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 The Five NPCs You Meet In Waterdeep

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
AJA Posted - 04 Nov 2018 : 06:57:13

(Or Silverymoon, or Irieabor or Westgate, feel free to change any proper nouns and place names)

Originally posted by OMNISCIENT DM VOICE
As you are shouldering through traffic on the High Road or lifting a jack of zzar in your favorite tavern, you look over and see....

Brief FRA-style blurbs of local Waterdhavians.
Entres are taken from a loose 1E - 3E timeframe.
These NPCs are obviously from my personal Realms; non-canonity abounds! "Published" NPCs that I've altered have their original references noted. Speaking of, I've also included reference notes for various minor official NPCs (published or "Ed Says,") for those who can use more Waterdeep lore but aren't interested in any of my natterings.


Aaletha Emmara Raeena Margaster (CN HF Aris)
A noble of House Margaster. Perennial loser of the "Lady Frost" contest at Mother Tathlorn's Annual Snowbound Festival. "Letha" is well known among Waterdeep's high society for her scathing tongue, loud tantrums and black temper. She fled the city in Eleasias of 1370, eloping with the noble Bragaster Raventree and several stolen family heirlooms, but recently returned (without Bragaster or the missing items).

Abaldar Bambrusk (NE HM Aris2/War4/T2)
The Golden Captain. Patriarch of the Bambrusk merchant clan. The Bambrusks, much like their distant blood relatives the Urmbrusks, are plentiful in the eastern parts of Alaron and Gwynneth. They are allied to House Hawkwinter through the marriage of Lord Eremos Hawkwinter to the lady Kyrin Bambrusk. The Hawkwinters regard them as lesser, "rural" cousins, but admire their skill at fighting and forestry. Abaldar divides his time between Waterdeep and Alaron, and is often found at sea aboard the caravel Gloaming Sails, flagship of his small merchant fleet. He specializes in trading elaborate Moonshaen tapestries and floor carpets for good steel weaponry (swordblades, halberd heads, arrowtips, etc.). It is whispered that much of the Bambrusk fortunes were made through supplying Northmen raiders and Moonshaen highwaymen with weaponry, but such tales are best told outside the hearing of Abaldar or his family members.

Abbast el Ammarkhan (N earth genasiM Bar2/F6)
The Red Colossus, The Unbeatable Abbast. A native of Calimshan. Perhaps the most popular "dare-all" (martialist) at the Field of Triumph. These days he prefers unarmed contests of wrestling and brute strength, but in his prime was one of the greatest bloody-blades in Waterdeep. Owns a masterful suit of gold and red mail gifted by the Lord Baerom Thunderstaff, a highcoin patron.

Abradan Lardahar
A master weaponsmith of Silverymoon. Renowned as the crafter of Athar's Shining Blades, a collection of seven masterwork blades (four longswords, two long daggers and a single broadsword) highly sought-after by collectors. The blades are unenchanted (though they would take one easily), with a natural +1 to hit and damage. Their real value lies in their craftsmanship and in their appeal to collectors. Indeed Lord Hawkwinter, owner of the largest single collection, proudly displays his three Lardahar-blades (Righteous Cleave, Knight's Honor and Solemn Duty) on the wall of his private study. Each weapon is etched with intricate details of the life and legend of Athar the Shining Knight, father of the current Open Lord Piergeiron, and all seven are hilt-wrapped in Abradan's trademark white dragonhide.

The Golden Smile. Festhall downdancer, named for the impressive rows of glittering false teeth lining her mouth. Her originals were lost due to the blows of a brutally sadistic Amnian merchant. In return she took his life, his gaudy gold rings (melted down and re-fashioned into her current opulent dentition) and his vitals, which she also had dipped in gold and wore around her neck for a time until her employers claimed they were making customers ill, and demanded she remove them.


Aaldric Talzon [ Source: "Arcane Lore: Spells of Defense," Owen K.C. Stephens, Dragon Magazine #271. Name/Description given ]
Adama Miiralin (CG HM P5 of Tymora) [ Source: "The Reports From Undermountain," Steven Schend, Dragon Magazine #227, p.15. Name/Description/Stats given ]

25   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
AJA Posted - 16 Jun 2019 : 00:21:57

Well, this post will put a pin (at the moment) in the "U's." First letter down!
(second, technically, but the "X's" only ever had one entry [a published one at that!], so I'm not inclined to count them)


The Silence of A Thousand Nights. Legendary priestess of Shar and assassin. The House of A Thousand Silences in Calimport was founded in her honor. Eventually murdered and schemed her way into position as the wife of the Shoon emperor Sarqandor the Squat. Ruled behind the throne in his name for the twenty years of his reign, which would have been but a fraction of that without her shrewdness and ruthlessness. Acquired and wore the artifact known as The Coil of Splendid Colors and its' sister device, The Coil of Unthreaded Colors, and profited from it greatly.

Uladrūne the Bold
Dwarven sellsword. Florid, excitable. Excessively talkative, given to wild gesticulations and knee-slapping (or back-slapping, or arm-punching, if there is another nearby). Recently returned to the city after a long campaign of fighting in the foothills of eastern Amn, and is spending her coins freely in tankard houses and festhalls as a result.

Ulaemble Coppercoin (NG GM)
Proprietor of The Six Blue Lamps, a Castle Ward tankard house of some popularity with the Watch (not the Guard, though). The specialty of the house is Amphael's Codpiece, a rather harsh firethroat concotion named after a local civilar of the Watch.

Uldryn Suraedos
Native of Tethyr. Adherent of Lathander Morninglord. Found slain in Hammer 1369DR, crumpled in a doorway off Hunter's Alley. His assailant is widely believed to have been the mysterious "killer-of-faiths" known as the Godstalker.

Uletheira Abravvan
The fabled "Light of the Lower Wards." A long-ago priestess of Ilmater whose tending to the suffering and ill of the city's poorer neighborhoods made her a legend in her own time. Her missives eventually brought her into conflict with certain wealthy and secretive power groups, which led directly to her untimely death in a hail of flaming crossbow bolts. Her visage is still popular on small good-luck charms and adornments sold by street hawkers, and many in the city include her in their prayers to Ilmater.

Ulguth Ilvastarr II
Patriarch of noble House Ilvastarr. A secret devotee of Gargauth. Founded the House of Hidden Watchfulness, the largest of the Tenth Lord's cells in the city, and currently controls its' activities through several layers of intermediaries. Has done business with the Xanathar and other underground power networks in the past. [ Source: "Dungeon of the Crypt," Eric L. Boyd, Dungeon Magazine #127, p.72. Name/Description given. Additional detail by me. ]

Ulzor-Omsur, The Nine-Headed Dragon
The Wyrm of Waukeen, which dropped nine different dung, which were all precious stones in their own right (ruby, sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, topaz, opal, jasmal, jacinth, diamond; nine hundred and ninety-nine of which were used to decorate the The Gem-Bedighted Throne of Lathander, among other relics and puissant items). Said to have been raised by Waukeen on a diet of white-silver and galeb duhr. Legends say that, as penance for his theft of the holy relic later known as The Warp and Weft of Ioun, the hero Alarakh of Serta was sentenced to an eternity of cleaning the muck and collecting the stones of the Dragon's den, where he was subjected to daily fomentations of scalding oils and scorching fires, and that, after his death, he ascended as one of the Shining, Waukeen's heavenly servitors.


Uhmbrick of Cormyr [ Source: FRQ2 Hordes of Dragonspear, p.6. Name/Description given ]

sleyvas Posted - 15 Jun 2019 : 18:06:20
Originally posted by AJA

Llamren's House
Orchard and farmstead in the southern Sword foothills, belonging to Llamren Long-Stride (short, stout, full-bearded; about sixty years of age, with broad, honest face and bright keen eyes). Tends an apple grove, mostly for cider, and keeps bees, cows and pigs. Has a large paddock which he rents for the night to passing caravans; enclosed by a low wall of tumblestone and thorn-briar, patrolled by his three bow-wielding sons (Llamdarr, Llamstul, and Llamaunt) and Belamel "All-Black," a fierce, short-haired, bristly mastiff as darkly monochrome (aside from icy blue eyes and lolling pink tongue) as his appellation suggests.

