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 Help me fill out my spellbook...

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Cosmar Posted - 01 Jun 2019 : 23:43:46
Hi all,

So our 3.5 group is about to go off on another mission, and we still have a couple days in town (Silverymoon to be specific) to prepare. We're going to be fighting a lot of fey and magical beasts (we're going to a demiplane housing an ancient Unseelie Fey Court, in which one tenday there equals a year on the prime).

I am a sun elf wizard5/harper mage 4. Our other members (all level 9) are: human swashbuckler/rogue, half-orc paladin of Ilmater, human fighter/occult slayer, human warmage (heading for exalted arcanist), and human Spirit Shaman (the player who manned our cleric had to bow out of the game).

My spells known are below. In this game, we houseruled that spellbook-using characters can learn/scribe new spells at the rate of 1 per day (and only during downtime). Given the nature of our quest, once we're inside this demiplane, we won't be able to leave again till we're finished. If you see any glaring omissions in this spellbook (like, "duh, WHY don't you know this spell") or even one or two that would be really helpful, please let me know! Everything we know so far points to this being a really hard mission.

(Allowed sources are VAST, very few sources are banned).

1: Mage Armor, Shield, Snilloc's Snowball, Magic Missile, Identify, Wall of Smoke, Ray of Enfeeblement, Silent Image, Enlarge Person, Expeditious Retreat, Benign Transposition, Targeting Ray, Blood Wind, Backbiter, Nerveskitter, Magecraft, Alarm, Swift Expeditious Retreat, Spontaneous Search, Scholar's Touch

2: Mirror Image, Invisibility, Rope Trick, Scorching Ray, Glitterdust, Shatter, Fog Cloud, Frost Breath, Baleful Transposition, Daze Monster, Levitate, Resist Energy, Alter Self, Dark Way, Quick Potion, Unseen Crafter, Insight of Good Fortune, Detect Thoughts, Listening Lorecall, Spymaster's Coin, Knock, See Invisibility

3: Haste, Scintillating Sphere, Great Thunderclap, Dispel Magic, Arcane Sight, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Shivering Touch, Summon Monster III, Unluck, Greater Magic Weapon, Anticipate Teleportation, Fly

4: Greater Invisibility, Solid Fog, Defenestrating Sphere, Scrying, Resilient Sphere, Orb of Electricity, Metal Melt, Celerity

5: Teleport, Telepathic Bond, Telekinesis, Miasma of Entropy, Swift Etherealness, Sending.
23   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Copper Elven Vampire Posted - 02 May 2020 : 03:42:02
Originally posted by Delnyn

Are Kethimal and party still in the demiplane with Unseelie Court fey? I'm quite interested in how he is doing.

Yes and no. Depends on what creation ploy you go with. Wheel or tree?

A crystaline spell or a freeze spell, and follow it up with a force spell of any sort. Shout from the Bard, or Force-fist from our warlock. the defenses, if not the creature will explode into shards of death.

And just remember... even a wizard knows how to use a dagger in melee.
Delnyn Posted - 13 Apr 2020 : 15:12:04
Are Kethimal and party still in the demiplane with Unseelie Court fey? I'm quite interested in how he is doing.
Arivia Posted - 12 Apr 2020 : 21:07:44
If you're looking at any kind of 3e spell, always always check to see if it's been updated in the Spell Compendium.
Cosmar Posted - 12 Apr 2020 : 09:00:25
I like that idea, Copper. Once I get there (if I survive) I'll check it out!

One new-to-me spell I found that could be fun is from the 3.5 book (or is it 3.0? I dunno) Shining South:

(Shining South)

Level: Druid 3, Ranger 3, Sorcerer 3, Wizard 3, Spellthief 3, Consecrated Harrier 3,
Components: V, S,
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Target: One creature
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

You cause a creature's natural armor to crystallize and become brittle.
Whenever the affected creature is hit in combat, part of the crystallized hide cracks and shatters, dealing it additional lethal damage equal to its natural armor bonus.
Thus, if a creature with +3 natural armor is affected by this spell, it takes an extra 3 points of damage each time it is struck by a melee, ranged, or natural weapon.
The creature's actual Armor Class does not change.

