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 The Five NPCs You Meet In Waterdeep

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
AJA Posted - 04 Nov 2018 : 06:57:13

(Or Silverymoon, or Irieabor or Westgate, feel free to change any proper nouns and place names)

Originally posted by OMNISCIENT DM VOICE
As you are shouldering through traffic on the High Road or lifting a jack of zzar in your favorite tavern, you look over and see....

Brief FRA-style blurbs of local Waterdhavians.
Entres are taken from a loose 1E - 3E timeframe.
These NPCs are obviously from my personal Realms; non-canonity abounds! "Published" NPCs that I've altered have their original references noted. Speaking of, I've also included reference notes for various minor official NPCs (published or "Ed Says,") for those who can use more Waterdeep lore but aren't interested in any of my natterings.


Aaletha Emmara Raeena Margaster (CN HF Aris)
A noble of House Margaster. Perennial loser of the "Lady Frost" contest at Mother Tathlorn's Annual Snowbound Festival. "Letha" is well known among Waterdeep's high society for her scathing tongue, loud tantrums and black temper. She fled the city in Eleasias of 1370, eloping with the noble Bragaster Raventree and several stolen family heirlooms, but recently returned (without Bragaster or the missing items).

Abaldar Bambrusk (NE HM Aris2/War4/T2)
The Golden Captain. Patriarch of the Bambrusk merchant clan. The Bambrusks, much like their distant blood relatives the Urmbrusks, are plentiful in the eastern parts of Alaron and Gwynneth. They are allied to House Hawkwinter through the marriage of Lord Eremos Hawkwinter to the lady Kyrin Bambrusk. The Hawkwinters regard them as lesser, "rural" cousins, but admire their skill at fighting and forestry. Abaldar divides his time between Waterdeep and Alaron, and is often found at sea aboard the caravel Gloaming Sails, flagship of his small merchant fleet. He specializes in trading elaborate Moonshaen tapestries and floor carpets for good steel weaponry (swordblades, halberd heads, arrowtips, etc.). It is whispered that much of the Bambrusk fortunes were made through supplying Northmen raiders and Moonshaen highwaymen with weaponry, but such tales are best told outside the hearing of Abaldar or his family members.

Abbast el Ammarkhan (N earth genasiM Bar2/F6)
The Red Colossus, The Unbeatable Abbast. A native of Calimshan. Perhaps the most popular "dare-all" (martialist) at the Field of Triumph. These days he prefers unarmed contests of wrestling and brute strength, but in his prime was one of the greatest bloody-blades in Waterdeep. Owns a masterful suit of gold and red mail gifted by the Lord Baerom Thunderstaff, a highcoin patron.

Abradan Lardahar
A master weaponsmith of Silverymoon. Renowned as the crafter of Athar's Shining Blades, a collection of seven masterwork blades (four longswords, two long daggers and a single broadsword) highly sought-after by collectors. The blades are unenchanted (though they would take one easily), with a natural +1 to hit and damage. Their real value lies in their craftsmanship and in their appeal to collectors. Indeed Lord Hawkwinter, owner of the largest single collection, proudly displays his three Lardahar-blades (Righteous Cleave, Knight's Honor and Solemn Duty) on the wall of his private study. Each weapon is etched with intricate details of the life and legend of Athar the Shining Knight, father of the current Open Lord Piergeiron, and all seven are hilt-wrapped in Abradan's trademark white dragonhide.

The Golden Smile. Festhall downdancer, named for the impressive rows of glittering false teeth lining her mouth. Her originals were lost due to the blows of a brutally sadistic Amnian merchant. In return she took his life, his gaudy gold rings (melted down and re-fashioned into her current opulent dentition) and his vitals, which she also had dipped in gold and wore around her neck for a time until her employers claimed they were making customers ill, and demanded she remove them.


Aaldric Talzon [ Source: "Arcane Lore: Spells of Defense," Owen K.C. Stephens, Dragon Magazine #271. Name/Description given ]
Adama Miiralin (CG HM P5 of Tymora) [ Source: "The Reports From Undermountain," Steven Schend, Dragon Magazine #227, p.15. Name/Description/Stats given ]

25   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
AJA Posted - 19 Jan 2020 : 00:21:19

Socialite and panderer. His fashion of ridiculously ornate lace cuffs and collars was all the rage in the summer of 1361DR. While his fashions and fame have faded since, he has proven quite adept at remaining in high social circles by attaching himself to those who do matter. He also contributes quite a large amount of gossip and innuendo to several local broadsheets, and peddles sometimes useful information to interested parties (neither of which quite manage to pay well enough to cover either his wardrobe or his gambling debts).

Priestess of Eldath. Lives in Clamber-Merry, a small cottage-farm nestled in the rolling foothills of Mount Sar, on the Long Road to Rassalantar. Her plot is tangled and overgrown in every direction with golden honeysuckle and grey-green rosemary, upon which she uses her holy powers to manifest and draw forth the very essences at the core of the plants, deep down where the gods placed flavor and scent long ago at the dawn of Faerūn, which she then mingles and bubbles into wines and teas like no other, more akin to divine mead than common tissane. She also makes black currant and gooseberry jams of outstanding flavor, but these are due to an excellent jam-making ability and not any sort of innate power. Hard-working, no-nonsense. Speaks calmly and firmly. Dark hair going to gray at the temples, kept swept up into a large bun. Her husband and child both died of chromatic fever some years ago, shares her hearth now only with her old wolf-hound, Tyr.

Mhurgos Zel (LE HM F12/divine champion5 of Umberlee)
The Vengeful Hand of Umberlee. Unwavering bodyguard of the Umberlant high priest Meritid Archneie. A towering, always-alert, always-scowling warrior trained from birth to serve the Bitch Queen. Zel wears heavy full plate armor decorated with tentacle-and-tooth motifs, and carries the monstrous double-headed battleaxe, Gormos (a battleaxe of wounding +3).

An itinerant bard and storyteller, can usually be found at New Olamn or the taproom of the Yawning Portal. A tall, middle-aged man with a patch over his missing right eye and a bluff manner. A member of the Red Sashes. He is always accompanied by his companion, a black-and-white alleycat of surprising intelligence, named Tassel. There are rumors (mostly spread by Milamber himself) that Tassel can shapechange into a ferocious crag-cat if it so desires.

Milist Ulpharsin (N HM)
The Effulgent Envoker. An obese, effete man. Has black eyes, bushy blond eyebrows, and a hawks-nose. Keeps his balding pate close-cropped. Wears spotless blue and white robes and a number of large silver finger-rings. Can often be found at Lord's Court or strolling through the Market, followed by his manservant, Thallan. Milist is a belly-god and hedonist of the highest order. His deities are Sune and Lliira, and he uses his contacts within those churches in his job as an organizer for the mage-revels held at the Tower of the Watchful Order.


Martrym Eltorchul [ Source: A 09/21/05 posting to the message boards by Ed Greenwood. Name/Description given ]

Martul [ Source: Ed Greenwood's Spin-a-Yarn 2007: The Weaver of Dreams. Name/Description given ]

The Masquerade [ Source: FR15 Gold & Glory, p.30. Name/Description given ]

AJA Posted - 16 Jan 2020 : 00:43:03

Dunstryn the Blue (LN HM Abj)
The apprentice of the hire-mage Ghemmer Ulanther. Rather ordinary in appearance, with an overlarge nose and an unruly mop of sandy brown hair. His nickname is actually a Northern corruption of his Halruaan surname, Belheuu.

