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 Questions for Ed Greenwood (2017)

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
The Sage Posted - 31 Dec 2016 : 14:06:22
Well met

This being a continued collection of scrolls of any questions the Scribes and visitors of Candlekeep wish to put to a master who needs no introduction, namely - Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms.

Ed's works include MANY FR sourcebooks and numerous novels, such as Cormyr: A Novel, Spellfire, Silverfall, The Shadows of the Avatar Trilogy and The Elminster Series, to name but a few.

Present your questions herein and check back to see what news may also come forth from the quill of this author.

For previous entries of the many, many writings of lore by Ed, please see the 2016 entries in this collection of scrolls, the 2015 entries here, the 2014 entries here, the 2013 entries here, the 2012 entries here, the 2011 entries here, the 2010 entries here, the 2009 entries here the 2008 entries here, the 2007 entries here, the 2006 entries here, the 2005 entries here, and the 2004 entries here. 'ware, these run into over 80 pages, ye may be reading for some time. For a concise read of Ed's replies, visit the "So Saith Ed" page on the Candlekeep site.
25   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
TBeholder Posted - 01 Aug 2017 : 18:08:31
Hello, Ed Greenwood and Hooded One!

Is a reusable enchanted item using Chromatic Blade spell possible, and if so, what sort of materials, design and other limitations this would require?

Sword (crystal/glassteel/adamantine?) with the edges "lighting up" when activated? Dagger (crystal/glassteel? perhaps with permanent Nystul's Crystal Dirk effect?) projecting sword sized light-blade from the tip?.. Hilt with some focal gem on top, projecting the light-blade?..

Originally posted by Marco Volo

I was wondering if Ed could point us the creatures he created long ago for these books ? The credits don't specify "who wrote what".

While waiting, you can find some of Ed's monsters in Dragondex - it has the author (of article) column, so just search in the monster list.
Marco Volo Posted - 29 Jul 2017 : 22:13:56

I was reading old "Monster Catalogs" (AC9, Dmr2) and I was wondering if Ed could point us the creatures he created long ago for these books ? The credits don't specify "who wrote what".

blaek Posted - 19 Jul 2017 : 23:15:19
Well. Damn. The Paladin worships me.

Mostly, I was trying to figure out where Dragons came from, if Io created them, who created Io...

In any case, everything here is good for me to draw from (in addition to 1,000s of wiki entries...) ty
rweston Posted - 19 Jul 2017 : 18:46:07
Scribesight be will served to remember that Ao is supposed to represent the DM. Thus AO / the DM is the ultimate arbiter of what happens in YOUR campaign.
Irennan Posted - 19 Jul 2017 : 16:06:16
Given that Ao's punishment in the ToT--and the ToT itself--affected both human and non-human gods, then I'd say that yes: if you want Ao in your FR, then all gods ultimately answer to him.
xaeyruudh Posted - 19 Jul 2017 : 03:04:51
This might just be me, but I picture Ao as more of a (powerful) doorman, rather than the "god of the gods" meaning that seems to come along with the title Overgod. He has absolute authority over who can do god-like things in the Realms -- Toril, Selune, and the other bodies in Realmspace. He doesn't need to have power beyond what's necessary to enforce his idea of Balance and defend himself from the ambitions of the gods/primordials/archfiends/whatever.

So gods can have any number of aliases, but anyone who wants to be "active" (with a portfolio and the ability to grant spells) in the Realms does so with Ao's permission.

If you agree with me, then that suggests that yes, whichever dragon/goblinoid gods are active in your campaign will have to be on "speaking terms" with Ao.

In any case, defying Ao (to whatever extent he deems "Thou hast gone Too Far) should spell the end of a god's access to the Realms.

Imo. Ymmv.
blaek Posted - 18 Jul 2017 : 05:33:53
How do Dragons fit into the Pantheon... If Ao is the Overgod and mandates which entities have which portfolios, does Ao also deal with the Dragon Gods, or even Goblinoid Gods?
CorellonsDevout Posted - 14 Jul 2017 : 21:24:23
Hey, Ed and Tho!

This question comes from a conversation myself and other scribes were having in another thread.

During the Spellplague, it was implied that Mystra's realm of Dweamorheart was destroyed, but then with the Sundering, we find out Mystra is alive. My question is, what happened to Dweamorheart? Was it destroyed, and if so, what happened to the petitioners? If it wasn't destroyed, how was it sustained?

rweston Posted - 14 Jul 2017 : 20:32:28
Hi Woolly - I must have posted that oddly - Just put it up a few minutes ago - I think I entered "new Topic instead of using quick reply.

