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 Questions for Ed Greenwood (2017 & 2018)

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
The Sage Posted - 31 Dec 2016 : 14:06:22
Well met

This being a continued collection of scrolls of any questions the Scribes and visitors of Candlekeep wish to put to a master who needs no introduction, namely - Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms.

Ed's works include MANY FR sourcebooks and numerous novels, such as Cormyr: A Novel, Spellfire, Silverfall, The Shadows of the Avatar Trilogy and The Elminster Series, to name but a few.

Present your questions herein and check back to see what news may also come forth from the quill of this author.

For previous entries of the many, many writings of lore by Ed, please see the 2016 entries in this collection of scrolls, the 2015 entries here, the 2014 entries here, the 2013 entries here, the 2012 entries here, the 2011 entries here, the 2010 entries here, the 2009 entries here the 2008 entries here, the 2007 entries here, the 2006 entries here, the 2005 entries here, and the 2004 entries here. 'ware, these run into over 80 pages, ye may be reading for some time. For a concise read of Ed's replies, visit the "So Saith Ed" page on the Candlekeep site.

Mod Edit: Given this scroll's shorter length, decided to keep using it for another year, and renamed it accordingly.
25   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Icelander Posted - 31 Jul 2018 : 01:36:06
I asked Eric Boyd this and he informed me that the pirates of Alkoth and the Banite adventuring bands of the Six Black Blades and the Crow Banners were from Ed and advised me to ask Ed. So, here goes:

On p. 39 of Faiths and Avatars, there is a mention of the widely feared pirate fleet of Alkoth and the Bane-worshipping adventuring groups of the Six Black Blades and the Crow Banners.

Where is Alkoth and is there anything worth telling about these pirates?

Did you have any more information in mind about these adventuring bands?
Baldorar Posted - 29 Jun 2018 : 06:04:44
Originally posted by Shadowsoul

Maybe this has been answered but here goes anyway.

Dear Ed.

Do you have a specific event that introduced vampirism to Faerun and the rest of the Realms?


And, another question to Ed, what about were creatures?
Neverwintan Posted - 29 Jun 2018 : 02:50:27
Hello Ed and THO,

I have a question. What areas in the real-world are closest to the Baldur's Gate region, weather/climate-wise?

Thank you for your time!
Thangorn Posted - 22 Jun 2018 : 08:28:54
Well Met noble Ed and THO,

I working on a Cormyrean Noble's campaign. I've scoured these hallowed pages and my vast library of Faerunian lore but I am missing some vital pieces of flavour.

Have you at any stage put together family mottos and heraldry for the following Cormyrean noble houses -:
Emmarask, Huntcrown, Illance, Hawklin, Summerstar, Hardcastle, Hiloar & Evenhand

I'm hoping these are all your creations, these were the most fitting for my needs from the published houses I could find.

If you could find time in your enormously busy schedule to pen a response I would be greatly appreciative.

Of course if another scribe sees this and can point me in the direction of lore that I've missed, I'd be more than happy not to waste Ed's valuable time. :)

Fineva Posted - 27 May 2018 : 23:12:17
Thanks to THO & Ed!

I get it. So helpful.

And Mirt as James Bond means there's hope for me yet!

Eilserus Posted - 21 May 2018 : 06:31:55
Hi Ed and THO,

Swords of Eveningstar makes reference to the Iron War Crown, also called the Arcrown. There's also a reference to the Iron War that might involve dwarves. Given the dwarven name Arcrown, the crown's mage killing abilities, and a possible Iron War, is there more that can be shared regarding any of this?

Thank you! :)
Marco Volo Posted - 06 May 2018 : 09:35:41
Hi Ed and THO,

I found an old "D&D Lair Assault" of mine entitled "Temple of the Sky God". I had the surprise to see that Ed was credited as a designer on this.
I haven't seen that before because he is credited inside the book but not on the cover (it's Greg Bilsland and Doug Hyatt). Did Ed acted like a consultant on this adventure ?