Durgas "Tusk-n-Tall" (LN ½OM)
An underling of the Lords (he often acts as a bodyguard/watcher for visiting dignitaries of the Lord's Alliance) and a member of Force Grey. Proficient with scimitar and axe, as well as the longbow. Towering, muscular, possessed of pronounced brow and lower jaw and a braided topknot that reaches to his mid-back. Far more intelligent and perceptive than he lets on.

Durnadrym Tyrfellow (NG HM Aris1/F9)
One of the "Three Old Lions" of Lord's Court (the other two being the retired mercenary Tovryn "Hammer-Shanks," and the noble Kelvar Helmsfast). A long-time officer and commander in the Guard (held the office of "Sword of the Dessarin," 1352-1370DR, now largely retired). Stout of build and belly, wide shoulders and nose. Shoulder-length, greying hair. Wide, toothy grin partially hidden under a bushy moustache. Skin permanently sun-darkened and weathered from exposure. A younger son of a minor Tethyrian lordling, has equal parts forestry and courtly skills. Still a formidable jouster, despite his advancing years. Has a sharp mind (and wit), and a love of strategy games, Tethyrian music, good southern wines, and holding court in front of roaring fires.

Durnan Foehammer (LG HM F)
A civilar (captain) of the Watch (Dock Ward). Seconded by the armar Jaern Prettyjohn. Medium of height and build. Warm, shining brown eyes, heavy moustache and jowls. Blinded in one eye, the legacy of battle with Myrkul's Minions. Laconic, though his words do convey both wisdom and the weight of command. In his youth, Durnan was co-leader of the Roaring Rogues, a Dock Ward street gang. Wields Midwinter's Dawn, an enchanted broadsword that glows with a peculiar bluish-white radiance and chills the nearby air when unsheathed and wielded.

(Durnan's father was a member of the Cellarers' & Plumbers' Guild, a violent drunk and a man of large boasts and small deeds. He spent many a drunken night in the Yawning Portal, listening rapt to the deeds and braggings of sellswords and adventurers, and found himself enamored of the tavernkeeper in particular, whom he named his son after. His fellows among the guild paid no mind to his chuffing – having heard many of the tales he co-opted firsthand themselves – aside from the one where he claimed to have shanked an elf-maid in the alleys of Dock Ward and cut off her hair, to spread it over his marriage-bed, to guarantee him a son of great strength and powers – for that seemed the one most likely for him to have done. Slipped and cracked his head open on the cobbles returning home one night in a violent stupor; was mourned by no one, least of all his wife and children)

Dursus Falconhallow
Strings-of-Silver. A native of Red Larch. Bard and forester, and boon companion to Jardwim, the Grey Walker. Author of The Roads I Have Travelled (1337DR), a famous work that includes the well-known songs "Of Ladies Dead and Lords Unmasked" ("All the world knows your moments are golden") and "Fallen Leaves" ("The dying Year lies almost dead; and nature awaits her pall of snow"). Killed by undead some twenty winters ago while delving the catacombs under Shadows Alley. His shortsword and shield, both of ancient Dardathan make, are now in the service of Sereven, Jardwim's eldest son and a knight of the Castellan Order.


Durndatha Helmfast [ Source: Ed Greenwood Presents: Elminster's Forgotten Realms, p.165. Name/Occupation given ]

Duroamyn "Deathstrike" Steelhawk [ Source: Waterdeep News: Double Wedding On Spindle Street <>. Name/Description given ]

Durth Merrilees [ Source: An 11/03/04 posting to the message boards by Ed Greenwood. Name/Occupation given ]

AJA Posted - 15 Jan 2020 : 00:12:42

Originally posted by sleyvas
just curious.... littlestones… canon name for marbles or your own? I like it.

I'm reasonably certain that is from me, although I wouldn't swear to it in front of a magister or war wizard.

If I didn't make it up there's also a good chance that I found it somewhere in the 1800's section of

sleyvas Posted - 14 Jan 2020 : 17:05:31
just curious.... littlestones… canon name for marbles or your own? I like it.
AJA Posted - 14 Jan 2020 : 00:42:37

Chuldroon Sunspear
A former "Sword of the Frozenfar," roving envoy (ambassador) and commander of Waterdeep's northern forces in times of war (1354-1369DR). Met his doom in an ambush by the Ice Bear's forces in Flamerule 1369DR. Chuldroon gained fame early in his career as an officer of the Watch, for his actions in uncovering and smashing a growing guild of were-rat thieves and assassins. Survived by his wife Laeren; son Aslaurn; and two young daughters, Venna and Tharalae.

Widow of Chuldroon Sunspear, a late warcaptain ("Sword of the Frozenfar") of Waterdeep. Graceful (and quite nimble, when such situation arises), silver-shot hair, weary-eyed. Daughter of Askul, a dealer of spirits-and-water ("jorum and cask, of all manner of glib liquid"), in whose shop the young Chuldroon was given to linger. Survived the attack of Myrkul's Minions during the Time of Troubles, though she has the scars on her arms and jawline to show for it. Lately found spending increased time in the company of the Watch civilar, Durnan Foehammer.

Aslaurn Sunspear
A young aumarr (captain) of the Guard and former acolyte at the Spires of the Morning. Son of Chuldroon Sunspear, the former Sword of the Frozenfar (Aslaurn's detractors whisper that his elevation in the ranks was mainly due to his father's influence). A great fancier of gold jewelry, spicy foods, and fast horses. Can often be found watching (and betting on) the horseraces at the Field of Triumph. Aslaurn was taken under the tutelage of Jardwim of Force Grey after the elder Sunspear was killed in battle in 1369DR.

Tharalae Sunspear
Younger of the two young daughters of the late warcaptain Chuldroon Sunspear. Young child; bold, inquisitive; thick fair hair, long thin legs always scratched and bruised from too much "adventuring." Has excellent aim in playing at littlestones (marbles), or in the use of the sling to bring down high-hanging fruits and birds in flight alike.
      (future notes) Tharalae took an number of lovers, both male and female, before coming to the realization that she felt no real need or interest for such things. As an adult she heeded the call of the wilderness and of Gwaeron Windstrom (though she heavily flirted with the faith of both Tymora and Lliira) and left the comforts of civilization behind. She eventually disappeared into the uncaring snows and pines and her fate thereafter is unrecorded.