Belamel "All-Black" may secretly be a cross-breed between Torilian born mastiff and shadow mastiff. It seems that Lamren Long-stride familial name comes from a family secret. There is nearby a portal to the shadowfell, and they have learned to use it to shadow walk long distances and their bodies have become infused over the generations such that they can perform shadow jumps over short distances multiple times per day. This portal is also known to the druids of the Dusk Circle of Kryptgarden forest, who direct loggers from the towns of Kheldell and Red Larch away from the area. The shadowfell portal is also rumored to be the source of sinister nature perversions known as blights, who seemingly arrive through the portal (the other side of which opens onto a similar shadowfell forest inhabited by a small civilization of Gloura and shadar-kai ruled by a gloura arcane hierophant known as the Glourannessi married to a shadar kai known Shadarking )
AJA Posted - 14 Jun 2019 : 00:46:31
Originally posted by sleyvas
Secretly an fire-haired avatar of Sune who uses the name to imply "There is Sune".

Selūne: "So get this, I named my avatar 'Luna, mistress of Selūne's Smile'. Ha! Those silly mortals'll never figure out its really me!"
Sune: "....Hold my beer"


Cobbler. Old and silver-haired. Proprietor of Old Silver's Fine Footworks ("guaranteed waterproof, tough and durable; aptly devised for excellent ankle and heel support," Ironpost Street, Trades Ward). Once made a pair of trail-boots for the frost giant Harshnag, the boots taking the hides of four entire cows to fashion. Was a bard in his youth. Has a deep, mournful voice. Has an apprentice, Tormil, who is learning from him both music and boot-mending.

Nauthaen "Able-Hands" (CG HM T3)
A member of the Red Sashes and boon drinking companion of the Calishite, Ollem Asalbar. Famed locally for uncovering and slaying a gelatinous cube that was lairing in Ilisar's Alley. The ooze had apparently been there for some time after the events of Halaster's Harvestide, unnoticed by local residents (except for a generally cleaner appearance to the area and a noticeable lack of the usual vermin, alley cats, and vagrants).

White Nel. Big, jolly, white-whiskered. Has the bulbous red nose of a longtime drunkard. Shares the street-level of a Castle Ward rowhouse (Siren Lane south of the Smiling Siren) with three other petty businesses. Nelardath's shingle depicts a single human eye floating in the middle of a white diamond, long axis horizontal. An adept of Akadi and self-professed "sky-seer"; claims to know the secret art of examining "the cloud-rimmed vault of the heavens" for augers, signs, and portents that can foretell future events. How good he is at it is open to interpretation. He also runs a side business selling homebrewed teas (which are quite good) and performing minor surgery and dentistry (results vary, but include a free divinatory with every tooth pulling!).

Neranthae Nalevven
Neranthae is the proprietor of Neranthae's Parlor of Delights (more commonly known as just "Neranthae's"), Sea Ward, Ilzantil Street, south of the Cassalantar villa. She sells a variety of services to moneyed clients, including hair styling and treatments, the painting of lips and nails and nipples, and body soaks in various scented and exotic oils and tinctures, but as of 1370DR her biggest seller is for the highcoin fad known as Varresh or "paintworms" (varresh, found in the swamplands of Chult, have long been used in religious rituals in the Tashalar and Tharsult. The phosphorescent secretions of these finger-long creatures glows vividly in dim light. Young nobles currently pay handsome sums to spend half a day letting the worms crawl over their bodies, "painting" them, before travelling to the festhalls and disrobing to display their living canvasses. The glow fades quickly, leaving a rather smelly crust, but such is a small price for fashion and social status! It is even said that the slime of one variant, the purple varresh, gives the wearer acute sensory pleasures as it dries).

Nerask "Redhand"
A Speaker (contact) of the Watchful Order. Thin, handsome, elegant (always in latest fashion, never a hair out of place). Was briefly an aspiring adventurer in his younger, more foolish days, seeing it as a quick path to magic lore and power. He was caught by a priest of a dark god who sought to flay him alive, starting with his right hand. His compatriots freed him and divine healing saved his appendage, but but down to mid-forearm it still remains shrunken and deformed, and of a color and texture that suggests raw meat rather than tanned skin.


Nauloene Tharantra [ Source: Waterdeep News: Tharantra Husband-Hunting Again <>. Name/Description given ]

Nelaskra Ulbrinter [ Source: Forging the Realms: A Statuesque Affair <>. Name/Description given ]

sleyvas Posted - 12 Jun 2019 : 22:00:25
Originally posted by AJA

The Lamp That Pales The Stars. Famed Calishite shaleira and pleasure-dancer. Fire genasi heritage.

Secretly an fire-haired avatar of Sune who uses the name to imply "There is Sune".
AJA Posted - 12 Jun 2019 : 00:12:40

Bhaermul (CG HM War)
Master (captain) of the privateer caravel Watermoon. Settled a blood debt with Lord Irg Gralhund (for a grevious wound suffered by Tam Gralhund during a tavern brawl) in early 1371DR, and is now on retainer to the Moonstar clan, the social rivals of the Gralhunds. Having served aboard the flagship of a powerful Moonshaen baron in his youth, Bhaermul still has a number of contacts on the isle of Alaron, as well as among the raiding warchiefs of Ruathym (through his wife Aelthreene, a Ruathym native). He has designs on becoming a respectable merchant marine captain, and is currently wooing Shelmaertha "Able-Steel," captain of the independent caravel Winsome Wink. He hopes for their combined ships to form the basis of his planned merchant fleet.

Bhelaelra "Storm-Eyes" (NE HF P of Talos)
Stormbringer of Talos. Broken nose, scarred cheek, wild, arresting eyes, and a husky voice. Streaks of silver in the dark hair just over each temple. Sent to Waterdeep by divine order to plot and act against Meritid Archnieie and the ascendant church of Umberlee, grown powerful in the wake of the Sea Invasions of 1369DR (and thus upsetting the deific power balance that Talos needs to keep the Bitch Queen subordinate to him), and also to remind the merchants of the city that the sea goddess's wrath is not the only destructive force they need fear and placate. Aided in her work by the wizard Basūlla el Ashelrūne, and has reached out to certain factions within the church of Selūne who share her general aims towards the Umberlants.

Bherek "Black Hand" Suldolphyn (NE HM T5)
A small-time "grudgecoin" (moneylender) and front for a similarly small-time group of Trades Ward extortionists, cutpurses and arsonists known as the Black Hands of Beshaba. Wields Asgurth's Blade, which he knows as Fangbane (a dagger +1, continual invisibility to animals when gripped). Other Black Hands include Bherek's associate, the gnome Wellspur (NE GM Exp2), and the half-orc "Blackhammer" Belchargh. [ Source: Waterdeep News: Merchants Demand Representation <>. Name given. Additional detail by me. ]

Biddulph "Glitterbeard" (LN GM)
Merry eyes, plump figure. Has a rich, deep voice. Boasts a fine full beard which he does indeed keep a-sparkle with all manner of oils and iridescent sequins and spangles. Proprietor of Golden Wheel Enchantments (highcoin carriage service, Castle Ward. "Travel swifter than the moon's sphere; Comfort soft and sweet as on gilded sunbeam"). Their sigil is a golden carriage wheel, with the spokes replaced by eight golden boots. Ten carriages, driver and footman included in cost. No service to Trades, South or Dock Wards.

Bilaspur "Dare-All" (CN HM P5 of Tymora)
The Southgate Sacristan, The Lady's Gate-Watcher. Slight of build and stature, wild tangles of black hair. Talkative, restless, animated. Ever-present in the area around the South Gate, offering healing and treasure tales to passing adventurers. Good friends with Juxril Thammarcast.


Bhelgrair Yathro [ Source: Waterdeep News: Double Wedding On Spindle Street <>. Name/Description given ]

AJA Posted - 12 Jun 2019 : 00:11:47
Originally posted by Wooly Rupert
Are we sure it was a sword and not an arrow?

