in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada and imagined what it would look like with a city built atop it and around it.
questing gm Posted - 29 Nov 2021 : 22:41:25
On Ed's investment in Durnan

Nov 30, 2021


Hi, Ed! A bit of a blunt question, perhaps, but I often see Mirt mentioned on your Twitter, and he was central in Death Masks, but you seem to talk little of Durnan these days. Is he simply a character you're less invested in or does it have something to do with WotC?


Mirt was my first POV Realms character in my oldest Realms stories (before D&D existed). Mirt and Durnan's adventures featured in a lot of those tales, but I rarely switched to Durnan's POV, as he's quieter and more sensible. (That's all, nothing to do with Wizards.)
questing gm Posted - 29 Nov 2021 : 22:38:56
On how far does the eye of the Xanathar thieves guild spread across Faerun?

Nov 29, 2021


Hey @TheEdVerse, how far does the eye of the Xanathar thieves guild spread across Faerun? My players managed to earn the wrath of Xanathar himself and I'm wondering where is safe: Athkatla? Thay? Or is it confined mainly to Waterdeep and surrounding areas?


Well, there's safe and then there's safe.

Let's just say MOSTLY confined to the Deep and environs.

Both places you mention have their own crime lords who fend off the Xanathar's agents VERY effectively.

There's a real-world saying about frying pans and fires...


Thanks heaps! So they may have to watch their backs in Neverwinter or Baldur's Gate?


Oh, yes. That's not to stay that those places don't have their own crime lords, who may deliberately thwart the Xanathar's agents even if they're not certain precisely what they're thwarting, but the agents DO exist.
questing gm Posted - 28 Nov 2021 : 23:56:33
On gifts for Elminster (and other Realms characters)

Nov 29, 2021


It is nearly at the holiday and Christmas season here, in the Realms it must be getting near Midwinter Festival, say that gifts are exchanged, what would Elminster and your other favourite Realms characters like to receive?


Hoo, boy.

Elminster: quite a few less “addled mages trying to rule the world through idiot means that will mar it,” such as Szass Tam. The Sage of Shadowdale would like a holiday from all the extra work.

Mirt: to be young and strong again, and carrying a lot less weight around. No more wheezing! Oh, and Asper back alive, and many other old friends. Loneliness is a gnawing curse.

Storm: to have more Harpers visiting her and leave happily without her having to watch them go and think they’re hastening to their deaths, and instead may survive to visit again.

Laeral: to have certain Waterdhavians be a lot less selfish and greedy and shortsighted, and think of their fellow beings and future consequences and generosity and understanding. “Certain” as in ALL OF THEM.

Alustriel: to have the Silver Marches back and peace across the North, so folk everywhere can get back to planting and irrigating and tending the land, instead of sharpening swords and digging war-graves.

The Srinshee: to get back to Toril full-bodied and hale, as there’s a lot more work to do restoring the land, the forests in particular. Myth Drannor undestroyed would be nice, too.

Volo: Several wagonloads of formal pardons, so he can get back inside the gates of particular realms or cities. And a good disguise, so he can enjoy meals there without hurled stones or worse.
questing gm Posted - 28 Nov 2021 : 23:53:19
On Dunan (and Mirt) as Masked Lords

Nov 29, 2021


Oh wise one, @TheEdVerse. Do we know if Durnan is still a masked lord of Waterdeep in the Death Masks/Dragon Heist era?


He is (as he never resigned or was stripped of his lordship, and still has his mask and robes hidden away, and Laeral regards him as a Masked Lord), but he chooses not to vote or attend meetings of the Masked Lords, these days.

He HAS both attended meetings and voted when he was privately tipped off by certain Masked Lords that decrees (laws) affecting the Yawning Portal were about to be voted upon.

Mirt’s still a Masked Lord, too, but also chooses not to vote or attend meetings of the Masked Lords, these days. He works with and for Laeral, though, and often gives her his advice on policies and politics (whether she wants it, or not ;} ).
questing gm Posted - 28 Nov 2021 : 23:50:49
On tree veneration by elves

Nov 29, 2021


@TheEdVerse morning sage! A random thought from a segment on today’s @CBSNews Sunday Morning on California’s bristle cone pines, trees up to 4800 years old. So I wonder if an analogue exists on Toril, and being so long-lived, do these trees engender veneration from humanoids, perhaps elves?


Oh, yes. Elves, particularly sylvan elves (wood/copper and wild/green) venerate long-lived trees (of all species) as sentient, “abiding” (patient, sentinels) foci of “good”/right (woodland) natural energies.

