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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Gary Dallison Posted - 26 May 2020 : 16:01:22
So i'm going to bite the bullet and read the novels to mine them for lore.

Is anyone interested in me posting the details here so i can spare others the pain of having to read them (and for easy reference later)?
25   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
AJA Posted - 28 Nov 2021 : 21:27:39
Originally posted by Zeromaru X
I guess you're mistaking me with Gary, lol

Absolutely, yikes! Apologies for that

Zeromaru X Posted - 28 Nov 2021 : 15:54:33
I guess you're mistaking me with Gary, lol
AJA Posted - 28 Nov 2021 : 05:00:21

Zeromaru, I enjoy your detailed novel deconstructions greatly, and I don't mean to dog-pile, but to suggest that both Julia ("The actual product lead, not that anyone bothers to give her credit") Martin and Eric ("Oh! Oh! I have Notes! Realms-notes! Lore! Lemme Use them!") Boyd weren't aware of Elminster: The Making of a Mage seems a bit much? As does the theory that Ed, conscientious as he always has been in keeping Realmslore "according to TSR/WotC canon," was unaware of both the prior ADnD comics, and the fact that avatars somehow innately cause mortals to spontaneously burst into flame around them. Not even in the Avatar series, where the gods were forced into avatar-form, and yet mortals were able to interact with them quite freely.

I mean, I understand deity interactions with Faerûn are a personal bugaboo for you (and heck, I don't prefer a bunch of them, too), but this one seems a leap too far?

Zeromaru X Posted - 27 Nov 2021 : 17:17:28
I guess you're reading too much into it. Faiths and Avatars was released two years after Making of a Mage, and perhaps the authors didn't take Myrjala into account when writing the book (maybe they weren't even aware of her). And you can't expect Ed to abide by rules that wasn't yet written when he wrote this book.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 27 Nov 2021 : 17:05:03
Originally posted by Gary Dallison

It's because Ed has also repeatedly stated Mystra is the Weave. That makes Mystra unique in that she is the only true divine being that is also bound to the material plane. It doesnt work in my mind, and Ed is a renowned wordsmith, using subtle language to misdirect or not reveal his true secrets.

He's also point-blank said she's a deity.

And she is not bound to the material plane. She has control over something in the material plane, the same as all other deities.

Originally posted by Gary Dallison

Also most of the problems with the gods that people have (myself included) is when they turn up and battle Krakens in Elturel, or assassinate high priests of rival faiths, and most of this seems to come from Mystra and her actions, but if Mystra is not entirely what she appears then the problem is solved.

Really? Let's see some sources of gods showing up to battle random monsters, or directly assassinating anyone.

Originally posted by Gary Dallison

And then there is the fact that things have changed so much and are so inconsistent with the gods that it is hard not to question everything about them. Bahamut and Tiamat are first mentioned as quasi deities, then they are described as gods in later additions but in fact they are archetypes with aspects on each world. There is so much not made clear that to accept what little information we have as the only truth seems unwise.

Bahamut and Tiamat were not created by Ed. They are not Realms-only powers. They are not relevant to this discussion.

And there is orders of magnitude more info available about Mystra than there is for Bahamut and Tiamat combined.
Gary Dallison Posted - 27 Nov 2021 : 16:51:12
It's because Ed has also repeatedly stated Mystra is the Weave. That makes Mystra unique in that she is the only true divine being that is also bound to the material plane. It doesnt work in my mind, and Ed is a renowned wordsmith, using subtle language to misdirect or not reveal his true secrets.

Also most of the problems with the gods that people have (myself included) is when they turn up and battle Krakens in Elturel, or assassinate high priests of rival faiths, and most of this seems to come from Mystra and her actions, but if Mystra is not entirely what she appears then the problem is solved.

And then there is the fact that things have changed so much and are so inconsistent with the gods that it is hard not to question everything about them. Bahamut and Tiamat are first mentioned as quasi deities, then they are described as gods in later additions but in fact they are archetypes with aspects on each world. There is so much not made clear that to accept what little information we have as the only truth seems unwise.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 27 Nov 2021 : 16:11:03
Originally posted by Gary Dallison

I look forward to reading more about Undarl and Athalantar in your upcoming adventures.

Still not convinced about the Mystra thing and lesser avatars. I dont believe that has ever been detailed in a sourcebook, and we cant really take novels as the baseline for divine activity because they are so inconsistent in approach and quality.

The more I read, the more I come to think mystra is not a god. If she is the weave itself, she can grant spells, perform miracles of magic, do absolutely anything she wants really, whisper in the minds of people, communicate with worshippers, do everything that a God can do.
So if she were not a true deity how would anyone know?

Bowel movements have never been detailed in sourcebooks, either. That's no reason to assume they don't exist in-setting, though, especially when there is evidence otherwise.

But it is canon, in-a-sourcebook information that the statted avatars are not the only avatars a deity can create. From page 17 of Faiths & Avatars, emphasis mine:

"The statistics for a deity’s avatar given in Faiths & Avatars are for the most common avatar form or forms the power uses. Dungeon Masters are free to have the deities they use manifest in avatars of appropriate might and form for the flavor of campaign they run and for the instance in which the avatar is encountered."

If there is a most common form, then there is an option for other forms -- including lesser, near-mortal ones.

Moving on... I don't understand why you'd think Mystra isn't a deity. Every available bit of information, including the words of Ed himself, indicates that she is a deity. Aside from this one thing for which you've already rejected a logical explanation that fits available canon, why would you think she's something else?

Also, why would you think she's not a deity when you say "it's not in a sourcebook!" is a reason to dismiss something and we don't have anything in sourcebooks that is identical to but not deities?
Gary Dallison Posted - 27 Nov 2021 : 09:21:56
I look forward to reading more about Undarl and Athalantar in your upcoming adventures.

Still not convinced about the Mystra thing and lesser avatars. I dont believe that has ever been detailed in a sourcebook, and we cant really take novels as the baseline for divine activity because they are so inconsistent in approach and quality.

The more I read, the more I come to think mystra is not a god. If she is the weave itself, she can grant spells, perform miracles of magic, do absolutely anything she wants really, whisper in the minds of people, communicate with worshippers, do everything that a God can do.
So if she were not a true deity how would anyone know?
Wooly Rupert Posted - 27 Nov 2021 : 04:01:01
Originally posted by Gary Dallison

2 - What exactly was Myrjala. The novel reveals it is Mystra buuuutttt. I'm not buying the whole god in person thing, because if that was true when Myrjala died so would Mystra (time of troubles or not, dead is dead). If Myrjala was an avatar then why was she around for so long and so often, Avatars are expensive, you cant just keep one running for several years, Avatars are lethal, look at the faiths and avatars book, just being near an Avatar causes mortals to spontaneously combust, Avatars are also immune to just about everything so Myrjala wouldnt be killed by Ilhundyl or Undarl.

Avatars can hang around for long periods of time, and I've no idea where this "just being near an Avatar causes mortals to spontaneously combust" thing comes from -- gonna need a source on that one, especially since it contradicts a lot of canon lore.

Selûne hung out in Waterdeep, pretending to be an innkeeper, for a while.

Honestly, I think that the avatars in the deity books are "battle avatars" and that they are just one type of avatar. I think that deities can spin off "lesser" avatars at need, and that some of these avatars could be pretty much mortal. Hence Myrjala was not Mystra's "battle avatar", instead, Myrjala was prolly a little more than mortal but nowhere near the power of what's described in Faiths & Avatars.

It just makes sense. A deity wants to guide a mortal without being obvious about it, or they have some other reason to maintain a low profile whilst on the Prime, so they invest less power and make a lesser avatar.
ericlboyd Posted - 26 Nov 2021 : 22:51:59
Originally posted by Gary Dallison
3 - What was Undarl doing in Athalantar, what was his motivation. I know the Malaugrym later are obsessed with vengeance against Elminster, but before that time what motivates a malaugrym. Does he want more magic, he seemed powerful enough to slay all the magelords so why serve as one of them for so long, why not just take the magic. Was he looking for something in and around Athalantar that he just couldnt find, i would suggest the Lion Sword (perhaps it was a bane against malaugrym).

4 - What was Braer, it says he was an elf that could become a dragon but i suspect it goes much further than a shapechange, it seems that he is half and half, a dragon and an elf, not unlike a song dragon.

I think I have decent answers for both of these, to be revealed in the fullness of time.

Gary Dallison Posted - 26 Nov 2021 : 20:06:45
I like Ed Greenwood novels. I know some people complain about the language, but it works fine for me, i've heard some complain that Myrjala kept rescuing Elminster over and again which is true but again it works fine for me, others say his novels ramble but i love the little extra details that are not necessary to the plot but provide wonderful extra detail, the one shot npcs that turn up only to get killed (life is like that and bystanders get killed unexpectedly).

There are half a hundred name drops in this novel, a hundred place names, 50 odd magic items, and thats probably an underestimate.

I do wonder about several things.

1 - What happened to the Lion Sword, was it ever restored in some way.

2 - What exactly was Myrjala. The novel reveals it is Mystra buuuutttt. I'm not buying the whole god in person thing, because if that was true when Myrjala died so would Mystra (time of troubles or not, dead is dead). If Myrjala was an avatar then why was she around for so long and so often, Avatars are expensive, you cant just keep one running for several years, Avatars are lethal, look at the faiths and avatars book, just being near an Avatar causes mortals to spontaneously combust, Avatars are also immune to just about everything so Myrjala wouldnt be killed by Ilhundyl or Undarl.

3 - What was Undarl doing in Athalantar, what was his motivation. I know the Malaugrym later are obsessed with vengeance against Elminster, but before that time what motivates a malaugrym. Does he want more magic, he seemed powerful enough to slay all the magelords so why serve as one of them for so long, why not just take the magic. Was he looking for something in and around Athalantar that he just couldnt find, i would suggest the Lion Sword (perhaps it was a bane against malaugrym).

4 - What was Braer, it says he was an elf that could become a dragon but i suspect it goes much further than a shapechange, it seems that he is half and half, a dragon and an elf, not unlike a song dragon.

5 - I wonder how much of Athalantar survives. I know Hastarl was ruined and stuff built atop it, but there were a lot of castles in Athalantar and a lot of magic. Undarl had a weird pedestal that could extend a spells duration by consuming gems. The Stag Throne was probably magical. The Sword of the Stag. These things must all have ended up somewhere.

6 - Anders learned the ways of magic in Thyndlamdrivvar, is that a netherese enclave or was he from elsewhere (perhaps Thaeravel).
Gary Dallison Posted - 26 Nov 2021 : 19:39:32
Elminster the Making of a Mage (212 DR – 241 DR)
Elminster’s House
Ground floor, kitchen, lhaeo’s study [prelude]
First floor, cozy room, crammed with shelves a worn carpet and a comfortable chair, Elminster’s pipe floats above the side table [prelude]
Second floor, spell chamber, small circular chamber, empty except for a glowing white circle [prelude]
Third floor, Elminster’s bed chamber, dark domed ceiling, circular bed covered in dust. [prelude]

Other Lore
The Casting of the Cloak – dusk – when Shar hurls her vast garment of purple darkness and glittering stars across the sky. [prologue]
Dragons? Splendid things, lad—so long as ye look upon them only in tapestries, or in the masks worn at revels, or from about three realms off. . .. Astragarl Hornwood, Mage of Elembar said to an apprentice Year of the Tusk (112 DR) [prologue]

“Dragon at the gate” – an oath of impending danger
Seek the ogre – a childs game (hide and seek????) [1]

Know that the purpose of families, in the eyes of the Morninglord at least, is to make each generation a little better than the one before: stronger, perhaps, or wiser; richer, or more capable. Some folk manage one of these aims; the best and the most fortunate manage more than one. That is the task of parents. The task of a ruler is to make, or keep, a realm that allows most of its subjects to see better in their striving, down the generations, than a single improvement.. . . Thorndar Erlin, High Priest of Lathander, Teachings of the Morning's Glory, Year of the Fallen Fury (20 DR) [2]

Lustlorn – a term for people seeking sex [2]

Cutter – the name for a sledge in Athalantar [2]

If in winter ye walk
When snow is deep
Beware when ye talk—
For afar echoes creep.
Old Sword Coast Snow-Rune [3]

North of Calimshan is a lawless land of forests and rivers called the Calishar. Ilhundyl the Mad Mage claims it now and most of the inhabitants have moved on (he magically experiments on them) [3]
Wildswords – term for outlaw or freedom fighter [3]
Thieves? Ah, such an ugly word . . . think of them instead as kings-in-training. Ye seem upset, ev-endisputatious. Well, then, look upon them as the most honest sort of merchant.
The character Oglar the Thieflord in the anonymous play Shards and Swords, Year of the Screech-ing Vole (163 DR) [4]

Slug and snatcher – a mugger [4]

Meat – a name for victims of the magelords, usually bumpkins, slaves or other unfortunates that get kidnapped and sold for experimentation [4]

To chain a mage? Why, the promise of power and knowing secrets ('magic,' if you will), greed, and love—the things that chain all men . . . and some of the more foolish women, too.
Athaeal of Evermeet Musings Of A Witch-Queen In Exile Year of the Black Flame (229 DR) [5]

Dirge-walk – slang name for an official funeral procession (like the Mage Royal of Athalantar) [5]
There is one sort of a city that's worse than one where thieves rule the night streets: the sort where thieves form the government, and rule night and day.
Urkitbaeran of Calimport The Book of Black Tiding Year of the Shattered Skulls (225 DR) [6]

Moonbubble wine [6]

In ancient days, sorcerers sought to learn the One True Spell that would give them power over all the world and understanding of all magic. Some said they'd found it, but such men were usually dis-missed as crazed. I saw one of these "crazed" mages myself. He could ignore spells cast at him as if they did not exist,or work any magic himself by silent thought alone. I did not think he was mad—but at peace, driven by urges and vices no longer. He told me the One True Spell was a woman, that her name was Mystra—and that her kisses were wonderful.
Halivon Tharnstar, Avowed of Mystra Tales Told To A Blind Wizard Year of the Wyvern (1363 DR) [7]