Venna Sunspear
Older of the two young daughters of the late warcaptain Chuldroon Sunspear. A nervous, delicate-looking girl, with long, lean, awkward legs, and great, expressive brown eyes. Has an absolute enthusiastic love of all learning; has tried to cast magic; crushed to find out she can't.
      (future notes) Venna never grew into her full given name of Vendralandra, and eventually most people who knew her forgot it entirely, and wondered why her siblings sometimes called her 'Vendy.' When of age she eagerly approached the churches of both Denier and Oghma, only to learn that neither god had Called for her. She found lengthy employment as a clerk and collator at the Tower of the Watchful Order, and penned an astonishing number of poems on the subjects of melancholy and depression in her spare time. She married an older clerk at the Tower; they were never able to have children of their own, but she has become quite a beloved and doting aunt to the three daughters of her brother, Aslaurn.

sleyvas Posted - 09 Jan 2020 : 13:30:04
Oh, quite true... it was "First of the Durthans"... not "Queen of the Durthans"

She tried to oppose them and was overthrown. Bheur hags had infiltrated the Durthan society and were later overthrown (or were thought to be overthrown, but in truth these hags did continue to support Rashemen against fiery Thayan aggression using masks to hide their true selves even from their fellow durthans). Oddly enough it was her snowman intelligent construct (whose intelligence was minimal at best) that saved her and her sister finally. He had been scattered to the winds, but something happened during the second sundering that reconstituted him. Oyaf (for that's his name) found Aylsuh and Aynya in a giant ball of ice, and somehow through his touch he absorb all of its coldness, and thus he can now walk around even in areas of high heat.

Before leaving Rashemen, it seems Aylsuh also reaffiliated herself with the telthor spirit of an Aughisky water horse whom Aylsuh had befriended in life. This spirit being, rather than being ethereal as other telthors are, has combined its essence with that of actual water from Lake Herilaskra, and to an outsider appears to be a horse of pure water.
AJA Posted - 09 Jan 2020 : 06:47:22

Originally posted by sleyvas

Just having some fun here...
Aylsuh Arunsdottir of Arun's Dell

Hey, it's (relatively) Waterdeep, it counts.

And I dig it, though given her description I would think "Queen of the Durthans" would be whispered by only an obscure handful of sages and wychlaran, at best. I do wonder why she was betrayed and frozen by her sisters; was she truly that evil (and her sister, too?), or was it the opposite, as she tried to oppose them in their attempt at seizing power in Rashemen?


Of Arun's Dell and the Herilaskra which traverses it much has been written; but of her mountainous south-westerly reaches, still largely wild and untamed, less so. The first notch hereabouts is a rugged, steep-sided ravine split by the rolling cascades of the Herilaskra, and largely guarded from prying eyes by towering basalt boulders and dusky stands of fir and aspen trees. On the west bank, far against the scarp sits a dilapidated ranger-moot of rough-hewn log and rooted peat and a still-extant stone chimney, now roofless and owl-haunted; and on the eastern slope can be found traces of pigment and gilding on a series of rough grey stones set in the ferny floor here, long marking an egress-point for the gate-road known as The Windings of the Way ("The last step is always latent in the first; but the intervening windings of the way become clear only as I tread," as saith the hathran Eddaetha, discoverer and greatest explorer of the ancient many-branching elf-road).
      In the lively waters close to the end of the dell, half-buried amid drift and pebble, lies The Maid of Many Aspens, glinting with quartz and tinted in green algae, a carved depiction of the place-spirit bound to the Herilaskra. It is supposed that this chiseled effigy originated from the rangers-house of old, and was despoiled and deposited here at some point; it is further supposed that the Heril-Maid prefers this arrangement better, as she may now leisurely overlook the statue on her warbling ramble, as opposed to having to set delicate foot on the dry and searing surface of solid land. At any rate, no one has seen fit to restore it thus far.

sleyvas Posted - 08 Jan 2020 : 23:07:40
Just having some fun here...

Aylsuh Arunsdottir of Arun's Dell
This woman, known as "Queen of the Durthans" and "the Snow Witch" is a daughter to Arun Maerdrym and a witch of Rashemen named Ildunna in the late 300's while he was on a mission for the Harpers in Twilight. Her father, a half elf of Myth Drannor that would go on to father Khelben Arunsun, lived with Ildunna, forming a small community of humans and half-elves within a valley on the oortheastern border of Rashemen in what would have been considered Raumathari lands. This small valley would become known as Arun's Dell after he lived there for a little over sixteen years. During this time he helped raise his young daughter Aylsuh and her younger sister Aynya, while working as a harper agent. However, the day came when Aylsuh was tested for magical ability, and she was taken away from him by the Wychlaran. This broke Arun's heart and drove a wedge between him and Ildunna.

Born with silver-white hair and thought to be touched by "the Hidden One", she proved to be adept with powers related to ice, snow, water, and wind. Aylsuh helped form the secret society of Durthans within the wychlaran, and many of their secrets of ice magic can be traced back to Aylsuh. She also soon comes to learn that she has a brother who lives in Myth Drannor, who is apprenticed to Mentor Wintercloak, a mage who also shows exceptional aptitude with spells of ice and snow. Aylsuh was betrayed by her fellow Durthans several decades after its founding and frozen in a block of ice, along with her sister, which recently melted as a result of the magic failing after the second sundering. It appears that she has come to Waterdeep in search of her brother, who went on to become Khelben Arunsun. She has been seen to be in the company of Open Lord Laeral, and some have remarked on the resemblance of their hair and believe them to be kin. Aylsuh has been heard to be asking questions about a fabled elven city named Rhymanthiin (also known as the City of Hope).
sleyvas Posted - 08 Jan 2020 : 03:13:22
Thank you, I knew I'd seen him earlier and was thinking about looking him up. I'm favored of the idea that he tells these stories of places he went, and then other people go there and they don't exist. So, they call his stories tall tales, but I think I like the idea that perhaps he was running across paths between Toril and Abeir (or even some other world) that no longer exist. Maybe he was visiting the feywild. Maybe he was visiting the spirit realm. But the bards of later centuries "followed the clues" and went to the same places and the things didn't exist, so they chalked it up to just tall tales. Then, maybe some of those pathways reopened after the second sundering.
AJA Posted - 08 Jan 2020 : 02:06:58

Some of the best parts of Candlekeep are found at the bottom of rabbit holes

I posted an entry for Helm back on 18 Nov 2018, re-posted here:

Helm Fullsails
A fictional Northman seacaptain and adventurer, popular in folklore across the North (not to be confused with Helm Hard Alee). Widespread in bardic songs and shadowplay or "oldboots" (puppet or shadowbox) shows and, more recently, in a number of chapbooks written by a number of authors (the bestselling of which, Thornum of Port Llast, died recently of a coughing sickness). Such chapbook titles always follow the same naming convention of "Helm Fullsails and" (...The Fortunes of Gild, …The Shores of Silver, ...The Beast-Men of Thūl, ...The Slaves of Sarguth, to name some of the more popular).
        Helm is said to be a prince of long-fallen Illusk, tall and passionate and powerful, unmatched in swordplay and seasmanship. He roams throughout the North and the Trackless Sea as adventurer, outlaw, mercenary, and pirate, fighting a variety of goblinkin, sea monsters, reavers and Netherese sorcerers. In his later years he is said to rule Mighty Illusk as king, and battles dragon lords and endless southern despots. Some of the more recent Waterdhavian chapbooks have even depicted Helm at the end of his life, as an aged and landless wanderer come to early Waterdeep to advise and pass along his mantle to the young heroic warchieftan Nimoar.

Again, feel free to take it wherever it leads you.

sleyvas Posted - 07 Jan 2020 : 16:49:39
Originally posted by AJA

Originally posted by sleyvas
I do love the story of the Fire Giant King's Daughter. Its going to be considered non-canon by most folks as shown (and of course, that's fine... its probably meant to be a bard's fancy), and if you permit me, I'd recommend one simple change. Instead of Cloud Giants, perhaps Fog Giants. Cloud Giants came from Annam. We have the idea that "fog giants" are the kin of cloud giants.

