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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Dalor Darden Posted - 17 Mar 2011 : 18:40:37
I started a thread a while back called Valuable Villains, and it has had some pretty good I thought I would start another for simply placing Valuable NPCs (not Villains) that folks could use too!
11   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Dalor Darden Posted - 14 Mar 2019 : 18:32:03
Dazzlerdal will remember this fellow...I'm not posting stats because I don't have them; but he can be a very useful NPC who can bridge the gap for a party between orcs and civilization.



Kaern is a Mountain Orc in appearance; but his life has been nearly wholly apart from the barbarity of his kin. The parting of ways was early in his life as a part of the Axebiter Clan within the bounds of the Coldwood.

Kaern quickly grew to be a massive and powerful warrior within his people’s ranks. At only ten years of age he was already hunting and ready for war...but it never came to him. While hunting with several others, the group came into conflict with a Hill Giant over the remains of their kill. Kaern had actually delivered the killing spear throw against the Elk, and his pride propelled him to a senseless act.

Kaern pulled his stone-tipped hunting spear from the Elk’s neck, and hurled it at the Hill Giant thinking to strike the brute dead as well; he was followed by the other young hunters who threw their axes, spears and even stones as well. Kaern then drew his elk-horn daggers and moved to do battle with the giant. The end came quickly to the fight for Kaern. As he closed, the Hill Giant grabbed Kaern by his head in its massive hand; Kaern stabbing quickly and deeply into its arm with his horn daggers the giant simply rid himself of the daggers by flinging Kaern across the clearing where the orc slammed into a tree and broke his back.

As he fell to the ground unconscious, Kaern did not witness the death of his fellow hunters. The giant cared little for orc whelp bone weapons and so simply took the Elk and left. Waking a full day later, the snow falling upon him and burying him beneath it; Kaern knew he was broken and couldn’t walk. He knew he couldn’t return to his hungry people; he would likely be eaten by starving whelps who most likely wouldn’t even wait for him to be dead!

Having no other option, Kaern pulled his twisted body to where he saw a bloody patch of snow. He took flesh from his kinsman, now frozen and so preserved. Having secured food, he began to pull himself away to where he knew not. For days he pulled his broken body through the Cold Woods, sliding along like a slug he quickly became disgusted with his own body and his weakness. He vowed to himself that he would kill the next living thing he saw or die (most likely) in the attempt.

As he searched for shelter before the night came, Kaern heard the sound of laughter. Crimson began to cover his eyes, the lust for killing or embrace of death to end his misery consumed him and so he crawled arm over arm toward the laughter. Finally he reached the camp of men he had heard laughing, saw their fire which caused his mind to burn even stronger with rage. He knew only orcish truly, and little Common; so he simply roared “Ugrukh Meat!”

He had not seen the guard on the perimeter, a heavy boot landed on his dagger carrying hand. Kaern roared in anger and looked up. He saw only a somewhat orcish face grin down at him; and then the axe-haft nearly caved in his skull and brought on him darkness.

When Kaern woke, he was strapped handily to the back of a wagon; his back on fire because of his seated position. He looked around and saw a grinning half-orc wearing chain armor and carrying an axe walking near him beside the wagon. His clothing was human, his weapons were finely made. He wore a holy symbol of the human godling Tempus on an iron chain around his neck. “Gundroar is my name little whelp,” stated the half-orc in Kaern’s language. “You are now my prisoner and will go where I go. If you learn, you will perhaps live; if you do not learn, I will allow these mercenaries I walk with to slay you as they wished when you crawled toward them in your madness.” Kaern simply eyed him, fearful that if he made a noise it would be one of pain.

From that day forward, Kaern did indeed travel with Gundroar. The half-orc was what the humans called a mercenary; and so too did Kaern become a mercenary. He became known to the mercenaries as Kaern “the Clanless” or “Dragonhelm” because of the gift given him by his mentor Gundroar.

Kaern served many years as a mercenary after mending under the hands of the man Gundroar; who became as a brother to Kaern. Gundroar was a warrior, but he was first a priest of the God Tempus. Though Kaern never prayed to Tempus, he came to respect the humans who called on this wargod; but Gundroar also taught Kaern of the orcish gods and of the ways of humanity and their civilization.