Hi, and welcome to AJA's DISCOUNT MEME EMPORIUM! Want to be one of the cool kids taking arrows to the knees, but can't afford Skyrim prices? Look no further! At AJA's DISCOUNT MEME EMPORIUM we have a meme for every budget! Don't get left out of the latest inane internet chuckle! While you're here, check out our other favorites, such as the oldie-but-goodie "your headquarters are ours, now" the street-cool "honey badger doesn't sympathize with your issues" and the always-popular "tetchy kitty" photo-memes! For every dozen discount memes purchased, we'll throw in a free Richard-Roll! Check it out! Much amazing, so festive! Tell your friends!

Wooly Rupert Posted - 10 Jun 2019 : 09:58:27
Originally posted by AJA

Helve Moonstar (NG HM [Tethyrian] Aris9)
Patriarch of House Moonstar. A tall, ruddy-cheeked and broad-bearded man whose youthful muscles have run to fat over the years. Helve was originally a civilar (captain) in the Guard cavalry before a vicious sword cut to his right leg cost him the long-term career he had been seeking.

Are we sure it was a sword and not an arrow?
AJA Posted - 10 Jun 2019 : 00:20:15

Those are good ideas Eric, thank you! I was looking at the ToC for the City of Splendors box, there's some similarly useful organizational ideas there as well.


Helve Moonstar (NG HM [Tethyrian] Aris9)
Patriarch of House Moonstar. A tall, ruddy-cheeked and broad-bearded man whose youthful muscles have run to fat over the years. Helve was originally a civilar (captain) in the Guard cavalry before a vicious sword cut to his right leg cost him the long-term career he had been seeking. It also drove him back into the family business, much to the delight of his father. While rebellious at first, Helve has matured and, with the guidance of his wife, Wylynd, has successfully enlarged the Moonstar holdings. He secretly fears that his heir, Rober, does not have what it takes to be head of the clan, and has taken to quietly testing his other nephews and nieces to see if one of them would make a better choice to succeed him. [ Source: City of Splendors: Who's Who In Waterdeep, p.21. Name/Occupation given. Additional detail by me. A published version (and the above Stats) can be found in City of Splendors: Waterdeep, p.62. ]

Herevyn Hulmaster (CG HM T2/F10/legendary captain6)
The Reaversbane. Grand Civilar of the Fleet (commander of the city's naval forces). A native of Orlumbor and former adventuring companion of the Tyrant of Mintarn. Large thighs and hands, and equally large bottom and belly, gained through months of inactivity and bureaucracy. Bushy grey eyebrows, bristling grey beard. Keeps the remains of his thinning hair shaved, which serves to accentuate two angry head-scars and his ruinous right ear.
        Upon gaining his current command in the early months of 1354DR, Herevyn lobbied the Lords to rebuild the city's naval fleet into a Sword Coast power. It was his powers of persuasion that led to Waterdeep successfully interjecting itself into the Luskan-Ruathym War of 1357, and the ouster of Luskar garrisons from Ruathym in the Windward Bones Blockade of 1358. However, his star has been on the wane since the sahuagin assault on the city, and his treasury has been depleted to fund the new griffon cavalry. Given little to do or oversee, he can now usually be found aboard the Raerimyn, the flagship of the Waterdhavian fleet, drinking Tashlutan rollrum and bemoaning the deteriorating state of his forces. He has recently been engaged in discreet talks with the High King of the Moonshaes – several young Thanes in the isles recognize the value of Herevyn's experience, and seem keen to organize their wargalleys and longships around the banner of such an able old sea dog!

Hlannadar of High Street (LN HM W)
A member of the Watchful Order and a sea-mage of the Waterdhavian navy (aboard the raker Fleetwind). Hlannadar trims his moustache and beard to give himself a roguish look, and favors expensive, gold-trimmed outfits in dark colors (burgundy, cobalt and russet, which he will only buy from his favorite tailor, the Silvaerren gnome Felgauble "Fine-Fingers"). Often accompanied by his familiar, the gull Whistlewing.

Hlannast Esperelfen
A pale, thin young man with glossy, shoulder-length black curls. One of the newer "glory-riders" (professional jousters) in the city. Caused quite a stir in such circles by unseating the well-regarded Baftelbarr "the Black Lance" of Amn at the most recent Midsummer tilts. No catchy sobriquet or known patron as of yet.

Hlanthon "Battle-Blest"
Well-known adventurer and mercenary captain. Brought back to the city in great triumph the magic relic known as The Giant's Candlestick. It was purchased with much gold and fanfare by House Raventree, who declared a great lighting ceremony and revel to celebrate their acquisition. Lighting it proved to be a very poor idea, as once set aflame the arcane device turned out to be a rather energetic gate to the Elemental Plane of Fire. Protective wards layered on the Raventree House itself spared it from much of the damage but the Blackwood Bower, source of much family pride, and some four surrounding city blocks were reduced to various degrees of burnt ruin before the Watchful Order and divers city mages brought the otherplanar fiends to heel (this incident, of course, is the reason why city law now requires Order mages to be present at any Great Relic Unveilings within city walls). As for Hlanthon, he survived the conflagration, was charged with knowingly endangering civil lives and property (and arson and magical assault), and was promptly thrown into the Undermountain. The Candlestick was seized by the Lords and is believed to lie in the depths of the Castle vaults to this day.


Hendar the Scarred (NE HM [Illuskan] T1) [ Source: A 05/12/12 posting to the message boards by Eric L. Boyd. Name/Description/Stats given ]

Hermienka [ Source: City of Splendors: A Waterdeep Novel. Name/Description given ]

ericlboyd Posted - 06 Jun 2019 : 13:59:01
Originally posted by AJA

Well thank you Eric, I appreciate that.

I still haven't put much thought into a final collected format, and I'm definitely open to suggestion. The obvious thing is a single alphabetical .pdf of all the entries. Given the amount of them I'd think that's way more unwieldy than useful, but it is the easiest to do. And also a second separate directory of the 'official' listings, but other that I don't know.

I have also forgotten most of the little I knew about .pdf and excel sheets and fancy formatting &etc., so that doesn't help.

....There is also the thing where I keep adding new entries and fiddling with old ones, that doesn't help either.

Generally I would put them in a word doc and print a PDF. My suggestion would be to group them in chapters based on the "type" of entry.

For each entry, I would include a reference at the end of the write-up to what published sources and page numbers you built off. (Or what the URL was of the Candlekeep answer from Ed.)

Chapter 1:

If it's an actual NPC you could meet in Waterdeep in whatever year you are setting the write-ups, then put them in chapter one Then subdivide them into "classes" like fighters / clerics / thieves or by profession.

Chapter 2:

If it's a historical entry that refers to something in the past in Waterdeep, then put them in chapter 2. Maybe break them up into books / songs / locations / historical figures / items / etc. Whatever the DM might be quick looking for.

Chapter 3:

Ditto to Chapter 2, but for things outside of Waterdeep.


Then put a master alphabetical index at the end with page numbers. (Use the Bookmark and Cross-Reference features in Word.)

Lot of work, obviously, but it would be seriously killer if you have the time.
AJA Posted - 06 Jun 2019 : 00:36:01

Well thank you Eric, I appreciate that.

I still haven't put much thought into a final collected format, and I'm definitely open to suggestion. The obvious thing is a single alphabetical .pdf of all the entries. Given the amount of them I'd think that's way more unwieldy than useful, but it is the easiest to do. And also a second separate directory of the 'official' listings, but other that I don't know.

I have also forgotten most of the little I knew about .pdf and excel sheets and fancy formatting &etc., so that doesn't help.

....There is also the thing where I keep adding new entries and fiddling with old ones, that doesn't help either.


Bambhros "Broad-Axe" (CN HM Ra2/F6)
A captain of the Blackfalcon Raiders mercenary company. Hardy, weather-beaten. Rarely smiles. Restless, adventurous; loves maps and seeing new places. Proficient (as his name suggests) with axes, both war- and hand-axe.