Well, embellishing and adapting a tale is a proud tradition for as long as there have been tales, so I say no "permission" necessary.

But I don't think it really fits within the scope of this particular (as you correctly point out) bard's fancy ("Helm Fullsails" himself being a figment of Northern fireside tales and chapbook adventures). And it is a human story (the cloud giants, as you say, are quite fine with their own origin myths, and the fire giants certainly do not sing of it!), so I don't know if it would even ping on the giant's radar.

The other thing I think is that the imagery doesn't quite work for the story; in the framing of the tale Othlarra gains agency (she doesn't even have a name until she decides to start living her own life) and ends up transformed, free and happy, by her own decisions. Clouds are free and happy (just ask Bob Ross!), whereas fog is considered cold and damp, and earth-bound (because that's just how humans simplify things).

Good points, and my first thoughts were mist giants, and then I went and searched for that and found them in some old melnibone lore and man they don't fit either. Just knowing that cloud giants are typically evil and so it also makes me hesitant.

You know, again, only if you actually wanted to make this "true" and not a bard's fancy, what if this could be traced back to the creation of another race. For instance, something akin to a djinn. Hmm, which if she was a fire giant "genasi" born of an efreeti/giant union, given the hatred between two elementals could be interesting. But now I'm going down a rabbit hole. This could be an interesting story for Abeir as well I guess, especially if somehow "Helm Fullsails" somehow crossed the world boundaries. Gonna think more on this, as it could be an interesting alternative story idea even if it were with different players.

Essentially, I like the story enough that I'd like there to be some hidden kernel of truth in it that's been lost over time. Maybe the bards SAY cloud giants... but its something else. Maybe Helm Fullsails DID exist and he could travel between Toril and Abeir using some ability... and maybe one day he disappeared to there. Maybe he never truly understood that he'd travelled between worlds even and one day he set out to see chasing a voice on the wind that was the former fire giants, and she led him to a portal that led him to Abeir. The bards wouldn't know the truth. Just spitballing ideas at this point.
AJA Posted - 07 Jan 2020 : 00:43:29

Asbar Aralius
Calishite. Older man with graying hair, dark, leathery skin, and a wide face. An affable, habitual liar. Recruits sellswords, recently-arrived Dessarin farmhands and back-alley bullyblades for the arenas of Calimport. "Mountains of Jools, Glory to rival the gods, and the finest shalieras Sune ever created" is his main selling pitch. Escape from debtors or the law is the other.

Proprietor of Ascarae's Puissant Pets (Feamyng Both Faithsome and Fearsome), a shop where trained ferrets are kept (for chasing out rats, mice, and blackroaches from your domicile, the sign says. Giant versions available for home or shop defense!), The High Road, South Ward.

Short, stocky, red-faced. Tireless, full of energy. Wears a patch over her ruined right eye, the color and style of which varies according to whim and season (but is usually dark brown, filigreed with silver thread). An officer of the Waterdeep Guard, commands the stables and patrol wayhouse located in Ilmeth's Rest (a hamlet astride the trade road a days ride south from the city walls). Helps to settle disputes between farmers over field boundaries or livestock ownership; cares not what sort of brawling, theft or even murder goes on in the caravan paddocks to the west, unless it spills over into the village itself (in which case she will seek to detain the offenders or alert the guards at the Southgate to detain them there).

"A purveyor of the tender enchantments of myrtle-bark and sweet-cress*, and all the arrayed scents of resin and herb known to Man and Elf" (a seller of herbal balms and ointments and aromatic sachets). Usually has a cart-stall in the Market. Short, plump, dark-haired, nasal-voiced. Genial, gossipy. Hoplessly attracted to any bardling or hearth-harp that happens to sing a few notes or strum his instrument in her general direction.
(* That's "sweet-cress" as in basil, not "Sweet Cess!," one of her most favorit-est swear words)

Asluth's Lament
Minor phantasmal apparition or faded haunting, South Ward. A curious, low, sobbing note heard only on nights when Selūne is new and the sky is covered in thick clouds. The name has remained even though there are none now who remember who Asluth was or the cause of her quieted despair.


Asmrele Staglar [ Source: Ed Greenwood Presents: Elminster's Forgotten Realms, p.173. Name/Description given ]

AJA Posted - 04 Jan 2020 : 17:51:21

Originally posted by sleyvas
I do love the story of the Fire Giant King's Daughter. Its going to be considered non-canon by most folks as shown (and of course, that's fine... its probably meant to be a bard's fancy), and if you permit me, I'd recommend one simple change. Instead of Cloud Giants, perhaps Fog Giants. Cloud Giants came from Annam. We have the idea that "fog giants" are the kin of cloud giants.

Well, embellishing and adapting a tale is a proud tradition for as long as there have been tales, so I say no "permission" necessary.

But I don't think it really fits within the scope of this particular (as you correctly point out) bard's fancy ("Helm Fullsails" himself being a figment of Northern fireside tales and chapbook adventures). And it is a human story (the cloud giants, as you say, are quite fine with their own origin myths, and the fire giants certainly do not sing of it!), so I don't know if it would even ping on the giant's radar.

The other thing I think is that the imagery doesn't quite work for the story; in the framing of the tale Othlarra gains agency (she doesn't even have a name until she decides to start living her own life) and ends up transformed, free and happy, by her own decisions. Clouds are free and happy (just ask Bob Ross!), whereas fog is considered cold and damp, and earth-bound (because that's just how humans simplify things).

sleyvas Posted - 04 Jan 2020 : 06:22:36
can't read this right now, but responding so I see it tomorrow... looks interesting.

EDIT: Love the story of the plover and the moon, especially the part about their eggs looking like moon and especially the idea that the tears of Selune are mountains dragged into the sky.

I do love the story of the Fire Giant King's Daughter. Its going to be considered non-canon by most folks as shown (and of course, that's fine... its probably meant to be a bard's fancy), and if you permit me, I'd recommend one simple change. Instead of Cloud Giants, perhaps Fog Giants. Cloud Giants came from Annam. We have the idea that "fog giants" are the kin of cloud giants. What if the daughter met up with a cloud giant and fell in love with him (or became indebted to him and thus was required to become his wife, despite wanting to return to Helm Fullsails). Maybe he helped her return to physical form or somesuch, and their children became fog giants. Maybe when she turned to steam, she grew even larger (as steam expands), and this is the reason fog giants are so big. The bards don't need to know any of this back story, nor would they have to know the truth of the matter in regards the nature of the water that the daughter hit (i.e. maybe it was water blessed by Eldath or Umberlee or something similar).