Thanks and have a nice day.
Marco Volo Posted - 03 May 2018 : 07:01:27
Thanks THO, I was a little lost and you enmightened me.
I will patiently wait but I'm on tenderhooks too :)
The Hooded One Posted - 03 May 2018 : 02:01:59
And hi again. I bring you the first of Ed’s promised direct lore replies, this one to Fineva, re. this: “Hello Hooded Lady and greetings to Ed:
After checking the forums awhile and obtaining great answers from Wooly, Slevas, etc, just one question remains.
Tiamat as Ed says is building power, and Rise of Tiamat had a lot to do with treasure. The Dragon masks especially were required. Does this mean her power is locked in the masks (like other gods use chosen) and when she utterly destroys a mask and wearer she gains a piece of it? (Severin was yummy)”

Fineva, Ed says yes, destroying a mask and wearer does gain Tiamat some power, but it’s a little more complicated than that. The masks are foci for far more power than they hold, but by their nature are “holds” (limits) on Tiamat, so as each one is eliminated, Tiamat gains back more freedom to access more power. (Ed cautions me that even this is an oversimplification, and that your DM may of course change this, subtly or otherwise. ;} As Elminster saith, “Subtly? Hah! With humans, ’tis almost always ‘otherwise.’”)

So there you have it. More from Ed soon.
The Hooded One Posted - 03 May 2018 : 01:56:59
Hello again, all.
Ed tells me the formatted (not by him, by one of the talented creatives of the Gamehole writing team) Border Kingdoms runs to JUST under 100 pages. Just so you know. ;}

Marco Volo,
For now, A Darkness In North Ward is publicly unavailable, though there are copies “out there” that Ed has given away at conventions to lucky players. This is because it’s one of the adventures Ed still runs at conventions for fun (most recently, at CritCon in Toronto, four days ago). However, eventually, somehow, it will be made available, I suspect.
As for the other adventures, here we go…
At the DM’s Guild website, Ed has begun to do annual Mirt the Moneylender linked “tales” (short fiction with crunchy Realmslore included) and adventures (a 5e D&D adventure in the same locale that year’s story is set in).
The first set of these was “All Things Through The Bright Flames,” a story wherein Mirt was sent to Ormpur by Laeral, the Open Lord of Waterdeep, as a sort of James Bond-style secret agent (the story runs a little less than 20,000 words, and at its end you get Mirt’s stats, a writeup of another NPC who features in the story, a new spell, and other Realmslore). The adventure linked to that is a dungeon crawl (so, under a little bit of the city of Ormpur) entitled “At The Sign Of The Drowned Dragon.” The Ed Greenwood Group held a contest, and the winner was Clinton Cronk, who penned an entirely different D&D adventure set in Ormpur entitled “Rattle The Sabre, Shake The Spear” that Ed describes as “very Shakespearean, urban intrigue roleplaying, and VERY thorough, so a novice DM can readily run it.”
The second year of Mirt’s missions took him to Derlusk, the “bookish” northshore port of the Border Kingdoms, for another tale-with-crunchy-Realmslore entitled “The Book That Talked Back,” which is linked to a 5e D&D adventure entitled “The Haunted Tomes Of Derlusk.”
Ed is writing the third Mirt linked pair of tale and adventure right now. He tells me he has plans to eventually do “Volo’s mini-guides” to the locales Mirt visits, as well.
The first two pairs of Ed adventures have been up at the DM’s Guild, but have been taken down to revamp their layout, and will go back up in the fullness of time (this may take months), at which time they’ll be joined by Clinton’s adventure, so they can all be purchased at the Guild. Ed requests your patience; he is busier than ever, these days!
Marco Volo Posted - 02 May 2018 : 21:23:21
Hi Ed and THO,
Great news ! I hope you're doing well. Here are my questions :

1/ Will there be any way to buy the adventure A darkness in North Ward ? (I'm a fan of Waterdeep, have to ask ;)

2/ I was looking for few adventures written by Ed:
At the Sign of the Drowned Dragon
The Haunted Tomes of Derlusk
Rattle the Sabre and Shake the Spear
I'm looking for these adventures but can't find these anywhere. It would be to run them to my players. Onder Librum website is not availaible right now so i can't ask there if I can buy them in any way.