The biggest downside is the Fort save, since it seems most creatures with a substantial Natural Armor bonus that this would really adversely affect would have pretty high Fort saves.
Copper Elven Vampire Posted - 27 Mar 2020 : 20:02:50
Originally posted by Delnyn

Originally posted by LordofBones

...You mean glass strike?

I believe you are correct. The problem is glass strike is a 7th level spell and too powerful for the wizard 5/ Harper Mage 4 character in question.

You're both right, on both accounts. It's a wicked nifty spell-combo once you're able to get there though. lol.
Copper Elven Vampire Posted - 27 Mar 2020 : 19:58:19
Originally posted by LordofBones

...You mean glass strike?

Typo. I apologize.
Delnyn Posted - 26 Mar 2020 : 01:03:34
Originally posted by LordofBones

...You mean glass strike?

I believe you are correct. The problem is glass strike is a 7th level spell and too powerful for the wizard 5/ Harper Mage 4 character in question.
LordofBones Posted - 25 Mar 2020 : 12:39:51
...You mean glass strike?

Copper Elven Vampire Posted - 25 Mar 2020 : 01:48:39
If you are powerful enough to cast a Glasteal Spell, and then immediately cast a Shatter spell, you can kill a enemy of your HD or less no problem.
xaeyruudh Posted - 18 Nov 2019 : 09:24:50
Looks like I'm arriving late, but if you're still looking for useful spells I've always been a huge fan of sleep for low-level "crowd control" and the versatile chromatic orb for tackling monsters with resistances.

No 3e sources for chromatic orb, but I believe 1e Unearthed Arcana and 2e Wizard's Handbook have it.

I second Wooly's endorsement of the wand of misplaced objects, and that reminds me of the wand of viscous globules... which might be used to keep things exactly where they are right now.
Cosmar Posted - 17 Nov 2019 : 00:30:57
My character is a level 9 wizard (wizard 5/ Harper Mage 4) and he follows Corellon. (This is a 3.5 game if I forgot to say so.)

I ended up learning Arcane Eye, Black Tentacles and Wall of Stone before we set out. I also learned the spells Demon Dirge and Dismissal from a couple scrolls we were given by Taern Hornblade to help our quest (which has involved a lot of demons lately). I decided not to pick up Remove Curse or Break Enchantment yet, since our Spirit Shaman dropped out and has been replaced by a female gold elven cleric of Corellon.

Copper Elven Vampire, I really wish I'd have picked up Rend Shadow Weave, as one of our current antagonists in this adventure is a Vhaeraun-worshiping drow elven Shadow Adept named Az'raxezyl. His Shadow Magic is really annoying and hard to counter!

My gold elf House name is Sylairaque. I actually wrote up a very detailed family history and lineage.

Its colors are silver and blue, and its crest is a winged male pixie with six stars arcing over its head, holding a raven in one hand and a dove in the other. The official house motto is "Galad Uireb," or "Light Unending."

They can trace their lineage back to a High Mage of Aryvandaar named Ansravar. He was a typical Aryvandaaran and did a lot of bad things in the Crown Wars in the fervent belief that they were doing the right thing because he truly believed Sun Elves needed to lead ("subjugate") the other elves. The House avoided going down with the Vyshaan when, during the time of the Elven Court's judgment, then-patriarch Telhilion disavowed the Vyshaan, repented of their involvement in the Wars, and abandoned Aryvandaar. Ever since then, House Sylairaque has in one way or another been trying to sort of redeem themselves for Ansravar's deeds in the Crown Wars and have been more open-minded about cooperating with other races than most gold elves (though still in a condescending, almost subconscious mindset of "hey, the stupid races sometimes have good ideas, too!")