That being said, I know that WotC just put forth a new origin for fog giants last month with Mordenkainen's Fiendish Folio (in which they're just cloud giants that fell on hard times).
AJA Posted - 03 Jan 2020 : 01:17:25

Divers & Sundry Feyfancy, Sage-Lore and God-Saga
"It was there they looked to The Gates of the East, aflame with Lathander's rose-red promise and warded by the star-guardians Teltarokh (The Lion That Roars In The Gloaming) and the Luthlorn (The Insolent Eyes of Luth), and Irthaun held aloft his sword and swore aloud again his holy vow, and his companions did follow likewise, and the dawning heavens shone forth in response."
      Excerpted from The Romance of Irthaun Goldenshield, The Knight Who Rode East Unto The Dawn



Ancient legend says that in the very beginnings of what men know as Faerūn, the orb Selūne was fettered to the Realms by means of a great sorcerous chain, wound deep down around a great and solid mountain range. It was then that the goddess Selūne made effort to unhook the moon, freeing the orb from its' earthly shackles. To accomplish this feat she first asked aid of the gods, but all said no, for as such things were decreed, so such things must be. Next she went to the elves and dwarves and asked the same of them, but they said no as well, for what was done by the gods must not be undone by mortals. Finally, she bent her knee to the various beasts and birds of Faerūn for succor, and all of them, big and small alike, trembled in their dens and nests and told her that such things were not possible for mere creatures such as they.

Then did Selūne begin to despair, until suddenly one of the beasts and birds stepped forward, the valiant little plover, who steadfastly promised his aid. And thus the goddess and the plover went to the mountain range around which was wrapped the chains that hooked the moon, and they pulled and pulled from morning to night and back to morning again. And then the very roots of the mountains came up free from Faerūn, and the moon spun up into the heavens, bright and full, and free to travel upon its own path from then on.

And the mountains thus uprooted fell in a line, still chained behind the moon, and are known to men these days as the Tears. And of the valiant plover and all his descendants, Selūne took them as her heralds and friends, and blessed their little eggs, which is why today plover eggs look like little spotted imitations of the moon and why, when she travels across Faerūn, her majestic carriage is pulled there by a team of five-and-twenty plovers.



In those elder days when Helm Fullsails reigned over the throne of Mighty Illusk there came a terrible parching heat that blew down into the kingdom, withering crops, drying up rivers and killing livestock. The cause of this evil was discovered to be the Fire-Giant King of Fire Mountain, that dark peak, red and terrible under the stars, that loomed far to the east. The Fire-Giant King there kept his hearth-fires stoked high, and he would use his great and winding warhorn to blow the heat and ash of his fires down into the Illusk realm. So King Helm girded his mighty sword and went to confront the Fire-Giant King atop his Fire Mountain, but he was soon treacherously captured thanks to the puissant enchantments of the Giant King's giant right eye, a great gem sparkling with untold power. And then the Fire-Giant King thought to himself that a great Mannish king would make a great kingly meal, and ordered Helm chained in his prison, to await his turn upon the Fire-Giant King's giant fire spit.

Now in those days, according to giantish tradition the keeping of the hearth-fires was considered women's work, beneath the dignity of the king's men, and so it fell to the youngest daughter of the Fire-Giant King to keep the great flames alit through the night. And as this giantish princess went about her duties, she heard Helm sing from the bars of his nearby prison;

Ah me! Ah my! My weary doom come by-and-by!
My flesh to roast, my bones to burn
And never again the sea to swim!
The waves are white, the waves are blue
They reach and dance like maidens true!
Those cool blue depths, never again to see
The waves they call, they call to me!
Ah me! Ah my!

Now as it was, the Fire-Giant King's youngest daughter never had chance to see even pool or pond or poor muddy river, much less an Ocean with waves on shore, as such things do not exist in the fiery realm of those red-skinned titans. The very thought of such a thing captivated her, and she soon found that she could think of nothing else. She came foward and demanded he sing again, "Man, come here! Let me hear once more of what you have been singing." And so Helm sang again of the cool blue waves on the endless shore, and she decided right then to herself that she must go and see such wondrous things with her own eyes.

And so Othlarra, for that was truly the name of the Fire-Giant King's youngest daughter, demanded that Helm take her to see this Ocean, this dancing sea of endless blue waves. And crafty Helm asked in return only that she bring him the Giant King's right eye, the great sparkling gem, as fare for passage to see the great blue sea. This the princess agreed to, for she knew nothing of gems of Power and had always thought it a rather ugly blemish upon her kingly father's kingly face. So in she crept and quietly took the gem from her giant father's giant night-table, where he laid it every evening before he slept, and upon her return Helm grasped her hand and they made haste past the sleeping guards and down the treacherous slopes of the Fire Mountain.

The pair travelled swiftly through the night, down the steep, ash-covered slopes and on through the wilted heath, blasted and browned by the Fire-Giant King's giant horn, and into the lands of Man, moving quickly past the dry and parched outlines of pools and ponds and muddy rivers that the Fire Giant's daughter had never been given to see. And then, just before the first lighting of rosy dawn, Othlarra heard a muffled roar like that of her father's hunting hellhounds, kept chained down in their stony pens. But before long this roar grew louder, and broader, and deeper, and it filled both her ears and her mind with wonderment as to its' source. And then, cresting one last final hillock, there suddenly spread before them the sea, the Ocean, endless and encompassing, glittering and sparkling in the morning sun and bedecked with an endless array of dancing waves, both white and blue in turn. And the roar of the surf echoed in her ears and in the beating of her giant heart, louder and louder, impossibly so.

And there on that shore, when the Fire-Giant King's youngest daughter beheld the immensity of that great trackless sea, she found herself overwhelmed and for the first time she cried, true tears of pure, glittering water. And she ran then uncontrollably into the crashing waves, unheeding of the warnings of Helm, and their cold embrace quenched her fiery skin but not her burning, passionate heart, and a great cloud of steam arose into the sky and of the Fire-Giant King's youngest daughter Othlarra there was no more. But as Helm upon the shore beheld in awe, the luminous cloud of steam continued to rise up and out over the sea, and its' voice was the voice of the Fire-Giant King's youngest daughter, singing and merry. And that is how the race of the Cloud-Giants was born on that day, though that in itself and what came after is a tale for another time.

And in the meantime, while this scene of wonder and joy was ongoing to the blue west, back atop the red remains of Fire Mountain the Fire-Giant King awoke from his nightly slumber, cold and damp and now without an eye. He rose himself and stumbled to his grey and dim and cooling courtyard to find his youngest daughter gone and his mighty hearth-fires dead and cold, with not so much as an ember left to en-lighten their depths. And no further effort of fire-giant, king or not, could re-light the hearth-fires, because a king with no power is not a king at all. And the Fire-Giant King of the Fire Mountain had no power, for Helm Fullsails held his great sparkling gem, and his hearth-fires lay dead and cold. And that is why from then on all the keepers of the Giantish hearth-fires were men, for it is now considered a great honor among the king's men to safeguard the Giant King's giant hearth, and to keep his fires burning.

And as for Helm Fullsails, he returned in triumph to Mighty Illusk and there he used the puissant enchantments of Fire-Giant King's great gem to green the land, and restore the rivers, and to fatten the livestock. And every morning thereafter for as long as he reigned, he would mount the battlements of his castle at first dawn, to gaze down upon the blue expanse of the Ocean, and to gaze up into the clear expanse of the sky, and to give salute to the great white clouds that floated past, in memory of the Fire-Giant King's youngest daughter, Othlarra.

AJA Posted - 03 Jan 2020 : 01:08:18

Zesplund "Cavil-Crow"
A contentious and widely-unliked member of the Watchful Order. Has an unpleasant personality and is quick to find fault and quibble with those around him. Has deep grey eyes, dark eyelashes and brows, and a well-trimmed beard.