The Band of Candledark
Murderous thugs who run the alleys and darkened corners of the city during candledark (that time period beginning after 10PM). What started as wastrel sons and daughters of minor nobility out for thrills and adventure was quickly taken over and transformed into a cult of Bhaal, the dead god of Murder, and they now seek to waylay and kill any passerby (singly or in pairs) they happen to chance upon. Led by Rhanos Ilhund (NE HM F6/P3 of Bhaal; short, gaunt, sallow. Staring grey eyes. Sarcastic, merciless) who has an invisible stalker bound to a ring on his left hand (he doesn't know that after three more commands the stalker will be free of its' constraints and will immediately turn on him). The Band probably won't last much longer, as both the Watch and the Red Sashes are aware of their activities, and are actively seeking them out.

Bandagul Longstaff (NG GM Exp4/Illu6)
Weathered, jovial face, dark eyes. Tall for one of his kind. Announces his surname to females of all races with a wink and a lewd leer. Speaker for the Merrymouths, a troupe of mostly gnomish and hin bards, acrobats, jugglers, and contortionists that travel the caravan roads from Baldur's Gate to Port Llast. Lives with his wife, Uthedra, and "the boys" (Wyff, Zymm and Nodd), a trio of trained giant badgers.

"Banger" Bornbuckle
Halfling smithy and somewhat-accomplished armorer (apprenticed to the master armor-maker Hilmer). The most heavily-muscled hin you'll ever meet. Rumor is his mother was a dwarf. Also rumored that he poured molten iron over the last fellow who mocked said parentage. Keeps table at a wide selection of Dock and South Ward tankard houses, and happily starts (or jumps into) as many tavern brawls as he can (except against Uthgardt, whom he has an irrational fear of).

Basūlla el Ashelrūne
Dark, haughty, cruel. Enjoys mastering magic for the power it gives over other, "lesser" folk. Dreams of hurling mighty magics and destroying at will, impulses aided and nurtured by Talos of Storms, who seeks to gain her as a willing servant. Spends her time crafting an endless variety of mind-bursting spells – the latest one almost carries the taste of thurnberries – and practicing just the right sneering response for any social slight. When in Waterdeep she is always accompanied by her "pale horrors," two twin, hulking, albino brutes bought (in an employment sense only, she assures) from the markets of far Thindol.


The Band of the Mailed Fist [ Source: Undermountain: The Lost Level, p.4. Name/Description given ]

Bannermere [ Source: A 01/13/09 post to the boards by Ed Greenwood. Name/Description given ]

ericlboyd Posted - 04 Jun 2019 : 01:14:22
Originally posted by AJA

The Five (Other) Sights You See Caravanning Through the Sword Mountains
"It's the great caravan route," said Mansoor.
"What makes it white, then?"
"The bones."
      The Tragedy of the Korosko, Arthur Conan Doyle

Really liked this entry. I have no idea how you are going to organize all this or what the parameters are of the total work, but I'm enjoying the ride.
AJA Posted - 04 Jun 2019 : 00:40:55

Nantharlusk "Bloody-Bristle"
That ancient and malevolent intelligence which was not treant, but the next closest thing; a great and spreading thorn-tree which ably defended its domain in the Ardeep from the axe and tread of man of for some centuries. And when it fell at last, lost under spell-flame and furious conflagration, its vanquishers discovered within the newly-opened depths great piles and mounds of bones of man and beast, the remains of long years of tresspassers; and also, at its heart, the overgrown, silent tomb of an elf-maid, and all the treasures and magic that were interred within, including Laurilandyr's Sweet-Stone (a large, faceted, fist-sized stone set in a neck-chain; powers of slumber and suggestiveness; as somewhat erroneously listed in Fieldfare's Catalogue of Curiosities, "guaranteed to lull any audience to a gentle doze!") and The Polish-Cloth of the Dwarves (made of a tough, almost scaly fabric, cool to the touch, richly bordered in purple and white silk, and tiny gems and thick gold threadery; when rubbed against a wooden object, renders of it a silvery sheen and bestows the durable properties of good and strong iron).

Nanthel the Loud (LN HM Exp4/P2 of Tempus)
The Varrister (scribe and personal assistant) to the High Sword (high priest) of the House of Heroes. Short and stocky, with dark blue eyes and a close-cut black beard streaked with white over his chin. Often claims to have dwarvish blood in his ancestry. His nickname comes from his duty of announcing the High Sword at ceremonies, balls, Lord's Court, and other public appearances. His ceremonial "weapon-of-the-faith" is The Rusteen Mallet of Tempus.

The Lovely Bosom of Night. Heretic priestess of Selūne (believes that Selūne is not Shar's sister, but rather her hermaphroditic lover and champion; the vengeance to Shar's loss, armed with crescent sword and waxing shield, and all the while cloaked in the comforting embrace of darkness). Delicate, dark and wild-eyed. Has a sharp sense of humor.

Narlglauth of the Nine Eyes
A long-ago necromancer and ally of the beholders of the Greypeak Mountains. Fell victim to a flesh to stone spell during a battle with the wizard Ahghairon. His stony form rested among the markers of the City of the Dead until it was decapitated by Beast Cultists under the command of Gryvjar the Ocilite, who used the head in a failed unholy ritual.

Naronar Tultornel "Tosser of Tables"
Short, thick-set, swollen features, and odorous breath. Run out of Baldur's Gate, Elturel and Scornubel on a variety of charges including thievery, assault, armed threats against the authorities and general ill-behavior (or, as he likes to call it, "enthusiastic corruption of the public weal"). Has recently found employment with the Calishite trader Sumer, as a hired swordarm.


Naoni Dyre [ Source: City of Splendors: A Waterdeep Novel. Name/Description given ]

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Minor Housekeeping: An omitted section from the The Three Witches description, above, and answer to a private query on the May 28 Sarabreene Ilzimmer entry, which I figured I'd stick here as well;

[ The Three Witches ]
The name Golden Through The Darkness (and also 'The Golden Through-Road') comes from the goldline (cacoxenite) the dwarves used to form their way-markers along the tunnels here. They enchanted these markers to glow and glint not only in torch-light, but also to an eye utilizing infravision. Certain larger slabs of goldline along the route were also enchanted to give bladed weapons struck against them a battle-blessing (a bonus enchantment, activated only in concordance with some secret dwarven command word or prayer) to aid in the defense of the Stout Folk traversing the depths, but these have all been long stolen or destroyed.

[ Sarabreene ]
Before long she had chosen Mielikki, for as much as the soft moonlight on her shoulders comforted her, she was never as calm nor as awake as in the dappled depths of the forest, where the birds sung to her of the Lady of the Forest and the wind stirred her blood much as the leaves of the trees. But when she took to the woods and underwent her communion with the goddess and fasted and prayed, the familiar-spirit that came to her was again the owl, an unusual occurrence for one pledging herself to Mielikki, not Selūne. As many before her she discarded her House name and took the mantle of "Shimmer-Sheen" (from the famous Mielikkite paen, "In the Halls of the Goddess / Where the forested aisles shimmer and sheen / And Her worldly servants stand / Clad in diaphanous green")*. She became a forest-walker of the High Forest and grew in power and deed, and in time was celebrated as The Forest Hero, The Maker of Melodies, and The Lady of Light Laughter to the various rangers, elves, centaurs and gnomes of the woods.

*(Yes, I am well aware that "Sarabreene Shimmer-Sheen" is a ridiculous name; luckily for me around this time she also started exclusively using her simple-name of "Bree")

Mielikki: when one is called to the true worship of the goddess they take to the deep woods in solitude, to fast and pray and commune with the woods for as long as their constitution allows. At the end of this time, in their delirium and communion, the first beast or bird that passes their vision is considered to be a manifestation of the goddess herself and forever-after sacred to them. Others may hunt this creature for food or sport, but to the individual this familiar-spirit is holy and not to be molested. It may succor them in life, or guide them to the goddess after death, or, for those truly faithful, be the template for their reincarnation afterwards.


The Company of the Grim Fist
One of the city's short-lived "blade-fellowships." The leaders of the Grim Fist, the warrior Stom Halfshield and the sorceress Veraethae, fell in battle with monsters risen in the chaos of Halaster's Harvestide. Several others of the Company were later slain in the taproom of the Inn of the Dripping Dagger, in a drunken brawl with a band of Uthgardt.