Mystra, also known as “The One True Spell”, “The Lady of Might”, “The Mistress of Magic” [7]

Did I ever tell thee how I first came to serve Mystra? No? Ye won't believe a word of it naetheless. The way of the Lady seems strange to most men—but then, most men are sane. Well, more or less.
Sundral Morthyn The Way of a Wizard Year of Singing Shards (1044 DR)

Magic is the life energy of Faerun gathered in its raw form. Females can feel the link between life and magic better than males

The way of a mage is a dark and lonely one. This is why so many wizards fall early into the dark-ness of the grave—or later into the endless twilight of undeath. Such bright prospects are why the road to mastery of magecraft is always such a crowded one.
Jhalivar Thrunn Trail Tales of the North Year of the Sundered Shields (1197 DR) [9]

Great adventure? Hah! Frantic fear and scrabbling about in tombs or worse, spilling blood or trying to strike down things that can no longer bleed. If ye're a mage, it lasts only until some other wizard hurls a spell faster than thee. Speak to me not of "great adventure."
Theldaun "Firehurler" Ieirson Teachings of an Angry Old Mage Year of the Griffon (1312 DR) [10]

Sorcerer Supreme of all Calimshan (official title or name northerners use for calishite wizard????) [10]

Dwaeodem, numerous spells linked in a shield, it creation requires the sacrifice of an enchanted item, and it drains the life of the caster slowly but more the longer it is working [10]

The most awesome thing a wizard can hope to see in a lifetime of hurling down towers, calling up fiends, and turning rivers into new beds? Why, the blue flame, lad. If ever ye see the blue flame, ye will have looked on the most awesome sight a mage can behold— and the most beautiful.
Aumshar Urtrar, Master Mage said to an apprentice at Midsummer Year of the Weeping Moon (1339 DR) [11]

Battleshatter, a priest spell to open magically locked and trapped doors [11]

Ruby red dwarven wine that burns all the way down. Served in the lands west of Athalantar [11]

Choosing what road to walk in life is a luxury given to few in Faerun. Perhaps lack of practice is why so many who do have that choice make such a gods-cursed mess of it.
Galgarr Thormspur, Marshal of Maligh A Warrior's Views Year of the Blue Shield (400 DR) [12]

Think on this, arrogant mageling: even the mightiest archmage has no spells strong enough to let him cheat death. Some take the road of lichdom ... a living death. The rest of us find graves, and our dust is no grander than that of the next man. So when next you lord it over some farmer with your fireballs, remember: we all master spells enough to die.
Ithil Sprandorn, Lord Mage of Saskar said to the prisoner wizard Thorstel Year of the Watching Wood (1065 DR) [13]

Bloodstanch Litany, a prayer of Mystra to request healing not for themselves but for others [13]
Mytra’s priests know many spells of barriers and blasting, but few spells of healing and mending. [13]

Know this, mageling, and know it well: there is no greater fool than a wizard. The greater the mage, the greater the fool, because we who work magic live in a world of dreams, and chase dreams . . . and in the end, dreams undo us.
Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun Words To Would-Be Apprentices Year of the Sword and Stars (1332 DR) [14]

An elven city once existed deep beneath Nimbral. Used as a safe haven by Myrjala [14]

In mighty towers they quake with fright for the man who kills mages is out tonight.
Bendoglaer Syndrath, Bard of Barrowhill, from the ballad Death to All Mages Year of the Bent Coin (975 DR) [15]

Forest cats known as panthers in Murghom [15]

Luthkunt, settlement in or near Calimshan, traders seldom visit Athalantar from here [15]

Al hond ebrath, uol tath shantar en tath lalala ol hond ebrath – means "A true friend, as the trees and the water are true friends" in elvish [15]
A star rushes past, to crash upon the shore But the first of many many more Stoke the fire and stout bar the door For this is the night mages go to war.
Angarn Dunharp from the ballad When Mages Go to War Year of the Sword and Stars (1332 DR) [16]

Fleshcreep spell, used to make flesh golems [16]
In the name of a kingdom many fell things are done. In the name of a love fairer things are won.
Halindar Droun, Bard of Beregost from the ballad Tears Never Cease Year of the Marching Moon (1330 DR) [17]

Farjump spells, always have a risk with using them [17]

How much does a throne cost? Sometimes but one life, when sickness, old age, or a lucky blade takes the life of a king in a strong kingdom. Sometimes a throne costs the life of everyone in a king-dom. Most often, it takes the life of a few ambitious, grasping men, and the more of those the Realms is rid of, the better.
Thaldeth Faerossdar The Way of the Gods Year of Moonfall (1344 DR) [18]

There are no endings save death, only pauses for breath, and new beginnings. Always, new begin-nings... it's why the world grows ever more crowded, ye see. So remember, now—there are no end-ings,
only beginnings. There; simple enough, isn't it? Elegant, too.
Tharghin "Threeboots" Ammatar Speeches of a Most Worthy Sage Year of the Lost Helm (1329 DR) [epilogue]

Blue lethe, a drink from certain tombs in Netheril [epilogue]

Thus it was that Elminster was guided to Cormanthor, the Towers of Song, where Eltargrim was Coronal. There he dwelt for twelve summers and more, studying with many mighty mages, learning to feel magic, and know how it could be bent and directed to his will. His true powers he revealed to few—but it is recorded that when the Mythal was laid, and Cormanthor became Myth Drannor, Elminster was one of those who devised and spun that mighty magic. So the long tale of the doings of Elminster 'Farwalker' began.
Antarn the Sage from The High History of Faerunian Archmages Mighty published circa Year of the Staff (1366 DR) [epilogue]

Liquid black eyes framed by arched eyebrows, curled honey brown tresses, pert white face [prologue]
At least one queen of the time definitely lusted after her beauty [prologue]
Bears a silvern sigil on her cloak proclaiming her identity. Sigil looks like linked circles on the shoulders [prologue, 3]
Feared for her magic and wild ways. Loved by farmers and townsfolk. Feared by lords. She has cast down cruel barons and plundering knights. She was most unwelcome in some places [prologue]
Transforms into a “lord herald” from Tavaray (one of the Heralds, or is Lord Herald the title of someone from Tavaray????), a man with a beard [prologue]
Myrjala “Dark Eyes” Talithyn, of Elvedarr in Ardeep [13]
Myrjala can use spellfire [14]
Myrjala was Mystra [18]

Wildfires raged across the land burning away the forest of Halangorn [prologue]
Hardened knights ride the road (from Tavaray leading to Morlin Castle and then east to Athalantar) only in large groups (it must be dangerous????) [prologue]
In Morlin Castle just west of Athalantar, evil wizards plot to seize the Stag Throne [prologue]
Myrjala slew the “wizards” in Morlin Castle (they might not have been human, were they malaugrym????) [prologue]
Hastarl – home to the castle of Athalgard [1]
Belaur, eldest prince of Athalantar, cruel. [1]
Magelords in Hastarl hiring brigands have caused much turmoil and fighting in Athalantar [1]
Uthgrael the Stag King, Elminster’s grandfather founded Athalantar. Greatest swordsman Helm had ever seen. Died in 216 DR (Year of Frosts, Year of the Battle Horns) fighting near Jander, it was a wolf winter that year and many warriors of Athalantar died. Married to Queen Syndrel. Was ready to die when Syndrel passed, waited for a chance to fall in battle. Killed by an orc chieftain [1]
Athalantar was left to his seven sons (he had no daughters) after Uthgrael died. Five of the princes were cruel and greedy. Felodar was a greedy prince, obsessed with gold, travelled to Calimshan and beyond, and still lives there for all anyone knows. Elthryn was calm and just and preferred the life of a farmer and retired to Heldon and married a commoner [1]
The remaining four princes of Athalantar, known as the Warring Princes of Athalantar in Elembar, fight each other for control. The winner so far is the eldest Belaur [1]
Belaur bought the services of mages to defeat his brothers, now the magelords rule Athalantar while Belaur’s mind is clouded by alcohol [1]
Shandrath, oldest and most trusted advisor of Uthgrael, and most powerful mage in the land. Lived in the Wyrm Tower. Was slain by the magelords, though it took them all to do it, and they had to destroy the Wyrm Tower. Happened 2 summers ago (222 DR????) [1]
Belaur Aumar, big bully of a man, 29 years old. Best trained with weapons. Cruel, short temper, not as clever as he thinks he is. Used to be Uthgrael’s favourite until he started being cruel. Proclaimed himself king 6 summers ago (218 DR) but most on the Delimbiyr don’t recognise his title because of how he won it [1]
Elthaun Aumar, soft tongued womaniser, liar. Master of intrigue. Fled Hastarl before Belaur and his hired “armsmen” came to get him (presumably 218 DR????). Word is he was found by magelords in a cellar in Calimshan the same year and slain by magic. [1]
Cauln Aumar, slain before Belaur took the throne. Sneaky, suspicious, fancied himself a wizard. Tricked into a duel with a wizard that many believe was hired by Elthaun, turned Cauln into a snake and burst him apart. Belaur and his magelords had the wizard arrested and sentenced to death for treason [1]
Elthryn Aumar, quiet, insisted upon fairness between nobles and commoners. Loved by the people but disliked at court. Left for Heldon early on. Few knew that Uthgrael liked Elthryn the most. [1]
Othglas Aumar, fat jolly man full of jests, stuffed himself full of food every night, bigger than a barrel, could barely walk two steps. Fond of poisoning any who displeased him, advanced himself and his supporters at court by poisoning opponents. When Belaur took the throne Othglas fled to Dalniir and joined the Huntsmen who worship Malar becoming a priest of Malar. The magelords turned him into a boar during a hunt and he was slain by his own underpriests. The magelords made sure everyone in Athalantar heard about it. [1]
Felodar Aumar, obsessed with gold and gems, left for Calimshan before Uthgrael died. Fostered trade between Athalantar and Calimshan, pleasing Uthgrael much and bringing in what little name and wealth Athalantar has outside the Delimbiyr. Also secretly dealt in slaves, drugs, and dark magic. He is deep in Calimshan’s intrigue and underworld, supposedly still lives and hired mages to work against the magelords
Nrymm Aumar, youngest son of Uthgrael, frail sullen brat, brought up by women of the court after Queen Syndrel’s death. Never stepped outside Athalgard. Vanished 4 summers ago (220 DR????). Might be dead or hidden away imprisoned in case Belaur dies. [1]
Neldryn Hawklyn, probably the most powerful of the magelords [1]
Seldinor Stormcloak, Kadeln Olothstar - magelords [1]
Queen Syndrel Hornweather, Queen of the Hunt. Beautiful. Mistress of all Uthgrael’s stag hunts. [1]
Knights of the Stag Throne are beholden to serve any prince of the realm with their sword [1]
Heldreth’s Horn, outermost fortress (in the west) of Athalantar. Near the Horn Hills [2]
Daera, runs a pleasure house catering to armsmen from Heldreth’s Horn, her girls work as “night comfort girls” (prostitutes) for visitors. Setup about 12 years ago (216 DR????) [2]
Wildflower wine [2]
Sarn Torel, castle near Heldreth’s Horn [2]
Tempus, Tyche, Selune, Auril, Talos, Mask (Lord of All Thieves), Sune, Lathander, Helm, Tyr, Chauntea, Malar (Mother of Farms and Fields) known in Athalantar [2,3,4,13,15]
Crossbow technology exists [2]
The armsmen of Athalantar are not very good warriors. They never dare go far into the High Forest.
Upshyn, settlement, travellers and caravans cross the Unicorn Run at Upshyn (bridge here????). [3]
Woodsedge Inn, between the Horn Hills and Heldon next to the Wyrm Wood. Run by Broarn, friend of Helm Stoneblade [3]
Mages supposedly slew the last dragon of the Wyrm Wood 20 years ago (208 DR????) but few commoners believe it. Most folk of Athalantar will not go into the Wyrm Wood or the High Forest. [3]
For the honour of Athalantar – saying to demonstrate loyalty to Athalantar [4]
Normal citizens regard the Magister as a myth or legend [5]
Calishite silks and ornamented purple and emerald Tashtan weaves rarely travel north in great enough numbers to reach provincial Hastarl via pole-barge up the Delimbiyr. Most such wars are all bought by Elembar, Uthtower, and Yarlith before getting to Athalantar [6]
Glarmeir and Trumpettower, noble families of Athalantar [6]
Roaruld Trumpettower, Scourge of Stirges. Depicted in paintings holding a glass of blood and a limp stirge [6]
Regals, gold coins of Athalantar [7]
Desecrating a temple is punishable by death in Athalantar [7]
The Hastarl Road, has marker cairns [9].
The Great Fires, set 10 years ago (221 DR) to drive the elves out of the wooded lands around Athalantar. Humans huddle in settlements along the Delimbiyr so the forest returns slowly [9]
The Unicorn’s Horn, a roadside inn amid a cluster of sheep farms well west of Athalantar, west of Narthil. Elmara visits in 234 DR and helps slay 7 magelord apprentices (all apprentices to the magelord Seldinor) [11,12]
The Ballad of the Stag, a song of praise to Uthgrael Aumar [11]
Magelords do not allow Uthgrael Aumar’s name to be uttered in Athalantar by 234 DR. The magelords rule openly issuing decrees as if they were king. King Belaur is still alive but is rarely seen [11]
Wizards no longer visit Athalantar anymore because of the magelords [11]
Until 234 DR, the borders of Athalantar were free, but now every road was blocked and guarded so travellers could be inspected and interrogated and pay the toll [12]
Prince Gartos, battle worn warrior, not Belaur’s son, King Belaur made Gartos a Prince of the realm because he trusted him and needed to give him the right to command armsmen without the magelords slaying Gartos. Has a magical rune carved blade, Gartos can commant the sword with the command word “Thaerin” (must be its name????). The words “Osta! Indruu hathan halarl!” caused the blade to attack whoever’s blood it has last spilled. The word “agios” causes the blade to return to Gartos’ hand. Has a magical amulet that allows him to communicate with magelords if he can picture who. Slain by Elmara at Narthil. [12]
Gartos’ sword rises after Gartos is slain, and flies off to find Elmara. (was the sword made by the magelords????) [12]
Ambletree Arms, an inn on the north side of the River Shining (in the settlement of Ambletrees????). Elmara arrives in Flamerule 234 DR. Run by Phaernos Bauldyn. Phaernos knows Braer and was told to keep watch for and help Elmara [13]
Far Torel, north of Ambletree (some kind of muster field, gathering place, field, etc????). Road leads from Ambletrees to Far Torel, many armsmen marching up the road in Flamerule 234 DR. It is a vale and 4000 armsmen are gathered here ready to attack the elves of the High Forest. Elmara foiled that attack by rusting all their weapons and armour. [13]
Othglar, armsmen, guard, part of 4000 troops sent to Far Torel. Slain by Elmara [13]
The Haunted Vale, west of Far Torel, leads into the High Forest [13]
Battlelord, title for a commander of armsmen troops [13]
Darthtil, near the Haunted Vale. All the land between the Haunted Vale and Darthtil was consumed in a long-ago fire (the Great Fires????). Elmara is told by Myrjala to restore the land and Myrjala would return in a year to see the results. [14]
Launtok, settlement in or near Athalantar [15]
Dalniir, settlement on the edge of Athalantar, near the High Forest. Home to the magelord Taraj and other magelords that worship Malar the Beastlord [15]
Eastern fortresses of Athalantar, supplied by wagon trains out of the palisade fort at Heldon [16]
Sarthryn, settlement in Athalantar [16]
Hornkeep, the abode of magelord Undarl [17]
First sword, title for an armsman [17]
Elminster slew Belaur, cut his throat with the Lion Sword [18]
Sword of the Stag, the blade of King Belaur (magical????) [18]
Mithtyn, herald of Athalantar during the time of King Uthgrael. Met Myrjala once long ago and danced with her, and knew she was Mystra [18]
Elminster named Helm Stoneblade King of Athalantar [18]
In a grave knoll west of the city, a stone plinth within a low wall overgrown with shrubs and trees. An old shrine of Mystra guarded by the guardian ghosts of dead mages. Undarl hid a cache of spellbooks, potions, and items in case he was ever driven out of the city [18]
Bethgarl Nreams, cheese merchant, married to Ammuthe. Eats snails that make him hallucinate. Witnessed Elminster and Myrjala making love [18]