As Telhilion's dying wish, House Sylairaque was eventually involved in establishing Siluvenade as a "do-over" from Aryvandaar. In the Seven Citadels' War, then-patriarch Caelemar (also a high mage of Siluvanede) foresaw the onset of the war and bid his family flee to their ancient holdings in Evermeet, but he stayed behind, defected to the side of Earlann and fought against his gold elf cousins. In one of the final battles of the war, he perished in a spell-duel with another high mage of Siluvanede, Vonlian Tiavya, who had once been a friend and protege. Vonlian also perished. (It is to Caelemar that modern Sylairaques look up to as an inspiration.)

Many years later, Sylairaque Patriarch Almarael (a champion of Corellon Larethian) moved the House back to Faerun to participate in the establishment of Cormanthyr. His daughter, the abjuress Tialea, and he took part in the destruction of the temple of Moander, and Tialea was one of the wizards who lent her power toward the establishment of Myth Drannor's mythal. (She also later taught in the magic school there.) Almarael died peacefully of old age in time to see the founding of Myth Drannor. House Sylairaque remained in Myth Drannor until its fall. When Myth Drannor fell, 99% of House Sylairaque died defending the city (including then-Patriarch, archmage Talethil, who died protecting the magic school). The only survivors were middle-child Gaelean and his wife and son, Calruil (aged 17 at the time). They fled to Evermeet and began rebuilding their House. Gaelean instituted an isolationist policy for his house, being very xenophobic and not interested in leaving Evermeet. His claim was that the House had already redeemed itself and paid tenfold for Ansravar's sins, and that every time the House got involved in Faerunian affairs, it always ended in disaster and grief.

My character (Kethamil) was born in 1226 DR in Silverymoon to Valandil Sylairaque, a wizard and Spellguard of Silverymoon (and, as I later found out from my DM, also a Harper) and his wife, Ruasar, a bard. Valandil was born in Evermeet in 1080 DR as the oldest child of Patriarch Corihar Sylairaque, who was the son of Calruil. Corihar is an archmage who is extremely xenophobic and elf supremacist and had zero interest in leaving Evermeet. His other children are Solviel (a cleric of Labelas Enoreth) and Nyralya (a druid priestess of Rillifane). Valandil was restless in Evermeet and wanted to make a name for their House again by helping out elvendom in Faerun. So eventually he and Ruasar moved to Faerun, adventuring for a time before settling in Silverymoon, where he became a staunch defender of the city because he believed in the dream of Silvermoon as the "Myth Drannor of the North." He and Ruasar fought in the Battle of Tumbleskulls in 1235 DR, and he was one of the first generation of Spellguards begun in 1255, and later defended the city from a Cult of the Dragon attack in 1361.

At the start of the game, Valandil has been missing for over a year after disappearing on what was supposed to be a routine patrol with the Knights in Silver. Later, in our third adventure exploring the ruins of a Graz'zt-worshiping cabal of Siluvaneden demon-binders, we discovered Valandil had actually disappeared on a mission to the same ruins on behalf of the Harpers. He was looking for and found a relic of Labelas called The Song of Stillness, a spellbook containing a ritual that would open a portal between two planes that were out of temporal sync with each other. He was trying to find a way to contact or travel to Myth Adofhaer, which he might have accomplished as all evidence pointed to him completing the ritual and vanishing through the portal. So now Kethamil has also become a Harper Mage and he and his group are tasked with trying to duplicate the ritual and contact Myth Adofhaer in an attempt to convince them to return to fight the Daemonfey (who have become the major antagonists of our campaign. Our last adventure entailed freeing captive Gold Elves from a Daemonfey bolthole where a feyri sorcerer named Meth'rael was using an evil artifact to turn them into Daemonfey in a ritual involving the heart of a freshly killed angel). We hope to return to the quest for Myth Adofhaer (and to destroy Meth'rael and his evil artifact) after our current mission is over.
Copper Elven Vampire Posted - 15 Sep 2019 : 07:31:43
You can cast spells from the 7 Sisters if you want to be boring. You're based in Silverymoon you say? Spending 2 weeks alone in the famed library of Silverymoon will grant you at least four 3'rd level spells.

