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 High Lady Cylyria 'dead' in 1489 DR?

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
GamerDude804 Posted - 21 Jun 2018 : 19:43:36
I am running a campaign but I can't find any info on High Lady Cylyria of Berdusk for 1489 DR... Is she dead or what? Thanks!
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cpthero2 Posted - 09 Oct 2018 : 22:09:05
Seeker Fineva,

Fair enough. If nothing else, I wanted to make sure I was at the correct tweet!

Best regards,

Originally posted by Fineva

As an author I'm certain he knows the past tense.
He didn't use it.
As I said, it's an indication.

Fineva Posted - 09 Oct 2018 : 21:39:34
As an author I'm certain he knows the past tense.
He didn't use it.
As I said, it's an indication.
cpthero2 Posted - 09 Oct 2018 : 20:47:52
Seeker Fineva,

Was the tweet in question the one below?
They'd pay them gladly, of course. And send a Harper to find out what her favorite garments were, and create multiple duplicates (High Lady Cylyria Dragonbreast loves clothing, and pays for such things out of her own fortune)/

If so, it doesn't really seem to indicate that she is still around. It could just be that she did like fancy clothing.

Best regards,

Originally posted by Fineva

Just got off Twitter and I see this. I too was wondering but a recent Edverse tweet seems to indicate Cyrilia is ok, since she likes fancy clothing!

Fineva Posted - 08 Oct 2018 : 21:34:02
Just got off Twitter and I see this. I too was wondering but a recent Edverse tweet seems to indicate Cyrilia is ok, since she likes fancy clothing!
cpthero2 Posted - 08 Oct 2018 : 19:16:49
Master Mage,

LOL...that was an epic description.

"Item 4 has been blue-itemed, please inform the distribution center", clerk 8 stated.

Best regards,

Originally posted by The Masked Mage

Good odds she was blue-fire itemed.

George Krashos Posted - 24 Jun 2018 : 05:02:59
I wanted to try link up the Impiltur royals with the Obarskyrs, but there are so few Obarskyrs! In the end I went with Tethyr, just like Erin Evans and Brian Cortijo (Garen Thal) did for "Fire in the Blood".

-- George Krashos
sleyvas Posted - 24 Jun 2018 : 01:53:20
Originally posted by The Masked Mage

If I recall there are gods pledged to Cormyr or vice versa. The paladin should be from one of those.

That's specifically why I chose a new one, and one from Impiltur's royal line (granted a far offshoot). I'd like to put a nod towards this person leaving Impiltur, because its not like it used to be... and maybe later the two kingdoms can be more entwined. Also, the nod for Nobanion was for similar reasons. I was actually trying to picture Nobanion showing up and doing something to Azoun to add to the mysticism... but actually, I think I like the idea more of Nobanion showing up and "nosing" the newborn prince (i.e. pushing his nose to the infant's forehead, almost like a kiss, and maybe breathing out and making his hair blow)

Just to note too... while I was initially stating a newborn prince... hell, it might make a good story to have a newborn princess (i.e. twins) and have Lurue show up as well. Maybe the Sunite knight has a talking mount (I would say unicorn, but making it something else makes Lurue showing up more "mystical")? Pegasi, Asperii, Griffon, hippogriff, giant eagle... Dire Al'miraj... nah...?

Along those lines of the Lurue thing, giving Raedra Obrarskyr a present from Eveningstar (being a pet tressym with lynx-like ears and "peacock" like wings). If this paladin has taken the oath of the ancients, he has speak with animals memorized. Maybe he and the Obarskyrs are captured together. Maybe he gets the tressym freed and tells it to go find help. The Tressym goes and finds the wemic druid of Nobanion (who has a dire stag companion and a tabaxi bard who travels with him). Both understand "tressymspeak" the language of tressym. Hell, I'm half tempted to throw in a sphinx.