Though greatly slowed by his poorly mended broken back, Kaern did indeed heal and become strong. Always helmed when within the service of men, Kaern easily adapted to the mercenary work that the Zhentarim offered to he and his sword-brother Gundroar in far lands such as the great expanse of Anauroch guarding caravans, then within the lands called Daggerdale, before finally serving again across the desert along The Black Road and into the lands of The North recently.

As is the life of mercenaries, one day Gundroar died with great honor and pride in battle against a rival mercenary group near the town of Llorkh. Kaern honored his brother-in-arms by killing the dwarf that felled Gundroar. After the battle, Kaern had decided he would leave the Zhentarim work he had grown accustomed to. He had no desire to simply serve as battle-fodder any longer; though he greatly enjoyed the battle opportunities and honor he felt. It simply had changed toO greatly with the death of Gundroar.

Kaern took a horse, coin, provisions and weapons enough for two warriors and left the area of Llork; intent to find glory in the lands of his former people. Kaern was dead to them he knew; it had been five years since he had left the lands of his people a prisoner. He hoped to find acceptance among the humans as Kaern “the Clanless”; but knew the humans there rarely accepted orcs among them.

Having learned from Gundroar that the easiest way to make friends with humans was to kill a mutual enemy, Kaern decided he would kill the dreaded spiders of the Cold Wood and offer many of them as a peace offering; that had been the plan at any rate.

Appearance: Kaern is a massive orc; even among Mountain Orcs he is deemed exceedingly powerful and huge. At 7'7" tall, Kaern is not among the tallest of his kind; but his sheer physical presence (carried upon a frame weighing an impressive 376 pounds) can dominate a room. Kaern keeps his black hair in heavy braids, not matted at all, held by leather thongs which have clasps of silver hole-punched coins. He has tribal tattoos of the Axebiter clan on his deep green/black skin he gained as a young hunter which prove him a member of that clan, but these are on his chest and so covered by his armor. Kaerns deeply red eyes are nearly black; but at times glow fiercely in the night from beneath his full helm when he is in battle.

Kaern wears heavy chain armour over leather padding; the chain is itself covered by well-oiled blackened leathers. Kaern had this armor made in the forges of Zhentil Keep while there, and is very proud of it. His Great Helm was a gift from Gundroar, and the twin dragon-heads facing each other over its crest makes Kaern appear even larger along with his bulky armor. Completely unarmored, Kaern will be seen to have a massive scar ripped into his low back across his spine along with dozens of minor scars from the weapons he can rarely avoid due to his slow reactions.

Kaern carries a light lance in his hand at all times, used either from horseback one handed or thrown before melee on foot; though his primary weapon is a prized greatsword taken as loot from the body of an ogre. Kaern could probably wield the thing one handed; but he likes to grip the long haft of the blade with both hands and rend foes with swings capable of hewing small trees and heads alike. Kaern carries a large round shield at all times, either on his back or strapped to his left arm while mounted. He has been known to use it to slam foes to the ground, but just as often discards it to use his greatsword. If ranged combat beyond a spear throw is needed, then Kaern employs a truly savage looking iron and bone composite shortbow he can use from horseback or on foot; the arrows for the weapon are exceedingly heavy with broad steel tips. On his left hip, Kaern carries an ever changing assortment of weapons as a back-up; currently a longsword taken from a recently killed foe. Kaern also carries an assortment of daggers, shanks, and other minor weapons on himself at all times.

Personality: Kaern is a product of wild freedom from birth, and tempered warrior from trade. He does not believe in laws, they make little sense to him at all. He only believes in strength, honor and glory. His wild impulses have been strongly tempered by somewhat civilized education; he will fight in battle among ordered ranks and knows the value of strategy over simply attacking a seen foe. Kaern cares little for weak creatures; but even the weakest that shows signs of bravery can win his respect as he has not forgotten his own weakness in his youth; especially as he is constantly reminded of it with each step he takes.

Primarily Kaern gets along well with anyone who is willing to fight and that doesn’t rely on others to protect them. This includes those capable of wielding Art, as he realizes Art is a powerful weapon that should always be respected though he has no fear of it. Kaern, once willing to eat even a kinsman to survive, will only resort to the eating of other “thinkers” under the most dire circumstances; though he will do so if bugs, worms or other barely thinkable food is not to be found. Knowing full well the effect this would have on non-goblinoids, he doesn’t even speak of this; a survival trait learned early within the ranks of mercenaries he served with who admonished him that such things were simply not to be done to fallen comrades or even a respected enemy.