Zoar Oradyn
A noble of House Moonstar (widow of Emmelynn). A fop and braggart, whose exaggerations often exceed his deeds. Since Emmelynn's death he has turned to heavy drinking and gambling. Quite often a source of embarrassment to the House (Lord Helve has had to pay off Zoar's outstanding gambling debts more than once, and is giving serious consideration to shipping him off to a Moonstar holding in Tethyr; perhaps one of their vineyards, where he can drink his life away without causing any more social offense).

Zorbul Iron-Mace (CN ½OM)
Proprietor of the Orcshead, a drinking establishment in South Ward frequented by foresters, prospectors, and various sellswords. The tankard house takes its name from the numerous severed heads and ivoried skulls that adorn the walls. Zorbul, himself a veteran of the endless goblinoid wars of the North, sees nothing wrong in displaying the heads of slain orcs and other goblinkin, for he despises that part of his heritage. He gained his epithet from the giant iron mace, more akin to a blacksmith's hammer than anything else, that hangs above the bar (with which he is quite proficient, and will wield, if necessary, in combat).

Zur and Gall
Trades Ward street urchins. Spent their youth as number-runners for Malask the Blackjool (an underling of the Xanathar). They survived the drow warbands that came hunting Xanathar-men in 1362DR, and served for a time at the domicile of the sorceress Belshareen Azurean. Now aspiring cutpurses and fledgling members of the Hobgoblins street gang. Zur is tow-headed with bad acne (and called "Orc-Face" by his fellow Hobs, which he doesn't like at all) and Gall is sallow and spindly and sullen (and proudly carries the sobriquet of "Yellow Wasp").

The Zzarblin of Kegs
The Illbold, Black Merrymaker. Rum-rude, Wine-waster. Legendary foul spirit believed to haunt the city taverns and tankard houses. An empty keg or spoiled vintage is said to be the work of the Rudeboggle, as are any spills or missing stores in the cellars. Any opened tavern door accompanied by a gust of frigid or candle-snuffing wind bears the possibility of an unwelcome visit from Black Sot. "Who's been here? The Zzarblin I fear; For he's left the bottles clear." (the closing song of many a Lower Ward tankard house).


Zorn [ Source: The novel The Dream Spheres. Name/Description given ]

AJA Posted - 03 Jan 2020 : 01:04:06

Originally posted by Copper Elven Vampire

1 Elaith Craulnober
2 Dauntless
3 Yvondeth the Baelnorn
4 Halaster
5 The Vampire Manshoon

They all walk into a bar?

I'm not sure what you're asking, but if it's whether I have any notes on those characters, I do not. Aside from a variety of colorful titles for ol' Halaster, taken from the cover of the following volume;

The Collected Legends of Halaster the Mad (Known Variously and Correctly as The Lord of Twists and Turns, The Eater of Echoes [That Fade Down The Halls], The Waiter At The Threshold, The Mirth of Terror, The Cackling Crow and He Who Eagerly Awaits) (1361DR, Zeltabbar Iliphar)

Now, if you're asking "who would win in a fight," I feel like it would follow the old Marvel Comics code of "depends on whose comic it takes place in" (with "comic" replaced by "writer"). Ed for Dauntless, Elaine for Elaith....hmm, would Steven get Halaster or Vampshoon?

Copper Elven Vampire Posted - 30 Dec 2019 : 02:29:36
1 Elaith Craulnober
2 Dauntless
3 Yvondeth the Baelnorn
4 Halaster
5 The Vampire Manshoon
AJA Posted - 29 Dec 2019 : 01:52:12
Originally posted by sleyvas
Malcibar cheats at Aroint Thee! using his spell like abilities to read his opponent's mind.

Lets be honest, he cheats at all of them, one way or another.


Chardragan of the Purple Tabard (LG HM F16)
A dilettante and ne'er-do-well notorious in both the lowest Dock Ward taverns and the highest Sea Ward galas. His persona of "Shortsword Charley" (a reference to both his apparent drunkardness and his alleged impotency) serves him well as cover for his true occupation as an envoy and highknight of Cormyr. Inoffensive and inane in act, level-headed and coldly shrewd in fact. Grey eyes (which snap from bleary to keen in a moment), black hair and heavy black eyebrows that almost meet over the middle. A lover of Loene and elder brother of sorts to Caladorn Cassalanter.

Cirian Cellantyr (LN ½EM Aris)
The Lord's Envoy. Of mixed moon elven-Silvaeren descent. Tall and thin, regal bearing. Has rather severe facial features (high forehead and cheekbones, narrow-set eyes and thin lips), very long fingers and long straight blue-black hair, commonly worn unbound. Intimately familiar with the customs and languages and social niceties of all the major lands and peoples of western Faerūn. Wears a simple white knee-length tabard ornamented only by a purple sash bearing the crest of the city of Waterdeep.

"Cleaver" Clarunna
A poorwife of Bitter Alley. Killed her husband and three small children and two of her neighbors in 1354DR. When called upon in Lord's Court, blamed her actions on the knife-grinder Rohn, whom she accused of placing foul enchantment upon the cookery cleaver she used to do the deed. The hapless Rohn was thoroughly investigated by the blackrobes and, having found no evidence of any sorcerous intent, Clarunna was pronounced guilty and and sentenced to death by hanging from the city walls. There are those on Bitter Alley who claim to this day that they can still hear her spirit sobbing for her murdered children, but a priest of Lathander dispatched there some years ago found no evidence of any haunting. Her tale (embellished, of course) was featured in the widely-sold chapbook Scabrous Stories of Dock Ward: A Cataloguing of Divers Horrid and Unearthly Doings.

Clubs of Waterdeep
Not the sort you swing and bash with, but the sort you sit in, drink in hand. Waterdeep is host to scores of such establishments, both those that beckon visitors to the city and citizens with coins to spare alike, and those more private upper-room or downcellar clubs. There are clubs that offer either a consistent theme (this is a club where people go to flirt and more than flirt, that one is a dining club for those whose palates are adventurous, over there is a gambling house, and yonder is a club where bards, poets, and scriveners read aloud from works both classic and their own new or unfinished efforts), or that are in truth just "different" eateries – different than standard taverns, inns, and 'soup corner' shops – offering places to dine and drink with some sort of live entertainment (from beast-wrestling to music to short plays), and there are nobles' clubs, clubs open only to the wealthy (so guaranteed because there are stiff entrance fees and/or steep annual dues), clubs run by particular guilds for members and guests, or members only, or as recruitment fronts to gain new members, and clubs that focus on hobbies, such as dragonseeking (dragon spotting or dragon watching) or collecting enameled chalices, or savoring exotic wines, or going on arranged treasure hunts around the city (finding notes and symbols left beforehand and assembling them to decipher clues and find the way to a real prize). A club can be "neutral ground" for investors, adventurers and those desiring to hire them for missions more complex and delicate than mere mercenary guarding or "bullyblade" work; a club can be a means of small-hold investors banding together for greater clout and mutual benefit; a club can act as a "city storage vault" or bank for members; a club can be a place to bathe, rest, or grab some privacy, quiet, and shelter for a "breather" from hectic activities or a nap or even a place to hide; a club can be a place for someone to entertain or meet with persons a spouse finds objectionable.
        Notable Clubs (separate entries in italics): The Bedfellows Club, The Belts (see Hobin Boldfoot), The Blacksaddle Club, The Delightful Sours, The Fairflanks Society, The Farfarers Club, The Farwanders Society (see Halberdant Thunderstaff), The Golden Sheaves, The High House of Heroes (see Morivel "Hartmantle" Hartimantur), The House of Honor (see Relevandrel Vornreth and Sargrath's Folly), The Longsail Club, The Mouser's Club, The Owldrake Club, The Quaggoth Club (see Enguth Orhlaern), Quellar's Cellars (see The Order of the Lambent Tongues), The Sahuagin Club, The Silken Spiders, The Society of Stags, The Suldown Street Society, Stag Swords House (see Garleth Khalastym and Ildevvur Murmrask and Sharlassa Tilturr), The Taol Club (see Ilighryn Delzagus), Varendraleer's Club, The Wands. [ Source: "Clubland in Waterdeep," Ed Greenwood, <>. Description given. Additional detail by me. ]