In Athalantar [1]
Village of Heldon, many folk here do not like elves [1]
Mist mages of the Fair Folk (from Halangorn Forest????), whose magic works good and ill. Once owned the woods of Athalantar [1]
Tesla, runs a seamstress shop. [1]
Heldon is completely destroyed by Undarl and his dragon [1]
Elthryn Aumar called the uncrowned lord of Heldon [1]
Cave above Heldon. Helm Stoneblade wants to hide spellbooks (formerly belonging to magelords) he finds in the cave [3]
Shrine to Chauntea south of Heldon [13]
In 234 DR the ruins of Heldon had been replaced with a wooden palisade, and buildings filled with armsmen [13]

Bony, beak nosed youth, jet black hair, piercing blue-grey eyes. [1]
Shepherd lad in the Year of the Flaming Forests (224 DR) [1]
Elthryn Aumar, Elminsters father. Lord of the village of Heldon. Tall, slim, brown hair with grey sides, beard, grey eyes. One of the most respected princes of Athalantar. Elthryn was his father’s favourite, his father (Uthgrael) secretly gave him the Lion Sword. Everyone believes the Lion Sword lies in Uthgrael’s tomb [1]
Elminster can see magic auras, a rare gift. See’s them as a soft blue glow. [1]
Sometimes Elminster can make things move with his mind. [1]
Amrythale Goldsheaf, Elminster’s mother, daughter of a common forester. Married Elthryn Aumar [1]
The magelords know of Elminster’s birth and so tried to murder him in Heldon [1]
Elminster spent 4 winters in the Horn Hills with the outlaws (228 DR Year of the Loremasters), called himself Eladar. About 16 years old at this time [2,3]
Can heal himself with his mind [2]
229 DR, working as a thief in Hastarl by the name of Eladar the Dark [4]
Went to plunder or desecrate the disused temple of Mystra in Athalantar, or ask for her aid in defeating the magelords. A magelord and 20 armsmen ambushed him there but Mystra saved him, and teleported him away. [7]
Elminster appeared in a forest and found himself transformed into a woman, Elmara
After being imbued with Mystra’s power, Elminster can now control fire with his mind
Elmara studied with Braer for two years [231 DR ????)
Elminster knows a tale about a king whose 9 royal wizards who floated in a circle into the air above the tallest tower, lightning danced beneath their hands, summoned a dragon to them and chained it while it spat fire at them. The ending goes unfinished. (was this Athalantar or some other land????) [9]
Elmara travelled from the High Forest to the Mlembryn lands in winter (231 DR ????), then journeyed to Ilhundyl (232 DR????) [9]
Elmara journeyed to the Floating Tower in 233 DR with an adventuring band known as The Brave Blades [10]
Is able to expend memorised spells to heal himself [12]
Knows a spell that requires running blood, and the sacrifice of a magic dagger pointing in a direction. The dagger crumbles to dust and strength is drawn from the caster. Within hours, every piece of metal along the direction the dagger was pointing will be useless from rust. One of the most powerful spells Elmara knew at the time [13]
237 DR, Myrjala and Elmara part ways so Elmara can continue to learn without relying upon Myrjala. Elminster travels to fight Ilhundyl but Myrjala slays him using spellfire [14]
239 DR Elminster and Myrjala are exploring a castle of the sorcerer kings (Thaeravel, Netheril, Imaskar????), Elminster and his magic toppled the castle and slew the evil wizards within [14]
240 DR Elminster and Myrjala are lovers, Elminster decides to return to Athalantar to topple the magelords [14]
Elminster travels to Laukton and slays all the magelord envoys there. Decides he needs allies and to lure magelords into traps to slay them one at a time. He calls the elves to his aid, asks that they spellshield him, Myrjala and others when they fight the magelords. The elves ask that he kill magelord Taraj first. [15]
Mystra made Elminster her Chosen and bid him go to Cormanthor and apprentice himself to any archmage he can find [epilogue]

Riding a great wyrm red dragon with scales the colour of dried blood in 224 DR when he attacked Heldon. [1]
Almond eyes, dusky skin around the eyes, coppery curls, a winking pendant on his hairless breast. Darkest green robes, rings of gold and shining blue metal, soft fine boots, tattoos on his chest. Pendant, robes, rings, and tattoos are all magical. [1]
Wields two wands (kept in his boots) [1]
When he first arrived in Athalantar he turned up riding a dragon to impress the magelords. Hawklyn commanded him to go to Heldon and slay Elthryn and his wife [4]
Has a fire red ring [12]
By 234 DR he is the Mage Royal [12]
Attempting to mate griffons in a vat of enspelled giant crab fluids to create armour plated killer offspring that are subjects to his will. His family have all tried creating magical creatures, but his will be the greatest [17]
Has a stone pedestal that can extend the duration and area of any spell and make it not effect the caster. The pedestal consumes precious gemstones to power the augmentation, a handful of gemstones can extend the duration of a Sleep of Ages spell for 1000 years. The caster can still dismiss the spell whenever he wishes [17]
Knows Phezult’s Sleep of Ages [17]
Anglathammaroth, a great wyrm black dragon that Undarl rides. Slain by Braer, crashes into a tower in Athalgard and destroys it [17]
Known as Undarl “Dragonrider” [17]
His blood is black [18]
Has a whip of flames [18]
Undarl attack Elminster and Myrjala at the grave knoll west of Athalantar. Myrjala’s magic couldn’t stop him because he walks the shadows of many worlds. Undarl changed into a shadowy dragon thing with golden eyes and burned Myrjala to a crisp. Elminster stabbed Undarl in the eye with the Lion Sword and used lightning bolt on the Lion Sword to fry his brain, then cast every spell he knew to turn Undarl’s body into charred fleshy lumps. [18]

Lion Sword
The oldest treasure in Athalantar, shines with flame. Imbued with strong magics. Hungers for blood. [1]
Owned by Elthryn Aumar. [1]
Can send whispered messages to people far away. [1]
Can absorb magic spells but not dragon fire. [1]
Can dispel or counter magic with a curse [1]
The Lion Sword was destroyed by dragon fire. The blade was melted with only a few fingers of metal remaining, the hilt was partially melted. Elminster found the remnants in the ruins of Heldon [1]

Helm Stoneblade
Knight of the Stag Throne [1]
Bellard, rides with Helm Stoneblade [1]
Heavy stubbly beard [1]
Has a flask of firewine [1]
Onthrar, rides with Helm Stoneblade [3]
By 228 DR, Helm Stoneblade is openly aiding outlaws against the armsmen of Belaur and the magelords [3]
Has slain magelords before [3]
Halidar, one of Helm’s men, a traitor that communicates with magelords using a scrying crystal, been spying on Helm and his knights maybe for years. Slain by Anauviir [16]
Anauviir, one of Helm’s men. Quickest with a blade, restless [16]
Helm and his knights had been hiding beneath the boughs of the High Forest cloaked by the magic of the elves for years. Striking quickly against the magelords and their armsmen [16]
Rindol, Thanask, old comrades of Helm Stoneblade, slain by the forces of the magelords in past years [16]
Helm and his band are dubbed the Knights of the Stag, the lost knights of Athalantar [16]
Sir Tharl Bloodbar rides with the Knights of the Stag. Old man, wild beard [17]

Horn Hills
Outlaws hiding in the Horn Hills west of Heldon and Athalantar. Not all are bad, most are just people fleeing the evil magelords in the cities of Athalantar. Helm knows the outlaws and they trust him [1]
Barren highlands, blinding snows and blowing winds in winter [2]
Sargeth, outlaw, keen eyes, lookout. Knows the hills very well [2]
Engarl, outlaw, carries a long lance (killed the Athalantarn armsman owner with a sling stone). Knows the hills very well [2]
Arghel, Eladar, Engarl, Sargeth, Nind, and Baerold, outlaws that ride with Elminster. Sargeth and Baerold definitely slain in an armsmen attack on Lawless Castle.[2,3]
Some outlaws raid neighbouring farmlands. Those outlaws who revere Helm Stoneblade avoid the farmers. Armsmen of Athalantar pay 50 gold per head to folk who guide them to outlaws. Elminster runs with a gang of outlaws that revere Helm Stoneblade. The outlaws of Lawless Castle send out bands to strike at the armsmen (and gather food) so regularly that the magelords stopped sending wizards with the armsmen because they kept getting killed [2]
Wind Cavern, where icy breezes moan endlessly into a lightless cleft. Leads into a series of caverns and tunnels underground which lead to the Lawless Castle [2]
Lawless Castle, the dwarves revealed its location to Helm Stoneblade long ago. Helm showed it to good outlaws and they live here now. The dwarves till live nearby and like the outlaws living here as it weakens the magelords and provides a buffer between them and the dwarves [2]
Mauri, wrinkled old outlaw woman, lives in Lawless Castle. Acts as quartermaster and leader of the Lawless Castle [2]
Javal, red bearded rogue, outlaw in Lawless Castle [2]
Aghelyn (slain by magelord attack on Wind Cavern), Brerest, outlaw in Lawless Castle [2]
Magelords find the Lawless Castle in 228 DR (winter) and the outlaws flee with the help of Helm Stoneblade [3]

Magelord Kadeln Olothstar, visiting Sarn Torel in 228 DR to deal with the outlaws in Horn Hills. Has a pact to aid magelord Taraj in his time of need. Slain by Elminster [2,15]
Magelord Landorl Valadarm, subservient to Kadeln Olothstar [2]
Magelord Caladar Thearyn, owns a magic pendant. Slain by Broarn at the Woodsedge Inn after he tried to slay Elminster. [3]
Harskur, fat, old apprentice magelord, slain by Myrjala when they were about to ambush Elminster at the Woodsedge Inn [3]
Saphardin Olen, apprentice magelord, slain by Myrjala when they were about to ambush Elminster at the Woodsedge Inn [3]
Neldryn Hawklyn, Mage Royal of Athalantar, most powerful magelord. Found the Crystal Chain of Binding, made in Netheril – dwarves, elves, and men all looked for it and failed, can imprison any mage and prevent his use of magic. Neldryn tried to summon the Magister using the Crystal Chain of Binding and destroy him. The Magister ignored the chain, slew all the magelords (and most of the merchants at Havilyn’s house) including Neldryn Hawklyn, and destroyed the Crystal Chain of Binding (blasting apart its links to blast apart the magelords) [5]
Maulygh, magelord, slain by the Magister and Havilyn’s house. Long service as a magelord, ambitious but disguises it. Slain by the Magister [5]
Lord Ildru, magelord [7]
Seldinor Stormcloak, magelord. All his apprentices are slain in 234 DR by Elmara at the Unicorn’s Horn inn west of Narthil. Knows a spell that can place the intellect of his familiar inside a flesh golem. Slain by his own flesh golem familiar creation [12,16]
Briost, magelord, student of Ithboltar [12.15]
Eth “Stoneclaw”, magelord, slew an umberhulk when he was young [12]
Magelord Ithboltar “the Old One”, old, wise. Seldinor Stormcloak was his hated foe. Teacher of Undarl, Ildryn, Malanthor, Alarashan, Briost, Chantlarn. Has a crown (a skullcap of cloth set with many tiny gems) that can compel people to do his bidding. Has at one time or another been the tutor of most of the magelords of today (240 DR). Dwells in Athalgard. Ithboltar’s crown is damaged and explodes slaying him and a number of other magelords [12,16,17]
Galath, magelord apprenticed to Undarl [12]
Nasarn the Hooded, magelord [12]
Alarashan, magelord, student of Ithboltar [12,16]
Have an ornate scrying bowl held up by winged maiden of gloss polished gold [12]
Taraj Hurlymm, magelord, takes beastshape and goes hunting humans in the High Forest. Has some protection against the spells and arrows of the elves. Originally came from Murghom to be a magelord. Worships the Beastlord (Malar????). Has a pact that magelord Kadeln will aid him in his time of need. Slain by Elminster [16]
Ildryn, magelord, student of Ithboltar [16]
Malanthor, magelord, student of Ithboltar, has a pact-link with Chantlarn. Slain by Elminster [16]
Chantlarn, magelord, student of Ithboltar. Has a pact link with Malanthor. Has a moustache. Slain by Elminster [16]
Pact-Link, some kind of agreement to aid another if called upon, can demand whatever price they want for the aid [16]
Nanatha, female apprentice and lover of Malanthor [16]
Hathan, magelord, dwells in Horn Keep [17]
Nanatha, Malanthor, Briost, and Alarashan all dwell in Athalgard [17]
Ortran, male apprentice to Alarashan, hopeless at magic [17]