Kaern has gained an admiration and desire of human women, especially those who are large and strong; what some humans would call simply fat. He has yet to find one that will have him though; so most of his rutting is with half-orc women when they can be found though he isn’t above almost any humanoid if the urge strikes him and they are willing; as is the way with orcs it would seem. Unlike other orcs, however, Kaern doesn’t consider rape honorable; and so has never done so. He enjoys being desired because he is massive and powerful.

Kaern is quiet and seemingly sullen, not prone to loud boasting as he has spent many years among humans who had little desire to speak equally with an orc. Once called a green-skinned dwarf because of his drinking mood; Kaern simply knocked the speaker unconscious with his empty mug and took the fools mug for himself. Unusual for an orc in many ways, Kaern is well-educated as well…having learned reading, writing and mathematics from his adopted brother Gundroar. Kaern also learned battle-tactics and has a grasp of advanced strategy as well. His quiet is a quiet of “Listen Kaern, learn well from the humans!” to which he always answered “Aye Gundroar.” Kaern has indeed learned well.

Kaern’s Motivation: Kaern desires both battle-glory and fame. He longs to return to his people, but he feels superior to them now because of what he has learned. He often dreams of becoming very powerful among his people and driving them toward goals of more than simple survival and war. He has no desire to rule a kingdom as many other civilized beings might; but it does rest in an easy place in his mind that he might gift his people with powerful weapons, armor and a place in the world beyond simple savages in the wilderness.

Kaern isn’t happy as a mercenary, coin means little to him except as a means to obtain ever finer arms and armor. He desires to, some glorious day, walk into battle clad in fine orc-made plate armor of magical might; swinging to the death of his enemies a magical sword that will be recounted for ages to come as the weapon of Kaern.

…and he loves to kill giants and their kin more than anything.


Kaern could serve under Obould in your adventures as a type of diplomatic envoy, or the same role he could hold for any number of otherwise evil enemies. His alignment is firmly in the range of Neutral with slight evil tendencies however; and so if he can find anyone other than orcs or the Zhentarim to work for he will.

I hope you find a use for him, it was certainly fun creating him and playing him for a short while in Dazzlerdal's awesome game.
Dalor Darden Posted - 14 Mar 2019 : 00:18:18
I wanted to bump this scroll too and dust it off for some additions coming soon...but also in case anyone else would like to share some of the "nice" sorts of NPCs and not just the villains.
Diffan Posted - 07 Mar 2018 : 04:49:51
Here's some common soldiers you'd find in Cormyr's towns and villages. I've got some Purple Dragons statted up too, which I can post later in the week.

9 (1 HD)
Male or Female Chondathan human warrior 1
LG or LN Medium humanoid
Init +4; Senses Listen +1, Spot +1
Languages Chondathan, Common
AC 17, touch 10, flat-footed 17
(+5 armor, +2 shield)
Fort +3, Ref +0, Will -1
Speed 20 ft. in chain mail; base 30 ft.
Melee long sword +2 (1d8+1/19-20) or
Melee club +3 (1d6+1/x2)
Ranged light crossbow +1 (1d8/19-20)
Base Atk +1; Grp +2
Abilities Str 13, Dex 11, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 9, Cha 8
Feats Alertness, Improved Initiative
Skills Climb -2, Jump -2, Swim -10
Possessions chain mail, club, heavy steel shield, light crossbow with 20 bolts, long sword, 1d4 gp.

19 (2 HD)
Male or Female Chondathan human fighter 2
LG or LN Medium humanoid
Init +5; Senses Listen +1, Spot +1
Languages Chondathan, Common
AC 18, touch 11, flat-footed 17
(+5 armor, +1 Dex, +2 shield)
Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +2
Speed 20 ft. in masterwork breastplate; base 30 ft.
Melee mwk long sword +6 (1d8+2/19-20)
Ranged mwk light crossbow +4 (1d8/19-20)
Base Atk +2; Grp +4
Atk Options Cleave, Power Attack
Abilities Str 15, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8
Feats Cleave*, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (long swords)*
* Fighter bonus feats
Skills Climb +3, Jump +3, Swim -1
Possessions masterwork breastplate, masterwork heavy steel shield, masterwork light crossbow with
20 bolts, masterwork long sword, 1d6 gp.
Dalor Darden Posted - 17 Feb 2018 : 00:06:17
Gammel Krage is a very old Druid, but rarely if ever has he walked the path of a man. None truly know his origin, but he walks as easily with the Fey as any could hope to do and not be lost forever to them.