Thanks, and good game to all of you.
Brimstone Posted - 02 May 2018 : 21:05:33
Many thanks THO!!
Wooly Rupert Posted - 02 May 2018 : 19:12:34
Oh, that sounds wonderful! I'm already ready to pay for that file, as soon as it's uploaded -- Edlore is always worthwhile.
Irennan Posted - 02 May 2018 : 18:41:41
Wow, this is amazing news! Can't wait to see more Realms from Ed, it's been far too long...
The Hooded One Posted - 02 May 2018 : 18:32:02
Hello again, all!
Brimstone, I can tell you this much: Ed updated his Border Kingdoms write-ups to current Realms time (the 1490s DR) and completed them, A-Z, covering the entire BK in an overview that the GameholeCon adventure designers formatted into a handsome gazetteer that I hope will be available for sale at the DM's Guild eventually (proceeds to GameholeCon?)...
Ed crammed it full of adventure hooks, subplots, and the like.

And I believe Alex Kammer, the master gamer who runs GameholeCon, collaborated with Ed on an uberplot to underpin the GameholeCon Adventurers League adventures at this year's con, and for several years into the future. Alex came up to Canada a month or so back to spend a few days at Ed's house cooking up things.

(Ed's also at work on other things in the Realms, including his own annual Mirt story-and-lore plus companion adventure. He held a TEGG contest, and the winner, Clinton Cronk, has designed an Ormpur adventure that should go up at the Guild eventually. I'm hoping Ed will follow through on his plans to write "Volo mini-guides" for all the locales Mirt visits, too...)

Another reply tomorrow, I hope (have ferried everything to Ed for lore replies)...

Love to all,
Brimstone Posted - 01 May 2018 : 18:29:11

What can Ed share about his Border Kingdoms project for Adventure League? I saw that someone posted about it in one of the Forgotten Realms Facebook groups this morning.

dazzlerdal Posted - 09 Apr 2018 : 20:16:47

Quick question that is probably a lot more difficult than I'd imagine as I'm not sure if you had conceived of Jhaamdath way back when.

Could you possibly impart the name of the ethnicity of the people of ancient Jhaamdath. Given that the name Jhaamdath comes from Jhaam as the first warlord of the Dath dynasty I'm not sure that the people could be called the Dath but I just thought I'd check.

Also have you given any consideration to how the name Chondath came about. Is it a corruption of Jhaamdath or was there a Chond the long forgotten scion of the Dath dynasty who helped save many people during the tsunami and its immediate aftermath (or maybe sometime later during the chaotic centuries after the tsunami.

Hope everything is alright with you and yours and any thoughts you have on the matter would be most welcome.
AJA Posted - 15 Mar 2018 : 23:11:31
Howdy-Hey THO,

On the ninth (and final) page of the old City of Splendors: A Novel of Waterdeep review topic <>, you describe a number of things that got cut from the final presentation of that novel, including:

an entire Gemcloak and his subplot, throughout

Would Ed be willing (able, really) to share anything on this character, and what their general plot was?

(late edit)
Also, in the 2015 Ask Ed Thread <> you passed along a reply about banking in Waterdeep that said, in part;

The Plinth....have always functioned as banks.