The Company of the Mangled Mane
Local adventuring fellowship. Korluth, the towering Uthgardt warrior of the party, carries their standard, the preserved, chemical-drenched, stinking-and-still-rotting severed head of a manticore, strapped to the outside face of his shield. For good luck, of course. Any talk of getting it magically cured or enchanted to roar and snarl ended soon after their plundered manticore gold did, washed away in ale and tavern girls.

The Company of the Scorched Shield
Fledgling adventuring fellowship. Take their name from the battered tower-shield still carried by their leader, the warrior Tholamur, which saved three of their roster from a fireball spell on their maiden stone-delve. Two were lost to stirge and ooze soon thereafter, but enough coin and jools were got to see them return to the city taverns in good spirits.

The Company of the Steadfast Hand
One of the city's many "blade-fellowships." Led by the paladin Velmborn of Helm. Rumors out of Threskel in 1366DR claim that they travelled to another plane of existence via the Naegate, an Imaskari-constructed arch akin to a well of many worlds. Their third-floor residence on Undal's Lane was plundered shortly thereafter.

The Company of the Well-Lit Lamp
A short-lived fellowship of farm lads and adventurous young merchant scions. Met their doom in Amphail, having uncovered the domination of the townsfolk there by The Blackened Hood, a monstrous Eye-of-Fear-and-Flame. Their animated corpses were finally laid to rest by the vanquishers of the Hood, the adventurers of the Knights Errant.


The Company of the Sundered Orc [ Source: "The Reports From Undermountain," Steven Schend, Dragon Magazine #227, p.16. Name/Description given ]

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Jansezth Hawkwinter (LG HF F6)
A noble of House Hawkwinter. Has sea-green eyes, close-cropped black hair, broad cheekbones, heavily-freckled shoulders (which she is quite embarrassed of), and a sharp hawk-nose. Jans is a civilar (captain) of the Waterdhavian Griffon Guard (Castle Wing). Rides the griffon named Bold Bull.

Jarathine Wealstaff (NG HF P6 of Torm)
The Warden Vigilant. Caretaker of The High Duty, a Tormtar shrine housed within the Halls of Justice. Jarathine acts as an unofficial go-between for the Tyrists and the newly-formed Ilmataran mission in South Ward. She has also recently become involved with the vigilante Red Sashes as well (she has come to believe that the Sashes are correct in their interpretations of 'right' and 'justice,' and therefore it is her duty to help them achieve their goals). Needless to say, this is not something that would not sit well with her superiors, should they be made aware of it. Tall, broad-shouldered and buxom. Large brown eyes, long brown hair that hangs halfway to her waist. Her face is somewhat overwhelmed by a very prominent, beaked nose.

Jarek Mercyblood (NE HM T5/Assassin3)
A well-known assassin and thug-for-hire in the lower Wards. Greasy hair and greasy smile. Fights with shortsword and dagger. Proficient with the blowgun and a wide array of poisons. During the High Road War, Jarek infiltrated Builder's Hall and dispatched a number of Stonecutter and Mason guildsmen before the guildhall barricades were stormed by the forces of the Carpenters and Roofers guild.

Jardwim (NG HM Ra17)
The Grey Walker, Elf-Friend, Far-Sighted. Former "Undersword" (commander of Waterdeep's forces in times of war) (1358 - 1364DR) and current leader of Force Grey. An intense, highly-focused individual, Jardwim is very prideful and competitive, and hates to lose or even to be fooled by anything. Originally trained as an acolyte of the god Torm, where, before the call of the wilderlands overtook him, he showed signs of promise. He still bears with him the precepts of honor, duty, and loyalty, and highly prizes these qualities in others. He is a strict taskmaster (as his squires and three sons can attest to), but is also often found at the forefront of any endeavor, leading by example. Jardwim maintains an estate, Silvern Ley, on the banks of the Dessarin (the unofficial gathering place for the Grey and the place where many of their initiates are trained). He commonly travels with the two trained blink dogs Koros and Valos, and owns a griffon steed, Nobleheart. Wielder of the spellblade known as Aten's Blade (The Sword With The Golden Hilt). [ Source: City of Splendors - Campaign Guide, p.74. Name/Occupation/Stats given. Additional detail by me. ]

Jasambrar (N HM Exp1/War1)
Proprietor of the Wargod's Weal, a Sea Ward tankard house popular with the acolytes and temple guards of the House of Heroes. Missing one eye, half of his right hand, and a number of teeth from a youth spent as a sellsword and henchman to various adventuring companies. It is rumored that he acquired the sapphires used to purchase the tavern from a plundered temple of the elven sky god Aerdrie Faenya.


Jaerovan [ Source: City of Splendors: A Waterdeep Novel. Name/Description given ]

Jalanvaloss [ Source: Wyrms of the North – Jalanvaloss <>. Name/Description given ]

Jantoo [ Source: FR7 Hall of Heroes, p.33. Name/Description given ]

Jarago Whaelshod [ Source: City of Splendors: A Waterdeep Novel. Name/Description given ]

Jaranna "Jester" Helmhorn [ Source: Forging The Realms: Outcast House <>. Name/Description given ]

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The Five (Other) Sights You See Caravanning Through the Sword Mountains
"It's the great caravan route," said Mansoor.
"What makes it white, then?"
"The bones."
      The Tragedy of the Korosko, Arthur Conan Doyle


Where Tolumbar Wed The Stones
The place where the cloud giant Tolumbar the Silver dashed together two huge rocks in an effort to harm his nemesis, the swanmay ranger Neirnanuen; the ill-fitting boulders sit there to this day, in a lightly-wooded dell that is a favored camping site.

Low Hollow
A small, lightly-wooded dell; decent caravan camping spot; there was also once a High Hollow, now just a desolate jumble of boulder and scree that most agree was taken down by either ogrish device or wizardly spell.

Tintundrel (The Grey Graves)
Nickel ore mine in the Sword Mountains. Delved heavily by gnomes until they dug too far and too deep. Their shafts tresspassed into the dark glooms of the Underworld and the things that lurked there slaughtered them to the last. The collapsing, rainwater-choked chambers near the surface have since been taken over by a clan of marauding kobolds, who either avoid or appease the horrors beneath. The dog-men have a collection of weapons and magic that they shouldn't, which suggests an origin below, and that there may be more to find.

Llamren's House
Orchard and farmstead in the southern Sword foothills, belonging to Llamren Long-Stride (short, stout, full-bearded; about sixty years of age, with broad, honest face and bright keen eyes). Tends an apple grove, mostly for cider, and keeps bees, cows and pigs. Has a large paddock which he rents for the night to passing caravans; enclosed by a low wall of tumblestone and thorn-briar, patrolled by his three bow-wielding sons (Llamdarr, Llamstul, and Llamaunt) and Belamel "All-Black," a fierce, short-haired, bristly mastiff as darkly monochrome (aside from icy blue eyes and lolling pink tongue) as his appellation suggests.

The Three Grey Witches
A trio of upthrust grey hardstone standing in a deep, dark dell of firs and hemlocks. The light is gloomy red, blue, green and purples (as is sung, "where no bright-beam e'er fell"). Korreds do not fear it, but it is said the goblins do. The plinths are completely twined with rock-tangler and dark creeper. Two pairs of glaring red eyes are said to often lurk within, along with other things of tooth and nail. The Witches overlook an old, disused entrance point to what was once colorfully called Golden Through The Darkness (The Golden Through-Road, The Road Under Sword), an ancient dwarf trade route deep under the Sword Mountains, these days controlled as such by duergar and haunted, much like the entrance itself, by something of fire-flames and warm orange reflections, and a manifest pair of eyes shining diamond-bright.


Three Cups
Ruined road-inn; now commonly called "Marshfoot," for its proximity to the Mere of Dead Men; lizardfolk know the place so most travellers do not stop to rest overlong.

An ancient way-tower of Uth; now not much more than a low surviving ground floor, damp and moldy, and a jumbled stone perimeter scavenged from the remnants of upper levels; serviceable for night stops but occupied by bandits or goblins oft-times.