Gammel travels the Dales and the deep woods of the Elven Court, ever on the lookout for evil creatures bent on hurting his homeland. Gammel cares little for the towns and cities of course; and more for the land and those beings that live in harmony with it. He will gladly do battle against evil creatures, but his ways are those of the slow mover. He is known to aid those who, whether they know it or not, are working to help the lands. Gammel prefers long term goals slowly worked to fruition over abrupt and immediate combat.

Because Gammel has sworn off the trappings of civilization, he has also sworn off wealth, magical items and so forth. Those that come to him are often given as gifts to lone travelers who simply find them sitting at their fire in the morning; or, as is most often his desire, Gammel simply destroys those things made by civilization and returns their component pieces to nature.

Gammel does desire two things however: the destruction of the Zhentarim and the same for the Cult of the Dragon. Gammel hates evil wizards, clerics and undead…the spreaders of ruin and destruction most unnatural in the world. He will often work behind the scenes to aid any individual or group that works against such forces.

Gammel travels most often as a bird of prey that circles high over head watching the goings on below (he favors the form of an eagle); and knows full well the range of True Seeing, and so stays well away from those he is spying upon. When Gammel finds someone of note, he will approach them in human form most often; but only after finding out all he can from a distance as a deer, wolf, bear or some other common wildlife in the area. Because he carries no magic of any sort, few ever suspect that the old man is anything but what he claims to be. His lies range from being an old hermit, to a pilgrim, to even being honest and saying he is a druid.

If Gammel finds someone he thinks needs help against unnatural forces or evil, the druid will place what help he can in the path of the individual or group; whether it is the body of an orc he mangled as a bear that carries a magical weapon they may need or leading them in the right direction using whatever animal forms he thinks are most appropriate.

On the rare occasion that Gammel aids someone directly, in combat, he will assume the form of a Giant Eagle or Giant Owl and attack fiercely any spellcaster that he thinks he can quickly over-power. If undead are the enemy, he will nearly always assume the shape of a Unicorn and activate his most potent defenses and his Holy Radiance power before attacking. He will constantly summon creatures to his aid while doing so, never relenting in his attack once engaged except to finally retreat if needed. He does not believe in giving quarter to undead…ever.

At no point will Gammel ever willingly enter a town unless he is giving chase to an enemy, or the need to communicate with someone in the town is of utmost urgency. When he does enter a town, it will usually be in the form of a common animal; he has entered an enemy stronghold once as a “lost” horse that the wizard’s soldiers found in the woodlands and captured. The wizard died that night under the claws of a great hunting cat that found its way into the wizard’s quarters through an open window.

DM NOTE: Gammel Krage has no “home” or other sentiments to protect. He has no favored meditation pool, regular sleeping area or any such thing. He travels as does a wild animal; but even more unpredictable because he intentionally varies his travels so that there is never any routine to his existence. He has been struck by a near life-long form of wander-lust and favors no home over any tree to sleep in. In fact, these days he tends to sleep in the shape of an animal; usually within a tree or burrow. His last act of killing a wizard in his keep resulted in him actually returning to the stables, taking the form of the same horse, and then being ridden out of the keep by a former retainer of the wizard. That young apprentice wizard was later found face down in the muddy tracks of a trail not too far away; his body apparently ravaged by a pack of wolves. Using Gammel a DM should never let anyone know exactly who he is and what he stands for.

Gammel Krage
Male Dalesman Human Druid 9
NG Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +2; Senses Listen +15, Spot +15
Languages Chondathan, Common, Druidic, Sylvan, Elven, Giant
AC 21, 13 touch, 19 flat-footed (+7 Supernatural, +1 Deflection, +1 Natural, +2 Dex)
hp 59 (HD 9d8+9)
Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +13
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares); Face/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Melee +12/+7 (1d6x2 Staff)
Base Atk +6; Grp +12
Atk Options Staff, spells, wildshaping
Combat Gear: Quarterstaff
Druid Spells Prepared ( base DC = 16 + spell level; caster level 9th)
0th- Cure Minor Wounds x2, Detect Magic, Flare, Light, Resistance
1st- Cure Light Wounds x2, Entangle, Longstrider, Produce Flame, Speak with Animals
2nd- Barkskin, Heat Metal, Hold Animal, Owl’s Wisdom, Tree Shape, Warp Wood
3rd- Cure Moderate Wounds, Dominate Animal, Neutralize Poison, Protection from Energy
4th- Dispel Magic, Freedom of Movement, Ice Storm
5th- Stoneskin, Tree Stride
NOTE: Gammel changes his spell list often, wholly depending on what he is currently undertaking; this list is what he might have if traveling a long distance with no true purpose.