Go with any elven spells, as they are the most ancient and powerful. Most human spells are just abridged elven spells anyway. lol. I would seek out elven spells of trickery, Gnome spells of deception and Halfling spells of stealth.

Playing a Gold elf in Silverymoon can be terrific or terrible depending on who you are. Many gold elves tend to be xenophobic towards their own kind that do something out of the norm. You need a good House surname, and even then you're a weirdo in Gold elf terms if you stray from the norm. A Gold elf thief of Erevan Ilesere is a good example of not fitting in. lol.

For spells learned by a Gold elf arcane caster, I'd go with Evard's Black Tentacles, Bigbys Shadow Hand, Nym's Dark rain, Rend shadow weave, Abolish shadows, Displacement and a simple Ray spell. Any will do. Ray of Frost, Scorching Ray, Feeble Mind, or Arrow of shocking burst will do the trick.

For spells learned by a Gold elf divine caster, I'd go with Sehanines's spell mantle, Solonor's unerring arrows, Corellon's Fatal True Strike, Rillifane's improved Tree-stride, Erevan's minor displacement mantle, or some such elven spells that creates a calling card of sorts.

I believe you said that your PC is a gold elf in Silverymoon, so you are most likely a arcane caster of no less than 5'th level. What deity do you follow? Angharreth? Erevan Ilesere, Corellon? Shevaresh?

Spells created by the 7 sisters are not entirely useful in spell-battle if that's what you're going for. Stick with simple spells of either arcane or divine nature that deal damage to singular enemies. At early levels you need to cut the head off the snake so to say. At later levels you can actually have a conversation before battle.

It is your Gold elf.... do as you please. I suggest picking a deity... either if you're an Arcane caster, or a Divine caster. It helps to establish who you are in the Realms.

"Diddledack Tenthumbs" may be an epic Wizard, but if he has no background or history as a Gold elf he is just another slinger of 7 sister spells. quite boring and mundane. Now if "Diddledack Tenthumbs" was a follower of Solonor Thelandria, then you can cast spells that are specific to that elven god.

I'm just saying...
Cosmar Posted - 19 Aug 2019 : 21:25:21
You're probably right. Even in 3.5, if you count all the splatbooks, there are hundreds (if not thousands?) of spells. Even with the spells my wizard already knows it's tough on a daily basis deciding what to memorize. So I've had him scribing lots of scrolls for the spells that either don't rely on caster level or which he won't need to cast very often. (He bought a partially charged wand of Knock, for one.)
Wooly Rupert Posted - 22 Jun 2019 : 03:05:35
Originally posted by Cosmar

It looks like a few others were converted (Manyjaws, Maw of Chaos, Ghostharp, Howling Chain, Lightning Ring, a few others...) but some of the most interesting ones were not. Perhaps because they were deemed too powerful for their level in 3.X.

I personally think that it was just a matter of there being so many spells that the designers just didn't bother. One of my favorite magical items in 2E was the wand of misplaced objects -- which did exactly what its name implies: you kept all your stuff, but now it was all randomly scattered about your person. One shoe might be on your hand, while the other was suddenly buried deep in your pack, and so on. This is more of an inconvenience than anything else, but so far as I know, this item has not been seen since 2E.
Cosmar Posted - 21 Jun 2019 : 20:30:14
I picked up the book, a lot of those spells are doozies and/or really, really strange.

It looks like a few others were converted (Manyjaws, Maw of Chaos, Ghostharp, Howling Chain, Lightning Ring, a few others...) but some of the most interesting ones were not. Perhaps because they were deemed too powerful for their level in 3.X. The spells at each level vary widely in power with some being seemingly useless and a few gems that seem to be extremely potent.

a few I see in there that could be really cool are Spell Thrust, Acid Lash, Blackthorns, Wardaway, Cloak of Adeamozs, Wylunde's Ward, Blood Lightning, Galather's Gnostic Chain, Laeral's Aqueous Column, Rainbow Shield, Laeral's Disrobement, Melisander's Harp, Mooncloak, Brightsong, Obold's Brightness, Spell Mirror, Alustriel's (Improved) Mantle, Basilisk Glare, Sylune's Streaking Meteor, Net of Stars, Algarth's Embattlement, Spellstorm....