Farl, thief, friends with Elminster, taught Elminster to be a thief. Illegitimate son of Lord Hawklyn Mage Royal of Athalantar. Hawklyn got with a lady from court and had her killed when he heard of Farl’s birth. By 240 DR, Farl is coupled with Tassabra living a life of luxury [4,16]
Black Boots, tavern in Hastarl, place to hire dockhands and errand runners [4]
Black tongue fever killed a cobbler in the spring of 229 DR. Plague houses left abandoned for 6 months, then smoked and finally torn down [4]
Rich houses with ornamental roof spires along the north wall [4]
The Kissing Wench, tavern, frequented by Farl and Elminster. [4]
Ashanda, evening lass (escort) that works the crowd at the Kissing Wench, acquaintance of Farl and Elminster. Has a dagger tipped boot (once used to disembowel an unruly sailor) [4]
Budaera, evening lass (escort) that works the crowd at the Kissing Wench, acquaintance of Farl and Elminster. [4]
Escorts hide a scented safe pouch in their armpits for securing money [4]
Shandathe Llaerin “the Shadow” known for her silent entrances and exits, possibly a former thief, now an escort, big dark eyes, the most beautiful woman in Hastarl [4]
Jansibal Otharr, short pouty looking man in flame orange silks. Reddish hair in well oiled ringlets. Hairless chest. Gold chain necklace with a snarling lions head on the end. Many rings on each finger. Dandy, travels with 2 well armed bodyguards. Uses sleep venom on his blade. Son of a magelord. Has an invisible shield of magic that stops swords from striking him. Thelorn Selemban is his most hated rival. Only scion of the noble house of Otharr [4,17]
Thelorn Selemban. Local dandy, travels with 6 bodyguards. Laryssa and Dlaedra are lovers of Thelorn. Son of a magelord. Carries a magic sword that cuts through magical defences. [4]
Swordmaster Adarbron, short trimmed greying beard. Commander of a sort of the armsmen serving Belaur and the magelords. [4]
Hannibur’s, north of the Kissing Wench tavern. A bakery run by old Hannibur, grizzled old baker, lives alone, wooden foot, acerbic tongue, miser, but feeds leftover or burned loafs to the urchins playing at the back of his bakery [4]
Old walled burial ground at the opposite end of the city to Athalgard. Overgrown and disused where vaults of wealthy families crumble. Home to Ansildabar’s Last Rest. Ansildabar was once a famous explorer [4]
Ring of Blades, a tavern [4]
Shildo, leader of a gang of thugs and snatchers, works for Undarl [4]
Antaerl, works with Farl sometimes [4]
Havilyn, rich merchant, knows the magelords, friends with Neldryn Hawklyn. Works with the magelords to monopolise trade in Athalantar. Survived the Magister’s slaying of merchants and magelords at his house. [4]
Nallith, rich merchant, knows Havilyn and the magelords. Works with the magelords to monopolise trade in Athalantar [5]
Neldryn Hawklyn, at dinner with magelords, Havilyn and Nallith, summoned the Magister and bound him using the Crystal Chain of Binding. The Magister ignored the chain and passed through it [5]
Othyl Naerimmin, rich merchant, knows Havilyn and the magelords. Works with the magelords to monopolise trade in Athalantar. Panderer, smuggler, dealer in scents and beer. Arranges poisonings. Slain by the Magister [5]
Fentarn, commander of armsmen in Athalantar [5]
Berdeece Hettir, old woman [5]
New gangs of criminals starting to arise in Hastarl due to the wealth and shady dealings of the magelords. The Moonclaws are one such gang [5]
The magelords do not agree with guilds, so there aren’t many in Hastarl (legitimate or otherwise) [5]
Dancing Dryad feasthouse. Often visited by magelords doing business with rich merchants and master craftsmen to come to mutually beneficial arrangements. [5]
Klaern Blaenbar, red mane of hair, associate of Farl, thief, bully, been on the streets of Hastarl for 3 years. Brothers Korlar and Othkyn Blaenbar [6]
Naneetha, associate of Farl, thief, wears velvet gloves [6]
Chaslarla, fat old woman, associate of Farl, thief [6]
The Moonclaws and other new gangs in Hastarl have the backing of the magelords or rich merchants. Armsmen of Hastarl ignore the activities of the Moonclaws [6]
Rhegaer, young, dirty, associate of Farl, thief [6]
Jhardin, strong, associate of Farl, thief [6]
Tassabra, lithe, associate of Farl, thief. Occasionally slept with Klaern Blaenbar. By 240 DR, Tassabra is coupled with Farl living a life of luxury [6,16]
Larrin, associate of Farl, thief [6]
“One Eyed” Tarth, associate of Farl, thief [6]
Farl, Elminster, Jhardin, Larrin, Tassabra, Naneetha, and Chaslarla form a thieves gang called the Velvet Hands. Farl is in charge of the Velvet Hands. The Blaenbar brothers refuse to join [6]
Peeryst Trumpettower, wearing high plumed hat, cloth of gold doublet, bell trimmed hose, curl tip shoes, and his fathers lightest sword, married Nanue Glarmier wearing a sky blue gown crafted by the elves of Shantel Othreier (cost 1000 pieces of gold) [6]
Nanue Glarmier’s father commissioned a statue of the rearing Stag of Athalantar (the beast not the king) made from a single gigantic diamond, made for the wedding. Said to cost more than most castles. [6]
Darrigo Trumpettower elder of Trumpettower family (uncle of Peeryst Trumpettower). Got married the first time in the Year of the Gorgon Moon. His second wife liked rough play (slapping, hitting, etc). Strong, warrior, able to pick up a man and throw him out a window. By 234 DR, Darrigo Trumpettower is an old man farming land in the Haunted Vale (was he enslaved or lost his fortune to the magelords etc????). Darrigo knows Helm Stoneblade from before the magelords [6,13,17]
Isparla (woman), Minter (man), Waera, Annathe, Obaerig, Irtil, thieves in the Moonclaws gang, attempt to rob Nanue and Peeryst on their wedding night in the wedding bedroom. The Velvet Hands foil the robbery and kill all the Moonclaws thieves. The diamond stag gets smashed into smaller pieces [6]
Janatha Glarmier, young woman, less than 25 years old, single [6]
Trumpettower House has a secret passage behind a painting of Roaruld Trumpettower in one of the bedrooms. [6]
A chest of ioun stones has been found in Athalgard, hidden away years before (probably on the orders of King Uthgrael). The magelords are fighting over who gets what. [6]
Disused temple of Mystra, the magelords don’t want anyone worshipping Mystra but them, they haven’t desecrated the temple [7]
By 240 DR the Moonclaws are destroyed by Farl and the Velvet Hands. The Moonclaws were tools of the magelords [16]
Jannath, thief in the Velvet Hands [16]
Sewers beneath Hastarl, extend under the walls of Athalgard (they lead straight to the jakes in the castle) [17]
There are secret passages into and out of Athalgard (they don’t all lead into the sewers) [17]
Farl knows about the secret passages and the sewers. People that use the secret passages vanish and end up as twisted experiments of the magelords (thus the magelords know about the secret passages as well) [17]
Helm Stoneblade knows about the secret passages [17]
Riol, armsman stationed in Athalgard [17]
First Sword Sauvar, armsmen stationed in Athalgard [17]
Isparla Serpenthips, former leader of the Moonclaws, now concubine of King Belaur [17]

High Forest
Elmara was transported to the High Forest by Mystra (229 DR????), found near a pool sacred to Mystra by the elves Baerithryn and Delsaran who seem to work for Mystra and were guided by her to Elmara
Delsaran, humans slew his parents and chopped down the trees he grew up with
Baerithryn, becomes Elmara’s tutor in magic. His last student died 300 years ago, she knew Baerithryn by the name Braer. Priest of Mystra. Secretly an elf that has learned how to take on dragon shape (song dragon ????). Baerithryn / Braer is the last of his kind, they are the reason the magelords did so much dragon hunting in Athalantar. Braer can become a silver dragon [8,17]
Letting blood fall in the forest is a component of a ritual that can heal
Elmara saw no other elves during his time in the High Forest
Elmara is the first human to be tolerated in the depths of the High Forest (in 229 – 231 DR) in a very long time (I’m guessing at least 3 centuries since Braer’s last apprentice ????)
The High Forest is dying. The elves and their power are tied to the land and the seasons. The magelords force the elves to fight at times and places that are disadvantageous to them. More than a few elves have been slain because they refuse to admit the magelord’s power rivals their own. The elves are aiding some who would fight the magelords, providing they swear not to harm the life or land of the High Forest.
Not many of the elves in the High Forest worship Mystra, most keep to the old ways, but there are some who do worship Mystra [9]
Priestess of Mystra in Ladyhouse Falls, greater than Baerithryn, the next tutor of Mystra [9]
The place of Mystra, the pool where she first met Braer lies well west of Far Torel [13]
Duskwood, shadowtop, and blueleaf trees [15]
Ruvaen, elf in the High Forest, friends with Braer. Warrior, wears a grey cloak [15]

Ladyhouse Falls
Located on a path off the Hastarl Road outside the borders of Athalantar. In a field broken by a fire scarred sheet of rock with a river rushing hard by, and a high peaked hall on top. Ladyhouse Falls is tended by a gigantic bronze dragon with flaming emerald green eyes that takes the form of an old woman tending her gardens. She advised Elminster to go experience everything, listen to mages, watch, and learn [9]

Mlembryn Lands
Lord Mage Dunsteen, haughty and proud, but not a magelord (maybe a court wizard of a local lord in the Mlembryn Lands????). He tried to kill Elmara but failed and Elmara compelled him to tell her where she might find a mage to learn magic from. Dunsteen told her to seek Ilhundyl in the Calishar. [9]

The Castle of Sorcery, home of Ilhundyl (who values his privacy). A maze surrounds the Castle of Sorcery and the Great Gate blocks entrance to the castle (guarded by golems and statues that can spit lightning from their hands). A hidden door (guarded only by a pit trap) avoids the Great Gate. [9]
Garadic, young man servant to Ilhundyl, secret an illusion cloaked scaled and fanged horror [9]
Ilhundyl told Elmara to apprentice himself to a mage, then become an adventurer. When he can match a lich spell for spell he must seek Ondil’s Book of Spells and take it to the altar of Mystra on the island called Mystra’s Dance, but do not look inside Ondil’s Book for that is the sacrifice he must make. [9]
Ilhundyl intends to make Elmara retrieve Ondil’s Book and return it to himself. He is sending Garadic to kill Elmara once she has the book [9]
The Wind Cavern (not in the Horn Hills) is a cavern in the Castle of Sorcery where shapes of glass stand pierced by holes that make mournful sounds whenever the wind blows [14]
Has two armoured golems (iron golems????) hidden inside the walls by the Great Gate. [14]
Winged Hands (flying crawling claws????) Ilhundyl can make more [14]
Has archers (human????), 3 undead beholders, and 6 winged green serpents defending his castle [14]
Ilhundyl wears a ring that shoots rays of life leeching energy [14]
Myrjala slays Ilhundyl and destroys parts of the Castle of Sorcery using spellfire [14]

Floating Tower
The former hold of the long dead Ondil, in a bramble choked ravine in the wilderlands, somewhere west of the Horn Hills [10]
A lone crumbling stone tower, its base a ruin of tumbled stones, a gap 12 men high stretches from the ground to the remains of the tower (floating in the air held together by powerful magic) which start at the 6th level. [10]
The location of the Floating Tower was written in spider haunted sorcerer’s tomb of lost Thaeravel (said to be the land of mages from which Netheril sprang) that spoke of the mighty archwizard Ondil and his retreat in his later days to his spell guarded tower. [10]
One room with red carpets and hanging curtains crafted of gems on fine wire [10]
Another room filled with life size white statues spouting thousand year old poetry [10]
Another room, dark, lit only by a sparkling rainbow of glittering lights that dart about the room like a school of fish [10]
The next room contains a curving balcony on the edge of a vast darkness, this chamber is many times larger than the entirety of Ondil’s Floating Tower (extradimensional space????). 4 globes inside the huge chamber floating in mid-air. One globe contains a great wyrm red dragon, another globe contains a mindflayer, another contained a beholder, the last contained Ondil’s Spell Book held by bony hands (that cast spells). All globes held in stasis. Releasing one (the book) releases them all [10]
After defeating the dragon, beholder, and mindflayer, the Brave Blades find Ondil’s tomb all doors now lead to the tomb [10,11]
Elmara slew Ondil by crashing the ceiling down atop him repeatedly. Then Undarl appeared to steal all the treasure [11]