Abilities: Str 11(+0), Dex 15(+2), Con 13(+1), Int 14(+2), Wis 22(+6), Cha 17(+3)
SQ AC Bonus +7 (Su), Endure Elements (Ex), Exalted Strike +1 (Su)- any weapon or natural attack Gammel uses is considered +1 as well for purposes of damage reduction, Sustenance (Ex)- Gammel does not require food or drink, Deflection bonus +1 to AC (Su), Resistance to all saving throws +1 (Ex), Ability Enhancement (Ex), Gammel has a +2 bonus to his Wisdom score, Natural Armor bonus +1 (Ex), Mind Shielding (Ex)- Gammel is constantly protected from all attempts to discern his thoughts, detect his alignment, or discern if he is lying. Due to Gammel’s Vow of Poverty, he has been granted 5 Exalted Feats based upon his level. Animal Companion, Nature Sense, Wild Empathy, Woodland Stride, Trackless Step, Resist Nature’s Lure, Wild Shape (3xday, Large), Venom Immunity.
Feats: Sacred Vow (+2 to Diplomacy checks) (1st), Vow of Poverty (1st), Nymph’s Kiss (bonus Exalted) (+2 to Charisma related checks, +1 bonus to saves against spells, and +1 skill point per level), Nimbus of Light (+2 Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks with Good Creatures), Holy Radiance (all undead in 10’ take 1d4 damage per round), Intuitive Attack (Wis bonus on attacks), Exalted Wild Shape (may also change into Blink Dog, Giant Eagle, Giant Owl, Pegasus or Unicorn), Track (3rd), Improved Counterspell (6th), Natural Spell (9th)
Skills: Concentration +13 {12}, Diplomacy +11 (+13 with good creatures) {4} Heal +8 {2} , Knowledge: Nature +20 {12}, Listen +15 {9}, Sense Motive +12 (+14 with good creatures) {6}, Spellcraft +14 {12}, Spot +15 {9}, Survival +20 {12}
Synergy bonuses not included.

Possessions: Quarterstaff, wooden holy symbol of Lurue, old dirty gray robes and sandals.
Hook: “You’re in the Mother’s Forest now child.”

Description: Gammel is old and bent, his long hair falling freely about his shoulders and his ancient beard most likely never having been cut falls fully past his waist. He appears well into his ancient years; but is still has a spring in his step and isn’t truly fragile appearing.
Height: 6,1", Weight: 138lbs, Hair: white, Eyes: icy-blue.
Nicolai Withander Posted - 29 Apr 2012 : 16:54:55
Do the spell list... that would be awesome!
Dalor Darden Posted - 29 Apr 2012 : 16:17:54
I really let this thread fall by the wayside, but I think it could really be pun intended.

What thread of Diffan's has NPCs in it...I must have missed it?

I'll come back to this soon, and I'm going to start a "Valuable Magic Items" thread also!

May even start a "Valuable Wizard's Spells" thread, "Valuable Cleric's Spells" thread and so on...but I don't originate many of those spells honestly...aside from some few spells I created for my own wizard.

Be back soon!
Diffan Posted - 27 Aug 2011 : 04:52:23
Kroth of the Grim Skulls

This thuggish brute is a lot like others of his brotheren, cold and hostile. He, however, knows that living like those of his kind will likely lead to a pointless death with little meaning. So he's taken his strength and skill of arms in search for more profit and to carve a name for himself in the books of legend.

Currently, he walks about the city streets of Waterdeep, looking for those who have enough coin to pay for his services. These jobs tend to be body-guard, caravan guard, and occasionally join adventuring parties that venture out of the city. He's taken a few jobs at sea but he knows that he can't deal with the open water for long voyages.