Thanks for posting it for me.
Wooly Rupert Posted - 14 Jul 2017 : 20:29:23
Found this one floating in the ethers...

Originally posted by rweston

Ok - I had to look up those terms above before posting.

My question to Ed and/or the Hooded One is:

What are the "internal" names used by various races for themselves and or their languages- I'm asking from a home realms/Grey Box point of view.

We know the Elves call themselves the Tel'Quessir and I'm pretty sure we know the Halflings are the "Hin" - and we have several names for Halfling dialects (Gerult , Lurienal , Blaethur).
I know the names of the scripts for elven (Espruaur) and dwarven runes (Dethek). I've seen reference to beholder language names, so I can assume there is noe stuff we've not seen in print.

What I'd like to know are the "home realms" names races use for themselves and their languages.

I'm interested in what the following word is for these races in their own language, and what they CALL their own language (as per the hin above) as well as any regional languages - assuming as per the Grey box reference that the elven nations had a "common tongue" equivalent they used for trade between nations & with other races.

Elven languages

I'd really like to know what "home realms" human languages were called in the various regions (I've got Tom Costa's dragon article - I'm interested in the original names used in Ed's home game.)

I'm fully prepared for a heavily NDA'd response as I'm guessing some of this is included in materials Ed sold back in the day.

Thanks to THO & Ed in advance, and to anyone who has seen these answers elsewhere over the years.


sfdragon Posted - 13 Jul 2017 : 08:48:20
strange question

I have a neverwinter character named Faeril.
fae mean 1 and faer means ma gic.
so what would the ril or il mean in the elven language.( closest thing with il as it self in the candlekeep elven dictionary, is with another would some something evening)
Eilserus Posted - 08 Jul 2017 : 04:59:13
Hi Ed and THO,

Reading through the old Maskyr's Eye Polyhedron #55 and a brief snippet in The City of Ravens Bluff and ran across a tall, beautiful half-elf by the name of Sshansalue "Wonderharp". Aside from a black leather wearing, traveling minstrel, I find no other entries on her. I'd love to know more about her. :)

Thank you!
blaek Posted - 24 Jun 2017 : 01:41:24
killerasus you're my hero. <3
killerasus Posted - 23 Jun 2017 : 23:24:30
Originally posted by blaek

Is there a detailed image of Elminster's Tower in any of the books, or anywhere at all? I really want to use his tower for a campaign I'm running, but I'd love to be able to use something official if it's possible.


There's a foldup paper model of the tower here in Candlekeep.
TBeholder Posted - 23 Jun 2017 : 05:10:28
For the pictures, the Dragonreach arc in Forgotten Realms comics: «The crew of the Realms Master travels to Shadowdale, seeking audience with Elminster».
No idea how good these comics are in sticking to the lore, however. Spelljammer comics have utterly ludicrous pages, so no bets.
Gareth Posted - 22 Jun 2017 : 20:50:36
Also have a look in the Shadowdale book in the 2nd Edition Boxed Set. There is IIRC a full floor plan of the tower.
blaek Posted - 22 Jun 2017 : 16:19:29
Thanks sleyvas, that's exactly the sort of info I am looking for!
sleyvas Posted - 22 Jun 2017 : 13:00:12
Originally posted by blaek

Is there a detailed image of Elminster's Tower in any of the books, or anywhere at all? I really want to use his tower for a campaign I'm running, but I'd love to be able to use something official if it's possible.


No outside image, but check out the adventure in Dungeon #30 "Elminster's Back Door" for some information on entries into his tower. The very beginning of it gives a description. Also check out page 102 of the Forgotten Realms Atlas. It shows the layout of the interior as a sideview of the tower with the walls removed (i.e. you see tables, chairs, etc..).
blaek Posted - 22 Jun 2017 : 07:16:58
Is there a detailed image of Elminster's Tower in any of the books, or anywhere at all? I really want to use his tower for a campaign I'm running, but I'd love to be able to use something official if it's possible.

Deepening Moon Posted - 18 Jun 2017 : 13:37:46
Dear Ed Greenwood, dear Hooded One,
when did the elves of Faerūn invent the forging of mithral (or elven steel, if it exists...) for the first time? Was it invented in Tintageer and then brought to Toril? Or was it invented later in Faerūn, during the period of The First Flowering, or perhaps during the Crown Wars or even later in history? What did they use before? Was mithral or elven steel invented before or after the Sundering (c. –17600 DR)? In which elven realm was it forged for the first time?
Thank you very much! I would be very happy about an answer!
xaeyruudh Posted - 31 May 2017 : 06:20:53
Originally posted by killerasus

Does he maintain a dictionary of Thorass, Loross or any other human language?