The Company of the Good and the Brave (Belithindra's Goodswords)
Local adventuring fellowship. When last returned to the city they had successfully raided the Weary Woodbines (Where the Eaves Fall Silent in the Twilight), that forgotten druids-den where dark-spiked rosemary and fair-heeled marigold and things of hoar and squam and other horrors indescribable now hold sway, and came away with the clockwitchery Songbird of Summer-Sune, rosy-hued and bejeweled and sweetest of voice. Led by Belithindra the Bearded, a human warrior of somewhat unusual cerise hair and beard (ornate, full and tri-braided).


Churylle Manthar [ Source: City of Splendors: Who's Who In Waterdeep, p.20 (misspelled as "Churyl") and A 03/08/10 Posting to the message boards by Ed Greenwood. Name/Description given ]

The Company of the Windgorgon [ Source: Ruins of Undermountain Campaign Guide, p.77-78. Name/Description given ]

The Copper Ghost [ Source: A 05/26/04 posting to the message boards by Steven Schend. Name/Description given ]

sleyvas Posted - 26 Dec 2019 : 19:31:06
Originally posted by AJA

The Obdurate Hammer, the Tempter of the Tailings. An arch-devil of fire and metalworking. Enjoys unfettered access to Waterdeep due to a flaw introduced deep within The Welcome Gates (the giant portal located in the Lantanese embassy that leads to the far isle of Anchoril), where every trip through allows him opportunity to traverse to the Prime Material. Relishes bedeviling the local faithful of Gond, ensnaring them with false promises of unearned prowess and masterful inspirations. Trades their despair and creative insanities to his fellow denizens of the Hells in return for magic and rare Abyssal goods. Also has weaknesses for zzar and games of skill (Pixie on a Pole, Old Man Ahghairon, and Aroint Thee! being a few of the favorites) and can be found, disguised, ensconced in any number of city tankard houses.

Malcibar cheats at Aroint Thee! using his spell like abilities to read his opponent's mind.
AJA Posted - 26 Dec 2019 : 06:18:04
Originally posted by sleyvas
Oh and heard Loribal Finefish is favored of putting on cooking demonstrations for the nobility, wherein he has become noted as "the Blam Chef" for using the word every time he "sauces it up" (to use his vernacular).
(as opposed to his cousin Ramsae, "the Stlarning Chef," noted for using the word every time one of his apprentices cocks up a dish

Merry Christmas, one and all. May Santa stuff your stocking with 1d4 orcs, a locked strong-chest, a sword of quality, and the courage to swing it. Stay away from the eggnogg though, I'm pretty sure that stuff is just egg-yolk ochre jelly in disguise.

Two additional notes on the Malcibar entry:

Tavern Games
In brief, Pixie on a Pole being very much a Jenga-style game, Old Man Ahghairon some game of cards with the wild Joker card as Ahghairon, and Aroint Thee! as a verbal game where players take turns insulting each other in colorful ways, the only rules being that the next in turn has to start with the last word of the participant before them, a given insult must not be repeated, and the players must articulate a response in a timely (a breath or two) manner or lose out.

His time-tested sales-pitch:
"I offer treasures more dear
Every device and design
That your hearts could desire
Craft and Contrivance
And the words to Inspire

Nothing to fear
A small surcharge you see
A pittance of soul and sanity
Such a minor price to be decree'
As Prince of Cogwheel and Gear

AJA Posted - 26 Dec 2019 : 06:10:50

The Obdurate Hammer, the Tempter of the Tailings. An arch-devil of fire and metalworking. Enjoys unfettered access to Waterdeep due to a flaw introduced deep within The Welcome Gates (the giant portal located in the Lantanese embassy that leads to the far isle of Anchoril), where every trip through allows him opportunity to traverse to the Prime Material. Relishes bedeviling the local faithful of Gond, ensnaring them with false promises of unearned prowess and masterful inspirations. Trades their despair and creative insanities to his fellow denizens of the Hells in return for magic and rare Abyssal goods. Also has weaknesses for zzar and games of skill (Pixie on a Pole, Old Man Ahghairon, and Aroint Thee! being a few of the favorites) and can be found, disguised, ensconced in any number of city tankard houses.

Maliantor the Magistress (NG HF W11)
The Mage of Veils, The Blackstaff's Eyes. A member of Force Grey and former pupil of Khelben Arunsun (rumored to still be one of his main agents). Waiflike of build and body, with a thunderous temper and commanding voice. Possessed of striking good looks, though she habitually keeps her curly black hair, milk-white skin and overlarge, liquid brown eyes concealed behind a variety of veils and masks and illusory covers. A lover of intrigue and secrets. She has dedicated herself to following the Blackstaff's precepts of planning and forethought, and she spends much of her time preparing scrolls with the spells needed to contain the problems she faces in battle. She can also frequently be found in the libraries and vaults of the Palace, New Olamn, the Tower of the Watchful Order, and the Font of Knowledge, deeply engrossed in an ancient scroll or dusty tome (no mean feat, considering she should not have unsupervised access to any of these locations). She fully accepts Jardwim as leader of Force Grey and shares much (though not all) of what she knows with him, although she is often nonplussed by his reluctance to unhesitatingly embrace her advice and suggested courses of action. [ Source: City of Splendors - Campaign Guide, p.74. Name/Description/Stats given. Additional details by me. ]

Malorgauth The "Black Alder"
A great treant of the Lizard Marsh, whose bark was stripped and steeped after death and used to color the Bestarred Black Robe (a robe of stars) of Jacoskur, a freestave of Amn who took part in the destruction of Ulcaster's School of Wizardry and remains now as a wizshade that menaces the ruins.

Marae Green-Eyes (CN HF F14)
The Battle-Daughter of Tempus, The Reclaimed Sword of the Wargod. An ally of the reclusive Ice Hunters of the North. Fell in battle defending the doors of the House of Heroes from the onslaught of Myrkul's Minions. Raised via a Grand Resurrection ceremony. Even more reckless in combat than before. Her once-vibrant emerald eyes are now flat, watery, haunted orbs. Former leader of the Ten Swords Shining adventuring fellowship. The Ten Swords were once based out of the Delimbyran manor-hold of Soaringspires, until its taking at the hands of Zhentarim magelings and their wyvern mounts. Marae currently lodges at the House of Heroes, plotting to retake the hold and avenge the death of her lover, the warrior Delgiron. Wields Irriphglas, the Twice-Broken Blade, a major relic of the northern Tempusan faith.