Kroth of the Grim Skulls (RAGING); CR 6
Male orc barbarian 1/ fighter 4
CN Medium humanoid (orc)
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Listen +2, Spot +0
Languages Common, Orcish
AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 16
(+5 armor, +2 Dex, +2 shield, +1 deflection, -2 rage)
hp 57 (5 HD)
Fort +9, Ref +5, Will +3
Weakness light sensitivity
Speed 40 ft. (8 squares)
Melee mwk battleaxe +13 (1d8+8/x3) or
Melee +1 orcish claws of attack +12 (1d6+4/19-20) or
Melee mwk battleaxe +11 (1d8+8/x3) and
+1 orcish claws of attack +10 (1d6+4/19-20) with Two-Weapon Fighting
Ranged javelin +7 (1d6+6/x2)
Base Atk +5; Grp +11
Atk Options rage 1/day (+4 Str, +2 Con, -2 AC; 5/rounds)
Combat Gear 1 potion of cure serious wounds (CL 3rd), 2 potions of protection from arrows (10/magic)
Maneuvers and Stances Known (IL 2nd):
Strikes—wolf-fang strike (1st) *see Tome of Battle for maneuver’s description
Disciplines: Tiger Claw
The orc gladiator can only initiate this maneuver once per encounter, with no recovery possible.
Abilities Str 23 (19), Dex 14, Con 18 (16), Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 12
Feats Improved Buckler Defense, Lightning Reflexes, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (battleaxe), Weapon Specialization (battleaxe)
Skills Climb +7, Intimidate +6, Jump +6, Survival +3, Swim +0
Possessions Combat gear plus masterwork spiked breastplate, +1 spiked armored pauldron, +1 orcish tiger claw bracers of attack, masterwork battleaxe, ring of protection +1, 195 gp, 12 sp.
MalariaMoon Posted - 23 Aug 2011 : 17:14:23
Ceirynel Scatteredsky
Male Lythari Bard 11

2nd edition Lythari did not have a hybrid form, unlike the rules presented in 3rd edition Races of Faerun. To me, the 2nd edition version seems more in keeping with my conception of the lythari, thus you won't find a stats for hybrid form here.

Further information concerning
Lafylyth - the moonblade of the Lythari can be found on page 49 of the Candlekeep Magic Shop of this very forum.

Ceirynel Scatteredsky (elven form) CR 13
Male Lythari Bard 11
CG medium humanoid (shapechanger)
Init +2 Senses Low-light vision, scent, Listen +6, Spot +1
Languages Elven, Common, Sylvan, Chondathan
AC 15, touch 15, flat-footed12 (+2 dex, +2 natural armour, dodge feat)
Hp 80 (13 HD)
Immune sleep, countersong, lightning bolt (from moonblade)
Fort +9 Ref +12 Will +8 (+10 vs. enchantments and illusions)
Speed 30’ (6 squares)
Melee +3 keen moonblade +13/+8 (1d8+4/17-20x2)
Base Attack +9/+4 Grapple +10
Special Attacks None
Bard Spells Prepared (CL 11)
0 – Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, Know Direction, Message, Read Magic, Resistance
1st - Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Hypnotism, Remove Fear, Undetectable Alignment
2nd – Blur, Delay Poison, Heroism, Misdirection, Silence
3rd – Blink, Good Hope, Invisibility Sphere, Scrying
4th – Freedom of Movement, Greater Invisibility, Shadow Conjuration
Abilities Str 10, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 15, Wis 12, Cha 16
SQ +2 save vs. illusion spells, +2 heal, hide, knowledge – arcana, move silently, spellcraft and survival checks, bardic knowledge +13, bardic music: countersong, fascinate, inspire competence, inspire courage, suggestion, inspire greatness
Feats Dodge, Self-Sufficient, Spellwise, Stealthy
Skills Climb+5, Concentration+2, Decipher Script+2, Diplomacy+6, Escape Artist+2, Handle Animal+4, Heal+7, Hide+7, Jump+2, Knowledge – Arcana+5, Knowledge – Geography+2, Knowledge – History+3, Knowledge – Nature+5, Listen+5, Move Silently+7, Perform (sing)+3, Search+3, Sense Motive+4, Spellcraft+6, Survival+9, Tumble+2
Possessions: Lafylyth – Moonblade of the Lythari
If Ceirynel assumes wolf form use the following statistics

Init +5
AC 18, touch 18, flat-footed 14 (+5 dex, +2 natural armour, +1 dodge feat)
Hp 80 DR 10/silver
Fort +11 Ref +14 Will +8 (+10 vs. enchantment and illusions)
Speed 50’ (10 squares)
Melee +3 keen bite +13/+8 (1d6+4/19-20)
Special Attacks trip
Abilities Str 12, Dex 20, Con 20, Int 15 Wis 12, Cha 16
SQ cannot cast spells in wolf form
MalariaMoon Posted - 23 Aug 2011 : 16:55:08
Ceirynel Scatteredsky
Male Lythari Bard 11

