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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Wooly Rupert Posted - 01 Jan 2016 : 22:59:08
I decided that we weren't going to continue using the 2014 reading discussion... So here's a new one for the new year!

(And since this thread has but a few pages, might as well use it for 2017, as well.)
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CTrunks Posted - 10 Aug 2017 : 05:19:17
Originally posted by Wooly Rupert

I was always disappointed by the way they set that up and then went the other way with it.

I have to admit, while I can understand preferring it being a true story, I think it works better as being just a rumor or legend that started after Raistlin's death, so nobody could accurately confirm it.

The off-screen deaths at the beginning of the War of Souls trilogy bugged me, too.

When I first read the War of Souls trilogy, I genuinely enjoyed it. But this most recent re-read felt like a bit of a chore, and I think most of it falls onto Mina. I know it's popular to declare most characters a 'Mary Sue', but she really was a Mary Sue. She was apparently a perfect tactician, a perfect warrior, everyone loved her, and she was never wrong for most of the series. And because she was always right, almost everyone else, at least among the new characters, came out looking like they were either incompetent or just plain stupid.

Plus, having everything that happened between Dragons of a Summer Flame and the War of Souls trilogy be Takhisis's fault, only to hit the Grand Reset Button (after ensuring the elves were in a worse place than before, of course, since Krynnish Elves Ruin Everything), felt like a total cop out.

Anyway, in "things I am reading now" news, I've restarted the ASoIaF books, and I'm almost done Game of Thrones.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 09 Aug 2017 : 16:01:18
Originally posted by Thelonius

Starting to dive into Ready Player One.

That's a personal fave. It's one of the few books I've wanted to reread as soon as I completed it the first time.

His second novel, Armada, is good, but it doesn't knock it out of the park the way Ready Player One did.
Thelonius Posted - 09 Aug 2017 : 07:10:17
Just finished Terry Pratchett's Pyramids. Finally liked it though it took a bit to start enjoying it. Starting to dive into Ready Player One.
Taleras Posted - 09 Aug 2017 : 04:56:11
Finally finished the Sellswords series. Ran into some stretches of little to no reading lately, but I am now started on The Thousand Orcs. Can't believe I'm on book #17 of the Drizzt series...
Wooly Rupert Posted - 08 Aug 2017 : 19:55:59
I just recently bought an anthology solely because it had a Dresden Files short story in it... Focusing on one Gentleman Johnnie Marcone.
KraziJoe Posted - 08 Aug 2017 : 18:42:53
Reading Blood Debts by Shayne Silvers.
Book 2 in the Temple Chronicles.
This is like the Dresden Files if you have read those books. Book 1 was good, Book 2 seems to have me stopping a lot. It's not as gripping and more wordy. I will get through it one day...
Wooly Rupert Posted - 08 Aug 2017 : 17:49:12
Wow, it's been a while since I posted my own reading status... I read all of the Webmage books, and I'm working on the Fallen Blade books, now -- I'm on the 5th out of 6 books. Since I realized that I'm (accidentally!) going to have a chance to meet the author at GenCon, I've been reacquainting myself with his works.

The Webmage books are about a hacker and demigod named Ravirn. He lives on an alternate Earth where the Greek pantheon is real, and they use their own computer network to manage reality. The series starts when his many-times-great aunt Atropos (one of the Fates) writes a program to remove free will from mortals, and wants his help debugging it. And he's not cool with that...

The Fallen Blade books are about an assassin named Aral Kingslayer. Once one of the most feared assassins in the world, he's now a borderline alcoholic, just barely scraping by. What's interesting with this series is that he and his fellow Blades are all assassin-mages, with living shadows as their familiars. And they weren't killers for hire -- they served the goddess of Justice, Namara, who only sent them after those who couldn't be touched by mortal justice, like kings and high priests and such. And then Namara was murdered by her fellow deities, leaving Aral adrift and without the foundation his life had been built upon. The series follows Aral as he starts to come out of his depression and finds his way back to the service of justice.

I've got one more book in that series; that should take me up to GenCon. For that trip, I'm taking After On and The Clockwork Dynasty. Both sound interesting, and I loved Year Zero, written by After On's author; Year Zero follows a hapless copyright attorney who simultaneously discovers that aliens exist, that Earth music is insanely popular in the wider galaxy, and that Earth is going to be destroyed because of the RIAA's copyright infringement laws.