Since they're all 2E they'd need significant changes to work in 3.5, though I think I could convince my DM to let my wizard research his own versions of some of these. If I could convince him to let me make Spell Thrust and Wardaway immediate action spells (which seems like it'd be in line with the spirit of their 2E versions) that would be ideal. I think Acid Lash, Cloak of Adeamozs, Gnostic Chain, Aqueous Column and Rainbow Shield are all pretty unique spells that are pretty balanced...and Spell Mirror, Laeral's Disrobement and Spellstorm would be situational but extremely fun in those situations.

Melisander's Harp, Mooncloak and Brightsong I think might be too good...Melisander's Harp slows everyone, gives them feather fall and possibly makes them fall asleep in quite a generous area...and Brightsong! Wow! Area-effect Free Action, negates various confining/entrapping magic, allows extra saves against enchantments...goodness. And Mooncloak, which might be my favorite. Emanation that gives light and offers those inside protection from cold, paralysis and level drain, and once a round caster can sacrifice a prepared spell to give someone in the field temporary HP. This might be allowed since it has a costly material component. We'll see what my DM thinks! I think the moon spells and Melisander's Harp would complement my mage nicely, since they have a very "elven" feel. And if I could get Spell Thrust as an immediate action, that would be fantastic.

TBeholder Posted - 21 Jun 2019 : 13:51:58
They are on the lists, to give the idea, e.g. this. Search shows Silver Marches got... only Alustriel's Banner converted?
Wooly Rupert Posted - 20 Jun 2019 : 19:31:03
Originally posted by Cosmar

Thanks for these ideas!

I'm not sure what spells of the Seven Sisters you mean.

He's referring to the 2E sourcebook, The Seven Sisters.

DriveThruRPG has the pdf for sale.
Cosmar Posted - 20 Jun 2019 : 17:39:33
Thanks for these ideas!

I'm not sure what spells of the Seven Sisters you mean. Or do you just mean in general using them as a resource for spells? He is a native of Silverymoon, and our party's recent actions have put us in very good standing with the leaders of Silverymoon and Everlund (we thwarted an attempt by a Cyricist necromancer to take over the city using Necromantic cysts to mind-control the council. A third of the city burned down in the final battle and the high priestess of Corellon almost died, but we killed the necromancer and proved two of the councilors were in on the plot and they got banished, so yay. But we lost our cleric at the time, a Doomguide of Kelemvor who ironically got captured by the necromancer and turned undead. We had to kill him :( ) We got help on our current mission from Taern Hornblade himself.

The place we're going is an original creation I think, called the Vale Beyond the Veil. Entrance is a fey crossroads somewhere in the Silverwood on the border of the Trollmoors. We're going there to find something called Rain of Embers, that the Demonfey are looking for too. After a month of research in the Vault of Sages, my wizard learned that it is a powerful divine spell/ritual that was used several times in the Seven Citadels War to utterly annihilate everything on a battlefield. We also know Earlann sent their "greatest champion" (unnamed, but who presumably has or has knowledge of Rain of Embers) into the Vale to try to prevent an alliance between the fey court and House Dlardrageth. He never returned, but whatever he did apparently worked. So we presume if we find him or what happened to him we can find Rain of Embers.

I am definitely going to pick up Break Enchantment, mostly now because our moon elf cleric of Vandria Gilmadrith left the game (the player didn't have time for the game anymore). Our replacement divine caster is a female Rashemi Spirit Shaman, who will be invaluable against the fey, but now my wizard is kind of the catch-all spellcaster.

(Also, re: creatures with scent, I crafted a few doses of Scentbreaker alchemical item that should help with that.)