Appearance: Like all lythari, Ceirynel has two forms; one being that of a green or wood elf, and the other a beautiful and powerful wolf. In elven form, Ceirynel appears as a tall, vigorous elf of middle age. His skin has a pale, frosty pallor that blooms with a rosy tint when he is angry or excited. He has handsome, noble features, green eyes and a small scar across the left side of his mouth. This disfiguration leaves him with a stern expression even when relaxed and happy. Ceirynel’s hair is a long mane of silver, black and grey strands resembling the colouration of his pelt when he transforms into a wolf. A bone circlet across his brow prevents his hair from obscuring his face.
In elven form Ceirynel dresses lightly, favouring a knee length deerskin tunic tied simply with a vine belt. Such clothing falls away easily without damage when he changes into a wolf. Ceirynel carries the magical longsword Lafylyth, a moonblade forged specifically to serve the lythari people. When in elven form he carries the sword in a leather scabbard across his back. The moonblade is absorbed into his being when he metamorphoses into a wolf, and actually transfers some its magical abilities to the wolf form. Aside from Lafylyth, Ceirynel is rarely encountered carrying civilised trappings. He leaves the wilderness so rarely he carries no money, and usually hunts and sleeps as a wolf.
His lupine form is that of a normal wolf, albeit a wolf stronger, sleeker and more striking than typical. Ceirynel’s pelt is almost white across the belly and thighs, whilst his back, shoulders, haunches and tail are an attractive blend of silver, black and grey hairs.
Personality: The lythari are a shy and secretive people. Ceirynel’s mission on Faerun dictates he communicate more with other elves and even other races on occasion, but it would be incorrect to label him outgoing. His meetings with non-lythari are chosen with care, although Ceirynel comes across as polite, honourable and keenly intelligent in these brief and very rare encounters.
Amongst his own people, Ceirynel is known for his wisdom and kindness. He is one of the great oral historians of the lythari people, and always takes wolf form to howl the night long songs recounting the deeds of lythari heroes forgotten by the rest of the world.
Even before departing Evermeet, Ceirynel was known as a wanderer and explorer. Very few elves can match his knowledge of the secret glades and hidden trails concealed within the island’s forests. Ceirynel has visited every tribe of lythari inhabiting Evermeet on his roaming, and his reputation is high throughout the lythari community.
All lythari despise violence, but Ceirynel is a little more willing to enter battle compared to the majority of his brethren. While most lythari fight only to defend themselves or their young, Ceirynel’s experience has led him to recognise that in order to protect his people he must occasionally take the fight to his enemies. However, he still finds battle sickening, and prefers to fight in elven form so that his moonblade can provide some distance between him and the blood he spills.
Ceirynel worships Oberon of the Seelie Court.
History: Ceirynel is believed to have lived for approximately two centuries. As a youth, he ran with the Greyhunt tribe, and didn’t adopt the name Scattersky until his departure for Faerun. He learnt the oral histories of the lythari from Arctos Greyhunt, an ancient member of their people believed to live still somewhere in Evermeet’s forests. Following Arctos’ tuition, Ceirynel left the Greyhunt tribe and roamed as a lone wolf between different bands of lythari, cultivating friendships and respect throughout Evermeet. During this time, Ceirynel met and befriended the wise old lythari healer Adlanniel Brightdawn; the bearer of Lafylyth, the fabled moonblade of the lythari.
Although the anarchic lythari have never had the motivation or consensus to endorse a leader, Adlanniel was a figurehead to her people. In the closing stages of her life she advocated the lythari should join their elven brethren in the Return to their old holdings of the Faerunian mainland. To further this mission, she passed the Lafylyth to Ceirynel, who bore it across the Sea of Swords. In the years that followed, Ceirynel travelled far and wide across the Realms, making contact with the lythari inhabiting the Forest of Tethyr and other groups in remote, secret locations in the furthest corners of the Savage North. At present, Ceirynel dwells in the depths of the High Forest with a small tribe of lythari who followed him from Evermeet.
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Let's get this thread started ...