You know, I'm growing to like this story more and more.
The Masked Mage Posted - 23 Jun 2018 : 21:52:15
If I recall there are gods pledged to Cormyr or vice versa. The paladin should be from one of those.
sleyvas Posted - 23 Jun 2018 : 02:12:20
Damn.... That's an interesting idea... when the whole royal line of Cormyr (both Raedra Obarskyr and Baerovus Obarskyr) are kidnapped (on the night she was giving birth to her new son, no less), and maybe the next six possible heirs are all killed (maybe 4 of them during the kidnapping). Suddenly it would be dozens of noble lines that could suddenly lay claim to the throne, and thus split Cormyr asunder. So Vandergahast brings back Azoun IV and Alusair as a ghost helps legitimize his claim (because the people of Cormyr may not fully recognize Azoun, but they know of the ghost of Alusair, and many may have met and respect her). It could make for a very interesting story, especially if Alusair is still there but as a ghost while her father lives (it could really pull his heart strings, especially when he "finds out" what a hard life she had trying to "fix" the mess he "left her in"). Meanwhile, some nobles keep stirring the pot, trying to refute his claim since he died, but Vangey produces some obscure charter that makes this a legal possibility. Furthermore, to build on the storyline, to have him missing his Queen Filfaeril, and yet the nobility pushing for him to wed and breed an heir (even though he feels too old to have a child). Meanwhile, he's desperately trying to get someone to find the missing TRUE heir to the throne (i.e. Raedra Obarskyr)... make some convoluted plot (maybe it even involved the plotting of Raedra's husband against her so he could become king, but it was uncovered and he was butchered by the war wizards)... eventually they get her back because of some young Sunite paladin of Impiltur, Rilimbraun Forgecrown, great grandson of Rilaunyr of the lords of Imphras II. Raedra falls in love with the young paladin, and he falls in love with her. Maybe the rescue involves a wemic druidess who worships Nobanion as well, and they ask her to perform the wedding..... and Nobanion actually shows up to provide the blessing on the kingdom. Azoun steps down, but he's still alive, and he swears to be her "Lion's guard". She names him the King's Regent should the kingdom ever need one, as well as her son's "royal tutor" tasked with raising him to be a dutiful and effective king and warrior. So, he's back. He's not the king, but the current Queen treats him like a kindly grandfather he never knew, and he can be a great symbol for the country, even as he enjoys his time as a grandfather playing with his great-great-great-great-grandson.

I LOVE THIS STORY... it should happen. I know someone will say its stupid, but I don't care... I'd love it.
The Masked Mage Posted - 22 Jun 2018 : 23:13:26
As far as I can tell, Ed's creation of the blue-fire items was a sweeping counter to WOTC forwarding the timeline and effectively killing literally every (non elven or Chosen or undead) character that had ever been written for the realms. Any NPC from 2nd Ed can be brought into the modern realms with the blue fire items. Similarly, the return of Fflar to the Crusade for Myth Drannor cleared the way for ANY character, past or present, that has been killed to be returnable via Resurrection - effectively marking the time limit as more of a guideline than a steadfast rule. Want Azoun IV back? No Problem... accept royal law in Cormyr says he can't be king anymore :P - still I think that would be a great future story: Cormyr is on the brink of collapse and choking on civil war. Arabel and Marsember have broken away. The war wizard's are depleted. Little spider Vangerdahast seeks to restore himself, then brings back Alusair and her Father to reunite the realm! Doing so he activates the magical pledge/curse of Cormyr and also brings back the Purple Dragon - call it "Return Of The Dragon(s)."
Brimstone Posted - 22 Jun 2018 : 21:49:47
Good Idea Masked One!

Maybe she has consumed potions of Longevity?

I agree with Krash, do what you want! It's your Realms!
The Masked Mage Posted - 22 Jun 2018 : 02:20:55
Good odds she was blue-fire itemed.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 22 Jun 2018 : 00:57:11
She was around for the Harpstar Wars, which ended in 1222 -- and she was, apparently, already famous at that point. So I'd say that bare minimum, she would have been mid-twenties, early thirties at that point.

Which means that as a half-elf, she was pushing it, by the time of the Spellplague. By 1489, she'd be around 300 years old, at least.

That certainly doesn't rule out the possibility that she's still around, but it's not something I'd put money on.
George Krashos Posted - 21 Jun 2018 : 21:59:35
She’s whatever you want her to be in that timeline.

— George Krashos

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