Given the Plinth's status as an all-faiths, "hands-off" arrangement, who is in charge of those transactions?
Irrevrykal Posted - 06 Mar 2018 : 15:42:42
Hello, THO (and Ed, by extension). Is the inn of Horl's Horn (in Iliphanar, from 2012's Forging the Realms), or Selgaunt's Horl Street, connected to the doppelganger mule breeder Horl (also from Forging the Realms)? Or are they by chance connected to Horl Bryntwynter, the trader/Cormyrian spy in Halfhap (Swords of Dragonfire)?
Baldorar Posted - 05 Mar 2018 : 09:09:50
Originally posted by The Hooded One

Hello again, all.
Baldorar, when Ed was starting out (before D&D) he wrote descriptions of each place, and the characters there. When beginning as a D&D DM, he write exhaustive descriptions (the precursor of what became "boxed text" to be read aloud at the gaming table), so he'd know how to portray (act) this or that character. But by 1979 or so, with the Realms filling his head, I suspect he improvised more than anything else...from thoughts jotted down AFTER each game session, for "how the world would probably react" (to what the PCs had done) for the next game session.

I've realised I haven't thanked you yet! :) So thanks! Even more than in the Realms themselves (which I love), I'm more interested in the creative force (or should I say 'forces'? ;-) )that propeled them specially in their early years. That's why I'm always curious in how Ed and you hguys did things back then.

Markustay Posted - 27 Feb 2018 : 00:05:41
The 'Seven' is actually her 'mothers' symbol, and since she usurped (sort of) that power, she uses the Seven.

Which makes me think that the 'Seven' are something that has 'passed on', and now nine have passed on. Chosen?

Or its an edition thing.
sleyvas Posted - 26 Feb 2018 : 23:53:29
Originally posted by Markustay

So we're not doing 'sevens' anymore?

From Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide

Mystra, goddess of magic NG
Arcana, Knowledge
Symbol Circle of seven stars, nine stars encircling a
flowing red mist, or a single star
Markustay Posted - 26 Feb 2018 : 23:41:58
So we're not doing 'sevens' anymore?

Originally posted by Zeromaru X

According to Shinning South (3.xe), they were people from Lapal that fled from the yuan-ti and hid themselves behind the Walls.
Cool - I didn't think they were Dambrathi, but I couldn't remember why.

But the question still stands - What was there before the Lapalese fled to there? Anything or anyone?
George Krashos Posted - 22 Feb 2018 : 01:46:34
Originally posted by Markustay

I think Mirt may have been a member. Not sure why I think that, though.

Perhaps because somewhere its stated that all of them became Bluefire objects? I'm not even sure where I got that idea from, because its certainly not anything I would have come up with on my own.

And because we're supposed to be asking questions: Ed, what/who do you picture being in Halruaa before the Netherse went there and founded that country?

The Nine and the Neverwinter Nine are two different groups.

-- George Krashos

Zeromaru X Posted - 21 Feb 2018 : 19:31:54
As for this...

Originally posted by Markustay

I think Mirt may have been a member. Not sure why I think that, though.

Perhaps because somewhere its stated that all of them became Bluefire objects? I'm not even sure where I got that idea from, because its certainly not anything I would have come up with on my own.

Nope, as of the current Realms, they are resting at peace in a tomb designed for them under Castle Never, the Vault of the Nine. It seems that Valindra wants or wanted (I dunno, as the 4e storyline got screwed with 5e) to transform them into death knights, but she was unable to do so by 1479 (the starting date of the Campaign Setting). I believe in the MMO she eventually gets to do it, as the concept art of the game have this cool pic about them, but I dunno. I cannot find the quest in Youtube (I do no play the game, as I'm not a fan of MMOs).

I'm intrigued about them because, according to Neverwinter Nights 2, Halueth Never had his own Neverwinter Nine back in the 1st century DR, and since Neverwinter Nights 2 seems to be in conflict with Ed's and George's lore, I want to know actual Realmslore about them.

I believe there also was a second (or third) generation of the Nine after Nasher's time, that served his descendants (if we go by what the NCS says), but I don't know if Ed was involved in the lore for Neverwinter in 4e.

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