See Amarune’s Alamanac: Forests of the Realms (Vorpal Dice Press, available in digital form at the DM’s Guild) for examples of some druid spells that are akin to elven spells and the magics such trees can generate when asked in the right ways. An elf might ask a tree for guidance and then go into reverie to see what visions the tree sends, and might leave offerings of things that can nourish the tree, but this veneration does not mean the elf sees the tree as a god like Corellon Larethian.
questing gm Posted - 28 Nov 2021 : 23:45:30
On Elvish (and drow) words for dark and shadow

Nov 29, 2021


I'm going out on a limb here... Dear @TheEdVerse, I'm looking to name my BBEG something dark/shadow related without being an obvious rip of Wheel of Time or similar existing properties (formerly "Dark One"). Something short, to the point, and derived from Elvish. Any suggestions?


Well, in the Elvish of the Forgotten Realms, nevae is both “dark” and “shadow” (and this word is commonly abbreviated in everyday speech to n’vae).

“Darkness” is ormaur, and “dark and eerie” is oumrae.

Dusk lighting and a sooty or shadowed appearance is imbur.

And if you want to say or allude to drow, there are other words, in Elvish and in the tongue of the drow.

For instance, elves disparagingly call drow and the dark elves of Ilythiir dhaerow, and this term can be translated as “face of shadow” or “heart of night” or “traitor” or worse.

Drow call shadows “veldrin” and natural darkness or total magical darkness are “oloth.”

As a name, any of these words could have modified endings.


Did I ever mention you're amazing? 'cause you are! Thanks!


You're very welcome! (Thanks to @EricLoganBoyd and @erinmevans and @Owen_Stephens and many other creators who’ve worked on the Realms, and especially to @gkrashos for establishing and continually updating lexicons for them all, there are ever-growing compilations of the languages spoken in the Realms. I gleefully call upon them often, and augment them whenever the need arises.)
questing gm Posted - 28 Nov 2021 : 01:03:54
On wyverns

Nov 28, 2021


Overhead the wyvern flies
Deadly-taloned, and all too fleet
Yet when its snores doth bleat
I slit its throat, fast and neat
Grind it into juicy pies
And sell them in the street


I'd tend to think you'd have to cook wyvern meat for ages if you didn't want it to be tough as shoe leather.


The trick is to poach it in dragon bile. The acid breaks down the meat into melt-in-the-mouth softness. You'll have to add the right seasonings, though, to counteract the licorice-like taste of the bile.


Do you say we-vern or why-vern?


WIV-urn. ;}
questing gm Posted - 28 Nov 2021 : 00:59:55
On the complete lyrics to "Ever a Hero Be"?

Nov 27, 2021


Hi @TheEdVerse, hope this finds you well on this turkey day. I was hoping to pick your brain. Do you by chance have the complete lyrics to "Ever a Hero Be"? It was a ballad written by Thalloviir Vaundruth in 1344DR, featured in your novel The Swords of Eveningstar.


Yes, but give me a few days. They're stored in a box that's in the BIG shipping container out in the yard, and I have to fell a tree before I can safely go rummaging in there...lest it fall and pin me inside.

And I can't die yet; too many deadlines still to meet!

SUCCESS! So, here you go...

Ever a Hero Be

This ballad was penned by Thalloviir Vaundruth, Bard of Beregost, in 1344 DR. It consists of seven verses sharing the same rhyming scheme, and separated by a five-line refrain.

Until now, only the second verse has been seen in published Realmslore, as the header quotation of Chapter 13 of Swords of Eveningstar.

It was Vaundruth’s habit, shared by many traveling minstrels and bards of the time, to begin a performance by announcing the name of a ballad, speaking each word slowly and deliberately, with pauses between, thus:


(Then the performer would strike an strange, complex opening chord, usually not one or even in a key heard in the ballad itself; ...listen to the opening of the Beatles song A Hard Day’s Night for an example of one such. This chord might seem random, but is repeated exactly at the end of the ballad, to signal to listeners unfamiliar with a tune that the song was at an end, not merely reaching a pause.)