The Brave Blades
Adventuring band, plundered a sorcerer’s tomb in Thaeravel, they found mention of Ondil’s Floating Tower [10]
Old Lhangaern, former member and mage before Elmara, slain by a backfiring elixir of youth which he crafted (possibly from instructions found in Thaeravel????) [10]
Elmara is a member, the only female member, recruited in 232 DR after Lhangaern’s death, she was given Old Lhangaern’s spellbooks [10]
In the summer of 232 DR the Brave Blades attacked a group of bandits in a crumbling old keep they used as their stronghold. Elmara found wands and more spellbooks [10]
In 233 DR the Brave Blades encountered another adventuring band known as the Bright Shields (who were widely known as being arrogant and lawless). The fought on the streets of Baerlith. Several members of the Bright Blades were slain but they acquired more money and gear. Elmara obtained magical boots, belt, rings, rods, and more. [10]
Tarthe Maermir, leader of the Brave Blades, strong warrior, with broad shoulders and curling reddish hair and beard. Slain by Undarl in Ondil’s tomb [10,11]
The Brave Blades found a merchants account of a vale where griffons flew out of a lone keep and drove the merchants away. The griffons wore collars and breast shields bearing the mark of Ondil. The vale was located across high hills north of the Ong Wood [10]
Gralkyn, thief, member of the Brave Blades. Slain in Ondil’s tomb [10,11]
Ithym, thief, member of the Brave Blades. Slain in Ondil’s tomb [10,11]
Dlartaman, warrior, member of the Brave Blades. Slain in Ondil’s tomb [10,11]
Tharp, warrior, member of the Brave Blades, deep voice seldom heard. Slain in Ondil’s tomb. Was secretly a spy for the magelords who knew they were going to plunder Ondil’s tower and were ready to steal the treasure once Ondil was slain. [10,11]
Othbar Hand of Tyche, priest, member of the Brave Blades. Sacrificed himself in Ondil’s tomb to cast a spell that would seal Ondil in his sarcophagus [10,11]
Asglyn, the Sword of Tempus, priest, member of the Brave Blades. Wields a heavy hammer that can be thrown. Slain in Ondil’s tomb [10,11]
Belanchor, member of the Brave Blades. Slain in Ondil’s tomb [11]
Last and youngest member of the Brave Blades, usually minds the horses, slain by the magelord Briost [11]

Mystra’s Dance
The altar lays on one of the hills. A false alter (a trap laid by Ilhundyl) is on the second hill. The original altar of Mystra (now shattered) lies on the third hill [11]
The island of Mystra’s Dance is reached by pole boat [11]
Garadic (in the guise of an old man) poled Elmara to the island [11]
Ilhundyl tricked Elmara into leaving Ondil’s spellbook at the fake altar of Mystra and dropped him into the cold waters. Ilhundyl wanted to become the most powerful magic user in Faerun, the Magister [11]
Ilhundyl has the spirit of a dead woman bound to him, he used this spirit to trick Elmara into believing it was Mystra. (who is this spirit, someone Ilhundyl killed????) [11]
Ondil’s Spell Book is blank [11]

Settlement near, has a road leading to Hastarl, was seized by Athalantar and it s forces. [12]
Myrkiel’s Rest, the only inn in Narthil, run by a stout woman named Asmartha [12]
Raztan, armsman of Athalantar posted in Narthil [12]
Narthil Keep, just north of Narthil along the road [12]
Aunsiber,old man, Lord Steward of Narthil, wears a tabard of purple adorned with silver moonflowers [12]
Grazing hills northeast of Narthil [12]

Archwizard of Netheril, learned the ways of magic in Thyndlamdrivvar [14]
Has passed beyond death (not a lich), can make himself solid when he wishes, even make pieces of himself solid. Looks like a wraith with emerald green eyes [14]
Ander feeds on life force and can read minds at close range [14]
Ander has imprisoned a deepspawn in his tomb, it spawns stirges constantly and Ander drains them of life force to sustain himself. He finds the thought of feeding on intelligent beings abhorrent [14]
Ander asked that Elmara return in 10 years with fresh memories. He likes to learn things about people and gets lonely [14]

Wooly Rupert Posted - 23 Nov 2021 : 22:13:50
Originally posted by Gary Dallison

Good plan, it'd be nice to know.

Thinking about it we already have a canon explanation from the Tearing of the Weave trilogy of adventures. If i remember correctly Auguthra the Mad penned an alternate roll of years inspired by Shar so it could be from that alternate list.

It was never clear if there were more years on that list or just the ones in the book... But some of the local year names very much predate that book.
Gary Dallison Posted - 23 Nov 2021 : 21:49:35
Good plan, it'd be nice to know.

Thinking about it we already have a canon explanation from the Tearing of the Weave trilogy of adventures. If i remember correctly Auguthra the Mad penned an alternate roll of years inspired by Shar so it could be from that alternate list.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 23 Nov 2021 : 20:57:10
I was once working on correcting some mistakes in the Roll of Years, and it was pointed out then that there were some year names that were canon but were not on the list. As you say, the suggestion of local year names was suggested as a workaround.

Maybe I'll dig up my notes and ping Ed about that...
Gary Dallison Posted - 23 Nov 2021 : 19:03:43
So Darrigo Trumpettower gets married in the Year of the Gorgon Moon. Must be a locally named year because i can find no such year name in the roll of years. I figure the date might be around 200 DR but thats a guess based upon Darrigo being described as an elder of the noble family and him staring at a lass that was nearly half his age (so i put him in the 50-60 age category and married at 20 ish).
Gary Dallison Posted - 17 Nov 2021 : 17:03:04
Sounds like a solid theory to me. Between 1355 ish and 1368.

TheIriaeban Posted - 17 Nov 2021 : 16:14:35
For Stolen Spells, it would have to have taken place before the Far Hills Iron Rush that started in 1368/69 because that little town would be over run by miners/mining activity after that. I would also submit that it would have to take place before Bron takes over Iriaebor since it was during that time that the Shield quadrupled in size and were therefore able to more effectively patrol the area (I placed this, based on what was said in FRA, in the mid 1350s).

Since it calls out goblin activity, it COULD be post-1352 since the number of goblins in the southern Sunset Mountains may have had a sudden population increase from the goblins fleeing Cormyr after the defeat of Gondegal's army. Those same goblins could have been called up by the Darkhold to be in Ravendas' army that was defeated at Hluthvar in 1356.

Edit: Oh, and Walls of Midnight would have had to have happened prior to 1354. Ravendas gave birth to Kellen at the end of 1354 which means she had to have been around Caldorian around the beginning of the year. The story doesn't say anything about her being pregnant nor does it mention anything about having someone else watch her newborn and since she gets to lead a Darkhold army by 1356, she would have to have had the Tower adventure prior to the beginning of 1354. I don't remember snow being mentioned so it would most likely have been the spring/summer of 1353.
Gary Dallison Posted - 17 Nov 2021 : 09:25:48
Elminster Making of a Mage next. Really been looking forward to this one.
Gary Dallison Posted - 17 Nov 2021 : 09:17:44
Lots of nice little stories in Realms of Infamy with some interesting details.

Definitely cant take them all as gospel (the greatest hero that ever died), and some of them are far too focused on their own little sandbox (RAS' contributions), but others have interesting bits.

Lot of noble names and sons in So High a Price and plenty of plots for Zhentil Keep.
A Sorcerer's Council in Sembia, i figure its just a guild that the government contracts out to keep tabs on wizards and enforce some kind of standards. Which makes me think that perhaps the early novels set in Cormyr and Moonsea and the Dalelands that seem to mention a ubiquitous and monolithic thieves guild might just be referring to a very powerful Sembian operation that has spread to neighbouring regions (supported by the powerful merchant council)
Lots of new places and people in the western heartlands and some exploration of historical mentions of bandit lords and goblinoids that ruled parts of the city states in the last few centuries.
And the Grand Prince of Telflamm gets replaced by a boggun who is bound to the will of a witch of Rashemen (but who could easily be one of the evil durthan).
Gary Dallison Posted - 17 Nov 2021 : 09:11:08
Realms of Infamy

So High a Price (1334 DR Year of the Blazing Brand)
Ed Greenwood

So high a price
So willingly paid
Hot blood flows
And a ruler is made.
Mintiper Moonsilver
Ballad of a Tyrant
Year of the Turret (1360 DR)

Hot Mirtul day in Zhentil Keep
Ledgebird, nimble, songbird
Taersel, servant to Manshoon
First Lord Manshoon, dressed in purple silk robes worked with rearing gold behirs.
Flaring sleeves are the latest fashion in Zhentil Keep
Arglath the beholder, summoned by Manshoon to Zhentil Keep
Manshoon intends to slaughter all his opponents at the next council meeting, he is allying with Arglath for help in the slaughter
Mulhorandi lion-wine sipped by the young nobles of Zhentil Keep
Thaerun Blackryn, young noble, son of one of the lords of Zhentil Keep (Lord Blackryn), not frightened by the rising Zhentarim. Owns a magical sceptre he can call to his hand at will (blast sceptre????)
Naerh, noble son of one of the lords of Zhentil Keep
Lord Chess conspiring with the noble sons of the lords of Zhentil Keep
Lords of Zhentil Keep and the generation before smashed upstart mages
Mulmaster dared to challenge Zhentil Keep before
Cult of the Dragon, Sembians, Thayans, Calishites, their agents are unmasked every month
The Bloodfeuds, a time when the noble families of Zhentil Keep slaughtered each other. Any noble today harming another noble is slain, polymorphed, exiled, etc by the council.
The Council of Zhentil Keep use the zhentarim and the priests of Fzoul to protect them from the threats of Thayans, Cult of the Dragon agents, etc.
Eldarr, noble son of one of the lords of Zhentil Keep
The Shadowsil, sleeping with Lord Chess. Powerful enough to slay many noble sons with a single spell.
Manshoon, leader of the Zhentarim has become First Lord of the Council. Zhentarim are known as dark wizards and mage slayers who grow ever more mighty in magic. Manshoon has driven away many mages of Zhentil Keep that might oppose him.
One of the sons of the lords of Zhentil Keep has been away in Calimshan for a while (why????)
Many old and great lords of Zhentil Keep have taken to their bed ill, including the last Battlelord.
Lord Chess grew up with Manshoon. He knows Manshoon is a master of slow wasting poisons that deal gradual death and raise no alarm. Manshoon killed his own parents with these poisons to gain their gold. Possesses a plain gold ring that allows him to call forth a loyal dragon, he acquired it by slaying a number of his best mercenaries after they refused to part with it. Owns a slim ceremonial sword. Wears may lesser rings of protection.
The Beldenstones (a noble family????) are sponsoring a wizard school and the Council will soon approve its opening. Lord Chess believes Manshoon must act before this happens when the Council meets next.
Manshoon meets often with Fzoul Master of the Black Altar.
Taersel is selling secrets to Lord Chess about Manshoon’s dealings with Arglath.
Fzoul does not know about Manshoon’s deal with Arglath the beholder.
Lord Rorst Amandon, Battlelord of Zhentil Keep, owns a scrying crystal (that can pierce spell shields) to keep watch on Manshoon etc. Has a favourite broadsword (magical????). His wife Desil died 7 years earlier. Led the armies of Zhentil Keep to rule Thar with brutal efficiency (Etreth was with him). Lord Amandon has learned the secret names of Manshoon to allow him to be bound until death, he gave them to Elminster.
Lord Hael hired a mage assassin to attack Manshoon (slain by a beholder)
Possession of a scrying crystal that can pierce spell shields is punishable by death
Etreth, servant of Battlelord Rorst Amandon, beard and moustache peppered with grey. Loyal servant of Etreth for many years
A year ago Zhentil Keep was filled with battle hardened nobles and mages. Then old Lord Lorltar named Manshoon First Lord of the Council (many thought he was under magical compulsion). Within a tenday many of the proudest nobles (who hated Manshoon) fell ill but nothing could be proved.
The High Hall of Zhentil Keep, at its heart lies a vast echoing council chamber
Agents of the High Imperceptor attacking citizens of Zhentil Keep. 7 cities of the Dragon Reach levying taxes on Zhentil Keep merchants. Cult of the Dragon brigands attack Zhentil Keep caravans.
Zhentil Keep recently signed a naval treaty with Thay to keep Zhent ships free of Thayan piracy.
In the Council of Lords any issue called upon by two separate councilmen can be voted upon. A vote against the First Lord requires the count to be performed by a high priest (presumably the First lord counts the votes otherwise).
Councillor Urathyl, a young nobleman voted against Manshoon.
Lord Phandymm, senior nobleman, opponent of the Zhentarim.
Manshoon called for a vote to grant him special powers as First Lord to recruit and train more Zhentarim.
Lord Chess voted against Manshoon and tried to order all magic from the Council Chamber. Manshoon tried to control his mind so Chess called upon his black dragon ally. 3 Beholders appeared (including Arglath) and attacked the dragon. Zhentarim mages attacked dissenting noblemen. The dragon vanished and Arglath attacked his two fellow beholders slaying them.
The second vote was called and went against Manshoon. Lord Chess was named Watchlord of the Council (he no longer had a vote but he was supreme in directing council affairs). Manshoon and Fzoul’s alliance was revealed but they took no action against the council’s appointment of Chess (Manshoon intends to ally himself with Chess as they were once close when younger).
Elminster had disguised himself as Arglath, slew Manshoon’s allies, and warned the Council of Zhentil Keep to stop fighting each other like children lest they anger the beholders.
Elminster’s deal with Lord Amandon was that he would stop Manshoon’s plan but neither Fzoul nor Manshoon would be slain by Elminster’s hand or spells. In return Amandon provided the secret names he knew (presumably of Manshoon, maybe Fzoul).