The Foul Rushes
Swampy, low-lying bog. Heavy sulfur content leads to a stongly unpleasant miasma. Yellow musk creeper thrives here. An egress-point for the ancient Netherese (though some sages theorize it was created by the elves, and only later co-opted by the humans to strike at their elven foes) portal-network known as Onthemenndūr (The Long And Winding Road).

The Goldbeck (Goldswell)
A shallow, frothy stream running down a series of high clefts in the Swords; the torrent occasionally carries flecks and pebbles of gold ore; some say these are planted by the local goblin tribe to entice prospectors into their grasp.

Long Head
A notable promontory jutting out into the Sea of Swords; the palisaded Illuskan freehold of Ratharl's Rest once stood here; now in its place is a hunting lodge/temple of Malar known as The Red Rook. Master of the Hunt is Marelkorr "The Death-Driver" (CE H[werewolf]M P of Malar; was once an adherent of Selūne Silver-Horned, but his bloodlust overcame him and he turned to the worship of the Beastlord).

And a variety of expired silver and tin mines (known locally as 'mars,' for the great ruined gouges they leave in the wilderness); the better-known are Black Mar and White Mar, and The Minotaur's Mar (which did not involve a minotaur at all, but rather a crazed miner who took to wearing a stinking, rotting bulls' skull atop his head). Of the smaller, more short-lived operations there are Lady Lea's Mar, Halfling Delve, Croster's Mar and the infamous Bloody Blades Mar (The Festering Hole, where the twisted and bleached skeletons of man and orc are still piled high about the abandoned entrance).

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Originally posted by AJA

Therasin of the Three Hands
Adventuring mage. Caused quite a stir in the city taprooms in early 1368DR, claiming to have uncovered the location of Ordock's Stroll (an ancient Netherese gate-road leading to the Witherwhen, a safehold and extradimensional refuge reputed to be rich in gems, magic items, and spell-lore). Soon after word of his discovery spread he was set upon by at least three ambitious mages seeking control of the gate's secrets but fended them off easily, leading some to whisper that he planned the ruse to draw out and eliminate potential rivals. He vanished from his lodgings within a tenday after his announcement, but not before dispatching two more spellcasters and three times that number of hired assassins.

Ah yes, Therasin of the Three Hands. I kid you not when I say I've never met a mage who could cast using his "lower hand". I hear he was particularly effective with it with enchantment spells on members of the opposite sex.
AJA Posted - 29 May 2019 : 00:44:03

Theln Blackhorn (CN HM War4)
A huge and heavily-muscled (STR 18/25) sellsword whose appearance belies his keen wit and jovial nature. Theln sports a large black handlebar moustache and a mischevious glint in his eyes. He commonly frequents the Bowels of the Earth Tavern in Trades Ward, where he likes to arm-wrestle patrons to pay for his lodgings and bar tab. In between bouts of physical strength, he can be hired for mercenary or caravan-guarding duties.

Thelric "Old Sword"
Leader of the adventuring band known as The Men of Thelric's Fist. Tall, lanky and trail-tanned. Still has thick yellow hair and beard despite his fifty-some winters. Moody, sour disposition, but generous and fiercely loyal to those who fight alongside him. His left arm from bicep down is a slightly more limpid, colorless color, an unmistakable sign of clerical weal and regrowth. Fights with the sword he calls "Old Hundred." It once had another name, but is now so-called for the five-score men whose lives he claims to have taken in his long career as sellsword and deep-delver (not goblin-kin or the other "savage races," though – those he has never deigned to count).

Theraea "Blacktresses"
Lady Master (captain) of the Ardent Avast, a raker of the naval guard. The Avast has quite a lineage in the city, being built (and re-built, several times) over the keel and bow-ram of the Ardent Sails, one of the greatest ships in the warlord Raurlor's fleet. Theraea, a native of the Moonshaes, was born and raised in the shiplanes of the Sea of Swords, and the Avast is the raker which dares the deeper waters and "long-sail" duties more than any other.

Therasin of the Three Hands
Adventuring mage. Caused quite a stir in the city taprooms in early 1368DR, claiming to have uncovered the location of Ordock's Stroll (an ancient Netherese gate-road leading to the Witherwhen, a safehold and extradimensional refuge reputed to be rich in gems, magic items, and spell-lore). Soon after word of his discovery spread he was set upon by at least three ambitious mages seeking control of the gate's secrets but fended them off easily, leading some to whisper that he planned the ruse to draw out and eliminate potential rivals. He vanished from his lodgings within a tenday after his announcement, but not before dispatching two more spellcasters and three times that number of hired assassins.

The Lamp That Pales The Stars. Famed Calishite shaleira and pleasure-dancer. Fire genasi heritage.

Theros Sulshaeroon (LG HM F10/legendary captain2)
Master (captain) of the Raerimyn, the flagship of the naval guard. Theros is descended from the Sulshaeroon clan of Velen, long regarded as masters of the maritime arts. He has spent his entire life aboard the ships of the Waterdhavian navy, rising from deckhand to navigator to Master. He gained his current station as reward for his daring command during the Windward Bones Blockade of 1358, which led to the ouster of the occupying Luskar garrisons from Ruathym. Known for his tactical ingenuity and for the strict but utterly fair treatment of the men under his command (who commonly refer to him as both "Fairsails" and "Evenhanded"). Believed to be the favorite to succeed Herevyn Hulmaster as Grand Civilar of the Fleet.


Theln Roaringhorn (NG HM P6 of Lathander) [ Source: FRE2 Tantras, p.14-15. Name/Description/Stats given ]

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Sandrew Obouldyn (LN HM P12 of Oghma)
Loremaster Most High, The Wise, The Ocean of Reason, The Reluminant Wisdom, Savant of Oghma. A rising star in the Oghmanyte faith. He was 'called' from Neverwinter to Silverymoon to receive instruction from senior priests of the Binder. He resided in the Gem of the North for about a season in doing so, worshipping and serving the Binder in Silverymoon – and then sent off to Waterdeep, to take charge of the swift-rising temple there.
        Sandrew is very tall and very charismatic, with a mellifluous voice and deeply-hooded eyes that blaze "with zeal," as other priests of Oghma like to say. They DO seem to emit a golden light at times (his pupils are a strange butter-yellow hue), and some folk have mistaken him for a god, or the servant of a god, when meeting him. His shoulders are square and strong unlike many lifelong scholars, and aside from a receding line of graying hair, his age is not readily apparent. He dresses simply, in ankle-length robes of white shimmerweave (while conducting 'high rituals') or beige homespun (the rest of the time). He wears several magical rings, carries a magical staff, and wears slippers that have toes that can sprout sleep-venomed daggerblades when he needs to defend himself. Sandrew's chief talents lie in NEVER forgetting a reference, or where he saw it, and in percieving how best to state or impart something for his intended audience (as Kitten of Waterdeep once put it, "he can make even the outrageous seem reasonable").
        As is the High Priest of every Oghmanyte temple, Sandrew has been invested with the power of The Word Incarnate (akin to the greater Miracle spell, without the ensuing XP drain). The last time this ability is believed to have been used is during the burning of the House of Many Shelves, when the contents of the innumerable tomes caught in the conflagration were transferred into the minds of a circle of Oghmanyte sisters-of-the-faith (now collectively known as The Memories of the Many Shelves) while the abbey and its contents burned. [ Source: City of Splendors – Who's Who In Waterdeep, p.61 and A 11/03/04 post to the boards by Ed Greenwood and the novel Blackstaff. Name/Description/Stats given. Additional detail by me. ]

Sannauvel Dunwinter
The "Minstrel of the Moonshaes." Sandy-brown hair, wispy moustache and chin whiskers. Sings in a high, clear (almost feminine) voice. Favors many of the ancient ballads and love songs of the Ffolk, such as "A Song of Seven Stags" and "The Red Rose." His services are currently in popular demand in highcoin circles.

Sanzstren the Sagacious (LN HM Exp3)
Also Sanzstren the Loquacious, Sanzstren the Overloud, and Sanzstren the Lewd. Holds the position of Most Knowledgeable Tomespeaker of the Third Racks at the Tower of the Watchful Order. Sallow, hawk-faced. Straw-colored hair, close-set brown eyes. Small, rather pointed head.