O hovel rude or castle tall
Empty purse or having it all
We all need heroes lest we fall
For force creeps in through every wall
To dance on bones with glee

Home and hearth and loving arms
Food and friends all have their charms
But to defend and keep them you must evil see
And fight it fierce but thinkingly
To please the gods, and ever a hero be

But deep in halls dark and haunted
Even heroes bold, high-vaunted
Twice and thrice, to end up daunted
Think of loved ones deeply wanted
And much safer places to be


Way on seldom straight or bright as thought
For the truth you hear is sometimes not
And firm loyalties they can be bought
Stride once wrong and catch it hot
Die or learn right fast when to flee


Once young and eager, restless, I
Did yearn for gold and feasts to be my
Daily lot as my name soared high
’Til I had all the castles I yearned to buy
I think I’d want at least three


Wiser then I grew thanks to the gods
And many a kick square in the cods
Yet slowly won the approving nods
And learned to smell the subtle frauds
Well, enough to stay alive and free


So, now I’m old, no longer bold
My flame it sinks, to soon grow cold
My face no more here to behold
My tale’s end it shall be told
And the gods shall come for me


O, after many flashy things I have yearned
And many of my desires have me spurned
My share of bridges behind me burned
This hard lesson I have learned
But now share with thee for free:

[Refrain, but sung loudly and at half speed; the audience knows that the custom is that they can join in if they want to, chanting if they can’t carry a tune]

And there you have it. :}
Enjoy, I hope!

Oh, and the tune is pretty close to this:
(from the carol See Amid the Winter Snow, but a performance in the Realms would be much closer in sung style to this)
Wooly Rupert Posted - 27 Nov 2021 : 04:11:14
Originally posted by questing gm

Another plug type tweet. Wooly, let me know if these types of tweets have a place in this scroll or not. I'm just going by because it has the #realmslore tag.

If Ed's plugging it, it's all good.
questing gm Posted - 27 Nov 2021 : 00:44:07
Another plug type tweet. Wooly, let me know if these types of tweets have a place in this scroll or not. I'm just going by because it has the #realmslore tag.

On current 5e Toril campaign guides

Nov 26, 2021

Fans of the Realms, don't miss this one! We'll get the surface of Toril covered yet! One glorious realm at a time!

(Thay's up next, thanks to @GHC_and_Tacos and @warfteiner, and @gmcalpin herding us and making things fit. And then there's Volo's Guide to...well, let's save that.)



Im actually trying to compile a list of all the current 5e Toril campaign guides, I’ve got obviously SCAG, Rashemen, Great Dale, and Moonshae isles. What else am I missing?


Well, The Border Kingdoms that @GHC_and_Tacos and I wrote, for one! It's official and everything. ;}
questing gm Posted - 27 Nov 2021 : 00:36:02
On decent-quality printing presses in late 15th century

Nov 27, 2021


@TheEdVerse in the late 15th century, is it safe to assume decent-quality printing presses - though not movable type - are well established along the Sword Coast, for affordable mass productions of books and such?


Yes. Formes set by hand, most type is TINY carved wooden blocks, with "dwarfstone" stone headers.

NOT in Calimshan, where calligraphy rules thanks to decrees (no presses, employ all of our scribes), but all points north.
questing gm Posted - 27 Nov 2021 : 00:34:02
On Alzhedo word for master

Nov 27, 2021


Uhm hello! Would you please tell me what the Alzhedo word for 'master' is? I play an indentured elf and I think it's important to know!


The Alzhedo word for both master and commander (role, not formal rank) is "adha." An order or command is "ada."

A slave is "adhar" and to obey/be obedient is "alam" (loyalty is "amru").

Pronunciations, in order: ad-HA, ADD-ah, ADD-har, El-AM, and amm-ROO.
questing gm Posted - 25 Nov 2021 : 23:08:01
On special word/term for “dictionary”, “thesaurus”, et al?

Nov 25, 2021


Hi Ed! Before the Winter snows hamper your Realmslore foraging efforts, I was wondering if the Realms has any special word/term for “dictionary”, “thesaurus”, et al?


In the Realms, a “constus” is any reference tome that’s organized for easy look-up of contents (either with alphabetized headings or a heading/subheading breakdown system).

A “canthroyal” is any work largely devoted to translations of words or phrases from one language to another (e.g. a Common-Elvish Dictionary or phrase book).

And a “theamus” is any guide to important published works on a topic, or in a genre (example, a history of books published about Cormyr, in sequence and compared and contrasted).

Oh, forgot the plural/collective forms: construth, canthroyae, and theamum.
questing gm Posted - 24 Nov 2021 : 23:03:38
On the Plea for Guidance from the Lady of Mysteries, Mother of All Magic

Nov 24, 2021


Master @TheEdVerse,
If you would be so kind sir, I would very much care to learn the Plea for Guidance from the Lady of Mysteries, Mother of All Magic.