Shaddon of the White Cape
CG hm F11


Shaddon of the White Cape is a fine sight, and by Sune's tresses he knows it. He is tall and well-muscled, his face strong and noble, with well groomed brown hair and the faintest hint of stubble. His eyes are grey and usually express an air of dignified neutrality, but when enflamed they burn with danger and passion.

He always wears the fine cape of pure white that has come to be his symbol. The body of the cloak is simple cotton, but this is replaced by a pair of ermine furs about the shoulders. The cape is fastened at the front by a small silver pin shaped to resemble a pair of wings.

The rest of his clothes are of equally fine make, and usually in dark colours to make the cloak more magnificent. He wears a coat of gleaming steel ring mail and a well-made longsword at his hip. He usually carries a small knife in his boot.

Magical Items

Ring Mail+1: Nobody is really sure where Shaddon acquired this fine suit of armour, and surprisingly the smug warrior has never ventured any tales regarding its origin. This probably means he acquired it ignominiously, by plundering a crypt or stealing it from the body of a corpse.

The ring mail is an ancient design of dwarven make, and may date back to pre-Netherese times. Though not enchanted with any particularly strong magic, the skill of its dwarven artificers ensures it continues to shine like new centuries later.

Brooch of Feather Falling: This small silver clasp fastens Shaddon's cape and is fashioned like a pair of soaring wings. Shaddon purchased it from a merchant-mage in Ordulin. He loves showing it off by leaping dramatically off balconies or tall cliffs, as his white cape billows out behind him.


Though at heart a good man, Shaddon of the White Cape is difficult to genuinely like. He is well aware of his looks and charm, and has great pride in his skill and success. At the root, his ego far outweighs his merits, and he firmly believes himself to be the best businessman, best lover and best duellist in the Realms.

Of course, in reality he is none of these, although his fashion sense is admired by many. Despite the firm belief he is flawless, Shaddon regularly finds himself in embarrassing or even dangerous situations, although he usually charms his way to safety. A follower of Sune, goddess of beauty, he is of course a consummate womaniser, and has broken hearts across the Realms with his casual attitude romance.

Finally he is an avid gossip, and eager to encourage the spread of even the most wild rumours.


Shaddon's family, the Ordusks, moved into Archendale to start an orchard about thirty years ago. The insular folks of Archendale viewed these newcomers with a suspicion which is only just beginning to fade several decades on. However, Shaddon was born and bred in the dale, and was quickly able to overcome his neighbours distrust with his charisma.

Maturing to be a talented warrior, Shaddon left the quiet and unexciting dale as soon as he reached manhood. His adventuring band, formed with friends from Archenbridge, was known as 'Shaddon's Men', but it quickly disintegrated as the young warrior alienated his companions with his unquenchable ego. Shaddon himself continued to see the world for some years, but quickly came to dislike the anonymity he had in the new lands he visited.

On his return to Archendale he caused a stir by making enemies of the local trading coaster the Darkwater Brand, revealing their kidnapping and slaving operations that were taking place elsewhere in the Dalelands. Accusations flew and tension mounted and ultimately the youngest scion of the Dakker family (owners of the Darkwater Brand) was slain by Shaddon upon the stones of Dawnpost Bridge.

It was no longer safe for Shaddon to remain in Arkendale, and he fled east. However, his links with his home remain strong. Following his c challenge of the Dakker family, he was approached by Maximar Spendler, the chief of the Stone Crab Coster. Impressed with Shaddon's daring at taking on the Darkwater Brand, and aware of his charisma, Maximar recruited Shaddon as a representative of his merchant outfit, to help with its expansion beyond the Dalelands. This arrangement has proved very lucrative for Shaddon, and he may even stand in a position to take over the Stone Crab Coaster if Maximar should ever retire. However, this has infuriated Maximar Spendler's only son, the mage-in-training Dursk Spendler, who was constantly bullied by Shaddon in his youth.

Links to the Stone Crab Coaster aside, Shaddon of the White Cape it is rumoured Shaddon is occasionally contacted by the secret Swords of Archendale for special missions. He was last seen in Raven's Bluff.

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Good idea Dalor, but I wonder whether it would be worth collating all the threads into one? We already have Valuable Villains, plus Diffan's NPC thread, wouldn't it be easier if there was a just a single place to go for good NPCs to use in games, be they villain, ally or something in between? If the moderators look favourably on us, it could even be a sticky a la Magic Shop of Candlekeep.

Thanks for your kind comments about the Zhent mages, I'll hopefully post a few more NPCs soon!

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