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 Tuern and its closeness to Anchorome

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
maransreth Posted - 08 Sep 2020 : 13:23:26

Does anyone else find it extremely suspicious that Tuern is so close to the north eastern tip of Anchorome, yet the Tuernish seem to know nothing about this land; or at least do not mention it to outsiders?

Also; could the adamantite that the Tuernish trade might not come from their volcanic lands but from Anchorome itself? Or some from Tuern's volcanoes, but more from Anchorome volcanoes?

When you do a search for map of Toril, Tuern is oh so close to Anchorome, but for some reason nothing is said about Tuern and Anchorome, so I am wondering if the Tuernish do not mention the land to the west to outsiders for fears that the outsiders would find the wealth to be found in Anchorome.

It also stands to reason that if there are volcanoes in Tuern, there would be some volcanoes in north-eastern Anchorome, which would also produce adamantite.
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cpthero2 Posted - 17 Sep 2020 : 10:43:01
Great Reader sleyvas,

Super serious question here: do pyreballs come from pyre giants? ;)

Best regards,

sleyvas Posted - 09 Sep 2020 : 13:23:54
Yeah, when the original lore came out for Tuern, there was nothing definitive about Anchorome (I think the original lore was in Savage Frontier, which was in the first year of the release or thereabouts). I don't even know if Anchorome was even mentioned yet, and his original idea of "Anchorome" was of a large collection of islands that players could go between for adventures. Its for this reason that I think there should be a lot more islands on the shores of Anchorome, but not necessarily big. On the wanting to mull over my ideas, absolutely. I presented them for discussion to see how they might be improved. Just to note, also for discussion, what we've been developing in Anchorome as you then move in further westward on that peninsula is a culture of white furred bearfolk (Urskans from 3rd edition Frostburn) that are ferocious, and for me, enemies of these Pyre Giants and another group of snow elves (which long ago separated into another group and proceeded south to make the Poscadari elves).

Seethyr put out a product for the portion of Anchorome that's cold with the snow elves and Urskans called "Blacktoe Glacier" that's Pay What You Want

On the Illuskans, yes, they came from the west. There were also some "Northmen" that came from the south in Faerun and moved north according to Savage Frontier. From GHotR
c. 3100 DR Human seafarers from the west name and settle the island of Ruathym [4600, 3000] in the Sea of Swords.

One thing we've also discussed regarding these viking like people and regarding Anchorome is that there is in canon a society in "City of Gold" called the Metahel (possible corruption of Metal Helms). If you read the original source material, it sounds like these are a group of vikings who became stranded in an area where getting large amounts of wood for construction was a problem, but they used to live in long lodges made of wood. So, they've adapted. In that product, it says they come from the Northwest of the midwestern coast of Anchorome. So, we've surmised that a few "easy" possibilities exist. The place they come from might be just further north but still on Anchorome (not my preferred). The next might be that they come from the continent to the far far northwest on the scholar's guide (and which some people have labeled Aurune). The next might be the island continent almost directly west of Anchorome (which I've seen some maps label as Myrmidune and some label as Dark Senora... both are non canon names, only mentioning to give an idea of where). Obviously it could be a lot of other possibilities as well. Personally I like to take an idea that all 3 of these are true (in that there are two disparate groups of humans... one from Aurune and one from Dark Senora/Myrmidune.... and they met up and formed a third coastal civilization in the far northwest of Anchorome. Perhaps one of these cultures was strictly human, and the other had some contact with spiritfolk/fey)

From City of Gold, for reference, about the Metahel

These tribes live along the lower reaches of the Pasocada River and the shores of the Western Ocean. They are extraordinary fishermen and, on the ocean coast, whalers. They emigrated to this region from the northwest several centuries ago. Their language is, quite different from the other local tribes. When they first arrived, the Metahel fought with the Azuposi. Peaceful coexistence has since been established. The Azuposi remain above Raven Falls, the Metahel below.

Trade and cultural exchange between the nations is brisk. In their distant ancestral homeland, the Metahel built long lodges out of trees. Here mud and stone are more plentiful building materials. The Metahel have learned much about Azuposi architecture; in fact, the community of Lomaraj resembles an Azuposi pueblo. In exchange for Azuposi wisdom, turquoise, and grain, the Metabel provide the bounty of the sea, including shells, mussels, dried fish, and whale oil for lamps.
maransreth Posted - 09 Sep 2020 : 09:53:35

After posting the new scroll I had a thought as to why Tuern had no knowledge of Anchorome, at least in 1e and 2e days - the focus was on Faerun, and Ed may not have passed on his ideas about Anchorome and its location/direction to Faerun. Why add in another continent?

That being said, I like the idea of Tuern sending expeditions, which never return, thus why Tuern not mentioning a land to the west.