(Mah-ROAR-Doll) "Master of the Arts of the Surge and Suspiration of the Seas." A long-time shipsmage (quells weather and pirates, repairs sails and leaks). Red-headed, fat and slovenly. Generally unpleasant. A far better shipsmage than he appears. He did not invent the unwelcome anchor enchantment (that came originally from the Gund wave-shaman Toldrūc), but he certainly popularized its' useage while running Luskar longships through the Waterdhavian encirclement of Ruathym during the 1358DR Windward Bones blockade.

sleyvas Posted - 21 Dec 2019 : 18:36:42
I like herbalism stuff, especially Faershak and Melusk

Oh and heard Loribal Finefish is favored of putting on cooking demonstrations for the nobility, wherein he has become noted as "the Blam Chef" for using the word every time he "sauces it up" (to use his vernacular).
AJA Posted - 20 Dec 2019 : 00:27:57

Five Entries Taken From Helmsfrin's A Compendium of Field-Lore and Harvestcraft
"To make a tomato salad you must not slice the fruit in a dish and then pour on it a little vinegar and then a little oil; that is not salad – that is ignorance." (The Belgian Cook-Book, Edited By Mrs. Brian Luck)


Black Delian
A bubbly, mottled fungus with white spangles and fringed, shelf-like edges. Has the consistency of slimy, slightly rotting mushroom. Tastes of earth and anise. Grows in dark, dank dells and bat-infested caves close to the surface. Harvested by gnomes and kobolds alike, for use in their religious ceremonies and occasional sale to the other races. Gives the eater euphoria and numbness, occasionally limb seizure and god-visions.

A delicacy from unknown lands (the Underdark, actually). Praised for its' firm, meaty texture. Understandably so, since the faershak "fruit" is actually the larvae of the white-eyed brimbeetle. When the brimbeetle injects its' young into the faershak plant to incubate in the plant's violet sap, the faershak forms a cyst of sorts around the invader, in an attempt to eject it. When the larvae-cyst reaches the right size and color, it is harvested by the svirfneblin, who do a fair bit of trade for it with orcish and human merchants. Not the drow though, they can't seem to stand the taste of it.

Fisherbane (sarlukkai [Calimshan], scalewort [Tethyr])
Grows in moist, mostly coastal climates along the Dragonshead Peninsula south into Calimshan. A dense, pinnate shrub with small clusters of indigo flowers and white thumbnail-sized seed pods. These seeds can be pressed and the oil they contain can be made into a poisonous tincture that paralyzes most fish; it does not affect larger, humanoid or monstrous piscines, but some southern alchemists know how to combine it with other essences to create an oily ointment that is effective against sahuagin and kuo-toa (and then most often applied to arrowheads and bladed weapons). In humans and Hin it has been found to be surprisingly effective in the treatment of a number of "scaled poxes," including greyscale, whitescale, feverflake and the bleeding itch.

Melusk (Giant Black Ant Vinegar)
In the parts of the Shaar long plagued by giant formicaries the natives there boil the giant ants in water; the acid thus produced is made use of by the inhabitants as a vinegar, being strong and good and of a noticeable fiery, chili-like tang. It has gained popularity afar as a condiment in certain parts of Calimshan and Tethyr, and travels well for sale there. Holy warriors of the Shaar often use melusk in their religious fasting before battle; they also use it to pickle the eyes, hearts and brains of vanquished opponents for the celebratory feasting afterwards.

Myrtheld's balm
Collected from the stunted, thorny braerik shrub that grows wild on the High Moor; small silvery flowers and pink cones bloom in the rainy Spring months. The cones are a favorite treat for resident rothé, but also for humans; when cut or pressed they produce a fragrant, viscid resin used often in perfumes and mixed with processed whale blubber to produce pleasing, scented lamp oils. Myrtheld's balm also attracts oozes, especially ochre and mustard jelly and the gelatinous cube, all of which are avidly drawn to such an offering; canny herbalists in Waterdeep have begun to charge great prices for the balm to adventurers seeking to delve the Undermountain, as a "guaranteed" way to suss out such subterranean menaces.

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Lhaleskren of Lliira
(Lhal-LESS-Kren) Enforcer of Merriments, Drowner of Sorrows. Keeps her honeyed hair in a braid that is usually loose and frazzled. Expressive eyebrows, waggles them continuously in conversation. Smiles in a rictus grin, has the burning eyes of a zealot. An "Unreasoning Joy" of Lliira (heretical fanatics who believe that there is joy and humor to be found in all things – even if one is sunk into the utter depths of depression or personal horror they should be made to laugh when crying is warranted; or, more succinctly, forced to "see the funny side of things." A religious doctrine they enforce by compulsion of steel or spell, as necessary. Needless to say, the main Lliiran church has long considered these believers to be abominations hoplessley corrupted and twisted by Shar, the dark Lady of Loss who makes mockery of the true rejoicements of Lliira).

Loribal Finefish
The Binder of Sauces. Noted "hearthmaster" (hire-chef). Exacting, demanding, precise. Called "The Binder of Bane" by his exasperated or beleaguered underlings (but that only far out of his hearing). Commonly said to have spent "a fair fortune" (most of it coming from his employers) engaging dwarven and Lantannan metalsmiths to refine and refine again his designs for specialized cooking utensils, molds, and saucepans. Fat and slightly hunchbacked, with grizzled eyebrows and a copious, unruly grey beard. Unlike his personal grooming, his habiliment, like his cooking, is always meticulous and without fault. He buys his wardrobe from the master tailor Welauskras of Silverymoon, then goes south to Kaulakh and The Pasha's House of Calimport and demands that they be re-fashioned of oriflur and torammar and damasked silk. Prefers shades of blue and green; when engaged in cookery always wears his trim the colors of his central dish-of-the-day.

Lorzul Temmar
Seamaster (captain) of the free caravel Redstorl. Has a false right eye. Originally sported a somewhat realistic replacement, but found a colorful swirled blue-green orb in Myratma and prefers the air of mystery it affords him. Bulbous nose and fleshy lips. Heavily-pocked cheeks and chin half-hidden by wild grey muttonchops. When in port, prefers the company of hin and gnomish bedwarmers, of both sexes.

Lujan Left-Hand (LG HM Ra8)
(Lou-JANN) Formerly a ranger of the Guard. Lujan's maiming came from The Doom of Frost and Void (a shard of Ocanthan Ever-Ice that sports several cold-related enchantments and functions similarly to a sphere of annihilation when in contact with unprotected flesh). He now serves as an initiate at the Shrines of Nature, and has learned to wield a shortsword with his remaining hand. Has a twin, the mercenary Lunathan Left-Handed.

Lunathan Left-Handed (CG HM Ra6)
(Luna-THANN) Often mistaken for his twin, the Forestarm initiate Lujan Left-Hand. Is actually ambidexterous. Brusque and hasty both in word and action, ill at ease in cities and crowds. A captain of the Blackfalcon Raiders mercenary company.


Lorimar Naerdruth [ Source: A 12/28/12 posting to the message boards by Ed Greenwood. Name/Description given ]

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Lorlan Duraxe [ Source: A 06/26/06 posting to the message boards by Ed Greenwood. Name/Description given ]

Lorngar Roaringhorn [ Source: Powers & Pantheons, p. 162. Name/Description given ]

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