Certainly! Should have shared this LONG ago.
Uttered while bathed in starlight or the light of a flame the petitioner (person praying) is leaning into, or concentrating on...or a conjured magical radiance like handfire

"Hallowed Lady, Mother Mystra, guide my thoughts now
Light my way
Inform my deeds
Enlighten me, as you enlighten all
Show me what is best to do
To deliver, succor, protect, and enrich
Blessed be thy will
I am [[petitioner speaks name]], and place myself in thy hands
Guide me"
questing gm Posted - 23 Nov 2021 : 22:37:36
On 'sister of the heart' in elvish

Nov 23, 2021


Hi! I'm making my first D&D character ever. She's a foundling half-orc adopted into a Moon Elf tribe. I want her name to mean something like 'sister of the heart' in elvish. Her elf sister is also a player. Do you have suggestions on what that would look like? Thanks


Sure. In Torilian Elvish, “nys” = sister, “arael” = heart, and “ever” is both “home” and “of the”

So “sister of the heart” is Nyseverarael.

However, this IS an Elvish expression, and over years of use, as a given name, has contracted into: “Nyseverael”
questing gm Posted - 22 Nov 2021 : 22:33:26
On Egyptian-inspired civilizations in the Forgotten Realms

Nov 22, 2021


@TheEdVerse is there any Egypt inspired civilizations in The Forgotten Realms?


Not in my original, but in the published Realms, the already-published Desert of Desolation adventures incorporated pyramids in a desert setting; from them other designers extrapolated ancient-Egyptian-like cultures at the southeastern end of the Sea of Fallen Stars.
questing gm Posted - 21 Nov 2021 : 22:24:47
On Shandril Shessair still "around"

Nov 21, 2021


A question, if I may ...
Is Shandril Shessair still "around" with the ability to make herself known to wielders of spellfire?


Oh, yes. She remains a “Voice in the Weave,” and so can speak to anyone within reach of the Weave who wields spellfire, or has the Gift (the ability to wield arcane magic).


Is she "anchored" to a particular place in the weave or has she the ability to jaunt about?


She can be wherever the Weave reaches. However, unlike Mystra or Azuth, she can't spy and overhear everywhere in the Weave at once; the chaos overwhelms her. (She must hunt for someone, not use the Weave to find and eavesdrop on them. Syluné, a stronger Voice, can.)

- Edited on 23/11/21 to add new tweet.
questing gm Posted - 21 Nov 2021 : 01:26:32
Names of spoken languages

Nov 21, 2021


In your Realms what do their elves call their language? Espruar has always been referred to as the name of the Moon Elvish alphabet, what would the common elvish language be called?

Assuming there would be regional as well as Sun / Green elf dialects. Thanks!

I'm also interested in the native terms for the Gnomish and Dwarven languages in Gnomish & Dwarven.

Lastly - what is the Gnomish term for their people in your home Realms? Tel'Quessir, Hin, Ahrraem, ________???

Thanks again for years of entertainment!


Elves call their own spoken language Lalur (“The Singing”). They refer collectively to other languages as Glahkery (“sound-strife”).

Dwarves call their own spoken language Arltah (”Dwarf-converse”).

Gnomes call themselves Doamun (translated as both “Enduring-Folk” and “Steadfast-Us”), and their spoken language (referred to in Common as “Gnometalk,” BTW) as “Munthar” (“us-clack” or “our-speech”).
questing gm Posted - 21 Nov 2021 : 01:21:30
On off days in a tenday for Waterdhavian workers

Nov 21, 2021


Tendays in the Realms, not weeks. No official “off days” but temple and local civic festivals (which ARE days off for all) are many, and it’s understood workers need time off, so almost all businesses are staffed in shifts to make this possible. (Some guilds require this.) Most can dicker with employers (it’s an expected thing) to work more days “on” in a row in order to get more days off in a row (to make a trip, visit family or nurse a family member, for weddings, etc.).


Thanks for the reply!

I ask because I’m homebrewing some rules about operating a tavern in the new Waterdeep adventure. As a food service employee, I’m just wondering what the on/off day ratio looks like.

Because a tenday has 3 more days, is it as simple as 1 more off day?


i am running a campaign in FR and in Xanathar’s one of the downtimes says you need X amount of workweeks to gain a language/prof in a tool. What…is the work week for an instructor?

Would an teacher be teaching all ten days of a tenday? Or would they have some days off? Or is that more of a case by case basis and the DM should just give an estimate?


In the 1490s DR, a typical Waterdhavian worker in a high-stress front-of-house position (a maid or server) with a stellar employer might get a half-day “completely” off every third day—but it would be understood that this would be cancelled/postponed for crises (someone displaced so an extra household is unexpectedly housed under your roof), unexpected important guests, or big events. If this happens, the custom (and for guild members, it’s a formal, enforced rule, with “won’t work for” blackballs for deliberate rulebreakers) is to later (but always “within the season,” meaning same half of the year) give a full day off in lieu. So if you give up two half-days in a row for a festival or the like, you’ll get two full days off later, not necessarily together and usually not at the same time as co-workers (times off are ”staggered” so SOMEONE is on duty).