The More Things Change (starts about 1000 DR)
Elaine Cunningham

Elaith Craulnober, betrothed to Princess Amnestria. Captain of the kings guard. Always proper, always follows the rules. Amber eyes. Last in his family line, stands to inherit a moonblade from his grandsire.
Royal forest of Evermeet
Princess Amnestria, blue eyes flecked with gold, pale face, beautiful, minstrels already compared her to Hanali Celanil. Hair the colour of spun sapphires (the rarest hair colour for moon elves). Had a passion for battlecraft, splitting her time between swordplay and battle magic.
No member of the royal house of Evermeet has ever served in the kings guard.
King Zaor Moonflower has too much regard for tradition
Damia – elven term of endearment directed to sweethearts or children
The palace, a moonstone castle at the very heart of Evermeet.
Thasitalia, great aunt of Amnestria, a sellsword, debasing her moonblade and lending her skills in return for money. Thasitalia’s mercenary tales enthral Amnestria. Thasitalia made Amnestria her blade-heir (to the moonblade)
Thasitalia’s moonblade adds speed and power to any strike. Amnestria needs to master an ancient two handed elven technique else she wont be able to handle the sword.
King Zaor’s elite guard (kings guard) wear white uniform, shoulder insignia proclaims rank, finely wrought pins on the shoulder attest to experience in a number of arts and with weapons
Tumbled Wench, a ramshackle barn of a tavern directly across from Waterdeep’s southernmost docks. Frequented by sailors, dockhands, freeswords, merchant captains, local dandies, and bemused travellers from a hundred other ports. Tumbled Wench is a good place to get news from all over Waterdeep. Trenchers of seafood stew and tankards of foaming ale for a few coppers. Roast herb stuffed fowl and more expensive drink are available to order.
Evereska sparkling water
Elaith’s grandfather died and the Craulnober moonblade passed to Elaith. The moonblade gem faded to milky whiteness and chose dormancy over an unworthy heir (him)
The original crafters of moonblades endowed the swords with the ability to discern character and motivation
The Treasure Hunters, a mercenary band. Members include Borodin and his brother, Rix (red hair), Malcolm (paymaster), and Xander (the leader). All members wear black uniform with a tooled shoulder crest.
Borodin and his brother – 6 ft tall black hair, wears black armour with an elaborately tooled crest on the shoulder. They challenged Elaith Craulnober to a fight after he was rejected by the moonblade and fled to Waterdeep.
Xander, middling years, prime of strength, leader of the Treasure Hunters, slender, tall, skin the colour of polished teak, black eyes, black hair worn in a single long braid.
Erlunn, a great centre of elven civilisation in the Northlands. The elves had long since retreated and their civilisation was swallowed by the High Forest. Rumour has it that centuries ago the elves buried their dead among the roots of trees near the Unicorn Run river. Oak trees and standing stones act as guardians for the burial sites much deeper in the forest.
MANY YEARS LATER (about 1390 DR)
Azariah, golden hands, raised as a ward of the royal court on Evermeet. Daughter of Elaith Craulnober, shaken by her father’s reputation when she returned to Waterdeep.

The Meaning of Lore (unknown)
Barb Hendee

Freezing temperatures in early fall are common in Berdusk.
Colder than a Berduskan attic in winter – a common saying in the Heartlands
Chane Troiban, a loremaster of Oghma at Twilight Hall, burnished red-gold hair, narrow face, handsome features. Specialises in dead languages. Jealous, angry, lusts for power and adoration, evil. Knows little about magic
Triska, pudgy apprentice of Master Minstrelwish
Rysheos, situated along the trade routes between Cormyr and Waterdeep, a days ride north of Soubar. Newly established boomtown. Primitive architecture and inhabitants. Warring nobles and roving bands of goblins and orcs had fought each other for control of Rysheos for years. Lord Teelo of Rysheos a powerful lord managed to defeat the others and bring about a fear induced peace.
Narshanna, Harper
Chane wrote to Lord Teelo and asked for an audience (to escape the life in Twilight Hall)
High Lady Cylyria has little to do with governing Berdusk, instead relying on the mages, bards, thieves, and loremasters of Twilight Hall (Harpers) to govern it for her
The Seat of Lore, temple of Oghma in the west of Berdusk. Long ago, scores of ancient books were spirited inside those walls. Huge oak front doors. Catacombs full of ancient texts (written before 902 DR) deep beneath the temple, guarded by wraiths, protected by a magical labyrinth.
Bransuldyn Mirrortor, a former rogue and wanderer is now the temple overseer of the Seat of Lore.

Raven’s Egg (unknown)
Elaine Bergstrom

Lord Sharven of Espar, young man with much wealth. Married to Atera (he met her in Saerloon) After marrying Atera he established contacts among the thieves and assassins of Saerloon. Within a year he amassed a fortune 5 times Atera’s dowry. Acquired a duelling scar on one cheek, sword arm was slashed and broken and lost its strength in a brawl. Has a half moon ring on his finger
Gwendh, older brother of Sharven. Sent to Saerloon by his father to forge a trade alliance with the merchants there (Sharven went along)
Atera, slanted emerald eyes, honey coloured hair. Daughter of a rich merchant in Saerloon with a massive dowry.
Raven of Saerloon, aged wizard and physician to Atera., necromancer skilled in the healing arts. Oath bound to serve Atera and her family. Saved Sharven when he was sorely wounded by thugs. Wears black robes, knows evil demonic magic (Zhentarim?????)
Sharven was attacked by thugs sent by rival merchants (they scarred his face and weakened his arm). Sharven got his revenge by assassinating the thugs and poisoning the merchants
Sharven’s father died and then Gwendh died soon after and Sharven was forced to leave Saerloon to become lord. Sharven soons become suspicious and paranoid.
Lord Romul, neighbour to Espar, owns lands north of Espar. Friend of Sharven’s father. Sharven played with Romul’s children when he was younger. Lady Laudrel wife of Lord Romul. Older man now, in his youth acquired a deadly reputation with a blade.
Lord Sharven and Romul keep cattle herds. Sharven’s herd die from speargrass poisoning.
Speargrass is mildly poisonous to cattle (can be fatal if eaten enough over a prolonged period).
Bookworms devoured Sharven’s library.
A fire consumed Sharven’s stables.
Blood magic use punishable by death
Raven gave Sharven a tiny blood red egg that would hatch a demonic force inside him and consume the life force of his greatest enemy when Sharven’s blood was spilled.
The spirit unleashed attack Sharven because he was his own worst enemy
Raven wed Atera (presumably becoming lord of Espar)
Sharven’s spirit now haunts his former home forever

The Third Level (1341 DR)

At 9 years old Artemis Entreri travelled on a caravan from Memnon to Calimport. The merchants were going to sell Artemis into slavery (which he didn’t know about) but he fled when he arrived in Calimport.
At 14 years of age Artemis Entreri is now “in charge” (a thief claiming his territory where no one else dare steal) of a cluster of shacks across from a field of cart torn mud.
Kandad Oasis has black waters
Artemis was recruited into the Basadoni Cabal at 14.
Basadoni Cabal, one of the most powerful thieves’ guilds in Calimport
Pasha Basadoni in charge of the Basadoni Cabal
Lieutenant Theebles Royuset, assigned to mentor Artemis Entreri by Pasha Basadoni. Smelly brown frizzy hair, gluttonous, lazy. Slow but mentally sharp and dangerous. Sadistic and cruel. In the second rank of the Pasadoni Cabal command structure along with half a dozen other lieutenants. Was once a merchant, got into trouble with the authorities so used his money to buy a position in the Pasadoni Cabal
Pasadoni Guildhall has a basement 20 ft below ground. Top layer is devoted to hedonistic pleasures, home to Pasha Basadoni.
Dancer, rogue in the Pasadoni Cabal, working for Lieutenant Theebles. Friend of Artemis.
Thesali vipers, snakes whose venom kills in seconds (long enough for you to stagger two steps backward). Small orange snakes. Venom is milked by thieves for assassination purposes. The antivenom produces great hunger if the individual is poisoned.
Universal antidote, an amber liquid, very expensive, will neutralise any poison in the body.
Pasha Basadoni, smallish, old, straight posture, grey hair, neatly groomed, unpretentious clothing.
Made lieutenant in the Basadoni Cabal after killing Lieutenant Theebles by tricking him into eating crushed glass.

Blood Sport (892 DR)
Christie Golden

Mistledale, 3 months after the vampires attacked.
Shark, woman, black eyes, tanned face. Hired to hunter Jander Sunstar the vampire. Fought and killed 22 vampires (and countless humans) always kills her target. Able to cast spells (can forcefully read minds). Owns a cloak of invisibility she made herself, also disguises the aura of body heat she emits. Uses Shakira Khazaar as her name (is it an alias????). One slew a vampire in Suzail, knows from this experience that she should never interrupt a feeding vampire. Often uses a small specially crafted crossbow to kill vampires. Once fought a vampire who was a mage, when trapped he volunteered to step into the sunlight but cast darkness about himself (that vampire bit her neck but she survived). Formerly Shakira the thief, killed in self defence then got a taste for it and became an assassin, got bored of killing humans and became a vampire hunter.
Rhynn Oriandis, female moon elf, indigo hair. Former captain of the Riders of Mistledale – imprisoned for letting Jander Sunstar go free.
The Orc’s Head Inn, a noisy tavern. In Waterdeep (or near it)
Shallen Lathkule, a handsome youth, getting married tomorrow afternoon to Khyrra. Crafts pretty baubles for a living
Jander Sunstar, meets with Shallen at the Orc’s Head Inn (makes statues and sells them at various taverns in Waterdeep). Often sings at the Orc’s Head Inn. Crafted a statue (8 inches tall) of Lliira as a gift for Shallen and Khyrra, if a gem is added into the hand of the statue, then it does something magical. Owns a small stone cottage in a row of houses near the outskirts of Waterdeep.
Maia, barmaid at the Orc’s Head Inn, golden locks of hair. Often sleeps with patrons. Jander found Maia in the City of the Dead 6 months ago (rescued her from her live as a cheap whore). Lives in an apartment above a tailor shop. Jander is teaching her to read, he appreciates her true beauty. Nobody else knows she was a whore.
Kurnin owns the Orc’s Head Inn.
Jander’s cottage has a carefully preserved suit of mail, a sword, and a shield (prized possessions from his life????)
Large monument in the City of the Dead of warriors battling inhuman monsters (orcs, trolls, etc). Finished being built only a few years previous.
The Shark died falling from the top of the monument, she would not let Jander save her.

Gallows Day (unknown)
David Cook

Gurin’s alehouse, tavern, for serious drinking. Dirt floor, rickety furniture. Somewhere in Elturel
Lord Brion’s kennel guard dogs were poisoned by a thief who broke in.
Sprite-Heels, halfling, thief, burgled Lord Brion’s estate
Corrick, old, bald, pock-marked, ancient. Thief. Killed a rival in a knife fight on a rooftop.
“Brown” Maeve, brown hair, once striking face, magic user (uses magic to steal). Spell-torched a jewellers shop to cover her escape.
Therin, thief, to be hung tomorrow morning. Broad shoulders, gangly arms, former farmhand. Lover of Maeve. Pinch’s second in command. Captured by the Hellriders of Elturel while he was robbing old Firdul’s house with Maeve.
Old Firdul’s house on Stillcreek Lane
Robbery on Crossmarket Lane last night
Maeve lived on
Emercas, lover of Maeve
Xarcas, barbarian, lover of Maeve. Drank himself to death a Gurin’s alehouse
Pinch, dark eyes, black hair with a streak of grey, plain looking. Commands Sprite-Heels, Maeve, Corrick, Therin. Master thief. Has a stiff leg after a bad tumble from a roof breaking job. Was once imprisoned in the High Prison (paid Dowzabell for a better room on the Master’s Side of the High Prison).
Mumblety peg
Troop Commander Wilmarq, officer in the Hellriders of Elturel. Has a habit of extorting money from known thieves to keep them out of jail, but still arrests them if there is a chance for promotion. Greedy.
Shiarra’s Market in Elturel. People hung on the Triple Tree (a leafless tree called the Gallows) Shiarra’s Market
Old catacombs run under Shiarra’s Market.
Dragoneye Lane, cobbled, joins Shiarra’s Market
Pinch, Corrick, Maeve, and Sprite-Heels are going to try and rescue Therin from his execution.
The High Prison, a 3 story stone edifice built by Lord Dhelt to imprison criminals. Before the High Prison was built criminals were housed in the cellars of the High Hall and noble palaces. Split into sections: the Masters Side which included a bath and servants, the Knights Side which included a bath but no servants, the Common Side
Dowzabell, turnkey of the High Prison, was once a prisoner 15 years ago (for bad debts) but now takes bribes from prisoners to keep them out of the worst cells.
Coins of Elturel – silver flag, gold noble
Shildris, wizard in Elturel
Hellriders of Elturel, wear red and silver armour
Pinch and the gang rescued Therin and Corrick was slain for betraying Pinch to the Hellriders.
Pinch and the gang move to Scornubel afterwards.
Pinch paid Troop Commander Wilmarq 1000 gold nobles to slay Corrick and free Therin.

