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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Alaundo Posted - 05 Nov 2002 : 17:34:44
Well Met and Welcome traveler!

I, Alaundo, Master Scribe and seer of Candlekeep welcome you to the great library of Faerun and the Forgotten Realms. You are now in the Chambers of Lore where you will meet many other scribes and seekers of Realmslore and knowledge. We hope you enjoy your stay here and learn many new things.

Please feel free to introduce yourself with a new topic in this forum category and be welcomed warmly.

If you need any assistance during your stay then please call on me by posting within this forum or via email.

....and now, ill leave you to browse the many tomes we have....
25   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
The Professor Posted - 01 Apr 2018 : 15:03:11
Hello, and Well met. I am a huge fan of The Forgotten realms though I am only really starting to get into it since I started with D&D 4e back in 2009. Now I am going to be playing Forgotten Realms in Tunnels and Trolls Deluxe Edition. I know heresy
Anthony Pacheco Posted - 22 Jan 2018 : 06:35:11
Hey there. Joined a few days ago.

I have a lot of favorite FR products. The old "The Moonsea" is one I particularly enjoy. It just as so much going for it. I've played lots of FR PC games over the years (Baldur's Gate and BGII, Pool of Radiance and sequels, Neverwinter Nights and NWN2).

The one FR game I DMed was actually a NWN2 custom game in a LAN room set in the Moonsea area stating in DR400 (insert ominous music here). I had to stop when i was spending more time writing pseudo C code then DMing.

At one point I was buying all the FR accessories, but I stopped at the "Time of Troubles." Didn't like ToT, and afterwards only purchased an occasional 3E FR module. I completely avoided 4E FR. I thought ToT was bad, LOL.

While my main (pen-and paper) campaign settings I ran as a DM were Greyhawk and then Role Yer Own, I always turned to my old FR source material for inspiration.

Best Regards,
Anthony (Griffon Lore Games)
Balmar Foghaven Posted - 31 Dec 2017 : 07:38:40
Salutations, learned sages. After having silently perused the archives here at Candlekeep for some time, I have decided to finally sign up. I have been playing D&D for over 12 years, and I have to say that Forgotten Realms is one of my favorite settings. As such, this forum is a godsend.
Zeromaru X Posted - 08 Dec 2017 : 05:46:49
Welcome to to forum, to all that have joined since the last time I posted.
Allowind Posted - 08 Dec 2017 : 05:27:55
Hello all! I'm an absolute beginner in D&D and a fun of the FR. I'm just discovering the 5e and hope to find a lot of interesting information on this forum.
TomCosta Posted - 04 Dec 2017 : 01:43:11
Welcome Yslanderon, Thogrimm, and Cloudstepping. Hope you all enjoy your time here.
Cloudstepping Posted - 03 Dec 2017 : 18:36:29
Hello all. I'm a long-time D&D player (1979) but am just signing up to these forums. I currently play 5e, but my Realms are a big collection of material from the whole history of the setting, plus a few extra bits of my own. Hope to share some stories and ask a lot of questions. Thanks for maintaining these forums, I'm very interested in reading through.
Thogrimm Posted - 12 Nov 2017 : 03:58:21

Long time lurker, and now posting! Played and DM'd since before AD&D, and absolutely love the world that Ed and all have created in the Forgotten Realms. I was the first in our group to fall in love and buy everything with the FR logo on it! Have been away from the game since 3rd Edition, but very much enjoying 5e now.

I am playing in a game now, but am taking the opportunity to start writing, and looking forward to asking a lot of questions of the sages of Candlekeep!

Yslanderon Posted - 20 Oct 2017 : 21:30:12

I've played some of the D&D games enough times to become really fond of FR.

I stumbled on this forums a few times when i was searching for especific knowledge regarding the setting. My knowledge of D&D in general is quite limited, since i came upon it by downloading and playing an old game named Neverwinter Nights, and not by playing the tabletop version with friends.

Thank you and may the shadow of the Lady never catchs us.
Alaundo Posted - 07 Sep 2017 : 08:59:12
Well met, minerodabahia.

Welcome to Candlekeep. Glad ye could join us in these halls of lore. I look forward to seeing thy creations and could possibly include such works within the Map Room.
mineirodabahia Posted - 06 Sep 2017 : 18:58:38
Hello there!

FG is probably my favorite scenario, and also the one the I've most played with. Very honoured to be here.

I'm kinda skilled in cartography since I actually work with a related thing (hydrologic engeneer here), so I like to spend some of my free time making fantasy maps. Lately I've been workin in some specific regions from the Realms and it would be really nice if you guys could help me one waay or another.