Sarabreene Ilzimmer (CG HF Aris)
A young daughter of House Ilzimmer. Participated in the Rite of the Stag Lass in Amphail in 1370DR. Fair and pretty, with a plump rosy face and a plump double chin framed by a multitude of golden braids. Noted as having a small talent for herblore and healing.
        (By 1375 she was still hopeless with a sword, but had learned the shortbow and the sling, and had dedicated herself to growing strong enough to mastering the longbow. She also learned bird-note well enough to converse with the great owl Oloskla "Lightning-Horned," who came to visit the House of the Moon in Marpenoth of 1376. She felt a calling for both the green-lady Mielikki and the white-lady Selūne, and most believed that when she truly set herself to one path, only then would her future open for her)

Sarantha Buskbold
Author of Fair-Tidings: A Life in the Service of the Goddess (1366DR). "Perhaps it is just an impetuous nature but then I wonder, how long do those who wait think the gods are going to grant them?"


Sarael Arunsun (NG HM F8) [ Source: A 05/21/04 posting to the message boards by Steven Schend. Name/Description/Stats given ]

Sarandra Shaelewinter [ Source: A 08/11/05 posting to the message boards by Ed Greenwood. Name/Description given ]

AJA Posted - 27 May 2019 : 00:35:24

Thond the Fierce
A justisar of the Watch (the clerks and interrogators who collate information gleaned from prisoners). Well-trimmed black beard and receeding black hair. Mirthful green eyes set in a heavy black brow. Giant calloused hands.

Three-Eyed Pelder
So-named for the rather large wart sitting directly astride his two functional eyes. Finesmith. Master of fashioning hinged pommels and hollow hilts for bladed weapons of all sorts (but mostly the smaller types). Poisoned spring-blades as well, though he will not admit to such without a referral from a third-party he trusts (The Redhilt, Shoor Street, Trades Ward).

Thrndael "Three-Sheets" (LG HM urban ranger7)
(THURN-Dale ['thurn' rhyming with 'fern']) The Drunkard of Dock Street. An agent of the Lords. Appears as an elderly, rather overweight man who cloaks his bulk in loose-fitting, oft-stained robes and walks with quite an exaggerated limp. To the citizens of Dock Ward, Thrndael is nothing more than a besotted old lech who tells amusing (and often quite bawdy) stories and legends when he can be pried away from the depths of a jack of Tashlutan rollrum (which is not too often, as he habitually carries one with him). In reality, much of the bulk concealed under his homespun is made up of a leather vest lined with a steel mesh (which he constantly wears) and a variety of small bladed weapons and magical items of an offensive nature. He plays the part of harmless old drunk and dockside fixture convincingly, and provides the Lords with much of their local news. The father of Glaverindrha, a rather promising young apprentice of the Blackstaff. Flops at Woodsmoke Manor, a rundown boarding house just north of Seaswealth Hall.

Throckley Bittersbane
A "hearthmaster" (hire-chef), famed in moneyed circles for his rich buttercream "beholder cakes" (great globes of sweet pastry adorned with masterful candied berries and filled with vibrant syrupy berry sauces) and gorgeous tall buttercream "castle cakes" (complete with little masterfully carved edible knights and maidens). Unfortunately for him, his true passion lies in breadmaking. Trained by the famous hearthmaster Gilded Garshnee, now his bitter rival.

Famous follower of Ilmater. Was kicked in the head by a pie-bald mare and hovered near death and madness, and in the midst of this delerium he wrote out the manuscript Thurgho's Understandings, forever-after prized as a main text of the Ilmataran faith (and why to this day the pie-bald horse is a symbol and avatar of Ilmater across the Western Heartlands). Spent what was left of his days at the Tethyrian abbey of St. Rhynda's, until he was godstruck (died of a stroke).


Thorauntur Szalmast [ Source: Dawntree, Part Two <>. Name/Description given ]

AJA Posted - 24 May 2019 : 21:00:53

Could definitely be an offshoot group (especially with that "little-brother" mentality of "oh yeah, well you might be a Hundred, but we're HORRIBLE!"), could also be a newer organization piggybacking the name of a more established group to profit from their reputation.

Could also just be a lot of bastards out there.
Originally posted by Marelzoun, Grand and Ineffable Vizier of Rumuksroost, to Raldarr, Master of Spears, overlooking the beseiging armies below:
"Who are those?"
"They're Bastards, sir."
"I know that! Whats their company name?"
"That is their name, sir. Bastards, Horrible Bastards."
"And next to them?"
"They're Bastards too, sir. Bloody Bastards."
"And under the North Tower?"
"Hundred Bastards, sir. Hundreds of Hundred Bastards."
"How many bastards are down there, anyways?"
Yo! Aye! Arr! Over here, too! And us!

"....I knew it, I'm surrounded by bastards!"

Originally posted by ericlboyd
Where's the "G"? We were promised a "G"!

Bastards to the left of me, pedants to the right....

Wooly Rupert Posted - 24 May 2019 : 15:40:40
Originally posted by AJA

The Horrible Bastards, The Hundred Bastards,

I would expect that these similar names lead to some rivalries between the two groups... Perhaps one group was founded by former members of the other?
ericlboyd Posted - 24 May 2019 : 13:11:14
Originally posted by AJA

Majie "Sour Mouse"
(MAY-Jee) Pretty, brusque, sulky-eyed. Can throw or sling stones with deadly accuracy. Only surviving member of the Good Knaves street gang. Currently earns coin as a Dock Ward tavern wench. A member of the Headsmen street gang.

Where's the "G"? We were promised a "G"!
AJA Posted - 24 May 2019 : 01:01:38

The Men of Thelric's Fist
An adventuring band led by the warrior Thelric "Old-Sword." Last seen in the city in 1368DR, claiming to have found the ruins of Peleghost, a former mages' keep of Low Netheril located deep in the Greypeak Mountains. They restocked on provisions and additional spellcasters and displayed their loot, which included a number of wavy-bladed scimitars and several surprisingly well-preserved tomes full of strange, presumably magical, writing.

Mercenary Companies
There are a large number of private groups, unaligned to king or crown, who fight solely for gold and possible loot. These groups, the mercenary companies, are constantly appearing and disappearing with the passage of the seasons, so that no complete roster is possible. Some of the larger and more stable ones are kept on retainer by cities such as Waterdeep, to be deployed in times of war. In the North, such bands tend to be smaller in size (though not in number), and grow larger the further south one travels into the empty wilds of the Western Heartlands, the dangerous mercantile schemings of Amn, and the war-torn ruins of Tethyr.
        Notable Companies include (separate entries in italics): The Able Swords (see Cerensūne Haralbanter), The Arrows of Outrageous Fortune (The Fortunate), Arrstorl's Amnians (The Bloody Magpies, The Butcherbirds), Bheljurra's Bright Company, The Black Shields (see Thullgrim of the Black Shield), Blackfalcon Raiders, The Calishite Band, The Carrion Crawlers (see Jhalbom Blackboots), The Cleaving Swords, The Defeaters of Hundreds, Favored Falcons of Myratma, The Frost-Hardened, Goblin Punchers, The Golden Swords, Half The Price, The Hard Men, The Horrible Bastards, The Hundred Bastards, The Lost Sons, The Masquerade, Melsk's Marauders (The Red-Leggers), The Outcast Sons, The Ready Fist (see Redfangs Dardorgan), The Red Blades, The Red Roarers, Sharrka's Swords, Skaeldra's Vultures, The Soulless Sons, The Swords of the South, The Ten Thousand Banners, Uhmbrick's Rangers (see Uhmbrick of Cormyr), The Valorous Lances, Waentryn's Wolves (see Waentryn), Whelkar's War-Brutes, Wolves of Luskan (see Dathyn Hawkwinter), The Worthy Sons, The Wyvern Company.

Mespert (N HM Exp)
An appraiser of gems and jewelry of borderline legality. Has an office on Coachlamp Lane, South Ward. An unassuming man with a sharp eye and sharper tongue. Favors wearing numerous flashy rings and ear-pendants, said to contain numerous magical powers.