The rest of your thoughts, sleyvas, are something for me to mull over.

deserk - I wondered about the same thing as well. I thought there was a scroll where it was discussed, but it could be a thread in the Sages of Forgotten Realms Facebook page.
Basically Eric's thought related to Illuskans coming from the Sea of Moving Ice east, thus the comment re "coming from a land west of Ruathym."
deserk Posted - 08 Sep 2020 : 19:49:42
Another interesting fact is that the Illuskan people are mentioned in GHotR as having come from a land that is West of Ruathym, with the settlement (in -3100 DR) of the island representing their earliest presence on Faerun. From there they gradually went on to expand to other nearby islands, notably the Northern Moonshaes as well as on the Sword Coast North. In traditional world maps of Abeir-Toril we can see we can we see that there is nothing but the open ocean, the island of Evermeet and continent of Anchorome that is West of Ruathym. Could they originally be from Tuern? Doubtful, given it's small size, but likely where ever they originally came from has to be close by to Tuern and likely close to Anchorome, if not on it. Or could they perhaps be refugees fleeing a sunken island that was once in that region?
sleyvas Posted - 08 Sep 2020 : 15:06:10
Look at my ideas in the Brainstorming Anchorome Thread regarding the Pyre Giants (and I'm just now realizing that in my notes, yet again I did my damned directional dyslexia between east and west.... I have something in my brain that makes me type west when I'm thinking east). Reprinted info below. I've looked at that stretch and where most people look at it and think "and this should be ice", I look at it and go "this looks like an expanding area of volcanic activity". I wasn't basing this at all on Tuern (in fact, this topic just made me read about said island again). I was also wanting to put some giants there that are immune to fire but are NOT "Fire Giants". In that, I mean they would look different, but similar (maybe less hit dice and significantly shorter as well... so where fire giants are 12 feet tall, Pyre giants might only be 8 or 9 feet tall). I was calling them Pyre Giants, and I wanted them to be more "athletic" looking than traditional fire giants, with red skin and black hair. I also didn't want them being master smiths like fire giants, using obsidian from volcanos to make clubs, macas, leather cestus with obsidian shards, etc... They wouldn't be "dumb" like stone giants, but they also wouldn't be extremely tech savvy because their culture is isolated. I haven't done much development of them, but perhaps I can discuss ideas in this thread.

That being said, looking at Tuern, I hadn't realized how well exactly this fits the description of Tuern, which is actually really nice. I'd turn this into basically that the people of Tuern don't know all that much about nearby Anchorome because they've sent expeditions there, and they haven't returned. Maybe several times. Maybe they decided that going there is just too dangerous, and the fact that this culture is one of the few that's given up on the gods has something to do with despair caused by this. Perhaps even the "fire giants" on Tuern should be somehow mixed with my idea of "Pyre Giants". Perhaps even Fire Giants and Pyre Giants both lived on this peninsula, but the Pyre Giants rose up and cast out the Fire Giants with sheer numbers. Perhaps the Fire Giants of Tuern are the remnants of the once proud culture that subjugated the Pyre Giant people, and now they've allied with the northmen civilization of Tuern (since the Tuernish sailing ships are big enough to house giants and often do according to Savage Frontier). Picturing something in which the Pyre Giants rise up, and some Fire Giant mother manages to smuggle out Fire Giant children.... but no other adults. Maybe the mother dies in this escape as well, leaving these fire giant children adrift in more ways than one until they land on Tuern. These kids manage to make it to Tuern, but they lack any of the traditional knowledge of fire giant culture (which helps explain why the people of Tuern can't WORK that adamantine, since normally fire giants WOULD know how to do that). Maybe these fire giant children found the human culture of Northmen and they helped them clear out some creature population (like trolls for instance) so the island could be settled, and in return the fire giant children were accepted by the northmen. Perhaps this established a strange relationship between the two people.

On the idea that the people of Tuern worship no gods and suspect that they don't exist, perhaps there is a red dragon on the island that demands sacrifices. This may also lead to a feeling of despair amongst their people.

The link to where we were discussing some of this in the Brainstorming Anchorome thread below along with some of the snippet.

Far northwestern {EDIT: This is where I MEANT to write Northeast} peninsula of Anchorome filled with volcanos, geysers, and other seismic activity This is the traditional home of the Pyre giants. These Pyre giants are living in an area without access to a lot of wood, but there is heat from the volcanos. They make use of obsidian. They grow crops using lava ash to fertilize the land (and slaves tend these crops... particular urskan ones, but also elves and humans captured from nearby islands). They have firenewt slaves as well maybe. Not much is known of this area, because few who explore it return alive, and stories of it are whispered with dread.

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