Hope we can help each other! ^^
Rogue Bard Posted - 27 Aug 2017 : 19:35:32
Alaundo Posted - 28 Jul 2017 : 09:24:04
Well met, Rogue Bard

Glad ye have found this 'old school' place. Enjoy thy stay.
jcorbier Posted - 27 Jul 2017 : 09:59:00

I have been lurking on this forum for quite some time now, always seeking more Realms lore. Now that I have started DM'ing my own campaign I have plenty of unanswered questions and things I would like to clarify. So here I am ;)
Rogue Bard Posted - 25 Jun 2017 : 19:50:55
Greetings to you all. I've wandered in and out of here for years and I'm impressed that this forum is still going strong. I miss the old days when I was active in communities such as this one, so mayhap I will put this new account to good use. A brief intro: I've been playing D&D since my teens & I'm a longtime fan of BG1 & BG2 (I plan to download BGEE hopefully sometime next month) and NWN (I also have NWN2, but haven't gotten very far in it). I enjoy reading Forgotten Realms novels & learning all about the Realms (which is why I've kept coming back to this place), but I'm also into other fantasy as well, especially the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. That's pretty much it. May Lady Luck always smile upon you.
Mordriel Posted - 05 May 2017 : 09:12:54
Originally posted by Thoth

Welcome aboard. :)

Thank you kindly, sir!
Thoth Posted - 04 May 2017 : 12:04:51
Welcome aboard. :)
Mordriel Posted - 03 May 2017 : 11:05:37

I have been reading the fora now and then, always interested in Realms lore.

Now that my players have finally defeated their main antagonists in my latest campaign, I am looking for new hooks to increase their interest and investment in the area they have struggled to cleanse.

Namely, they have defeated the Cult of the Dragon out of Myth Drannor, in an upscaled and much overhauled adventure based in the "Pool of Radiance: Attack on Myth Drannor".

The party consists of a Cormyrean human fighter -lesser noble (of the Hyraken family)-, a moon elf fighter/mage/bladesinger of the Floshin family, a dwarf cleric of Moradin from the Silver Marches with family ties to Myth Drannor, and a dwarf mage/cleric/mystic theurge of Marthammor Duin.

The time is late (winter of) 1370 DR.

So I figured, lets sign up in Candlekeep and listed to the Sages' ideas of how to further involve my players there!

Thank you in advance
El Oso Gigante Posted - 14 Mar 2017 : 04:16:42
Hello, I am here now. I am a guy who has spent a nontrivial portion of the last twenty-something years daydreaming about the Realms. I've found answers to a lot of realms questions here over the years so I figured I ought to join up. That's all I've got to say I guess right now. Thanks for everything.
Thoth Posted - 13 Mar 2017 : 12:36:13
I finally took the lunge and signed up. Been a reader for some time, so here I am! :)
Bumbleknot Posted - 16 Feb 2017 : 20:45:07
Hi Everyone!

I'm sorry if I'm not that talkative. But I am glad I finally registered.
Socrates1984 Posted - 13 Feb 2017 : 17:32:34
Hello everyone!

I am happy to have signed up! I play various versions of D&D since back in the '90s and I really like Forgotten Realms. I admit having once or twice played the Other Setting Whose Name We Do Not Speak Of*, but FR is by far my favorite!

I wouldn't consider myself a lore expert, hence I plan on visiting this nice forum every once in a while to get educated. Despite almost always running as a DM, I dare say my knowledge is limited to the North with the odd exception of hastily reading sections on the other parts of the world. Sadly my DM position is mostly due to rules-knowledge and good human-handling, rather than any impressive story-telling ability.

As a result, my contribution to this site will probably be somewhat limited, although I hope in time I will get more up to date with FR news!

So, that's my first post in this forum. Do you have any advice on how I can become more accustomed with all this site has to offer? Where to start, where to go next, what are the hottest topics right now?

Thanks in advance and let me say again that I'm happy to be here!

Man-of-Fur Posted - 12 Feb 2017 : 18:39:59
Hail and well met all. My life has become reading Candlekeep from this point on haha.
Karmic Acumen Posted - 23 Jan 2017 : 14:27:03
Hello all.

I just decided to finally log in and thank this forum for having more or less every answer to every question about FR I've had since I did the unforgiveable and begun writing a BG/FR Fanfiction. Most notably I want to praise the site for the awesome "Introduction to Candlekeep" piece of lore that Ed Greenwood believed this site worth writing for. It provided some great concepts and world building and allowed me to assign names and personality to some of the people that were only shown briefly in the Baldur's Gate game (some of which, like the Gatewarden, entirely lacked a name).

I don't really expect to post much here, since as far as I can tell most of the questions I have have been asked before. Additionally, I was introduced to D&D around the year 2000 and I wouldn't have had anyone to play with where I lived even if I did get introduced to the idea of board games earlier in my life. As such, I'm only familiar with the FR and other D&D settings through video games (BG 1&2, Planescape, IWD 1&2, NWN 1&2) rather than the board games and have had to rely on Wikis and this site for my other lore, since I haven't actually gone through any of the books either, at least not yet (Save for the Gilded Rune, since I'm strangely fond of dwarves).

I'll lurk around substantially though, I'm sure, since I am big on world building whenever I start to write a story (particularly since I always have the end in mind when I start) means I've had to do quite a bit of Lore research indeed.

TL;DR: Thanks to the community and massive info and multitude of theories for being here.
goatmeal Posted - 19 Jan 2017 : 19:23:10
Just signed up. Haven't been paying attention to the Forgotten Realms for a few years and thought I'd sign up to figure out what is going on in the area. Lots of changes I hear, and then more changes (sometimes back to how it was before, but hard to know for sure on everything).

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