I'm purposefully trying not to load up on too many straight-up blast spells, since our warmage PC has the energy blasting down, and since I'm the only prepared caster now I'm kind of expected to be Batman. I am thinking of picking up Vitriolic Sphere and Manyjaws, but other than that I think I'll be fine. Also I forgot to mention I have a Runestaff of Fire we looted from an elven ruin. It lets me swap out prepared spells to cast Burning Hands, Fireball and Wall of Fire up to 3/day at my caster level. I also have the Spontaneous Divination alternate class feature, which has been absolutely a lifesaver (spontaneous Unluck, Insight of Good Fortune, Arcane Sight when I need them? Yes please!)

I didn't even think of Protection from Arrows, but that would be really helpful particularly against Pixies and their sleep/memory loss arrows.

And yes, I'm very happy I chose Dispel Magic a long time ago. To be honest, I think that has been my single most-used spell. This campaign has become Demonfey-centric and we've had to explore ruins that have had a LOT of various magical wards. So many Dispel Magic attempts. And now that I'm the only caster capable of casting a lot of these useful abjurations, I think I ought to pick up Dimensional Anchor, and I have a scroll of Dismissal I can learn that from. We've been fighting a LOT of demons and spellcasters lately who have escaped from us via teleportation or etherealness and it's really getting on my nerves. Three of our group's biggest (still-living) enemies are an sun elf half fiend cleric, a fey'ri sorcerer and a human witch who all escaped us using teleportation. UGH.

Black Tentacles could be a good choice! To be honest, I'm not sure why I haven't picked it yet. And since I have the Sculpt Spell feat, I could do some pretty cool things with that spell.

Regarding Arcane Eye, I've been debating getting that or Prying Eyes. But I think I maybe should just get Arcane Eye. Prying Eyes might be marginally more useful but I maybe I should save those precious 5th-level slots for spells like Telekinesis, Swift Etherealness and Telepathic Bond (I scribed 2 scrolls of Teleport to free up those slots).

Oh, and about Scrying, my DM allowed me to get a Scrying Shard (I think it's from an Eberron sourcebook?). Basically it's a handheld crystal that replaces the mirror as the focus. Honestly though, Scrying hasn't been super helpful so far since almost every time it would have been really helpful the target was either on another plane or protected from divinations somehow. >:
Diffan Posted - 20 Jun 2019 : 06:55:16
Oh, no Evard's Black Tentacles? That was always popular choice.

Also, I always felt the Summon spells were pretty crappy the later they got. I mean you have to cast for a full-round before your critter gets out and unless you invested a lot of Feat support they usually die really easily and often can't affect the monsters you do fight.
TBeholder Posted - 19 Jun 2019 : 13:06:39
Protection from Arrows. And some sort of protection from creatures tracking by scent.
Also, Lightning Bolt (good both for corridors and enfilade fire). And because of trolls any mage trained at Moorlands is likely to know some fire spells (maybe Wall of Fire?), which is a good idea either way.

Originally posted by Cosmar

We're going to be fighting a lot of fey and magical beasts (we're going to a demiplane housing an ancient Unseelie Fey Court,

Where?.. Wait for Contingency, then Contingency + Gentle Repose (for the entire party).

Originally posted by The Masked Mage

in silverymoon start with spells from the Seven Sisters...

If the character is local (and it seems so), yes. As a harper, would deal with harpers who respond directly to her for a long while, and learn something.
Delnyn Posted - 16 Jun 2019 : 14:06:28
I would also recommend arcane eye as a supplement to scrying. Does the DM insist on your character carrying around that big mirror as the focus? That is a big minus for the scrying spell.
Delnyn Posted - 16 Jun 2019 : 14:03:51
I recommend remove curse and break enchantment. Evil fey and curses go hand in hand. I'm glad you have dispel magic.
The Masked Mage Posted - 08 Jun 2019 : 10:02:54
in silverymoon start with spells from the Seven Sisters...

some are very interesting and unique.

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