Methos of Neverwinter (LN HM Exp)
A sage of gemlore and gem-properties, offices in Turnback Court (Castle Ward). Methos is a pudgy little man with blotchy red skin and scraggly white hair, and an astounding knowledge of gems and rare stones, including the lore and histories of many unique and famous jewels of Faerūn.

Mhaerten Vorl (LN HM F8/P5 of Kelemvor)
The High Hand of the Bonelord. A stern, humorless man, whose bald head, broad chest and lower arms bear an unnerving mix of fire burns, battle-scars, and vibrant tattoo-work. Mhaerten is a relatively recent convert to the Judge of the Dead, having spent the majority of his life as a mercenary, military advisor, and battlefield healer in the endless minor conflicts of the southlands. He arrived in Waterdeep from the main Kelemvorite church in Ormath in late 1371DR, during the Feast of the Moon, and was announced as having replaced Raelar Hosthann as high priest of the House of Dusk after the latter's self-imposed exile. Wields Illūrvhos, the legendary Flail of Fear and Flame (formerly the weapon-of-choice of Maloghar the Old Bones, the high priest of Myrkul that once terrorized Nimoar's Hold and the Dessarin lands).


Menaster [ Source: SSI Official AD&D Computer Product Treasures of the Savage Frontier. Name/Description given ]

Mhaershimmer [ An 01/02/14 posting to the message boards by Ed Greenwood. Name/Description given ]

Mhair Szeltune (NG HF W19) or (NG HF [Illuskan] W5/guild wizard of waterdeep10/archmage4) [ Source: City of Splendors: Who's Who In Waterdeep, p.56 and p.83 and City of Splendors: Waterdeep, p.30 and Marco Volo: Departure, p.12 and A 08/09/17 Twitter reply to @TheEdVerse by Ed Greenwood . Name/Description/Stats given ]

Mhairuun [ Source: Ruins of Undermountain: Undermountain Adventures, p.28 and FOR2 The Drow of the Underdark, p.123. Name/Description given ]

Mharane Featherbone [ Source: "Eyes on the Ball," Derek Myers, Dungeon Magazine #206. Name/Description given ]

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Gomrrah Shaen (LN HM F7/Exp2/P4 of Gond)
The Master of the Manysails. Commander of the Namtamrrah (The Order of the Nautical Spyglass, The Magnificent Manysails), the naval fleet (such as it is) of Lantan. The Lantanna prefer to rely on their coastal defenses (especially their bombards) and their readily-raised fleets of merchant freesails rather than a standing navy, but Gomrrah keeps what ships and crew he has trained and ready to fight. The mentor and long-time confidant of Theros Sulshaeroon; the two meet twice-yearly in Mintarn to catch up and vie over a selection of strategy games.

The Good Knaves
Not "The Good Knives," no matter how some members wished it. Minor street gang of minor street toughs. Ran in the Dock Ward shadows between the Xanathar territories and the Hin-patrolled area around Snail Street. Made the mistake one dark night of challenging the assassin Hanashall "Darkspell," who was feigning injury and lying in wait for other prey. Of the only surviving members, Lazy Lorrel and Majie "Sour Mouse," the former was caught pilfering a Red Sash cache and didn't live to stand for a magister's sentencing, while the latter found employment as a Dock Ward tavern wench and was later welcomed into the Headsmen street gang.

Majie "Sour Mouse"
(MAY-Jee) Pretty, brusque, sulky-eyed. Can throw or sling stones with deadly accuracy. Only surviving member of the Good Knaves street gang. Currently earns coin as a Dock Ward tavern wench. A member of the Headsmen street gang.

Gorelgaund, The White Horror of Hellgate
Legendary beast said to haunt the deep pines around Hellgate Dell. Tales and rumored sightings of Gorelgaund date back some two centuries, but seem to have increased in frequency since the fall of the dread Keep itself. They say that the White Horror walks like a white bear, and wears the great shaggy pelt of a white bear, but that its' gait is more purposeful than any ordinary white bear and its' pelt hangs lustreless and ill-fitting as if something wore it from within. It is also said that when the beast opens its' great toothy maw there is revealed a nightmare of pulsating foulness and rot straining to escape. And that its' roar was not the bellow of a regular bear, but of something more high-pitched and lupine, or possibly metallic and scaled.
        The hunter Entsblood recently claimed to have encountered a great bruin south of the dark clefts above the Leaf-Lorns that slunk like a drunken man and wore its pelt like an ill-cured coat and when he set upon and slew it from the corpse came a torrent of black, bloody, writhing masses of eyes and legs, like spider-things out of the Nine Hells. And he said that these abominations seemed to be feeding on the insides of this particular bear, and that only recently, so it could not have been the true White Bear of Hellgate, although it may be that it had recently come in proximity with it, and been infected as a result.

Gorthaun Helmshorn (LG HM F6)
A member of the Men of the Black Hammer Banner, one of the city's itinerant "blade fellowships." A hardened, battle-scarred veteran of the Sudabaran legions. Part-owner of The Ill-Met Sorceress, a notorious tankard house in lower Dock Ward.

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The Five Skull-Happy People You....Ehh, Whatever. On a Scale SKULLS of 1 - 5
"It is not my intention to be fulsome, but I confess that I covet your skull."
      The Hound of the Baskervilles, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Baerelantyr "Blackskulls" of Nesmé
A noted invoker whose charred corpse was found on the Field of Triumph after a spellduel in Alturiak 1369DR. Someone later animated his remains and used them to masquerade as a lich-like being claiming to be the fiendish killer known as the Godstalker. In life, Blackskulls had skin the color of old ivory, a shaved head, bushy eyebrows, and a fleshy mouth full of crooked teeth.
SKULL-HAPPY-NESS (*): Laaame. Show, don't tell, Mr. "Blackskulls." Don't just shave your head, get out Grandpa's good shoe-black and go to town, really commit.

The Savage Skulls
A Dock Ward street gang of some growing repute. Skulls of both sexes keep their heads shaved, and when out looking for trouble wear white skull-like facepaint, with vertical crimson slashes across their craniums denoting leadership or "battle valor." Currently led by Hamthramn.
SKULL-HAPPY-NESS (**): Mondo-cool idea in theory, but you really just look like Johnny & co. from the The Karate Kid Halloween-dance in execution. Wax off, punks.

Holsten Dwimmerlock
Cormyrean adventurer and illusionist. Author of Dweomers Divers and Holsten's Hornbook. Met his doom roasting inside the Brazen Bull of Marhvost, in the halls of the Talfir-King Nodros. His half-orc henchman Hashknife escaped with both tomes, and later sold them to a mage of Delimbiyran. The tomes, and the burnished speaking-skull of Holsten, lay in the vaults of the Tower of the Watchful Order for a time, until they were stolen in the summer of 1364DR (by the Dragon Mage Maaril, some whisper).
SKULL-HAPPY-NESS (***): You ever played Graveyard Keeper? Bouncing, brew-thirsty Gerry is obviously the spitting image of Holsten's skull. Pretty sure Maaril is desperately plotting ways to stuff him back into the Order vaults, tout suite. blub blub, blub, blubbblub!

Eldreth Zanderraum
Leader of the Unyielding Sword mercenary company (as of 1379DR). A free-willed flameskull (undead flying skull). [ Source: "Eyes on the Ball," Derek Myers, Dungeon Magazine #206. Name/Description given ]
SKULL-HAPPY-NESS (****): Flaming. Undead. Flying. Skull. Do I really need to say more?

The Bold Fellows
One of the city's short-lived "blade-fellowships." They disappeared into the Lizard Marsh in the summer of 1360DR. The only surviving member, the warrior Elleph Osczil, turned up in the city in 1362 and told of the rest of the company meeting their end in the stewpots of the Scaled Folk. He also claimed the lizardmen worshiped a giant golden idol guarded by seven floating, sentient wyrm skulls.
SKULL-HAPPY-NESS (*******): Ooh, this one has got it all! Skulls! Sentient, floating! Wyrm skulls (the coolest of all skulls, rawr!)! Double exclamation points, inside and out of parenthesis! The number SeVeN!!! Skull-scale only goes up to five, but this one turns all the way up to eleven, SEVEN, baby!

Gotta admit, I did not see that one coming!

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