A Matter of Thorns (unknown)
James M Ward

Castle Stone (really a keep) overlooking a spur of the Immerflow. Not worth garrisoning so left abandoned. 60 people cluster in a village around the outside of Castle Stone, proud that it has never been sacked (it has never been attacked).
200 years ago, roses were planted in Castle Stone’s garden, now they are beautiful roses as red as blood and thorned as morning stars. After several decades the Lord of Castle Stone took the blood red rose as their emblem and so has every Lord Stone since.
New Lord Stone is a foolish youth with delusions of grandeur, reorganised his army conscripting all adults in the village outside, replaced his father’s advisors with younger men.
Lord Stone decided to sack the gardener who had been there for 50 years (served Lord Stone’s father and grandfather).
Grim the gardener refused to be retired. His father got him the job as gardener. Had a talent for magic but loved the castle’s roses so did not pursue the Gift. His own garden of roses doesn’t bloom have as well as the castle roses.
Lord Stone killed Grim because he would not retire, with his dying breath Grim cursed Lord Stone.
The roses turned into carnivorous vines that drain blood (and intellect, leaving victims alive as mind slaves), it doesn’t like sunlight and retreats into the shadows.
Foley Cornbottom appointed (forcefully) the new gardener.
By tradition Castle Stone allows all travellers to shelter within at highsun
Sir Ganithar “the Hammer Knight”, friend of the old Lord Stone (bounced the new Lord Stone on his knee as a baby). Member of the High Moor Heroes’ Guild. Just returned from 3 years of adventuring in the Fallen Kingdom. It is said his enchanted warhammer (can call thunderbolts to strike the ground) was made by the gods, also said Sir Ganithar could walk unseen into any fortified place and take what he wanted. Sir Ganithar has many friends in the surrounding area. Owns a cloak of silence, boots of leaping, and belt of invisibility.
Old Lord Stone died 5 years ago suddenly from heart stop.
Tomkin Woodsmanson, squire to Sir Ganithar. 15 years old. Originally from the lands around Castle Stone. Saved Sir Ganithar from a wyvern (presumably around Castle Stone) and asked to be his squire. Struggles to lift Ganithar’s warhammer.
Lands around Castle Stone grow excellent watermelons.
The rose bush enslaved Lord Stone, Foley Cornbottom, Sir Ganithar, and twenty other residents and attendants of Castle Stone
Tomkin slew the rose bush (chopped its head off), but the rose minions were still enslaved (did it survive in the minions or deep in the ground)

Stolen Spells (unknown)
Denise Vitola

Kendil, a hamlet in the foothills of the Sunset Mountains east of Asbravn. Well kept white-washed buildings with flower boxes. Inn on the main cobbled street. Tiny shrine to Sune at the end of the main street.
Country Spell Crafts and Implements for Daily Living, owned by Bareen Tykar, in Kendil. Employs several agents to find rare things, knows the location of Urlok. Two associates (hired swords) are moon elves (armed with scimitars)
Arek Adar, thief, operates around Triel. Contact of Latine Firewalker. Specialises in locating hard to find objects of antiquity (steals from rich people). Practised his craft in all the cities along the River Chionthar and in Cormyr. Stole a light catcher (an enchanted tube that catches light and projects shadows) from a minor lord in Scornubel. As a child lived near the Sunset Mountains. Has a lair in the Sunset Mountains overlooking Oak Island. Has a warehouse full of goods to sell
Latine Firewalker, elf (antiquities dealer perhaps????)
Urlok, village in the southern range of the Sunset Mountains, hard to find. People there brew the Spring Tonic. People here are known for health and vitality. Has an inn
Spring Tonic, a brew so powerful it revitalises a man and takes him back to his spring of youth. Made from the waters of a hidden pool and a secret spell. The spell doesn’t do much, the Spring Tonic must be drawn from the waters of Shimmer Hollow during the night of a blue moon (happens only once a year when the moon goes full twice in a month). Bottles have to be left to age for 50 years, then it has to be drunk during the night of a blue moon, otherwise it has no effect.
Jig Elbari, dwarf from Urlok, blends the Spring Tonic, will not sell its secrets. Secretive old man, used to be a healer to one of the old dwarf mines, knowledgeable in the ancient ways. Sells Spring Tonic for 30,000 tricrowns a bottle.
Sunset Mountains. Many abandoned dwarf mines in the southern Sunset Mountains. Goblins in the mountains robbing and eating people. Many isolated shacks where hermits and mages live.
Shimmer Hollow, where Jig Elbari lives. Located in a deep ravine filled with trees near Urlok. Shimmer Hollow is Jig’s shack at the end of the ravine with a pool behind it.
Rootwart balm enhanced with a brightening spell cures blindness (use 3 times daily)
Arek Adar retrieves the Spring Tonic and returns to Bareen Tykar who betrays the deal and breaks Arek’s wrist.
Arek hid the Spring Tonic and vows revenge
Oak Island, in the Sunset Mountains, where shacks and huts on a spit of land breaching into a high, wide lake. Childhood home of Arek Adar, now abandoned, but Arek returns here often. Arek’s lair is in a cave in a cleft behind a waterfall on a ridge overlooking Oak Island.
Arek stole a banquet board cut from northern wood and fashioned in 1334 DR. Enchanted so that 3 words cause the board to fill with the finest, tastiest foods (was it made for Azoun’s coronation, is this why Arek was in Cormyr????)
Cinnabar leaves grown in the long dead city of Shoon used by their magicians to conjure good luck
Arek owns a hand sewn shawl, spun through with gold and platinum, strung with tiny bronze beads and shaped like and arrowhead. The shawl is enchanted to trap a person’s life force in the weaving. It belonged to a mountain man (in the Sunset Mountains????), possibly a dwarf who used it to trap his enemies. Arek freed the victims who sought revenge on their former captor (did it trap only their life force or their entire body, were only spirits released or the whole person????). Arek intends to use it on Bareen in revenge. The shawl was possibly made before the Orcgate Wars (-1076 DR)

The Greatest Hero Who Ever Died (unknown)
J Robert King

Lofty Capel Curig (settlement????) cooled by winds from the Great Ice Sea (where is it????), located in the Snowdonia Mountains
Annatha, fishwife in Capel Curig
Fineas, itinerant priest of Torm
The Howling Reed, inn in Capel Curig. Fat Horace the bartender.
Sossal, once guarded by Sir Paramore a noble knight, the greatest hero.
Sir Paramore, from Sossal, golden hair, eyes like platinum. Has a spell slaying sword called Kneuma
King Caen of Sossal, early white locks
Dorsoom, wizard advisor of King Caen
People kidnapping the children of Sossal nobility. Sir Paramore slew the kidnappers (chopped their heads off) and returned the children to Court (all except a boy called Jeremy who was slain).
As a reward, Sir Paramore claimed the hand of Princess Daedra as promised by the king.
Princess Daedra, bone white skin, red lips. Betrothed to Lord Ferris.
Lord Ferris, a young nobleman, ebony eyes, black hair. In league with Dorsoom
Jeremy’s ghost (just a floating head dripping blood, sounds like a large man pretending to be a child) followed Sir Paramore back to the palace and watched over his room
Petra, noble child, friend of Jeremy.
Bannin (brown haired boy) and Liesle and Ranwen (twin girls) and Parri and Mab (red hair, pig tails) and Karn, noble children and friends of Jeremy.
Jeremy gathered the children and told them about Lord Ferris going to slay Sir Paramore, told them to gather their father’s knives and stop him.
Ferris’ long, leggy body stretched weblike across the passageway. All the children died except Bannin, slain by Lord Ferris.
Dorsoom claimed that Paramore arranged the kidnapping of the children, slew the kidnappers, dressed up as one and killed Jeremy, and then returned dressed as himself to rescue them. He hol-lowed out Jeremy’s head and used it to fool Petra into gathering the other children to slay Lord Ferris (who he left a note with asking him to meet in his room). Sir Paramore cut off Dorsoom’s head and fled.
Sir Paramore was exiled and travelled to Capel Curig, his tale bewitched the inhabitants, and they were ready to be his army. Fat Horace cut his head off with an axe.

Twilight (unknown)
Troy Denning

Othea, the Mother Queen on the shores of the Cold Ocean, size and shape of a mountain, hillocks for hips, craggy buttresses for a bosom.
Ulutiu the Ocean King, sinuous body, sliding and slipping like a serpent. Whiskers, ears, flipper like hands, fluke light feet.
Annam the All Father raised himself from the canyon where he lay. When he saw Othea and Ulutiu together he sent a storm of sleet against the grey waters of the Cold Ocean. His steps caused the creatures of the air, land, and sea to flee. Carries the axe Sky Cleaver
Othea and Ulutiu sired firbolg, verbeeg, fomorian
Annam denies siring ettin
Toril is much emptier in the early days.
Ogres overrun Ostoria, plaguing the empire.
Annam slew Ulutiu and hurled his body into the heart of the Cold Ocean.
Othea proclaimed no more giant kin and no more true giants
Annam split a mountain with Sky Cleaver (he dropped it), creating Split Mountain.
Annam wanted another giant son, the best of the giants. The titan was keen and strong but proud and vain and could not be king of the empire.
Othea turned black as obsidian and a rift cracked across the land
Othea bargains with Annam, if he leaves, she will bear his child and let him loose when he is strong enough. If Annam returns then Othea will loose the child and let the ogres devour him. Annam says he will return when his son calls his name.
When Ulutiu died Othea called forth a hundred day night. Before his death Ulutiu plucked 5 ice crystals from the sea the colour of a sapphire, ruby, amber, emerald, and diamond, and hung them on his collar like a chain. Then Ulutiu’s death raft became an icy tomb (a glacier). A great icy whirlwind caused the icy tomb to spread and grow, freezing the sea and all the lands around it as the whirlwind lasted for centuries.
Othea drank from the Well of Health.

Thousands of years later
Lanaxis the titan, created an orb of blue ice a perfect sphere polished as smooth as glass.
Nicias, dynast of the cloud giants
Masud, khan of the fire giants
Vilmos, paramount of storm giants
Ottar, jarl of frost giants
Dunmore, thane of wood giants
Arno and Julian the ettin, they do not own a kingdom of Ostoria
Lanaxis, Nicias, Masud, Vilmos, Ottar, Dunmore, Arno and Julian all considered the Sons of Annam.
Ostoria had grown large and powerful, almost extending southward to where the kingdoms of dwarves and humans were rising
Bleak Palace, Lanaxis’ home, with a view of the Great Glacier as it marches towards Ostoria
Lanaxis has found Ulutiu’s grave and says they can destroy his crystal necklace and end the Great Glacier
Othea forbid the giants from setting foot on the Great Glacier.
The blue ice sphere is some kind of scrying crystal and shows the giant sons of annam the location of Ulutiu’s grave.
Ulutiu’s corpse lies in the centre of a giant ice mountain in the centre of the Great Glacier.
The Eternal Blizzard
The Well of Health, located at Bleak Palace. The Sons of Annam customarily drink from the Well of Health before they leave Bleak Palace, it clears mind and body of illness (does it extend life as well?????).
Of all the Sons of Annam, only Dunmore refused to travel to Ulutiu’s corpse and destroy his necklace. Dunmore smashed the blue ice sphere and fled. Lanaxis picked up a shard (its magic still worked somewhat).
Lanaxis poisoned the Well of Health and all the Sons of Annam (except Dunmore, Lanaxis, Arno and Julian) and Othea drank from it.
Othea and the Sons of Annam all perished except for Lanaxis, Dumore, Julian and Arno. Othea cursed Lanaxis so that he must remain in her shadow and be sick and weakened forever. If he left he would become mortal and would age and die. Arno and Julian were cursed to share the same fate as Lanaxis.
The ground cracked and Bleak Palace collapsed

The Walls of Midnight (1350s DR)
Mark Anthony

And with a single spell, Ckai-el-Ckaan forged a tower of shadow from the cold bones of the mountain. He named it Gurthang, which in the old tongue is "midnight," and within its onyx walls he hid away his greatest relic of power, the Finger of Ckai-el-Ckaan. It is written in prophecy that he who tries to climb the walls of Gurthang and fails will lose his life, but that he who tries and succeeds will lose his soul....
From Talfirian Eddas, circa 342 DR

A tenday ago Ravendas arrived at Darkhold and demanded to become a member of the Zhentarim. Sememmon gave her a task, to climb the tower of Gurthang and retrieve the Finger of Ckai-el-Ckaan.
Gurthang Tower deep in the Sunset Mountains. Circular curtain wall 100 ft high, central tower of obsidian. The walls are protected, dragon shapes emerge out of the stone and incinerate any climbers or those flying too close
Ravendas left her home at 17 and journeyed to Baldur’s Gate to join the Flaming Fist. Within 5 years she had risen high.
The Talfirian Eddas, tell many legends of the Sunset Mountains and the people that once lived here, the Talfir.
Gurthang means midnight in Talfiric language
Kaidel the Ancient, Sindara of the Golden Eyes, and Loredoc who slew the great wyrm of Orsil. One by one they came, and one by one they perished. For thus speaks the prophecy of Ckai-el-Ckaan, that no one hero will ever be great enough to scale the walls of Gurthang.'
No one has ever climbed the walls of Gurthang, not in a thousand years (was it raised 1000 years ago???)
Marnok, a mage from Illefarn also sought to join the Zhentarim and sent to climb Gurthang. He joined Ravendas
Ravendas, her real name is Kela. Her father was a mercenary between the Sword Coast and the Caravan Cities. He got married and had children and gave up his sword. Brigands rode to their farm and killed her dad while Kela and Kera watched. When she left her home she took the name Ravendas.

'Know that should the Finger of Ckai-el-Ckaan ever be lifted from its resting place, Gurthang shall fall, destroying all within. There is but a single path for one who would live: he must face the sunset, and give himself to darkness.'

The tower passage winds round into a symbol of power, attracting and entrapping magic.
The Finger of Ckai-el-Ckaan is actually a finger bone. He left an image of himself to watch over it, a man in crimson robes with a gold skullcap on his head, yellow eyes, and an angular face. Ckai-el-Ckaan was obsessed with immortality, left his fingerbone so that he could be raised from the dead.
The Finger of Ckai-el-Ckaan was trapped, the person who tried to take it would be trapped forever. Ravendas pushed Marnok into the trap and then took the Finger to the Zhentarim.
A pool or river lay directly beneath the tower (its main stairwell directly over the water). The tower collapsed when the finger was taken and access to the water was possible.