Instructors are USUALLY, in Waterdeep at this time, except when employed on staff by the very wealthy or nobility (like a real-world “governess”), working for themselves. So they can fill every moment if they need/want the pay, or give themselves time off.

Again, there will be crises (mustering for a trading expedition, so suddenly a lot of folks need to learn a smattering of a particular unfamiliar-to-them language) that will upset the norm, but a usual situation for a working-for-themselves instructor (craft or tutoring) is a quarter-day off every fourth day, or a half-day off every fifth day.

Kitchen staff and stable hands and other “lowly” workers get a lot less time off; they’re usually on duty every day, nine out of ten, with a tenth day off to visit family, attend formal services at a temple, or just laze or sleep. However, it’s expected that such workers will get meal breaks and “ale breaks” throughout their workday, meaning that if an employer or client find them lounging in a back alley with a mug of something, they’ll be neither angry nor surprised; such time is accepted.

questing gm Posted - 21 Nov 2021 : 01:08:02
Another non-question post, but again since it had Ed's realmslore tag and recommendation, it is another product that might be worth looking into. I don't know how much involvement Ed had with this product.

On DMG product on Kryptgarden

Nov 21, 2021

#NewRelease #DnD #DMsGuild #guildbulletin #ttrpg #ttrpgfamily
Just released "Kryptgarden Ascendant". (

> 80 pages
> A 5-part adventure.
> 13 random encounters.
> 21 creatures (8 powerful beings, 13 creatures - 14 new).
> 1 magic item.
> 8 detailed maps.

Also available in the "Kryptgarden Trilogy" Bundle, which includes "The Road Through Kryptgarden", "A Nightmare In Kryptgarden" and "Kryptgarden Ascendant".


I enjoyed this one a lot. And it provides a nice toolbox for DMs to spin side-adventures and sequels with (nice deployable monsters). Recommended.
questing gm Posted - 20 Nov 2021 : 01:06:49
On half-dwarves and half-halflings

Nov 20, 2021


Out of curiousity, in your home campaign do you know of any half-dwarves or half-halflings (quarterlings?). We know humans and elves can tango, and humans and orcs. Why not dwarf/halfling, human dwarf, human halfling and such?


Certainly. This has come up a lot over the years, and my answer remains the same: such individuals tend to favour/"pass" for one parent race or the other...and out of social convenience, almost invariably choose to "blend in" (e.g. a tall human/dwarf w/humans).
questing gm Posted - 18 Nov 2021 : 00:05:17
On automatons or constructs in the ancient empires of Faerun

Nov 17, 2021


Hello Mr. Ed! What automatons or constructs we can find in the ancient empires of faerun? such as Narfell, Raumathar, Netheril, imaskar, etc.


See my February 13th (this year) answer to Frank McCormick ( Short version: just about ANYTHING, thanks to the creativity of their artificers.
questing gm Posted - 18 Nov 2021 : 00:02:19
Not a question. Ed was plugging a podcast in his Twitter where he roleplays as Mirt and answers a few questions, some related with Waterdeep. Since it had the #realmslore tag, I figured it might be interesting to know/note.

On Mirt

Nov 17, 2021




Joining us this week is Mirt the Moneylender, played by the creator of The Forgotten Realms, and D&D legend Ed Greenwood! (@TheEdVerse)

As you might imagine, Mirt has quite a few thoughts and tips for adventurers:

- The importance of a consistent policy in adventuring
- How Laeral keeps her wand at the ready
- How Mirt and Durnan tackled the Undermountain
- The secret to long life
- Preferred method for dealing with tax collectors
- Why tradesman don't all have Rings of Featherfall
- The real scourge of The Forgotten Realms: nepotism
- The statute of limitations on bounties
- How to handle Waterdeep nobility
- What keeps Mirt up at night

In which I got to sit down and speak as my original Realms "main character," Mirt the Moneylender, after all these years! Gruff good advice broke out a time or two, amid all the cantankerous quaffing! GREAT FUN! Get yer essential Realmslore here!

questing gm Posted - 15 Nov 2021 : 23:56:27
On why Thay hasn't flatten Waterdeep

Nov 15, 2021


How has Thay, given their hundreds of liches, not flattened Waterdeep by now?


See the answer I just gave LoreyHisstory @Lhisstory ( about Szass Tam.

You are also presuming that Tam has flattening Waterdeep as a goal.

And that it stands not undefended by greater forces than “hundreds of liches” obeying Tam.

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