In his head, along with elvish, dwarvish, several hin variants, abyssal and infernal, drow, draconic...

Written down? Bits of each, perhaps, but used as bookmarks and scratch paper, and thus hopelessly scattered throughout his house. But he remembers it, or spontaneously reinvents it, so no worries.
xaeyruudh Posted - 31 May 2017 : 06:15:21
Originally posted by KanzenAU

The wording of "another Prime Material Plane" from Blueblade has me a bit befuddled - I thought there was only one.

As far as I know, both Ed's design of the Realms and the overall design of D&D (though not necessarily the official cosmology diagrams) are friendly to the idea of an unknown number of parallel/alternative Primes.

Originally posted by KanzenAU

I was wondering if these might be alternate reflections of Toril

This would be cool. It sounds like Ed already has a plan in mind for the specific location mentioned, but it's entirely possible that some of the gates which are known to connect different locations on Toril occasionally/often actually take travelers to parallel versions of Toril. The "return trip" (for 2-way portals) may return PCs to their original reality, or it might not. Lots of good storytelling possibilities there.

I look forward to Ed's responses. Just thought I'd encourage you to "run with it" in the meantime.

killerasus Posted - 31 May 2017 : 03:52:22

Some weeks ago, I started a thread about some words that seem to share the same root.

In the case, Phandalin (the village) and Phandar (the tree) may share the same root. This would make me think that there are (or there were) many phandars in the area that Phandalin was built.

Other words I found that may have some wordplay is the Old Owl Well netherese name, Quesseer. It seems to me that it is a combination of the elven word for themselves (Tel'Quess) and the English word Seer, as it was a netherese outpost to spy on Illefarn.

Has Ed ever mentioned something about words that are related to each other, or wordplays he left for players to discover? Does he maintain a dictionary of Thorass, Loross or any other human language?
KanzenAU Posted - 26 May 2017 : 05:51:51

A few years back a member here (Blueblade) posted this in the 2013 Ed thread, and you replied to it as below:
Originally posted by Blueblade

I recall sitting in as an observer (the player spots were already taken) on an Ed-DM Realms adventure at a Milwaukee-era GenCon, where the PCs visited a location (an outdoors ruin somewhere in the Stonelands) where there were several large side-by-side gates (portals) into the same location on another Prime Material Plane.
So the always-open gates acted like a row of doors or windows you could look through into that "otherwhere" (which is what Ed called it, because the players knew it wasn't in the Realms, every opening being surrounded by that blue-white tinge Ed uses a lot to signal "magic at work."

Originally posted by The Hooded One

There are eight or nine such places that I know of from my play experience with Ed as DM, but he says he's going to hold off on a reply to that until mid-January, thanks to "publishing plans that might change in the meantime."
Other than to give me the okay to answer Blueblade: that spot in the northeastern Stonelands is known as Brendur's Pool, thanks to the fine-to-drink spring-fed pool at the bottom of the same little valley that holds the row of gates.
There's a still-secret back story to this place, involving who created those gates, and why. Secret from we Knights, that is; one of the many, many mysteries we haven't had time to delve into properly yet.

Were these gates portals to other worlds on the Prime Material (Krynn etc), or to alternate reflections of Toril? The wording of "another Prime Material Plane" from Blueblade has me a bit befuddled - I thought there was only one. He also talks of it being the "same location" on those other planes...

I was wondering if these might be alternate reflections of Toril in a manner similar to the alternate universes represented in the video-game Bioshock Infinite, which I thought might be a nice way to explain a multiverse where both our real world Earth and a Gothic Earth (a Ravenloft concept) might exist. In the case of Bioshock, if you haven't played it, they use a convoluted explanation of quantum mechanics and the Many World Interpretation to explain the existence of infinite realities, each slightly or dramatically different to the next.

Any insight you or Ed can give would be appreciated!
Sunderstone Posted - 14 May 2017 : 16:28:58
Hi THO and Ed,

I have a few questions about Bellas's Band from Calaunt. Were they your creation and did they feature prominently in your home campaign?They seem to be a fairly eclectic group of persons to band together. They seem to be split fairly evenly between Good, Neutral, and Evil alignments. Were they ever hard pressed to remain loyal to each other because of their different natures? Once they established rule in Calaunt and Bellas became seemingly on the tyrannical side of rule was it hard for Haldyn Stormkin and Halabankh Ormsarr who were good aligned to stay loyal? And what was the nature of Haldyn's 9' tall stature?



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