And Wringing of Hands (unknown)
Jane Cooper Hong

Renek, assassin, uses poisoned darts (non magical), lives on the Sembian plains. Renek’s last mark was Han, a top ranking member of the thieves guild (in Sembia????). Renek’s typical targets are thugs and murderers.
Sweet brandyroot plant
Ashana, tall, dark auburn hair. Lives in a town near to Tine’s village. Her father was a successful merchant dealing in rare monster reagents (griffon scales, dragon eggs). Her father is a widower, has a son (Menge). Her father is dying of some incurable growth (cancer????)
Tine, “apothecary”. Tall, awkward, gaunt, pallid skin. Keeps various components in a shed where he works. Lives in a village. Creates darts for Renek. Skilled in mixing poisons. Serves Renek in various ways. Observed Han for him, noticing every 6th day Han visited a shrine of Tymora and cast the crescent moons of fate (did this take place in the same neighbouring town where Ashana lived????). Has been working for Renek for 2 years.
Bokun, cleric in the same village as Tine.
Hsin-feng ku gen, a very rare herb used in healing. Used by the people of Wa. Its name means “bitter root of the fresh wind”. Looks like a wrinkled root. Can also be made into a poison.
Tine created an odourless poison (inhalation and contact) that Renek used to cover the Crescent Moons (small wooden crescent shapes that are thrown in a bowl to provide a prediction of fate) in the shrine of Tymora. The poison causes dark blisters on the lips and hands, then heaving of blackened spittle and blood, then death.
If the Crescent Moons of Tymora land with their points at odds that is a bad omen.
A rival thief in the same guild paid Renek to eliminate Han the thief and make it look like plague so that he could take Han’s position.
Han, top ranking member of the thieves guild. Earned his position from the sheer volume of his plunder. Left a trail of gore and mutilated victims. Gnomes in Arch Wood tried to punish him for the killing of one of their princesses and the robbery of the entire royal treasury but he escaped. Han most recently threatened the entire town council of Gendelarm, rumour was he dragged a councillors son behind a wagon until he was maimed and perished, the son’s last words repeated Han’s threat to the council.
Menge, Ashana’s brother, squandered family wealth, well known in local taverns and brothels.
Sil, a mage’s apprentice in Scardale. Young, 15, tall, chatterbox, show off, intelligent, naive, self righteous, has an unusual capability to command animals, has a possum familiar called Pocket (Pocket can reflect magic back at the caster). Sil is to be Renek’s next target. Sil saw a senior apprentice miscast a spell and threatened to tell the sorcerer’s council, for that the senior apprentice has paid for Sil to be killed. Sil’s father was an impressive wizard, but Sil never really met him, he might be dead, he wanted to provide magic to husbandmen to help them grow bigger healthier plants. Sil is experimenting with weather control magics to help grow plants. Sil lives alone in his parent’s estate, a large auspicious dwelling of a dozen rooms on the edge of Scardale, the home has a library, spell component storage chamber, and indoor greenhouse.
Sorcerer’s Council in Sembia (a guild????)
Cerulean gem, used for ice magic.
Renek kills Sil with poison.
Renek’s next target is Ashana. Ashana’s brother Menge is paying for the assassination so he can inherit everything. Menge staged a robbery to steal his dead mother’s jewellery and sold the jewels to pay for the assassination.
Tine is indentured to Renek for a long term of service (why????)
Ashana’s mother had a very expensive set of jewellery (it was her dowry, she might have been royalty or court nobility), the kind that isnt traded anymore with dowry’s. A necklace of dragon scales shimmering in blue and purple, a gold arm bracelet with emeralds glittering from the bevels made by a master dwarven crafter.
Ancient hymn of Myrkul sung on people’s deathbed. The words go “Carry, carry. O’ Dark Soldier. Carry, carry, o’er and away.” (the song might be called O’ Dark Soldier)

Thieves’ Honour (1367 DR)
Mary H. Herbert

Teza. Thick brown hair. Has a passion for horses, steals and sells horses for a living. Lives in Immilmar. Had to use her dagger many times, mostly against overreaching men. Tezas word has honour, even among thieves.
By the Cloak of Mask – an exclamation of surprise at a new revelation or sight.
Fangs of Rashemen, a warband unit, use mountain ponies as mounts.
Aughisky, known as a water horse. Look like a horse in magnificent condition. Rare and wily, seldom seen by humans. Known by reputation. Predators that feed on unwary or greedy humans that try to mount them. The riders are held to the aughisky by magic and the aughisky then runs into the water and the rider is drowned and completely devoured, only the liver washes up on the shore. Aughisky cannot speak. Aughisky can be tamed using hippomane (brownish lump of flesh sometimes attached to the head of a newborn foal), you have to swallow the hippomane in the presence of the aughisky.
Aughisky’s known to live in Lake Ashane, some wander around the Ashanwood near Immilmar.
Lake Ashane, the Lake of Tears. The eastern shore, where high bluffs plunge into the dark waters.
Witches of Rashemen wear impassive grey masks.
Teza stole one of the Huhrong’s prized white stallions, dyed it brown, and sold it in the horse market in Immilmar. The Huhrong found out and Teza left Immilmar. There is now a reward for her capture.
Grand Prince Laric of Telflamm, lover of one of the younger witches of Rashemen.
Witch of Rashemen sends an aughisky to ensnare Teza so that the witch can demand she steal Grand Prince Laric. The witch has ensnared a boggan to pose as Laric while he is stolen.
Witches of Rashemen sometimes select men from outside Rashemen for procreation.
The real Grand Prince Laric and his entourage had been encamped south of Immilmar for two tendays while the Grand Prince attended meetings with the Huhrong and his advisors (no one knows what the talks are about). Honour guard of Fangs of Rashemen stationed around the camp.
Teza had a few contacts among the guards of Grand Prince Laric’s encampment.
Boggans are a goblinoid race that inhabits the underdark. Can shapeshift at will.
Sjorl cheese from Rashemen.
Kidnap and murder are punishable by several revolting kinds of death in Rashemen.
The witch slew Prince Laric (after being impregnated). Prince Laric and his father had squandered the power and wealth of Telflamm, letting it slip away to merchant councils and guilds. The witch wants a strong leader to unite Telflamm and extend its influence along the Golden Way and Inner Sea, and promote the interests of Rashemen. The boggan is under the witch’s complete control and will do as commanded.
Teza left and stole the witch’s aughisky.

Laughter in the Flames (unknown)
James Lowder

Society of Stalwart Adventurers in Suzail. The library holds a thousand years of the history of the Stalwart Adventurers. Library is filled with books and tomes, winged monkeys fetch books for people, ever burning Halruan candles light the room. Shields and swords from a dozen battlefields. Plaques bear the mark of Cormyrean monarchs and foreign rulers. A stuffed yeti surrounded by horns of minotaurs, perytons, and gorgons. Greatest prize is the head of an ancient red dragon over the library’s entrance.
Sir Hamnet Hawklin, old, had authored many journals in the library of Stalwart Adventurers (covering two entire shelves). Former cartographer and explorer had detailed many parts of the world. Jealous of younger upstarts eclipsing his exploits (like Artus Cimber).
Captain Gareth Truesilver, distinguished young soldier. Sir Hamnet Hawklin is his mentor. Fought in the Battle of the Golden Way.
Sir Hamnet Hawklins 23rd expedition was to the Hill of Lost Souls, Hamnet wrote down in his journal that a dire weasel ate their provisions and caused a racket alerting the nearby goblin tribe. Only Sir Hamnet escaped alive. In reality Hamnet ran when the first goblin appeared and didn’t help his fellows.
Sir Hamnet Hawklin has explored Anauroch.
Tethyrian port (the drink)
Sir Hamnet Hawklin owns a rapier.
When a fire hisses its supposed to be an echo of Lliira’s laughter. Lliira takes great joy in a fool being exposed.
Each time a fire cracks, it is the sound of a man’s spirit breaking, and Cyric is pleased as he drags another soul down to his Bone Castle in Hades.
Sir Hamnet Hawklin wrote an essay on the known magical gates to the Realm of the Dead.
Upon ascending to godhood Cyric promised that anyone braving the trek to Hades would be granted an audience and returned safely back to the daylight world when the audience was over. It was a trick and Cyric posted hundreds of guards at gateways to his realm, and none have been able to bypass them.
Premeditated murder is punished by beheading – king’s punishment.
The Hall of Worthies, home to statues of the bravest Stalwart Adventurers.
The Shattered Mirror, tavern in Suzail. Drunken brawls and footpads are common. Located in or at the end of an alley.
Sir Hamnet Hawklin has run from every danger he has ever faced.
Captain Gareth Truesilver was poisoned by an urchin near the Shattered Mirror. His dying body was taken by resurrection men to a wizard to be dissected. His right leg was removed below the knee. His skin had been flayed away in patches. His left hand had been cut open and the muscles and sinews removed then the hand sewn up. Part of his tongue was removed. Uther and the watch rescued Captain Gareth Truesilver from the mad wizard.
Uther and Captain Truesilver returned to the Stalwart Adventurers club to name Sir Hamnet Hawklin a liar and coward for abandoning Gareth to his fate.

Vision (unknown)
Roger E Moore

Skralang, shaman, old goblin. His robes stink of corruption, his skin pulled taught over his bones, open sores disfigure his arms and neck. Referred to as “Your Darkness”. Has a half human grandson which all goblins treat as though it is tainted. 45 years old (46 in midwinter)
Nightbelow, goblin home beneath the Dustwalls, north of Durpar
Goblins had been fighting with humans that intruded onto surface lands claimed by the goblins.
Captain Kergis, warrior, goblin, 20 years old. Been fighting humans for 12 years, was captured and spent 1 year enslaved by the humans.
Zeth, half human grandson of Skralang, born to Skralang’s daughter who was attacked and mutilated by a human, white skin and dry, blind (empty eye sockets, Skralang dug out his eyes as a baby), cannot use weapons or armour. Skralang had a vision from the gods not to kill his daughter or Zeth. Skralang walled up his daughter and Zeth in their chamber for years, feeding them through a hole.
Now Skralang has had a vision to release Zeth.
Painkiller can be made from the blossoms of the corpse lily. If too much is consumed it brings coma and death.
The goblins of Nightbelow had once raided Durpar regularly
Zeth, Kurgis, and bands of goblins march south to raid Durpar, they attack a halfling village and slaughter and mutilate all the inhabitants.
Goblin origin myth "In the beginning of all things," said Zeth, his voice growing stronger, "there was war between the gods and the rebellious earth, and the world was struck down and slain. Darkness covered its face; winds and sea lashed its corpse. Nothing grew on its naked rock or stirred beneath the cold moon. As the world lay dead, maggots were born from the blood shed by the gods in the battle, and the maggots burrowed into the flesh of the world and feasted upon it, celebrating the victory of the gods.
"Then came forces of light, and there arose a sun over the land. The light burned the eyes of the maggots and made them cry out. The old gods heard them and were moved to rage. One of the old gods put forth his hand and said, 'A debt is owed our children as well as to us, and now our chil-dren shall claim it.' He changed the maggots into goblins, and he gave them a commandment, that the goblins would always remember the days of darkness when the old gods were victors, when nothing grew on the world, when there was night eternal and deep. And the goblins would remem-ber always to claim the debt owed them and their gods by the forces of light."
Goblins refer to humans and humanity as “The Taint”
Gary Dallison Posted - 04 Nov 2021 : 10:16:59
Challenge accepted. I'll add it to my to do list
George Krashos Posted - 04 Nov 2021 : 09:53:29
The majority of the "written for anywhere but plonked in the Realms" short stories are way too much work to save. Way too much.

-- George Krashos
Gary Dallison Posted - 04 Nov 2021 : 09:08:20
I'm not taking the story literally, it didnt say Lord Ferris turned into a spider, but the description of him was long gangly limbs blocking the passage like a spider. If its all metaphors and twisted truth then Lord Ferris could have been a spider like creature that preyed upon the fairy folk.

The depiction of Capel Curig was more traditional medieval fantasy, with an inn etc. I'm not sure it would fit in Narfell with its horse nomad culture and dislike of outsiders. Not that it has to be in Vaasa, Damara, i just figured it needed to be cold due to the description of the snow storm outside the inn, it needs to be near the Great Glacier to be blown by its winds, it needs to have some kind of trade link to have common folk know about Sossal with any definity.

I'd like to hear other people's take on this novela, are they taking it literally and trying to fit it into Sossal's history as written, or have they got another approach, or just ignoring it altogether.
TBeholder Posted - 04 Nov 2021 : 08:50:17
Originally posted by Gary Dallison

But the rest of the story i wouldnt take literally. The naming is all weird - Sir Paramore (a reference to love), Princess Daedra (a fey name), Lord Ferris (a reference to iron to which fey are vulnerable), the sword Kneuma (i'm assuming this is like pneumonia and something to do with wind or disease). We have children that could represent fairies. At one point Ferris is said to look like a spider (ettercap).
Lord Ferris seems like another monster, perhaps an ettercap, fighting with Sir Paramore.

Ah, but ettercaps don't turn into spiders. But there are creatures who do so (and various magic users, obviously).
Starting with good old aranea. Rather far from Spider Swamp, but as the saying goes, for a rabid dog seven miles is not a detour.
Then again, may be from elsewhere, and since planewalking is likely to be involved, the top 3 possibilities are Ravensgate/Ravens Bluff (those old gates, not all of which even stay closed), Thay and Narfell (places where habit of poking other planes with sticks is or was widespread).
Or a werespider, however unlikely.
would be somewhere in Damara / Vaasa as Damara is a monarchy and once ruled part of Vaasa which is close enough to be affected by the Great Ice Sea and Damara and Vaasa both have trade connections to Sossal.

With Narfell in between.

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