Also recently, I got and read the trade paperbacks of Warren Ellis's run on Stormwatch and the Authority. I gave up on superhero comics a long time ago, but Warren Ellis's stuff was always a cut above the rest. Those and a big omnibus of Planetary are the only superhero comics I bothered to replace. (I also had to find a trade paperback of the WildC.A.T.s/Aliens crossover, where the Stormwatch team was destroyed -- in the Stormwatch comics, you see them find xenomorphs in one issue, and in the next issue, they're all dead. The crossover covered what happened in betwixt)
Artemas Entreri Posted - 08 Aug 2017 : 15:42:35
Re-reading A Game of Thrones for the 3rd or 4th time. It gets better every time.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 06 Jul 2017 : 04:36:48
So Sandman Slim wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. There's a lot that I did enjoy with the story, but the main character siphoned off some of what was good about it. He's badass enough to make Chuck Norris wet himself, but he's got the people skills of week-old roadkill. It's partially understandable from his backstory, but he's also a major jerk. He does have a couple redeeming qualities, but overall, he's a murderous SOB, and he delights in it. That kind of thing obviously works for some readers, but I'm not one of them.

I kind of want to read more of the books in the series, to see if the character becomes more likable, but I'm also reluctant to, because then I'd have to read more about a character I dislike.

There's also the fact that his nickname, Sandman Slim, just kind of comes out of nowhere, and the main character readily adopts it after first being mystified by it. That's another discordant note in the story.

Next up, I'm going to read the Webmage books. It's been a while, and I'm wanting something a bit lighter and more familiar after this last book.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 04 Jul 2017 : 17:45:14
I finished Age of Myth last night, once more staying up longer than I should have to do so. I quite enjoyed it.

Now I'm reading Sandman Slim. The main character is a magician (actual spells, not "pick a card, any card!") who was betrayed by his associates and drug down to Hell, where his status as the only living person down there lead to a lot of arena combat. And since everyone down there was cheating, he wound up getting some nifty abilities (including regeneration). Now he's back in LA, though, and he's looking to have a not-so-friendly discussion with the folks who sent him below.

It's urban fantasy, but a darker and grittier flavor of such than what I normally read. I'm usually not a fan of the dark and gritty stuff, but I liked Everything Box, which is by the same author, and this one has a lot of positive reviews, so I thought I'd give it a try.
CorellonsDevout Posted - 03 Jul 2017 : 20:19:04
Currently reading Pathfinder Tales: Worldwound Gambit. While I have enjoyed the PF Tales so far, I am having trouble getting in to this one. The author has a weird writing style. The book is written in present tense, which worked in Hunger Games, but in this instance, it is throwing me off, especially because he is trying to have a dark tone, as well.

I am also reading an m/m romance novel called Midnight, third book in the Dance with the Devil series.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 03 Jul 2017 : 15:23:07
Right now, I'm reading Age of Myth. At this point in the book, we have two races, the Fhrey and the Rhune, who appear to be headed towards war. The Fhrey are far more civilized than the Rhune, live for 3000 years, and the Rhune think of them as gods. The Rhune are not quite Bronze Age tech (one guy was known for not just having a sword, but having a sword made of copper) and kinda have a Scottish feel. Things go south between the two groups when a Rhune kills a Fhrey; the Rhune people are amazed to find out the gods can be slain.
Artemas Entreri Posted - 03 Jul 2017 : 13:56:41
Started The Darkling Child by Terry Brooks.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 02 Jul 2017 : 02:24:11
Originally posted by Alisttair

The D&D colouring book. Although it was quck to read and I am mostly spending my time coloring (duh!). I have a 4 year old so we color it together she and I. ;)

That's awesome. Mayhaps I should get one for my little guy and I to do.
Alisttair Posted - 02 Jul 2017 : 02:10:10
The D&D colouring book. Although it was quck to read and I am mostly spending my time coloring (duh!). I have a 4 year old so we color it together she and I. ;)
Wooly Rupert Posted - 27 Jun 2017 : 14:38:21
Originally posted by CTrunks

I've been re-reading what Dragonlance novels I have (which is pretty much the 'main' novels), and am currently nearing the end of War of the Twins. Personally, I'm looking forward to when I get to Second Generation, so I can re-read "Raistlin's Daughter" with the knowledge that Margaret Weis apparently regretted the heck out of that particular story.

I was always disappointed by the way they set that up and then went the other way with it.

The off-screen deaths at the beginning of the War of Souls trilogy bugged me, too.
CTrunks Posted - 27 Jun 2017 : 12:58:10
I've been re-reading what Dragonlance novels I have (which is pretty much the 'main' novels), and am currently nearing the end of War of the Twins. Personally, I'm looking forward to when I get to Second Generation, so I can re-read "Raistlin's Daughter" with the knowledge that Margaret Weis apparently regretted the heck out of that particular story.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 26 Jun 2017 : 04:31:21
I just finished reading the third book of the Warrior Trilogy, set in the Fourth Succession War of the BattleTech universe.

I wasn't even sure if I had those books, when I decided I wanted to read them again... With the exception of the post-Jihad stuff, I had all of the BattleTech novels (including The Sword and the Dagger) before the fire. Since not all of those novels were great, and since the Jihad really destroyed a lot of my enjoyment of the setting, I've not replaced all that many of the books...

But apparently the Warrior trilogy was in that small collection, as well as the Blood of Kerensky books. So I've got some of the best of the BTech stuff.

I'm not sure what's going to be next on my list... I need to look over the stack of recent acquisitions...

Edit: I have decided on a book called The Everything Box. I'd never heard of it, before finding the sequel in the store, recently -- but finding that sequel made me want to find the first book.... Because when you see a book entitled The Wrong Dead Guy, you've got to take a closer look.
CorellonsDevout Posted - 26 Jun 2017 : 00:03:43
Still reading some Pathfinder novels (though they are currently trying to find a new publisher, so their novel line is in a tight spot right now, too *le sigh*), and I've discovered some good m/m romances. Hey, we all have a guilty pleasure.
Rogue Bard Posted - 25 Jun 2017 : 23:47:01
I've just started reading R. A. Salvatore's "The Orc King". I'm also slogging through George R. R. Martin's "A Clash of Kings". I'm not implying it's bad, I'm just finding it somewhat boring in parts. But that may well be because this is technically the second time I'm reading it. I originally listened to the audiobook version which I found somewhat more enjoyable, but that was a while ago so I wanted to refresh my memory before moving on to "A Storm of Swords".
Wooly Rupert Posted - 01 Jun 2017 : 17:01:52
I'm now reading The Explorers Guild: Volume One: A Passage to Shambhala by Jon Baird and Kevin Costner -- yes, the dude known for his lupine dance partners and for being in a movie that spawned one of the most overplayed songs in the history of noise.

It's interesting, the way it's written. It's set during World War I, and has some of the pulp feel of stories written during that time frame. But what makes it more distinctive is the way the story is told... Part of it is an omniscient narrator, who makes his own comments on the action, here and there. The narrator will describe everything that leads up to a particular scene, and then it becomes a graphic novel, with 4-panel comic pages depicting the scene itself.

There are also a lot of illustrations, scattered throughout the book. I don't think I've read a novel with this many illustrations since I was in grade school!

I just started the book late last night, so I've barely been able to read it for an hour... But I am quite intrigued, thus far, and enjoying this odd approach to storytelling.
Artemas Entreri Posted - 23 May 2017 : 02:45:23
Started The High Druid's Blade by Terry Brooks.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 23 May 2017 : 02:31:42
I just finished reading a novel of The Strange called Myth of the Maker. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great -- and there were some editing mistakes that really bugged me.

I'm also reading The Once and Future King. I've only been reading it at lunch at work, and those have been short lunches, as well... So I'm not very far into it. I also wasn't expecting that much of a kids' book. My enthusiasm to complete this one very much knows some bounds.
RDS Posted - 22 May 2017 : 17:24:05
I actually haven't picked up a realms novels since I finished Mel Odom's Rising Tide. By that time I had a large amount of FR Sourcebooks that were being ignored and decided to forgo the novels and catch up.

For the past several months I've been re-reading the Wheel of Time series. (back up to book 7) I originally got as far at book 9 or 10 before catching up to what Jordan had written and never went back till I got the rest.
Artemas Entreri Posted - 19 May 2017 : 18:29:05
Originally posted by Taleras

Perfect, just about done with Servant of the Shard and Sea of Swords is waiting on my shelf. The next Sellswords books are on their way!


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